The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 1, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, December 1, 1934
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Served by the United Press THE\TLLE COURIER NEWS . ™ «0«™«« NRWBPAm OF NOHTHKAsT AKKANHA8 AND WoraMWaSSSui '. ^ -"-^ "" M VOL. XXXI—NO. 220 Blythftville D*Uy NBW» BlytheviUe Ccurttr MlAsLsalppi Valley Leader HLythevilm """ 1J HOME EDITION l-L_!!!l!Z!"' !V1! A ' K ' ARKAN SAS-RATUR»AY. DKCKIIBBK l, 1<»J Duke and Duchess of Knit: Cm-I London Crowds Committees Will Meet Monday to Formulate Legislative' Program LITTLE' ROCK, Ark. (UP)—All additional -'. $2,500.000 , annually is needed to , place the / broken-down state school system 'oh- o sound n nancial basis, statisticians and legal experts of the department of education advised in a letter of Information sent members of three committees who will begin consideration of a legislative, program for education to !M presented the General 'Assembly early, next year. Even that increase would leave the average teacher's salary and the average expenditure per pupil below the national averages, statistics showed. Arkansas' expenditure per pupil In 1930-31 was $31.10 as compared with the national average of $81.61; teachers were'paid an average of S735 for the year 1930-31 and 4489 for the, year" 1933-34 as compared with the national avcra»c of SM17 In 1931-32. ' Cite State Responsibility . Improvement;'-of conditions for the children and the teachers, adjustment of Indebtedness, and providing for the future, are principal considerations outlined for the committees that will meet here Monday to formulate the legislative program. A greater state support for schools is the most'-urgent of the recommendations. - Around that central point explanation is marie for past! legislative ''blunders" and further insurance against similar circumstances. Constitutional obligation of the state to "maintain a general, suitable and efficient system of free schools whereby all persons in the state between the ages of six and twenty-one years may receive grat- ultious Instruction." was reminded in the letter of recommendations. Place Blame for Trouble : In charting the state on its new realization of responsibility for education, experts warn against, legislation that Is blamed for helping perpetrate the present conditions Reasons for these conditions are cited as legislation providing —-1 .^LJJrtjfnilted legai^huthDrl|.y "c)f school boards to borrow monej 2 limited legal authority (o iaise school, revenue' 3 No specif^ le.'al requirement for i fund with which Io meet debt maturities. f Issuance or bonds without proper consideration of schedule of maturities. 5. Borrowing money for operating purposes. G. Lowering of. property assessments. 7. Tax delinquencies, 8. Settling the taxes of three or more yenr.s by paying for one. Would Aid Poor Districts In the.-'"new deal" in Arkansas the experts recommend a system trial will adjust the redistribution of weajlh from the days •of pioneer, holdings to the present concentration of property and pop- ti atlon. -.under the old system the state distributes equally from it" three-mill-ad .Valorem tax fund to debt-burdened poor districts and to affluent districts in areas where wealth has been concentrated by advancing civilization. • . ; v Under the legislation of the pasl districts piled up indebtedness ,of more than $25,000,000. It'includes bonds and outstanding short 'term loans and warrants. Indebtedness of the counties July I this year was: Arkansas $238,959; Benton $433251; Boone ,$21e,252; Craighead $517,515; Cross $309,340; Garland 5700,350; Independence $161,232; Jackson $469,488; Jefferson {650,180' Miller $695.093; Mississippi $1 125 971; Ouachita $224.495; Polk $115r :™iS'- Francis 8322,500; Union $"Ud,OoO. Ways suggested to increase reve- iiicl d° r ' th ° "**" ClCal in C( l uo< ' l '' on A sal w tax, publication of a delinquent tax .1st, * more uniform assessment of taxes, assess - banks and corporations.the same a utilities, taxing intangibles such as bonds and stocks, tax savings accounts, restore dissipated funds of the permanent school fund shift severance tax rates from ad valorem basis to a specific or quantitative basis, revise apportionment of severance lax proceeds to a statewide basis. Increase efficiency of cigar and clgaret tax collections, lower exemptions on income taxes, enact a law making tax sales valid, transfer unclaimed bank accounts to the permanent school fund; and, finally, consider possible enactment of laxes on bond and stock transac- J'ons, newspaper advertising, billboard and sign board advertising. Wain stores, soft dilnks, race track admissions, pin and marble boards. Pwi-niutuel machines, utility receipts, carbonic acid gas, theaters, "'"munition, sporting supplies. Chicago. Wheat Says St. Louis Gangsters Killed William R. Pearman PINE BLUFF, Ark.. Dec. I (UP) —The. Cookoo gang of .St. Louis killed William Robert Pearman. e:f! SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Const itu I ion Violated Say Baker and Bock in Opinion io Institute NEW, 1 '. YORK, line. ) (UP) ._ rcimclnuml of tho/'ivnnnssjc Valley Authority net ol I DM-view lull within the constitutional powers eti congress, em iipliilnn prepnred by Newton l). linker mid Jumps M. lied; fur the I-.'dKOH Electric Jn- •'Htile (inlel. Tin! complete) lixl of tlii> opinion, ivieeiscd today by the In- i'tltulo, I,; a document of 50'jny,rs. The lawyers now are compiling n Epitial iiiemcriindiiin tin "huw prl- vnle dtbeiis may Invoke the Judicial po'.ver to prevent i.ncohstltu- tlflim! iH'f'oii iiiid'r the Tennessee! "alley Authority net of 1933." The TVA opinion ivns miidf bi" >™ u tlmllnr lliullnx by Juiljjc l'. I. Grubu of the fcdeml district -i.ut In Alabama. In certain of its cohchisions, hovvovi-, It par- "'Icls the Oruhb findings. The act, Recording to the oplh- itm. does not give the TVA power to purchase or creel, own or operate Inlra-slnlo distribution lines and systems, nor Is If. within constitutional powers of congress to •MiLliorlzc such action. WASHINGTON; Dec. 1. (UP)— Tile' United states has replied tu the latest Japanese note concern ing the oil situation In Mancluikuo flatly/rejecting ...Japan-s contention that| this country should deal'di- rectls with Manchukuo It was learned tortav _ -^ 4 " Joseph c Gre«, American am bassador to Japan uas instructed to make the protest The note gave Gjcw wide latitude merely Instruct Ing him to maintain ullh all vigor the original American position that, the formation of the Manchukuo state oil monopoly is a violation of Japans obligations tmdei the four power.treaty to maintain-the open deior in China. .- ' .. . •The British" government protested to Tokyo almost simultaneously also rejecting Japan's claim that the Manchukiio regime is an independent government and that all protests '-, by foreign, governments against action taken by the Man- ehnkuo government should bo directed to r' ' • Open .Dec.,.-99 high low 100 83 89 7-8 S9 close 99 1-8 99 5-8 U. S. Replies to note on Qil Monopoly Protest .. '••.:. ' '••'• , . . . , Columbia, testified today. at :a hearing on a habeas corpus petiUoii to. free him - from the Arkansas penitentiary, where lie Is serving a life sentence for , the . slaying. Judge T. G. Parhatfi, of the Jefferson county circuit; court, denied the petition and Bass's at- tonieys gave notice they .will seek "Babes in the Wood": Carried to Graves in Pennsylvania Cemetery CARLISLE, Pa,, Dec. 1. Three fair haired "babes , woods" were borfle-through flurries .U.....J.I e ,nt; iji/vitt." nicy .wii KeeK ""^"-i N(.ic u\jt lie - tjirougn i enhance to UK supreme comt on! ot vvlnd ind rain today to n writ of cartioiari lamunr. <» n/^^(^.,..,-i^ — New York Cotton NEW YORK, Dec. 1. (Ijpj-col- ton" closed steady. , open high low close 1246 Dec,Jan. Mar. May July "--'' 1252 .1258 1264 126-1 1258 1228 .. 1246 1258 1251 1252U 12C4 1258 125? 1265 1258 1259 1258 1251 1251' 1228 1221 1224 "--'.. ..... - --.n ._<,u l£Ai .^ Spots closed quiet at 1215, off 5. Vew Orleans C'offon NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 1. (UP) — The cotton market was small today and prices were sustained by firmness In grains and stocks. The close was two points higher to four points lower. opon high low close DM 1251 1251 1251 1249b J a» 1257 1257 1257 1254b Mar 1263 1266 1258 1260 Ma >' 1265 1260 1261 1261 J «ly 1260 1260 1255 1255 Oct 12G6 1228 1224 1228 Spols closed steady at. 1276, off 3. Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Dec. 1. <UP)_ Trading was dull on the stock exchange in today's short session with prices fractions to a point higher in nearly all sections. Amusement thares featured in strength. Warner Brothers common firmed slightly while the preferred soarod more than five points. A. T. and T 101 7-8 Anaconda Copper 107-8 Beth. Steel 31 1-2 Clirysler 40 Gen. Am. Tank 33 Gen. Electric 20 3-4 Gen. Motors 333.3 Int. Harvester 38 1-4 Montgomery Ward .... 29 1-2 N. Y. Central 23 1-3 Packard 413 'Phillips pet '.'.'. j 5 i. 2 Simmons Beds 10 7-8 Standard o( N. J. . ' 45 3.4 Texas Co. 21 7-8 U. S. Steel 33 i_ 2 McKesson-Robblns . 81-8 U. s. Smelling ...:....; 113 1.4 -_ their graves in Westminister cemetery not far from thb wooded moeintni'n side \vherc death ended a family iga^pr tiagtely and despair.',A 1 - A week of mystery smroundlna the deaths of Norirm, Devilla. and Cordelia Noakes mm the sulcldj arid in(ird»i of their faiher, Elmo J Noakes and hts'illece, Winifred Plorce, ritscd the tra»edy of their i 1!l Sht from California ami their ' Laskel Banked 1>overl> " stricken ' wanderings in l_]' I wi-.i p| Pennsylvania to n story which at- nlgh. With 1'lowers at .tra.cted national attention. Services'Toclav T 00 ^ ^J' S™»^ and Lcgion- - , v-a^mud) ""'res carried the children to (heir CHICAGO Dec 1 (IIP1 v« ' ("i?"' r .°. s f uis P lnee atl| J lowered n S ». T v to i gD ^ ls ;To7^'|IS? fa^^^'S^k" Chea^v BIU ; g jy r " re ra ^ »> them ,mder a blank ton tn^uomi- ffi^^^%^A*sr^^ iiiinrimrf > , i 1 "" 1 llo meless existence. Hundreds of curious packed the _• small undertaking rooms where Xr^nbe^U'^'lairoul ^.Tuberculosis Bonds Germany Will Release American Prisoner DI5RLIN, Dec. 1. (UP)—'Hie gov- c'rilment Informed the American consulate today tlmi a W0 illd rc- loasc Miss fsabel Lillian Stccle, ut Hollywood, cell., held In prison since September in on Indefinite charges. 'A' court will lie asked to order her deportation, the government said. Al (he same time the government mid that Richard Roldcrer, naturalized American Imprisoned at Munich since June. 22 on similar charges, undoubtedly would be pros- cclitrd. , ... If was-said that Hoiderer was" carrying military - Inforniatlon In notes when he was-arrested. „ j.,:-:'i-j-_:..•--;-••-/>••••• ^»~ -'•"''(•' Plunges (o PeatH''froiir Glider at Miami, Fla. MIAMI, Pin., Dec; 1 (UP)— Warren B. Enton. 45, holder-:o'f International glider, records. plimB- cd to death from his glfelcr in Biscayne bay today. Tin- .veteran pilot".'iviisn brother of Melvin c. Eaton, chairman of the New York state Republican epmmli.tce. Eaton fell .out of his glider at;an altitude of : 1,200 feet shortly Jifter culling the craft,' loose from an airplane. His bcdy plunged Into four feel of wit.rr near the Pan-American Airways international airport at Dlinipr Key base. He carried. B parachute but apparently' there was no attempt made to pull the rip cord. The. bcdy was recovered Sailors Crawl to Safety From Storm Swept Ship MUSKEdON, Mich., Dec. 1. (UP) —While giant waves lashed nt them niia a sa-mtle-an-hour blizzard threatened to tear them loose, 25 sailors crawled to safety over a neir- row strand of, rope today while tholr ship sank a jnlle off shore. The sailors, crew and captain of the whalcback freighter Henry Corf Had huddled all night in th e C iibln of their ship while It pounelcd to pieces on a breakwater outside the Miiskegon harlwr. ^At dawn const guardsmen made their sixth attempt to reach the simmer. : waves milch carried one of its his death during the "Iglit threatened repeatedly ,fo' swamp the rescue boat. ' : iHlieK'iim.s nnd red rose beeds. Differing .from the uict and simple funeral services to- John Dillmger and Charles (Pretty Boy) Floyd, today's ceremonies were more like the tinseled death carnivals that Chicago gangland was ••vont to hold over its fallen mcm-i bers in the days of Al Capone. Mother Takes Own Life After Killing Daughter DANBUKY, conn.. Dec. 1 (UP) —Sending her maid and brother- in-law away from home on errands, Mrs. Eugene M. Adams. 4S, wife .of the vice-president of the American Hatters and Furriers company, today fired six shots into the sleeping body of her daughter. Eleanor. 22. and then committed suicide at their home hrre The- body of the girl, secretary! cf |he head of Calhoim college,! an exclusive girls school in New' York city, was found In bed with I five wounds in the bcdy and one, ihroujh the head. That of her mother was in an adjoining room, fioth appnrenllv !iud rlird itisteiiilly. OSCEOLA, Ark.-Eight hibercii-1 10515 fund bonds were sold here yesterday by Mrs. Barliam'. A 515 bond was sold' to the Whitton community club. . other bonds were sold to N. G. Cartwrlght nnd Sons, Bruce Ivy, Dr. Harwell, Dr. Massey. Knight's Grocery store. Miss Emma Cox, o. B. Segravcs, and Nathan Weinberg. Yesterday's bond sales marker! the opening of the tubsrculosis fund drive In this city. /CRIP Winter Is nearly, here. It is E"i"S In be cold before lonir. Many unfortunale people will suffer from cold and hunger unless some relief is eivcn them. Arr. you doins your part of the "lief job? You will be, if you use relief scrip ami stamps for .ill purposes. Rock tyomSn Held as Poisoner fof Children LITTLE ROCK, Dec. I. (UP)Mrs.-'Minnie Rose : Jenkins, 29 y charged with murder Hi connection with the. poison deaths, of three of her children a week ago, will be given preliminary hearing Monday in municipal court, it was.announced' today; '" ••Dudley Bryan, 2C, described «s a friend of,the family and held without charge, also will have 1 n preliminary hearing. :, . : . National 4-H Club Winners Are Announced CHICAGO. Dec. 1, (UP)-WII- liam Kiesel, 20, Pryor, 'Okla., nnd Mary Wlen,. 17, Lafayette, Ind., today were announced winners of the national achievement awards for 4-H club boys and girls. The awards were In connection with the thirty-fifth International Livestock Exposition and were made lor independence, personal property, and position. British Boy Stai In_Dick§ns Film Thin Uiij,llili lad Is nlmiint h| 8 spins In llollywooil, playltii ti )0 titlo loin In 'David COIIIIIM- Jlnld." Hn'« Frcddln .lliii'tliol- omcw, wlin'ii'KcttliiK plenty of '[iliuiilllii foi III i wnik In ihu j-nickeni miisteiiileco ami a ntoo 'handful of PiiKllah 11101105, besides ^ll'<llllo diaVMi SB Ijouiid') vieoklj (or lilt acting 7wcnty-(wo Employe! Slated for Ousting to Piovidc Pationage '- -, IHTIE ROCK, Dec i HJP)- olltlcnl JousthiB OVPI control 'of the -ilalei.'$|fi50000Hfl Ixineh ie- 'uildltiB Donrd biougnl a icport Icr diij (hat ii list had been prepared o) JJ emp'oji". sliited foi IL- novul. 'Ibc list wns prfpaied, It \\ili unul on good authoilty, by Olom Uooie son-in-law of, Qov -J "M I ulrcll, nnd Roy Pruitt—both em- ilojcs of the bond refunding fitul i rim govcinori It was nmd& lour, had nollilng to do with the in nnd Ii hi no wa> le^ponslble. Hit tovcrnoi v,as oiiti of the cl{j ind could not tc icached rrlciliin ovt> r personnel has &Hed foi =ome time'but It. begsui :ijita!l/ing after three of the s.v- :n members of the board were rlcfLiitcd for le-clectlon In 'Uii Auuiisl Demociallo primary $ IIOH midltoi' attorncj general, and Lieasurer v\ll( Ukc their places 311 the board hi Jnniiari "ihejr nlignment | with cither faction \voiild control the boaid ,,i Pail Page tieei-iurer-elect toW :he united Preb.-> today IIP wolilel expect Ills pauonage of tlie bond refunding pci'omirt to rsplace 'the eight employes named by Roy V Lcoiuid He. cxncc-U.lq co-ofer- ate willy olhei ncnib>>i<; of trip boa id but cmiibojlrea Hit extent ol co operation vvoulel depend"ilp on ihc reception 01 Ills patrou- Meningitis Claims Life of Wilson Baby Ark.-BilHe DeanPcr- ry, 6-months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Vf. N. Perry, died Friday afternoon of corebro-spinal meningitis. He Is survived bv Iits parents, two brothers, William jr. and Donald Rfvy, and a sister, B5tts Inez. The funeral was held by the Rsv. H. M. Lewis this nfternaon with biu-lal at Bis^ett csmotery. Chicago Com open high low close 00 3-4 92 5-8 00 3-4 92 3-8 89 1-2 90 1,4 8ft 1-2 91 didn't I^V hide it vhere 1 couldn'l fmd it) Job of Selling Lion As Asset Hard One LIVERPOOL (UP)-Hnte collectors here were faced with the problem of turning themselves Into Impromptu lion-tamers when they were instructed to distrain on a ifon and hold it in custody. Tlie lion was the property of n Liverpool livestock dealer who was summoned to court for arrears in payment of r/Ues. when the case came up before the magistrate It was revealed that the lion was the man's only tangible asset. Well, distrain on the lion, then " said Magistrate J. Lnughlin, w-ho 'ly made an order to that rate-collectors found that their job of emulating Daniel did not end at going Into the lion's den. They bad the additional task of taking the lion out and finding temporary accommodation for it m the municipal offices until it could be sold. effect, Shrimp Town Claims Record for Believed To Have Robbed Bert Lewis and Woman Companion Two negro .suspects Were held 'by police today nceused of the holdup ofiBeH Lewis, prominent planter of the Roscland community, and a woman comiMirio'n oil svdlrl rpnc near t|ip Blylticviilp* Cotton•• OIL mil early lust iilglit. ' - v ••• - Lewis' was robbed 'of $22 by tvvo negroes, both armed. - iclio suddenly appeared by th e side of lavvis car as he and has companion were parked, eating.apples, they told police. -The negroes, one of whom threatened-to shoot: Law-Is, also look n.pistol from his car. • Lloyd Woodson nnd Tad Pern- banks, negro employes, at the cot- ion oil mill,, who were not working last night, were taken Into custody as siis|»cts in Ihc robbery. The pair was viewed by Louis Wilson and Tom Franks, victims of hold-ups by a pair, of negroes about the middle of November Franks allegedly identified one of the negroes ns one of the two who attempted to rob him and a woman companion. Miss Georgia Hutchlu- son, his companion, was to view the negroes. She sustained n flesh i wound when shot by one of Die ne- groes as she elrovc her car away during the attempted robbery. Santa Anna Spur Will Be in Texas Exhibition DALLAS. Tex. (UP)—An ancient Mexican spur believed to have been worn by Santa Anna when he was defeated at San Jaclnto In the battle [hat gave Texas Its Independence 1.5 Io be given to fhc museum collection at Texas centennial celebration in 1936. The sptir weighs more than a pound and a half. It Is made of Iron, and appears to have been plated with gold. Barely discern lolo on It are the inltiak "ASA 1 —the same as those of Antonio Santa Anna. R. A. Black of Dallas at present owns the spur. His sons got It from a Mexican In Chihuahua, Mexico. The Mexican said his father was In Santa Anna's cavalry when the Mexican army was de- fc.itcd. SOUTHPORT. N. C. t0P)_Thls town, on the southeasternmost tip of \orth Carolina, claims more five cent pieces in circulation per capita than any other place on earth. Shrimp pickers are paid a nickel a bucket for all the shrimp they pick. Each bucketful is paid for as Morning After Headaches Not Caused by Brand SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (UP) — Don't blame the brand of whisky if you have a "morning-after" headache. It's yourself, not the whisky that probably | s to bhjme. I San Antohto, noted as the most wide open city in n dry state, lias 'found that Dr. Warren T. Vaughan of Richmond, Va), knew ^hat he told as it has' been filled. ~ ."jto Is neceJaA" •TV'!!* '" "MccU '•.ngov.r as y thcm ' Becr ' was talking about when he wl u the Southern Medical Association here about whisky and headaches. Rye whisky in small quantities might causo a headache for som» drinkers who couid drink the same amount of Scotch, Irish, or corn whisky without 111 afreet. All, taken the ^i t * * i. . —-v., n*ni us ugni. ajconoiic n«i , m r i , v ' I7th ' 45T con »«nt. has headache dangers for net tons of shrimp were shipped those ,\yho are supsr&nsltlve to barlev • Curl E Balinj, f tluncy general- fleet, was out o. the city, and Uinilr<= pnikei new nuditoi, could not iii- Incilu! New Scottsboro Plea Taken to High Court JYASHWQTC-N, Dec. I. (TJP)I' The plea that the conviction of Hey- svooil Patterson, one of the' defendants In the Scottfiboro/Ala, altact' cases, be set aside because negroes arc systematically barred from grand and petit j m y service In Alabama was lodged «Uh the supreme court toatf,- - v ':;Th e court o.lso had under'advtss— ment q similar appllJaHofVby "Clarence Norrls, who was convicted and sentenced to death .with Patterson V3V Should the court decide to'review ho cases It will be the second time it has so acted in the Scottsboro prdsecutfoiis The previous conyu> lion of the seven defendants was set. aside by the court because of apparent prejudice and Inlmlcal"aV mosphcre at Uie time of the previous trials. v ' Judge Gautney Grants ; \ Divorces at Osce'oU I OSCEOLA, Ark - Judge J'-'p Oaulney of Jonesboro held an'ad- ouined day of lho September I terda cllallc<;r >' co «rt here joT-l The following divorces : mm \ Roger L Long vs Alene Sprin- gei Long, indignities, Viiglnlaf N. Rogers vs Edwin M Rogers, de- :ertion, Howard G. Posley " Alice Posley, indignities- J E i Dudley vs Gladys Irene Dudley] desertton, Minnie Right vs Seborn ' HIght desertion i S"*? S '' n!th "• ^ster Smith, I habitual drunkenness, John Ores- ham, deserllon, Elmer Brown vs tdna Brown, indignities; Fremont Smith vs Sjlvia Smith, desertion, Charles S Thweatt vs. Zella Zoe Thwcatt, indignities, C p Battle vs. Ha Benger BaUle, desertion' H. L Golden vs Kola Golden, d ' sortlon. Boy Shoots at Pistol's Reflection to Try Suicide | CINCINNATI (OP)-Pro'm a 16- i year-old boy, lying wounded at General Hospital, came this comment: . •. . i.,. "Life Is too hard to Hie There I doesn't Seem to be any use to It" The boy, Ottle Plumley, said 'the bullet wound In his right : .'chest was self-inflicted. • ' When police wondered how; the toy, right-handed, could havv shot himself In the right chest, he explained that to fire the shot he twisted .his «rlst and stood in i front of a mirror, aiming reverse- ly down the barrel of the pistol's reflected .Image. He is recovering WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, slightly narm-1 er tonight. Sunday warmer/ probably showers Sunday night." - ' Memphis and .vicinity—Fair and somewhat warmer tonight. Sunday warmer nnd rain. The.maximum temperature here yesterday was * 63, minimum 39, cloudy, according to Samuel p. Nor- rls, official weither observer.

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