The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1937
Page 2
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IIKHKIHF TUESDAY, • MARCH ' 2, ", i93f .. 1 v FLAPPER FANNY -&BV *t* SIRYICt M r M REG u Ff - Plaek .Legion r Members v Con.victed -'in Detroit* Conspiracy Trial , members of, the fcrrbrlsltc Legion Me>e found guilty today of copspirjn^ to murder Arthur I. Kingslej, High! ami Park publisher during <19J3 and 133$ , Recorder fi Ju.dge John p Bren- ran acquitted ,'fe^en other mem- Leo of'JIie hooded order, Sentence on' ^he conspiracy charge, p > felony pmifahable by a iraximum ofi Hie jears uiidei Michigan laWi >?as Held up jwnd- In; .reports 9f>: t|ic probation de pariniDnt •* " " Judge Erennnn, sitting as bot|i jud°e nnd jury In the trial, found the folloiring gvlllj? Arthur _L tupp^ brlgadlci general oft the-Black LegioVi N RJIJ Mirk- land, former Highland Park mayor, Rfy -Hepjie? 1 , colonel In the Black L»gion, AUls Clari, Frank Howard/., RutJyai;d;jKip]hig r Wellman, Willard Foster* Matthias aim, and Hubert James Aciiullfe'd^Serf Leslie j Blacl, former^jwpublican, leader, Prank Rice} Albert Schneider, welter , Pierce, Rowland Haselbach,' John Godwin and William Keller. The Klngslcy " trial marked, the tliuid major effort of the state to tall alleged Black Legion members Defendants were linked to the sub- \eVsne euft by Dayton Dean, confessed trigger man ip the Charles A Poole and dilas Coleman slay- City Hall <£ ^Damaged by Flames fclANlLAi Ark,, ,Mar 2— File In the iMjinlla cite -Kail \\as extlu gulshed,lR'j,i4»h> n.Her about $400 damage had been done ?3je fire was Discovered at abqut Ili30 pm by. \tyo-bftxom youths, tr^risientf >vho ,'were^ sleeping • li> Wtf,jS>JjlWu>g 'Jt apparently onginat- ediln>the office of the 'mayor and cl.- iH ""*..~ v* ",'*. .uiojui uuu ummiwitu WH^ uijiuea uy uu ui|uu- clty.recordep^here^ie city coun- 'mobile Micro some time ago, :Ls ;«• ,, , e ciy council had met v seieral ..Hours earlier The_causu<i£ , .a YARNS FR&EN INSTRUCTIONS Ney spring and,summer yarns 4 Latest Styles Classes, Friday 2 30 P lyt ' MRS tESME 1109 Ohickasawba Phone 792 •„ -WMMMH.M h (ARK.) COtJRI&R NEWS Arizona's "Inspir&fotiHome nine. 'Better not sit uj> (or us, Faimv. \\c')l be out awfully ljt.e—nuybe till 1 Manila Society — Peisonal Mrs Albcr"t l Besl 111 for several ,\ueks, Is repoiled to be slowly 1m- Hrovln? , . ' George k W Buss transacted b\ it- ness'jln East Prairie, ^,lo, Monday He' «lll probably rnoye his family there next ^cek ~, t - ! (j Mr, 'mul Mrs.''Me!vln "L? Doira- hig and small daughter Iia Adcll, Iclt Sunday foi .Hot Springs tor, an indefinite \isit ' " ^ Audio Mullljis, tcn-scar-oldsohool chlldiwho was Injured by r an <U)lo '' 'ported improving and will be re- iunied / home poon vHobett Gary, tw,in son pi Mr andj.Mr'; s James Moore ,who has. been' seriously ill sj'ice birth ja^t veei' b Improving In Hie Jones bbro hospital He was taken th.V e last Thursday Among those who attended the 'M>t yui^uuyvuua^uvi/uu Win - jirej Mr ^aiid .Mrs ^E' V CERTIFIED ROWDEN COTTON '"•"' S'EE : Land's End Plantation Seeds Tiade Mar'^ Registered'' WE SELL ONLY^EED WE GROW R. H. ALEXANDER ' Scott, Arkansas rlome Bm|cler May Satisfy His Taste arnj His Pocketbook Pinched woor} floors cojue In a ftr'cty of kinds types find me.a- .ucnienls Tlic selection qf the kind Is first a matter of cost and second n ipattcr of taste Pro^ly the least efjwnslvc floor Is the Quinary Hat- graincd jellov, pine H 4s perfectly ^i(d nill hpve 'a long Ufc, put It Is more eas(lj dftmawd ""••• .edge-grain pine c-r pny pf the -roods ussfl for n<w«i, and, like ., flat-grained wood, the layers of the grain are apj, to rise mV ""i they receive concentrated Ordinary fir tp also usec! in -r r , r ports of the cqirntry as Inex- ponslvc flooring llat-gralned woods «i«ke s.atjsfactor y bps«s for Jino- loum or carpel or other complete floor cpveringj, 6tej;t In line of price .come the r<?d oaks, ^nsclao^d white oaks maple, beech, and bitch All, of thcMJ woods make good floors pro \ided they are thick enough Th»rc Is a tanderlcy, in order to get a better grade of wood,, to use a. thinner strip Flooring of less thickness than one-halt Inch Is not as serv iceablc as the jhlclser sizes' l Tlie edges of the groove^ that flt'.over Jhe projecting tongues qn the .edges of the bouds are usually loo thin to h,o!d nails in place, so If there S any spring to the floor at all, The 'rails arc apt •- -••-•- pl|nter lhe<e (hi rlccman, Mr and Mrs Kip Moore, Dlllard Berry, Buster Caraway, Sam Griffith, Miss Lillian Shaver. Misi Cnrolyn Unlcy, Alvln Tintoh of Ma- nila,'ami Miss Margarllc -McGlis ton or Jonesboro. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Fox arc Siting this week In Little Hock R. W. Dills, relumed /Monday morning after n few days visit in .Flint, Micii '' Mrs. H.' B. Dodd and daughter, , . —. — Miss Mary Florence, and Miss Neva p W spihig to the floor at Ray Hudson motored "to Jonesboro 'I IC ' ra " 5 nrc W>1 'P push ,vp ana Ho meet Mr.'-DKld. who hti.i been 'P'", lter Lhe 'e thin edge? or pro Ho meet Mr.'-DKld, who has been 'f'tl'ier me<e (nm cpge? or pro- ,ln Oklahoma for the .past .few Jcct thcir Jl «P ds """we the floor weeks. • " " c ^ we the selected grades of . white oak and maple and th£n the Auto Tag Collections Short of 1936 Figure LITTLE ROOK, Mm 2 (UP)— "ine ordinary strip floor's run The ilale revenue depirtment to- from iy_ to Z'. inches wide, and 4ii) thn,t total collection* the pieces vary In'lenglh with "-from automobile- license tage \\erc srnrla f^* '«-- «-- - $lfi2S05735 up to losl midnight wh! wide oak boards "After Ihcs^comc the (anciei woods, such as' teak, mahogany, and walnut, but these are used only in verj expartsive work , The ordinary strip floors run * "*••' tfi" uui [ty LV iuou luiikiii^iii **»i \i *v__ gi tUL^r l)ill!lUCr OI *iuOTL Collections up to Maioh 2 las' pli-oes than the more expensi\e r'ni \if»rn SI fl7.'i ±R1 A l f**> f]AA "iOfl nfl prndr.^ f Jcai wore $1873^8341 or -$24^,52606 .yesterday bovc this years figure Lasl minute buyers> u<wu iniuuiu ,ouyeri» -ycsiertmy 11 uiuiir&.or more,- out tno cornmo jammed the local office and fees widths ale from 4 to a inchos Irom Piilaskl c?upty residents alone PjiyiW Hoo;s shouH \ b-> ,' sorB/e nmounted to ^48,800 II v,as e^tl- ilo*n to eliminate the tendency In mated .that offlccs .ovor the state wide Loaids Jo curl This Is not 000 . reccliocl a to(ci of $150,- Only WILSON Eft: JMcs CeWfed Smoked Ham murkest >s In the , To gel a gooii floor the board: Waitresses and s Cooks ISTA e ±ft££ ala £ Join Sit Down Strikers l^ cs °" tha el » ds <* ^ e11 ^ » B DETROIT, ^ar 2 (UP)—\Vait- ressef and cooks in two Dctiolt r^s tdiirants today joined their five jnd ten' cent store sisters in stt- fown strikes, bringing to four the umbor of establishments closed by women seeking jinlon recognition \ago increases and shorter hoiirs Read Courier News Want Ada IJake - 16 .ininutcs to the pound according to your •favorite recipe. Its ainumph of Wilson s pioneering leadership . . . just (he right amount of appctitt-whctdng smoke) fl;uor Without sharpness It's a ham that saves jou cooking <imc and shrink?i giving you'fullcr .cn;o)mcnt of ever)' bite : because of its mirvdouj (cnderncss. WE-SUG)C1EST THIS RECIPE PUcc a wljiotc'-yilion's-l'cn^r Extn MilJ Him m roaitcr, fn idt up add one cup ot *atcr. B^ltc for ,16 minutes t5,thc pound in oxen 550° F. T»Vt Him from orcn, score fit ^ith knife; pnnklc wih cup of sujwr clones Kcturo 10 Viol oven, about 400° F to brown You mtyuic fruit Rirnish in pUcc HAM DEVE-OPMENTS the po\md looser ^hca cookiog a hiinU -- t —_, u T'-*J 111 *bH5tii min me srade The less ^expetmve grades a_greater nti|ntier of Phnk floors run m \\idths up to •'• Indus.or-more.- but the common icrjos •fcyM Before insuring a mortgage on newly con|tnicted home n^mberc, of the Federal Holing Administrations underwriting staff check the methods of conatructlon as well as the quulHy of material ussd to determine thoir conformity wilh plans and specifications These pictures show what cnn be accomplished wiiii iiie mosf com- rnonnloco sort of house A dilapidated .buugajpvf was chosen in the city of Tucson to become the city's mofiel home nrojcct. An architect, building supply dealers, piint cqjifracfprs; and other interested parties cooperated in crealmg the «ttr'aclive : home seen in (lie "after" picture. The fixtures and dccoratlana includeHlie most modern improvements. Tfve home has been .vlsited'by thousands of jicrsoos, • ' *~ . llousit g Qu T eation Box Q. ;>V!i|;the more economical tjpj of stove to use Gas or electric' : A Tha,U*clep2nds eiiluelj jipon the cost of the two services in your community If you a law' cjectpc late, an electric, range can be opiated quite economically IQ We are going to build a hots.!;. and ore debating whether we should Fireplace Flunked by Low Bookcases A aove.1 arrangement (qr buijt-m bookcases on either side of the fir>place was found in a, modern home la the space bet^en the nmntel find Prcnc.i doors fcading to a tcr- rnce i ow bookcases ,v,erp built just about half the height, o[ the man- elThis type of hookcase may be bui|t in n home built,under the In sured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing Administration FHA Is Permanent The National grousing Act do"s not e\pirc next April or next JUK ns some ssqin to (.hink 3110 act 13 permiiiienl legislation, flt id the Fed- crrl Housing Adnilnistration is a permanent goiernmenhl aoell[ ,j The Modernization Credit Plan ex plres April 1, 1931 Treasury gmr- antecs of Housing Ad.mlnlslration si ra.nce fund debentures ends Ju 1 J637, unless extended bj cones- but insurance of home mortgages continues with a fund tint now totdls $15000000 This fund r S J" CrC " slll K at lhe « tc °' S»DO COO each month t- is impossioie to say uhlch , ,.. suit jour house better without knowing more about the type of house jou contemplate building. However, if elihei tjpa will be suit- nble, there are several points in fayor of the gable end or pltchjd roof It gives more attic loom and Is much easier to \entilate So if it is fin even choice, we should rec- QUimend the pitched roof Q. Is there any fixed rule for the height nnd depth of the steps in a staircase? A There is no one rule, but set - eral so jou may take jour choice. In some rules' the'isum.of the-rise (height) and tread (depth) equals from n to 18 inches In oth=r- tne picdLct <jf the two equals froii 70 to BO it is advisable, if thTe is ple,Pt} of room for the stair to ke n p tlia rise as near 7 inches as possible and not over 8 inches Th-> trend cr rather t'ie cut which b the dls lance fr_qni the'.one riser to ih» fice of the next should be be- twee.i 3 ind. u inches Stones "explode" when subjected to excessive-heat ahd cannot 1)2 used for .fireplace Interiors. The stones for. the back, and sides should be laid with the grain .parallel with .the floar; if they are laid with the a. perpendicular position they-'Will scale off. The back ' o; the .fireplace should not be Ics^than .12 ;inciic5.thick and preferably:H. Inches. Hard-burned red brick also makes a nice lining for a stone- faced fireplace, so that may .be .used U no other proper, stone is available^ For the hearth, a large nal stons of the type that will withstand fire.'' may be used, but-, it should be good and thick, and, \jn- lejs laid cai the ground, .it shoulc be on a concrete foundation, if laid with the ;flat grain .parallel will 'the'floor it will scale somewhat, and after a liuif' there will be'a liol- lowed-put place'in the center; pui it you' keej) n good .deep-bed 1 of :ashs.V:on It,'it will ssrve for many years. Majority of FHA Borrowers Earn Less Than $2;~ 500 Annually WASHINGTON. D. C.—An analysis of the incomes of home buyers wl:o ore purchasing hoijses under the Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing Administration shows that .53.0 per xent ,of these borrowers \ have .Incomes of S3,5CO cr less annually. One-third hayc reported incomes of'$2,000 pr less. Approximately 80 per cent .of the .fco.ppwpre purchase .homes costing not ,mor,e than two and one-half times their reported annual in- .come, - according to .the . analysis. Properties valuert at less than twice their annual income are bought by 56 per cant of the-borrowers. Sixty r>3r .cent of the borrowers ' make -monthly mort°age payments of $30 or less and a quarter of ihe total numbci paj $20 or less a month. Thes= payments include in lefest; amortization service charge ana Insyranca premiums ror o\er one-hiilf: of the borrowers these monthly payments represent one- seventh "or less of the purchasers ncouie. For 30 per cent of the borrowers, mortgage pajuients represent less than"one-fifth of their reported income ^.Buyers.whose incomes rame froiri 52.001 ;to''52,500 annually represent U,7 per-pent of the total number if .borrowers under the Insured Mortgage, sy tern The $1501 to i2,ODD class represent 109 per cent ~>i the,total nunbei, and the $2501 x> $3,(JOO class represents ID i per lent, 'fhose nhose incomes arc $1,500 or 'less represent 12 p r cent it ithe total 15 p= r cent receivm" Jl,OfiO per year or less Those with Incomes of oier $3000 constitute ;>1.3 per cent of all borrowers 139 •'e.r,cent.racevvm<r $3001 to $4000, ; 3 per cent $4001 to $5000 4 1 p«r Jerit.$5,(JOl,to $6000 4 t per c»nt '" ""1 to $10,000, and 16 p-r cent $10,000. Buy House on, Chickasawba Mr a,nd Mrs w P Grqetj have purchased the house Rt 8p9 Ohlcka- sawba- Ave., from Mr.' and -Mrs. E, Thomas Wraight. The cottage has; five rooms and bath. .For the present'. Mr. and .Mrs." Wraijht V.U1 continue to reside In the house Varnish f\aors If varnish is used on the kitchen 01 launcirj floor, whether o\er wood ! or linoleum it sl-oulrt. be of the b»st' qiialttj or It vlll not withstand tl w hard use to which It \\llt be pit Read courier News \yittit Ads. Q. What height .frohi. the floor do you recommend for window sills? A, In jiving rooms, if there -is s ifncient wall space so that no fur-, niture ne^d be placed under the windows a low sill is desirable,' even ns.loiv as 16 .'or 18 Inches 1 . In bedrooms and rooms where the wall space under the windows is needed, 1 2 fcet-G inches ls :> better. If -low- window sills are us"d, b" careful not to just pull the whole win-low down Keep the l.cad well up and make the n inflow longer Q I want to pi 11 stone fireplace in room of the house we arc building and the builder says we» yellow-'fire brick on the-inside. Can't.stone bs used; It.-ilxmld look so much better? A Mnnj Ijp^s of stone can be used quite sitisfnctorllj lor the buck mid sides of fireplaces, but H is well to make sure before you us; any that tr.e kind contemplated for your fireplace Is one of these. Somr- "'•'"• Combine To Give Store Brilliance Store lighting demands thoughtful consideration. Successfully cp- erated grocery stores .1132 whits' or light-colored' walls and ceilings in combination with adequate lighting to promote interior .brilliance. The Intense - light enforces maintenance of spotless cleanliness in lhe store, "otherwise dellnque(i- cies in this direction are made obvious to customers, for strong light which makes cleanliness attractive also makes ,dlrt visible and 31V3. Modern wiring with supplementary futures, as well as tha interior nnrt exterior painting of stores, may be financed through credit obtained froiriprivats financial insti- ioP5 insaed-by the Federal Housing Administration! No Paper .Where.solid sheathing is psed on .xofs under uooji shii)gl= no build.^ ' is paper-should be placed over the heath ing;- it is hkeh to rot the hinglss. " CALL THE HOUSE DOCTOR" The M D fines your bacj health, the Dentist tahss care of your t|ad teeth, and tho ist fixes your fact. We are "doctor*" of another sort. We treat and fix houses, good ones, bad Dories, new oi\es and o|d ones. We do surgery jobs of) all types of residences. ' We'll keep yourtome in repair, remodel if, or tuild you a new one Call us for any home maintenance work . . . large or 'ji E. C. Lumber $. Unconventiona! .Design Solves Space Problem modern -home *as a fireplace built at the end bf'ojis side of ths room, .with a mantel extending across the entire Avail. Cupboards Hurt .cpcn bcokshelves occupy the spaco. Thsss .unconventional dj- sfsiis may solve a space probbm When you arc planning -your home. Tr.c Federal Housing Administration insures mortgages for the construction or purchase of homes. WHICH..? the Choice ' A slack ol .cancelled rent cbocn « i , , paid ior-hboie? ' c&ocks ... or a conplcloly. I ' " ' ' ' \Yluch will il be len ytara l, om lodcry? o UVE U IN. yout tent monoy lo chocks, loskoi at fro S « 6 m 8 Iho h^hl ol t PSY FOR urn E. G. gOBINSON -XOO Now Open for Business BLYTHFVILLE PAINT and WALLPAPER CO. HIS Second .Glencoe Hotel Improve yoiu house and pa\ foi it u: stiiall moi|lh- ly .paj Incuts A $100 loan may be repaid at the i-ate of : . §3.20 a nionth. WE CAN MAKE ALL ARRANGEMENTS WITH THE FHA TOR A LO-VN WALL PAPER Best Giades in regular and samtaiy Washable Finishes' MOUND CITY PAINTS ' and VARNISHES Paint and Varnish Brushes n a \v W(j\J AND PLATfc •Complete hue Auto Glass Installation can be made \\hile you ^\ait Glass is giound (not bioken) to fit youi car R. C. Coleman Phone 880 W. W. Juttell We Deliver PLAN YOUR REPAIRS NOW At the end of \\inlet m a n j bmldingb ji e c d miiioi tepaiii) Whatevet yqui building icqmres v.c can supplj jou Bung >oiu tepau piobtems to \ib IF 1NTERKSTED IN , OWNING A NEW HOME Sty, US — WE'LL HELP' YOU NDGOl'IATU A FH'A LOAN. flRKMO LUMBER PJilONE 40 /•' •^s 3 ^if, t 1 '«*

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