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The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia • Page 4

The Washington Post from Washington, District of Columbia • Page 4

Washington, District of Columbia
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THE WASHINGTON POST: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 30, UlflTED FOR SMITH Maryland Democrats Foresee Reelection of Senator. TWO HOT CONGRESS HGHTS Republicans Strive to Regain Fiftn and Sixth Districts. Sydney E. Mudd, Whose Father Represented Southern Maryland for Twelve Years, Is Putting Up a Strong Campaign Against Richard A Johnson--In the. Sixth Both Lewis and Zihlman Arc Bidding for Labor Vote. Speoiaj to Tae w.aal]tnx Post Baltimote Md Oct 2--TL he a a i In land has been the most listless i because i cans leaderless and more or less clls- a and i funds and a Democrats art, bo cocksure of i th it they have not exerted tht m- i i the dost, of the st i tion and have not contributed, their usual quotes of i i to the unpaign The officials to be elected In a a i a nited i i senator six i ongressmen and in additional associate idga on the Third i i comprising and a i counties Candidates the Field The a i a of the several parties a For 1 nlted states senator--Jo i il- tt Sm Democrit a ar i i jr Republican Ur Relch- ard Progressive Henrv Holme 1 rohibit a i il- ist and Robert Stevens abor or Congress--First district short term Ies-e 1 rice Di mot i Th imas Tlodson I'-ogrcssiVt long term sse I Price 1 emocrat I publican Rev Charles L. LIderdice Pro- i i i --et ond i i Fied i i Demo rat i a aps, Republic in Otho Johnson I'r )-rrt s- I 1 lugh i i i Charles Becker Labor Thomas I' Far mer Socialist district--( harles Democrat a Republican Dr John Progress i a Socialist i-rv Johnson Prohibition Israel i Labor ourth cnst'-i t--J i IPS Li i i curabeVit) Demi crat Thomas Ham i a erdin ind i gand Pngressive Frank lt I ang I ibor a II a i social 1st i i a Mage Prohibition Fifth i i i ard Democrat Mu Id Joseph A i Progressivt llliani ihst Bxird Pro hihition a a Kit mm in Labor i i i a n. um a I redenck i a Republican i a i Ptird im i i i i Soi ist I or judKe Third i i Mian Line Democrat I i lolin a ji I Name May Not Appear on Ballot iuse of th to follow i i i law in i 1 bo a andldate for the nit il states sen ite a not his ime upon the ballot Its appearanc il sbible igh resort to a petition a to the boards of elect on supei of Baltimoie a of the several ooun ties Dcino a a i i i a a I the a i the possible exception of th i i Representa- David i is aga.n i i a a i i more often H( i an a Demoi uic mijontiee i i i i a are ihei 1 of Demo rats the district in a i i i a i i 4 I i i dist i i lat i i ire i ot i i i i i Th. Democrats back up i i i i i i numerical superior tv in affiliation i the i i sitate Th re a in i i ew i a i of voters in a i yar a i a i re- C4 for the first ti-ne in the i Party Affiliation of Voters a 'ureb for the whole S'ate follow Decl'ntri rh i IPS A La im r' ar 11 ic a 11 I 1 a Ii hei Rrrf a i 1 Kf Mo i I i Gf rgei i ios Mar somerset a hot a igt a IJal iniore i i i Grand total The a a a i Ph i a i 1 pf 1 ht Oemocrats Dem 4 6Ct Rep 141 the over a vew ago backed by the President, against Senator Smith, who sulsequeotly withdrew, la making' speeches for ftHn Other friends of tlte wbo urfe their euns ajfalnet Senator Smith a year ago are supporting 1 Mm Former Attorney Creneral Jhaat. Ijohe Strauss the lone antagonist uf Senator Smith in the primaries is iraJtlnsf no speeches, but he he i vote for him Former Gov i most implacable pii- IttlLil foe of Senator bmith. in Maryland, voted for him the primaries Senator Blair Iee Is also speaking for Senator Smith because he he won the nomination 111 the i a election Claims Made by Republicans licpubJKan and a Tianagerh, i a i i that the Democrats ead in the a affiliation as recorded sav a thoie figures lie They point to forms elections In Baltimore at i the Democrats affiliated exceeded a of the Republicans and yet the indlddtes of the latter won They la .1 majority of the lined vote They also is. tt ue--that a in arge ti i i i ear i the Dennnratb. urds to partK-i pate next enr In the primaries of the itt i -ui'lclpate will be more than i own Fore local fights Democratic lead- tht a to regr- ister as Democrats to hslp them out in the and primaries nt xt 'vear heti hig- prizes i be at stake The Rep a a in ir Ian 1 bee mse of the lii 5e i i i prnnarj fights as a iv possibli There therefore the a i i for Kcpnbllcans to take i hand in I i i ratic primariev In Princ and Montgomery countlf ai dosely Tilled i a i peogi i i a and other- wi'-e recent elections show hundreds of rs registered as Democrats but who nark the bajiot for Republican candi a It shrewdlv suspected th it they are offlteholdera or would-be officeholders in a i i and desne to be nonpartl- san to seek prom it ons and other favors at Democratic hands Inroads on the Democrats. Tiepu a here made In- i i ir tho Utmot.rT.ts pointing to i pr of i Prices, de i a lowered despite Den promises pointing to the lat of empioment and idle hands for i the redti etl tarlfT -i an i t'le ir taxes i sa were not irrposed because of It fit lent es the due to loss i uports but to the decrease of 'i to the reduction in tai IK i i mi i of the Democrats is P-eotctent feat In steering the free if xr i xlco and entangling all am ea in the Kuropean war The President a risen In Mar MX -vsr) it was waning because of his throwdowii of United i ot Smit i and the congret. a a 11 appointments If is -PC lei and if he does i re i- i cognition, than has KIX ea i at the hite House in Pi leral apt In Maryland Rep i in UK may hold their jobs a believed would bo their SPLIT IS PEN ROSE 3 4 1 4 in xt 114 1 1 1 4i9 I li 320 IS! -5s major it i he noted over th Republicans in the affilia- i ted is 43 817 Camngton Supported Roosevelt Democrats are a i i the retlecti of Senator i on afllliation figures In i i i a i that Col ton i not poll the Republican TT.O a a.g» he a a i i fol of Col and di not words i kid cloves he a a the Republican Mate aders who-n he aerused of a i i a i tiu crime at a The a art muted in their support of Senator I- V. i a i i who i STAG HOTEL 608 9th Street Virginia Tfcemter. Be In cltr. met floor, mttvl toilet mad Imvl telephunn. Krvnpli wrltlnac metal chined a ier Special TrecaUy rvtea. I'Ook ea QVC Storm Centers of Campaign. storm of the c-unpugn in i i in 1 are i th( Fifth ind Sixth dist i hit h. bordf on the District of olitmbi i Dfrnocriuta are i to retain thoo i i i tbev won in tlit i a siurnp two ago Re pu i i ii iro working to rosriin lost prpstigt, th-r I the contest in the i 1 st i ishinRtonlans hax i i a Interest because the Democratic and Rt publn i candidates in that dib- i ar i i i i Wash Ric hirsl Johnson the. Deruo- t--itic indicate a son of the late Pvi rtz Johrvaon one of tht moat promi- i a capitalists I citv In his He was a a i of Md Mr Johnson is a son in-law of the late 1 i i itor Vi i Gorman of tne a i irtv in Ian 1 for a generation, and -I Demo a a i a prominence He IH backed i (rortti in wields a i and I in Maryland Dom cratit i i He Is also supported i i Demot rats of the i i i I tl in noml- i ig i Frank C) i the inc ol the fcupport of the rs his party Mr Johnson is mak- I jti i ow ri a as a cam- iias developed into an effects speaker and mixer Mudd- Making Active Campaign. Mudd the Republican candl- datt tb son of th it othe lepresented southern I a i i i in Congress, as a Re- pu i 1 lurteen yeais, He Is a off 1 ild block bold aggressix in 1 a i i In poll'lt a is his a M- is i law er and resign- the of ojssisfint district attorney of i IK on to bt come i i andldate for i i an nom i for Congress Ir the i i so Ion? represented by his won the nomination i ase fhe primaries he a been a i an ictlve tour of his district ac- i 1 I i br iss oand mounted on in 1 1 0 trui i arouses the en- i tsrn ft folk especially colored peoile Th i between Messrs Mudd and i is (loser a many Democrats fir i i to admit despite the advantage possessed by Mr Johnson in party affiliation records Both Appeal to Labor Vote. In the Sixth district the Democrats rcnomlnated DT.V i 1 I ewis, who has restored the district on the map here it was placed by the late IAJUIS Mc( onias 30 years ago The Ropi bi tans a nominated i Senator Fret! of Allegany. of i Mr Lewis is also a resi- lent In both nominations here is recog- i i tne labor In an element is popularly supposed to be the dominant political fa tor in the district The candidates in spellbinders ire practically appeal- nif to i How It will jump Is un- a i It i probably split even In i i of the Including i a i a i i Frederick a Montgomerx each of i the labor it do. no cut as i a swath as in a vott rs Irrespective of party af- i i and art not Identified with abui org i a i say are given opt! -voting for a labor candi- i the voting will to some ex bt. a personal one i party at- cut out, Tariff an Important Factor. Th listrict has i dei ided leaning to ird i i hit i be an i I ortant factor in the line-up of voters Mr I is said to be undergoing Senator John Walter Smith and other a organlzition le iders as a i a tw ears lience if he i a Senator i Lee Mr 1 working hard for Mr i i i The two no loveil a since St nator I ylTi on Mr Lewis making rt om-nendations at the i House for a i in Mr Lewis' district i i i igi is an important factor In the Sixth i as well as Baltimore and unim- a the Fastern Shore and In southern a a has this ear dwin- I tiled to i i i i an The total regts-' i State I Two a ago Col Roosevelt re eived 57 votes In the President Taft received 54 Son In A a counM alone Col received more votes In for President than the whole reg -It red Progressive in the State this a Former Senator George I el- who last a was the Frogres a candidate for the United States Senate declined this a to record himself on the registration books as affiliated i a party Democratic Division Makes Reelection Seem Certain. THORN TO PALMER Campaign Waged In Pennsylvania Vigorous and Bitten Eyes of Whole Country on Keystone State, Largely Because of Prominent Part in Forthcoming Which Tariff Issue Has Taken in Fight Between Penrose and A. Mitchell Palmer. Brumbaugh for Governorship. Sprclal to Washington Post Philadelphia, Oct 29--With the battle of political giants drawing to a close in this State, it becomes evident that the result of the senatorial and gubernatorial election is going to be close The Republicans are confident that both Senator Penrose and Dr Martin the latter being the candidate for governor, will be elected, but various menta enter into the struggle, and It IB possible one might be elected without the other Whether Senator Penrose is to be penalized by the Vares, who are the leaders of the great downtown, section of the city, because of his opposition to the candidacy of Representative William Vare for the mayoralty three years ago, Is the principal question agitating other Republican leaders Worried by Armstrong Trip. the other end of the State they are worried about a trip recently made by Mavor Armstrong of Pittsburgh, in company with William Fllnn, whose guest he was in New York. Armstrong was the choice of the Penrose-Ollver faction for mayor of Pltts- burprh two years ago. He defeated Stephen Porter, a member of Congress, who was backed by the then Mayor William Magee The Penrose-Ollver forces worked hard to elect Armstrong and when they succeeded It was hailed as evidence that Mr Penrose would have the city administration back of him when he became a andldate for reelection to the Senate Mayor Armstrong little trip to New with "Bill" Fllnn, financial backer of the bull moose, naturally is causing alarm Battle Vigorous and Bitter. Probably in no State is there being waged so vigorous and bitter a battle The men ho are figuring In it are of national size and importance. Penrose Is the ranking Republican member of the finance committee and would b6 chairman and chief tariff-maker If the Republicans were returned to power He la making his campaign effective with the argument that the Democrats promised to reduce the cost of living and that the onl things they have reduced are wages, employment, and treasury revenues. A Mitchell Palmer, the Democratic nominee for the Senate, is one of the leaders of the Democratic House and was offered the post of Secretary of War In President Wilson cabinet. He refused it because he is a Quaker He wonted to be Attorney General He is the man who had charge of the metal schedule of the tariff bill, and the Bteel mill employes in the State, many of were thrown out of work as a result of the tariff law, feel none to friendly toward him. Pinchot Has Roosevelt Backing. Clifford Progressive candidate for the Senate, is one of Col Roosevelt's close personal friends He was deposed as chief forester of the United States when Mr Taft was President He went abroad to tell Roosevelt about it and It is generally understood he was the first man to accuse Taft of backsliding from the Roosevelt policies The result was that Roosevelt was prevailed upon to become a candidate for President against Taft With regard to the governorship, there Is not the same triangular line-up The Progressive candidate lor governor, William Draper Lewis, who is dean of the law school at the University of Pennsylvania, withdraw In- favor of the millionaire Democratic candidate, Vance McCormick, leaving the latter to represent the entire opposition to the Republican candidate Dr Brumbaugh, who is making the campaign for election on leave of absence as superintendent of public schools Brumbaugh is extremely popular throughout the State He polled more than 26O.OOO votes In the Republican primaries and It Is believed generally that he will be elected His record Is excellent and not even Col Roosevelt, In his days' tour of the State, has made much of an attack on him The Vares downtown are wholeheartedly for hlg and will pile up an enormous vote for him When William Vare, who is now in Congress, ran for the Republican nomination, he polled more than 80.000 votes, despite the bitter flght made against him by Senator Penrose and James McNichol, who shares Republican leadership with the Varea Vares Not Making Active Fignt. The Varea, apparently, are taking no action one way or another with regard to Senator Penrose They always have been stalwart Republicans and will continue to vote the Republican ticket But the bulk of the South Philadelphia vote still Is resentful, because of the opposition of Penrose to Mr Vare three jears ago and this resentment may be shown In an Impairment of the Penrose strength at the polls downtown Despite doubt as to the Vares In South Philadelphia and as to Mayor Armstrong in Pittsburgh, It Is believed Penrose will have about 75,000 majority In Philadelphia, and about 25000 In Pittsburgh He will also be very strong In coal mining regions and In the steel mill and textile The principal doubt la aa to ODDS OFFERED IN OHIO ON COX AND "WET" VICTORY Special to The Washington Post Cinrtnuti, there to la the that "money and thin no-called "talk" to do with he ot Ohio can be flcured aa IB the "wet" eotanm after next Tueadrnj-'B election. of 3 to 1 that the State would no prevailed today throna-h Ohio, with little "dry" moaey vlKht. Xrfe Heine, local bettlna; cmanUa- aloner. tontfcht reported one bet of to that Hamilton county would a "wet" majority of 3S.OOO. on the race for governor, that were reported today, were nearly all made at even money, althonirh Cox a ullarht favorite in at of to and 1 to B. The following; Beta were pouted today with a local brdtceraa-e nrm to that OaW wonM Ko "wetj" even on affalnat SSO on the "wetaf" $20 to on the to "1OO on Cox. There la alM an offer of 98OO to tonight on Cox. whleh haa not been taken. A lively apart in the bettlna: la expected Today, both on the a-oVerBorahip and the "wet" and "dry" laanea. SEVEN OF GOTHAM'S ELITE GUNMEN BURY FEUD SO DEEP THE EAST SIDE NOW LOOKS ON IN HAPPY WONDER attitude of the farmers It Is In the agricultural sections that Palmer and McCormick, Democratic candidates, are making their chief flght and their only headway Col Roosevelt provides another doubtful element His meetings have been large and enthusiastic It has been demon stratedThat there Is a very large Independent vote In Pennsylvania--the large number of persons who registered as nonpartlsans showed Umt--and the principal question is whether the bulk of this vote will go to Palmer or Pinchot May Have Aided Pinchot. ntil Roosevelt came into tha State, it was safe to "ay that Penrose was In the leud, that Palmr was second, and Pinchot a poor third Roosevelt, however, maj have aided Ptnchot considerably The effect of the third candidate strength is different here from In other States The voters are arrayed Into two classes--those who want to vote for Pen and those who want to vote against him The fact that those who want to vote against him are divided is clearly favor. The more strength Pinchot gets the more he will take away from Palmer One-third, and possibly one-half, the Democrats In Pennsylvania will vote for Penrose This may seem surprising, but is true Tha Democratic party has been badly split under the leadership of Palmer and McCormlck The manner in which they have ignored the party workers in the distribution of patronage- has caused widespread discontent They have put Into office men who have never been identified with Democratic politics, Ignoring the workers "Old Guard" Thrown to Penrose. The "old guard" Democracy supported City Solicitor Ryan, of Philadelphia, for the nomination for governor Great bitterness resulted from his defeat Palmer has stated In the past that the "old guard" had to be rooted put; and It has been rooted out It has been rooted out of the Democratic partj and Into the i anks of Penrose. Split tickets are likely to be a feature of this coming election There are thousands of Independents who will vote for Brumbaugh but who will not vote for Penrose, and a great many Democrats will vote for Penrose who will not vote Brumbaugh, but or McCormick, so that they can take oath, when they register for the next election, that they voted for "a majority of the Democratic candidates at the preceding election The local option Issue is also figuring largely The prohibition vote go against Penrose, but not aamat Brumbaugh because the latter is personally pledged to local option, although the Republican platform omits the Issue. In addition to the full Republican vote, Brumbaugh will receive an enormous Independent vote, for the simple reason that he Is regarded as one of the strongest and ablest men who ever appeared In Pennsylvania politics, and his friends are pointing: to him as a possibility for the Republican nomination tor President in 1916 Tariff Issue Far-Reaching. The tariff Issue figures to such an extent that the result In this State will without doubt have an important Influence on the nation Protectionists regard it as absolutely essential that Penrose should be returned to the Senate The flght being made against him Is very bitter, especially since one of the sensational papers In Philadelphia charged he had admitted to the ftdltor that he had corrupted the late Mayor Rejburn The admission Is supposed to have been made bv Penrose when he was fighting against the nomination of William Vare as mavor and for the alleged purpose of in- SpooUl lo The Wellington Post New York, Oct 29 --Seven of Gotham's most prominent citizens today declared peace They shook hands In "Pat" Sullivan's headquarters, 207 Bowery, much to their own apparent satisfaction and the delight of the police The handshaking gentlemen were as follows Jimmy Kllv, the "Gen Villa of Hester street," whose real name Is Giovanni dl Salvlo Chick Trlcker, flght manager otherwise Prank Trlcker, Jack Birocco, or John Sirocco Al MarineHI, prominent club, knife and gun man Tony Cheese, alias Anthony Santulll, who srils cheese--sometimes Thomas Dike, lieutenant of "Chick" Trlcker A Caddlno, one of tha Jimmy Kelly gang Present also was the wtll-known and highly esteemed Paul Kelly (Anthony Vaccarelll), who reformed sevei al years ago and since then haa been conducting a big real estate business He la to be worth Paul Kelly and Sullivan are credited with bringing the peace party Into being. Signer Salvio, of Enn. Anyhow. Jimmy Kellv should be addressed hereafter as Giovanni dl Salvlo-- Ike that The nom do dl Salvlo was gathered when he to mow doivn opponents In the prize ring Kell still shows marks of enBagements. but aid today that he likes the name of dl Salvlo" better a the Irish 1 The aamo goes foi Messrs Slrocio Trioker, Cheese The latter at home Is known as Anthony Santulli MarineHI Is as well known as Paul KelU Those who know the gossip og gang- dom told todav how Jimmy Kelly and Chick Tricker were brought up together They played "pussy cat' and similar Innocent games when they went to school Their parents were the best of friends As they gre wup they lost sight of each other, until Kelly branched out as a pugilist and afterward gained control of a Fourteenth street cafe Trltker was the big chief of Chinatown, aided and abetted by SIrocqo Shooting Matches Popular. One day business went bad in Fourteenth stieet, and Kelly resolved to move to Chinatown With him he took several lieutenants, ono of named Dewey Trlcker couldn't Me Dewey getting the grav as he expresses it and resoU ed then and there to get rid of him Dewey beat him to It, and shot Tricker In the arm That was about four years ago Trtcker vowed vengeance on Kelly and Mce versa For a time free shooting matches the rage in Chinatown The police i a put a stop to this One or two of the gun totem were sent away for long terms Louis Poggf, a pal of beat his ball on a serious charge All hands were unanimous in the opinion that Poggl was "framed' by the polke Then Paul Kelly reformed Poggl made up his mind to get his Italian pals to do likewise One day he happened upon Jimmy Kelb and said "Now, look here we got to stop this fighting among ourseKes Home time i police will send the whole bunch to Jimmy was willing, but he said he would not ask TVlcker to make up He met his old enemy. Tommy Dike last week Dike spoke to htm and got awa with It, and they have been fast friends since "Funn-v thing, said Dike toda "I often meant to put one over on Kelly but I glad I didn't because I didn't know until I met him What a. fine fellow he Is Bashful Gun Experts. Todays meeting -was ptearranged Kn terlng the Sullivan headquarters, a. reporter found Hunipty icksori sitting dangerouslj on a balustrade 11 none of the vcn renowned gunmen him a "tumble Farthei 111 the hall Paul Kelli and van were begging Jimmy to go and shake with 'Chick Both were bashful Soon somebody walked Caddino er to Sirocco, and the exchanged assuiances of their distinguished consideration Caddlno is i Kellv right hand man But the real leadership hinging between Kellv and Trfcker -was to be Now, see here declared Paul at last, "this leadership thing is i thins of the past We're just plain good from now on Paddv i take rare of the bojs and make up and let the past be forgotten Then the two leading East Side gunmen shook hands Peace immediately began to brood er America Thibet, Kamchatka, Terra del Fuego, and Kast New York Iater--Peace la still broodinB A. LISNER. Hours: 9 to 5 STREET FIRST CHINESE TO GO TO DEATH CHAIR MAY PAY MURDER PENALTY MONDAY Special lo Washington New York Oct 29-- An application for a new trial for Kng Hlns and Dock, two Chinese awaiting electrocution in Sins Sins for the i i of Kay in 1912. was denied Judge in ifen- eial sessions yesterdav and the men will be put to deith next Monday The will be the first Chinese to to their death in the electric chair In this State At their first trial the jury disagreed, and at the second, in Febi uary of last vear the men were convicted The court of appeals sustained the conviction Grace Mack sworo to Gov Gly nil that, she had i false testimony at the tual hen she said she had seen the shots flred Afterward she swore she was at T. theater ut the time of the i i She a sad ted she had been i eel to the false testimony by Jim Oum, a Chinatown merchant Assistant District Attorney assei who had prosecuted the men produc ed a new witness in Llilie Wilson who swore she had seen the two men kill a She had been induced to give her tc i through a missionary Flortm OIIK another Chinatown resident also c-orrobative evldenc and swon Grace Mack waa not at the theater at the time of the shootlnpr' The only thing that oan prevent the execution on Monday is an application to Gov Glynn for executive clemencv and the district attorney would oppose that. HARVEY SEES PRESIDENT. Rumor Says Editor May Succeed Gerard as Envoy to Col George Harvey called upon the President at the White House Vi ednesday for the second time i i a month ith Fred Ijynch, Democratic Uional committeeman from Minnesota, he discussed the political situation and told the President that In his opinion the outlook for Democratic i i was excellent It was rumored here last mgbt that the President was consideiing the appointment of Col Harvey to succeed Ambassador Gerard at Beilin In case the latter Is elected to the Senate Col Harvey revealed after leaving the White House that while he never aRreed with the President's policy of not recognizing Huerta in Mexico, he thouKht fcubsequent events had made the President's program work out well letter from Richard former Secretary of State, to Col Harvey which Secretary Garrison read last in a speech at Springfield Mass, aa gone over at the conference Col Harvey has talked with Henry Watterson since the latter call on President recently and it was said that all the preelection unpleasantness had been Ironed out BUELESON'S 0. K. HEU) AMPLE President Will Not Write Letter Indorsing Roger Sullivan's Candidacy The President considers the indorse- ment given to the senatorial candid ot Roger Sullivan In Illinois by Postmaster General Burleson as sufficient, and will not write a letter indorsing Mr Sulhvin a8 he haa done in the cases of some other candidates That was stated yesterday authorltatlvelv Mr Burleson with the consent of the President said in a speech at Peoria, 111 recentlv that the administration was for Mr Sullivan The Secretary of Mate was opposed to nomination of Sullivan Chairman McCombs. of the Democratic national committee and tome other leaders have come out openly for him The President yesterday sent a letter Indorsing the senatorial candWacv of Rep- rSentatlve George A Meely, In Kansas CABXIN TELLS OF HIS WORK. Representative Addresses Enthusiastic Audience of Alexandria County Voters. Alexandria County Courthouse, a Oot 29--Representative Carlin, who is a candi date for reelection, addressed an enthusiastic audience here tonight He discussed among other matters of local Interest the proposed budge at i street northwest, to connect a i and Alexandria county and said he hoped to secure its erection He also told of his efforts lo put through Congress the bill providing for the Lincoln Memornl bi Idge Replvtn? to charges a by his opponents that he had been asleep at the switch when the bill was passed exclud ing nonresident pupils from Distru schools Representative Carlin produced Congressional Records to show a for five das he enfTasred in debitt 111 an ef fort to defeat the bill He is i astieallj cheered and his speech caused widespread comment "Merode" Underwear Broken Lots 25c and 39c You know the lowest regular pritv for the famous Hand-fin ished Ribbed "Merode" is 50c. Buy days a created broken lots--Women's "Merode' Vests, Pants, and Tigh(h are buuched at 25c and J9e, Children Lmon Suits are bunched at 39e See speeial sale tables in the -rear of the mam floor--facing street door. Superior Bunched at Note the famous Richelieu, Merode, and Athena Ineluded are Union Suits, Vests, Pants, Tights, Corset ers, and Sleeping Garments for girls, and bojs all sizes 111 one style or another--and all are autumn and winter eight ROOSEVELT ENDS HIS TOUR. Makes Half Dozen Speeches on His Way to Hamsburg, Where He Closed. Harrisburg Pa Oct 29 --Col. Roosevelt today completed his four days' cam paign tour of Pennsylvania in the inter- of candidates and returned home to Oyster Bay He spent the night at Huntingdon Pa and miflo half a dozen speeches while traveling to this i AMUSEMENTS. Halloween JJardin de Danse SCHOOLS AITD COLLEGES. WASHINGTON SCHOOLS. A 12th and FSU.N.W. Washington's Leading Business College Largest Gregg Shorthand School in Washington. Special class, 4 45 to 6 :00 p. m. Send for new catalogue. Special features for that eve Alfred Patton Gibbs and Miss Marguerite Kerwin Rafferty in their orignia-l exhibition "Dance of Love" souvenirs i reservations early .1 i DI' i a i i 4 to fi 50 I i tea ind I bup))er Dansante to 1 7 i i light i Dane i afternoon a i (except xxxxxxxxx Star! i I i i i Now STRAYER'S College mt Old MtMMc TwMl Day and NlfM Softool! INSntUGTlOX THE DE GUERIN School of Music NOW OPEN. iTio i st ft. ve. (Former Club ALL A I OP MI SIC. HAlI Mating 200 tor rent for rocluUs, a Studios tor tor trK-b)Df. VOICE CULTURE BJNGIVQ Production PU I a i i a i Phj slcal i i Eta jocU Dramatic Art, AT PREMIER ASSAILS CUMMINS. Election Would Be "Stab in the President's Back," He Tells Voters. Waterloo Iowa Oct. 29-- If you want to stab the President In the back 110 sharper knife than Cummins an 1-e found said the Secretary of Stati lierf today in a speech urging the defeat of Senator Cummins for reelection "No other member of the T'nlted States Senate has been as bitter in his attacks on the President as Senator i said the Secretary 'If the people of Iowa are not in a with the Prtsi dent of the Lmted States and a to make the next two jears of his term bar ren of remedial measures they i vote for Senator Cummins The Secretary said that no orcupint of the White House worked harder nor accomplished more than the President The Democratic administration has laid the foundation for universal peace in treaties signed by 30 a i and indorsed In principle victuallv evei a i of the world," he said Had Furope Riven one week In which to deliberate there would have been no war only th enter In a offering csclo American and foreign stars of the first rank a i 75r, 1 OO, $1.50 7 KEYS TO A A A 1H.ST PL.AY E. A i. A3TOK THr.ATKK CO. Mrs. Emily Freeh Barnes 3C I St or PJlooe 373 BERLITZ A ITALIAN 5F-SEATS SELLING A I A In the StncittNul Fjrco Dowdy Sucn of Su Countries A A PRESIDENT Best Method Day and i ut ina. At School or Hos Classen and Private SCHOOL 14th Phone Main S3JT. a FormlmK Boston Symphony Orchestra Dr. Knrl Murk. onduror. TI K.SDA'i 3 Theater, 4 30 Solointi 1'aMquale Amato. Seatn on xale at Droop's, 1.1th and A i of a In Brrou i a i slona A bu mon ree I age 1 let A I TON S( IIOOL Of A I 1 A tt r'or t- a fr- a 1 COURSE OF CONCERTS BY World Renowned Artists rrltln'H. 3O. Uer. 4, Jan. Feb. 12. Mirll O. 1 I THEATEB, 4i3O. Mme. Schumann-Heink Mme. Louise Homer Josef Hofmann Amato Sassoli Alma Gluck Zimbalist i SI on sate at Dr no 3 an1 (, nc a i NATIONAL UNIVERSITY LAW SCHOOL Apply After P. M. At National Law School Bldg, gm i.itb -n. Columbia Kindergarten Training School. Address 2115 California Avenue. ST MARGARET'S BOARDING ANB DAY SCH3J. I I A UFPAR1 Olrla nlmlttix) to rornt and bo i to day jchrxil Ac. MIS Fa I I I and BJUCEB 2115 I form a st ocl EMERSON INSTITUTE Affiliated Wlli ARMY AND NAVY CHANGES OF THE DAY. ARMY OUTERS. volvlng Mr Vare Penrose haa denied It, and the charge has not been repeated since Mr Vare rose on the floor of the house and denounced the story an an absolute lie so far as It referred to him personallj There are manj undercurrents In the fights here--purposes and motives refined to the last degree There are old feuds I in thp Republican party and in the Dem- ocratlc partj The Progressives claim thej were sold out" by "Bill" Li when he took William Draper Lewis off the ticket to make a deal with McCormick. the Democratic candidate Roosevelt haa devoted four times aa much attention to this State as to any other It ia here' that the fate of the Republican party ma be decided Roosevelt wants to eliminate Penrose. 10 that It can be said the old leadership has been rooted out and the way made clear for a reunion There are Interesting: personalities and Isaue-t in other States, but Pennsylvania, with Penrose and Brumbaugh. Roosevelt and Pmehot. Palmer and McCormick fighting for masfery. haa become the principal national battleground. Lraves of absence Capt RITTFK HOUSE Sixth ong month First Lieut ROBFRT J-LETCHEH, Jr Eighth In fantry months CHpt JAMES KKMPKR Eleventh i a ordered to Fort A Russell Wyo for Uropo rary duty Capt PEYTON CUARK. Infantry to Sixth In. fantr First Lieut CLARENCE L. STI'RDBVANT corps of engineers ordered to Pittsburgh Pa for lut First Lieut RICHARD I corps of ordered to New York i for First Lieut LOLIS A A medical ra(erve corps relieved from duty at Jarkson barracks La and from active duty In medical corps com Movements of Naval Vessels Sailed MacJonouEh anO 4 from New York for New London Mars from Norfolk for Cristobal Hector from Hampton Roads for Crla total eland from San Diego for San Fran claco Btandlih from Annapolis for Baltimore Peoria and Wftban from Kty lor Charleston Beale Janrls Jenkins and Cafisln from Lynn haven Roads for Vorfo Fanning. Burrows Cmssin, McDougal Dravton McCall Pat and Trippe from Norfolk for Lynnhavea Roarta Balnbrl from Jnlo Zamboanca Arlved Dliie at Hampton Roads Oalvebton at Manila Wheeling at Hrckland Bealc Jarvis. Jen km-" and Cassln at Norfolk Fanning Burow, Casein McDougal Dray ton McCall Patterson and Trippe at Lynnhaven Roada. The commander torpedo flotilla Atlantic fleet has hoisted hia pennant on board the Dixie NAVAL OEDERS. Uetlt (Junior grade McCAl L.FT detached command Dafnbrldge to to a a i ordfri Lieut, (junior grade) MAX 13 Dt MOTT missioned from 5 1914 Lieut (Junior dra.lf) RAGLTT commit stoned from June fi 1914 Lieut (Junior A SUNGLUFF from June 11H Lieut, junl grade) A LLCAS cammls slonad from June 5 1914 Ensign JVPP to Ensign MELEVDY, detached Glacier to San Diego Ensign A detached receding ship at San Francisco to Gla ler Medical Director GATES rrom October 27 1914 Surgeon commissioned October T. 1914. A Paymaster hMCe to Olvmola Carpenter A 1 26 1914 to Francisco Carpenter fr A SAAR 23 1914 to temporary 31 Carpenter FABER appointed from Oo ober 2o 1914 to temporary duty St. Tarpentpr DORLS appointed from Oe tober 26 1914 to Asiatic ntatlon Carpenter PRK1 aupoloted from October 26 1914 to Asiatic station Carpenter A MGHTIVGAI appointed from October at Vor'u Carpenter WHITNEY appointed from to temporar receiving a i Comdr HOLDEV cornmtesioned fr 1914 Lieut Comdr L. ALLACR commissioned from Julr 1 1914 Lieut Oomdr K. CAGE, to itatlon, OJongapo. commissioned from CLARK, detached Talla appointed from October appoiD'ed from October A Tomorrow a 2S. MISS MARIE TEMPEST Supported by Mr Graham Br anil her Enf- llch comi anv from the Playhouse London TONIGHT A ae Br And All Week UOM MrSI Arthur jMn NEXT WEEK-SEATS NOW I I I I I I I IOTT The Love btorv 1.ninth In Kvery "KIT FY MACK AY" ntherlne- hlxhalm uxhlns: One the York. Illuotrated Travel Tour Prince Sarath fihosh In Kull a i ReKalla. hectare on The Marvels of India Day School. Night School. for Al 1 and Unlrenltln. Government Examinationa. Student. Can Fnro' al Any TIT Address PrlnclpaU 1740 St. WOOD'S COMMERCIAL SCHOOL, til EAST A I ST I UNC. A 1 i I I 1 STENOT1PT I I i A poital i brlug to you our new 1 a a put Next Sunday at 25c--SI I BUSINESS CIVIL SERVICE 1100 1SBW YORK A JULIAN ELTI IN The Crinoline Sirl" IJ14 to temporary receiving snip 1914 at Boston Carpenter BARRIVGER appoint, I from October 26 1914 to temporary receiving ship at Boston Carpenter GIRAHDFT appoi Ucd om Oc tober 26 11.1 to temporary duty i ahip a 1 Philadelphia Carpenter WHEELFR appointed 'ion October 26, 1914 to temporary duty receiving a i at Philadelphia Carpenter DANIEL OAMPBLLL appointed f-otn to temporary duty receiving ship Philadelphia. WEEK- Seats Now Selling A new Amerl an play of rllal In prest A With CtirrHil Mary Skn Luifa CoMcr Wn I Mack BY A I FOitl) A If EY ') Hit I I I I Al a i tlon aT 1 omp i the i harmon i i i a i i I a i rj 01 moderate a i tich a 1 i a a a a i i ar Gram tl- Ph Mam WASHIXC.TON tlUSINP-'ij A CIVIL I SCHOOL. IH7 AVE. PHONK A I Prud'bonme l.aujijaKC* Gclioa I a or prH.t. A I nw Ph a i 1 th AMTTSEMENTS. Twice St 2 iS The a i WHEN WE WERE TWENTY-ONE KFITM'C Mll1 "5 A us sun a a i 2 Hhonea Main 44K4 and 44N. 25c 2Sr to 91. Buds PeK i 4r II 4.0KLK I Moore Auatlnr Dalnt Varle NextWesk-BENWEITA CROSX4M CO. Ni-M'SPAPFRl I G1RI.S, i MATT 1 Si re 1 Matjnea Eierr Di; NEXT THE GYPSY MAILI3." mornings or at nlghtb Box 411 A 12th Bt nw 31 OOK Rl 2124 st nw Phono West S30 I i 20 f-t or apt --Bv neat olored i A a ri or or 304 1- Apt 2--Front room I I I Jflrf 1 i gond A I red Ishev i i a fa i hrpe xears ihop eipe lence flrst class i a i i llf4 21st st nw I 1 years expi rl WORK In Jtro er t-t re or help on express-- Ry pi tin or liou and launcliv-- i hnnd 1 i i i 1113 "Hh Bt nw 10 v-si-tfM IT renablo co man 1146 8th st 30 P. M.nll, A ptjAYFR i Park nf any i By colored man fs a i reliable colored girl mis 29 4 0 I -9 1 1 colored woman first claf-P a t-t nw 0( tl nw Pt T-i( a fr i only home comforts reason- 24 IS ST Ija a Tor ora two men J9 nnrt ironln bv the 1M i a CARPET 46 0 condition Ph 2SJ tn ITVrTCI.OPEDl-V Brt a a-- en ee i i ed til Btate a i a a t71b --r nw 3 L.AW ROOK-- a Pe na Prjpe-- must bo Sth st nw I "44 to for small Job fine on paster lea refs 30 WILL i lesirln methoi! I rue ion HORSF for I KER--Kxperlenced refs 209 14th I t- tt i--EJv experienced man ti i i i Bn ifflie ORb. of colored man 1321 Onr neat colored preferred than wages best refs 2516 Mozart pi colored at me fflce 1 0 i "3 hich tchool student refs. 2100 work--By neat co ored girl 620 Moi A I conking--Wageb fO to $25 1325 9th si st nw "50 apartment or housework--By girl J13 a W0( flrst cU -fss I 05 10th Bt nw 29 to taKe home--By flrst (lass 3I --( jrafortable fur rooms 1 30 i I ISM 1 front room I To a room southern I 1 -9 31-1 30 i i-T NTA --I arRC a ro attrac- ino 1 ST -Ijirge fur front i JIOIIKP a i ephonp 23 fn flo a a sets 3U yi i fur rooms to AM- --Large second floor nia pfr 29 136 i I a I rn iter ii ream a rates JMf ro in i looms '7 ST NF Apt 1--Nl a hc-i' near 1 ni in a i nd floor ro rn 32 ok 30 after school--By Howard student refs A work--B respet table colored icirl Iol2 I sw ip Bt 30 st cook or work In sma 1 a i 1009 19th WOK tJ i a rt or at 29 110 1 TH --Tw epant fur sac ond I I IN TV i i i i i i n'' Large I ii pap. red or 30 By trucks 'or Or SHOW TAsF--Gor 1 1 ok able Bos 10 The ns la e' 1 zt a a i i i i a i i I i 1 -e- 1 1 i sw 10 of anv so strong willing 5 work refs 10 21st si nw Apt 7 p'j Mna a regpec able Edert Congress i SO 1M rk a or to take Home I woman 1OT Id sw 30 In Tamllv to learn FnRllsh--Bv younc i i 2o1 ave nw i IH small wages 614 st nw rnl i i i 2 Tn a i i hra pd riMjms southern expoturo i a 30 1 Ih r. 111 1 1 also other lom 30 TJSE of i a par 119 Md a ne hotses 2 a i i experience prr i rc-f renccs go anv where iw any kind--By young colored man 113 Sf 29 111 ardinp; hotise or apartment--B a I)l)( TOR or i tfllce--Bj neat respectab i a strl a at nw 10 I I and at home S9 3t 29 POSITION In doot office or dmr store--By st of any kind and any a i i Ml 1 Maitland Hen nw 10 era I i 29 I 1 1- VT NI- I- i room in new modern lilt i serllon JO TH1- I)c 4 1- a Ap II.TH -T A 4 I n.rel, 1 a ph ne ll fur a a In well ki pt apt two gentle ire tn the day or a I at me me i or i i i i 1314 ST eN furnished rooms for 4 0 5 nw" Unme 1 a i 29 I I I in refs 2017 4th li! A i a or entertain convalescent -W man 6 to 10 30 gi and teaht.r Phoue th. I'll st nw MIRROR--Sultab'e fo-- bathro tr -n 3 12th nw 30 BI L.L be hear ITe rle-k In shoe ore--By i of anv kind--By olm man 24 years -lti i 29 TJRI SSM I R--Work by the day reasonable 737 S040 SFWING nv the day--T3y young colored woman Pt I I 1- an I I IB ro for 's ex len care a i i en 1010 I th nw 1 vears last place reTs 30 '17 31 lan rk arounct store WORK--BT young man 20 Tears old white V. SOj llith st nw 30 rk by the half day. out or a home 9 ref 1JI-) st 30 ROOMS FOR RENT I I I 93. bedroom reasonah 91-i a nl i 320 1F ST NF --Pur r-omii board room toiithe-n i i room i a 10 week other ro a i 91 -ur room second flo 1S31 --Twn on i i a nil 1 a i a keil house and a sou hern hoi 'i a "9 ttORK Bv md-n IS knowledge of stems? i 4S46 and chi dren Bcwlng at home -3 ST --Fur roo winn a TIM I I a Apt 101 OI. RO SI I and street 3203 a i nice home next to a a i (10 3) I I tK.ard Phon, exposure a a near two car er Col 976 31 A a i no w. an ipt hea ma'e I Phi 1 A (jerat in a a i he a 23 i GL.OVF-- 2 but ann i han 1 1t9 st -w fa 1 i quaJiy. re 1 man pr ate family 8" colored boy private a n- 10, rtrhv ai I 631 I it sw DH In a i a man 1 st ne 29 I young colored woman 1650 Fla a nw 29 A I and repair -work at home 1 01 -i se 31) dav or colored dressmaker Sth st VKING-r-strent and ejrenlng diesacs i ea 1214 I SI Apt 11-Fur rooms he-it I room private a i T. fur se flo, J.ot gentlemen otilv 10 J0 om ul gen 1 mini bath lie it and "1 ST i dMiK 'irl al rorv--HO A at, nw i on or on table-By hoy 32U3 nw phone i a jjjf atn inwC aSS Col 0r9ed single I at 11 nv a or 1) i i i ro in southern eipofure i i VT room 30 to 4 7 A NVA a 1 en i i i I ate-- 1 en RK-Br 1-, man private a i rets a or i a i In or out I -I en .1 ne 29 29s II I a dressei and roat Butts out I nf anv klnil--B) experienced dressmaker THL ri 11-TON lon a 1 1710 10th i-t nw 29 I bacho'or a a huh Ap iiv to a i I OS TH --Wei 1 heated gentlemen fort ible ro im i 10 I In theater at i man bv duv or week or a sewins home one 1 unirng -806 I'iTH NVA xceptleinally clean double S10 I ST NW I room THI- I ApL 61 room ger floor 9 "i I I I Sea i i a 5tri IK fi le 12th nw ed 34tl I ill nw a si sh jr counterman--ly young YOL NG In nt ed of otl norm wishes ma i I I nw DRI A I and family sew: i oB 0 SI I young woman, can cut and nt 1006 nQ i ro(m a )n Ing 50 (, re Librarj and a i near I a or brats wide 5 1 115 Phone rth I NOL.RAPHLR and tv rewrltc-r--Threcv yeirs tlou as companion or tutor In a a i DRI -SM I ut and nt perfect out by day i a PabIe and cneigetic MO 'kTpt iiFcly fiir Box 49 this office ive-ck reasonable 719 5lh fit ne 29 H19 Park rd 30 1 I Gain no a ol oar" nw mu be a i 'or ca 10 29 10l Nc, man -nants position as walu Apply 2010 1 A renindelln of all kinds--By ST? MH, II I ind a Hj a i i i I vt nv. 11 lies a F'a a nw 23 "1 fi int and a rooms butincss In a edit Ph a i 40tt 30 "(M) A I I I I Su fe i or 2 11t4 ir Bl ti3 1 ak In Phone me size na a er av I 11 i i tr or rn r--Co ored 2S05 i 29 I 1 mail C2d st 29 i NG MKh srho il graduate 4 pars i I- i market or shop terms ST A ard i i done at home gent em 11 lo IIP paper i inagaHiit woi dcslr.3 a to rtl-. i i 11 IS 1" st rens mab 1 Jiw vp a i rooms 1 al I 60S -id si 11W 10 i i I or washlnc to do ho no ST1-XO(, I 1 1 R--By Hlch a a I Ph lie i H60 i i 10 I I 3 net. sta 9 i Apt 30 4 i parr be ip BI (A i Le gi 1 't i YOt of i a i i i de-Ires oosl Bin ill fj.milj refs 1th st ur peimanent licensed refs tl as a a i apartment and office. SS A I dav work Phone North 7130 ird i ro ms uv 111 ST large ro 1 ST a a i and i a a i se on fl tor front room breakfast a a 1 10 c-r NW Fli-s flo tbri m- i uares i an 1 fflre ni roll floor room TO a fur use of a i a a rn 10TI1 ini heal i us hot a bright and 30 't ST roon 8 floor con r-letc a t.O FRO( A of 1S61 to size ab 'S Phoie -3 i 1 1 i' mew 40 IfihQ 314 I lea be ea i a I 9 1 HI I 1 LI Tiin 1 por'er or be Iman By 1 rn in refs i 9th nw 10 I I I 1 hboai operate or a i on meal Phone irth 2I92 29 week if no i i Phone 1411 limited experlenco In office Phone Mam 2'JO ST I I OH i omb i on 29 i a i Phttne uml la 616 30 STH ST Uirge well a cm In i a a next to bath for a a 10 19 PA AVI fu'- fr ro. beat lijrM gas i enlences 334 14TH ST TV or i rooms en aMc for 1 Ac Apt 2 Tl ree roome ba 1 tna i rte-- a i youtiK lan of good Ad Ire ober refs 11-3 30 SITUATIONS WANTED--FEMALE TMT A I I c-av work Phone 6V72 A I f- work 176s I-Ia ave nw nuisc-- Russian tpeaks al 9 a of i a i 'adv or i a doe tor office J23 Ga ave nvv 6 ST --I arge front rooms steam beat 1119 ST NVA- a i and i rooms and board I I i an i id a 10 NW a a heated irn i home el'pi tab Rood grrt le i en FN tl fl-PT i me nr ft a a do all Jones 218 st nw 29 Fl a -e a 11 cut be in i id or 1 i i 9 20 A ha 1 j'-pe gJOil a a 1 --t ne I doo'- a a i 1 a By flr-H clas. -wtilta nl man nil I me a i i I re f-, si nw 29 I 1 1 Ftr 304 St. nw A I a 1 4 tt price 1 1 "9 FI I I PT a a Dv good hsnl crs. lutn dress butlers LADIES' A 807 Vt ave au9 A Rh colored woman would i 2 or I I I around hollhe or nurse 2fT st nw 29 to care for an I laundry to bring ot)1ortd a refs 507 21st st nw 2fl BA HI- IOR apt to least or lad washing to a take home 17.,, John it heck 2 Ana 2 8 rf i reflmd white -woman I a pi ne Apt 1 ed i and look after children--By colored R1TFH am, scneial offlre --By i 2111 'itti st nw 29 vi man cxperlented learning shorthand I si 30 I and offlre work Hy 2 a course Buslnets Hich bchuol 667 st IIOl. SPi I A and Jroiifng home A I i 1012 Ft nw 29 or out 472 School st HOtTSK Ll A I and window washing i -t nw 29 WA.TTRT^S maid" or plain cook" IIf)l 1 I or any i of work--By woman ins and 6lh st nw a i i of i 621 2d st ne 29 WAJTRCfaS hnusewurk 810 HH SI KF1-PFR 01 companion Reliable wld nw 29 understands children refa Apt 3 411 21) "-1 fur i rot ms 1 heat and ga near upito! and Llhrarj SO 1402 Ij JM ro 3in i i a bath I20 4 XT i cl southern exposure suitable for gen- a a a room a i 30 I I I i vciuns; a motion pictures or ihmg by d-lj a i 2 0' "i avt nw JO a i i 31 1 man 324 6th I or dishwasher-- By neat s.t sw HA I KM AID and waitress--By colored i I Ft ha i i a cash i I Alger a 1) I BI bra Pa av- A seat lu'Dpe'T A to od le i a "9 a 91" 1 -ale i A I i 2 I He reft. James Breen 1411 A A I waitress--By reat colored refs I 1 st nw 30 II I a a i 2116 9th st nw 1' SI It) a i col rod i om i i a Ford Relee Post fflcr Va 10 I)--Sewing to do I private am Hies by the r'ay Boy I i office to a 1 By colored worn nw 29 I SI woman inall a i 10 HOT Sr fn i a or care for a i elcn aol 1220 Duncan ne GO HOI OP nursing children--Bv worn in "th st qw 30 I i 2J3S 29 I lo a i (ron or out by Is 30 )ii Pkeepor and cmk or ba helor preft rred fond of i 11 dren 44 (hi-- Hi A ttrl acf'lrr- 1 a i i Green a po at ed best of I 'o Rood order soot ash II 1 rt nl Hat an t. 29 29 i coin nw colored glr! 44o to CH A 01 housework--Bj i i 1416 1 th i '-m-ll a chambermaid work I apartment a i a i cook--Bj 0)0red a 1108 st nw 1 1 i i flflr-e--B on Ipe HOI sma 1 fair, neat respect i 1 i Bi iwu 1016 st nw ahle rf woman 1131 9th tA. nw PH I muse or plain cook--By i I 1 I reliable (Olored girl J420 4J a nw 1 A MM PI A Vt i 1 re for use of 3 ne man ref a I'M 3 29 "i4 i i colored girl -first ass 1 'I 13 fit 30 I A i a i evenings--By voung woman or i irse HOT no a i refs as to i 0 0 sf 1 NT rli I ST Nice i ne Liu 8-0 6047--1 moms in i a a and -t 30 fur rooms ST LiHrce clean rooms second and i fl rs re as in ab 31 1430 I A AVF frc nt room, 3-- in nd a nt ro 23 1C11 bat 1 1 i i i i Apt 2fi 8446 31 a comfortable rooms $2 per ha 1 hou ol T16 Ft i I Il JT- rooms steam heat; 4 1 week 6TH ti il a i 611 1 i oms 1 ff 6 i from ucw I office and a Vlean" neighborhood. 30 1 i I I 227 111H sT t-tt nlcelv ro i fort able fur room next 29 1 a a lighted car 39 30 fell ei a and nicely fur rooms Lftrge serond storT room heat ST NV, -Large rt om I ro for a SI di an 1 rt a CL.I-VF* I A 427 1 ms I ru-n hot a heat btst suburb Clia 11- 10 11311 lu3 1- "iPITOI, Two rooms on second floor or ul IP i i a i i of ad i 30 2f 4TH ST NW i ra an qui bright far na; a i flKir $10 10 I ST fur rum i a heat $10 man 0 1 9 i st i Pa xr pt i i i om a I i i a i $10 30 1 14S I i xm fl ior ol irrTila 4RI 4 30 21ST ll I i rooms i a 1 30 7 ST heat floor Bteam 30 j(. 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