The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1934
Page 6
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V PAGE SIX Win Makes 1934 Eclilion Fiisl Undefeated Team In School Hislory The 1034 canion at Hie Jilylhevllle last Time Today Mat. 2:30, Nile G:<15— 10-,'tfic CI5 1EDERER Musical Short— - "Holly«ofld J!v(hni" With Lydit Rohcrli, .lack H«l I>c»«y and A All fliar.Cnst. Also il—"Oir (he Hal" Wi(h iMorton Downey Saturday Only Matinee 2:30— lOc - 2oc W. C. KIKI,DS.iin.l BADY . I.K 110 V in • IT'S A GIFT Cartoon Toinmv With Noah. Hen-y, ,| r .' Sunday - Monday MATINEE & N1TE—l«c-35r •"•***^-~—• • (•STARRED \ JOHn BOlfi R K O KADIO taura jull. ATWItt «t(Uy ft Crtwi Ho, don - In the history of the school to finish n full season undefeated and untied.w'lim tlic Mnroon and While team ek'ed out a 1 to u victory over a surprisingly mmiig Me.wlrk high eleven of Memphis ni Haley Field yesterday. The showing of the Memphis eleven was not so unexpected considering Us record hut lo 'the rank "•HI flic of fans who hnve generally considered Ccnlrul and Tech tis tlic elnss year In mid year out of Memphis the visitors' stand was unusual. Hlnrkwll Scares 'faaelnSnvn As It «n« tile Chlcknsnws facing «• veteran, henvy nnd powerful squad, miidc football history for nly- thcville high when Hlackwcll, left end, outflanked the Messlek secondary and took a 22 yard heave from Mosley to race 18 ynrds for the only, touchdown of (he game in 111" wpiid quarter. Snllba place klck- • d for 'the extra point. A •forwfird-lfilfrii! combination lint clicked benullfully from'deep Hi Mcsslck 1 ;! own territory Jn lln> second half threw a scare Into the niythevllle Inns Ijcforo they renllis- fl that smith, slerlliu; little Mes- slek fullback, who rneed CO ynrds o» (!ie ptay over niyliieville's gonl jne, had stepped out of lx>iu)ds bc- 'ore going more than 15 yards It \va s n psrfcctly executed play, the prelllest of the any. Price stnrllnir os if to circle his own right end; throwing a short forward to P.irfe- »r who. In turn Heaved a lateral to Smith who took it on the dead Maynard, an All-Memphis selection, stood out at rl«ht etict for Messlck In n heavy nil-senior for- vyrml wan i) int gave the Chlc-kasnw line as tough a workout as H had run Into all season. Smith sparkled ns the best offensive Ihreat 'of the visitors. Mosley Rottled TJji An nlcrt Memphis nn e |«>,)f Mos . ley, Chick running ace, bottled up "II afternoon, a Heavy, slippery Held also nlnyliiff a part In slowing up Ihc Chick quarterback, nlnckwcll and Tiptow; Chick en-Js, turned in good (jnnics. Pltrlle, chick center Ploying his last en uiE for the MJI-' f«, tt ", Rml A y llUo ' B[IVC " slcllw (ic - icnslvc performance. Undxey u-ork- «l his specialty of knifing through und throwing, a back for a ulg loss ( ami Murray Harris, alternate tackle, also playing his Inst gnme, did n good job of defensive work. Crnl" tacked up tho line sturdily nnd Uinsforci -played hl.s consistent name at guard. The two teams counted Die sumo number of first downs, seven. Messick counted'four In the first hnlf to three for nlytlicvlllc, Blyllicvl'llc outiushcd khe vlsllors by a slim mnrg^i hut gnfnocf far more bv Basses nnd w ns fnr more ill completing p nss os than Messlcfc ''lay in Mfsrlrk Territory Tlic.ball was In AJe.ssIck terrl- ory nnd mldfleld during most' of Inn game. The visitors were, threatening n s the same ended. bavins moved |i,| 0 ulyllicvHIc territory but n Memphis eiirt stumbled : as lie caught a pass and fell lo the 'ground on t he (hint play of the gnme. Conch. Hank Smith of Mcsslck lind sent his injured bnekflold nee Klik«y, fullbnck. Into tlie game in n oespcrnlc efforl to ivin-about two minutes before the final whistle ': Mcsslck sinned ns If it I,,IO)H score early. Parker intercepted" n Heavy by Mosley on the Chicks' 35 ynrd line after an exchnnge of imnls. -He raced It back to the as Paramount News Rding Musical- Southern Stvle" Smith . n in one try to the yard line. The Chick forwards repulsed two attempts and then two successive passes fell' Incomplete over tiie filythevllle goal line. 'Jlie Chicks went into possession of the bull on tlielr 20 ynrd line nnd Mrsslck never again penetrated as dchp Into BlylhevJIle territory. Mc.sslck took aitvnntage of a good j-eak when Parker punted from deep in Ms own territory In the second half aiul the bull only went out to Mcsslck's 30 yard line but tlic vlslior.s recovered Hie ball on n fumble. Pass Interference Killed Interference on nn nUompU-d pass set the stage for the Chicks' touchdown drive.- Mosley heaved from iibimi the lllythevlllc 40 yard line lo 'i'lpton who went up nmung three. Memphis players for the ball and missed It. One Messlek player grabbed ilpion by the shoulders as he jumped and dragged him down. Interference was called and lilyllievllle got the ball on Mr-s slck's 31} yard line. Two line plays gained four ynrds nnd- then • Mosley .stepped back and shot UK; slippery ball to lilackuell who grabbed tlic ball H ynrds down Die deld nud scampsred 18 ynrds for a touchdown. Blytlievlllc hnd Lhe ball on Its own 20 ynrd line as the hnlf aided. The second hnlf was mostly a punllng duel with Moslcy improving steadily wliUe Parker,- who started with long boots, began to weaken. Messlek worked Its forwnrd- ntornl touchdown combination in lie third quarter but Smith ivas trending too close to the sidelines and his long run was practically nullified although he did e ct n llrst down out of It. A 15 yard penalty set the visitors back on their heels [L , the oiirth quarter opened after they had advanced to Dlylhcvlllc's 4H ynrd line. niytlievlllc marched steadily down the neld to Mcs- slck's 2B yard line before Moa'ey was caught, 15 ynrds behind the line or scrlinnmgc attciii P ti,, e lo pa «. He kicked over the gonl line nnd when lilytheville again got the ball Moslcy pnssetl from Messlck's 33 ynrd line to nlackwcll w ho was «op,jcd on Mc-wlck's IS yard line, file touchdown possibility was thwarted when Locke fumbled after taking n pass and Messlck recovered on its own 15 ynrd Jlne SLlynari) Hccovcrs Kuinh| c Messlek got n break that »nvc it start on l| s last quarter touch- lown threat when Maynard rccov- ffl-ed a-fumble by Craig of Blyltie- "Hc In niidfleld. GrmiHiam picked « p 4 yim ls for Mess ck.but a pass w lls incomplets on he next. pl lly ; '-jcirVsey, Mes- slck's ' Injured backfleld star en "'-' the game and n n,, e ' ,,,„,, two ynrds. on fourth down FARMERS BANK & TRUST CO. INSURANCE PEPT. a flrst down on lilv'tlievllle's"^ ynrd line. With time left for one more play Price heaved ngaln, this time lo Smith bin one of the latter's own men and a ulylliovllle man 'we. In front of him nnd he stumbled lo the ground ns tlie game ended Tlie lineups: niythevllte |>os. ... I.E ... LT ... Ul ... C ... HO .. HT ... RK ... QR ... LII ... H H _ „... „ Pn Parker Summary; Scoring loiichdowns- l-or Hlytheville, .lilackwell <p.,^ from Moslcy). polw after loncli- •'" -Snllbn (place kick, Moslcy ! K bull|, I'tor Mcsslck, noiie. Rnydcr KuiMfonl I'nrlle (c) Llnd.scy .. Walker Tlplon .' Mosley .... Grnlg Locke Halloa .. Messlek .' Maynartl Rohannlii" ...*; Cok; Wliltworth : Pelts ... IliLwell .'Price rci '.'•.. Smith Grnnthani of MemphisT- " _*. Sliawnoc fiulians Swamp l?u]f('|(w.s 01' Wilson, 43-7 WILSON, Ark.-Ulsplaylng a fast bieaknig oll'ense Rhawjiec's Indlaiu swnmiied Wilson's Bulldogs under a decisive 43 lo 1 score here yes- leidny afternoon. Tlic grime wns played before n good crowd. Tiie visitors were somewhat henv- Icr than the local team but they played one of tiitlr finest names of the season In brewing through .the local aggregation. Wilson depended principally on liasscs but coiilii • not make their ni-rinl attack click, wenlhcr conditions proving Komethliia of a hnn- dicap. scored the only Wilson when he made a spark- Nullify Big Gains MWOIIA. Ark^Tiixora and Os-l""'' Th «"« ore '*« 7 Vo'T ceoln .battled to a scoreless dr-iw' K(lllllett scol ' c 'l early in (he fn their annual Thanksgiving Day Ef? c ' followi "K up a return of a Same here yesterday on a Held ?. lckofr for a touchdown, nullified « ,l.,? CJ ."'!' y , f01 ' yw.^e. v.-Ith n """" ' " a „ . ' • ••—-•-", tfc.nvouy juj ' Ornnilinin. oitlclnls— Ucfeice M C' I Blackburn (Hcmlrlx); umpire.,-jess K.jcrdi, (Alabama); hiptfllncsmnn, nick Potter; new judge, John Holland. Time of quarters—12 in utes. Football Results Coltefte Arkansas V. Tuba 7 (lie)'. Ulake, Lynch and Mulllns stood otil for Wilson while the entire Slmwnse eleven played gontl ball. Tlie Mxington a"mTsaratoga airplane carriers each carry 70 ' ! Tiie uig.'ey cc.rrles only 30. Has Scoring Chances But Fumbles Timer's Pistol A'lisscis Pirn So '"'Score 5 ' Is Lost ~ CARUTIfEIiSVILLB, Mo.-Ken- nctt's Indians defeated the Car- ullicrsvlllc Tigers by the margin of a point, after touchdown in n nurd fought, game Thanksgiving When he attempted to fire the c-m but before he could hurry to ill referee and notify the orfiell Uiat the half was over CaruUterl vllle's center had snapped the to rtsher and a touchdown pal had resulted. .Bedlam broke loo.! vlien It mis discovered that til score was not a score but off! clals . mJed th.-it the toiiehdov.1 came after the half liad ended IN 'WARNING OUI1ER THE CHANCERY COUnl made slippery by rain. Each team had several scoring opportunities but failed to take advantage of them, fumbles at filalj moments upsetting more 1 . , . 55-yard run by pHiinlcy for touchdown plunged for the Carinhei-svlilc counted. Melmrg extra polnl scored in ,,. , — • n.,><*(.ti ,ii LJ ]i third quarter when K. Ashcr piss Osccnln in ccl to James Nlckens for K Ihnn one drive. Luxora outgalned Osccnln in ucl "' Jr| mcs Nlckens for K ynids flrst downs, registering about A l )lll "E« ro1 ' Hie extra point fail- twice ns mnny as the Semlnole.s, al ' g "^r c 'L"? akln 8 si " »' '"I. I Considerable excitement wns CHICKASAWBA DISTR1C MISSISSIPPI.-. -COUNTY Al KANSAS. Sybil Eoterts, Plaintiff, No 5840 vs. J C Roberts, Defendant Ilit. defendant, J. C. Roberts I vinrncd to appear within ihirj the dnys In [he court nnmed In (1 caption hereof and answer tt complaint of (|,e plaintiff, Sylj this lOtli iliij' of Novenj Seal, Scolt and Permenter ; play- d good offensively r (J1 - Luxora wlille Oclom at end turned In n aood defensive gnme. Segraves, Osceola quarterback as the outstanding star of - 1 - visltlng eleven. ' created as the first half ended by a "touchdown", scored uflcr the linlf- ended.' ' Timekeeper Thnron Slnlllngs ot i Sikeston pulled U.e liigger to hist °"" four times but thc"nDl(,tol -1934 R. L. OAINES, Clerkj ' By Elliott Sarlain, D rilollnnil & nurhain, AHcil-iieys. .10-7-14-j C ° II<!8C ' 2 ' Ark!insns Ounchltn i, Henderson 0 Magnollo A. and M .'V Monticello A. ami M. s. Phone 777 *t N'Kht-Sunday-Anyllme *or <Julrk »nd Dependable Wrecker Service Phillips Motor Co. ROXY Friday & Saturday Malmec * Night—10c'-' 23c| JOHN iYNt No >w I.ocatril al 101 North Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DOW EDWARDS, Proprietor ill ""taoln^nriPnwiterjAadta, .M.chlw, »nd Calcohtor, Repalrinr—Paris—B ibbohs Serial—Last Episode of "The Wolf DOR" With Kin Tin Tin, Jr. Cnrlnon Sunday - Monday Levee Tax Payers 111. - II _ r » . The Present L« w Authorizes the Payment of All Levee Taxes WW DELINQUENT Without Penalty or Merest BUT that the Regular. 25% Penalty 'be Extended AM Levee Tax* Winch Are Returned Delln^ent for This Year (1934). The Tax Book Is Due to Close DECEMBER 1st, 1934 Mrs. Lyn P. Gooch, Collector rt House (Nov. 26th to Nov. 30th) Blytheville, Ark. ItTookdCo-ed.J lo moke o man oul of thls| spoiled college boyl. ,. she! taught Mm o letson ...and he| wanled lo leorn more. • I s& v ^ ; 1^..* ^di 'TOM BROWN. "^ ANITA LOUISE Roscoo Ales Comedy Novelty Reel— "Slars of 1035" ,: ., , . "• """ «-*'« '.^t""iv| f .!'L^ nre. The ball was deaa I Read Courier News Want Illllllllll! 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