The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 8, 1932 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, November 8, 1932
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Served United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER MWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOBTMA 81' ARKANSAS^ BODTmABTMfflaSSll ' ' ^ •*-* T T *-< VOL. XXIX—NO. 200 Blythevllle Dally News. Blylhevllte Herald. Mississippi Val>y Leader. BKlheville Courier. ni.YTlIRVtl.l.R. ARKANSAS. TUESDAY, NOVKMIJRK 8, 10!52 HOMEEBniON SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS ROOSEVELT LEADS IN SCATTERED RETURNS Bomb Attempt on Hoover Train Foiled ROUTS PAIR Watchman Wounded in Fight With Men at Nevada Rail Trestle. ELKO. Nev., Nov. 8. (UP)Hri the rough sparsely settled country near Palisades, Nev., authorities today sought two men who were believed to have planned to dynamite a Southern Pacific trestle a short time before the special train bearing President Hoover passed over the bridge. P. E. Pish, special railroad guard posted at the trestle, reported tnat the men fled when he engaged them in a gun battle in which he received a flesh wound in the hand. He found 22 sticks -of dynamite after tha men escaped, he said. One of the men Fish said he believed was a negro. In the brief fight .with them he reported one struck at,him with a kiiife, slashing his clothing,'while the other in- Ilicted a bullet wound in his hand. The watchman said the two rushed at him when he- sought to question them after he found them lurking near the trestle under cover of darkness. The fight was said to have occurred only a few minutes before the pilot train preceding the presidential special reached the' bridge. First' reports said a man had been slain at the trestle bu^. officials later denied this was true. Frag'ging down the pilot train which, was running. a .few minutes 'aheid of "the presidential special, Fish reported the incident. After a brief investigation Ihe pilot train and the president's special procad- ed toward California 25 minutes behind schedule. California. Welcomes Hoover OAKLAND, Cal., Nov.. 8.-CUP1— Ten thousand -CaUforr)|ans jammed the Sixteenth .street."Mati6n. toi'ij and'..cheered wildly -as ."Bresidtrit Hpoyif's -special trairit rolled to-a £ .11:11 a.m. .'"' •-'A^jpecial platforrn .' constructed alongside" thV tracks' served",is' a speaker's, stand ana was occupied by '.Oakland city officials who- gathered to'extend official greetings to the executive. '-'-. • . • , Shortly after the train stopped thd president was escorted to. the platform: H e spokp briefly, tharik- • ing the crowd for. the' reception. "I h'ave< received -generous ovations all along -the line since I entered California," he said. "I believe 'lam entitled, to another chance as president of the United Stales because of the steady recovery our country has witnessed during the past several months." Booer Angers President ABOARD PRESIDENT HOOVER'S TRAIN, Nov. 8. (UP)—In his last rear platform appearance before election day President Hoover, for the first time in his nationwide campaign, became aroused by a shout from a station crowd. • At carlin, Nev.,. as the cheers , quieted down, someone shouted !ci:dly, "razzberry." President Hoover turned in. the direction of the booer. His face was stern. "If that gentleman has an insult to deliver to the president of Ihe United State.;; if he will conle up here I R-JU Ulce C3n Qf h|m ,. ^ the president. There was no response. Special Edition Will Give Election Results A'special Wednesday morn- ins; edition of the Courier News will carry results of toduy's presidential election to all'sub- scribers. The Courier, News will receive election returns by United Press throughout the night, and tomorrow) morning's paper will contain me latest, anil most complete report of the .'voting throughout the nation that will be available to th? people ot Blytheviile and other communities; in this territory. This special edition .will be 'delivered .without extra chargo to all subscribers. Residents of Blytheviile and other .'communities served by this : paper,,are; hivitcd. to call the Courier -News, telephones 306 and 307. at any time during the] nightjfor the .latest Information on the election. - Man-Killing Tasks Await Winner of Fight for the Presidency. ' BY RODNEY DIITCI1ER NEA Sen-Ice Writer WASHINGTON, Nov. 18. _ The toughest job in the world is the presidency of tho United states. The man chosen today to be the leader of 120,000.000 Americans faces a Inb that is almost literally a man-killer. Yet .no man offered i a chance at thc Job ever has turn| ed it down. Even aside from paralyzing re- snon-ibllitv for the welfare of 120,000.000 people, aside from urgent problems of today, the mere routine of the presidency lias piled up to a Mint where just goin? through the motions makes the president one of Ihe hardest- working men In the world. No great industrial would saddle Its burdens we pile Mrs. Roosevelt Teaches Class as Nation Votes Sweeping Caribbean NEW YORK, Nov. 8 (UP) •-.; Mrs. Franklin D. Racv-nveU. up-! i:cu.ntly unconcerned over ihe facljl thai icnluht she will k-iirn vvlicih- ] cr she is to be thc next "Una j ludy of the land," diovc her own I PANAMA CITY, Nov. K. lUl')— rcadsdr from her H do IMrk en- 1 A Caribbean liurrkaiie of «ic,u ln- tste today to fulfill u. teaching luislly threatened Jamaica and (.ngagoniciu. .southeastern Cuba today ai'tci' Icnv- 'ihe wife of the Democratic jug i vvo freighters In'distress oil presidential candidate has a clasi (lie Nicaragua:] coast. In modern history several limes u| •i~\ u ^ c u s v I '•••]•' week at ihe Todhunler school forj 0 ||,,.. ' ' '' u ' s<!< -' ls """ girls. I,,.!. Over Forty Arrested In Pem'cot Co. rs. The dlsLurliancc was tnovlns , slowly ' ca's't-nortliea-st toward Ja- |malca and unles* its strength Is .spent It may reach Orient: jircv- .Ince in southeastern Cuba and carry on to Haiti, Santo Domingo .iml Ihe Bahamas on its coiirss lo tho open sea. Western olid central Cuba were believed safe, flT CHI BUS Hoover Vote in BlythevilleL?™ of ' he distressed freighters. .„ XI n i i fkA e San Simcon of Hie Quaker line, May Not Reach 1UO r * dlood th *t temporary repairs had n || . jiyi i i been made and that the skippr • '•- DdllOl IViarK. lieved he could reach Cristolw J. B. Richardson W'nsj Mistrial Rut Fac.os An-'imiv Quire n. jj nrc !, HAY'l'l. Mn.-S|:.x-lnl — A drive by Sheriff lieu Holly to Veep to- iliij'j, lillli-rly cnntcsltil elccion in Congressional Counsel Charges'.'Illegal-'Voting •in Philadelphia.: NEW. YORK, Nov. 8. (UP) — Scattered returns in the p'rcaldeii- i-niiniy free 'from 'lllofinl | llnl <'l«;llon WJay gave Governor 'Hint from the disorders dial I Franklin 13. llooscvclt a ilead ov;r charndrrl/cd sonic previous! I'jj'slslonl Hcovcr. The ; tabulation. p In 2 o'clock A nilstrlnl was ordered tlili ~r- Icincxm Hi tlic trial of ,J. n. Rlsli- this iiftariioun. Those in-rested. nearly all Denver (10 preelncts) 557 "- New Asllford, Mass. .'. 24' unison, allied fonndlt lender, a:- j i:r<u\s. arc clmrRcd wllli Illpani j Peru. Mass '37' cu«,.of .no ..old-,,,, of v,. A:MC-! Q ^"^;||!^ tz* 1 "* wltli - !M ^"""" "*•'•• * and cli-mikeniijs.s. Seventeen of (lie BIT. with Culslon's Union Market, when criminal court, 1 jury reported 'nrkci' seven nnd five after almnsl four hours deliberation. Trip prosecuting attorney's of- vaunnicy : Houston, Tex. (04 precincts pans of the county. iis o.stlmatod that TCO dcnu- Casting a nonilnal ballot for the slate, district and county Denio- cratic ticket, Blythevllle voters turned out In numbers today to assure the Roosevelt presidential elec- al unassisted. Officials of (ho line, however, asked Dial the American naval tug Favorite go U> the San Simeon's assistance. . There was no Indication Hint the on the pre 5 ident Imagine Pr,slden Mvron Tavlor of U. S. Steel personally signing requisitions for Lieutenant Governor's Action Follows \Revelation of Shortage at Louann. LITTLE ROCK, Nov. 8 (UP)— Lawrence Wilson, Arkansas lieutenant governor, resigned as Ilqul-1 dating agent for three state banks I !ate yesterday. , i His resignation followed ah In-'j» e ....._ vestigttion by -Griffin Smith; -re-1 the United States, -who Is head of '^d^ the1 rand ?m lx £ ma i pr - «*™ ™"»^ CVnKs .nthe back of '# £? £ * c *«- ± h ?"SL.™!?; h ? d . "^ the Phenlu" posed a proto tlie state con- stllution and three initiated acts. Mississippi ^^rr^r ^i^««- •«•» <™ vo tB ,...,,. ... . , I for ">e siralght Pemocratlo ticket ,™V ^ the " nd of service frbm president to constable today. expect from the president of There was everv indication th^ v ,... cently appointed state comptrol- er, of an alleged shortage of $3 ( - J3I in connection with the lieutenant governor's liquidation of the Louann, "State bank at Louann. Wilson was also liquidating agent for the Peoples bank, of Stephens and-the Ouachita Valley sank of Camden,. and had served in that' 'capacity since 1931. .' \ „• '"Persistent; publicity, by , certain people'.wilh^reter'ence to my duties "s. liquidator.-' 1 Wilson said was liis reason for resigning, and that also ..he'. had t"se«ur«d other- em- plovment". . ' Waiter Taylor,'; slsltf banking commlss!oner, .had not requested .Wilson's • resignation and 'hot he'hnd nothing to. say p con- cernine rumors that the.investig'a- ''on of 't-he lieutenant" governor is the start of a movement to attempt to remove him. that is. Taylor, from office. a bigger spending between foitr and five billions a year. ,and employing around a mlllhn people in civil and military branches. That is the kind of business we expect, our president to run today. Aod very different it is from the picture George Washinfrton 'knew. when -there, were flye federal departments with fewer than 200 Civil employes. 1,90»,0»0 Laws to Enforce Of course, Washington was. and he man we elect . today will be, sworn to enforce thc laws. But Yashinglon did not have 1,900,000 aws to enforce. Today we .have, and thousands on thousands more tach year. And the president's duties are Manila Man Breaks Leg in Fall From Scaffold >J^' T1 ' lomason of Manila sustained a broken leg when ho fell from a scaffold on which he was working this morning Ho was brought to the Blytheviile hospital for treatment. Thomason was doing some .repair work on the Highway Garage at Manila and was atop the «al' fold with R. B. Shelby when one of the supports gave way and the SturHjvanf Bank at Cape Girardeau Closes CAPE GIRARDEAU. Mo.—The fiturdlvant Bank foiled to open for business Monday. A notice. posted on the door of the bank- in? room in the H-H Building, said that it had been placed in the hands of the state banking department. The Board of .Directors, meeting late Sunday, decided to close the bank because of "frozen loans." It was explained ttese .loans > are ones which under normal conditions are good, but which because of depressed conditions cannot be immediately collected. A statement at the close of business Saturdav night showed deposits of $942,000. this Including $245.000 in public funds, money not held by local people. Prom the standpoint of deposits the bank was the smallest of the three In the city. Bills payable, the other liability of consequence, total $225,000. two men fell to the Shelby was not injured. ground. Bastett Man Dies BASSETT, Ark.—Funeral services wer e .held at Bassttt cemetery Sunday afternoon for Charles Loyd. 29, son of Mrs. John Loyd. The Rev. Mnnwarring of the, Baptist church at Wilson officiated. Death was due to pneumonia, Mr. Loyd is survived by a widow, his mother, five brothers and four sisters, Swell Stalling!, Young Reece Resident, Dies Funeral rervlces wfre held Monday for Sewell SUllings, 16- year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. J W. Stalllngs, who died at the family home, near Reece school house, southeast of Blytheviile after a long illness. Thc Rev. Alfred S. Harwell p»stor of the First Baptist church officiating at the services. Inter- msnt was made at Elmwood cemetery Thc Cobb Undertaking com- rinny was in charge of funeral arrangements. The deceased is survived by besl&s his parents, two brothers Wesley and Clay, and two.sisters Zoda and Pauline. Birds arc rarely sighted by air plan c pilots flying at an altitude o 3000 feet or ovtr, of the Blue Funnel lln?. There was every indication that Hoover's vote, recorded '•tr'Wlrlwfc' lots in Blythevllle In 1928, would fail to reach the three column flj- ure (his time. Approximately 800 voters had placed their ballots In three boxes here at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon. The regular movement toward the polls showed promise of a total Blytheville vote-well exceeding the 1183 ballots cast here In the 1928 general election although a vol<> c^nsicerably below the more than 1600 total cast In the August Democratic primary was conceded The vote at 2:30 this afternoon showed the city hal! box more than equalling the second and third ward total vote. At that tlmi 42G voles had been cast at the city hall. 304 at " the Phillip.-, Motor company building in the second ward, and 66 at thc Ark-Mo Lumber company box in the third ward In 1928 the biggest vote was at the second ward box. TU „„-, • -- --.-.— tence of any ward contest at thcl cult to cal1 aBain on a11 who lmvp of Charley Harris, aged nropcrty I owner, would be demanded til this ' Icrm: With a number of premiers ' 335 vclt Cfifl a '23 ; 1' 3,347 330 held In Jull awalllint 'Irlal before term unilu Friday. It was con- red (ixlrrtnclv 'liiibtful If Richardson will actually li n trie;! again at Hits (orm. His brothor- In-lnw. Vernon Gcan. has a'w !"•(>], imi'ci^i | n connection wltli "i" McCulston and Harris icb- bcrlos. It was learned that tlin turv. which wns discharged hnniedliitrlv after court owned nfler tlic lun:h hour, wns divided sevoii feu 1 nc- 1 . —' oulttnl and five for convlcllon , ' n - a «V'l«ir. n^ed i-N-ilrnymnn, Aiiproxlmatplv six ' ballots were \, " s ° """"U'Li to pnss hoRiin $in tnkr-n «-hUe iii n turv wns out Oiii> " K lvr(> '"' (o ll)0 Illl ' cs '- of a i, Ki\|u., (4 Incomplute) 37 42 Pueblo, onlo., (2 precincts) • ' 113 . 118 Up to mld-aft«rnc-on the election had boon running smcothly for tl'a part. -...-. In Kansas City, Mo., a precinct nlnln VYHS kidnaped, , •••..' in New York -there wtrs many ulnlius of freud and difficulty in casting independent votes.. Federal . [agint.'i were active In Pennsylvania-" A r\ o i o i • i" ntl Dolawari! . but the heal of the !\ U. >ivrlev Our.CUinns 111 i l»'c-elecllcm campaign gave rise to - n i surprisingly llttte violence as tin. 'OllOW-i armies estimated at probably 40- 'w Amnntation. aw>m voicd to r « le<:t Roll Call Chairman Urges .Prospective Members to iTti'rn in Money. An appeal - to all persons who nave promised to lake Red Cross membeithlps from young women competlrj^. for the Caribbean cruise to turrt'ln their money o.s promptly as possible was made today by J. A. Waterman, chairman of the Red Cross roll call committee, all thc irgest number memberships. Thc roll call ends November 24. however, and .all Iballot had Ihe Jurors divided 'six ami MX niicl another eight for ac- r><illtal"and four for-eonvlolion: T)>,?. niin) dlvlfion nf scvi-n .nud five had remained nnclinnReri since tho lury reoorlrrt Its stand- In? to JutHe Nelll Klllmnh at II o'clock . IhU morning Tlip ca«" bnrl • linen nlnrwl In the hnnds of the jury late yralcrday but the fury was excused until this mir- nint aflnr only a short period of dcHborntlon. mimiel of local mc-ii-ln n Hoover or to supplant him by Governor Roosevelt.. >. - .- : • '——W' = ' Warm Sprints for RooKTtH WARM SPRINGS,-d'a., Nov.'8. felt money plot, died at the 'Dlv- <UI'>—The" flrst • ; 1QO .hatoU, cast il\cvliie,. hospitni Iwit -niTht, »cvenj llcre ilt tS«"part ^liie hpme of Oov- "day's" after fcilofnt "offlclrilji "n["' crl101 ' Frtinkl!n D.'-'Hcoscvclt-wera: lind volnntnrlly cr'l tlio old man. ' Snvtlnr. fal'l to have been s»nl "I'limc lo dlo," succumbed after nhyslclann had amputated his Icfl tq earlier yesterday in a lulllc attempt to halt an Infection (hi'. had storied before he was sent to rrlson. Jl wan Suvder. the oklcst ot a ] middle of three mof than | _,in . ° Trial ot Richardson consume:!. tto entire session of court Mon- I dn- Ernest Caldwell, necro. three i his part In thc plot to pass time slayer hy his own iulnil<Mnn. j fake prccnliacks. Ills confusions for Roosevelt 08. Mr Hoover 1, for Korman Thomas, .Socialist, I. . NEW ASHFORD.'MaM., 'NOT. 3.- (UP)--Thc first complete returns in the country v.'ere counted hero.ear- ly today In the prcsldenllal- election, giving President Hoover -24 volos, Governor'Roosevelt 8. .-.-•'(- who first confessed In nf cond Ihb nor- constantly Icreaslng. He not only has the reeular constitutional dut- es of enforcing the . laws, com- panding the army . and - navy, making treaties and appointments, any one of which is a huge responsibility. But Congress may. and does, .create new commissions and bureaus responsible to him, which add to the burden. Merely I many resident's of" the 'second 'and i tnt!on ' o list these executive commissions third wards casting their ballou at * om r.hlns which have not, yet liccn' ~" may nnd It dlffi- ilim and was sentenced to ,IR ears In.Mie stale si^nltfnth.iv. CllloiiBh u-n 1 ; the Jonpcst pnsscd o far this term. Dy his plon Caldwell admitted nf SI .vas found n rnr r-,n ]„• -rim n ->- hnvln- sorvrvl rnr , „ M,., general election was believed in I ?™™ Une ,? to , J , oln unlc " mnn y . of gro slayer admits nvn- srvv some measure resjionslble for the; %** prospect v c members turn in ; Drcvi , , t olhcr h|11 heavy vote at the city hall with > , dues wltllollt further solid- and bureaus and their officers akcs some 60 pages in the Congressional Directory; (he Veterans' Bureau. Shipping Board. Alien Properties Custodian, Tariff Commission, Budget Bureau. Railroad Administration, Interstate Commerce Commission, and the like which are responsible direct- v to the executive. All the regular cabinet departments make regular reports to him too, but through the vablnet members. Cabinet ;officers have access to the president at any time without regard to the schedule of appointments which is placed before him each .morning, portioning out every minute of his working day. He must be available tp 435 representatives and 96,senators at almost any tie. must personally sign in a year ,as many as 50.000 commissions and nominations for nost- maslerships; he often signs 150 documents a day in addition to personal mail, which may run from 30 or 40 to 100 letters a day Plenty of men would call that alone a day's work. All In Day's Work He is required bv law to countersign the wills of Indians, who are not citizens, but wards of the nation. Until the administration of President Coolldge every federal land grant had to carry his signature. Qoojidge balked on this and empowered Mrs. Vila B. Pukh of the Land Grant office to sign hli name on these. The president must preside over cabinet meetings regularly, and hear reports regularly from thes< officers, and the heads of the executive bureaus and commissions. Then there are little matter, like reviewing troops, laying cor nerstones, unveiling monuments Joining lodges, opening convcn tlons, pushing buttons, posing fo pictures with delegations, tar>- (Cofltinued on Page I) first ward box. Mr. Leavitt Lived '- Up to Hi$ Name 1 until the close of thc I roll call there will be a nnmter j of workers In th c field v;ho arc j not contestants for the cruise. Persons who wish lo have their memberships count for one of thc contestants may pay their dues to a eventually Invnlvrrl A. D. Wlmat.. who later conff vn\ the. entire plot .7. W. • Cnmpl:dl. barber, aril GeorRc Abbnli. ihe VOIINBOS' nf Ihr rnnrl^t and aliened key man ot tht! plot. Snyrter ran Into trouble In hh flr.1^. efforts to pass \mrni nu-rcncV. He succeeded In pass- E. Smtth 3 votes. Unanimous for RooseTelt . SELMA. Ala., Nov. 8. (UP)—The (Irsl complete retums In Alabama, frcm Martin's Station, were counted today, giving Roosevelt 1 votes and Hoover none. Will Ask Ballots Impounded PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 8, (UP)— Ing the fake nioroy nt livo local Dnvls Wilson, counsel for the. congressional committee on campaign expenditures, announced tcdny he wcukt nsk that every ballot box In stores but clerks recalled his un usual anncarancr^ and his limn tint! crookc:! v;nlk. notkcnble own then because of his Infected leg. Will Caldwell. pniriln nf the nf- i Police nnnecl with ll\- old ninn's The cruise award was made possible' by ths generosity of lo- whn cal business firms, interested In SYRACUSE, n a name I - .. •. '•Plenty," said Detective Thorn- "^'VJ^'' s Hennigan and a New York Contral railroad »ngln'j5i-, who vns forced to slop his train, climb nm Ihe cab and help s automobile from 'the racks where it apparently was abandoned. The automobile WBS parked on he tracks by a man named Leavitt. Kro who plerulcd ci'llly lo murdT. wns the c'^fcudnnl In i>. companion case on trial todav. If<< was Indicted us a principal In the shooting with Krnpst Caldwell. Marcus Firt7, crmrt reporter and attorney, was reiirescnthm tlu nc- • npi wi, ,- """-contest, solicitor and designate : £" « .'^,, To ,r •r r cnuesl .UP,-What,l , hc c tcsunt for whom , hey whh | gro^ the ^"^rtnehvllte vcterlnorlan, wns to^open this afternoon Immediately following th: close of tlic ne?ro murder case. iiv, . , ^ o , „ „ ' Ki "E l " accused of a statutory «"i ?T 2 ^ RC 1 Cr ° S '' ; ro11 '• offense Involving .Ills step claiwh- ter. The sunron-.? pjnnlty for thc Insull jr. Back in U. S. Bat Has Nothing to Say NEW YORK, Nov. 8 (UP) — Samuel Insull, jr., of Chicago, returned from Europe today on the Steamer Majestic, but had "nothing to say to the press'' regarding his father who is under arrest in Athens, Greece, awaiting extradition proceedings In • connection with the collapse of the Instill Utilities Interests, WEATHER ARKANSAS—Pair, colder, frost tonight, probably freezing In extreme northwest portion. Wednesday fair, slightly warmer In northwest portion. According to the official weather observer, Charles Phillips, jr., the gave cost of thc cruise, and the following each contributed 110: J. A. Waterman, Borum's Drugstore, B/A. Lynch. Hubbarrt Hardware company. The Bootcry, Walpole Electric shop. Foster Slioe store. J. C. Penney company. Robinson Druz store, Miss Whitsitt's «hop... McMullln's grocery, Klrby offense Is death. Mrs. Harriman Dies NEW YORK. Nov. S (DIM — Mrs. Avercll Harriman. SI. widow of E. II. Korrlmaii and at aw time called 'the richest woman in the wcilcr. diod here last night Drug store. Charles A. Perry, Mp.ln j frllowlii'? an' cmfr;ency op:rallon Service station, company, New Phillips Motor 1 n, rCD tlil y s ago . Mead Clothing i — company, Guard's Jewelry store, 1 R, D. Hughes. Ark-Mo Power com- ; puny, Cecil Shan?, Cocn Cola Bot- j tling company. W. T. Barnett, thc; Grand Leader, A. B. Fairfield, Mil- i ler-Crenshaw, C. A, Cunningham,! Blytheville Canning company, C. 1 L. Wilson. ' • i Following Is a partial list of those who have joined thc Red re" chapter to date: Blythevllle—Miss Lucille Armstrong, Netll Reed, Jesse Webb,' C. R. Babcock, P. S. Dunlap, ] Hpurgeon Patterson,.R. J. Dodson, : Russell Farr, C. b. Baker, Mr. j Johnson, Famsworth Black, Mrs. A. M. Butt. Mr. Hale. Matt Scruggs, E. ,C. Thompson. Arthur Patton, M. M. Andrews, A. S, Dean, Jim, • T one.s. Dr. A. M. Washburn, Mr. minimum temperature her c yes- 8 f * c 5'i Mr - Hammock, Mr. Ora- lerday wa s 56 degrees and the! nam -.Marvin Robinson, S. D. Hsll. maximum, 73 degrees, cloudy, with c - H - Hal1 .06 Inches of rain. Today » year . »• K |n S. D ago the minimum temperature was Huffman, t,,, Fowler, W. B. But- 34 degrees and the maximum, 83 [ n «. - w - 3 ,Tanner, Mrs L. G. Dr. Roscnthal. n. B. Lunsford. J. degrees, clear, (Continued on Pnje Add This Ore to that list of apartments rented by Courier News Waul Ads— FURNISHED Apartment —4 rooms and bath. The above ad apnearcd recently In Ihe "For Rent" column ef Ihe COURIER NEWS and brought prompt results. Advertise your vacant rocnr> today. Call 306 description arrested Win. obtain"-! Philadelphia be Impounded. Wilson said he had.received • 200 complaints on the methods used at ils rnnfesslon and eventually ] polls here, especially the clstribu- loundcd up die rnllr.? ciunrtet, AC- tlon of literature near precinct iil- ciisccl of parllelpnllng i» the "RC!- rlcli-nulek" scheme with bo^us currency said lo hnve been brought here from M->vlcn. Bnydcr's botlv was held at thc Cobb Undcrlaklni; conipinv par- 1m", today awaliin? thc arrival of his wife and daughter, who are said to live at lirlnklcy, .Ark., wlyire his daughter is a school tenchcr, nnd word from his son, member of Ihe Los Angeles, Cal.. police department. lot boxes. noo5cv-tlt Confident . HYDE PARK, N. Y., Nov. 8. (UP)—Governor Franklin D, Rcos- cvelt, expressing confidence of victory for l;is party, tcday exchanged his ro!e of presidential candidate for that of esunty squire and joined thc American millions at the national polls. The Democratic nominee made his flna.l appeal In an address l^te last night to neighbors In Pough- keepslr. He reviewed briefly his Ur« month battb in an easy-and conflc'cnlial manner, pledging to carry out if elected the policies he championed and then \v;m homj to bed at his Hyde Park estate. Cit* Council Will Hold Meeting Next Tuesday The city council will meet Tucs- dav night. November.15. Instead of ssssf. 'iheT::L, m °Trs^ lo of , ^ sw " °* M the month. Mayor Ncltl Reed an- . Ml'"ons from ccast to coist went nounccd today. I to V0lln 8 booths today to name the Postponement of (he session was ncxt PfM^ent of the Unltsd States, decided on due to usp of (!:.-> mu- | They marked their ballot? with nlclpal courtroom, thc council's '-1st minute appeals of t'r.e rival regular, as an election fconth. and thc work of sov- cahdidatss still echoing in their eral aldormen olals today. as Berlin T ra {f; r . Strike Is Brought to a Close BERLIN, Nov. 8 .' (UP) — The Berlin traffic strike which crippled city transportation fovftvc days was ended today and service was '.rapidly being ),-;storol to nor- election offl- '• SaW President Hoover from his i special train' nearlng California: j "For thc welfare' of'the Unitod i States the Repi-blicar. party sliouiJ ccnttaue to administer thj govsrn- ment," Said Governor Roi-«vilt fram PoughJteepsIe, N. Y.: "With your help and your patience and sour generous g;odvrlll we can msnd thc torn fabric o( our common life." Mr. Hoover planned to cast his malcy. • j ballot as soon as he reaches his The strike originated in pro- j Pa 'o Alto, Cal., hcma in mid-after- tests against a ivn»f. cut of about i 1 ' 0011 ' '.4 cent an hour. The strike com- Governor Roosevelt was to vote mtttce after holding out stuWxitn- at Hyde Park, N. Y., at 2 p.m, ly In the face o( sb3rn govern- "pd later motor to New York city j ment warning of drastic action ; to await returns, announced the termination of thcj Nr-tlonal chairmen of both par- walkout late last night. ties professed confidence of victory.

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