The Daily News Leader from Staunton, Virginia on November 4, 1959 · 13
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The Daily News Leader from Staunton, Virginia · 13

Staunton, Virginia
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1959
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David Fultz, Staunton's Gift To Baseball Dies at Age 84 David L. Fultz, who perhaps was.htauntons all-time outstand ing gut 10 proiessional baseball, died Oct. 30 in Deland. Fla., at the age of 84. his spare time lie attended New lYotk Law School and in 1006 he formed a law partnership with Fred Murphy. Mr: Fultz had been football He played on sandlot teams coach at the,, University of Mis- hcre and in the county before the turn of the century; in fact, was signed by Philadelphia in 1898. In big league circles he was the man who started a union for players. , - , . Mr. Fultz, who was president of the International League in 1819-20, also had been a football coach and official. He retired twelve years ago as a lawyer with offices at 165 Broadway, New York, and : went to Lake Helen, Fla., , where he bought the ' estate, of Henry A. De Land. In 1912, Mr; Fultz created a furor in" baseball by unionizing major leaguers in an organization called the Flayers Fraternity. The - group threatened to strike in 1917, but the walkout was averted after Mr. Fultz won some concessions for players. The union disintegrated during World War 1. , Born in Staunton, Mr. Fultz was graduated in 1898 from Brown University, where he was considered one of Brown's best backs in football. He was captain of both the eleven and the baseball team. Signed by ' the Philadelphia baseball team in 1898, Mr. Fultz went to Baltimore the next year and played Under John J. Mc- Graw. After the formation of the American League, he went to Milwaukee with Connie Mack and played shortstop and second base. In 1901 Mr. Mack took ..Mr Fultz with him to the Philadelphia Americans. There he naci irouDie wun nis arm in i:n and was shifted to the outfield. That season the Athletics won their first pennant and Mr. Fultz was credited with contributing much to their success. From 1903 to 1905 he played with the New York Yankees when Clark Griffith managed the team souri, Lafayette College, Brown and New York University and baseball coach at the United States Naval Academy, Columbia University and N. Y. U. He had officiated at many football matches and was a former president of the Eastern Association of Intercollegiate Football Officials. In 1935, Mr. Fultz was Republican candidate for assemblyman from the Twenty-first (Flatbush) District of Brooklyn. He served as a first lieutenant in the United States Air Service in World War I. A former president of the New York Society of Descendants of the ' Signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Men's League of the Flatbush Congregational Church, Brooklyn, Mr. Fultz was a founder of the Touchdown Club of New York. He leaves his wife, Marjorie. Picks Vols To Whip LSU Tigers By HAROLD CLAASSEN Associated Press Sports Writer NEW YORK, (AP)-Results of Tuesday's general elections included these winners (last week the record was 40 winners among 55 candidates for a .727 average): Tennessee over Lousiana State: the Tigers reached their emotional peak of the season last Saturday in their 7-3 victory over Mississp- pi. Now they must go against the gridiron's toughest single - wing teum. The vols will be too much for them. Northwestern over Wisconsin: . Much attention has been paid to " . .. . . , i.i t i i... lliirinp the off seasons and in iiwtn western s weann oi odcus. but take a gander at tnose wuacai i- linemen. Th-iV are tough too. I PrSfiPT I PHTK Texas over Baylor: the "S" LUUIivl I villi! J I horns have yielded only five touch- downs in seven games-r-if you Vrtlif - A run can' t score, howcan you beat 4 jpiit Again .then,: Th I O I Syracuse over Penn State: The An able Swats Atlantic team! Davis boys take the measure of set a firm pace for the Leader state's Ritchie Lucas Keglers No. 1 in the first two games Monday night. The Keglers, with Rodger Losh bowling a high single of 171, hurled the woods to gain a victory in the third,.,. - . ; - . The Leader Keglers No. 2. quite recovered from last week's disastrous defeat, last night rolled strikes and spares to post a 3-1 victory, in a wood-smashing battle vs. Moose Lodge No. 2. Kegler James Wilson scored a 5-9-10 spare. Statistics - The Loader Keglers No. 1 - Games Avge. Roy Stephenson ........ 13 138 Herbert Barkley 24 135 Rodcer Ixsh 21 114 Billy Robertson ...... 21 James Grimm Jr 23 Norris Vancleave 11 High individual series: Stephenson, 458; Herbert Barkley, 442; Rodger Losh, 435. High individual game: Herbert Barkley, 184; Rodger Losh, 171; Roy Stephenson, 1G5. Mississippi over Chattanooga: The Rebels take out their anger over their loss to LSU on the Chat-tanoogans. Southern California over West Virginia: The McKeever twins get some real Mountaineers to work on. Elsewhere: Auburn over Mississippi Stale, Clemson over Duke, Georgia over Florida. Washington over Oregon State, Purdue over Michigan State, Arkansas over Rice, Oregon over California, Air Force over Missouri, Georgia Tech over Notre Dame. o - Fight Results By TIIK ASSOCIATED PRESS Fresno, Calif. Ben Medina, 97 Roy The Leader Keglers No. 2 - Games Avge. ... 23 ... 15 ...10 18 U-o Stafford ., Paul Kershner Jesse Laync Pierre J. Nimax .. Gordon Kirby 23 Clarence Crummett .. 20 ' James Wilson 12 High Series: Paul Kershner, 42: Leo Stafford, 436; Gordon Kirby, 412. High Singles: I-co Stafford, 170; Paul Kershner, l&fi; Gordon Kirby, I fit. Next Wrrk' Bowling Nov. 9-Lanes 5 A 6, Loader Krglers No. 1 vs. Central Drug Stores. Nov. 10-Lanes 7 & 8. Bosser-nian & Duggins vs. Leader Kellers No, 2. 99 ! 139, Fresno, stopped Paddy De- Marco, 12, Brooklyn, 7. Miami Beach, Fla. Gomeo Brennan, 150'i, Bimini, outpointed Jimmy Martinez, l.r3'4. Phoenix, Ariz., 10. Bangkok, Thailand Samart Sorndaeng, 150, Bangkok, out-ooinfed Del Flanagan, 151, St. Paul, Minn., 10. London, England Terry lug Downs, 1W4, England, slopped i"M I Johnny MeCormnck, 1(h), bcot- ion UIIU, O, JUinil lllluuii.:Mt;ifcm 117 110 107 84 title) Freddie Gilroy, llO'k'i, Ireland, outpointed Piero Hollo, 116' 4 Italy, 15. (for European bantamweight title). Honolulu Dummy Ursua. 114'i, ' Stockto.i, Calif., sloped Rav Perez, 114'i, Honolulu, 6. A5R 1 Bowling Loop Results Results of the A-S-R Bowling League at the Arcadia Lanes shows: Standings W L Avg. Silver Star 18 6 771 Pal 18 6 747 Blue Star 15 9, 766 Gem Blades 14 10 739 Continental 13 11 733 Surgical ............ 10 14 720 Personna n 13 737 Sleri Sharp 12 12 698 Treet ', 11 13 719 Ever Ready ........ 10 14 706 Pile Wire 7 17 728 P. B. Razor :. 5 19 706 1st high. ind. 3 games A. Dras-al, 595, 2nd high, ind. 3 games W. Roszak, 589. 3rd high, ind. 3 games M. Craun, ,577. , 1st high, ind. game R. Sheets 243. , 2nd high, ind. game W. Reil 225. " 3rd high, ind. game R. Duglan -C. Clary 224 Individual averages A. Dras-al 186. R. Duglan 175, W. Johnson 174, V. Landrum 169, T. Johnson 168, W. Roszak 166, E. Slusser 165, B. Johnson 164, W. Reil 163, C. Vande Water 163', M. Hahn 162, W. Goss 158, V. Jubert 158, R. Nuckoles 158, R. Edmunds 157, M. Craun, 156, S. Boscarino 155, J. Christ 155, M. Newien 152, W. Pallavicini 151, C. Roscoe 151, C. Clary 150, V7 Killoran 150, J. Miller 150, E. Alexander 149, B. Sterrett 149, F. Giles 148, J. Giovanelli 148, A. Mizak 148, W. Young 147, .1. Matchett 146, B. Kooshian 145, A. Calverly 144, L. DeAngelis 144,- S. Duken 144, I. Gilner 142, J, Melnick 142, R. Sheets 142, E. Sparhawk 142, C. Lucas 141, D. Raymond 140, S. Escobedo 139, S. Wells 138, R. White 138, A. Striano 137, E. Moomaw 135, H. Carey 133, K. Townsend 131, F. Turbet 131, F. Bayles 130, J. Rogers 130, H. Shady 130, J. Bartolomei 128, G. LaCas 126, E. Vines 125, J. Madigan 124, II. Smith 122. J. Kinsella 121, T. Vallone 121, R. Raley 119. ASR Women's Bowling Loop Results of the ASR Women's Bowling League at the Arcadia Lanes: POINTS Pal Injector 25 Ever Ready Brush 24 Treet DE WA Gem Reversible ........ 19 Gem Razors 16'i Blue Star DE ' 16 Results Ever Ready Brush, 5 vs. , Gem Reversible, 0; . Gem Razors, 4 vs Pal Injector, 1; Blue Star D 'E, 4 vs Treet DE 1. Averages S. Harlow. 131; M. Turbet, 131; M. Ross, 128; Mary Snyder, 128; F. Silling, 128; C. Reed, 125: P. Moore, 125; Mabel Snyder, 122: H. Kurtz, 119; M. Abalangelo, 118; S. Mullenax, 117; B. Hulvey, 114; G. Raymond, 114: I. Sheets. 114; S. Ham, 111; G. Wiseman, 110; M. Colvin. 108; M. Ahearn, 108; S. Ilevener, 107; N. Clatterbaugh, 107; V. Roberts, 102; II. Cline, 100; B. Steele, 99; J. Leavel, 99; B. Garletts, 97; N. Paxton, 96; G. Cline, 94; J. Sheets, 90; P. Kinsella, 87; J Mantay, 71. High game S. Harlow, 181; M. Abatangelo, 175. High Series M. Turbet, 451; F. Silling, 435. , Little League Games Listed Games Wednesday 6:00 Packers vs Eagles-Juniors 7:30 Rams vs Steelers Juniors Games Saturday 10:00 Cardinals vs CavaHers Midgets . 6:00 Bears vs Redskins Seniors 7:30 Giants vs Colts Seniors P. - . " lh 1 --4. v.1" ! T(OT) FORMATION No quarterback or halfback or even a l16th back, this youngster, Peter Christiansen IV of Monroe, Wis., lines up as a center as he gets an early start toward possible career In football. Pete's just two years old. Giardello Says He's Eager To Fight Tiger Deadline For Cage Tourney Is Tomorrow Teams who are interested in entering the YMCA Men's Clns- dfii'nf inn RiKikpthnll Tnurn;imint CLEVELAND (AP -"I've just ... h wiU . ,he YMCA got to get even with him and beat Lvm fiC)br on Monday Nov. 9. are him big," Joey Giardello says of reminded that the deadline for his 10-round middleweight scrap here tonight with Dick Tiger, British Empire middie champ from Nigeria. Although Tiger won an unanimous decision from Giardello in Chicago Sept. 30, the bettors regard tonight's return bout as a tossup. The fight will be televised nationally. (ABC). "So'many people seem to think I've gone back a distance," said Giardello, former Philadelphia now of Rosedale, N.Y. "But my whole trouble's been I didn't have the ambish I used to be loaded with." tournament entry is 6"p.m. Thursday, Nov. 5. This tournament is held every year so that the YMCA basketball committee can decide which teams will play in either A, B or C ibasketball leagues. Marshall Braylo's Indians is the first classification basketball tournament entry so far but 11 or more entries are expected before Thursday's deadline. Teahis ' who are interested in entering in either the YMCA girls or mens basketball leagues this season may get entry blanks at the YMCA office or by calling the YMCA. California Anxious for Probe Of Its. Roughness Charge BERKELEY, Calif, iff) - The University of California is anxious the Big Five to study its offer charges of deliberate roughness by USC All-America candidate Mike McKeever. University President Clark Kerr and Chancellor Glenn T. Seaborg, in a formal statement Tuesday night, charged the 218-pound lineman with purposely injuring Cal Going To Be Memorable Season for Bulldogs By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS against 1 . J "U w-ill be ine cuaaei may or may noi win the Southern Conference football championship this year, but whatever happens it's going to be one of the most memorable sea sons in history for the Bulldogs. With a 4-0 conference record, the Bulldogs already have won as many league games' as they did in their best previous year, 1957, when they finished 4-2 in confer ence competition. Iheyve been members since 1936. In addition, the Bulldogs' 6-1 over-all record leaves them a fine opportunity to post the best won- lost mark in the military college s 55 years of intercollegiate foot ball. Only in 1926, when the record was 7-3, and in 1937, when it was 7-4, have teams from The Citadel won as many as seven games. Percentage - wise the finest rec ord, 6-1-1, came 'way back in 1916 All three of the games left on the schedule for this year's Bull dogs promise to be tough. The big ones, of course, are the bouts with VMI Nov. 14 and with West Virginia Nov. 21 which will make or break The Citadel's, push to ward its first Southern Confer ence crown. But Coach Eddie Teague isn't thinking any farther ahead than this Saturday's scrap with undo feated Presbyterian, a small col lege power which already has been chosen to play in the Tangerine Bowl. "They're big and strong and their backs can move the any team," Teague another tough game for us." The "Bulldogs who've been do- City Bowling League Results In the Staunton City Bowling League, "A" Division, results ot the eighth week .ofjj16 season, State Farm took four points from Macke; Post Office and All Stars split two and two; Parker's Mark et and Smith's Transfer split two and two; - and National Valley Bank and Craigsville Independents split two and two. Standings W L Post Office 21 11 Harrisonburg A'J Stars 19 13 State Farm Insurance 19 13 .594 Parker's Market ... 19 13 .594 Macke 17 15 .531 Smith's Transfer No. 1 16 16 .500 National Vallev Bank 11 21 .344' Craigsville Indrnendents 6 26 .188 High team game, State Farm, 863; high team set. State Farm. 2507; high individual game, J. Iig;;n, Post Office, 217; high in dividual set, Duncan, State Farm. 599. Honor bowlers for the night J. I.ogan. 217 game, 52fi set; W. McDonaldson. 503 set: G. Pfoutz, 499 set; L. O Dell, 514 set;( w. Duncan. 216 game, 599 set; R. Kennedy, 511 set;' W. Johnson, 517 set; Powell, 199 game; R. ball Humphreys, 515 set. ing pretty well themselves at moving the ball, worked on one of their poten, weapons pass ing vesterday. Jerry Nettles and Bill Whaley did the pitching, mostly to end Paul Maguire and halfback Billy Hughes. Guard Pete Davidson was idle with an ankle injury Injuries made news at William and Mary and George Washing ton, W&M lost its No. 2 fullback Dave Way, with a shoulder sepa ratici.. while still celebrating the return of No. 1 fullback Lauren Kardatzke. G-.V lost tackle Ellis Wisler, who bruised a knee. Way will be out all season, Wisler one week. Star center Chuck Boone, out several weeks with an injury, Pet. returned to Richmond s workouts ,656 but may not be well enough to ,594 start Saturday against George Staunton, Va., Leader, Wedneiday, Nov. 4, 1959 13 Staunton Swim Club to Begin Evening Practices Soon 100 EXTRA S&H GREEN STAMPS With Each ANTI FREEZE & FALL CHANGEOVER Until Nov. 15 Stoddard&Chittum W. Ilevereley St. TD 6-85S0 DOWN GO GUN PRICES Winchester Morlin Mossberg Bcretta Colt Smith & Weisow 30-30 Rifle $29.95 Dealers See Ui For Low Prices Radio Electric Supply Co. Acrosi From Court House 1 WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER DRY CLEANING FARLEY'S "For People Who Care" DIAL TU 6-2J71 . by man who bought a small car before seeing and driving the Renault Dauphine. DIEHL MOTORS FOREIGN CAR HEADQUARTERS On U. S. 340 5 Miles South of Waynesboro Dial WH 3-3781 NEW STORE HOURS Monday To Thursday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. FRIDAY 9 A.M. TO 8:30 P.M. SATURDAY 9 A.M. TO 5 P.M. ALL WOOL FIRST QUALITY FLANNEL 55) SUITS t AH Wool Flannel rfQ Qf Pants 0."D Matching Tie And Belt Sets 0 A A Matching Tie od Sock Sets j)&UU 100 Orion Slipover PM AT Sweaters tj) KiD Suburban Coats ........ 12 95 " 22 50 Nylon Stretch Socks . , . , 50e 00d $1.00 Sr.'"""..,, $4.95 10 $9.95 Large Selection Of CO"QC Cl OC Sport Shirts tL,,UU J)4."D Large Selection Of COfi fifl Sport Coats OU.UU JACKETS OF ALL TYPES TO CHOOSE FROM Nylon Gobardine, Wool And Suede ......... $6.95 t0 $22.50 WE WILL GLADLY LAY-AWAY YOUR PURCHASE UNTIL WANTED GAY CLOTHING CO. Washington. The Spiders worked on pass defense and offense,' Pass defense and offense also were stressed at Virginia leen, but in a90-minute session the Techmen had very little contact work. VMI was warned by Coach John McKenna it have to improve its defense to hold high scoring Lehigh this week. The Keydets then worked hard on that department. halfback Steve Bates in Satur day's came here. , . - They said they had viewed films of the game carefully with USC President Norman Topping and Vice President Francis Tappan. and added that they expected USC officials to take appropriate ac tion. After returning to Los Angeles Dr. Topping met with USC's Faculty Athletic Committee and then issued a formal apology . "This, as well as other incidents in the game, we feel could have been avoided. To the extent that we are responsible, we apologize. We will insist that our teem play good, hard, I t clean football The coaches are instructed to see that this policy is followed." USC Coach Don Clark and Mc Keever had denied charges that McKeever deliberately struck 175- pound Bates with his elbow in falling on him along the sidelines after the whistle had blown. 1 Bates suffered a shattered cheek! bone and broken nose. His face; still is so swollen an ODeration! has been postponed. California's Kerr and Seaborg, in their statement, cited other instances involving McKeever. They speeu icauy named the previous week's USC-Stanford game and last year's Cal-USC game. McKeever was ousted from Sat urday's game won by USC 14-7 but for roughing up Bear quarterback Pete Olson after Bates was'" injured. He also was ousted from the Stanford game for un necessary roughness. The Staunton Swim Club will begin evening practice sessions next week in preparation for the opening of the Virginia Swim league in January. Tuesday evening at seven o'clock the swim club will meet with special swim coach Tom Tullidge and will work out in the pool, until 8 or 8:30. Temporarily, the following evenings have been reserved in the pool for the swim club and the two swim coaches, Melvin Trimble and Mr. Tullidge, will supervise the practice sessions: Monday from eight to 10, Tuesday seven to eight, Thursday from seven to eight. These even ing sessions will be in addition to the afternoon practices from three to four. t At the first session on Tues day evening Mr. Tullidge wants to watch all swim club members in action. This will include the new, young members who came up to the club from the Y "Learn to Swim" classes this summer. The varsity swim team should ber of swimmers this winter but also the finest squad ever to represent the local YMCA. The varsity is especially strong in the senior division and the new comers to team should strengthen the lower divisions. Last year Staunton finished second in the Virginia League but Petersburg, the champion, has lost its fine coach and this may hurt that team. The Staunton team practiced and trained this summer under Coach Ed Dodge of SMA and the varsity made the best showing it has ever made in the Junior Olympics in August at Waynesboro. 1 That Staunton will be one of the strongest teams in the Virginia League is taken for granted. Whethed it has what it takes to become Virginia's new champion remains to be seeri. This is the final year of competition for Staunton's All-State champion, Buster Shaner. If he were not limited to three events by league rules Staunton might win firsts in every event in the not only 1iave the largest num- coming dual meets World's Champion 'Argentine Rocca" ll.-iullincs All-Star Wrestling Card featuring ten ot the ' World's Top WrenUer to be held FRIDAY. NOVEMBER 6, 1959 AT THE ARIMOUV IN HAKKISONBURG. VIRGINIA and It Is probably the lawt opportunity for local fan to "Rocca? in person and promoter "Tuckey Leake" has ba two yearn In booking him here. The bouU featured hi die greatest wrestling show ever held south of Washlng1nt D. C. are: ARGENTINE ROCCA vii THE SnEIK , , WAM.ICK v CHIEF BIG HEART AX, SMITH vs BASTIEN ROCKY COLOMBO v SALVOLDI JOHNNY BALLENTINE u SKOLAND Tickets are on ale at Novelty News and SU'a Lunch and make your reservations by calling Harrlwnnburg 4-2651. D 11 C in a Church League For Better Recreation TO MINISTERS, SUNDAY SCHOOL SUP'T., AND CHURCH MEMBERS: You are cordially Invited to join our Tenpln or Duckpto winter leagues. You may Join as an Individual, or team with two to live persons, or ai a league with four or more teams Bowling's fundamentals of "Fun, and Better Health" Can be enjoyed by all. It appeals especially to mixed groups and families. (Families who play together stay together). Bowling once a week widens your acquaintances and friends. It Is Dutch Treat, no worrying about my tlms to entertain, and Inexpensive. Phone TU 6-5263, and let us help you to organize a team, or league NOW. ARCADIA BOWLING LANES 121 E. Beverley St. Staunton, Va, (Although this is addressed to Chevrolet owners, we'd be glad to have you read it, no matter what make you now own or plan to buy. It might well be as 'interesting and significant to you as to the Chevrolet owner.) TO THE MORE THAN 16 MILLION PEOPLE WHO OWN CHEVROLETS i - A .' V f rxi f.v'::-; --lis The firnl and the latest tht 191 1 and the I960 ChrrroM. The progrent rrprmnkd hne is the mult of continuing tffmlt to make your new Chevrolet alwayn more beautiful, more vtrful and more tu'uabte in every respect. You belong to the largest family of owners in the automotive world. We hope you're proud of that. It must give you grwit satisfaction to know that your judgment in choosing Chevrolet has been confirmed by so many other people. We know that we can hold your preference and your loyalty only by meeting our responsibilities to you fully and completely from the day you buy your Chevrolet to the day you trade it in. And so we'd like to talk with you about our responsibilities as we sf'e them, and what we are doing to mot them. Our first responsibility, we think, is clear: To design and build product that satisfy your nmls and your wants to the highest possible degree. To that end, we have done theso things for 1900: Made the I960 ChevroUt mart tro- nomiral, roomier, more quirt and comfortable, eamrr to handle and maneumr, 1 ntrodv&d the ' enmpaci and revolutionary Corvair. t'roiueed a new lint of Chevrolet trurkt with unprecedented ndnanret in efficiency, cargo handling, driver comfort and ability lo gel a job dove. But it isn't enough to design and build the kinds of products you want, They be built right, Solidly. Carefully. I At us assure you of this: Cicr-rofc' Jine reputation an a solid, veil-built, dependable product is being cir-guarded by mare cheeks and inspections and fjif.i, than ever before. Along with your Chevrolet dealer, we want you to have available the finest and most complete service facilities. That is why we: Conduct training schools for Chevrolet dealer mechanics. Study and recommend im proved service equipment and tech Maintain the industry's mrmt complete parts warehouse system. Finally, neither Chevrolet nor your Chevrolet dealer has any intention of forgetting you after you buy. T help keep you happy with your Chevrolet, we have established a department new to us, and so far as we know, new to the automobile industry. This is the CI erwlet Department of Owner llelat ion s,"v hose only job is the coordination of Chevrolet and Chet' rotet dealer activities so that you enjoy utmost satisfaction during your enlirt period of ownership. Through this department, and through all the other extraordinary steps we are taking, Chevrolet and your Chevrolet dealer hope to keep you a happy member of the Chevrolet owner family. A Special Message from Clicvrolel ami Your IahoX AuihorizeA Chevrolet Dealer COMMUNITY MOTOR CORP. 214 N. Central Ae Dealer Licenat JN una ber 101 UUI TU 6-M1I SUtuiton, Ti

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