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Tampa Bay Timesi
St. Petersburg, Florida
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ST. PETERSBURG TIMES WEDNESDAY, MARCH 15, 1933 Section One Pae Five ROAD-BUILDING SLAYERS OF TWO THREE PETITIONS ARE GRANTED IN HOLIDAY ASKED WOMEN STILL ELUDING POLICE CIRCUIT COURT 0YTAKROUPS TODAY Beer, and New Money Jesse Straus to Paris One Flag Pulled Down The Pope Predicts War By AETHUE BRISBANE In effcrlnf Mr. Brlrtam's dally dltorUla, The TlmM lo Dot bmm-aril? aonour with til but offer tta.m tha aeatlmanU of tha blRhut paid adlterlal wriur la tbia country. Two men, sought as the slayers of HOMES GO ON BLOCK; SCRIP CAN BUY THEM Scrip, checks, travelers' cheques, or what have you, just so It normally is negotiable, will be accepted in payment or two 8t. Petersburg homes to be auctioned off Thursday to the.

highest bidders, according to announcement appearing elsewhere in this morning's Times. The homes are located near the Florida Military academy on Fifthy-eighth street and Thirtieth avenue south. They are both of Spanish type of architecture. The sale, which will be held on the premises, is set for 2:30 o'clock. 'The two homes are owned by a non-resident.

Busy Calendar Is Scheduled R. S. Baynard Is Elected One CITY EMPLOYES WILL GET THEIR PAY TODAY Employes of the 'City of St. Petersburg will have their regular pay day today, but Just how the payroll will be handled was not announced Tuesday by City Manager W. M.

Cotton. The city manager said the city has funis with both the Union Trust company and the Florida National bank, but If the amounts available there were insufficient to care for the payroll, other city funds will be utilized in discharging the obligation. In any event, city employes will get their pay in cash and not in scrip as was contemplated at one time shortly after the bank holiday was put into effect two women In a house in Sarasota early Monday morning, continued to of Seven Governors at Tampa Meeting for Remainder of Week in Chambers Here evade arrest Tuesday although an rntensive search was being conduct' ed In all parts of the state. Telephone, telegraph and radio were With more than 200 representa i euuunn in mree cases were tives of county taxpayers' leagues in pressed Into use in the hunt for the granted Tuesday by Judge T. Frank Hobson In circuit court chambers.

They were: (Coprlbt, IMS, bj King Wtmtarm Syndicate, loo.) suspected killers. The women, Bertie Lee Clements, 23. and Lacey Bell Dyel, 30, sisters, attendance, the Florida Taxpayers' association, in session in Tampa Tuesday, went on record as opposed to the proposed expenditures of by the state of Florida In its ISncll Isle, Inc. vs. Harry Childs were shot down in their home after iFor one day, plenty of newt.

et u. two cases, final hearing on tes. timony. H. W.

Holland and H. an alleged quarrel with two men road program for this year. It also President Roosevelt demands beer "at once," and since ha ordera it Peterson for the plaintiff and Wylle known as "Whltey" Rogers of urged that a road building holiday be Railway Men Seek warren for the defendants. Union Trust company et al, trus observed throughout the state. Students Enjoy Nashville, and Blair of New Orleans.

Unusual Interest was expressed in you will got it Banks ara open all over tba coun try, acorea in New York city. Sav A resolution suggesting the redis tee vs. A. J. Stecker and F.

D. Lewis, West Coast Home the case in this city, a dozen or ricting of the state so that west Party at Beach inga banks are open, and yesterday motion to allow crop lien for fertilization and care of grove. F. M. Florida could build roads while the more persons calling for additional information about the killing.

James T. Douglas of Manatee, people were pouring; money; into them, and also increasing deposits The International Railway Men's Harris and A. O. Warren Jr. for 'the plaintiff and Harris and Kennedy rest of the state took a holiday was tabled on motion of Charles Campbell of Tampa, who pointed out the A group of Aikln pupils enjoyed a beach party Tuesday afternoon as association at its meeting; Monday in other banks.

afternoon in tha fluh rooms ovar fha Kor Stecker, and Baskln A Jordan who was In the house, was wounded In the thumb by a bullet. guests of Mrs. William Levy, mother saie association naa gone on recora Atlantic Coast Line depot launched Ior Lewis, President Roosevelt talked to the Authorities were told the men, of William Jr, Allen and Ann Levy, a movement for the organization of Manna oregory vs. Peter Greg, people Sunday night about banking, it wring iaio wiuq iiviiuay uiu that compromises were out of order. who had been in an alleged beer students of the school.

Another a home for railway men and their ory. injunction, Carey A Askew for talked admirably and simply, with Joint near the home of the women. The association also reiterated Its wives on the west coast of Florida, the plaintiff. group held a riding party Tuesday out affectation, no effort at oratorical It was decided to request the varl-1 The circuit calendar ached opposition to any new forms of taxa afternoon, riding out from the Jungle effect. He told the people that he stables.

tion including the sales tax. was going to tell them about bank ous railway men's associations which uled for Judge Hobson for the re contribute to the maintenance of the malnder of the week, beginning to came to the house apparently intoxicated and started a quarrel. One of them started shooting. It was not established definitely which of the two used the gun. lng, and talked so that a child of 12 S.

Baynard of St Petersburg, Several students have passed tests Highland Park near Chicago day, follows: might understand. secretary of the Lower Pinellas Tax in swimming preparatory to quail paruuipaie in me movement. i Wednesday uuirora t. Ken payers' league, who with others from fying as members of the Red Cross New federal reserve money Is No definite location for such a William Feyler et ux, final hearing Bertie Clements was shot four this city attended the meeting, was life saving corps. Carmi Holmes has coming out, hundreds of millions of nome was advanced, but it was the on testimony, with J.

C. Blocker Jr. passed the swimmers' test and Tbaiia named one of seven district gov times and died Instantly. Lacey it. A sample $10 bill lies before the consensus of the meeting that this for the plaintiff and George M.

Bil Holmes and Doris Kithcart have Dyel died on a hospital operating ernors. Other district governors writer. You might like a deserlp pan or norma is the ideal location ger for the defendants. table with a bullet in her back. named are T.

N. Henderson, Tampa; passed the beginners' test, under the supervision of Miss Ruth Cole, ath The two women were said to juouiuuuu, inursday A. Breedlove vs. R. B.

Fuller, Mulberry; Robert Bechtelbelmer, Dade City; George tlon of it On one side Is a picture of Alexander Hamilton, on the other the United States treasury. On the front, above Hamilton's picture, is lve campaign to interest the differ- Louise A. Whitman, a widow, ar-u letic directress of the school. Corrigan, Tampa; Paul L. Vinson, ment, with Booth A Dickinson for Martha Kithcart Thalia Holmes ent railway organizations in the proposal will be carried on.

have come from Mitchell county, Georgia, and police were told their father, George Morey, resides at Pel-ham, Ga. Rutland's FASHION REVUE BALL FRIDAY NIGHT MARCH 17th Models by Junior League and Tourists' Societies Dancing 9 till Floor Show 9:30 Admission 55c Scbring. and Miller Williams, West the plaintiff and B. M. Ekelton and written "National Currency;" below and Carmi made high scores Entertainment at the meeting was Palm Beach.

M. E. Maddox for the defendant that. "Secured by United States Officers named are E. S.

Slough, furnished by three boys from Detroit, "Tom, Dick and Harry," who in the weekly archery contest with Carmi Holmes, Martha Kithcart and William Levy making high Dade City, president; Eugene L. 3 Maryland Casualty company vs. J. M. Hartman, confirmation of sale, with Sutton, Tillman and Reid of gave a program of music and Pearce, Clearwater, treasurer, and scores for flight shooting.

L. Newman, Fort Myers, executive Tampa, for the petitioner. Final "fly-offs" in the Aikln con It was decided to have an oyster secretary. Friday Tax Securities corporation test of Chinese kite flying will be dinner Monday, March 20, in the R. S.

Baynard also was named Bonds Deposited With the Treasurer of United States of America." Under that, in' smaller type, "Or by Like Deposits of Other Secur-Ika" The statement is signed H. Woodln, Secretary of the Treasury of the United States." A few weeks ago Mr. Woodln did not think that he would be signing a new kind of United States money so soon. vs. w.

McKelly et al. in two cases, same vs. L. J. Johnson et al and held today on the Vinoy fill if the wind and weather are suitable.

Eight chairman of the association's finance committee, other members being rooms over the A. C. L. station, the proceeds to go for charity. At that time a musical program will be same vs.

Clearwater Savings and Eat More FISH pupils are qualified for the final Robert Bechtelheimer. Dade City; Loan association, with E. Brobston elimination and a prize will be sponsored by the Rhodes Undertak R. Fuller, Mulberry; T. N.

Hen lng company's orchestra. All railroad If Tampa, representing the plaintiff awarded the one who is able to send his kite the greatest distance up in derson, Tampa, and O. Falk, Tampa men are invited to be present. ol lno Anderson. A meeting of the directors of the the air.

receiver, et ui vs. uraee j. nan ex association has been called for next The name of the federal reserve II PDfillD CI CfTC laI motion to strike, with Merle E. Tuesday, March 21, at the Hilh bank appears on the left of Hamil v. J.

i. unuui tULUlO Rudv for the Dlalntiff and Gam A FOOD from the sea is tasty, healthful and eco AN AUTO SYSTEM Greek autos with even-numbered ton, with a statement that It wlll borough hotel in Tampa, at which G0ULET NEW LEADER PoInm for th8 defendants; C. A. time plans will be made for carrying zemp vs. J.

W. Plnkham et al mo- pay to the bearer on demand dollars." forward the association's state plat- Joseph J. Goulet was elected sen- tion to dismiss and application for tags operate only on certain week, days and the odd-numbered vehicles take the streets on other days under You will like this new money, es form of 35 points, which will be sub- )or counclor of gt Petersburg Coun. receivership, with Sellers A Cooper- nrlivAv 1 a er Sri 1 1 aa I mltted to the legislature. pecially if you get enough of it.

H. cli No. 649, United Commercial Trav- man tor tn Plaintiff and Paul a new government ruling. will buy $10 worth of anything, any The Florida Taxpayers' association ,1 i. im ot America, during a recent IBrlnson for the defendants.

where earth, and a good deal meeting at their 105 more than $10 worth of other cur Fourth street south. OLDACRE GETS 10-DAY counties of the state, with a total membership of 38,000, It was an CORN reticles, including the British. Other officers for the new term in nomical. Just the food to break the monotony of the diet. Fish from Manhattan have that Just out of the-water flavor and freshness.

MANHATTAN MARKET SUSPENDED SENTENCE nounced at the meeting In Tampa, President Roosevelt makes a brief. Those from St Petersburg who at clude Michael W. O'Byrne, Junior councilor; William T. Hood, past Benefit Junior League MILK FUND ftufland Brothers Byrora Oldacre, who police said tended the Tampa meeting were Mr, emphatic demand for beer, "and other beverage of such alcoholic content councilor; John G. Westly, secreta attempted to hang himself In a cell and Mrs.

R. 8. Baynard. C. O.

Lowe, R. Edwin Wolfrath, and Mrs. N. ry-treasurer; Robert L. Butterfleld, as is permissible under the const! in tne city jan rrtday night, was conductor; Curtis G.

Logan, page; riven a 10-dav ausDended aentanca F. Napper and Dr. Clifton. tutlon." The president emphasizes the importance of revenue to balance James M. Miller, sentinel; Julius C.

by Judge Edgar Dunn In city court the budget. One hundred and twenty unman, cnapiain. and executive Tuesday afternoon on a charge of TWO TAKEN IN RAID committee, Jay R. Miller, Frank Intoxication. five million is expected from beer, GET HEARING TODAY Bennett Harry C.

Wright and Jerry Oldacre was released from Mound The return will be much greater W. Wella If thelaw facilitates the selling of Park hospital Tuesday morning. He bad been treated for a gash on his Preliminary hearing for J. D. Rob- Past Senior Councilor James A.

beer. It will be much less other head, sustained when he fell after ertson. charged with possessing and WeIcn waB elocted t0 the wise. transporting liquor, and JohnAngell, he was cut down by a policeman. grand council with H.

K. Wilson, charged with otistructing an officer, Grady Conard, charged with driv President Roosevelt selects Jesse past councilor, Ends Pain Instantly will be given this afternoon at I ing an automobile while under the I. Straus of New York as ambassa. All officers were Installed and as 1 M.W7Zr ill! MSt'l Id lii'l Influence of liquor, was fined $50 and dor to Paris. No better man could o'clock before Magistrate Joe Car penter.

signed to their duties by Special The feet are easily infected. Be careful! Use Dr. Scholl's Zino-oads and given a suspended sentence of 20 be chosen. Deputy Grand Marshal J. L.

Cooper Robertson and Angell were arrest days. be 100 safe! They stnn all oain in. The French will meet, in Mr. stantly; soothe and heal and quickly remove corns. The cause, shoe fric Ft reus, an American business man yt.jL understands this country and ed last week by Deputies Bill Harris man- A Dutch lunch was later and Clyde Keys and Constable Todd 8'rel through the courtesy of Harry Tucker following a raid on Robert- a Kln" and Robert L.

Butterfleld. son's home. Several new applications were COMMITTEE WILL PROBE VALUE OF OIL BURNERS tion and pressure, is ltM Vipportunities, and one, for immediately ended change, who does not go sbroad to The charge of obstructing an brought before the meeting and a preventing corns. teli other countries how much great officer was placed against Angell few re-instatementa. er tney are man me unuea oiaiea.

misters ana sore toes. Get a box today. At all drue. An apartment house owners' committee will make a further into the value of oil burners to when he held Deputy Clyde Keys In Members of the council expressed Oea't cut yasr esras mnt ritk They- will meet In Mr. Straus one ou niwmin 10 ivo nuuenmin unie themselves as more optimistic re- shoe stores.

wno unaersranas aisirsuuon, wmca to destroy some liquor in the house. Larding growth and expansion than aPrtment houses. It was decided at is the greatest problem or toe day, the deputies said. I they have been for years. Business Mr.

Straus Is one of three sons of DrSchoH's (conditions, they said, are decidedly the late Isidor and Ida Straus, who a meeting of the Apartment House Owners' association Tuesday night It was brought out at the meeting that oil burners might be operated at a lower cost than gas stoves. Some of BREWER LANDS SHARK improving and the general outlook is, a banner year for the local or lost their lives on the Titanic, 4 AS CROWD ADVISES HIM nephew of Oscar Straus, who was ganization. Zino-pads Put United States ambassador to Tumey the owners, it was said, plan to Install tbem next year. and a member of the cabinet or Alex Brewer brought in a six-foot $50 CASH IS STOLEN Theodore Roosevelt. mullet shark, weighing about 250 FROM OMAR'S PLACE pounds, from the end of the munici The flag of the German republic pal pier Tuesday night Brewer has been pulled down, and on all The theft of $50 from Omar's POSITIVELY public buildings the old flag or the used a rod and reel.

To add to the excitement of yanking In the sea monster Brewer was hampered by place, at 155 Third street north, was rmmzr mi German empire now floats beside investigated by detectives Monday, according to police reports Tuesday. the Hitler Nazi flag. the hundreds of spectators who Your Last Chance to Hear This The swastika, emblem adopted by Jammed the pier head, most of whom The report said a thief broke a Hitler for his flair, is, perhaps the offered Brewer frequent and copi glass in front of the building, most ancient and universally ueed ous advice on how best to bring in reached in and took $50 from a spot near the cash drawer. the "critter." of ornamental forms on both sera- Dynamic Speaker To See Him In Action To Watch Him Treat Cases on the Public Platform Ispheres. It looks something like Paul Wagner, 8581 Fifty-fourth The shark will be on display at a Jfourtn or juiy pinwneei ana is avenue north, told police Monday the pier head today.

Last summer supposed to have represented the morning that a thief entered his ga Brewer caught two sharks, one of rage and took a power saw valued aun originauy. them of record-breaking size. at $75. long the "black, white, red" HERE'S JIG-SAW PUZZLE former emperor and the Nazi Any heat you want HEALTH FOOD HOUSE will float side by side no- FOR CONFIRMED ADDICTS bocy knows. 36 CENTRAL AVE.

SPECIAL IUU THIS WEEK if Some American citizens were beat MARSHALL," March 14. 11.00 Lac to TO en in Benin yesterday because nu irttrin 1 Deputy Clyde Weatherwax has dis tans took them for Jewa Mr. Hit 1-lb. Can Blond nf ler should read the history of Por covered a puzzle with a "solution par" of about 101 yeara He has given up. at the Snap of a Switch TODAY At 2:00 P.M.

At The THEATER 1850 Central Ave. BOEPT tugal and some other Jew-hating MHrs countries before proceeding with his Weatherwax discovered a truck Psyllium Seed tVK. CAS We 69c l-lb. Ian Black OC. P.ylliam OOC 8-LB.

CAN S1.U anti-Semitic campaign. And some iiiji! body should tell this newest imitat and two trailers upside down in a ditch. All were loaded with Jig-saw puzzles, thoroughly scrambled. or or mussoi ni tnat mere were two kinds of Mussolini The first was RienzL whose career was suddenly ended by a butcher, who thrust his Raid the Safe Deposit Box and Put Your Money to Work knife into Rlenzi's stomach. 2 HOMES Yesterday, In Munich, Count Von A rco-Valley, who 14 years mur dared Curt Eisner, president of Ba "aw -sSiMB CONVENIENT! That's electric cookery.

Just as you snap a switch when you want light, you snap a switch when you want heat You have it instantly as much or as little as you need it, and this is only ONE of MANY advantages offered by Electric Cooking. Cool, clean, economical and best of all, the Electric Range users will find there is more food value retained in foods cooked electri. cally. If you want to know how you can save money on food bills and get better cooking results, come to our store and ask about the "Proper Application of Heat" method of Electric Cooking. varia, was arrested for planning to kill Hitler.

MISS IT! Free Admission No Collection If Hitler and his friends imagine they can carry on a systematic cam gaign or abuse against any carticu. PROF. LOUIS BLOIER lar Class or race, not suffer fru are pictured here and an-other (almost Identical) nearby. Each baa 6 rooms and bath. Near Florida Military Academy it, they will probably find them.

selves mistaken. Yesterday the Eeno Theater was jammed to the doors. Women came for miles to attend a special lecture prepared for them alone. Today we eioect an even. In Vatican City, Pope Plus sees a new war threatening: civil zatlon.

"a war on Human society, on relirinn. larger audience. Don't be reported missing I Dr. Elumer will positively not appear on the public and on God Himself." platform in St. Petersburg again this season.

Don't Stressing the consistory of Graybar-CRAWFORD ELECTRIC R1NGE for only $8.95 Down Completely Installed. Balance Arrant ed ConrenJently. $10 ALLOWANCE finals, the pope painted" a zau to see him treat the sick. Hear him tell you how gloomy picture of the "critical inter, to get well! Come early to avoid standing and to cet a tiBuvuM aiLuatiuii, yreuiuima uis- good seat. Remember the address AT AUCTION TOMORROW 2:30 P.

M. 58th Street and 13th Avenue South Drive down Disslon Boulevard (49th St.) to 15th Avenue South-Turn West to 58th Street aster. "moral, intellectual and spiritual, Inevitably for nations where-ever the church is combatted." ELdPEfllDA PWE! Corporation for your old cookstova dedurted from the regit lar price of the Cray bartrswford. RENO THEATER 1850 Central Avenue The Time 2:00 P. M.

Private Offices Blumer Health System: 501 Empire 302 Central Avenue ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. Free Consultation Extended to March 30 For Transportation to the Sale Phone 7318 FREE GIFTS. We will accept Scrip, Checks, Traveler Checks. In fact, if you have anything normally negotiable we will work out a plan so you can buy.

Tell us what yon have. These home must be sold. Your Price Is Ourst This appears to refer particularly to Spain, Mexico, Russia and Germany. In the last country. Hitler, although himself a professing Catholic, has suppressed Catholic socle-ties and newspapers, and overthrown completely the "Centrist" party, through which Catholics had practical control of the reichstag.

Spain, the new republic deprives the Catholic churcn of all hare in the education of children, and is at work building a gigantic near "university city." AND THESE CO-OPERATING DEALERS 5 DEE BROTHERS Owner's Agents Central Bank Bldg. Ph. BUD SCOTT Auctioneer Arcade Phone 5393 Don't Forget Dr. Blumer iil positively not lecture here KEESLER ELECTRIC CO. SEAMAN ELSTON TRIMBLE ELECTRIC CO.

ACE RADIO CO. ANTHONY ELECTRIC CO. GRANITE STATE ELECTRIC CO. after Wednesday, March 15 If loa Want to Buy or Sell Our Organizations Caa Serve l'ou.

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