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Tampa Bay Timesi
St. Petersburg, Florida
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Page Thrcs ST. PETERSBURG TIMES MONDAY, MARCH 6, X9.1V THOUSANDS WITNESS INAUGURATION OF PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT MRS, ROOSEVELT TAKES FAMILY MAHAFFEY IMPROVED The condition of William T. Ma-haffey, who is Berlously 111 Witt pneumonia at the home of his ton John Mahaffey, 2141 Thayer avenue and Haines road north, it slightly Improved, according to report made Sunday night. Mahaffey Is a well known winter vlsltoi and prominent member of the Thre Quarter Century club. ON AUTO TRIP per cent.

Reichstag seats are allotted one for each 60,000 votes polled. Early returns showed gains for the national government block and losses for the Communists. Of the first 615,000 ballots counted, the government led by 109,000 votes over all other parties. Nazi gains over the Nov, 6 election ranged from 20 to 50 per cent Socialists were holding; their own. The Centrists were registering small gains.

In the last Reichstag the Nazi-Nationalist bloc controlled per cent of the seats. They are seeking at least 51 per cent today. If they fail, Hitler has Indicated he will simply dissolve the Reichstag and rule by emergency decree. Today' HITLER'S RULE GETS APPROVAL Returns Indicate Majority of Germans Voted for Chancellor Kpclal table DUpatch) BERLIN, March 6. Chancellor Adolf Hitler's Iron handed rule received the approval of a majority of Germany, returns from today's Reicnstag election Indicated.

Of the first 14,538,342 votes counted, the government Nazi-Nationalist New First Lady Motors Down To Mt. Vernon for Sight- seeing Party Hy DOKOTIIY HOE WASHINGTON, Murch 6. Mrs. Franklin V. Uoonevelt, following the New Place For DRY CLEANING 113 6th St South CASH AND CARRY.

Special All This Week Suite 9f Prnwd ftuita ('leaned snd FmuMxt uut Dark Panti Cleaned OAa anl Premed Finest Cleaning In, Town 113 6th Street South ar 8eind Ave. Fashion Cleaner was the eighth parliamentary election since 1919. iuirnornoriul custom of new arrivals i the capital, took the family and loc polled 7,383,913, a majority of iXint alKht-Hecing this afternoon. Kindlng herself with an afternoon $3 DAMAGE TO CAR Approximately $5 damage was done to a light sedan owned by Sam Peg 2325 Third avenue north, Sunday morning when a hot motor set the car on fire. Firemen extinguished the faze.

free from routine of official social duties, the new first lady 228,885. Aside from general "gains all over the country, Nazi increases In the south of Germany, where heavy losses had been expected, was the most surprising feature of the results. The voting was marked by numer buiiol her sons, her daughter, her uaughicra-in-luw and her secretary into three White lloune cars, and iiWay thoy went through th'e bril-Iiuik sunshine to visit the historic ous minor (lashes throughout the Reich and a major Communist street home of the firt president at Mt battle at Creslau, but the three dead and scores of wounded, were not in Vernon. Even Meggie, Mrs. Hoose velt'a Scotch terrier, went along.

PORK CHOP and Applesauce BAKED CHICKEN Family Style TODAY ROAST BREAST OF SPRING LAMB With Dressing 19 The Mt. Vernou home Is not open to visitors on Sunday, but a special exception was made In the case of the president's family, and for a happy, carefree hour they wandered 14c through the beautiful old rooms. 21C IP Mrs. Roosevelt had expected to excess of previous election casualty rolls. Of the first 8,000,000 votes counted, the government combination received 2,800,000, 200,000 short of 60 DO HEADACHES DRIVE YOU CRAZY? It's the worst kind of folly to dope and drug; yourself every time you spend the day at home, getting ac Many other choice foods equally low priced CAFETERIA Tacking the immense plaza in front the national capitol in Washington, thousands of Americans gathered from every corner of the nation for the Inaugural ceremonies for President Franklin D.

Roosevelt Here is a general view made during the president's inaugural address quainted with the White House, but she is not one to live her life oy schedule, and the Mt. Vernon out 3445 First Ave. North 7 ASSUME THE LEADERSHIP" lng was arranged on the spur of the Old Time Fiddlers' moment Earlier In the day the president, Mrs. Roosevelt and the entire family Contest Scheduled f. attended the regular Sunday morn nave one of those blinding, tnroo-bing headaches.

For drugs only relieve the pain for the moment, and lng services at St. Thomas' Episcopal church, where they used to go when i ew iva An old time fiddlers' contest will V- be held in Williams park Thursday Roosevelt Attends Service at Church I WASHINGTON, March 5. (JT) In the soft dim light of St Thomas' church. Franklin D. Roosevelt today reconsecrated himself to his nation's welfare in sirapfe communion with his God.

Outside, a wide and smiling sky from which the sun beamed brightly in a little while the headache returns worse than ever and you havt Mr. Roosevelt was aaxistaut secretary of the navy, back In war times. in connection with the band con I 'a. to drug yourself all over again. You've got to get at the cause.

cert. W. A. Kenmuir, chairman of the band committee, invites all the old time fiddlers in the county to i'rhere were 11 of them in all the president and the first lady, Mr. and Poisons created in your own body cause these severe headaches, and FREE EXAMINATIONS FOR NEXT SEVEN DAYS Dr.

J. S. Riley makes. Free Offer of Complete Examination, Including Consultation, Advica, Chemical -Analysla and Blood-Prenure Teat, During the Next 7 Days. Now Is the Time to Be Examined.

Diabetes, Bright's Disease, Cancer, Tuberculosis and Similar Diseases Do Not Remain In DOUBT HELP May Be At Your Door See the Physician whose success has been phenomenal In the treatment of oil these diseases. Graduate of all schools of healing. you must remove the poisons to get relief of a lasting nature. down, spread a bright canopy about the gray-walled Episcopal edifice to By starting the new harmless Cream of Nujol treatment, today, you may free yourself from, this participate in the contest which will be under the supervision of Barney Thomas. Contestants are asked to register at the recreation office in the city hall not later than Wednesday.

There will be no charge for regis-t rat ion. The contest will decide the county champion and a first and second prize will be awarded. which the new executive went With his family for his first worship as president It was first Sunday In Lent and communian day. President Roosevelt and his kinfolk, drank from the chalice along with the congregation. Steep-spired St.

Thomas', in which constant torment. This new form of Nujol is specially designed to rid you of poisons which very often cause this condition. Cream of Nujol contains no drugs, and does not in any way interfere with work or play. It is delicious to take. Moreover, you can use this i the president served as a vestryman i ears ago when assistant secretary modern treatment at a cost of but a few cents a day.

DONT DELAY J. S. RILEY, M. D. Magnolia Arcade, 3rd Floor By the Postoffice 1st Ave.

N. Office Hours: 9 A. M. to 5 P. M.

CALL TODAY OPERETTA DATE CHANGED North Ward school operetta, "Peter Rabbit" will be presented Thursday night at the Mirror Lake Junior high school, instead of Friday night because of the meeting of the teachers in Tampa that day. It has been Mrs. James Roosevelt Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Roosevelt, Mr.

and Mrs. Curtis Dall, the two younger boys. Franklin Jr and John, and the president's mother, Mrs. James Roosevelt Sr. At 4 o'clock this afternoon the president mother attended a special patriotic service at the Washington cathedral.

Crowds stood about the White House lawn all day, eager for a glimptte of the new White family. Many New York frlrnds of the Roosevelt! called early In the aft-ernoon. Mrs. Roosevelt rewived them in the blue room, wearing a tailored afternoon frock of Eleanor blue. At church this morning sha wore an oxford gray tweed suit, a small black straw hat and a silver fox Jtcarf.

Tomorrow the president and his wife will entertain the visiting governors and their wives at ljincheon In the White House. Mrs. Roosevelt Intends to make It a rule that the first floor of the beautiful old mansion be opn to the public even more than it has been in the past, and she Intends to greet the visitors in person as often. Take Cream of Nujol nieht and of the navy, will be his regular place of worship. God-speed, well-wishes and a pledge of loyalty from his church came to him at St Thomas'.

morning. Begin this very night and give it a real trial. Buy it at any drug counter, MiMsklMMsiljssBsjk In trse wt)ti-ij Kruiklin I). Roofevelt, new pre.Mil' nl of tlie United Htates, informs the nation tint he will demand wartime powers If necessary to meet the national emergency. He is shown speaking from the gland whera the oath of office '-was administered a fa mctvntj tvEfra as possible.

meets tomorrow to decide BRITISH STILL SHOW FAITH IN U.S.-DOLLAR whether to trade in dollars. Roosevelt Comment Sir Frederick Lelth-Ross and John Maynard Keynes met with the treas ury experts today. BULL LINE FREIGHTER IS (SlMvlal able Dispatch The Time.) LONDON, March 5. British faith in the dollar was evidenced here to-day as British treasury officials manifested unusual activity for Sun day. Hartford Conn.) Courant Presl-dent Roosevelt's inaugural address glosses over none of the difficulties In which the nation finds Itself.

Leadership having been reposed in him, he will nelt her shirk nor evade it FLOATED BY GUARD BOAT 1'rominent economists insisted thas if dollars are quoted tomorrow, an attempt be made to keep the pound from rising to a high figure against them. The report persisted, however, that the dollar would be quoted at against the pound. A bankers committee of foreign exchange officials of London banks The Bull Line freighter Irene, which ran aground in Tampa bay near Davis Island Thursday afternoon, was floated by the U. S. Coast Guard cutter Raukee of Base 21 late Saturday.

The freighter will continue to Baltimore after picking up cargo here and a load of phosphate at Tort Tampa. fVri yT WpM I U' 1 'ifs-i shUfv Vy Buffalo Courier Kxpress The demand (Hoosevelt's) for action will meet with earnest approval from the people. Jt Is the one thins; they ilemand; it is the one thing they ned. Its lack is the chief thing from which they are now suffering. All the leaders in Washington, big snl little, if thy are wise will Join Mr.

rioosevelt in achieving it There can be forward movement only when there is unity of mind as well as unity of purpose. CQ a a a Ed I 9th St. and Central Ave. Binghamton (N. Sun Mr.

Roosevelt's address was reassuring, thoughtfully prepared and ably constructed to meet Immediate popular sentiment It should have a wholesome effect of 7 Little Rock (Ark.) Gazette Pres ident Roosevelt was not mtatakin the temper of the public mind when be said that the people of the United States want "direct vigorous action." ILLUSIONi And the very words that called on all the people and all the interests of the nation to submit themselves to discipline and direction under leadership had' In them the assertion It's fuw to jbt Jwoztd of unfaltering leadership. In India, the fakirs present a spectacle to tourists. Two lovely performers break bottles and lamp chimneys before the eye of the audience, and throw the jagged pieces into bos already filled with broken strp barefooted into the bo and do an Oriental dance in the glass without injury. EXPLANATION! The performers toughen their feet In a strong o- lution of alum water and thoroughly rub them with pulverized resin before hey appear. They throw the freshly broken glass around the idget of the platform.

The glass on which they actually do dance ia very thick, heavy, and filed or ground to that the sharp edges are rounded off. The giria just pretend to dance on the tharp glass. Sooacs "Magie Stage Illusions anil Scientific Divertitmr" by Albert A. Hopkins, Uunn Co-, Sat Yoti. SPECIALS FOR TODAY BUT1TEE1, lb.

ICc Richmond Times-Dispatch Mr. Roosevelt has the opportunity to carve himself a niche in the hall of fame with the greatest Americans. CKEAM VtV I II hi 1'HAIHIK The man and the opportunity are met During the next few months millions of anxious eyes eyes of CORN, No. 2 5 men and women who ordinarily 1 MMdlt NEW One of the tricks of cigarette advertising is to pretend is an exclusive process.making one cigarette better than any other. EXPLANATION I All cigarette manufacturers use heat treatment.

It is a routine process of manufacture. The first Camel cigarette ever made was manufactured under the heat-treating evince tittle interest in matters of government will turn to Washington for some Indication that hopes for a better future were well founded. POTATOES, Ho. 2 Can 5s Sunbrite Cleanser, 2 cans 9c COFFEE, Senate, lb. 23c process.

Every one of the billions of Camels produced since has received the necessary heat treatment. Harsh, raw tobaccos require inten sive processing under high tempera tures. The more expensive tobaccos, which are naturally mild, call for only a moderate application of heat. Heat treatment never can make cheap, inferior tobacco good. 'T 7" a 'act' know" by leaf tobacco experts, that Camels art mad from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE tobaccos than any other popular brand.

This is the most important statement ever made in a cigarette advertisement. Cincinnati Enquirer The president has spoken bold and strong words. Their transition into action, immediate action, is the need of the hour. SLICED. NO.

CAN Pineapple, Del Monte 15c BEAHS, Stringless, lb. 3 DRIVERS OF CARS WITH '32 TAGS FACE ARREST Drivers of cars with, 1932 license 'aw will-be subject to arrest today, onstables Todd Tucker and Victor aulord announced the drive against with last year's tags would tart this morning. Two local agencies sold approxi APPLES, Fancy York, lbs. 19c Weigh its words. Consider what it means.

Then try Camels. Camels are the air-tight, welded Humidor Pack. Celery, large crisp stalks 5c GOtm AM) A1KA1 mately 1,000 tags during the last These sales exceed those for month of February. It is estimated that there arc approximately motorists in the dty who are driving cars with old tags. Lamb Stew, lb K'-ik 7c iVO TRICKS Wjngai, ajimai xwMaa uopauf 4 FKEMI ROUND Hamburger, 3 lbs.

25c JUST COSTLIER TOBACCOS lOCMi AMI TENDER CalS Liver, lb. VEAGER IS IMPROVING The condition of T. Teager, 4435 First avenue north, who suffer ed a slight stroke Tuesday is re-ported slightly Improved. Yeager Is confined to Bt. Anthony's hospital i ti.

I i. f.l trj. fc I -1 .1 jjr BLEND A MATCULES 11 -P--BJ.

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