The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 2, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 2, 1937
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T "E DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP Mftn-rm™** .„ .... . - J -M-dAW A. 1 J-J f f ^J VOL. XXXJII—NO. 207 Tilythevllle Courier mylhevllln Herald Illylhr-vlJie D.llly Mississippi valley. Lender ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, SINGLE COPIES FIVL CENTS II *! OTfl IHIIII 1° hirf and Neighboring U. U, UiLLL VII ILL States Rocked by Quake PI IT COLUMBUS, O., Mar. 2 (UPI- lili I A s " sllt cnl 'l |l <l |ll » lt < ! rocked Ohio «U. I lend pa r (., O f adjcl-iliig states nfc 16 idjciiiiig 9:45 A. M. <E. S. T.) today. ,'.. TJje.Hshpck's Intensity was inii- 11nrivi.^'throughout Ohio, northern Kentucky and West Vlreinla. ~ . ijorts Indicated It lasted 00 seconds. ..'.'. No damage was rcporlcd cx- crpl for broken dishes anil minor casualties.* •< .For a,-brief'period windows In • -. — •#<•••, -..<:• I'puscs. rallied,..violently, buildings PITTSBURGH, Mar. 2- (UP)— s '™.vr$:-.':. •' The mammoth United States' Steel I-'- Viifliolly all Ohio cities report- Corporalion will announce" a yvagc- l ) lc ll ' cn >or had been noticed. Increase for thousands of its eni- ' lllc > center of the quake HEOIJDEPARTMENT UNDERllRE feighboring 1 vino- 11 T I n " ' ~~ " —+ '*• •If**?u n,, a t« ^yiH' JJJWI1 oil .lob in'Pi'Avoiif .CJii'lL-^ nnnnruri T uni/n I.L_ u •• . mmi/r-i.^rT S P'>wn on job to Prevent Slrikc f':t^ l;,xpeclefi Announcements Will Add Many Millions lo Payrolls mon labor. Numerous ......n.,, vii *i.j till- i i ~"T •*" "« int; ploye.s and also will adopt a 40-! nct ^ ct ' n "determined, hour work week with time nnd n' half for overtime, the Pittsburgh 1' said today. . A $5 a day minimum .wage' for common labor, now:- gelling i n i most ' hisiances $4.20, a day, will! be established by the corporation w.iilte. Ihe 40-hour work week, ex-' peeled to consist of five e'ight- Jiour days each week, will supplant the present 48-hour week the I'rcss said. Means 585,000,000 Yearly First of the corporation's subsidiaries to announce the changes in wages and hours were ilie American steel and Wire Co', and'the National Tube Co., both announcing the 40-hour work week and "'" S5 a day minimum for cbm- mdependent steel companies already have announced the ?5 pay minimum and: 40- liour work week." If the pay raise is extended to nil of the 485,000 steel workers in Ihe iiulustij, appioxunatelj $80000 000 is expected to be added t'o lie annual payrolls This is about the s.unc as vas added «hen a 10 PCI cent pay increase last Novembei steel emplois "tout 50.000 salaried worker™ irt .addition to the 48;>,000 paid on an -hoinly basis f*\,.- _ i'lans _ General Increases ^ weeie-Illinob Steel Corpora: urgest subsidiary of U s -•'" will swing into line with a wage announcement at 3 p m orhj, the P.CS, , lld , m f' t ™ 40 ho,!, week also being adopted Time and a half would be paid for work over 40 hours a week or over eight hours ,n day, it 'was- re- .While Carnegie-Illinois w) n adopt the $5- a day minimnn, for common labor,, which, comprises afcont seven per cent of its 100 000 employes, • pay increases will He given also for the, skilled and ami-skilled - workers. comprlsuV •>'J per cent of .the workers, tiie 1'icss said.-' • • .. Will GiveThgree Work had Poinls Way; (o Solution .VilBl Pi : 6l-lems Hi Congress' John McHaney Announces Alfiermanic Candidacy The CouiJei News was aulhorl/ed i to,lu> by jo'm c Mellnney Ji. to i make foniinl announcement of his candidacy for alderman of (lie .second wnul jit Ihe Apill mtmlcipil ckrllun Mi Mcllaney, widely known as "'" monument man.' lias been n tion Hasl Main Street Merchant j Makes Announcement j of Candidacy ' i :_, L- • • •' \ G. H. Grear, long-time Blytheville merchant, today authorized the Courier News, to make formal j announcement of .his, candidacy for Ihe office of .mayor of Elythevillc at the April municipal election . Mr. Grear has been in business in Blythevillc for 15 years, operating a retail grocery slore on east Main street. 'Sir. Grear says that this year's political campaign is to ba a follow- up of his very gratifying but unsuccessful campaign'of two years ago He solicits the friendship and support of the voters in the forthcoming election. •.• • ' No promises 1'iave. been made to anyone and no promise will! be made except that he will attempt to serve Blytheville and .-iier c'iti- zens'to the best 6f;h'is L ability,?Mr. Grtar announced. ,- : . •Siding down' to pment n sltdown strike, the abo,e woikeis at 'the Englc Ottawa 'Leather Co in Grand Haven, Mlch, guarded the plant as a prevent!,* mme ulien ™Ls of a C o sli-ike staied The-wo, kmen ,,rc members-of the United Leather Workers, affiliated will,' the American Fed m ™n^" }>C n t! ' e *""" r " m ° rS ='-'«•.'-"-""^ leaders called for ^i," lc™i iOO men from .among the total 150 plant workers, 'itc and slept : on'the Job, planned fo slay until the £(rlke threat ended. The management approved. ' . way Into- five Feet lo Water, Nearjurrell ' ! ArtSir. ' and 4lrs - - ' . ,- tho>,t«-o VJr.'.- M. F. -Gathwright Succumbs at' Hospital in Memphis serious li oyertdriied ' . .Arch Masons, Thursday [if- j th «* - %Pi and .la'iiiled"lli" almost Icrnoon.:.beginning at 5 o'clock. V B V e fe ^ of watcr.^bSiitVd.tiaVler •—— of a niiic" north'of-TUrrfill '- '; /fhey,ha| visited -frienils'aiiS'at- i tended, a "show in iVfemphls oiihday and were • returning home silortlv Y!f, ' mlt fniffht when tiicir,: car skidded on' a patch of ice on the highway, lit the saiiie time blowing out a lire; and plunged over the rnillng into a field of backwater that had not receded, from the rise of several weeks ago. Mr. Crockett, an Osceola merchant, stated that they owed their MANILA, Ark.—Funeral services irill be held here Wednesday aller- noon for Mrs.' ,Slella Ann Galh- wright, wife of the Rev. M p Gathwright, pastor' of the Manila Baptist, church, .who died at 3-30 Monday :af£ernoon *at the,'Baptist hospital, Memphis, .after a week's illness of influenza.flnrj pneumonia Mrs. Gathwright,' : .w'ho"' was ' 64' years old, was born at Farinersvilie, La. Her marriage to the Rev. Mr. Gathwright occurred. 46 years ago. Sucvlying^ier, .bssides.her husband, are three'sons, Graten a., of Litll-> Rock, and Clyde and Otis, o f Lon» B^ach. car., and one daughter. Mrs.^ Ernestine Steel ; of Long She also leaves a sister B. Clark of Parmersvills and a brother, Buddy Tarkingtou of Shreyeport, La. The Gatlnvrighis - c amc 'to Manila about three years ago. The funeral, which will-bo heid al the Baptist tomorrow afternoon, will be conducted by Ilie/Rei-: Alfred icirpenter P > S ^ r -^ f - hs First Ba l>'ist' church of Blytheville. Deacons of t.he.Ma- nila church, who' will 'fe' mllbear- ^.'..,. a _ re ; W ,-. L ' T !«"»W..Arnold Beach. Mrs. J Colony Is First • ig Taxpayer To Sciile For 1937 Sheriff and Collector. Hale Jack? son has received, a check for $20 -' 04431, payment In lull of Dyess Colony taxes due this jeai. '. 'Hie payment, made • the Colony the first large taxpaye, in the county to pay 1037 taxes. Tax book? for the Osceoln district, were openf ed only o few. days ago. Those for" the Chickasawba district aie not yet open but,probably will b= In a fe.w days.. ,- . ' , The Dyess Colony -payment, the ^heriff jsald,; will probablj be ex r * ce2ded>1n size oiily-by those of th# FrUco railroad atfii Lee Wilson Oo Development ol Dycss Colony has meant a substanliat addition to the county's tax : revenues, iwxes on most pf tjie >rea .now embraced in the colony'had been in default for a number of years prior to purchase of the land by Dyess Colony, Tnc Confirms Report Coo'ey '' Will Resume County Post County Judge S. L. Gladish of Osceola today confirmed the ic- port that Paul E. cooley, former county raudilor, now employed in , - ••••• — «»iu' Memphis, is lo return here as conn- " " nc to " ffortl Protection foi the entire iwilod of hi., t ^\ otnct here except lor n few month when he lirM cn»ie . I" 15 c "'y inoiniinent ard memoilal •WAPHINOTOM," Mar 1 (Ul"-l ! "'? '" lhl<i viclll| l>'. malnlaiu- I'rcsldral Hooscvelt sen't a special' ! '! ls OK ," "'"'" mrssare. to -con C rcw lodav, point- !bL,,inel? PCr ,L°*"^ " S WCl1 " 5 " '.- .««,«, leo^b'lshmek off &beSe'' ,,rinte^ in ^^ Hlld Bailey Reported Displc'as- „,„,, c fl W'^ Administration ca»ic hcie. u s | s ! of Dr. GiaVSOll ' llCllt ftt«/l lllOMlfl, Inl «/^Vli "R*-ln« wa,.; nnd i«uh Ml -\ ^ ™ 0 » Ilo , hl ' ^ tatlrn. B ,'• nroWi-m lio - • ri,.«, nt,»,i ""A"" 1 wlh those of, the p YOU BY BOB BURNS , ... .u, ^ JJVlltjAM/j|, Fowler. Mike, Dicker, GCO.-C !•„. qua. Daniel Johnston antl Dr w P. : Hutchlns. Burial., will"be here. New York Cotton NEW YORK, March 2. (UP)Cotton closed very ste'ajy. Mar. .. May .. July .. Oct. .. Dec. open high < low close 1328 13-12 1317 1310 1289.J1300 J 1284 1300 1267 1275 1281 1274 1215 1220 1229 1219 1205 1210 H93 1210 1204 1205 12!)0 120H 1 think one reason why this country has advanced so fast' is because we travel so much that don't take long for new ideas . ^.. v.,,,^, % ,i ci , y rtC Q t.jjejj. J^., escape to the fad that the e,nr jf' latided right- side no and ^ftn^vi I c-' I'"," '""-' *""" l * :ry Jiyrt sjowly into the water, enabling ^ "* ^^ nt I3C0 ' "P 10 ' them .to break the windows and s • . •swim to the highway. They walked TI ^ . A «r3jrei s 13.43 b ack to Turren b j t wer^S j .SLTSS, W^'^ to (he Blytheville Bo.irri to seep i n to ll|Q n out " of " Ui( places, re,- instance, we way" never come thai city man lhat viVe'l.i come I ™" .^ C , re .°" b'^css. We didn't but an old-fashioned • ,, i '' 1 r^rrs^'^ryl never have no teeth pulled?" and the city man says "Yes, but I il- •^fj^! ."? .^ *<»« -"1 .- —- M^.IV in Hi u it; I mlclnllllfT rnt tni lo awaken anyone who had a tele- natlvi '. g » Phone. They wailed In a small ' atC(l - spot mar cafe until six o'clock when they called Mr. Crockett's brother cio- vis Crockelt, of Wilson, t o come for Ihem. of Trade. TI« i.. .i . '"• " u " e wnu 1 m In the city where i can set painless dentist." 8 That slarled FJoc and finall o New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, 'Mar 2 (UP)— Colton futures pushed Into new- highs today allc r a brief period ot idleness following yesterday's rise „, ,„., ., ^ nulu ^uyn t° season tops. Remands for March licre In the Crockett buildlnV cotioa because of a 20 t^r cent de 'crease in the Brazilian crop, due lo Insect damage, shot the market 1 minor cut.s and bruises and nervous shock. Mrs. Crockett, who operates the Bonim Beau-1 iy Shop, is back at work today. Lambert operales a service station at the 1 Missouri state line. Conner operates a .radio shop Kciscr Superintendent Hurt KBfSER, Art;.—W. E. Pigg, superintendent of the Keiser school was painfully injured Salurday Hocks, toj night in an automobile accident Well, you can come up anvltnie now and git our teeth' pulled bc- I can make it n ! while en route to the basketball tournament in Osceola. His car and another collided near the "Y" on May July 2 lo 10 points. open high i ov C]OM 1310 ,320 1305 1323b ly auditor this week. Jud»e pladish said he had b»- come convinced since he entered Ihe office 'of county judge on Jau- iiary 1 that the county required the full-time services of an auditor. Previously he had announced that the audiior's job would be' reduced to a part-time basis and appoints J. P. Lentl. head of a local firm of public accountants, ns auditor Mr. Lenll accepted the position on the condition that it would re quire only part-time work, as he did not. care to give up his private accounting practice. Mr. Cooley is expected to reliirr here Thursday. , Manufactured "in the norlhen part of the Netherlands, Edam (Jlieroes are marketed principally in Alkmaar. Hosing Stock Prices .l.'£W YORK, March 2 (UP) — The Improved tone to the steel labor situation carried steel shares —notably u. s. Steel common slock —to new highs for several years today and brought strength lo the entire markelt. Trading volume slackened after an initial opening rush which found U. s. Steel coming out on a block of 10,000 shares at 115 5-8 for a fractional gain. H advanced loK'ard the 120 mark for more than 4 I»ints gain to a new high since 1931. Railroads jollies while sclecl- nve buying appeared In other SEC- Progress of-Work Assures Protection for Crops Says Meyer Flow ot water Ihiongh bleaks In Drainage District 17's state line levee lias been stopped, John VV. Meyer, district engineer, announced this morning. Not only has the Hater been stopped, he said, but the work ot closing ttu\ levce^gap? lias proceeded so fai that'the-lc\ee is'cer- tain to be in condition lo protect farm lands east of the. Big Uike- Little Rivei floodway fiom any subsequent, ilse that may occur :hLs year " " M .v •The state line bieaks weie W source of waler .lhat flooded be- lueen 60,000 and 70000 acres of faun land east of the floodway a iiltle over n month ago Tile water has now reccdea lion, most of the area. Tile \\oik of clobing breaks in the west floodway levee belon- Mnndalay Mill start in aboul a week and there 'k every icason to expect that it will tatlni. • a pioWem lie desirlbed as "en? of. the mnst vllil Jft.s of nnllounl concern." 'llie nrcsldent's message was for| ll>c spcclllc inirjiosc of Iramnnl- llng n. report wvltt-n by his ccmmittec nn Inrliislrlnl nnnl>n-. after an c.\haus!lvc study or 'the eld NHA. - . "In my rrlnlon," the ureMdcnl said; "il (the report) will paint the way io Ihe solullon of manv vcxhiT nrcbl»ms of legislation ami ntlmlnislrntlon hi one of the most vital sutJcclsV of national concern." ',. " Allcmptcil Ton Itlucli The committee . renorl, sliljmit- Icd by Mr. Roosovelt, nolcti Iho nation's progress' toward economic recovery under, the Ml?A but criticized that .agency n;, Ijavhi" ntlcm.oled lo do loo much Major -points In the committee analysis: < That NIlA - -• ---- >r>^>JV \n HIU Cdy Hint he will 'make an earliest active ciroit lo souc the cllys /cn.s if elected • nnd UTTLF ROCK, Mar. 2 Senator Clyde Ellis, reliable souriei icvcalert. will introduce a Mil In the senate late today lo abolish the slalo health dcpait- aided subslantially hi incieaslng total wnijc distributions and Initialing the nation toiviml snlutlon of quesltons al- fcctln-> labor.- That the NRA program was rspcclolly handicapped by the ef-ior at fort to do too imreh too (a-,ti planes (lllll t\,nl „ k _ I.. , . V 1 . I ""IH. 1 Pi ogies? of Gei many's Aeiial Aims Progiam Revealed nt London tONDON, (Ul>)_C3ei- i'T? 1 '- sw ' ru ? ««nnlng. has t.lp- ed hei nir force In the last ycai tn " '"'".I of moic thnn 2,000 . - i nnd bombeis rcsponsl- Lle qiuut'is here icvcaled today The Unllcd Press obtained access to a tellable icport In London which sniil that consc-rva tl*e eitimates showed Germany s 03(j consisted of 50 iqui about ISO "nrsl line' and that ceitnln trade piactlce provisions, Intended to raise - u. /stabilize pi Ices, tailed to, function sallsfactoilly' 1 That Loth management ,„„„ laboi atlcmpted lo underlakc Im- praclicablc and unworkable provisions and, that even Minnie imit- (ers ' such ' • maxicnum prices <tcc\ lojicd plexity farm operations in thai area Mr Meyer said. ' The work now in progress at Ihe stale line and'-to be started soon oil the west floOdwny levee is of . temporary nature, Mar Dec Jan. Nol long after that, u, c cily lower lip, a minor cut .'on ton "i man went up lo Doc Hocks' office "I* lead, and Injuries that may h f C , sa ?f ' A T c11 ' ni hav « to fsull in the loss of several teeth avc a tooth pulled, but" |,c says " is «r aas wrecked. The driver ll V/MI Ki.p<» ...* T -i ., ~"^»; _ f it _ •>- \JIIVC1 other car was not Injured. 1285 1295 1263 1271 1211 1217 1212 1217 1212 1217 Mr. pigg sustained injuries to his I Spols Cl05 ed slcady at 'iru 'i'm i >wer lin. » minor rnl'n.* *- . ' "I* '• 1279 1257 1203 1206 1212 1294 1270 1217 1217 1217 if yon hurt me, I ain't gonna of l'»y .von." DOC says "Jest sit right there in that chair and •"•now me which toolh mi Pimantcc that you won't feel a | niaii 53^ down in the choir, * tooth that was hurlln'; lildi. Joe" and in Chicago Wheat . open high i ow 1323-41337-8132 .. P« Iwnied-fo him and closc 133^2 115 1-8 May ' - a "All right, Joo, stun him!" ' Jul Chicago Corn operi high 1 QW (,]„„ j 107*3-4 \07Va 10? ,073-8' 102 1023-8 101B-8 102 1-3' Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, Mar 2 (UP) —Hogs: receipts, 12 000 Top 10.25 170-230 Ibs. 10.10-10.25 Light weights, 6.75-9.55 Bulk sows. 9.35-9.65 Cattle: receipts, 4000 Steers, 7.50-9.50 Slaughter steers, 6.00-12 25 Mixed .heifers .and yearling. siaughier heifers. O.OO-lo'sn " 8 ' 5 ° Beef cow-s, 4,75-5.75 Cutters and low culler.? SMltft and T 173 3.3 lions. American Waterworks' .. 25 1-4 Anaconda Copper .' Co 3-8 Bethlehem Steel 97 1-2 Chrysler [jj Cities Service ..." Coca Cola HI 7-8 General American Tank General Electric 61 3-B General Motors ...;... 081-2 International Harvester McKcsson-Robbins Montgomery Ward New York Central Packard Phillips Petroleum 53 3-8 Radio Corp ,. 113-4 St. Louis-San Francisco 4 1-4 Simmons Bed 54 3-8 ftanrlard of-. N J 73 Studebaker 191-4 Texas Corp 52 U S smelting ... gi U S Steel ; no i Warnfr Bros Zonlld Meyer £nid,-but the u. S. engineers have , minimum wages homs and intntnum, unusual cam- That final NRA policy, emerg- ST in the agency's "last dajs," was In* harmony «lth mtti- Ihi5l ' laws. • The repoit was written by nn economics ptofessor, an attorney - manufacturing executive and a* il vlj( 1C«I£)U1I IO ........... ,.i B fc.^Ujlltl VU I11H1 be completed i^eprcscntative at oraanizeit labo protection for , 1'raises Kcport '•The report of 'the commtltec,' Mr. Roosevelt said, "should furnish invaluable aid to ihe con- eress -in- the consideration nnd determination of vital legislative problems." •••"Thta. report,' with its • admirable. . well, balanced weighing of - ..-.,, in- controversial- SMIICS and Its 1m- cludmg the bringing up to grade!" 111 " 111 review- of. compljcaled of about iwo miles of the stale} Actual situations, .provides a dh- reconstruction of. the lewis mes of the stale • suaons, .provdes rtis- line levee which is low and which Pnsslona'lc consideration of a hosl was wns 'damaged by niood water flowing over it last January.- Manila Mayor and City Marshal Resign MANILA, Ark., Mar 2—c W ' ' Mr " noosc vclt's message, rimnin, Tipton, mayor of Manila" for five:( cnly fotlr Paragraphs In length, terms, and A. D. Brecden cily cont! "" L ' d "° 'tcfmite lecommcnda-, resigned their offices -a! 1 ' 0 ' 1 * for congresslonnl acllon on last night's mcetin<r of the cilv! llew NRA Ie eislation. The icport showed the German air force a yeai later comprhcil 157 squadrons, lotalfti'g 2,050 fi'.ht- ing Blrcrnfl. .Wfnoiik some immcdlale reserved but omitted the li reserved but number of pails Germany's airplane . ^ - ....,-.... capacity ha, pU,cd ah- John L, Lewis . Calls 350 Woikeis'from'Pemlsyl- vania Coal Shaft UWONTOWN/p7 Mar of problems as to which etno- lion, self-Interest, and prejudice have loo frequently obscured the —••• Irulh. ., jMIn "It- Is worthy of Ihe most serl- : Tlic self-enlombcd miners ous consideration by the congress!demanded collccllon of "'iminr and should be made available forf f i"cs by their employer the «5miii- \Vlf\eiet\rarir1 rl,,,t,, « „ ,1 .It I .. t TTntn,^ !**--•, . _ ' vl11 ' *JU»H The bill, which Is said lo have -l llll > uppiova! of oov Ctvtl r Bailey, win crtnte a stale health commission to be composed of one phjslciaii from each CYIII- grcwlonal djstrict in the woik of Hie department Insle.ul of Ihe pieienl board H v,as said that Ellis' bill nlioli ktiny the present 'board would, enable Governor Bailey to ic- nune Ihe presenl health department superintendent, Dr. w u Grajson, who, while not openly " opposing the pre*?"'/, Mlmtnislra- tlon, u kllown lo |1B1C favolcc( nntl-aclintnlstradoii persons In the filling of county health ollices ! r ,"?, r f ", sed to comment on the, fact that he would intioduce the bill but close friends of the Bcn- omllle. senator explained that he- had asked that It be written foi introduction late today Dry 1)111 Sent Back ' The Smllb-coleman prohibition bill was re-ieferred lo the temperance committee by vote of the senate. The committee had passed favorably upon the lueasmo during u hnsty session yesteiday Senator Ellis' rural electrification, bill pnssed umuumoush}'TIMS'". measure uauld eirebie commmnU cooperates to boirow from government fund ifoi' at of eleclilcipo.<er lfi?cs 'to ""inniunllles. "* ' i The Senate T pn.ised- ">s 'fe 1 o T 'fhS' WarHeW bill Mo „ erf ate a state fiood control commission to j co- OHllnate on Rood piojccts wilh the cxceplion of Ihosc affcc'ling easlein Arkansas Improvement districts •> < Bond Measure I alls, ' ' A bill to require county officers to post surety bonds failed of passage, 13 to 19 Senator E c dalhlngs of West Memphis gave notice'he ttould^nsk reconsidem- }fThe r house of' rei J reser''aili'e.'! ) dilring the moinlng senior j\ 0 ' " 'p! make House, BtlliSgl' L\x Qrirlton Harrh, Jeifersoli 'county '' special order foi Wcdnesday'mbin-' ' ng -The bill, according lorttarrls < « a compromise measure Which «ould allow the state department (o assume the" eel indebtedness of'all free bn! dlstricls in the slate ' Would Save Senate Scat*' !„ i cut] pread study and discussion." council, a month bafore (tie c.vpira lion of Iheir terms. • Guy McHenry, eity recorder, au- tomatienlly succeeded Mr. Upton as mayor, j. o . Kackley, formerly a livestock dealer here, was named' cily marshal. Mr. McHenry slated j That development is not expected for a month or so, nfler congressional action on ths president's program to reorganize the federal judiciary. Asks $20,000 Damages for Death on Highway Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Leech have M,,,,M " —.=-•, - •-»-• ••••••Mem, w been named defendants In a $20- for i mi J- Brcedon's reason 000 damage suft filed In circuit JOT quilling oince was similar. He court here today by Ihe admlms- has purchased a farm at Doniphan, Slratrix of the estate of a negro wo- •«o and P lai« to inovc there this'man who was fatally injured wlier Mayor Tipton resigned because ne recently moved to a new home outside the city limits nud Is therefore no longer a legal reslden of week. Cooter Assault Case Defendants Are Freed STEELB, Mo.—The prosecuting witness, Mrs. Clara Pylc, of Blythc- ynis, failed to appear for the pre- llnitnary hearing of four Cooler youths, charged with criminal assault, and the defendants were released this morning upon payment M court costs. Richard Young, o. D. _Bonds, Charlie George Brasher a »a H. Lawhorn were the defendants. rr nff , • -...^I^JLI, uu; c>auui Cfnfon Coal and Coke company, began then exodus from the mine shortly before 2 p, M The coal miners sat down 5 cs- lenlay )„ the black depths of in ""I' 0 ', 4 °° !m """"Sronnd, to protest the rcfusii O f the company, to deduct fines Imposed by the union local from the paj of Its emplo\es _ In refusing to leave the work they acted oii their own n and without 'rom state or officers. union Cooler Man Injured in Highway Accident' Jferacc Lamb, 30, of Cooler, M O ., by Mrs. Leech's automobile jon Highway 61, near Luxora, last November. Lillie Mac 'Hunter, as admlnls-1 tratrix of the estate of Laura Hunt-1! |er, filed the suit Ihrough W. Cur-1] tls Poplc, Memphis allorney. Ij She charges that the aged negro j vine woman wos Injured because of the f b u t negligent and careless driving of Mrs. Leech. The woman died In the Blyiheville hospital aboul two days alter'the accident occurred. . V Two Divorce Suits was rushed to" a Me hos- • D— .^.IMl CII.I.IIUII uotild be lestored if a bill inlio- duced in the senate yesterday ha-r- ihc Intendtd effect Under its provisions", the Demo- ',' crfitic stile Central Committee would be duccted lo certify names ' of the , senators elected ,m 'l93fi when naming nominees for •' the 193S general elecllon, tints I enabling ihe holdovei senafors lo " skip" Hie primnr). " The bill contains a clause re-' Hil,Ing that under the apportion-' ment to be made under the terms of Amendment 23 " "no diilnct with only one senatoi shall contain more than one county in which ^hcre resides a senalor* cl- cclcd al the general election in November, 1936." The home commltec on bank's and banking \oted, 2 to 1, to return a "do pass" recommendation on S B 221 by Ellis of Benton: which would reduce the state tax on cigarettes from fl\e to mtoi it "icuiiiais nos- '«» «" cigarettes irom me to ;„! i ' ? r hc su slafned ai'htea cents i>ei pickage of 20 at severely crushed knee in a high-1 a " ' " -- - - The cire was lo have been heard before Magistrate H. Ballcntine. Boy Gives $1 to nclicf BOWER TOWN, O. (UP)-A list of flood relief contributions • from . eaviiig' the ambnlance. _Mr. f.amb hns-a wife and thrca children. of the Two divorce suits wore flletl t-,-L ARKANSAS ~ Par ">' cloudy, day by residents of the t/Mchvllle } , r "!f r ,, lon ' 81 " ,,? nd , Wednesday. ™" community I Mci "Pnls and Vicinity—Fair end D Mrs. Geneva Aberaathy seeks a ^ rm f , lonls!lt all(l Wednesday. |»« divorce from Bennie Abernathy on' Jf Mt ta "l wra '»« tonight 40 lo ofl ----- -..^...^iu *iwvi*juiny ot:cKi9 a I T ,, divorce from Bennie Absrnathy on ' if Inc.ground of indignities and •- Boy Is the canine 'mascot of the| plant's employes. I ground of desertion for the plaintlfls. - .. • -v ••• " iii^ii-i- ".^1-1.115 IIL the Hotel Marlon -., accident near Caritthcrsville 1M night s^js^fl-arasw i«t» ••JH?"rT s ^ v -' s -'^ssra,'S-' brought, to the Blythe-lsult in greater revenues from sale „„ i amln " I>nc "|of cigarettes Because of the pics- -°_. t . m l )his 'ent "e.xorbilant" la\ , he said, many peisons tuy cigarette from adjoining slates which have no tax or a smaller tax. High taxes on cigarettes and gasoline have driven many visitors away from • his home town of- Eureka .Springs, which has become a mecca for persons seeking divorces, he said. Dr. Frank Vnisonhaier* dean ol University of Arkansas School Medicine, and: Dr, C O Bran- hen, rural economist for the unl-' Wisliy, opposed the measure. "I understand, from men who should know, that passage of this bill will'cost, the medical schooi^about' $10,000,'! Dean Vinsonhaier said, ' WEATHER . s, official

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