The Clarksdale Press Register from Clarksdale, Mississippi on April 20, 1980 · 16
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The Clarksdale Press Register from Clarksdale, Mississippi · 16

Clarksdale, Mississippi
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 20, 1980
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Page 12B The Clarksdale Press Register Saturday & Sunday, April 19-20, 1980 jri J r imT' 1 City Sales Tax Sales tax collections for Mississippi municipalities have been announced by the Mississippi State Tax Commission. Collections for municipalities in this area-including collections for the month of March and collections for the fiscal year to date-are as follows. CITY SALES TAX COLLECTIONS R 1 w fw r'' ir.i cYi.tmrm- w Month of MARCH JULY 1 to MAR. 31 City 1979 1978 1979 1978 Clarksdale 99,285.58 84,262.25 933,546.67 845,270.80 Friars Point 1,931.55 1,516.99 16,354.16 14,659.51 Jonestown . 1,305.61 1,161.62 13,638.87 12,801.15 Lula 1,986.94 1,250.52 19,344.61 12,624.74 Lyon 1,177.68 915.83 8,790.49 12,445.32 Alligator 447.01 436.93 4,285.46 4,198.07 Cleveland 77,728.23 65,551.65 764,333.65 673,019.45 Duncan 545.4 1 617.59 4,220.81 4,116.10 Gunnison 530.37 567.07 6,850.76 7,401.35 Pace 374.58 373.98 4,156.96 3,750.24 Rosedale 5,690.15 5,523.78 57,331.54 51,808.80 Shelby 8,574.48 7,793.78 89,210.52 84,826.74 Drew 10,166.27 9,016.46 99,724.08 94,923.30 Ruleville 10,478.90 6,694.86 92,605.52 73,567.56 Lambert 4,134.78 3,138.57 43,557.62 38,455.17 Marks 13,952.42 12,262.72 139,343.99 123,227.25 Sledge 9,347.45 2,029.01 33,881.83 22,967.82 Sumner 2,372.52 1,992.54 25,630.78 19,798.17 Tutwiler 2,707.16 1,759.40 21,392.24 20,243.68 Webb 2,805.37 2,798.46 41,522.93 35,549.64 Tunica 13,964.49 13,528.68 146,936.12 132,589.61 Perform tor Lions Freeway Killer finishes where other stopped By HALL DAILY Associated Press Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) The so-called Freeway Killer may have picked up where the Trash Bag Murderer left off. Southern California detectives are Investigating the possibility that 38 young men and boys slain since 1972 may all have been victims of the "new" killer. The "old" killer is serving 21 life terms in San Quentin state prison. "Trash Bag Murderer" Patrick Wayne Kearney, 40, was convicted of three slayings in Riverside County in 1977 and pleaded guilty to 18 more in Los Angeles County in 1978. But police had once put the death toll in the homosexual Trash Bag Murders as high as 34. The sexual overtones of 11 murders committed between December 1972 and January 1970 at first led police to confuse at least one of Uiem with the Trash Bag Murders. The 11 victims included known homosexuals or bisexuals, and authorities said some had been brutally tortured castrated or found with stakes or branches pounded into their rec turns. But these murders were never attributed to Kearney, whose victims were mutilated and disposed of in green plastic trash bags. Some authorities now believe the 11 slayings may have been the first work of the so-called Freeway Killer. Most of the 38 deaths now being attributed to the Freeway Killer were hitchhikers who were strangled or smothered, although others died of bludgeoning, stabbing or drug overdose. Five of the victims were young Marines. Others were schoolboys waiting for a bus. They ranged in age from 12 to 25, and their nude bodies have been dumped near major thoroughfares in Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, San Diego, Riverside, San Bernardino and Imperial counties. Only one of the slayings since 1976 has involved sexual abuse, which is why the 11 who died between 1972 and 1976 were not included in the early stages of the investigation. Dr. Albert Rosenstein, an Orange County forensic psychologist who has studied accounts of many of the murders attributed to the Freeway Killer, says the likelihood is "very high" that the 38 slayings are related. "There are gross similarities in the ages of the victims, their physical appearance, the fact they are hitchhikers, the manner in which the bodies are dumped, the sexual pathology, the drugs found in their systems, the fact that specific freeways are so often involved, the fact that most of them are strangled or smothered," Rosenstein said. He theorized that the killer, like all of his victims, is white. However, law enforcement authorities remain cautious. "The investigation into five murders (in Orange County) since 1978 has intensified, and we're sharing information with 13 enforcement agencies from other counties," said Sheriffs Lt.Wyatt Hart. "We have six investigators working 12 to 16 hours a day and we've received numerous calls and leads from the public. But we still cannot say these (30-odd murders) are connected, much less the five we have here on the front burner, or three more we're also looking at that date back to 1976." Hart noted that there is no evidence of a homosexual link to any of the eight unsolved Orange County murders. But only last August 1979, in neighboring San Bernardino County, 17-year-old Mark Shelton of Westminster was killed, the cause of death listed as shock from the pounding of a stick into his body through his rectum. Other law enforcement officials are also skeptical about connecting the cases. "We're monitoring five cases here since May 1979 for any link among the five as well as 18 we've heard about in the multi-jurisdictional (Southern California) area," said Los Angeles County sheriff's Capt. Walt Ownbey. "But I must emphasize we don't have any evidence linking them. In this county alone, we have 35 to 40 dumps (murder victims dumped alongside roadsides) every year. "It's not difficult to find similarities in five dumps a year young boys, old men or young women. And you have to remember that 90 percent of murders are done in only four ways : you shoot them, stab them, strangle them or blunt-force them." Ownbey noted that the only common thread in the Los Angeles County cases was that the bodies dumped near highways were nude. "People are more inclined due to the recent history of multiple murderers like Son of Sam, Hillside Strangler and the Trash Bag Murders to read things into them (the so-called Freeway Killer murders)," he said. "Maybe it's a sign of the times." The most recent murders typify the variety of victims chosen by the Freeway Killer. April 11: Nude body of Steven John Wood is found in a Long Beach alley near a freeway ramp. The 16-year-old Bellflower boy, reported missing by his parents, was strangled. March 25: Nude, strangled body of an unidentified boy is found near downtown Los Angeles near a freeway. The boy, 14-17 years old, was a runaway. "The way they come to California, he could have been from anywhere," said Los Angeles police Detective Lou Guttierrez. March 23: Two strangled teen-age boys are found in Cleveland National Forest near Ortega Highway in The Fifth and Sixth grade music class at Klrkpatrlck Elementary School presented a program at the Lions Club meeting at noon Friday. The Lions attentively listened to the program under the direction of Mrs. Joyce McAlexander. -Photo by Bush f QPW FAVORITE J yl GRADUATION .C. GIFTST OF ALL KINDS i Rpanrifiillu Gift Wrapped WESTGATE DRUGS !? ffSKJdte Shoppiny (. enter .. Hurnt o27 7Hf7 . I Orange County. Glenn Norman Barker, 14, of Westminster was last seen waiting for a bus the day before his body was found along with that of 15-year-old Russell Duane Rugh II of Garden Grove, who was last seen hit chhiking. "If young people would just take the advice we've been giving them for the last 50 years, that would cut down on the possibilities for this guy: Don't hitchhike," said Hart. r. A Recommended Procedure North dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH A K 5 V K J 10 8 0 9 7 4 A 6 2 WEST 6 ?Q 6 5 3 2 08 2 10 9 7 5 4 EAST 8 7 4 2 OAK J 10 5 Q J 3 SOUTH Q J 10 9 3 ?A 9 4 OQ6 3 K8 The bidding: North 1 7 3 East South 2 0 2 Pass 4 West Pass Opening lead diamonds. eight of In the play of many hands, everything fits into place as neatly as in a jigsaw puzzle. Declarer's chief job is to analyze which pieces are missing and where they are located. Consider this deal where South is in four spades and West leads a diamond. East cashes the A-K and returns the five, whereupon West ruffs and returns a club. South is off to a bad start and needs the rest of the tricks. All his cards are sure winners except for a heart, and he knows that he can make the contract if he takes a heart finesse in the right direction. At the same time, he has no sure clue to the location of the queen. Declarer has a fairly common problem to solve and the recommended procedure is to inaugurate a series of plays to ferret out the desired information. South does this in the present case by winning the club return with the king and drawing four rounds of trumps, discarding a heart from dummy. He learns a great deal about East's hand as he takes these steps. He discovers that East started with four spades, in addition to five diamonds, and all that remains to be done is to learn how many clubs East started with. Accordingly, South plays a club to the ace and ruffs a club as East follows suit each time. The picture of East's hand is now virtually complete, since 12 of his 13 cards are fully accounted for. At most, East can have one heart. So South cashes the ace of hearts, East following suit, leads another heart, and finesses the jack with 100 percent assurance that it will win. r0 1980 King Features Syndicate, Inc. 2 00 ACC 21 PIECE Urr CHICKEN BOX (OR) $1 .50 OFF-15 PIECE CHICKEN BOX (OR) $1 .00 OFF-10 PIECE CHICKEN BOX WITH THIS COUPON OFFER GOOD SAT., SUN., AND MON. APR. 19-20-21 FRIED CHICKEN CORNER 4th t D.joto St. PHONE IN FOR EVEN FASTER SERVICE 624-5724 WINK ?n IMSOtO 51. j TAXPAYERS & CITIZENS OF CLARKSDALE Dear Taxpayers: "You only receive what you pay for." This has long been a recognized fact. It's not going to be much longer before you have a city election. You may not know how much business is being handled each year through the Mayor's office, but I am advised that it is in excess of $18,000,000.00 a year. You can be sure that any business in the United States that is handling $18,000,000.00 a year has a head executive who is very possibly making more than $100,000.00 per year. I recommend that the City of Clarksdale should set up a program to increase the Mayor's salary to $50,000.00 a year and definitely not less than $40,000.00 a year. You know that any man who is qualified to run for Mayor and handle the amount of business that the City of Clarksdale has, would have to realize that he would have to be away from his personal business career for four years. There is no way for anybody to run for Mayor, who is qualified to run this size business, for anything less than $40,000.00 a year, because if he is qualified to handle this kind of business, he has employment elsewhere. It is impossible to secure someone to do this job for less money. The Mayor's job is definitely a full time job. I do not recommend any change in the commissioner's salary because they make $500.00 a month and do not attend meetings but once a week and sometimes attend a special meeting. Also, they do not have the responsibilities that the mayor has. As most of you know, I was Mayor of Clarksdale for eight years, and I think that you appreciate the fact that I do know something about how the city's businesss should be handled. Even though I live outside of the City of Clarksdale, I am a taxpayer of the City. Under any circumstances, I am certainly interested in the welfare of the City of Clarksdale. I submit this with interest, W. S. Kincade Taxpayer of the City of Clarksdale

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