The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1944 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 1944
Page 8
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C JPAGE EIGHT Welch Winner In Rough Malch -. Red Roberts Beaten > But' Stages Slugfest; Badui Trims Canny ' On basis of the records, it \\ould eecm that Rojv.WDlch has-the up- perttiind.-ln'.-his'-feud with. "Red" Roberts, .biit the"'r'eadh'cad mcanle likely would be the last to scbnlt It. . _" For instance, • Welch duplicated lits triumph of several, months ngo by ! defeating Roberts In the tlilrd and deciding ,fnl! of llielr mntcli Ust night nt the .American 1/jgl.ou arena .to headline Promoter Mike Meroney's;all-star card, Mil Roberts evidently: wasn't 'convinced. As soon as lie could collect himself from a terrific lacing via the body slams; Roberts reopened proceedings by,socking Welch on Iho J»w and the two,giants stood toc- to-toe ami slugged il out In one of the prettiest duels ever staged lij the local arena. Referee Meroney was as busy ns a one legged man In a kicking contest as lie vainly attempted to keep them apart loiiff enough" for", one to gel out ot the ring. As soon as lie pried them loose would make some wise crack and ; back together they went, fist slinging a In Joe Louis, It was exactly ll~ minutes before the ring was cleared nud the excited patrons permitted lo go home. Match Ts Brutal Billed as a grudge battle, the match Tlvcd up lo every expectation, and then some. Promoter-Referee Mcroncv explained in the beginning that It was their fight and they had requested that he "]ust K CC P out of their way". And he wisely did, with the exception of a few limes when he came in for some knocks from'Roberts during the .'match, and' several in the extra- special seUo"afterivardSi It was rough and double tough ,from the beginning mill didn't slack Up a bit in its intensity, Haymakers; knceings. and rough stuff came dlnie-a-tiozen «s the 215-j)ounriers . exacted for their four-year old feud. .After It was. all over both had bruised and battered faces that- likely will develop Into colored ctls- coloratlons with,, the morning sun— If it shines. Welch got off to a heart start, by taking the ffrsVrnll In 16 minutes,. Using a stopover toe hold niter escaping a dangerous and pninfiil hammertock and back stomp. Aware of the probable weakened condition of Welch's left arm, Roberts continued to assault it and II- Jifclly evened 'the match nl a fall apiece Hed gave Roy little rest as he pounded, heat and stomped the arm before getting the ."I give vip' : nod In 10 minutes of rough milling. ' Thrilling Finale That set the stage lor the finale —arid what a ( finale! The boys threw caution, rules, 'and disregard for limb and life oVerboard and waded into ea,ch oilier as Hie jammed house egged them on. Roy op- Two, Track Stars' From Field Here Will Enter Meet Capt. Martin Biles, winner of the 1043 National AAU Javelin throwing championship at New York, and Pie. David Murphy, hulf-mller. will compete In the Southeastern AAU Track Tounia- menl, scheduled for Auburn, Ala., Saturday night, Lieut. Bill Adams, post athletic officer, 'announced loday. It will be Ihc first competition of the season for bolh men, though they ore In the uest of shape from daily workouts on tiie local th- letic fields. Captain Ullcs «-lll seek to belter the heave of 202 feet, five and five-eighths inches, lliat won him his 1943 championship. Murphy, winner of fifth place in the junior half mile at last year's New York tournament, will scsx victory at Auburn before entering tlic 1844 national contest. Restricts Caltle Expcrl MEXICO CITY (UP)—Tho ministry of finance reports it is limiting cattle exports to 600,000 head a year, in conformnncc with a presidential decree. BLYT11IOVILLE (AM.) CpUIUJSK NEWS cncd the fail with.his ace hold, the body slam, and eventually It pala' off with big dividends. He applied one and Red hroko for Ihc ropes for a rest. They slugged until both were nearly out, then Roy picked Red up with another slam and again Roberts crawled to lhe ror/* for a breath of air. They battered themselves some more until Welch began a scries of Irish whips, lhat nearly backfired on him. After the Ihird'Roberts suddenly lunged for- waM and attempted a double jack knife. But the momentum carried him beyond his objective and missed lire. Welch put on lhe clincher b" picking up his foe nnrl cracking his back against the metal turnlmckle. He followed tip the advantage with a. powerhouse body slam and it was all over—except the frce-for-jill that- followed after Welch was declared the winner. Itacltii Keats C'anny Emir Badui, Ihc 225-|jound Arab, proved loo big and powerful for "Wild Bill"* Canny In the first match. Inking the second and third falls of n 'rock and sock' battle that put the fans on edge for lhe finale. Canny took Ihc first fall with an Riintomlcnl'tu'tet in 10 minutes of fierce action. Badul roared back lo even Ihc set by taking the second In Just five minutes with lib pet, the '.4 crab, that he applied with pressure. Canny appeared on the way to victory in tii e third fall. He heaved and kicked Badul out of the ring and generally manhandled him as he regained the ring, but was unable lo stand up under the Arab's punching. Badui failed In a ',4 crab but connected with a body slam after nine minutes. The Impact was so great that Canny, seated In the middle of the ring, yelled pleadingly at Mike: i "Why in the (censored! don't you bnr lhe body slam?" "THANKS Return Contest Scheduled Here Fourth Ferry Team Scheduled To Play At BAAF On May 22 The BAAF baseball team and the Fourth Ferry Command nine ot Memphis, scheduled to meet each other for the first lime lhl.s season in n game at the Cotton Capital this Saturday, will Inngleiii ft return conical here Mny 22, Lieut. Dili Adams, post allilelic officer, said loday. This game will give local fans an opportunity to sec some Conner big league slars ol the first magnitude In acllon. Included in lhe lineup of the Ferry Command nine will be such aces as Jimmy Drown, ex-Cardinal first sackcr, Ken Sil- vcstrl, who wns being groomed ns a successor lo Bill Dickey, catcher for the Yanks, when he entered the Army, Sergt, Hugh Mulcahey, former slar huiler for lhe Philadelphia Phillies, niKl n number of others from the big lime. Ball bearings linve been made so small Hint, they can replace jewels In watch movements. 'Die blucbonnct is lhe official flower of Texas. TUESDAY, MAY 9, 1044 - BAAF Boxers Will Invade Maiden, Mo. ElglH members of the BAAF boxing learn will Invade Ihc Army Air Field at Maiden. Mo., Friday "IfiM for a slug-test with the lenllwr slingcrs of that station' Among those making the Irln will he Tech. Scrgt. Hill Spencer novice lia-poLiml Mid South Golden Gloves clnimpion; Sergt Robert Morgan, 1043 Arkanas AAU novice welterweight chtnnp; Sergl. A J (Cherokee) llc'iidrJcks, veteran middleweight; Staff SergC. Jack Paisley. 175-nounder; Corp ivy Sjrann, classy 135-poimdcr; and Unite other fighters who have not yet been selected. Staff Sergt. Jesse Clcmeiils, post boxing Instructor, will make the trip with his men nnd will attempt to make a date for return bouts here with the MLssourlnns. Fathers To Be Guests Of Cub Scouts Tonight niytheville Cub Scouts will entertain Ihctr fathers tonight, 7 o'clock when they tire host.-, at the first' Father niul Son banquet lo be given by Ute local organiralipn. The nll'air, which will bo held al First Methodist Church, will be attended by approximately ICO frith- Jones bo ro Team**' In Second Game With BAAF Today •Jlie DAAF baseball cam will play host to lhe Army Specialized Training Program unit of Jonesboro, Ark., in a-game nl the dln- mond across from the Post Chapel (his afternoon. It will be the second meeting of the season between the two teams, Myllieville having defeated the Joncsboro players 12-0 in a recent gumc there. Staff Scrgt, Robert Tubbs, man- user of the local team, had not announced his pitching selection tit 'press time. Baseball Standings SOUTHERN I.KAGIJK ,„ , ' , w ' L ' p ct. Birmingham 8 2 .800 Nashville 5 2 714 Atlanta . 5 4 , 55G Knoxvllle < 4 .503 Memphis 5 y 455 Little Rock i. \ G /100 C'lmttanooga i o .350 New Orleans 2 7 .223 cts and sons. The Hcv. S. B, Wilford, pastor of the church, will serve as>- Icr, with Ward Akcrs, scout nxecn- Uvc, of Jonesboro, as principal speaker. Each den of Cub SconUs will present a short skit as a feii- ture of llic cnlci'tnlnmeiu. ., NATIONAL LKAliUK '.- i; tfOAV. L. , . , . . . .::. ...; ,9^ g' Cincinnati '. ........... 9 <j Pittsburgh ............ •] s Brooklyn .............. a 7 New York ..... ; ....... g 9 Boston ................. 7 11 Chicago ................ i 12 Pet. ,700 538 533 .471 38 S .on AMKKICAN LEAGUE W. L, Pet. St. J/iuls js 5 722 New York g 4 .C02 Washington a 7 .533 Chicago a 8 500 Cleveland a 9 471 Boston e 9 .400 Philadelphia o 3 400 Detroit 5 12 .234 A muse named Sollwoacl of Sussex, England, is a human seismograph. Earth tremors in Japan cause her body to vibrate. Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN LEAGUE Little Rock 8, Memphis 5. Birmingham 3, New Orleans 2. Knoxvllle 3, Atlanta 7. NATIONAL LEAGUE No games scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE No games scheduled. Today's Games > SOUTHERN LEAGUE Memphis at Little Hock, 2, night New Orleans at Birmingham, 2. Nashville at Chattanooga, 2. Atlanta at Knoxvllle. NATIONAL LEAGUE No games scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE No games scheduled. 'New York City has 1111 average wind velocity of 15 mpli. Buying Logs Of All Kinds, BARKSDALE MFG. CO. Blythcville, Ark. for giving the toys a break" lou do someone a real favor when you stay off Long Distance lines from 7 to 10 at nicjht. When a lot of people do that, a lot of service men ' E caUs get through quicker, The soldiers and sailors-their folks back home-and the telephona com, pany are all grateful for your help. So tonight and every night, "Please give 7 to 10 to the service men," That's about, the best time they have to call. SOUTHWESTERN BEU TELEPHONE CO;* <-,, It. Ozorfc Ordnance Works; operofed by lion Chemical CorporaHcn-sub-' sidiary of lion Oil Refining Company—which was awarded the /Wy-Novy £ Pennon/ on May S, 1944, for records eitaWiined in war producfion In recognition of personal accomplishment, each employee of Ozark Ordnance Works and Lion Chemical Corporation has received the Army-Navy "£" Lapel Pin shown above.' Lion Chenucal Corporation Awarded Army-Navy "E" TN accepting the Army-Navy "E" Award, conferred A by the Wai- Department's letter"reproduced here, Col, T. H. Barton, President of Lion Chemical Corpo-' ration, replied to the Honorable -Robert P. Patterson, Under Secretary of Wai 1 , as follows: "In behalf of the men and women of Ozark Ordnance Works I acknowledge gratefully the receipt of your communication of April 8, 1944, announcing that the .Army-Navy "E" Award for excellence in production ;has been awarded this facility.' "It is pleasing to us that our employees have been accorded this recognition and I know I can speak for them in assuring you of their continued and redoubled efforts in justification of the honor which is signified by the award." Headquarter* of Lion OH Refining Compaq, £} Dorado, Arkansot — nerve ecnlcr of a far-flung organ- fznfion—wAcre pfanj affecting poll- war operairont of fiefrf and refinery forcei, fromporfcfrcm e/omenli end hundredr of Scwce Slafiom, aro now being compfeJe</, L REFINING COMPANY, EL DORApQ • ARKANSAS _G A S.Q .11N E;PAW.^R SjJ HJ. AT IA C K i^UQ N'-LwASLT E.A JUVPIJ. 'I'licrc were 8015 saloons in New York city before prohibition. BOWL for fun and health! 15IM/S anil GKOHGU'S JJOWUNG ALLHY 120 N. Second CHICKflSAW' West Main Near 21«t St 8«t. lt*rt< 12:45; Sun. ttarti !:<» Night «ho wa 5:45 Except Monday, opcng 6:li : CnntlnuoDJ showi Sat. anj Ban. Tuesday Only BUDDY NITE 2 Tickels For thc'l'iicc of 1 'THE FALCON STRIKES BACK" »i Hi Tom Comvay ' All St;ir Comedy Wcdncsiliiy & Thursday Double Feature "FOUR MOTHERS" ivith I'risdll.i ,t liuscnury Lunu and "HARVARD, HERE I COME" uilh iixlc llosenblnoin & Arlliie Juil NEW* THEATRE Manila's Finest Showa Nightly at 6:30 MATINEES Saturday & Sunday at 1 Tuesday —AMEKICAN LEGION NIGHT— All Proceeds, Less Actual Cost of Picture and Tax Go To Herman Davis Post American Legion For Completion of Hut. 'SWINGT1ME JOHNNY' with Andrews Sislcrs ALSO SEIJIAL Wednesday & Thursday "CORVETTE K-225" with Randolph Scoil Fo.v Neivs & Short Open 7:30 Show Starts 7:45 Tuesday PAL NITE * They Came to Blow Up America 1 with Gcorjc Sunders & Anna Slcrn Shorts Wednesday & Thursday SEE THE STARS AS THEY REALLY AHE1 VIHOINIA WEIDLER EDWARD ARNOLD l/'ffiSP-'H ^ JOHN CARROLL JEAN PORTER I Cltorlil lidiicr ond U*o*nor<flp'l a luo« Bond Uuo^. Iho Book b, lil|£, a K?j" » Book b, llmoTDa; P.oVul.d bjr B W f.' Z.ldmon News of Die Day ShoMs

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