The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on July 25, 1962 · 18
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 18

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1962
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io the ' MAD AT MOM-"First sht cooked our duck and now our pigeon," it the complaint of half-brothers Zeferino Villareal, S, and Vincent Yniga, , of Los Angeles, all they tell sheriff's officers why they ran away from home. Mom replied: "We had to get rid of some of their pets. There were pigeons, ducks and rabbits all over." (UPI Telephoto). ANTHONY J. CELEBREZZE, successor to ABRAHAM A. RIBICOFF as secretary of wel fare, will be sworn into office next Tuesday. The White House said yesterday the mayor of Cleveland will be sworn in at cere- i monies beginning at 10 a.m. Ribicoff re- - signed to seek election to the Senate from Connecticut. mm CELEBREZZE A Cuban refugee finally made it to the United States yesterday with his fortune of tender memories in his head LUIS HERNANDEZ-NOA, 27, fled Cuba seven months ago. Before he left, he had two small diamonds removed from a ring given him by his Cuban fiancee and set in his front teeth. The diamonds were still there when Luis arrived in New York from Europe where he jumped ship after a voyage from Cuba. GRAHAM Evangelist BILLY GRAHAM says he agrees with the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision banning official prayers in public schools. 'iThe particular decision was all right," he told newsmen yesterday in Los Angeles. "But I'm disturbed over talk of taking religion out of government. I'm afraid of where that will lead." He said a constitutional amendment is needed to clarify the decision, adding: "I am convinced that 95 per cent of all Americans want God in our life." A rotton apple turned into sour grapes for LEWIS POOLE, 19, employe of a produce market in Columbus, Ohio. Poole tossed the apple in the hope a co-worker would catch it, but it sailed out the door and splattered against the motorcycle of PATROLMAN RICHARD HOOVER. Hoover jumped off the motorcycle and punched Poole in the mouth. Both have appointments in Municipal Court. Poole is charged with assault, disorderly conduct and throwing articles at moving vehicles. Poole filed assault and battery charges against Hoover. It looks like the traveling auar ters of a circus hippo, but scores Kutcers Village vounesters are splashing around in it. it is called a swimmobile. It is not only a thing of fun. is c traveling classroom in hich YMCA swimming instruc tion is given. The swimmobile. at Ruteers Village all this week and owner! by the YMCA of Eastern Union County, has been traveling all around the state. It is the brainchild of H. H Buel, president of Eastern Motor Dispatch which has its home office in Columbus. Ohio. Buel, long active in YMCA work, some time aco came ud witn the idea of a funmobile Swimmobile Is For Fun And Also for Learning a truck filled with playground EMD flatbed is. a tank 4 feet equipment that travels to neigh- deep, and 8 by 20 feet. borhoods where playgrounds are in short supply. The funmobile led to the swimmobile, two of which are now in Here, as in other communities, the tank is filled by the fire department with water contributed by the water department. Then Car Trunk Tomb For 2 Young Sons FORT WORTH, Tex. (AP)-A Fort Worth automobile dealer found his two sons dead in a car trunk Tuesday. Called home by his wife to help hunt the youngsters, R. D. Ryno Jr. discovered the bodies of R. D. Ryno III, 5, and David, 3, in the family car. Justice of the Peace Jim Boor- man said the trunk door closed so stiffly that it appeared other children might have slammed it behind the brothers as a prank. operation. Mounted on an old. the "Y" takes over. Douglas Jordan, program di rector at the YMCA here, is giving the water novices their swim instruction. When the week runs out an F.MD tractor will . cart the tank truck to another city. THE DAILY HOME NEWS NFW BRUNSWICK. N. J.. WEDNESDAY, JULY 2S. 193 19 Who Shook Town? A Boy Or a Jet LA PORTE, Ind. (AP) - What must have been sonic booms shook La Porte slightly, but a boy's claim to have caused them shook one I.a Porte resident more than slightly. Sheriff Frank Herrhach said a woman telephoned to report two "explosions." The woman said a boy across the street yelled, "That was a loud one," and a friend replied, "Yeah, but you haven't heard anthing yet wait until I set of" the third." The third one never went off, and ilerrbach decided the others were sonic booms. La Porte is in a corridor being used this week py P58 hustlers jet bombers from Bunker Hill Air Force Base, Ind. GOIN' FISHIN' DO-lT-YOl RSI I.FFRS SAVE MONEY BT BOOKING-HP THf lR OWN WASHK.KS. HKATKRS. FTC. BUY ALL NFFDKD PARTS AT: Pl.I'MBIXO A H RATING Memorial Pkwr. Kl S-I97S LEDER'S &,j'idtmr.:.$. A TANKFUL BUNCH Douglas Jordan, program director of the YMCA here, shows youngsters of Rutgers Village the basics of swimming. Lesson was given in the swimmobile a tank mounted on a flatbed truck. As advertised in Medical Journals FOR SKIN IRRITATIONS Itching, burning, scaly skin is helped by scientifically formulated Mazon, Eay and pleasani to use just smooth it in. M is not sticky or greasy, and has a mild, clean odor. Ask your pharmacist about Mazon economical medicated Ointment. MA? ON W OINTMENT Well, you can go to your favorite lake on your vacation and still enjoy DENNIS THE MENACE. Phone Kilmer 5-4000 and The Home News will ba mailed to you daily while you're out of town. SEIlSflTIQIiAL SAVII1GS! HURRY, LIMITED SUPPLIES! 5 NO SALES TO DEALERS DAYS ONLY! THURS.-FR1.-SAT. 6" ID w' iHrnyyAKKflYYOB rT V xagV-A The Red Headed Robot ' J f (VFr n,y I ' Crr3 JX cTfrm worn 1 EDDIE FISHER returned to the Las Vegas night club where he and ELIZABETH TAY- LOR cavorted last year and aimed a few barbs at his now-estranged wife. He remained silent on divorce plans. "It was a year ago when I was here last," Fisher told a capacity Desert Inn audience last night. "Not much has happened since then." FISHER i.M.i.iii.'iiij.i:i mmmmm rsEHMimffm rscmmmim rafawMa fik' 30C VALUE! A J All 59 ALKA-SELTZER ! 5 BRYICREEM ! Mf CfNSER !$100 RUBBER GLOVES SUN RAY0RTH35?. Bottle of WITH FREE tea- i)5Cl ComP,ete,y Lined llC I CLEANSING B0JLES 25 Only... J. HAIRBRUSH JT 1 3 m 'Gari I sit. irrg. only I TISSUES 400 JJP GOOD WITN COUPON TIL I JULY II GOOD WITH COUPON TILL JUL V 1ft -lVi'llli;)H!'.''l,ltl,i''l')'''l'l'l''ll'l!'l'','lll'''ln',',i' i';iMirrnmnmiMIH';i!'';)i;!i'.j:';'.i i : , rtriif;.i.nMiiin;in iPtiirHmniHMfrilnttifiMMI 'U l"u:ui. GOOD WITN COUPON TILL JULY ? 3 GOOD WITH COUPON TILL JULY 39 ; i. 1 llnm If' M ff If f IIMf M M 1 P M Min ) M r f Hi Ml 1 1 M M l r M ' ;h ' tMLni f f i GOOD WITN COUPON TILL JULY 1 Bottle JoImm" babv POWDER 1 V,'fc,l-Jf' COOt WITH COU'OH Tilt JUIT 71 of Z- 73c BAYER! ASPIRIN! TABLETS I 89e LISTERINE ANTISEPTIC MOUTH VI ASH 1 1 i I W 1 1 1 45 MAALOX SUSPENSION Large 12-cr. Size AiAAioir I OOS WITH COUPON Till JULT II XmME BAND-AID BAND:A1DS SPECIM' OFFER PKQ. PKQ.. OF 71 ASST. SIZES c 69D WITH COUPON TILL JULY 19 iihhi i fiHi i yi 1 COOO WITH COUOM Till JUIT It mm COOO WITH COUPON TILt JUIT II If PHILLIPS I utl O'llClllu 63c PHILLIPS MILK of MAGNESIA Largs 12-oz. Size , MiM, fffoclivt llti F'isher appeared cautious and serious when he walked on stage last night. He loosened up after a few sorvgs and commented on the filming of "Cleopatra" in Rome. lie left Miss Taylor when she began dating RICHARD BURTON starring with her in the movie. "You know they started that picture so long ago," Fisher said, "they could have used the original cast. I wish they yould have." The audience broke into several songs with applause and brought him back three times for bows. ; STEIN has been commissioned by the rord ' Motor Co. to write a musical drama for television. It will be Bernstein's first original work for tek-rtsion. 3 The Columbia Broadcasting System, in I makin", the announcement yesterday, said it will present the show live in a 90-minute spe- cialfrom Detroit April 1. 1 IThe musical, as yet untitled, will be nar rated by Bernstein and will be in the same ein as such of his stage works as "West BERNSTEIN Side Story," "On the Town," Wonderful . J Town" and "Candide." Twmen bumped EDWARD S. DUVALL in a Washington apartment lobby yesterday and grabbed his wallet containing $5. The men "ran and Duvall chased them. It was a close race at first, but after a half block the men pulled away and Duvall quit. "I guess it's just as well I didn't catch them," Duvall told police. "Probably couldn't hold 'em. After all, I'm 90." Actress JILL ST. JOHN says sh may dismiss her separate maintenance guit in favor of a trial separation from her husband LANCE REVENTLOW. "But," she insisted yesterday ia Hollywood, "we haven't reconciled." Miss St. John filed for separate maintenance last July 11. Reventlow's interest in sports car racing was given as one reason for the breakup. They were married March 24, I960. JILL ST. JOHN The recent Miss Universe contest in Miami was "more like a cattle contest than a beauty competition," said Miss South Africa on her return yesterday to Johannesburg. MISS LYNETTE GAMBLE, 18, said furthermore, "there are so many wolves about, these contest girls have to fight to keep away from them." Lynette, who is a cousin of Hollywood dancer JULIET PROWSE, failed to reach the finals at Miami. She said the wrong girl won, adding: "Nobody thought Miss Argentina should have won. This is not sour grapes, but I thought Miss Israel should have won." She also had some caustic remarks to newsmen about American clothes. "My clothes made those of the American girls look silly," sht yiid. "They wear tackles (sandals) iUi everjlhinj." 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