The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on June 14, 1968 · 17
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 17

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, June 14, 1968
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Class of 1968 I Face By JEANMARIE ELKINS - Homt Ntwt Staff Writtr Brothers, boyfriends, fathers, sisters and mothers scrambled from bleacher seats. Bright-white exploding flashbulbs reflected on white graduation gowns. St. Peter's High School class of 1968 was graduating. Young ladies in white caps and gowns, the men in blue and faculty members in black robes nuns favoring their traditional veils over academic mortarboards marched into the school gym for last night's brief ceremonies. , Later, as each class member stood in his place when named by the Rev. William H. Capano, relatives again took snapshots, A few lucky ones caught a profile. New diplomas in hand, graduates listened as the Rev. Robert A, O'Leary read the lyrics from "The Impossible Dream" as he urged them to "have a sense of daringness in the face of the unknown." "We must be concerned with the plight of every man and every nation on the face f, this earth." ' "No crusade was the work of one man alone," he said in asking the graduates to "retain at least the general outlines' of principles they learned in school and use them in every day life. Father O'Leary reminded the graduates their departure from high school was not an end but a beginning. They would have a new freedom and with that freedom would come responsibilities. "Some men see things and ask why. I dream of things that never were and ask why not," he said, echoing a favor-iie quote of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy and used in his eulogy by his brother, Sen. Edward Kennedy.. That quotation was repeated later, by Valedictorian Donna Marie - Murasko, who described her contemporaries as "no longer children" but a generation "about to share the responsibilities of the world." Trying to assure parents that this generation was capable of accepting the challenge, she said "giving is not easy to learn" because "it is against man's nature to place himself in a vulnerable position." But the class of 1968, she declared, was "ready to go out and give of ourselves." That philosophy of giving had been learned in religion classes, and Newark State Graduates Announced . Newark State College held commencement exercises this week and a number of students from New Brunswick area received degrees. ' Receiving bachelor of arts degrees were: General Elementary Education . Martha Abramo of Iselin; Leila Blitzer of Fords; Alexandra Bujak of Somerville; Ann Burke of Matawan; Blanche Burns of Caldwell, cum laude; Carolyn Citron and Elaine Col-well of Colonia; Susan Caza-plinsky of Iselin, and Margaret Jean Deambeck of Perth Am-boy. ; . Also, Camille Ann Del Gros-;so of Somerville; Thomas Lee Di Lisi of Perth Amboy; iJudith Dern of Colonia; Joyce Mary Detthof of Parlin, Sayre-ville; Arlene Downs of Perth Amboy; Geraldine Freund of Colonia; ' Winnie Gade and Sherry Galit of Matawan; Frederick Hansen of Perth Amboy; Evelyn Hatola of Fords, Elaine Hirschman of Menlo Park, Edison; Mary Ivantic of Middlesex; Claude Klubenspies " of Woodbridge; Larraine Kopecki of Metuchen; Florence Kostyc of Carteret; Jane Leonard, Sharon Levine, and Linda Levy of Edison; Jacqueline Lukoff of Franklin; Bernice Makely of Carteret; Marian Mazur of Perth Amboy; and Fay McAndrew of South Amboy. ; Also, Frances MondelU of South Palinfield; Francis Murray of South Amboy; Helen Hi-vison of Englishtown: Phyllis Novick of Edison; Vicki Peck of Piscataway; Dorothy Ron-land of Metuchen, cum laude; Olga Roman of Woodbridge, summa cum laude; Deena Ross of Highland Park; Kathleen Mary Rosta of New Brunswick; Theresa Sherfsik of Sayreville; Edmund Spiro of East Brunswick; ' Christiane Starbala of Bound Brook; Deanna Sweeney of . Avenel; Maryanne , Thrope of Fords; Betty Tice of Parlin, Sayreville; Anthony Tomaselli of Edison; and Geraldine Travis of Iselin, magna cum laude. Also, Maureen Verlargieri of Piscataway; and Daniel Wall of Laurence Harbor, . Education ' of Hard of Hearing Marilyn Seidner of Colonia. Education of Mentally Retarded Jeffery Crabtree of Franklin, cum laude; Eileen. Forgione of Avenel; Cheryl Gazeko of Parlin, Sayreville; Linda Jense of Carteret; Ellen Lav of Franklin; Gaetana Li Puma of South Plainfield; Dian Rose of North Brunswick; Marie Ackerman of South Plainfield; Judith Betheil of Fords; Linda Bundschuh of Unknown the graduates know that love of fellow man must come from communication and a feeling of responsibility. "Our vision of the world agrees with that of the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy." she said, then repeated the quote. That theme of the need for if .$'4 - -J' - ,4'1ai'iM f y ,Ir wAT3fhs -r' If , - ? is$ K V riTl ' 7",-"ft - - f, "( "'If ' ' ' - ' ; I - l - "- Pi ! ' P ' - -if fvi i -- - .tMHmii iit iriiimirhiimimriniAMiiiiiiiiiiiiiri mnti nnoMTrifiiifnvrtrifiiM- ft-iir-"-n n " - ' - Sm-'Mrtr ttuJum I COMMENCEMENT BEGINS The commencement exercises of St. Peter's High School began last night with a procession of graduating seniors in Rev. John J. Endebrock conferred diplomas on 197 South Plainfield; ' Ethel Cohen of Metuchen; Elaine Kady of Carteret; Anne Lynn of Metuchen; Gail Marich of New Brunswick; and Geraldine Rap-paport of Somerville. Also, Eileen Rizzo of Edison; Elizabeth Rutaik of Iselin; Ellen Wagner of Fords; Debrah Zederbaum of Metuchen; and Susan Zuckerman of East Brunswick. Fine Arts James Kolesarich of Perth Amboy; Rebecca Machlis of Highland Park; Susan Romas-kiewicz of Spotswood and Steve Simon Jr. of Woodbridge. Industrial Ed-cation William Keller Jr. of Laurence Harbor; John McEnroe of Colonia; Joseph Nagy of Carteret; and Gerard Restaino of Metuchen. English Mary Eileen Bieler of Bound Brook; Leslie Deiches of North Brunswck; Patricia Mooney of Piscataway; Lorraine Muskuski of Perth Amboy; Louise Szcrer-ba of Perth Amboy; and Eunice Taylor of East Brunswick. Mathematics Mary Gettrich of Dunellen; Vera Kasay of Old Bridge; Is Emotional Compromise Worth 53 oj c Income? By MARY FEELEY Dear Mary Feeley: When my husband passed away, I moved in with my daughter and son-in-law. My furniture was absorbed into the deal washer and dryer, refrigerator, range, dining room set, TV, chairs, bedroom set and lots of linens. I own the car and pay the license and insurance, which amounts to about $100 a year. My total income is $150 a month and I pay my daughter $80 a month. Do you think this is a fair arrangement? Oregon Reader Dear 0. R.: Depends. If you look at it purely from a financial standpoint, paying 53 per cent of your income for room and board is certainly excessive, especially when you seem to be furnishing most of the house. . However, the real question seems to me to be this: how much concession must you make in order to be welcome in the household? I'm not implying that your daughter and son-in-law aren't devoted to you. But a young couple don't always find it ideal to have an older member of the family living under the same roof. Maybe they're making emotional compromises, and your practical contributions ease the going. Another question to ask yourself is, where else could you find housing and meals for the same price, let alone for less? If the living is comfortable, and you can make do with . $70 cash a month, accept the fact that you're more than paying your way. Vou'd feel a lot worse if you were always on the receiving end. Dear Mlsi Feeley: Could you please tell me the cost of feeding four children three boys 16, 13, and 11, and my daughter 14 plus my husband and myself. He's 56 and I'm 43. ' With 'Daringness,' communication was reflected in an earlier address by saluta-torian Josephine T. Kinal. "No longer can man live simply in his own world," she said in making reference to Vie' nam and assassins' bullets. "Deep understanding and communication begins between James Edgar KornmeyerlCoif Edison cum laude; Linda Ko-val of Carteret; Madeline New-mark of Iselin; and Leonard Shulman of Woodbridge. . Science Kirk Stauch of Metuchen. Social Studies William Chaplik of Wood-bridge; Florence Skomba of Perth Aboy; Michael Smith of Iselin; and Karen Thompson of Parlin, Sayreville. ' Receiving master of arts degrees were: John Alusik of Colonia; Carol Arnheimer of Matawan; Verna Bassett of Manville; 'Roger Buck of Edison; Edward Cias-'i tron of Carteret; Martin Cohen ' of Menlo Park, Edison; Jospeh Diegnan of South Plainfield; James DiLuigi of Bound Brook; Geraldine Drexler of Fords; Susan Eckman of Woodbridge; Charles Eisenber-ger of Old Bridge; Jennie Fei-genbaum of Highland Park; Marilyn Gonyo and Judith Gros-shandler of Fords;, Gail Hal-pern of Somerville; and .Mary ; Henderson of Matawan.' f Also", Donald Hooper of two people and only then can it reach out to embrace the world." Diplomas and academic awards were conferred by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. John J. Ende-brock, assisted by the Rev. William Gardner. Sister Eugene Marie, principal; and Sister cap and gowns into the school auditorium. The Rt. senior boys and girls. Edison; Edith Irish .of Old Bridge; Virginia Irwin and Sheila Kallman of Edison; Michael Lasko of Matawan; Sheila Leder of Highlan Park; Patrick Lioila of New Brunswick; Evelyn Maniscalco of Perth Ainboy: and Robert Maniscalco of Perth Amboy.. '":'' Also, Mary Masterson of Carteret; Ellen Mazet of Green Brook; Freeman Miller of Old Bridge; Joseph Montefusco of Colonia; Evelyn Olesky of Matawan; Paul Ortenzio of Wood-bridge; Winifred Owens of Carteret; William Patterson of Piscataway; David Pincus of Somerville; Marion Poerio of Edison; Martha Pollak of Colonia; Louis Raspolich Jr.- of Wood-bridge; Michael Raykovicz of Perth Amboy; and Steven Ro-sengarten of Edison. Also, John Rossi of Somerville; Raymond Schaffer of Edison; Karen Schuman of Piscataway; Charlotte Sciarpelletti of Port Reading; John Shoemaker of South Amboy; Frank Shyers of Fords; Susan Sosin of Edison; Barbara Urdang of Colonia: Gail Wohl of Somerville; and Betsy Zipkin of South Plain-field. We have never kept records before, and I'm . at a loss as to how to start. Any kind of statis- i tical help you can give will be greatly appre- : ciated. I'd also like to know how much to allow to clothe the children and myself. We are in the $20,000-and-over bracket. Mrs. L. L., Chicago Dear Mrs. L.: On your income, your standard of living would indicate the Liberal cost scale which, according to Department of Agriculture estimates, would be $65.60 a week for your family. However, since the cost for each member decreases when there are four or more at the table, deduct 10 per cent for an actual total of $59.04 or let's make it a round $60. That $65.60 figure is determined this way: Weekly food cost for a man 56, $9.80; for a woman 43, $9.70. A boy 16 requires $13.40 worth of food; at 13, $11.70; and at age 11, $10. Your 14-year-old daughter presumably would consume $11 worth. These are national averages, and vary to some extent in different sections of the country. : Clothing costs are more , difficult to figure than appetites. In fact, about all the statistic il help you can depend on is that the average family spends from 8 to 15 per cent of net . income for clothing and upkeep. How much rent you pay or how much property tax' and morf gage payment you're committed to affects your clothing allotment just as your grocery bi'l does. Once you arrive at the percentage of income you can afford in order to dress the family, then you must apportion it logically. And these individual allowances will have to be changed as ages and activities change. I say start with the breadwinner's needs, and work down from there. St. Peter Ann Marie, vice principal, were a:so seated on the speakers platform. Awards were presented to the following: The Rt. Rev. Msgr. John A. O'Grady award for having attained the highest average in the college preparatory course n wMAiinM VALLEY 4 GLORIOUS DAYS 5 Graduates Are Urged to: Donna Murasko; the Rt. Rev. Msgr. John J. Endebrock award presented for proficiency in English to: Janet Connolly. For scholastic achievement and cooperation, sterling silver miraculous medals, the gift of Mrs. Edward Devine in memory of William F. Harkins, to: Elizabeth Cromie, Mary Ann Gibbons, Barbara Gray, Robert Huben, Josephine Kinal, Rita Korponay, Barbara Lapinski, Timothy Owens, Thomas Pada-vano and Marienne Quinet; The Bishop Ahr medal for religion to: Josephine Kinal; the faculty award for proficiency in mathematics to: Barbara Gray; the DAP rsey Blue Chapter award to the student attaining the highest average in American history to: Robert Huben: the Knights of Columbus, Fourth Degree Assembly award,' for the one highest in American history to: Robert Huben; the faculty award for proficiency in French to: Marienne Quinet. An award, the gift of Rev. William Capano, in memory of Beatrice and James Capano for proficiency in Spanish to: Joann Krosnowski; an award, the gift of the American Cyanamid Co., for proficiency in chemistry to: Donna Murasko. The .Bausch Lomb Science award for the student having excellent ability in science to: Frank Czysz; The Dr. Gregg Memorial Award, the gift of the faculty, for proficiency in stenography is given to: Nanette Michaloski. The annual student award of the Raritan Valley Chapter of the National Association of Accountants for the student of interest to NATIONAL BANK cordially invites you to Its Week-long Grand Opening Celebration at our new Permanent Clara Barton Branch ending Saturday, June 15, 1968 The Clara Barton office will be open Sat., June 15th, from A.M. to I ENTER YOUR THE GRAND IN SUNNY ENCHANTING BERMUDA DRAWING WILL BE HELD SAT., JUNE 15TH AT 3 P.M. EVERY VISITOR ELIGIBLE . AND YOUR CHOICE OF ONE OF FOUR GIFTSI When you open a checking account or savings account for $50.00 or mors- or an Increase of $50.00 or more into an existing account. While they last, of course. Another added Surprise! Check our other ad for details of our all new guardian Passbook Account. - S Pc IKJo. S.I Tool tra Sot Sat aiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiW THI AMERICANA 2 "'a RARITAN VALLEY NATIONAL DANK NOW THREE BRANCHES IN EDISON MAIN OFFICE CLARA BARTON OFFICE OAK TREE OFFICE ROUTE 27 Amboy Avenue Oak Tree Road All Office Open Saturday! StOO A.M. to 12:00 Noon 818 51200 Member F.D.I.C with the highest average In bookkeeping to: Ruth Ann Sig-mund; The Raymond Hayes McGovern Memorial Award, gift of his parents and sister, for proficiency in Latin to: Wilhelm Mahlberg. The Rraduatea are: Marie Elizabeth Anderson. Diane Arline An-thal, Theresa L. Arico, Alice May Ashton, Joan Marie Bahash. with high honor; Mary Ann Bara. Peter Kevin Barbano, Suaan Helen Baron, with high honor; Anne Regina Barry. John Francis Barsnica, Jr., Susan Anne Bartholomew. William Robert Beck. Carmela Diane Belliaarl. Raymond Joseph Brlskl, Joseph Peter Benincasa, Glenn Joseph Biagi, Linda Mary Blanco, Patricia Marie Blado. JiU Anne Blue. Donna Maria Bode, Karen Christine Bonanne. Martha Anne Bonanno, John Francis Borbely, Marcel Frank Barglowski, Henry Thomas Brun-ing, Patricia Anne Brandli, Irene Mary Brown. Elaine Marie Burke, Nancy Eileen Burns, Jo-Ann Burton, James Phillip Campbell, Jeaa Ann Carlano. Jeannane Carmody. Janet Mary Cipot, Margaret Elisabeth Clemen-ti. Eileen Rosemary Clark, Linda Suzanne Coghennec, Janet Clair Connolly, with high honor: Patricia Ann Connolly, Elaine Linda Con-roy, Elizabeth Jane Cromie. with highest honor: Kathleen Ann Curry, Christina Leona Cwirko. Carol Ann Cwynar. Frank James Czysz, Noreen Patricia Daly, Robert Damato, Lorraine Joy oernoga, Denise Ann De Lutio, Michael Francis Egan, Elizabeth Jane Erath. Jo-Ann Falgi-ano, Maureen Ann Farrell, Christine M. Figat, Kathryn F. Finne-gan. Paul John Fortl, Barbara Jane Gallagher, John William Gallagher, Cnristne Elizabeth Eileen Ger-encser. with high honor: Mary Anne Gibbons, With highest honor: Walter Anthony Gilliland. Henry John Glover Andrew G. Glynn. Maureen Elizabeth Golden, Richard Michael Gorman, Barbara Claire Gray, with highest honor. Donna Marie Gresh, Catherine Gross, Kenneth Richard Gross, Susan Ann Grygo, Thomas Joseph Grykien, Hermina Rose Guman, Joan Hamilton, Thomas Hamilton. Mary Elizabeth Hann, Leonard L. Haring, Jr. Martin Edward daring, Joanne Marie Hart, with high honor. Mark Helias, Janet Delphlne Hel-fin, with high honor: Diane Mary Fobich. Elaine Jo Anne Horvath, Kathleen Ann Howard, Robert P. Huben, With highest honor; Patricia Ann Marie Hudak, Peter Aifred Jensen. Mary Louise Keenan. Jote-nhine Theresa Kinal, with highest honor. Robert William King. Jean Frances Klaslo. Dennis Charlea Konopacki. Rita Susan Korponay, with highest honor: B i MM v r THE DAILY HOME NEWS NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J.. FRIDAY, JUNX 14. 1968 NAME FOR PRIZE OF - 3 MOONLIT Regina Ana Kraft. Donna zabth Kranowskt, Dv.d Nxhlas Krassowski. Dennis He.bert Krone-mever Joann E. Kroanoski. Thomas Matthew M. Krier. William Jo. seph La bos Joseph S. Lalka, with high honor. Diane Rita Lanfrit, Robert Walter Lapczyntki, Barbara Mane Lapinski, with highest honor) Christopher Brian Letts. Agnes Ann Lorn bar do. with high honor; Carol Lukasonek, Gerald Michael Lynch. William Joseph Lyons. Wilhelm W. Mahlberg with high tinner: Jayne Margaret Mahon, Ro-aeann Marie Mangarella. Stephanie Theresa Martin, Uh. -high honor; Janice Margaret Mat-seur, Mark Kennedy Maurer, with high honor; Mary Eileen McCaffrey, Colleen Ann McCann Thomas Joseph McConvflle. Patricia Ann McCullough, Julienne Marie McGinty. Thomas Joseph McLaughlin, James Anthony Mella Fdward Charles Michales, Mareelia Claire Michales. Nanette Michaloski. Barbara Jean Miklowcle, Linda Diane Mis-nnk, Catherine Mary Monagh?n, Donna Marie Murasko, with highest honor; James Edward Murasko, Jeffrey Joseph Nelson, Diane' Dorothy Niewinaki, with high honor; Maryanne O'Hare, Thomas Frederick Oldcroft, Kenneth Frank Olsson. Timothy Owens, with highest honor: Thomas John Padvano.i with highest honor, Michel Palko, with high honor: Elizabeth Mary Petras. Mary Jane Pietil with high honor: Gregory' Stephen Polgar, Darlen Ann-Priam, Frances Elizabth Puelio. Marienne Letitia Quinet, wtb high-eat honor: Frances Sherry Raio, Robert Charles Rivituso. Bonnie Lee Robinson, Mary Ann Rno-rey. with high honor; Margert Ann Roppelt, David John Rose. Isabell Mary Salsa, William Kenneth Sampson. Kathleen Loretta Santisi. Trudy Schroeder, Wayne Anthony Scibl-KK'hryn Joy Shafer, Ronld John Shugan, with high honor; James John sica. Ruth Ann Sig-; mund, Ladislaus Daniel Sipos, Irene Helen Siudut Kathleen Raehel Skinner. Marilyn Jean Slicho, Marilyn Dorothy Sliva. John Robert Somogyi. Ste-. phani Elizabeth Sotak. Wilis m Anthony Soriero, Benjamin Anthony Sninnickle. Kathleen Marie Sth-ley, Barbara Ksrolina Stankowskl,, Carol Ann Stefanko, with high honor: Linda Jothn Suhan, Anna Szmuriga. Renin Clair Tennyson, Regina. Maria Thomas, Peter John Tlrrell, Bonnie Priscilla Tomalin. Barbar Anne Tomecko, with high honor; Nancy Ann Toth, Mark Douglas Tresdwell, Larenc Edward Tre-lease. Catherine Ann Van Arsdale. Nancy Mart Velcheck, Christina; Vsn Voorhis. Noreen Ann Vrubtauskas, Gary": Edward Ward, with high honor;! Margaret Ann Weiser, Anna Welsch. ' James Michael Williamson. Mtchele. Lisbeth Wren, Regina Francine Yurkovic, Gail Francis Zielinski. Elizabeth Ann Zozulin, with high honor; Catherine E. Zvolensky. -7- I 17 P.M. NITES 1

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