The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1937
Page 6
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PAGE BIX , Club Counts One or '-' More Rookies With Good Recoid ^NEW YOlUi (UP) — o\ei shadow ed last >«ir by ths brilliance of American Lcasta recruits, thc National League swi .training season tl Manila Boys,and Luxora Girls Win County Basketha 11 Titles Into 'ring; \U(h crop of fre$hnien Every club lias ritp flt least one rookie Rho lias shOKn.n^i i, n ir promise of winning a major lcn B «B I Manila ,,'Aiixmg (lie authhuxllm,' arc BOSTON ,' ' Outfielder Vlnco UlMig|<la fi-oin Ban Diego Bald lo June belter aim than hit, brothei Joo of tho[ Yankees Lory; innge hitler Glen* P«l up In the 13th innlnj of n Careless tie list jcni nnd smashed a homer -"^ Pitcher Lou Rittc fioin St !',ui| | Tops in American Association a frv , n hurling last jear with 25 \iclor-jtitjo Jfs Led A. A In Mctoiy percent- Shcckli llllTTltVtP f^mtOilrt „«, I IT" . ' DV 3.' I'. PHIKND OSCEOI.A, .Mar. l.-LUxora ami MnniJn, sirring |>ic-tomn<>y fnrtji- Ite, lan due to foitn to tnkc first 11611015 In llic MlMl<»l])j>| Comitj lilgh -whool ba^elbdll fiiwls hue Siilurday ntghl Dekplto liiclunmt ?father (he aihtltorUim was taxed lo capacity. , .Jlie . Manila <iylnl' defcntcil the Aixora boys, 30 to 14, after the Lu\om giils hnd titmrncd Mnii- tal all Is, 24 to rt " Led by (Iw bJllltalit and vn- wdle Kvoiyn McDanlrt,, , ' ""' „ the ..„ .^.w ,,_,, tin; till « c'minnlonslilp Ml% MoDanlel scol- H (Ween iioliiu, .ma dh cited the Eiiooth passing nnd accurate nt- lick that iundually woic down Iho luircl fighting Mnhllan* Tjp- The Manila nlfth scoic. .„ three flclil 140^11 15 10 at litilf i Liong howcvM •> miming « i W nf, ^ l WUI a<pe, number complete games, Innings pitched—291 and numbci of batten faccd-1165 Wo* In 38 games altogether, ,5eoi uefoie broke Into 43 box woie* j BBOOKLYN -'Pitcher Walter slgnei from Atlentown Right-hander with B S degree from N Y, TJ Appendix fiVp.ped, htm at Dayton In 1M4 ^sore nrm got htrn ut Sending In ^5 but last year hc won 1C games >. topping (Nypa's first line pitchers in earned rims with 396 Hnd streak of nine btralght wins with four "' ' White, cinck - San- Ing Ihc lioyy Ittanih, iilll and Clifford - 0- — •«! . luuJJUl^ Llltln with nncnniiy skill, amasstnn CHICAGO • Outfielder Joe Marly v fioui 9an Francisco Joined SfxLs In 1934 Starred 'in 1933 plnjoft for Coast league plaj off for Coast league »«.suc .j/uijuii ior uoast league • pennantl and struck stride as » t slugger last year when lie bitted 'ISLES " le poastl taltln K In f. • *J "nil, limiUx^Hll 11 tJoints brtwKn the;.i (he Pmt- thcis wcic ncvu In the iwinc Tlicy wcic held to but a slniila eoal from Hit field hi the first will, and hailed U o White »n< Bm-j of Manila, rorduccy and H J'otcet, Lu\om went out vln ihi foil route, nnd Cverv reyiilnr hu it least one pei-sonnl ride fakes Second defending champions ville, Hod In uic boys' division, cnch wllli 30 points, Dim hnd n Held t'oiils n i id-two fonl shblK. •Sparky" Imil one loss field goal but c«6«l two more'tree throws. Bill Shoeklry, Manila, scored seven field Kiwis ngntiKt Kelsei for best «on> In one eame 'for thc toy's. Osieoln';: 11B points topped Jily- Ihevllle by seven .for team honors. Kelsei's I(i,sslf3 scored 41 fluid goats nnd 15 fouls for 87 j lu\oi« was second wllli 83.- Iltftt' tilntix Tourney Oflielnls were: O. K. (Buddy) Storey. (Arkansas State College) nnd Hutch Love (Southwestern of Memphis), referees; John Kc'lwr timer; Spcnire Williams, «orcr aeortsc H. Hccrc. superintendent of Osceola schools, was In cliniy of Ihe tournament., '•' -, ' Buy scores for the chahinlonshl gomes n Manila <30) Williams, 11 Shockley, H Berry. 3 Eniillsh,' i White, 10 Substitutions: BLYTHEVILLB COURIER NEWS DOERK THE DOER .... ;-. B KrerJ •; jtoAffv '• "•••••', ; .•••. '• ••••/. .. .^.._ .'.H Dlvtslot ' 1'o.s. •p K a G O (M) Forditccy, •, Hicks-, o , H. Poteetv i (Manila) Mouscr, i — o- 't->, Isaacs, Demon, Myers (I.ux- , Oeorgi., o. l>ot<«t. Davis 1 Referee: Ixivc (Boiilhwest- ern) Kchei, , ons eninert wvorid plate <n the Kills dlvtlon by Irounclnu Mnnlln. 1G- 0 thnnta lo the Hfcniclrj of ir Anchlln, tall blonde fonvnrd with (Ho nekl goals TisneL-i McDonald one of Manilas, thlee hlsleic scoi- "d se\en tftllle 1 ; ' IJIlmlnaled earliei ,ln the mnin- *.nvn. i\j uiipiuiL 1 runnel-up liouois - Moon Meyer from Tl ? c y, <lcrMll!<1 Luxoia In the con Eau Claire, Northern League Club !olatl<m ni ">Ls Russell Mosley, Native of Chlcagoa North "'' ^boso ipmiutr,w,> in,,,. ,.™, ... ,,._ Bide Member American Legion "kid- team which won Junloi World's ' Champlonshlri and sent Phil Cavaretta _ to Cubs Serious, studious, inia to UUDS serious, studious l u """' V'uriei becauso of lolkrws craft of arte-factliig etrtas- '2 U ' n ' c Clllck<i !e 'l it the half. «d Instruments during off-season 17 .1 ^ -- »» H H-UVIII«I uuiuiK Vll-^citson Batted J38 lust year nnd drove „,,/'" MeDlnlcl, Luxora star and ln>]29 runs" „ -, Clifford While, onfi of thc main ?>' ,iV "CINCINNATI ,t coe ^' '" Manila's maclilne wtre gitcher^Dce Ifooro from Macon '° wl lllp mmt olit^lniidliig nth- Most \ersatlle nla^np !n rruiif*^ p ^ ofnthe meet bv the conrhp^ plajer in majors Bally yLeojruc" home ran champion in JS3H Played outfteld in first §ame' of double-headei last jear IorrM4con" l Uien went hi and pitched ^-rjlt^gtthie . vrgtttwr . (JphnnyvVandepiMeer ttqpi Jtnifham • Le^ league in '{•WkeowtA^tii ?95'and',in earnid runs, mtrtvlflS. Tel rtflp,fast'b\ll irihloi lea TOP *.<-.! l_l ^ tarted, lati us 10. „,.' ',-^t i k ,1 - .jk«iicu. uiwi as (lit 1 , bat" yon> I9v games last ler l / r "., '' ' ' meet by the coaches nd officials Johnnie Dmnelt superintendent of School made the presentations to the first nnd jeqond pUicc winners The champs scored iienvily In t poll for ,thc all county teams e*l (at the close Luvora had ,on« of i,K 'pwkca foi ,11m . summer •"'>' YORK Bcnne jar«du»te ^of Terry ••"»! iPittlied no-hlL 'last June, > Hist in from , L *|8ue slpce Red Lucas oW 11 yearn ngo - , , . •nyUifcal jhls' seloctlons, 1 tftice o» he fust and two' on the second. \IauiUv Llpns placet! one on tin 1 s , Hiil t^ani uiijl two on thc econd us did Osctola 'Blythevllle wsjho <>n)j team Jto\ sain two Maces qn the bo)s' first team The _ iriep,^,.,?^ i ( ; t , ! , , Pitcher, clllt Itelton from Haiti- S?' 1 JL <7SIX 5**Vg'4 ln ^» tall eouthpa* > itf victories agnlnst H vdtfeats «last ^summer 1 j"* baBesaan.;^ POwe™ from Baltimore All-rousd star at Santa Clara U Coached football at Loyola U (Los Ai&tes) tot fall Batting awrftge., ^4o Had 17 put- outa and two asslsti in nlghl gime last July , PHILADELPHIA Outfkldcr Hersfhel Martin No relation to Pep or 1 btu, but comes from same territory as Pmper WtTSBDRGH . Pitcher • Cannon-ball ' Helnlsel- man from Jeanetie Won 23 games te.| rear Nickname portray, his rtylt FrottuMlssourt and at tlve »ge of 19 was king-pin pitcher in *uuung Ptnnsyhanla State Association championship last summer «. i < Catcher ST. LOUIS t>aul Chervlnko from —.* fi" u| ^jiw>uiKo irom ColuwDus ttas university degree o. Bachelor of Science In Political Economy Has been tuo years Jrith Emlra and one v,llh Bloom Ington s - { ' Catcher Mickey Owen from Co lumbus CallW the $200000 catch^.J^ 1 '*- A «" WHIng most of aeeSop ,Kln«l areruge 336 Will b« 20 years old, April '4 buT''*" B ' U MC °" from Colum ^Jlh 353 in 32 games Started pro ««*r w1th v Keokuk In 1933, and pitched one-hitter against Hoc)Island Poo Is said to be the most expensive of all sports, due to the necessity of maintaining a ot valuable polo ponies imclt Chicks (fought their cnplme 1'iinnei-Jp lion utniuknble lone f|oal in the b of play won hit the wltkei tlmea before bowing out enily In i the third quartei beeauso of ast thlrt i , llectlolis .All-Slnr Teams First team (boys)— White, Manila forward, Wariingtoii, IIHUcvllle forward. Leigh Lu\- ira, center,, Oldliam, Osceola unrd, Mosley, Blythdvllle Second team (boys) *-Williams tanlla, fonjTird, IT'l'otcet, Lux- "^ra, forward, Pate, Osceola, 'hockley, Manila, (j«ard, Ramsey, tceoln/. guard. Plri>t team (Bills) — McD-vuicl "apt), LiL\ora, forward, Anchlln Ceber, forwnnl deorge, Luxora orn-ard; Brown,:: Wilson, gira'rd; "'lark Lnxora, anaixl. Cook^ Kel- ?r, guard. Second team (cirls) — Svyck 'hawnec loiward, Bjieck. wison 'orwards; P. McDanlcl, Manila, forward; Byrd, Luxora, fruard; ?ayne, Luxora. guard; V. McDon- Id. Manila, gutml. Scoring 27 Aeld goaVs and 7 charity chunks. Anciiltn, Kelscr leauty, 'mis] Individual high scor- T Seven fleld goals and Ivvo free osses against Luxora and eight sosls from the floor plus U'o free throws also gavo her high scoro lor a single Same Don Wnrrlng- w.n and -Russell Jvfoslej'. Blytlie- McDiinlel, 15 )|l!«, V Byrd, 4 Clark Payne Bmntlcy OtrN Division (28) i>os. P F. McDonald; 2 P Z. McpQ-naui, 5 p • llpton, 10 CJ .V. McDonald G Whttley Dryo ,. — - ;lii.r, 2, stanfield, H. Joh,«on T ' Clubb, etionir scott. .Tatum, Vansanl, Aitn- ™ • . • ..-«.....t, /vuii- Kefcrec-Love (Southwost- "Happy" Foreman 'Wains Joe Louis Coacli of Riclcout -Tyviiu Says L-isK Belter.Racer, However ' " .-,, BV HAIlltV OKAVSON, Sports Killlor, NBA .Service • NEW YOItK, Pfb. 27.— Chft Sportsman,' coach of the Hideout twins;-of. .North Texns, Toacjifrs calls Don. Lnsli ,a I'navo' :Nurml from tiic neck down. .'.•-, Lash, the Tndlaiiu Iron -Mmi who loweied the Iwo-mllc liicloo: record to fl;6a In ISoston, admits osl» K |,L S |,ead when opponents Jockey hlmt ' i; . .:.,. •' "Spasmodic *j>iiri« i>y , .. . s im-'.set -J 1|s . mentally . 1s i-»Vt>iin;' declares ..Sportsniah.,#ir the' jj]ooinIiiB(0[i r'lyer Is to' ! beaten -at' two miles', lie tins' (i- iwiraxsnl nnd teased . Im 0 a aerk'i of re<;iir)-ent.,co,(itUer-spvlnts n i , "?' I s llo !- ||ea <l«l cnouBl, [„ flghl'bactt, whereas -Nunnl was a coW-blixxlttl inacliiiio H'ho Ignored his .rivals .nnd : stuck.. rolt'ntles.s- jy . to his time schedule.' I 'consider Don a ureater racer t!mn r Niir m |, wllli more compeUtlvc- spark " ; Lash polnU 0 \it^ ttiat he fa n ' wofch "" (1 '" ot -.stop- '" thc " nr .: , —.^. .«i. inc ATKaiLSaS- Ml.sanu-1 state line . ra | <ltod ny |, e liopcd U> gel Joe Louis uclroll 11C ! BTO boMnjf sensation, to umpire n i name betnetn Iwo tic stale line future Foreman sild he liad made Louis an offer of $300 or 60 jar tent ot tiic sate receipts l o umpire'at a ball game nnd thit Louis hafl rc- e in T* !' e COUW not m **t ttic frit; here because of previous tn.iEcmcmJ- Foreman said lie lind ri-n wed J)is oJfer tiiwn huuUii<r tl, 4 t '-"I.S might be In this section of country while on tour wlor,lo his ^._ x inias j, BfnddocT7or The it boxIp yfnr, "OlUht Jack _....._, , o umpire a ball game omb etl mrtcli to p D desired 'but he let, ""'' a ,» Unprompiu ' boxin Womerf Wrestlers ' Aj>pear On Cdj-d ^Tonight At Hut __ _ " i 1 BllrkC| ^ M to >«!from nnd Belt® Leo , app«,r In enilnlne .., lie. feature match on 'tonights „ piogram at tJic Legion iut arena Hex Mobley Amarillo Tf\ vet- ran, nnd PreiKhy Leavttt Monreal Canadn teughlc inwt tn i prcllnilnni^ Each match' is over 'the 00- nlnuteor-less two . out of -tliree alls route. : , • • Mike Mcrcnoy will' referee the matches. • ••'... Cits Suitences MANSFIELD, O. (UP) _ Xmbl- ioii3 InhabltanUi, of MansOeld's nil arc able lo,cut Uiclr sentences half . by scrubbing the 'office ls of .the city Jail. . ; ..I'l'iii. 'never dead^cerUilii' ih a t. ] :an ruii to'a Ilsenl i*hediiic'"'a.s'- serts the Kurryliiir Hobsleri "It depends on how I fte, and how;, the race develops, You '. chaps' don't '^'f. 11 '' 8:68 pace, meam. u cant break a record .unless you're In the proper mood '• Lash banged the- New York A ',(„, /,"" C "' 9 ' 018 ' thc "'I'd fastest time cvci recorded indoors yet .explains that shortly after the mvo it" Ul " 1 hc jllst Ill ''' • « . Cant H«LH( Impulw to Trade Spurts Whin Joe McClnsky went .m ke a bit from hell in tin- hi I"' >C 1;r ° kc up a " . L aW " llr " tllllc dMnt figure tint he BOSTON wo sox. He HIT .-5*2 FOK we • ' : JIOMDAY, .MARCH j, By Harjy Grayson The depression cracked dowii on ie Aii/«na-Tt!Xas League Just as it 'was organized, in 1930 H was Inevitable that 'the brave Jlllle.looi) would burn iin |n ihe scorching, de.sert wind, but Harry Hageiion and Lie S.imiders hated to (iurrender at El Paso .| n 1932 wlien the bottom dropped out like Uiiil of a'dump wagon, Men don't 8'«: up easily on the Rio aranile, "'id, H was t lie spirit of the base' tall"-pioneers that .put Haacdoii and Saundeis In the gnme. Hagedon nnd • Sauniers never upixw trvlng. They s]«nt considerable money and more time try-, ing lo return.organized baseball Irf the border. capital. Haseball just Isn't sup'p$- «l to have srnndals. It. is one. jirt>- fesslonnl sport thc honesty Ihe public Is convinced. Ousted'• orilcblx 'Deny lifdifijt on Hall Citing Undis Kcaicely would litwc'in'cl- sd ns he did without ample ; evidence, yet the good people of m Paso hold Hagedon and Saujnlei's blameless or any' wron'cdolng.,- 1 . HttKedon and Saiuiilers Inire tl'elr Irouljlc to J. R. (Mule) washbtirn, who was dismissed 'n;; Ihe El Paso manager shortly 1 before the league collapsed In JQ32 wnshbm-n then tlu-calCneil ,:(l\M would be puste<l 'from . - •- baseball, but llie tlifeal.s were taken lightly. Is'believed that Wnshiiurn ed that Hu'eecion ami Saiin- bet on 6 a,ne S at E1 P(I;W U'ey deny that they ever did-'one "•ay or another. Snunders admits, however 'liiil e .tent Washburn n telegram in' June. 1931. when thc El iC' P U was jierforijihit' at.lifsb— •-''• Tiie lown rejoiced whpir'lhe An-' TOna-Texas League was revived '?*.?* . , , 6 ,.. B sedon 'lesumjd the presidency of I • ". lo lry llft ™ to win the series club and'Saunders picked" up I £„ . ne . wa * *''°">K lo bet $100. •-- " - - ' Saunders -says that he dWn't : ,tjct, ,. .^!KKey OWEN, AN[> : .M£SHEK PERFORMED WTtt TH's 5M£ .. , FOR CATCHER OVJEH... IS £XP£CT£D To >JiAMi DYH'£S AT $4S£ FOR WfVTs SOX'- style, of ball of Ihe foot i the He doesn't make contact with his heels as did Nurmi nnd as do most' runners. Pol- lowing Garden efforts, the soles'of Ills .shoes are scufftxl and dented from tlic Instep to thc toe. lish ilcirs up his «ltchta" from the 5000-meter to the 1500- meter event In the A.A.U. Indoor championships by cxplalnhif that he Is fed up with two mile" plu^-' Even the dunble lloosler foumi u, c two-mile ,n weiirin» Srlnd "And besides," hc beams, stubborn sort 01 a iru "I' m fan even , W ee bu ink talplng each 1 other ^hm °*" c ; nj , 1 «'' «»d almost each otlidl off It Wfts my l^liouW hau 8 one out all by m- I On tl-c" nintli or tenth hp 'j Rave no an Idea or belli;,,; , ,y rtcora and decided la slake evev- "In? pn ,. finishing spl, f t '.r 'B> "'At lime I WB , \, ni '™ ra tled.a'nd dldnH knpvv v.h-it\vw KQlns lo liappen, T 1 couldii t fc.yit 'the tJtxe spurts toju CtallnmCd for a ' "" r BC « must have looked cra/y but *c pve the crowd some r\cl mini anyhow I wasnt worried «htn I fell back tn hst piu e „„ tbe nineteenth Inn • V *> • * L«hs Style Vullie < ' That or Wost KouteN L(isli feeto Ihit h6 can nm bel- (e> on Uie stlffer more solid Bos- all hinds have ush In the ^ work . harder. 'NOR that Lush lias shifted to switch to the 5000 meters sajb the ihnsteffu) KniLsau. ' Lash Is as strong as a horse Hk bfest bet Ls to lake us out fj.rt all the fvujt, open up a bis lead anil gimble on t>UiiHlln^ off our -tretch sprints dene Vtnzke, Becoah and 1 ore faslei- thon LasJi but he can drive ill nUjht and top off n stiff pice with -\ surprising kick' Lnsh rimst figure on a new 1500-mttei record of 349 or bet- tei to hope for victorj over a field that in6liides Cunningham Venzke Bcccal! nnd Archie San Roman! but lies cipablc of'mosi anything when m the mood and hred lip certainly lie Injects the •ipcculatlv p punch where l'e lelt off as secrelary.' llLagedon and Saunders had •feats 'comiri'r'io theiii. At last l«v 'would get n fe«-.' "' ' It looked that way • when .- a working a'gieement was made with he affluent New York Yankees. I'tat meant stability and power in the Arizona-Texas, circuit. Hard Workers Banished .'. : ior SLv-Year-Old OrTenw • But tor all their expense, and ef- rort, Hasedon Saunders are out of baseball now. Bluntly, estpelled by Judga land Is,' they stepped aside rntlier lhan sec their (own forfeit Its franchise. ,, ... : -Thcrcl. Lamlls notUicd them by leleirapb. they must stay until u hearing on ' a gambling mottcr 1 !? Iwid. The'diamond dictator will stand'for no type, of belling in connection with the dodse he directs Fbr something they did duruij their Etrug CT lln» davs of six jean a?o, an<i W hich he now "construes as' having been irregular,. Lanilis alljches the stigma of ostracism to club officials who did a deal for Ihe business in their lo callty at,.a lime when'It Was In dire, need of help. •The.sltghtest.suggestionofscan- dal immedlalelj becomes a storj regardless of the "prominence o[ UiOia involved Baseball punish ment is one of the more'dreadful becaasc there Is onlj one kind— Large modem iquaridms pro vide seven dlffefeiit kinds- of wa- for the vanous (rinds of rushes — ••"" ttv - luuii and that his only purpose la i"(f the message was to Washburn and the outfit. -^ The Arizona-Texas League vvbiiid lie a leaxy roof circuit were-tftere any roofs or rain, .so its soaridnl Is. important only to • ijagS line, Mountie LandLs. like : the Saunders, and El Piiso. ••*. But it stresses the relenVlcis campaign lo keep baseball as clean ns a change of linen. Atom; 'this eiephnnl, never forgets. FOR SALE! We have a limited supply of nice Alfalfa Seed and price is altracliie Also scveial ton.', of EUmevlllc No. 4-A Cotton Sceil' one year from (he breeder we raised and glnneu Idem ind slate tested We hive scwral hundred bushels of Beans and Will sell or trade foi nl ,v other/ variety of Cotton Seed or Bcin/ L. R. Matthews Gb Co. Tel. 1511-f;; I'artiro. Ark. Cotton, Colton S«d aim ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER- SERVICE BUREAU 4 , Troprfetn All cnitkn of Hfhollf TyjMprlters, AWtne Machine, lrftck Hc ""^ the Square Garden strip too WANTED Government Loan Cotton • Phone 107 APPLBBAUM BROS COTTOW CO. Berttj BMt. ' BrylheTlJlo, Ait. "WKBK (010 \VEMHER ROCKS WU;5 £«: ^Bf WRESTLING Every Monday Night 8 P.M. j, »HLDRED ; BURKK ' ! c -TV " BETT1B LEE REX MO&LEY ' u FRENCHY LEAVITT »' the anginal wiNm BEER in Bottles I 'TIL WITH \8EER _ I THAWED OUT _ fAUTAff WINTER ' WAR J*TH myivM $?/&• &. .'.fs : Xfe 4 ;t! ••' C. M*KE5 iDOH'TBEAFOjja. TRY A BOTTlE mm <m w* ..•^.V.--"r—-;~""- " <^^^m.m-'J**--' ZrfV^jy-~*u^ SUCH POPULARITY MUST BE DESERVED! Fals^aff Winter Beer gets tKc call! For sheer enjoyment and downright pleasure, team up with a sparkling bottle of thU mcllowagcd brew. It's cheery zip and tingtingustetangwilUakeyou.KccpasuppIyinyourhome. Order by Case or in handy $Lvbott[e "take-me-hdmc" bag,. .f.l.lAir Brpwrnc Coi,..; fit. t«l,.0«,»l,....S,«r Orlf.1,.' Choicest Product of the Brewers'Art REVOLUTION ' . . . Main Street Give a thought to Main Sheet as you scan today's headlines! All the world's excitement isn't in Europe. •iFor, in our town>. , and 'towns'..,'like ours clear across the country .: . -Urere's a .dtiily revolution go, ing on. Changes in dress styles'and .food-prices;... the rise of a hatd'own;,; ,the fall of-furniture prices — these'mattevs vitally affect our daily living.. ; . ; And the news is hbly, fully :.covered in advertisements. Hei-e, in concise, meaty, form makers of the world's goods tell you what's new, what's good . . . and how to make your dollars S-T-R-E-T-C-H.' Smart people who like, to be ui>to-the-minute in living current events, follow advertisements as closely as headlines. They'know what's .doing in Europe and America .... but they also know where money buys most! '

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