The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1934
Page 4
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XfflB BLYTEKWLUS OOUBHEB raa OOUROM mm oo, « - i «. W, HAmB, Adnmtu* (Nt Niuooal Adnrtiamc u DtUlM, inc., N;w Tort, at PuMlhea Every Altersoon occut Entered u secora tffeu milter »t the. poet office at Biythevllto, Arkansas, under act' of Congriti, October «, 1917. Served'or MM Dnlt«r friMa SUBSCRIPTION KATES By curler U we Ciiy ol BjytUetlll*, 100 pat *i.-ci ui »o,otJ Ikr v«u in »avioi'-t. uj ui.hU Ajuuit a. AAUluA oi IHJ OHM**, |3,00 pel ^v--, tJ.ULf ll*t *4A tUWuiufi, UtIU IVt tUrtD UAUUUM. ^/ .AUWi UI 111A>UU AJUfea vHU VW MA, uiClUUV*, Insult Was Only a Symbol of Uur raitti in finance 'mi; iiciiuiiiiu ui oumuol insun may provuito mo cyiiR'iii io new remcinw auouc uic cuincmiy. 01 liiutiny; ;t uui- non dollars guilty oi. auyilnne; Ijut us ciiiut imp'onaiicu is us waning; Unit \vu caiinuc uiiuiio me tusasierb oi recent years on iimivicuiius. ivir. insiiii was a syinuol — both Ijo- roiu tnu crasn and atter il. M'IICII fomenting very unpieasatit, hiippcuud io ,us, we immtiuatuiy iranietl our ncavy guiis on tins syniooi. nut uiu real irunOlu ail itlotiji was not wiui inu symbol, but \vuli oiir own reaction tu it. in tuu yarn's bciorc Uic stoult mar- kot n't'dt jjcmocnuic, flir. aisuil was up on a goittcn inronc; aitdlic wounl nuver ilnve sinyuii uicru a niituice- it wo nail not iisucmcii to it. '\ve IOOKWI iipon nun as onu ot our groat men, \\u lisitliod nicuntivuly io uvoryuiinu Do Jiacl tu say — not bcwuiso we liad any spctiai reason to believe- Uial liu was a 'uriinaiii uiuiKcr, but •simply betnusu wu uciu .rbaay lo givu our lugnost iion- ois lo any man wlio possessed iiuan- uties 01 mi! lout; Natuvtilly «iiongl\, when Uio botloni fell out ui evei-yining, utir klcas went into ruvcisu. instcati ol' itlolixiiijf Lnis utilities magnate, we Irietl lo uliiuie linn lor evurytliniB. n great, many people lost a great Heal OL' money in liis cqmpiinies— to we lell, in our wisdom, that tlie olu'ious renictly was to throw < him in jail. Now il should have been apparent that .tlie obvious remedy was nulliinu ol"the kind. These unlucky investors were victimizeil, .not; by any one man, bill by ;t coiiiuination »i' forces; by themselves, first of all, and by the temper of the times, secondarily. JIow was tliis victimization made possible? Chiefly 'by the fact Ilia I we suspended, our critical judgment in favor of a trrcal. desire lo have all our problems solved by the power of finance. * * « We knew that many things were oiit of joint in our country. The life was being ground out of agriculture, labor was getting less than its share of things, Uie development -of mass production and Kiiper-linance was piling „;, stupendous problems which we had not even tried to solve. But \ve were , lei forget all about''those things —we simply refused io be bothered by tlicui—.in the hope that by piling stocks and bonds up high enough'we .could be Jloatcd over into a New Era'without effort of our own. Well—it didn't work. \Ve should have known that il wouldn't work, but we never let' ourselves ask questions. We have been sitting amid the wreckage for several years, now; and our remedy is not lo put'lhis or that man in jail, (jut to change the psychological background against which Hiosu men operated. Insun's acquittal ought to be a timely reminder of this. —Bruce Cation. BLYTHEVtLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEVVS The Red Delinquent Every so oitcii some tiic-nimt suggests tiwi the trouble witu our young people is that we have DUCII too .ipar- Jiifc' with (lie . rod. A sound . Umisli- iiitf every so often, we are lold, would work wondurs with some oi' these youngsters iwiom we /ind exceptionally "ani to handle. Maybe so. but Father IS. J. i''lim-~ iife'iin, head oi' u jJoy's Home in Unmlia, suggests Hint it is the uunui-.s ol uc- luiqvioni children wlio need the licking. Jie Mtaiy proposes Unit when a ciuid fets into trouoie with the law, and is lotiuci to have Uuen regularly neglected by Jus dad, dad Ije caned in auci given a dozen or so where lie, will, notice uiciu most, Kalher Manage points out [hat par-" entiU neglect is responsible for juven r ilo duhnciuoncy in u irotiicndous proportion ol' cases. In such wises, obviously, it is Ilio parent wlio needs cori'ection 1'ar more than Urn child. OUT OUR WAY And Mis Federal Sentence ' Means 20 Years I'ltlUllllg (JIltKy ~ m u imi . n Sl . at , s Olsll . 1( . t C'uiirl at Joncsljoro lo violation of Uie laleral kidnaping law, Kiite Persfnl, ;v B «l -28. was sentenced tcfliO yours in llic /ntcnil peiiilmUiiry. i Since federal sentences lor violent clinic are j' Uiiely liiterfniwl iv|(h by cxccullvo clemency, I 'Arkansas | s presumably rid of this multiple j killer and all-round desperado 1 lor a good •)' many years to come. j The Arkansas peiml sy.slem i-amc pretty near ?i making a record of some sort willi 1'crsfiil. j Three limes hcwi's scut. lo Tucker farm'for' j' minder or,. murderous assault with Jlreamis. ;" Three times he was made a "trusty" guard. Tlireo times he killed r c |to, v 1 ,,isaiier.s who were attempting lu escape. Three times he wns rewnrdcd with • a parole which Untied Win loose on society, known klllci 1 and habitual i criminal though He was. .'• It was afler his fourlli release, tills time on i furlough, (hut he made the mistake of stepping . oulslclc whni was for, him the charmed circle ^ of Arkansas criminal Justice. Willi two ac^ complices, buck in October, he robbed three ^ persons in Siloam Springs, kidnaped them lo j. prevent an alarm, and carried (hem across the i stale line inlo Oklahoma. That made him a ,' federal offender, and the federal sentence of 20 years Is the result. Hulc Pcrsful coa>- mlUcd murder In his 'teens, shot a woman in the back willi a sholgim during his first parole, mid shot a filling station attendant'during Ids second. Now the prospect is that for a technical kidnaping In which nobody was hurt and no atlcnipt at extorting ransom was made, lie will spend twice the time In a federal prison Uiat he has spent going In and out of the Arkansas penitentiary since he killed his llrsl victim. —Arkansas Gazette. OUK BOARDING HOUSE _jfolDAY. NOVEMBER 30,' CEPCTWN VITAMINS -M , YOU HORSE-WANT KNOW HOW TO INCREASE HIS j - A PINT O MEXICAN •BEANS' IN THIIMK MA\KINCb SPORT ME.-YES/ adequate stinly of the cast. A sudden change in rhythm and % AllCi'lI N °' ncii op 'SPECIAL scHOOl- 1 JJl ELECTION IN GOSNELL SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 6 OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. Notice is hereby given that Ihe County Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas, lias called a special election to ho held hr Oosncll Special School District No. Q of Mississippi county, Arkansas, on , 'lie 27th (tay of Dec., 1934, at ., , which the qualified electors in said School District shall vote on iho question of creating- a building fund of 7 by the levying of a tax mills for a building fund Distilct shall \ot« on the lion of ..creating & bSilin* b th , ' .• • - — -*n*iuiiig JUilU be collected annually on the assessed valuation of the laxable property in [he district for 30 yeais (o repay borrowed money the Interest ihcreon or » . wojiosed refunding fcond Issue of If MOO- Such • election shall be "eld a t Gosncll, on the 'm\\ day of Dec., 19M, between itic, hours of 1 p. M ., and 8PM and otherwise in the same miui- "er as is provided Ijy law for HM.™* """" !l1 sch001 elections. W11NESS my hand and the seal N 0 f ald . Co " rt ' !his 22M (la V of (Seal) FRED FLEEMAN, Clerk of the County Court of Mississippi County, Arkansas. GOSNELL SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT NO fi OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. By M. E. Cook, President, . By G. c. Wad ley. Secretary. 23-30-7-14-21 Every Little Beat of Heart Has Meaning All Its Own! NOTICE OF SPECIAL SCHOOL tLECTION IN VAKBRO SPECIAL SCHOOL DISTRICT OF Notice Is hereby given that the regularity of (he heart beat may ^A^^Xt S indicate changes in its muscles o in its nerve supply, the significance of which am he determined Slrdical AssuciHtioii, ami of l!y- geia, (lie Health SIa B a-4iiic Ot course, you are aware of the id Hint you have » heart. 'And rcbably you can feel your own ulsc. But it is noi advisable ror| on to do BO, unless you realize' ie si^iiilicaiicc of the jjiilse and' ie 'heart bout. Othchviso you arc kcly to misinterpret Hie sigiiill- ince or what you feel or dcter- linc. Z'coplc who arc hypersensitive or curallc may gel greatly worried bout Ihcir liejirt beats and coin- lain of palpitations and pains in 10 iicai-l, liesidcs other iniijiifca- itions more likely to be done lo rouble with digestion tiiun with ie heart. Overuse of tobacco, coffee, lea, r Hlcoliol is frequently associate! till UigeaUve trouble and • also 'ith "reference to the liciift.-Wo- eni npproachiiig (he piaidd/when ley pass from maturity into old !C, arc also likely io get syni]>- oms which arc referred [o Ihu cart. : - : election to be held In Yarbro Special School District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, on the " ony of December, 1934, at which by the levying of . mills for a building t collected annually on'I valuation of ' -the ' property lu tlie." district' DO years, to repay borrowed i ( and the Interest tliereoo-of . a v , v . posed refunding boatl.issue.of ijiV 500. Such election shall 'be 1 licl'ii' at Yarbro on tlie 31st day of December, between the houn'jqf •••> P. M., and o p.. M., amlr.ot|ief^ wise In the same manner as- is provided by law for hokithg 'an- iiunl school elections. '•'• WITNESS my hand and 'the eraf of said court, (his 28th day or November, 1934. (Seal) FRED FLEEMAN, : : Clerk of the County Cowl of MUsissiprii County, 1 Arkansas. l.V YARBRO • SPECIAL SCHOOL- DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. By Jno. W. Wldiier, President, By n. B. Akin, Secretary^ 30-7-H-21-i!u Football Remits /, School Joncsboro 7, Paragould 0. Brinkley 0, Stuttgart 0 (ifc) Hot Springs 14, pine Bluff U Cajnden 13, El Dorado 0. Searcy 0, Augusta 0 (tie). Forrest City 21, Marianna 7 Fort Smith 7, Van Buren 0 Walnut Ridge 30, Pocanontdb u Coinvay 19, Momlton 0 , Wynne 31, south Side (Mcini phis) 7. Texarkana, Ark., 19, .Tcxarkaua, Tex,, 0. Batesvillc 6. NCN^iort 0. TuckcrmarT 7, State High UOIWB boro) 7 (lie). A pull of approximately 30 tons exerted on the steel trainc by only by proper scientific study. UKtlin IIEUB TODAY A N.V IIOM.ISTEn, prollr nnn 2n. • rll» Ifcr fnmllj ,,nll,|, K .» ,„ par Jel.r. ,.r k«r falhtr, n,,,, ilt,,.l. «,. tlir il»r "t the «nte n TnnnB mnn • liiuind IIT molor C,,HK-» t" l,cr home to tflrphoni-. After i,r i ? .-,v t .« *„„ „„„. „ ,, hlr Ttl ; t'i'™3 P ..n;?. 1 " "" l>l "« " •""' 'l>iiiril "P.K." nnrl fnil. ,l,m K e<» <rnrk n. n lll.rnrlni, .V'J.' 0 "","'? "'«"<"y «Hli S.MIA II KEH f, nl.b rmploxcn nl tlir II. I.r.Trr. S»t<- m^rl, TOXV IHICKI.R. rniiinil-rclnl nrlltt. nnrU» nlirnclrd '/ "'"• ""onKli Snrnli irnrni bcr llwr r " ""'''' n " J lr "'P"". The rblcr llkmrlnn , rn a, ppr. man. nt UtiriiiB the World War the ru- lUonship between : extreme nerv-, us excitement anil tlie-heart beat •as recognized, and Ihc term 1 Irritable licarl" was applied to a omlition in which there Is 'stiort- css of breath, palpitation, and a owt ilcal of fatigue. ' ' i The normal heart beats from 70 ' 75 limes a minute, but not in- rctiucntly from 80 to 85 limes a limito. iinrt In Mine people fro.n 0 to 60 limes a minute. The heart, He In babies mill ehiltlrcn is Kely to be much higher Ulan In roivn pcojilc. At birth, the heart beats around O times a minute; at 6 years of Jise, Hboiit loo times a minute- at 10 years, about 90 times a minute- niict nl 15 about 85 times a min- UIC, „,„ Thc ,'; cllrL '>™t gets i m ,ch more rapid when there is exercise or cxxitement. It gels more rapid m levers and in the presence of severe Infections. It Is much faster when there I* overaction of the thyroid glauri. ""• Some persons normally i, [lvc heart beat, of from 50 lo SO £,1 lly this is much slower Urn normal. The Heart bent gets a u t c slower v,lth age, raliguc, and nnng exposure to cold In certain conditions involvum kull n"' r i " IlrcMllre illsi( '° «« skull, the heart, beat is likely to Set slower. More imcrcstin B and siBiilficanl, however, than cither a rapid or a slow heart is an irrcgit- Irrcgularity of Ihe heart or a ' D1 ,» , cll! " 1 6C In its rhvtlini should be taken as sultlcicniiy slgnincant to ar .i !g about a visit rniMiiry nunfr. to nil^lnn fr» npctr n lir.Tni:Ii li In Uendnllnronf, Inclarr co llj. Ann Im nn>nr<-r»Inl li IliR Wnr liomc nhc nirHji f],e TOIIHE mnn irhn "l<i,im-,l nl lirr Jlrniic In nrnrsln. They Inllt. l.nlpr irtiril cdinm lhal I'ctrr TEeii- ilnll hji» nt;rrrd <o <lie opening «f the llhrnry. Anu KCC., (hr T ,-mn,r rnrm ncnlr. In n nlelif rlnl, jinil Icnrns l.r t. 1V«T Km. I:, 1C, ernnilsni,. 1'KTRIt KHMIAM, II. t,cnvln K |hr ,,l K ht rliir,. AtlTi «rc< Tony ivllh IS1- NOW no o« WITH nir: BTORV CHAPTER vii JTVIDBNTLY Sarah had board and recognized Tony's laush — that laugh liiat had tlio Bowor to set Anu'j f.ilsoj throbbing. Per- liars iMac bad liearrt It. too. He anil Sarah began talking nnl- m.itcfllj-, all at ouco, giving Ann time lo regain her composure. Later, wlien they ware alone. Sarah snid to Ann, "Pily a grand fellow like Peter Kendnfl couldn't Iiavo clioscn a nlco gnl live yon and let that double-crossing Valeria tio up wilb someone liko Touy." Ann's eyes flashed as she- new to Tony's defense. "You might wall for his exnlanalion, Sarah. .Tony may liare n good one." "I'll bet he has," Sarah replied dryly. Sho was applying cold cream lo her gamin-lifce lace. Her dark eyes looked wisely out at Aun from thct thick, white mask. Ann turned away. She couldn't , meet Sarah's gaze. "Any way," Ann satd inclig- . iiantiy, "thoro's no reason to com- paro Tony with Valeria Bennett, who seems to bo a clicat, judging I Al tnamic; ^^hor, CfT<iH|«*?, British Commander, issues, proclamation of par- 'rebels. . bohi-Tbi-ftir yier details secar tides byMark.Twain from tho i talked." way Dick Randall "Sho Is n cheat," corrected Sarah. ( ''Everyone knows it except Peter Kendall. Why, if some, ot the things that girl lias pulled ever sot out— '. You see, Peter Kendall has been away a lot, sludy- , ing abroad, tfo really doesn't \ know what she's like. From what J'vo heard, they know each other , as kids and sue got her hooks into 1 him early. Evidently she keeps a foot on the biako when he's around." ; Aim was only halt-Inloreslcd. Sho was thinking about Tony. Ann felt sick with i« Ioa w art tary' l°" y , ,^° Ui IaS »'f hl - ' and disappointment. Now she T° rkc " , Iate ° n ." ",'?" onl(:r nnd know tbat slio was capable of b* thcn a , bn ™ h - ot fe " OW5 <lrop|)Ctl ing shrewish ca P a °' e OI a °- by with Eileen and another girl "Don't spend 11,8 rest of tiie ! }'" I .. dr!1 SB=d mo-out to Ihe Bluo night in a stew over Touy," Sarah advised from the batbroom door, whero she was wiping away the cold'cream. "Why girls fall for men -who keep them upset all the peace and security and less ei cltemeut every timo." I ' Arm did .... .. tolling Sarah, bu ""' rs was plenly she would say to Tony tomorrow * uaxl day she found a notd o., ber desk which read, "Howdy What are you doing! Wasn't that s swell moon last night? Touy." Ann clenched the note In ber Jb.aad.juid-dropped tUa tight Uttjg had gone to,,tba ,b»t -, lu ul , graridfataer for her. And i» eaid nothing, about' th» brl«f »l>lt'la Ann'a home. In Georgia. Valeria, might not understand s Interest In helpioj the other "So site works," Valeria Mid She wag thinking tint It wasn't' Ikely Peter would be even ml|dlf" Interested In a girl wb» didn't move IB-his social circle; It «ra» strange how unwt Vatel* bad b«en atter sh« «w (his cirl *»v« to Peter. Thei-B waa aofflSttiiBr arresting about der—an unuauai nuality In her beauty 9b* ba'd charrn and penonalitr, i' j Unexpectedly Valeria return*! to the attack. "You two aeemed on,very friendly termj" , "Nice girl." Peter raid. "Evidently you tnlaV to." ' Peter turned. Valerte'a ourfe'd. lips were compretssd Into «' straight line. He knew sfcv « al angry, He threw an arm a Done her affactlonately, polling head agalnat hla shouldar. • ' neart, don't tell ma Jealous." "Don't be silly. Peter. It'» only "at it eeemed (iiieer for yoij to "Knlcrin is n clicol," Stiraft said, "Everyone knasis i! except Pclcr hcndatt." ,,- ;>;!»•, ,, „•,/:., .,•,...,-,. ,-. wad inlo a waste-paper basket. " 'Wasn't H a swell nioon last ni»iil2'" When he'd 'been seeing the moon with Eileen! Well, he'i! soon know how Ann was feeling. And then after slin readied home tlioro was the usual cal\, and Ann said, yes, o( course, she'd liko to go for a drlvo. The busy morning had been helpful. She was glad she waulil bo able to raise n calm (ace ami "That tea hound!" Tony laughed, amused. Ho was not jealous of Dick then. Well, who could bo jealous ol a gabby idiot like Dick? ".Mac brouglit him along. Dick asked him to got him a blind date." Tony laughed. "Dick probably bribed Mac with tickets for' the allow. Mac's Scotch, you know!" IKJ tiuiu iv luiau u tuiui im;u *mu "Well, anysvay I think t proffl- frieadly eyes to Tony. U wouUljisod Dick a date this week," Ann bo much Uetlcr to talk thinks out!said. She glanced at Tony and quietly, without letllng him know {saw his oyos darken, ifo drew the Iho storm ot emotion that had I car to Iho side of tho rold, took swept her. She was ready when Tony came at seven. Soon they wcro Bpiu- ning along the street In his battered blue roadster. "You look pale. Busy today?" "Yea,".Ann said. "Awfully." "Sorry aljout. last . night, t -. ..„„ hard to koop Hie Klow of happiness from hor voice. If Tony bad deceived ber about last tilglit she would novcr havo forgiven the. cisaret from liij , ijp s ' an a turned to Ann. "No fiiuuy business, Ann." Ho laughed a litllo unsteadily. Then he threw tlie cisaret aside, pulled her inlo his arms and kissed her violently. "Tany, you'rs almost breaking my hones!" "You will break that date?" "O£ course." She could nsvar havo gone through with It auy way. Touy settled back in his seal aud slarled the car. » * « i that up. Ho bad rnmo through with everything. What au Idiot she bad beeu, lying awake for hours! "I started to call you bill II was late and I figured a gnod ga ««M.3 tm-k. I.J.-U . nf^ "• ^\i H H''u'i gat like you would be in hea. Besides, Aun returned from lunch H wasn't your crowt'.. oil (lie Iho night club. "Well, It doesn't mailer." laurhed. "I ivetit. tno." "(jive';him-'my' loje," "sweetly'. 1 '" ; lu the darkness her ._,t apeak." '" P'tulaut lines Darn i Peler told her aljout Ann's rUlt Spending' eo niucb i|m» In lo his grandfather. Ann Aiarf lelt <ICtty fitlory town a«h n..i Aim liter cavil, otherwise tie would oW ")•»• " ue - "Aim Holllsler." "Where did you meet her? "I haven't really met her." "But I saw you apeak." "You were at Ibe Blue Juz?" lit'..I il ' 9 "Ves!" '.'Who look you?" rcushly - "Hick Haudall." ....... ] never li.-n-e known her name— though h<> lalked (o her. -., ..... ...,v .«. nc ,, ,,. „=.. He ufglectei) io tell Valeria Jusl learu uetler aJier i o e aera us hi liappened lo talk to Aitn. rled. ... y = failed iq nieuilon also lliat til . ('lo lie Cujitkucil) - "Who said 1 was Interested'" 'K- 0 ' 11 area ' t —not tb» "Well, of coursa », iot" Peter'* ton* KM . "Well, why didn't you ttf,tt> the beginning?" ' Valeria: lapsed into B ilenc». st. Had Just remembered Peter Mn-s explained why a perfsetlr ttrtdM BW had wared to hfm. Or wn ibi Perfectly strange, in (pits o £ what Peter had said? PETER thought Valeria „». tired, or in a thoughtful m CO ij not dreaming she wa» atlll wondering about Ann's gay sslut* W I iked, to think that back ot ValV ria'j »l»acity wss depth ot character. Once tha catefrw dayi of hl» fiancea'g girlhood were behWil I4r ha wasr aura sis would «ho* Hi» womanly malitie» h« hid mluid at time*—mined fa ill tfi» elrlp 1 be knew. They didn't r*tltt»7t»t anotter sfd» of life- OTlsteU-lthi slda he saw som«t!»«» wlen h« was at Kendallwood taIWnn» ti» men who woikea io uij grand' fatlier'3 Immense factory. His grandfather anorod bfn that workeri In th» Kendall, f(IB- tory'wera'ptid mornlwn no*Wr* in my otter factory M*rbf-/OId Peter Kendall had equlin>*4 * large playground, far tk« clll<5rja and doae'DiaQf thjou^to Js>pro7d condition's for:tbo«t *bo,work3d tor him. . ' 1 "I'm-, golop out'to Ken^tll^ood ' tomprrbw, Valeria," P«t«r laid, ".Want to drive out witb Wei" "Pater, d«ar,^rd toy*'to, but I'v»:b«ni sbrnK.B? bard this i I'm tired.out."''; - .-- -,,---:•- "Another ' time, then," r asked Petet said, "dra'ndrather has beta i' llOtnd trnm r^_ .L».» V/t'ir 1 'Vat " rWe oiil tbere wiln lilm tlcs.tbe mood him, nete ( ^£&U

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