The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1931 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1931
Page 6
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•AGli SLX KI.YTHEVIU.K. (AltK.) COUIUKK NKWS FRIDAY, APRIL 3 1931 jj BKUSHjNG UP SPORTS 'By ]jauterj '..port Scribe Surprises with - His Choice for Major League Winners. BY WILLIAM NL'A Service Spsrls lUHlor :"EW YORK. Apn! 3.—Tilt-re's ray • i cents' worln. ,'asltlngian to win the American £:ie pennant; Brooklyn (o come ..on top in.(he National Loajuc. • world scries? Well, it you must , •*•—Brooklyn. , Is a time-hoiioi'tcl custom, cx- '. among crystal gazers, palm 'ers and psychists, to tri:mp u;: •3 sort- of reason lor a ccnj?:- .-• : of the sort primej !;bove. iefly, my cx;me for c'poii'liv: cause of Waltor Johnson's S?n•. i l!cs .wr-apiicd up in the arms .oven pitchers. !<y name ilicy Jones, Hadloy, Crow.-ler, THK 11IC (U'KSS . Amrrlran I.I-.IKUS . liljdrlpliia jveluiid .-.v York :lroit National '. I-nuis :v,- York licago • llsburgh ?stan ill.v.K'lphla incimuti y, Liska, Burke ami Brown. I iv belief that, support-?;! by ;hr - fof hitting Washin^on rill l .-. thsse pitchers can win 9? ics between them. Hartley icad- • • the parade with 20 victories • i year the A's won the jiormari: \ 102 victories. This year, ac• Jlng to all the signs at hand American League race should closer, nearly every teinn e.xcc;j '•-Yankees'and Athletics havlir ied imporlnnl. improvement. . Ixclusivc of rookie pitchers, th. :shinglon stall easily could ivl< ' earnes..! mean it can be figure. ;lly how (he Senator flln^r :>id win 9D games, to wit: Jlsti ;. 20; Crowder, 13; Jours. 15 wherry, 15: Brown, 12; Li=kn, 10: •irkc, 8.' If they can do Hint, 'ashihgton shotllrV win the pcn- uit. Last year Grove and Einvshaw Hween them, won 50 sarnc?, n :eat record for two men on Hi? •.me stafT. Can they do II again? i 1020. those two accounted for -4-1 Ictorles. Can they maintain Hi:-! rent pace for a third straight year? i they do, of course, all be!s arc QT. nnd the Athletics appear to br n: But, Is It unreasonable to ex- •ect that one of these two m;n. scner or later, is going to have a •ad year, something that can r.p.p- .-en to the test of pitchers? Mack himself fears I!. At Fort Myers, he admitted that If any- hing should happen to either 3rove or Earnshaw, "it would be iust too bad." Each of three men .las to hftve a third great year, nr. I see it. for the A's to win the ilaz. You can have those three-way two- horse, parlays, if you like, but the ' fact is they are too hard to cash. Six of tlie Washington pitchers last year proved more effective than Earnshnw in point of earned run average, though Earnsbaw won more games. These six were. In order, Llska, Hadley, Crowder, Marberry, Jones and Brown. In the National League, to which most of the experts have aciiairci the habit of referring n.= "n ED?,! . minor league" since the s'.riusr of triumphs rolled lip by the Yankees an! Athletics in world scries of recent years, Brooklyn seems best. The reason, ns I see It. is bats. When those big sticks of O'DouI. Herman, Wright. Frederick anri BisEonettc start resounding, \vrn! Is a National League pitcher to do except go ocl and buy a hot do;? Last y»ar Herman hit .3D3: CTDGul hit .383; B&onette hit .335: . Frederick hit .334, nnd Wright hit .321; There are five men with a batting average, collectively speaking of .353. What hiltins! No other team in cither league has five men \vho can approach that mark for simon-pure s While it is true that Wright is" th"? only one o! Ihe five that ba!s right- handed, O'Doul and Herman arc lads who can socS left-hander?. \y. and with gusto. It will goort left- handers (such DS Hallahanl to E'.OI the resonant Robin clues. I rio P.D: think there arc enough good left- handers in the league to halt such sluggers. Brooklyn led the league for 70 claS-s last year, only to fall by the wayside when unfortunate injuries to Frederick and Bressler halte:! the march of the club. This year, not only has Brooklyn a great first team, composed of sluggers oJ the first w.-Uer, but tn reserve strength the Robins are far and nuray better than anything ebr: in the league. Add !o that the Brooklyn infield, with Bissonette on flr:-t: Thompson is S6Nt IT" EOD" To Tito EAD1H6 A DOUBLE UPS GCT Vcxi CffiE TITLE I Second Half Champions ' Defeat 1 si Halt Winners;! Hi-Jacket's Turn in Win. , In s free scaling scramble Ir.c | ^ Il:ii"! wars (tnlnlc-'i defiMi- i ied ill'. 1 Cini Hounds In tho play-off i [;ume belwcc-n [he winner;, of thr- ' llrsi and second halves ol '.he <J'.:y Catfe 1/eaKu^ st-hcdiiie :it Lhe An:s- : cry labt nlnht. The senr<' WA-J JJ t. 32. The Gas Hounds v.-jrc win:i-'i.-' of [ho firs; lutir race and tin: I!uv j bard five lock top hon;,rj; tho s^c- i ond halt. The tic for seccjul t^^ce in in;: last Imlf race was broken last iiluli! in unotlier pliiy-oir s;;iinp wli?n t.-f Ili-.liH'ker.s Irounced Hie Frivjc rath coders, 30 la M. 'Die (-"amulonshlp saim; w;:s c:j- : of Ihe roughest cuinests of the «.•!you lit the Armory, Jusji'.'i-iaiiy \ •. Ihe last half dicl iho ijohiij h^c'jrn: 1 Hubbard swept Into the lend at the- slnrt. cf tli:- iinmc and held :i cunmandmg inai^ln till the way. At the end of liip first qnaitcr Uie hardware troupe led, 15 lo !>. When the second quarter ended the G:is boys were on the small end of a 2.") to 1-1 score. The hardware ofTnn';:' clicked sensationally in trc list half. When the whistle ending U:-> Ihlrd period sounded, Hubbard huv tHXHled Its total to -II points while the Hounds added three to (heir 14 scored in the first half. The last Tors with 12 points. Warrinulon of the lli-Jacfc'rs v.-as second v.t.h 10 ]-.o!nt', and Macllin, lli-J-icke:- center, was third v.'it.i frvcn. !'..:} land, ace forwanl of ;hc Fri:_Isum. was not hi the iui!ro:ul lim- ui) lust ntvhi. A'alional Guard Tonniaulent Won By IToxie Five M the basketball warfare staged! uy ton 1 national guard companies cf Dlytheville, Hoxic .Steele and Huv-i a' the Armory here Tues-, ciay, tie Hoxie quintet emerged! victorious. ' Ho:de beat Blythevllle In the' first round 33 to 2-t and defeated j liay.i 111 the duals » to 20 lo coi> | tho meet. Hayt! beat S'tc'- in th- first round 32 to 28 to oppose Hoxle in the finals. Ulylheville and Sttdc clr.shctl In a consolation «ami Tuesday night with St.».'lb winning 34 i 0 27. The tourney wns declared a success by officers of the nunrd companies and an effort will be mad« next fenson to staee a Lrger to.iv- naincnt. Tlie oldesl set of bolls in the United States Is a set of four, bearing the date of 1C32, which hany.: in the Moorish bcllry of ihe Spanish Cathedral in St. Augiisiine. I-!u. rrubb;ir:l ( Tatllin 14 !•' KiniiinBham 1C F dimes 13 C MicliEcl 10 G Henry o Substltiitinns- icnbb:ird: Gas Hounds: Tiurnclt. o. fl'ids i32. Tiylor II Eikins 3 Cliriitlan (5 Von Alinaii 5 Hoydcr 7 fouiKi both teams t Preliminary 'keis (SO) Pos. 4 F Wnirington 10 F .Mcdlin 7 c rt 5 c, aside Ihe lisiial styles cf play and playing with abandon. Ate KlnnliiKluim. regular Iluh- bard center, who was switched to ii fcnvnril past, last night, ami Mlc'h- acl, lliiblxml guard, lieci for hi»li scoring honors with 1C points each Tatiini got 14 points un:l Grirn^ 13 points. Tuylor letl tlie Gas Hounds with 11 points. The preliminary gntnc was rcalli' the best gnmc cf the evening. Ine j Frisco five swept Into a first quarter lead, 7 to 4 but was umbh to stay In front when the Hi-Jackers' oircnse busun clicking in ih^ «u:-- cnd quarter. At the end of ilu fir.-,l inlf the ITI-Jackers wer" lea-lint- 8 to 9. ° 'the Frisco boys rallied sh'uhtly in he third quarter but llic Hi-Juck- ers .still had n commanding ler.:l «'hcn the quarter ended, in th: Inal period the teams battled c.i eve ntcrms with the Hi-Jackc.-s clinging to their seven i^int mar- oss'ms I Raj.(! cr 2 Cntmau, Frisco center, led Hi? Wcrtln-rn 4 Moslcy '. Caruian If ? •/. Brogdor Substitiillons--I[i-Jnrt:rrs' Us"2. Wilson. Officials — championship gains. Greene, referee; Kramer. iunpir.> Preliminary •jamc—Kramer, ivferee. Orrene, mnnhv. Tiini'^rrji^r Kyle' scorer—Sndbury. Costs Owner $50 NEW PHILADELPHIA, O-, (UP) —A white hulldno's faci?.l expres- !-icn convinced a juiy . here that Max riuppnrt was due S50 of a 52.- suit n?ains: the owner for personal injuries rebuking from an attack by the canine. The dog lias inscribed as being "ferocious, fierce, vicious and dan- Rcrous' in U:.? coiirt petition. "All right, sl-.o-.v him to the jnr'.' and then yet him out of here," Judge K. E Lindsay said when nn exhibition of tl;.; dog was requested. Discount fo All Owners of CHEVROLETS On Tails and Kcpair Service, Ini'luclin^ Washing ;mil at :>l!) YOU KNOW THAT— When the jeaFon opens the Jhicago Cubs will exhibit n nc\v shorlstr,r>. nccorriiiiK to pur- tcnts n!ong ihe IMcific where he Cubs train . . . Or; ol Ji? reasons \vhy there \vill l:e a ne-.v <'io;t.sto;i Is a third b.isemnn -.iltii n rtairt arm. . . . Tlie Iliird bnwinan is Lester Bell r.:oort 'ill. no field, as Mike ti:n/.ft'« would say) and fce- cruuc his soupcr has passed cu;. Woods' English will o;xn the season at third base. . Tii" new shortstop is 3 Biooic- lyn tiny named Wiliitm Fred- <r:c't ,'i:rc-?. aloin ffdi RKMl'.yis this year. . . . Jurr>?b hit all of ?80 lart year, hist if he can play short for the Cub; he won't have to so Evromv. ruinine pitchers, The city plans such a merlins ( Kahin Iniilt an fiectric mn- p'.ace In Grand Chens, in the tasl-. ior. It is said to be the smallest ness district. j eleclric , I1010I . hl lbe vvovl(i Ti]L , tiny power plant weighs ICO grains. Sn:allesl I'lcrlrir Motor is the si?e of n lica ami rcvolvrs YORK. Nebraska. (Ul>) — Dnr-- at the rate of 2-l.CCO rcvo'.iiHn;:< • 1113 his spare minutes tinkering |>er minute from a three voi; b.u-1 \vilh walclies and ciccks, V^in- i tery. j will r\a'dc up in hits xvhat nii?s en fly bails. It is an all-around team tii.U is hard to beat. In a world scries. I belkv. team of this nature cculd beat even the srea'- pitching staff of the Senators. Dctrcll Thus Public rcroin , DETROIT, MichlE»n. 'UP)--RCsl at second; Wright at s'lort. and.dcrls of Detroit who have Gilbert at-lhtrd, leaves nothing to j, fancied or real, and wish lo n!r them nnhlicly. soon 'Will be abl- to do so frcm a public forum, as Is (lone in Hyde Park, London. be desired. While the fly-chasing department Is not all that it might be, Ke.-m»n. Frederick nnd O'Donl Our Wanl-Ail Service is like community Switch Ro:ml. transmit your desires tn A News Ad-Taker . . . that ail forms the connection between you and a special of interested parties . . . tho qiikkcst and mosl direct contact with results. Classified For an Ad-Taker During April And Look at These Tire Prices . They're Nov^ Available .'to You Wholesale. t U. S. Royal Cord Sine Sale I'rice Tube 21x4.50 $ 6.20 §1.30 20x4.50 $ 5.90 $1.30 19x4.75 $ 6.80 $1.35 32x6.00—10 ply ?33.60 $3.80 U. S. Peerless Si/.c Sale I'rice Tulie 21x4.50 $4.95 $1.10 20x4.50 $4.85 $1.10 19x4.75 $5.80 §1.15 Kvcry Tire (!«;u;tntceil Used Cars At Every Price W.!. DENTON CHEVROLET CO. CHKVUOI.KT CAUS AM) TRUCKS af fhe price of INSTANT STARTINQ QUICK PICK-UP PHILLIPS 66 is made by the world's largest producers of natural high gravity gasoline Main & Franklin Phone 37S Dear bewildered motorist \Ve call you that, if you have been reading gasoline advertisements, because they sound so much alike. Hence we give you one outstanding, sensational fact about Phillips 66 ... the greater gasoline. It is this: Phillips 66 has a controlled, weather-matching gravity of 65.3° to 69.6°, at no increase in price over ordinary gasoline. That is a unique statement. Only the trustworthy Phillips organization can make it about a gasoline. And it means that you can actually jcel the difference in your car . . . fanner starting, quicker pick-up, smoother running, longer mileage. Try it and you'll agree that this sensational new gas brings out the best in your motor. That Orange and Black 66 shield is the sign that' says, "Here's high test without higher cost." Also Phillips 66 Ethyl at the regular price of Ethyl gasoline •i

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