The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 17, 1955 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 17, 1955
Page 13
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BLTTTWVTLliH (ARK.T COTOTER HEWi V AGE THIRTEEN [OUR IOARDINC HOUSI — with M.j,r By J. R. WilliaiM OUT OUR WAY fAP/,- THAT MgftHj Me'4 <R>ii43 TO HOHOR LJ6 VJlTri A.V15IT BE Ai4 WHILE YCWS AT N0SK, ACTINS AS VOIJK 6'ec ..- HEPS:.' TODAYS STACK OP A\AIL YOUR BROTHER JAk'S — WHErt He SEES ME AS SU5Y AS A 86AVER/ ArtY ewe, I'LL NOTICE THERE'LL DROMES -THE . ~in CLUB-NO FARMER* CHASIN 1 VOU OFFA THEIR PEOPPITV- AWOKB KIT CARSON, AWDWITHTH'A6ILITY Of A CAT HE— BAK THERE soes FHEI9HT TRAIM/ ^V |S ^S^V'^%> ; ' < J.Rw,u> "TA6ALON6, IF IT WASMT FOP. YOU I'p BE LATE TO 7ME OFFICE EVER/ MORNIN6 / Television — Tonight,,Tomorrow — WMCT Channel $, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 Monday night. Oct. 17 6:00 Producers' Showcase "Cyrano de Bergerac" 7:30 Robert Montgomery presents 8:30 Boston Blackle 9:00 Dangerous Assignment fl:30 News Reporter 9:45 Big Playback 10:00 Wrestling 10:30 Weather A: NewB Headlines 10:35 Tonight 11:00 Mystery Theatre 11:30 SiRn Off Tuesday, October IK, 1955 6:50 Meditation 7:00 Today 7:25 News-Memphis Area 7:30 Today 7 ;55 Weather — Memphis Area 8:00 Dine Dong School 8:30 Story land • 9:00 Home Show 10:00 10:30 11:00 II :15 12:00 12:15 12:30 1:30 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:45 3:00 3:30 4:00 5:00 5:15 5:25 .1:30 5:45 6:00 7:00 7:30 Tennessee Ernie Ford Feather Your Net>t Shopping at Ho*e Charm with Cathy News Farm News TV Movie Matinrfc It Pays to be Married . Dste With Life First Love World of Mr. Sweeney Modern Romances Pinky Lee Howdy Doody Movie Time Cartoon Carnival Interesting Person Weatherman Dinah Shore News Caravan Milton Bcrle — in In color side Playwrights 8:30 Grnnd Ole Opry 9:00 9:00 Hollywood Half Hour 10:00 9:30 News Reporter 11:30 9:45 Cartoon Time 12:00 9:55 Weather 12.05 10:00 Star Stage 12:45 10:30 Tonight 2:15 11:00 Mystery Theatre 11:30 Sign Off 3;00 WHBQ Channel 13 3:3 ° Tuesday ntsht, Oct. IK 4:00 6:00 Ultle Rascals 5:00 6:25 Do You Know Why 5:00 6:30 Topper 6:25 7:00 I Love Lucy 6:30 7:30 Medical Horizons 8:00 Studio One 7:30 fl:00 M.G.M. Parade 8:00 9:30 TV Reader's Digest 8:30 10.00 News 10:10 Weather 9:00 10:15 Les Paul and Mary 9:30 Ford 10:00 10:20 Late Show 10:10 11:50 Weather 10:15 Tuesday, Ort. 18 10:30 8:45 News &, Weather 12:00 Romper Room This Is Hollywood Stu Erwln News Lunchtlme Theatre Early Show Miss America Maiinee Foreign Intrigue Bozo and His Friends Autry-RoEers Mickey Mouse Club Little Rascals Do You Know Why Warner Bros. presents Wyatt Enrp S64.000 Question Dr. Hudson's Secret Journal Danny Thomas Cavalcade Theatre News Weather Pattl Page Lf.te Show Weather Give Your Child Something Educational and Entertaining for Xmas, a set of Child World Books. Call 3-4152 for Demonstration. for aehPi, pains, cuts, bruises. D u r a i colds headaches hit ts and sttnti try Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment tiiiliblt at rnut la.nritr orut munut C. G SMITH PRODUCTS CO. RENT MOVIE CAMERAS FLASH CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 Best Grade Illinois Cool and Kindling Nut Coal 2 or more tons $10 per ton plus tax B&CCoaICo S. Hiway 81 Phone 3-861Z THE COWARD 8V RAY LAPICA Cop jr.9hi 1955 by NCA Strvfc*. he vania. He fell more jubilant than he had been in 10 years. The worst was over. He had done it. Now, aflor the final chore, he woulri be able to return and begin a new life with Lorna and Billy. Maybe he would change jobs. Perhaps he could move his family to a smaller community, » here Billy could play on grass SOME time later, the tele- | no t marked with "Keep Off" phone rang. It was Mark Old-i s jgns, and climb trees without a strom, Tim's cranky day boss, j blue-coated officer shouting at THF. STHHl: Tim Hotter*, r*- liirnniR from work. Irllf. hli rifi-r hnrt rnilnl unit flint filing" will "he iHir»T«MK. M llr tlld nut explain, hui thv next <lny when ltiri>iit;li hi* pHpcr- n III) tllM'uv rr» ihnt nvtr n pi-rlnd of HI i c'sirn Tim npparrii!l J" hnil pirrti nnmrd flair Ho1Jnxkj IV who ran a chain of furniture stores in Manhattan and the Br(,nx. Oldstrom was furious, an;i Lorna had difficulty understanding him as he roared into the phone. "Tim told me he wanted $5000 in advance—all his next year's salary," Oldstrom said. "I tbid him nothing doing. Now he's gone and written himself a check. The idiot. Where is he now?" Lorna said she didn't know. "Find him. and tell him that if he tries to cash that check, he'll wind up in jail. Under- ( stand?" Lorna said she did. By lale afternoon, Lorna had her clothing cleaned and pressed, and had withdrawn the $304.50 she and Tim had kept in » joint savings account in a Parkchester loan association. She telephoned an airline (or reservations to Los Angeles, but .found there were none available until th* next day. Next she sent a night letter to Aunt Marie and Uncle Jack who qwned a chicken ranch in the Mojnve desert near Lancaster, Calif. She told them she was coming for a visit. "I'll show him," Lorna said to herself defiantly. TIM ROGERS sat in a coach on th« train clacking toward Pittsburgh through the- green him to get down. But the old fear of the unknown clutched at his belly and Tim Rogers wondered if he could shatter the mould into which he had been cast by circumstances and by his nature. Could s man break the habits of 10 years? He had been a coward since he was a boy. And his fear, his cowardice, had made him do terrible things. Could he undo them with 10 years of atonement? He hoped he had. Could he change himself? He didn't know how. But he'd have more money now. Maybe after his return he could find professional help for himself and for Billy, for both of them needed it. And then he could start giving Lorna and his son a few of the things h« had deprived them of for so long. He watched the green lawns of Harrisburg flit by his train window in the late morning sunshine. Having been tip late, he stretched back in his seat to rest —and began to think of what he would do when he got back. Ten years of drudgery drifted through his mind. Ten years of being chained to two jobs, then the third this year so he could gain a year. Ten years without a vacation, for when one came, he had to work at the second job. or the third. He thought humorle.isly that he was probably the only man Pittsburgh through the- green he was prooaniy me oniy man rolling hill* a! Mitero Penniyl-1 in Ntw York who got three vaca- I tions a year and could never get away for even one. Well, now it was all over at last! Tim wondered whether Clair Holinsky had changed much. He remembered how ravishingly beautiful, how tall and dark- haired she had been when he had seen her. right after the war. He hadn't dared face her since that time for fear of giving himself away, He had gone to her home in Pittsburgh to tell her ; about Al's last talk with him and • how he. Tim, and many friends 1 of Al's who had known him ;md ! loved him were going to help her carry out his plans. He remembered how she I looked at him, levelly for she | was as tall as he. and then, dry- cved. said. "I will never forget ' this, Tim." I * ' • ! NO, he hadn't ;'o:ie it for Clair. i It was for Al. Al Holinsky, the 'tall, thin, six-foot dreamer with thin angular shoulders, drooped eyelids, a slight cigaret cough, who. five years older than Tim, had been his best friend in the Army. Tim Rogers dozed. The porter came by with coffee. The train hurtled into a tunnel through the Alleghenies, and the windows were black where green fields rolled by a moment ago. Tim was tired. He dozed again. Something worked loose in the passageway, to the next car and began to tap against the metal. The sound grew louder. Soon it beat like a distant tap-tap-tap oi a machine gun. Inside the car the sleeping man crouched down in his seat and buried his head in his arms, fear twisting his fat face. He dreamed of the machine- gim bullet tearing the sheathed bayonet off his waist as he fell into a shellhole. Al Holinsky fell on top of Tim. The hole was just large enough for the two of them to get bnlow the surface of the earth—to burrow into the ground, seeking a little protection from the death in front of them. The machine-gun fire swept over them, kicking little fistful* : of dirt into their rr'u^c. 1 (To Be Continued) "Barnes has been with the bank 20 years and I trust him completely—the only things he fibs about are fishing, golf and his gas mileage!" Have you got any old wornout money you don't want? IKNOW LOVE T I'W SUCE HIS IS BUND, &UT J FAULTS WILL _GOL-LEE//T OPEN PATS EVES, WHAT WOULD VOU* FATHEEOOFHE WATCH WHAT THIS EOD WILL )f iA16W M3U HAD H£ oo WHEW i OPEN wee UP.' r v CAC cur. FLASH? WELL.THEBE GOES SlSTEZ TO AViOTHEe RENDEZVOUS \ CiMT B£ WITH DEATH-WA!?ttED-C?,'Ee' ) TWAT SAO THAT'S ) -JAW, RIGHT, \ (YOU'RE LESTER! Jr^KIDDING-, 1 SME -/(PRISCILLA 1 DOES LOVE YOU Ll'LL BETCHA MARILYN MONROE NEVER EVEN HEARD OP ME! . HEY!! LOOK AT THAT!! SHE LOVES ME! BILL WALKER I, NUSJZIO, TAU3HT TOMV HE'S SLEEOIWe. SCW\EJHIN69 (SOME WRONS. TO FALL SSACEHJU-V BUT IVE ear TO FINISH THE SCENE. I'LL SHORTEN IT..:LEAF FROMTHS PARAPET IMMEDIATELY) VIC, ISW'T IT MARVELOUS THE W/V/ WUNZIO THROWS HIMSELF INTO HIS P6RFOR' AWJCe? YH6 HMY HE fSJL, YOU'P THNK HE HAP REALLY BEEN SHOT/ WOT LIKE A FELLED OX. Mule's sick so Granmaw's takin' tfa' orltler to be Insured with W. L WALKER INSURANCE AGENCY Paint Closeout M»ny Types and Colon \ Price Hubbard Hardware TMSNISFOOLHIkKDJ WEED FOR THEM I DOUBT IF ROVCE MID HISl TO KIDETH6 STEEP, SISTER HfkVE POME- MUCH \ W^RROW TPWLTO RIDIU6, WK. LOPEZ...E5PECIMA.V IH RUSS6D COUNTRV. THEKE ARE SHEER DROP- OfFS OF MAWV HUWOCeP FEET! HENIV KNM5 HftF MAvKB THE TRWL WORSE IF THEY DID DOT START TOO EAELV MAVBE VOU CAM WAEW THEM. TAKE THE JEEP... VOU WILL INTERCEPT THW TRAIL TWO MILE& FKOMB08UlU B0«5 PIDWT KUOW THAT WHEW HE- PIANW6D TH6 A LOT SOL. 10 LIKE K) TO THE GUU. MW MWITHW. TOO! RADIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored NO-NEED FDR THAT, TH' JOB TO DO... HERE'S YOUR AX, 6COD AS NEW WELL, SEE, FOOZY, THANKS.' 5IDDOWN AN' REST YOURSELF A SPELL. HEW WELL, THAT TAKES CARE OF MY LITTLE CHORE ...NOW r SOT NUTHIN roo BUT SIT THAT^NtCE? HOW L0NS I THIS DIZZY I.SUESS NOW, LESS'N r WANNA GO ON LIVIN' ON FRUIT AN 1 NUTS. I BETTER HUNT UP MY AX FOOZY ALL WORK GUARANTEED RADIATOR WORKS ONE HAMBUPSER AN A BOTTLE •OF CAT5UP...THAT'LL 9t SIX BITS. FUDDSV! Men of the 461st Wing! Hudson Can Supply Your Clofhing Needs Uniforms Belts Caps Ties Slacks Shirts • Cheverons • Jewelry Cleaner - Clothier - Tailor Blythevillc, Ark.

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