The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 30, 1934
Page 3
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BLYTHBVILLE (ARK.) COURIER Edb«ni MISS LOWSE DKON MRS. RUTH CAMPBELL MRS. BERTHA M. HARRIS MRS. EDNA K. CRABTREE MISS EDNA M. FERGUSON M O D E R N-H O M E-N'EWS "^^^'^tto^X—^.^^.jL^S, TY v} PAGE THHEE RESERVE PUCE miss Edna Ferguson Offers ' Some Suggcslions For the Season near Friends m lilylhavlHc: It Is true that at this season T usually urge you 10 think of the- menus in terms of "heavier" dishes thai) during summer weather. But thni doss not mean that thes- menus should IK mainly meat and potatoes. Tile green ve»<Hnbles' arc necessary constituents of the menu at nit seasons. And a salad of fruit or raw vegetables stiou! dalso bs on the table at leas', ones n day. I gave you many salads during hot weather, nut here are .some "mor from my file or favorites. Try them vary them with your own favorite greens and salad, dressings. But be sure to KOI a salad on the Uni hccoh or dinner 'menu every da\, Here's one T call the: Iron Special One cup chopped raisins; one cup chopped celery; one cup chopped peanuts (or other nuts). Mix with mayonnaise and'let stand two hours in the refrigerator before xervi'nir on lettuce. Pimlenlo and Apple Salad One cup diced apples; one cup diced celory; one diced green pep P*r; one can of pirnicntos cut into strips. Have chilled, mis: with mayonnaise and arrange on lettue-s. Apple, Celery am) Dale .Salad Core and part- apples --slice crosswise. Squeeze juice of one half lemon over slices to keep (hem white, slice crisp "celery stalks into one fourth Inch pieces and place on salad plates. Arrange apple slice above the celery—add fine slices of dates. Garnish" with hearts of lettuce and serve with French dressing and mayonnaise. Tomatoes Stuffed %vi(h lieans Stuffed tomatoes make, such an attractive salad that they have almost become commonplace- but it is unusual to find string beans hidden in the tomatoes' hearts Marinate cooked string beans in Drench dre.sslng- and place in the ice box for three or , tour hours When ready to,-serve add;for cadi ™P.Py^eJie_aiis, one chopped him! cooked egg.'Six minced olives, grated onions, dried pepper. Blend vlth mayonnaise dressing. Shrimp -mid Cucumbers One or the best salads Is made A Handsome Sunday Monimg Break fast NANCY ROTB MRS. GEORGE THUHN MRS. EMILY Jl. IAUTZ WSJ. WATSON $HOCKm MRS. FIANCES NORTHCROSS ere Are Sonic Recipes to Give Variety to This! Article of Diet Vury this week's menus by serv- "K n baked salmon dfsli. Von will flnd it low cost mid Us HOIK! unvor ailrts variety mid interest In •my luncheon or dinner moml . S v f" «'»„ this one ,o your L. , I s-ilnifjii rusvei-olp nisli j j'ut mifi cup broken .spiifihrtul ii» salted boiling water nnd boll •irn for fifteen minutes, ni-ahi »nd let aland until needed. Cut lirec SMC,.., ( Wi< i,, s(l ., , |)ac<m AM L 1 !. 0 ' 1 -! q ' mre ? ""« fri' erlsp. ' allied nnd frrcd of bones stir over stow n ,. c fol . a>ne m , |1I|les _ Add one and one half cups milk ""'m 1 ' 1 " lto '"""r" 1 tehi »s "I with spaeheltl. ^leit two nl lespoons butter In pan, add one Mlf cup fine bread crumbs nml tir until well mixed. Jjpi"- over top of taking dish and bake n nioderaie oven, 350 decrees, for twenty minute's. .Srallnjicd Siilnum One can salmon, remove nil ;'""•' 1 " 1 " ,'"'"M fine, lion one do/en crackers line. Put Into r, .'r,d Lawn, dish in ulu'rmue H .sprlnklliiK of suit nml jwjjpt-r lo inslo, Huve Hie lop layer of iTiii'ki'rs, nnd mill sufficient milk oiKi pint). nnkt! thlriy mlnutM in modcrnli! oven, 350 df-arfos mid serve hot, Sahiinn .Suptrnii* One cnn salmon; one mriniiin- sl/.eil onion, sliced;- two raw potn- tiWi,'*-llpMl; one cup cnl.snp; salt iinil pepper lo titsle. Hllce n Inyci 1 r>f potato In a illass bilking dish, iidd layer of onion, suit nnd pepper to taste, then Inyor of snlmon, then i'iu- sup. Cunllnui' until dish Is filled. Hnke for one hour. Onrnlsh with French fried Hcrmudii (mUms. Kcvllcil .Salmon ,. Mix together one ran .salmon, om> stnlk" ccliMj-, minced fine, muyonnnlse, n little dry mustnrd nnd milk. Fill green |>enpt'i- shells, .sprinkle bread crumbs on lop with n bit of butter, iiuki- In n slow oven for thirty minutes. 'SVlbilnu Tamalo I'lp t Mix togi'lhiir (n n unking dish: one cnp 1-nch of tomntoe.s, corn "Jill ciuincd .s.ilmnn, one Irnlf cup chopjied oltvos,' one hnlf a-up ve- oclnbli! or olive oil, one sweet pepper chopjied, one teaspoon chili powder, one teasjxion salt, /our tiiWesnnrtm tliln corn men! mush. Cover with cup of milk mid i;nki; in moiln-nic ovr-n tor (wi illy-five minutes. Ohioan Gels 672 Bushels . Of Potatoes From Acre BURTON, oTTuPJ-Jl. D. /lyler, ft member of Ohio's 400 - iiashcl I'otato club, j)i-fidii«-d an .ill-Uino I>l8li yield for olilo when he- dun 072 bushels of mssol vurals from one ticre. Eaillcr In the season, Dylei liiiij fiH2 busiU'ls: irom nn acre of lat/> cobblers. R«i<l Courier Hewn wunt Ads. Colds That TTang On non'l Id (tan act started. Fight tlicin quickly. Crcomulsipircombined 7 lM>J|)s In one. • Powerful-|)ul linrm- Icss. I'lrasniU lo Inkc. No narcotic's', 1 Vow•'druggist Is authorized to' refund your money on tlio spot If. your cough or cold .Is not relieved • by Cioomiilslon. —Adv. 11 The china is in soft bines, reds and yellows; the \vnt;r goblets are bine and the orange juice glasses umber, in the same pattern. A new pattern of silver, matched in salt and pepper shakers, nm! natural color, unbleached Irish linen danmk\ arc ot.'icr handsome- features of this table. of shrimp and cucumbers. Break sufficient seasoned cooked shrimp into small pieces to fill a large cup and have a small .cucumber thoroughly chilled on ice. no not peel tile cucumber (the green rind is edible and pretty), cut in medium siic- es and then cut each slice in quarters. Mix with Hie shrimp and add one coarsely chopped hurd-cooked j egg, six peeled and chopped riul : ishes and two tablespoons or minted chives and cress. Moisten with Russian dressing. —MISS EDNA FERGUSON, apples and cut each in half. Fold eacii hair oj an apple in a .squaro of dough, letting the corners of til's dovi»h lap over the hollow made in the apple. Put the dumplings in u baking dish rubbed \vilh shortening, core side down, dot with a little butter, sprinkle with sugar. Set the dish in n hot, 400 degrees oven, for ten minutes, then turn in to the dish enough boiling water to half cover the dumplings Bake, with frequent bastings for thirty to forty minutes. Or unti browned. Servo hot, pom-Ing aver them the syrup from the baking dish. Use hard sauce or cream in addition. 666 Check* and FEVER - Tabids u 1 '"*; "-' fiaivu - Ndse Drops Headaches !Baker.) Apple. APPETIZING Two cups (lour; one-fourth cup I .iliortcnlng; two tei\s]ioims of bak- ! ing powder; o n c fourth teaspoon (salt; three fourths cup of milk; onc | egg; three tan, apples: one fourth j cup granulated sugar; one table- I spoon butter. Sift flour, salt and bak-iii" powder together; hientl Hour intu it' with the -pastry blender or two spatulas; add beaten egg and milk gradually, stirring lo -a smooth dough. Roll out and cut in five inch squares.-^ core anil pare tile It A T I. I F \: , COLO MEDAL I HIL1 IMtOIM 41S D HMD FT Is quickly dissolved and washed away by the use or BROWN'S LOTION SOAP. This soap is" n liquid and sells at fifty cents. For sorc.spots in the scalp and eczema BROWN'S LOTION ' should be used with (he liquid soap to slop the itchiiij;. Complete directions on each bottle, for sale 'with MONEY UACK GUARANTEE on fn-st !;ot!le by Kirby Drug Stares. —Adv. .',!) The Choice oj Millions KG BAKING POWDER Double Tested,- Double Action Manufactured by baking powder Specialists who make nothing but baking powder — under supervision of expert chemists. Same Price Today as 44 Years Ago 25 ounces Soi- 2Sc . You cnn also buy ffi "Jviill IO ounce cari for lOe ~U.ll ii. IS ounce can for Highest Quality ~ Always Dependahli. OUR GOVERNMENT We Are Proud"-" We arc in'ntid Uinl our milk is pnro, ,. creamy — for you ;in(l your family lo enjoy in cooking nnd ns ;i lienlthful Ijcvci-iigu. Today IJsinf/ Green's PASTEURIZED MILK hone~15H>-F2 for 'Daily Deliveries GREEN'S DAIRY Ok.Jt's from Hudson ''IVIii'ti Ilintson le(urns- my sai-infiits c\'fry spot li.'is b<'i-u rriiuiiTti , . . hut- Ions rrstorlil . . . i;cam rljw rr|wJml . . , curcful utli-ii- llun has IHTII ^Ivfn the pri-ssEiiK . . . In fact all of their wurk rdlirds su|icrb ci,'iftniiMUbl|i . . . \ou, ion, ulll like Ihls liner service," <;I,KI\NI-:KS IIATTKIIK TAII.OII.S nunss I-'INISHI us otm uoiiTh; MEN w^« ' p«r» WIN. CALL 11- YOU WII.I, F 110116 DO HLD/CN Clothier-Cleaner-Tailor Such Fun! lo -brighten furniture with WATFRSPAR ENAMEL you'll like the loci OF THIS NEW BLACK & SILVER NESCO CIRCULATING HEATER Oil 24 rich colors ^y^^ Warpr*r«f ritil/.t-. J * »•*_ . scar Qtilck-drying Enamel Is easy to apply. It brings colorful pew beamy — dries In 4 hours and leaves no brush streaks, One coat is all that's generally needed. Come iu to-^y for free color card. if. Phil UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ... Quart White SHELLAC Gal. $2.60 Quick-drying, clear WATERSPAR VARNISH F,Mra ilnraSlc. For interior or exterior me. Will not ' 12-Qnnrl PAIL 30c Each CALCIMINE, All Colors, .... Per Lb 12c Hubbard Hardware Co~ AXJTHORUED PrTTSBURGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY "We've streamlined tnis efficient heatet so that it matches the furniture of your home. We've made this a truly up-to- date thing of beauty". Naturally the manufacturer is proud of this Heater.. and so are we. Sin«le Room S15 Size 'For that extr* toom . , for Uhe shop — ifie bmment ;~7'n* nook . . (fie new .NESCO is just the (kins. ' Del ivm plenty of he«t — piopetly humicfified. See it todty. HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. SATURDAY, DEC 1st An entire room one door east of the main Ben Frank-' . Jin Store will be devoted to nothing but toys a real .oyland Bring the kiddies and' browse around. I hey IJ love'it and you will too! Electric. Lighted Dump and Slako Trucks .SItircly-_I.;ii;iim'le<!—IS'/, j m .h t ..s long, with %$i>P l rt^W hnmlle ' vcly <llirablc ' All Slee! Coaster \V,'»gous Soliil Itnlilicr Tires—12x2-1 Inch Red $169 jy>" ,-» Double Barrel Popgun /f:*}&\ Just like Dad's! All steel, 49c AN OPENING- SPEC! A L' Composition DOLL 22 inches (all <hnt talks and walks, for only 1 GIFTS LAID AWAY WITH A SMAU. DEPOSIT BEN FRANKLIN STORE Main and Broadway

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