The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 9, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 9, 1944
Page 6
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PAQE.Stt "—- TUESDAY, MAY 9, 19-I-1 Families Here Buy Residences Four Property Deals Completed This Week In Blythcviile Four BIythevIlle homes hnvc changed hands hi real estate Ir.ins- aclteis completed this week. The Jess Horner home on North Franklin has been sold lo Adrian Defoe. ,/uriiHurc dealer, and Mrs. Defoe, who plan lo take possession next mbntli. The attractive six- room story-and-a-half home Is of \vliiie clapboard.' The sale also Included five acres of land, on wtileli the house, stables, servants quarters, and grounds are located. Extensive rcdecoralions have been planned for: the house at 310 East Davis street, which lias' been bought by R. C.. Coleman from Mrs, Ruth Whipple of Paragould. The four-rooni while clapboard house at present Is occupied by Bert'-Lamb and family, who also have purchased a home. A-bedroom and screencd-ln back porch will be added to tlio house*, which.wlll be-repapered throughout, the .ceilings redone with an insulation material nnd attic ventilation installed. Improvements to the exterior include repainting, and screening of the front porch. Work is expected to get under way late thisi Spring, Mr. coleman said. He and his family plan to take possession in ,the near future. Mr. ana Mrs. Bert Lamb have purchased .the Fred Carlock home, 214 East Davis, and will move into their new home when Mr. nnd Mrs. Carlock and family move to Cape Girardeau, Mo., later this month. The white clapboard house has six rooms. The former Adrian'Defoe home nt U5 East Sycamore lias been bought by W.. c. Buchanan. The white frame cottage has four rooms. Political Announcements Tte Courier News nns been authorized to announce the following candidacies, subject to the. Democratic primary in August: STATE REPRESENTATIVE ALENE WOKD .(for re-election, Post No. 2) W. J. WUNDERLICH (for re-election, Post, No. l) . -, J. LEE BEARDEN (for re-olcctlon Post No 3) LXiCIEN E* COLEMAN ; E. C. VGENE". FLEfeMAN / ••;• i (Post No. 4) ' SHERIFF AND COIiECTOm HALE JACKSON Hor-re-electJon) W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON COUNT* TREASUKER R. B. (SKEET) STOUT MISS DKLLA PURTLE COUNTS JDDOB ROLAND GREEN (for re-election) CIRCtHT COURT CLERK HARVEY MORRI3 (For re-election) COTTNTY CLERK T. W. POTTER (for re-election) COUNTY ASSESSOR OSCAR ALEXANDER ITomorrow's "Little Red SchooHiouse',' * MHUlflr^Tn" -f t -"f T"r'f j r i"~-'-—^-r— f- -, - i- iri,-^—, . _ .„. • Fine Workmanship by Expert Photographers. • No. • a p p o i ntment Necessary. • Proofs Shown For Satisfactory Selec- . tions. O'Steen's Studio 105 W. Slain j'A FORECAST of tliin t 's lo come ' was built • into : a Jew new 'schools just before • the war—a 'forecast-of-the thousands of'"lit- jtle red school houses" to be buill 'after Ihe war which (ax dollars ;Will pay for. The Gridley School, Gridley, Illinois; is one of these, ,| Children .in Ihis school, even those sealed near the inside wall as well as those near the windows, Jiave plenty of daylight—soft, diffused, glare-free light, light for easy vision—lighl which protects !ihe eyes in the lender, formulive years, i Below eye level are clear-glnss wuiclows lo permit ventilation ami' vision. Above eye level arc light-* direclhiR Insiilux glass blocks,' which because of interior prism stiucture, dircel Ihe light lo Ihe ceiling. The coiling, because it is painted in light colors, acts like a giant reflector clirecling (he light- down lo Ihe desks. Light passing through a window falls on the dark lloor which does not reflect it but absorbs it. ; Schools of tomorrow will have m;my new standards of light, ventilation, heating, fire-safety, and: sanitation which will make the: mile red schooihouse ot yester-' year an unlamcnlcd memory. - FHA Promises Full Facilities For Postwar Building Program MEMPHIS, May 9-Fiill facilities a year have been built during the F J, Jm"'h •', ,", B A dm , in i? l1rn -1 Wilr tha " lhc PM« "mo demand lion will be available lo builders caused to be constniclcd each year and mortgage bankers In the plan- "While,'.' Mr. Horner said "I es- nlng of postwar housing subcllvl-' limale the first year after the war M,-1 S \ B ' i^' liom ! !r ' Slflte PIIA «'l'l result in tlin construction of dhoclor, said yesterday m explain- perhaps 1800 new homes, I do not ing IDat the PHA is moving for de-, uclicve that will necessarily meet finitely better housing and better U, c need, or the ctaimnd city planning of residential proper- "However, it will take some time ty in Ihe postwar period. for (he builders lo become organiz- "Wc are inviting builders andjcil and to gel under way. For that -jortgngc bankers to come to us in reason the PRA is instituting its advance with their plan.'; for post- postwar consultant plan, if builders "nd the mortgage bankers plan and lay out their subdivisions now and plan their, activities, they should he able to get underway much sooner when the go-ahead order comes through." war construction," Mr. Homer said. "In this way. the builders and mortgage bankers can be ready to go ahead Immediately once the "war is (-ruled. The building industry will provide work for thousands of men and will help lo si-ivo off nny postwar business sag." The FHA, on all properties on which it insures financing, must approve subdivision slips, sizes of lots, draining <md other facilitfes. H also examines plans to see that zoning regulations and other rcgu- lalloiis are followed. Services To !!e Tree Mr. Horner explained that the FOR SALE Closets, Sinks. Lavatories, Tanks. Automatic Water Heaters, Fittings. Lead, Oakum. At! Plumbing Repair Parts PETE IS THE 'LUMBEI r;P-S-SE ra - te X°_ ur Garden Furniture :1 &;iftt -Jlfe "^ — Roots and Barks Bring Arkansans Sizeable Income HAIIRISON. May 9 (UP)— More hail 510,000 has been paid out, to Uoone counly residents during Ihe past month for roots and bnrks used In making medicine. The Newlon Produce Company of Harrison paM $6000 foi . ^ nnw bark during the last week of «l>i' f, while amounts paid for May apple root, blood root and oilier talks, roots and herbs brought the 1 total up to nearly $n,oao. I '. Smaller buyers wc re also oner-'! illng In Harrison and It was esU-l! mated that these buyers have pur- ' chased some 52.000 worth of the i various medicinal toes. • j The buying of block haw bark- began three months ago. but recent weeks have marked the largest ' iiiying by Harrison produce houses I Buyers-paid SO cents a pound for ' he bark of the tree and 65 cents i or the bark of Ihe rool. Black 1 '!?i ls "?."' '". blo ° (i l""lHers. nerve I l By XEA Srrvifo May apple roots are now In leaf',, Y "," , c!> " ','"'" , )ma scl-inlcca, tm"il "re Ihe second laraest."rE". al " lc ,' 1 Knl ; <lcn funiiture into .luxury class pieces-with colorful freehand decorations thai are as simple as one-two-lhvce. Quaint peasant figures are the most effective and formation artist. Pc-ler Hunt, once you know the basic strokes. For instance, to achieve thcsti'ik- ig hcarts-aml-floivcrs motif that decorates the white and lawn green enameled chair above, you need know onlv Ihe few slops shown at the left. •mil lire Ihe second largest offer- nss on Ihe market now. May ap-' )!c roots now bring 13 cents a' lound. Bloot root or red pecune ion- being harvested in the wild, brings 75 cents a pound. Golden eal. found in the wild as well as iillivated. brings $5 a pound Genens roots arc listed at $3 for the (,,.„ vlld and $1.50 a pound for the cnl- ivatcd. Buyers, who sell direct to large Iriijt manufacturing concerns, said hat few medicinal barks, roots and lerbs are hems; imported now, resulting in an Increased demand for home products with greatly increased orfces. Although Harrison Is a good wool n-oduclng niea. buyers said they ire paying more for nature's medicinal products than for wool . area within a 50 mile radius of Harrison annually ships as great as any States. e(|Unl area in Hie United I'eiscrving OS's CAMP COOKE, Cal. (UP)— SeH- conriucted classes in Chinese are carried on by members of the nth Armored Division who were former enrcllees in the Army Specialized Tjsupply of the medicinal products Training Program.' Plant, Trim Shrubs and Hedges To Insure Maximum Sunlight UY HENRY I., PRKE Written fcr XE.\ are except to remov New Mark Set For Use Of Asbestos In The U.S. Both Hie sale of domestically produced asbestos and imports of (he mineral Into this country reached all-time highs In 1041, it was disclosed in the delayed re- ! of the 1041 Minerals Ye&r- thrce inches of barnyard manure, |se-.rage sludge or peatmoss around iring the first two or ifter they are planted. - reduced in "SIM" be'cause™' 'aT ;:1 " e ,? ,*? Deling weeds^and j window O r lack of space^he kmg "f^- Clll " v i" 10 " ^ s"™bs should branches and cane, are r"mo?"d | Qn Jj - DC an m ' h , 01 '. Uvo <icc P- Int the point where they are a«a" ' - ! *- eas<;s m bcst Ehcal ' ed so ed lo a Inrge branch, or where tt emerge from the ground. Do i clip H-ith hedge shears, but use sharp pair of pruning shears. Shrubs depend oil adequate food for healthy, normal growth. When planted to clay type soil, , • es sl °P e townr 'l «« top. ^ n ™^™ r ( ° f the J 1Cd ,T e nUows a , • ! " nl - 2h t to reach all branch lp j {rom l °P to bottom. When | hedges are sheared with vertical fides, the lower branches are shaded in summer, which results in loss of foliage near the ground. Many ui. nurner explained tnat tne "-'*•" *" tm; iy-ti iMinerHis rear- v preliminary work is free of " 0( *- Domestic sales totaled 24,- n'se for the builder and mort- MI s!lorl tolls ' wllile Imports ta Kr>v,l-r,i. ni^. _.,i •. i i , nilinilMt n."t In J.1 A JJR tf\t\t- . .„_ amounted to 413.440 tons. ige banker. Plans submitted at ie local office are submitted to the p jsi.r'fftors'a P^I^T r ^ s Th 'rlLrnef^a,^ ret. year after the war ends should * n *-... T : s . 8t -. 1 1 . omn ? J : Kennedy of rst, year after the war ends should ee a total of 1800 new homes con- Iructed in Memphis and Shelby ounty. • He pointed out that before the ar put an end to all building ex;pt war housing that about 1800 ouscs a year on the average were •;ing built. In the nearly three years that uilding has been restricted, there ave been a total of 1715 units of •ar housing constructed by cri ale interest. 1308 Yearly Pawtuckct, stationed with the Army in Italy, sent an Easter card to his sistpr. Miss Mary Kennedy, also of Pawtucket. Trie Army censor who passed the card was Lt. J. p. KCII- , ncdy. Ami the Pawtucket mailman j who delivered it was James F. Ken- ncilv. l. — _.~j *j pt. oun. lei mi/,- , cji J0! •rSr—F~ —. "^^"sri : •£* °u ^r^r^ ssur ri^ss SM 3^vrl' PrT* s °- ™--r "«z !SSiuSS^!? f "" c " c "" h " s ~- phnT'SrS ' r^'«" Ine j"d°° SlSStes ^uT' «T*Amur =Vub, irfiiS, f ea , C , hed awa >'-! River Privet, Five-leaf Avalia, lv tenVmp h M- W ".' b€ grea '- H ^<»°™ and Buckthorn should iy Benefited by cultivating two or be chosen. This wnniri°<nrti"t "Ti"'. ™aro,mrtnn fl r hat S" a " hclclcrs ' around 1300 fewer houses reports. Me\ico Checks on Guides MEXICO CITY (UP)— Mexican tourists guides are being examined for new credentials which provide fltictcr requirements for their department of interior Figure it out yourself. Whether you us» the BEST grade Old American Roofing or an ordinary grade, it takes the same amount of time, labor and materials. The BEST roof may Ian twice », long as the other one, coating much less in the long rua I Come in and let us show you our stock of roofing and supplies. We take pride In giving every customer full value for every roofing dollar. DELTA LUMBER CO. Phone 497 IAV1 MONEY-1 gallon UVE TIW.E-TK.r.'. no T.cHJ. wall, »v,y t, •1 Txhlfeftal you 1* n>«J la tcrapt •!! qoiclly xni'nJ v/ilh flolloni f f point. tliab^y woUpvpvr. mild loop and waltr. GOES ON OVER OLD WALLPAPER! QU/CK TO DRY1 EASY TO APPLY! • Think of redecorating a room between breakfast and lunch! You can with Techida — Pittsburgh's amazing new development in wall paint.-TVo houri li plenty of time to apply ^Tfechtcto. THEN ONLY ONE HOUR FOR DRYING! You «avs on labor costs-sftvo tho expense of scraping off old wallpaper—and lava on th» costdfpalntTechidaialdcalforpaint- tng over wallpaper, plaster, biick, tic, PITTSBURGH PAINTS MADE in t COLOal AHO WHIT* HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Re-Roofing Planned For One Million Homes More than one million families are planning to re-roof their homes after the war, according to a recent survey made by the United States Chamber of Commerce. The re- rcoflng jobs are part of an anticipated post-war home improvement program which will cast an estimated seven and a half billion dollars. Building; authorities point out that among the million homes there are probably many whose repair should not be postponed until the war Is over. Needed home repairs are considered essential by the gov- ernment and arc exempt froirj building restrictions. WP13 regulations provide a home mi'.v be completely re-roofed with £. asbestos cement shingles if any" part of the existing roofing k in need of maintenance or repair. OAR I) OF THANKS We wish to thank the Rev. S. B. Wilford, Dr. I R. Johnson and our many friends for their sympathy, = kindness and floral offerings In this hour of sorrow. E. A. BUBS, brother Florence Matter, daughter Cora Brown, daughter Joplin, Russell & Tluinnan demons, sons. Read Courier wewi waul Begin by making a heart within a heart for the center figure, says Hunt, .then a solid circle fo r (lie flower. Next, add four swag strokes on the bud, then a stem and some leaves. Use Ihe same swag strokes | (o fil] out the tulip motif. Put them all together in whatever colors you choose—red. green nnd yellow were u.<-ed for the above design—add an appropriate mouo in script on the bottom slat, and the result Is the gayest conversation piece in toivji ARE TERMITES INFESTING YOUR HOME? ,Phelans> KtMA* TO* *DEATH TO TERMITES Prepared of i (one (use „(,,•<!, i, iccogniztd j! one of the noU ef- feclitc of all chemicals in the l<r- mile control field. "How to Tell andWhat lo Do About 1 1" To mjVt> certain, cane in or write us tor FREE folder on termites, telling vltcie to foot, („,». | 0 ^ lll( , ir h]b , its, and how you can eaiily and quicV- lr 'id ytut rums ol Inem youmlf. DELTA LUMBER CO. THE LONGER YOU PUT IT OFF— THE MORE IT WILL COST ? , o \ 'V 'A ' ' <\ xO Government recommends lhaf needed repairs and: pointing be done -ANO you know that fixing •up your home to maintain ill value li a wise inveslment consutt with us ofcoul your Roofing, Painting, or Needed Repairs can be financed in easy monthly payments. E. G. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Friendly Building Service • On The 1944 Victory Road. . . PICK YOUR OWN COUNTY FOR A HEALTHFUL, PATRIOTIC SUMMER American vacationists are hitting the road again ... but it's the road to health for them and victory for the nation. Vacations- at-home are 1944's answer to war transportation needs. Have fun in your own backyard ... or at the parks and lakes of your own county. Just as vacations add to your health, yards and garaens add to your home! Freshen them with daily soakings. Blytheville Water BERNARD ALLEN, Manager "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity!" ,*

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