The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 7, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 7, 1932
Page 2
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MONDAY. NOVEMBER 7. 1932 ILEGED LUDEI. .m.YTHEVn.I.E. (AKK.) COURIER NEWS made the opening statement for I clpally of witnesses and Interest- the state and Claude P. Cooper j ed spectators In two n;gn> cases of Alexander and Cooper opened , tentatively set for trial today. It for the defense. npncnrcd unlikely thnt • the nicli- J. B. Richardson Is Charged With Robbery 'of First Street Market. J. n. Richardson, alleesd leader of Iiold-u« band operating In (his ••'ction. went an trial In the criminal division of circuit court this afternoon charged with a darin? Saturday night hold-up, several months aeo, of Z. A. McCulston's Union Market, 213 North , First street. Richardson elcclnd to stand trial j alone instead of with Vcrnon Gean, his brother-in-law, Indicted for the. same robbery. Gean will be tried lat.?r. Uolh are also under Indictment for alleged robbery of Charley Harris, aged Icoal property owner. Opening statements of counsel Z, A. McQulston, proprietor of the Union Market, and Bert cope- land. clerk, were the first witnesses to be called. 'Almost the entire morning session of court was consumed In selection of a Jury to hear thq case. Eisht venlremcn were summoned In addition to the 23 mcm- bwp of the regular jury pnnt 1 ! examined. licforo 12 men were se- lerl.;d to try the case. The defense lind exhauster! nine of ils 20 noremptory challenges and the state four of its Ian lip- fore the was filled. EUht ardson trial would be completed tills afternoon so th? negro cases will be tried today. Dcmpsey Thompson, yomic, ne- gro, Indicted by the grand Jury for murder In the slaying of his step-father, wns slated to ^nter a plea of Bullty to a charge of man- slaiip^iler today ami accept one year In the state penitentiary. Th.? compromise agreement was reached by Prosecutor S. L, Glad- Isli nnd W. Leon Smith of defense counsel. The defense had previously Indicated that trial at this term of court would he resisted on grounds challenging the legality i of the indictment charging Ihe 1 ynuiiK negro with murder. The j rcinuromlro (allowed. men were excused for cause from! Fervico on the jury by th? court.' R?vernl of the jurors excused for can™ admitted forming opinions In Ihe cases. Because of uuWldlv attendant on the hold-no and Eubscniicnt arrest of Richardson | HiilWf Potter Nam?rl and Cican the court told members ""DCrr. roller named of the jurv panel that only if they lyid formed opinions ns Award for Year's Work • Made at Osccola Achievement Day. PAGE THREE rcVult of Inforninlion thev hnd received would they be disqualified. On Stock Reform Board Hubert Potter, of this city, has keen named one of Ihe ten associate vice chairmen fcr Arkansas •J. L. Masters, J. W. Sykes, W. M. indicated that Richardson ,. _ stake his defense on testimony, Crowe, Sum Hardin, G. S. . .c-?ly A that he v;as at a Big Lake dance j ap ,| noss stcvens. > hall at the time the robbery was T]lc colu . lrooin wns fi]lc(1 to committed. I overflowing today. A large part The jury was r.mlly Imnanelcd 1 of tho . Stock Exchange Hefoim wns composed of C. S. Baggetl,(committee of the Manhattan Hoard Curtis Bright. J. W. Osborn, i of Commerce. Dwlght II. Dlack- Davis. Floyd Homer, n. G. Cash, \vocd, state highway commissioner, Is executive \!oc chairman for Arkansas. This committee has for its purpose the sponsoring of. changes In rules concerning the slock ex- prospects of a long drawn out: of the crowd was composed of change aiv.l is eiiticrsing Rcosj- trial were evident when between P negroes who filled the balcony, j veil for president. The orgn'ilza- I'j and 20 defense witnesses were; ll:clr- usual space, nnd packed! lion-In'New York recently mailed brought into courl just bforc noon. I one side of the main auditorium. I more than 1,000,000,letters urging Neill Reed, deputy prosecutor,, The negro section consisted prin- ' the election of Roosev CSCEOLA. Ark.-The Sllllmnn 4-II Club tin Little River, of which Mr. and Mrs. W. O, Worhty arc sponsors, won Ihe cnsh award offered bv Cwcenla business nwn to the- South Mississippi County club turning In Ihe bi-sl record for the ucrront venr. The Hntclier club, also on r.illlc Hlv.3r. wns runner-up for the honor. The jii-l/e was n worded nt thn iintuml 4-11 Club Achlevcmont Dny proiiam held here Saturday, and another cash nwnnl also offered by the buslni'ss men to (he club traveling Hit- greatest number o( rrrson miles to attend tho Achievement prou'iam wns won bv the Hiiti-hcr Club, The Harvey Couch mpilals offered annually for the most outstanding club boy and girl w,?nt to Finley Smith of the Hatcher Club nnd to Kimy Woodruff of the Sllllman Club, and the Mont- Komery-Wanl medal offered l<i the club member making the most oiitstnndii!; record In i-ardon and canning club work went" to Myrvis Shellon of the Hatcher Club. Diplomas, awarded on completion of 4 or more years dub work, were presented to 44 club members nml certificates ofr one, two or three yenrs completed work were B'vcn to ns many more. Mme than a limulrcd club boys nn<l e'rls attcndctl !hc program nml «m> guests of (he Osccolti Civic club at luncheon and were entertained at a innllnce picture show by the manngenicnt of the On-ill Theater. The boys visited the F:mn Equipment Company where U:L' mnnngcr. Don I', lintlor, hnd on ilispliiy n special exhibit of In- tcrnnllonnl llnrvesler Company fnim eo.u'ipmcnt. Jimmie Jones 'Visited By Officers Two Times Jlmmlc Jones, local jnan, will fac-i' irlul Tncsilny In municipal CLiiil on Iwo chiuvcs of Illegal i:i:s < .e;slon of liquor tor purpose ol s:iL' as n result oi n pair of we.'k-L'iul visits to his home on HHnvay 01, soulh of lilythevillc, by ullicrrii (if tin; Inw. P;ilurd;iy n party Including Arch LlnilM-y and Etlillc 1). Davltl, deputy Fhciitfs, and Chnrlry Barker, Clcn- Lake constable, ridded .Jones' pluio imil found n 10 Dillon ke-j rf ll(|iinr anil several empty kctis. Bimiliiy Darker nnd Oscar Eillotl, police oiflcrr, iiiilrollni; a road ni':ir Jones' housi; Icoklni; lor another party ran acrcss Jlmmtu IIHljiB Imltles out of n 10 gallon ll'iucr jug (hey rciwrtcd. MINTED ELiEl Succeeds the Rev. James Sheriff's Parly finds 120 Gallon Dwtillery A raldli:; nar.j- out of the sherltT's oflice found a 120 gallon still about ' two miles below ArmoiX'l Saturday morning, The .still was descried when olllccrs nr- ilvcd according to Deputy Arch • Anderson in Tnnf><:k,i-n I Lllllll ' c i'' "Hliough Iho remains of nncierson in joncsnoio n n n , S ii 0 w«i that n quantity or Mclhoclisl District.' Watchman liuhlx-d SPOKANE, Wash. tUP)—Wntch- man George Deal wns robbed of S10 while on the Job. FORT SMITH. Arlc.-TJio Ilov. Sam .B. Wiggins, nastor of tlic First Melhodlst church, North LIKle Rock, will sitccecd thu Rev. James K, Anderson us DrcslclliiK elder of the Joncsboro dlslrlcl. It wns revealed with the announcement of appointments (it (he of the' 1 nntninl Norlh Arkanpa-i Methodist confeicncc here. Thf Rev. Mr.. Andei'son was nnmod presiding alder of the i'nr- nnould district, • Th« Rev. drover Sutherland wns iipixrirtlccl In the Hlyllievlllc circuit. The Kcv. 1'. Q. Rorle nnd llw ll!V. W. J. I.'.'Ruy wero leturncd lo (ha Fhst and Luke Slreel (.•huichfs ill Dlythcvlllu, rc«|wetlvc- iy. T|-,i Key. Ell Myers wns reappointed pablor of tlic Osrcoln church, nnd the Rov. t'nul V. Onl- Inwuy ot tlm Joiner and Kclser churches. btlwr Mississippi county appointments follow: Unchvlllc—Munlln. J. W. Moore: Luxorn.Dell, J. K. Nelson: Wilson, T. W- Lewis. had recently been cooked I, 1'Oiiilci'ii liO gallon vats of mash were lomxl and destroyed. The distill was the largest foum! In (his .icctlon recently. DULL HEADACHES GONE SIMPLE REMEDY DOES IT Headaches caused by constipation are gone after one dose of Adterlii. This cleans all poisons out of BuTH upper and lower bowels. Gives better sleep, ends nervous- :css. Sold In Blythevllle by City Drug Store, .—Adv. E-l Rend Courier News Want Ads. Texas Conservation Act Before Supreme Court WASHINGTON, Nov. 7. IUI>> — Til'.- Mipreme conrl today formally k Jurisdiction In tho appeal :•; Clovivnor Ituss Sterling of Texas Irom the throe judge fcdcrnl conrl dln;> enjoining enforcement of nle's oil conservation net. The cnurl bud previously Injlcnl- cd It would tnkc such action whini It fljj'-'tl Nov. 11 ns IV.c date for nr- kuincnt of «i>|X.';il. End Seriow Coughs With Creomulsion Don't let tlicui get'a strangle-hulil. Fifthl t; c i"i> L|ui.^kl>'. Crcomulsiun cgin- Wnts lite 7 Irc^l hcl|tt known to QHxl^m tcionoe. Powerful but hnnnlcu. Flcasiml to lake. Mo 11:1 replica. YouicilriiEnlslwlI tcfujiil your ntinuiy if fuiy cough or coM no nnlliT Imvr lonx tUmllng i« not re- licvnl'by Creoiaulsloo. (adv.) Full'hck.. No Slack Filling tcottomlcal-Efficient SAME PRICED AS42 YEARS AGO 25ouncesfer254 MIlLIONSOf POUNDS USED BV OUR GOVERNMENT o GABRIELLE E. FORBUSH PHOUJliUEi UlET rcigiicd in tlio big. high, cciiingcd, old.fusbiODi!il rouin Vvllli Ita comfortalily worn lurut- ture. rlcbly dark hangings ami blazing open tire. Twn men—outwardly. «t least, enjoying tbelr silent companionship — sut reading ami smoking bofore the smoldering logs, Each occupied a rfe&p, Ininrk- OUB chair, so high of .'rack tbut only the tops of two.'h'.-ails Ktiov,-ed from the ro&n behind tbem. Quiet . . . escept for an occa- •Innal silr ^and thump when a burned [og parted and (honored nut the sparks . . . and except for tbe siihiiued yet Irritating creak- creak-creak of sboe lealber as tbe Tnnt of one crossed leg, poised before; trie lire, automatically circled bac)[" and forth on a narrow arc anil at times stopped, emphasizing tbo slight sound by Its temporary ces- Thi! owner of the foot sometimes crnrkled the pages of bis evening paper with a quick, nervous, mean Ingless gesture which never failed to bring up the other man's head sharply-'.only to bave the frown smoother! ~ont My ao Immediate effort of will us: tils eyes dropped again to bis liook. His apparent wish 1 to concentrate on its pages seemed tn :csrapa the notice of tils : more restless companion who, us he skimmed through tlie paper.'fre- 1 rjiinritly Interjected a low eiclaimi- tion. n muttered comment, nn the news before his'eyfs. Suddenly he came to something which caught and hclil bin Interest. . "flmp!" : he esclahn?!]. "Tbcy in: now that truck driver didn't kill, the girl In the Harlem store. Sestns he lias an airtight alibi." "Yes?" The other's vulce was smooth, expressionless. -It simply tilled the Blip led for somo sort of response. "Uin . . . but no one else'd bave nny motive, they say . . . looking tii'.v for a Inimiciilal maniac." "Yes';" Again a colorless tone, yet under ila ainfaco conrtcuy lurked more ilian n suggestion o! irritation. "Uli-btth. That changes the whole c°H2. A lunatic's unolker thing [ is. I suppose the nian'i lunatic. 1 types I'brsliirnliona iinl psycho! iigy's your line, not mine—" lOther nlinui the |in=lf Thu |m-s- ent iirointscd delightfully, l.lfo could l.<i decidedly ai; rccah In - :i>id tlilii vv;is one ot Ita most ugrecnblo CIIAPTEII I ;riOI.t.O, Tommy! I'm no glad Lj yon got home before uny of the company came!" l.tnila Averill, piling out with niyrliiit iiiiiulles from the. lltlle ulntur, fonni! lier husband net- Ing ati butler nt tho open dnor ot heir recently nc'iuircil Long la- anil home. , "Wherever did yon gel nil tills, truck — !"-bo grumbled. "ThoiiRht ymi onii! this morning you \\cra all ready fnr tbo gang tc ur- riio'.'" "Oh —iicnple lio forget things. Coolr nud Nnnna—and 1 do my- Bdr." "Ami nnyliow. It's n nice dny and n ni'i over to Port—" "IJxnclly. Harry this In, too, that's a (lo;ir. direful! It's .ilirinun! How lonc'vo you been lioni?" "llnlf nn bonr or --o tlame on tbe 3:11 unit wnil^'il up. Ue- cldcil 1'<I bolter !>n li'Tf tipfnra anyono arrived. Von niu'Eivs Imve b:ilf n dozen tiling? in i. n me lo UNDA 'AVER1LL ment of one of the tenants, carrying a brief case and a portmanteau of somewhat, traveled appearance. The man paused In the lower liall to light a cigarct with steady. im s. suppose Ie man s llie £lont 6 . Nowadays tliey dltldt w .. ch ny ,-i nt fnranlty inin such rtif-| llcad i atn p. ' 'J'llBUK was tho respite of a few iniiiiicnts' silence, then the ioot i fa-Kin (n move again, back and furth. hark and forth, ils faint Bimce-cek. eiiutu-cek creaking through n lc l]lt | cl r , wm T | 1C n , ctor tvnfl wi front steps to consult lie .light of the ovcr- np. Somehow he conveyed tbe' idea of a man about to take a late night train, yet one unhurried and with plenty ot time to make It comfortably. rpIIE nan in tbo railroad car stirred uneasily as the rattle reiiicnihiir noi to Ho was .BO patently the truth thnt there was no further inquiry Into tbo matter. There had been thnt whining, crying baby in India—strange what a fuss people made over a fingers, and again on child already halt-dead from beat ana Improper feeding "Pigl Well — ibis lit::;* Micro are n few." "Shoot!" ialio had rjullcrl on* ti'.-r 'living gloves, looking tlili.•uimi i\ il'iiu bcaluo his heavy IcnllU'r n:nv on tlio hall beucb. "Wbewl It's hot ivhiTi i-ri-i ro not In motion! UOMII; nnl mi ilia trout lawn—there's Him* wv re in for n rccnlar !-'onnli m .inif spell, 1 b -uofiL. Why. tlieu'i: His boat!" "Hennessey ran her up to ib« nnciior an hour ago." Am-nri voice Eliov/eii lifa pride in ibc trim llttlo cabin cruiser il:iin-ing In the small bay before tlio bouse,. "Ulad ho rushed tbe ]ob through—I im- nglno we'll keep her humming niubt of the wceh-onil." "Well—tilings havo changed a bit." Dropping ns easily ns a clillit to the soft grass, Linda pulled gn.n- ono else! » tn iNeir ini! fn nr 0 r,- tly !U 1|1C < ' :lr3 ° r a " i " llri " " lrt !_ to itself and to oven- l. err!( . r w|||c|| h;1(| ^^ |m|Illls ;iip tn Join thorn afi soon as,they And the woman wt in would [appeared on the torraceil lawn, tease for jarf" when 1st had n- 110 O ld dog puffcii heavily after brought hnr a• tliysta—! U | 1C c s':riion o( the short, v.nd- And now, just recently, this per-idling run. eiatcnt, obviously dull-minded In- J "Tom," Unrta broke off sndilcn- dlvldua! will-his ItchlDR curiosity jiy. "Poor old Hunty's cctiing about thiBge that didn't concern! blinder and deafer and whce/icr of a newspaper from across the I him acd his eimriiratlng. Into- every rlay" . ,alslo brought a sudden, anwel-j riatiogr little rereonal habtts— "Yes. We must ilo someihlng .no nuio regular, not nmte icomc Hash of suggestion and mem- that way of cleat-ins his throat, . . . wail until Iho end ot =11111•||« a i stuFier woiili! sulwonsciou-.- ory. Then he smiled a lillle, with o: rattling hia newspaper, ot [mtr tlmiigh " ! a traco of self-satisfaction. squeaking his eboe-i in two-four . . t Vlicn the volco went on again, coinforlahli.. relaxed. Indolent, ".lust what Is a homicidal ma- This!" So quickly, so quietly hail the other risen thai he wns standing over tlie man lu the chair bc-'ore a single stnrllerl upward look could more than catch the liied glare of the eye? ind the inhuman, teeth- hartng grin. There wa« a tense. spring . the fool twitched convulsively once . the warm leather squeaking (suddenly and was still. Utterly sllll As the room was ntierly quiet. No creaking, restless rhythm, no rattling pages. The newspaper Iny where It had fallen fiom an Inert hand. Ihe old house was quiet, too. The four-story building with lu •lugle apartmenta oti «ad> door boasted DO ball tarvlct. Tb«ra was no on« to •«• a well froamed, veil Mt-np Ban—k recently ar- rlTOd lUr^r—}«»T» U* a-tart- rtrj a»a r | r tii That was tho most recent— wcl!. act in delense ot bis own comfort and peace of mind. Like others, it had been uneventful success. a complete, There had been the Incident of the covertly Insolent porter on tbe White Mountain espreas—and the convenient curve around which tho bouncinr little train had swung, flinging off th« Insolent rhytlini and then e'.iddenly brtnk- ing It o.T, holding the foot In suspense, starting In again In a different miter. r PIIU old dog Hopped over by Linda's knees In the out- flrctclicd abandon of ntler com..... — • fort. Hearing her mime men- Roll— all neat, y disposed of— i tinned, j|| 0 unfiecd her nlisnnl ...... — without undue trouble or excitement. At least nono that touchcil him. After all, how silly to pin too great a value, on human lire! Molecules all— but for the sake or those who went on living, the p-rter and, it appeared, also very i more annoying molecules ntioulr) nearly losing a passenger. The passenger had jiiat stepped from tho parlor car to go forward to tl> smoker ot the little, country train as !i. hurried toward tho Junction where its Important coaches were transferred to Uie big through flyer. When others, attracted by the passenger's shout of warning, hurried to the scene of the accident he could only sng. gest that th» porter, betrayed by familiarity into carelessness, must bara lost hit balaace at the une»- PWtcd lurch—Just u he himself lazily. The two hiirnnns, Feel- tha treachery nt their he eliminated. Surely that was tho highest sanity. Sanlly—ns the uord crosF.etl bis. mind, Ilia man again moved restlessly. Then through the open window came a breatb of the- sea nnd he relaxc.-l end smiled nitb complete, tranquil pleasure. A lovely nirt of the country this— Long Island—and tbe holiday week-end offered a pleasant Interlude as a guest lu a comfortable, almott luxurious home, with charming host and bpstfii»,,-.Th.t water Ihe. garden cool nlgats. the Whjr tail Ing thonglits. petted her with sinldeu, gntlty tenderness. "I never thought I could boar to havo an BSthmrttlc old dug around me," said l.lnria smlly, "and now 1 can't hoar tbe Idea o( putting her away." "Well—the summer m.iy mako a difference." her husband offered vaguely. Then, remembering Iho trend ot tho conversation, ho seized urin It to leave tho unwelcome subject. "You said things bad changed. Anyone, back out?" "Somuono backed In. You remember Cousin Amos Peiiliody? That distant relative pcnon from Boston? Du« to arrive any moment . * » Crltlac out Iroin tow»i' t (JRAPTEIl 1-A r.TK whtEllcii otl»Bllr. "Whey cow! Tlvat does com- I llcnle tbliiBHl Willi nit these fcitange men on your hands. Not Iliai. ns I recall him. Cousin AUIOB Isn't slrnngo eunugli. lilnkn. tuj chllil. whv illrl you make It such a t:jlil ilay unknowns'/" "Thought \vo niiglit as well get ni) Ebesu rlnty visits off our Hal. After all. von su.-tcri It with '.hone two unknowns— tlint Kuropeaa purfmnu nan nml your olllce manager from the mldille went pliht, I must lenrn their names before they come!" . l.lniln iviis Rnmotlnie-n secrct))r niniiKi:(l ny [ho eiitiiuslasin wilt n'Liich her huuljanil fiiltllleil Ills chtl us well us hnslncs!!' rintlca RS sales n:ni]iigor of a nourishing "lieauly concern," but she knew thin llii! coiiMinny's Iniporliiiicc In Its Iliie wng due almost'as much to bin' whitle-soulud Interest Q3 to the ilynninlc iii'rsonnllly ot tlie amaz In^.llllle wnnian whom tbn iiuhllc knew nn -'Vnlcskn." Valrakn (In iiiiollkinl moinenls Ehc niijwored to n in me or less exotic cbanic ter> iiail seized with charticlerls (ic airinncn. iii^iii the Avcrllla- re* cent Inlierliaiicc nf a lovely Long Island plii'-e to make It an assc of lior • own business. Nothing loath to earn tlie substantial Klsuinci. 1 of her liberal nllowjim-e for Qiiieriiiiiinicnt, the youn lonple bpr 1 . tiecomo nccnstomctl \ frciincnl visliH from home and for clgn uplchrltlPit. prospective ni::<i iissjcinles, nnd Inipnrtan clients. • "The 'pcrfnnio man' is n Hoi glnn." instructed Tom solemnly "iN'ot I'lerich. remember — be' tom-iiy niiont that. DnVos la h immu. Very grnclous and charm ing . . . iinile Uiu Cumlncmii but a big rcllou 1 . . . sfs tool be r.inn. Ells iinrlc'8 one of thu onl sinuding l%iiri)pe:iu perfume over lords. Valcsku nml ho Have lieu regoilniliiB over the exeliislv Amerlr;in riiihlp in sonic VIT toney (if riiiiiir.-i 'I'his nefiliew wil probably closu the deal before b E^OOM buck. "Siiula:idt'r's the mldiilo-weat- j erner— Vnle.^ka brought him on 10 talk abjiil some trouble In the plant. I'm nfralil be won't he thrilled with tho Helglnn I tbnngb that vvoiil'in't occur Ki Valcsknt .hciMiisu nu considers the home- nniile vrvam> and lotiona Hie backbone oT'ilif hu^ini-ss, uml has no patience ivltli foreign stnlf. I don't know him n, all hut I innlcisliiml he'a very self linporlant. an ilnn'l gft fits minu wrong, for heaven's snkol" "Stntlr.ndcr —Stntlamlcr — I'll remember \Vcll, to answer yont luvsllon nml nci-iuint for the oilier two. nfter we were nil set wltn yimr men oVei thu Koiirili 1 heard that Mia Mondcll dliln't know what in no with Hint Irish writer person who'a speaking ai Hie poetry meellng tills nfternonn nn tbe promise ot a Long Islnnd . eck-einl." " That was Ilia loplc?" lntcrru|it eil her hustiand Idly. , "Nut! That was bis pay. Well. Ella wna ilc^pcrato—with I'olly sick and her family coming down over the holiday—nml It Isn't as If they really knew him or he them. W« have (lie room ami 1 gather be's amusing. Ills name's Linn Shaugh- ncsscy—that's for you to remember! Then wh«a I met Marvin Pratt ID town, last we«k aid ieard be wti in tTils patt'of tba"»of!i fb'f tb« Brit tvcae ia II fcura—" TOM AVERILL i41T\in you sl.irt i'onr love atfntrs In your cniillc?" nskcd her liushnni! Incrcdiiloiisly. "Here you've liehl lilni up tn me ns n pre-war duller! Mow early did ymi begin netting scnllincnlnl over tho boya, anyhow!" "I illiln't gel scnllmental—be illd all of that! Ami I'm no such liifniu ns it Il:itlcr3 yun to mnkc mo out, Tom Avcrlll." answered Ills wile with illgnlly. "After oft. I'll worked for years—well. 92vcral years—before we met. And anyhow. .Marvin lived ncsl ilnor to ns anil wo went to the R.I me school—ho Is nliler Ihrm I,am. six or SOVCD years mnybo—" "Ob. yea I can sec ho dales back pretty rnr. Well. It'll lie nmnsln? tn meet nn ci rival . . except rerh.irs lou'll wish yon hnrln'l tcl him go rovliii! all nver the wnrlil ao that I could snnlrb ynu up." An elnqiicnl glance illsmlsscd nts prclcnse ol n:oeliiics». 1'liey were slill inucli In love, this very moilcrn IJilr. In spile of their tbrco years of mnrricil lifo "Hovlng." paid l.lndn, "Is a tronl I never cnulil apply lo .Marvin llu> nltopethcr inn sorlciiw fnr nnythlns so—an vcRiilxindii'li Whatever he noes, nr wherever ho I ravels, you may be sure he ilocs It *Hli n High Mnrnl I'nrpose." "Umm! Soinetltnos lho?A hl.clilv moral boys klit tliciosolvrs ilmi whatever Hiey wnm tn <|{i Is tlie best thing for nil mm-erncd 1 won tier how lin'll mi.\ "I'b ihe Misnucl ant DsVus and tho <inpni,.m Mr. Slatlatider! AI fiuy rate, they'll nil have one Ihin^ in roininn:i —travel Of coi'rse (horo aro two Kuropeans —the liclglan ami your wild trlsnei —and Stntlander's a nul ou big game hunting. AI leaal he s.ty< b« In. fie doesn't look the part, but 1 know h*'i been all ever tin world. oor Cousin Amos! He docs so flls npprove of anyllilng or nnybodj 'fiirriu'!" "Yes. Tin arr.'ihl lie won't 'find th company "Ho iloesn't nlnl. How iltd Ilml nnyonc con to ho happen to drnp into tills atiyhow. hnncy?" "Tolcplionctl frtim N T ew- York Hown from Mnrhlehcail fur n dlruc tors' meeting or Rnmcllilng. lias Ic stay till after the [-'mirth. Nnluriilly I couldn't—" "Or cnnrso you couldn't help It LH>n't worry. At least, not hnvln any Idea whnt any or.e of our gncit ia liko. we can't IK) cxpeclcrl t guaronlcn I hem Tn eni'h n'thcr Where nre you going lo pill then all!" "Thai's II!" l.lil.i innknil up re tiroarhfiilly at the ntond. illKii'tllwl I'rnnt of the linnsc n? llmngli hlniii 1111; II for her dlllU-iili v. "l'l,;il f ynn cniuf Things have Imp why I'm early. 1 mean. pencil nnil bappcnpil nlcnly .since ynn left fnr 'own ihls nmrnnic Klr?t place. Cousin Amos nintiea an exlra —" "Rut tbe niirscry'!i free." "Yes—lint after Nnnnn MnnllT gni off with Hingo Mils morning -bon estly, Tom. be Is such a Intnh! Well, nnjtmw. they got oft all nghi anil your mother phoned they'd ar ilvrd nntl liinjio wna nlrondy In ilif Ilille red ami-bluc-stvlpeil li:HtilDf suit—" "Skip the maternal raptures nnu sllrlt to tho. hoiishiu prolilcin." nrgcil her husband. • • • "VflS. I sent Annie up to Hi the nursery and. my dear, it was icrca-C'l; Klilier abe nr llosle—I can't pin them down-let th« bath- tut) upstairs overflow and U laatttd through under ths'fl'oor'and'Viowti o« th« auratry ctlllot aod dowa 10 sides ol tlio .mull* It's ail nig iimn patches mm <h« mm o.imo nil nald II might full—1)10 colling, - menu—nnd ntibnily should iloeo'" icie till he coulil get liack.Ui Hi." And lienvcn knnwa when thai'-' '111 tio—not until nltor the ''ourtti, lien they've nil gono!" • - "limp! WollV" " • ' "1'vu worlidl H nut tbo best 1" nn. Wo cnn'l ash any ol tlism to nulilo up. nci kimwiiig each niher. ; -' - gnvc Mr. DoVos llin hcfit riMitn —ut. ho fnr end of the nail—nun Uncl»~ Amos tbo KUi-'st ronm wllb (he little irlvntd Inrntnry. Mnrvln i'rnlt'B ' across from him. In the smnlMpr nniu, lie wnn'l tee I (ilMCrlnilnmcd ( i*nlrlfrt—bo likes tn lie unselllsh 1!^"' md Mr. UeVna will hnvo tn stiara . lio hnth. Then I pni Mr. Riailnn- ler noitt tn ns. where l|e Imp th« tinlh nt Hint curt all in lilniHlt"-.' which I though! wmihl tnnki' up for ils not lindiiB n larger nmm ;i'" lliln't want tn hurl nnyone's Iccl-,^ "gn." "And how nhnut 'Ilia literary rnnn? Wns he to have the-nur-^ scry?" . '.'.',. '-.-' "No—I mennt to pni iilm In Mar--'" vln's room and Mnrvln In iho mir-'" but tho ness apolicil Hint. _i'io nit film In (lie.gnriigo!" ' ••- "llenvcna. Illnka! Hut then—"" r "It's rnrfeflly cnmtortiilila and '• Ito l>edriHini n in>itcr riew thitD"- inrist of Iho hoi™ rooms, t'le'lf' invo It nil to hinisoir—Hint lltlie _ Bulto iipstnlrs Ho cnn sll up all - iitglil If he 'warns lo Rend .or wrlie—litcrnry jicnrlc are BO uncertain." -..'•' -'• ."Especlnlly Irish literary penpl*,'*"' milled Turn glmmiily - - tlnmglii li might npiieal to_- lilm. ft wnnld lo lots ot men. Vpu, i, for Instance." '• " " "Mo 1 /- Siire-l'd love It It" wonliln't do for Slntl^nilci or than liclgtaii. Or even Mnrvln. mmlnRjJ li.ick Inlo your life for <ho lirst ,i time In ycnhs nm! j'crths <im] bnins— shoved off tortile chauffeur's quarters." ' .,. "Tom Avorllll- Wlinlcver you do,,, don't rail H Mint, uxpoi'lnily iicrnra'.'. lio sees II! It's ntlrnrtlvi- ciK'iivh for nnyntie. wlih nil our i|r.4i-ii|iart-... incut furnilnrc lu It—that hlesscd place!" "We illil have a qr.inii lima tislng" pnor. dlili|-| we? Tlmugh I ran i>n-' ilnre n l.<ni^ Island 111111^0 In sum-, mer very nicely HUM nml all. wnh J this «-]illi> rlrplinni. I nfren Irol lioorer thnn I (till paying n Innrtlnrd.' once n tmmlli " "llenveiis. y:'.i! And how'll I cx-_ pin in our apparent v.-ciiilh In Cunsin ' Amos?" "A bit on llw friisul slrte w.'t ho?" agreeil I "tit? sine lo rub ' It Ip nhoul the allowance [nr emer* . tnlnoient I KOI frmii Hie n!lli-» DeVns nnrt S::ii!:i:oh r 'nn> n ca?P in" point. Contl unsli!" Hi, !i;in li><>kril nl hl.i wnlch "ll's time I slaneil- • Tor the siniliin in rnecl Ihn^e two. " lias enough In the oilier car? I'll rut nwny Ihe maihter. if yon like." 'Mini hum rii.mkV Hhc rnl- ' Inwert him tlinm«li Ihe < - i">i mulilla rnnm. <vilh HIIWIT* rr»i:ranl on' every Inhli' nml stnnri Afiei her lull 11'red Iliiiiiy ^ivmiv ovti Ihe nigs, her liny lull* clii'kln; elMnly nn p.ilclie? ol kire. pnllshcil floor. "Toniniy. I p;iu Hie crnnnpju cat at ' Ihe Port Inilav • unlv hrer. run I.M'O miles. Absolutely new. my dear — sm' he'll fell II- : ' "Holrl It!" rommanileit her hn*. haml threnleninply "Nn iiftw tiu»J wlillo Dili Kelblile holilp mil to run. Sell Ihe. White fileplmiit anrt I'll, tnlk any kind nl « vehicle ynu *anu Till then DM Itcllnhle slays. .wli'li " us!" ami he spun lh> gr.iir^rlcinn*-.^ ly under the »nlcli, aniirale »»rN-* ward plung* ot the »hlnj IIUJ« roaiUter to the sans*. ' - -

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