The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1948
Page 6
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nx Bl/TTHBTTLLB (AR1C.)' COURIER Divenion of TV A Funds Suggested Economist AdvitM Transfer of Revenue T« U.S. Treasury. "Middle South" Program Launched 'iWASHINGTON, April < (UP)— John T. Flynn, New York economist «hd »uthor, said today lh«t Tenn«*He Valley Authority revenue rtiould be diverted to the U. S. Treasury and not used directly to finance TVA functions. v Flynn testified before a Senate Public Worjcs Subcommittee In •upport of legislation by Sen, Ken- njeth McKellar, D., Tenn. The bill would Increase Congressional control of TVA purse strings. Myrin told the committee that 'Vnlrenched minorities" have become powerful in Die U. 3. because Congressional. control of spending has been weakened 1 by such organisation: as TVA. '"I don't see why a pgwer project should be engaged in the manufacture of nitrates or fertilizers these aren't essential functions of a power project," lie said. '; McKellar's measure also would require TVA to'obtain Congressional authority for pstabllshment of Laboratories and experimental plants. DttfpiJon Ch«rjrfii ; Mynn • -rged that TVA official?, have been "deceiving" the people for years. He said it started irtth a statement In 19*4 by David A. Ullenthil, then director, that power revenues alone would pay off the »109,000.000 cost In 60 years •> Flynn said his study showed a deficit of $130,336,000 for 1846 alone. t He Mid the government was pay- Ing the Interest of the »709,000.000 "borrowed" to construct TVA yith- but »ny contribution from the power agency, Sen. John S. Cooper, R., Ky.,. objected that Flynn co\ild riot say that the TVA funds were borrowed. Flynn contended that TVA contributed! to the deficit financing of the epression period and thtre- fpre the money was borrowed. He Mid that. Uves meet all ordinary of the government. AEA Junks Soviet Atom Proposals Officials of Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas gather In Greenville, Miss., to launch Ihe Middle South Area Development Program. Ciov, Fielding Wright of Mississippi signs the scroll, with Fred Lcnlanc, left, attorney general of Louisiana, and Gov. Ben Limey of Arkansas looking on. (NBA Telephoto.) ; Commission Members Agra* Russian Plans Ar« Not Adequate TUTOTUT, >rarL«, 1943 Arends Predicts House For Draft But Against UMT WASHINGTON, April «. (UP) HOUM Republican whip Leslie Arenas predicted yesterday tho HOUM will not enact Universal Military Training but will give "xerJOW consideration" to revival of the draft LAKE SUCCESS, -N. Y.. April ». „ Arencl :' wh ° Ls ", m «">ber of th» PJ-Mtmbers of the United NR- H< ?!; s f T ,™'" fd ,? en ' ces Committee, lions /Atomic Energy Commiittlon f ld U ^ rr .* ould not meet the 1> rob - volcd 9 to 2 yesterday to Junk Rus-1 lcm , oft , ""'"IT P«M>nl manpower sla's proposals for InUrjiational 1 P?" ls : " e sa 'J he ' lad not made "I 1 atomic energy control because the *« •»»* -n the mmlstratton plan majority Ouate. agreed they are inade- lo di&ft men IS through 25 hut that he considered it "more essential" than UMT. tried vainly with one" of hlVmoTt *>"' Edw ;"' d //, Robe"'"". *• conciliatory speeches in the UN Wyo. a member of the Senate Arm- I ed Services Committee, shared ArendV views on UMT but was all Soviet Delegate 'Andrei Oromyko to head off the vote, Vasslly Taraseuko of the Ukraine, Arkansas University Chemist Finds Way to Make Hamburgers from Milk 1T)« first comet of'1848 wns rtls- Obvertd In th« constellation of HerculM. Of th«. Uhth magnitude and thus too faint to be M«n with tii« n»k«d ey«, th« comet h«* * BotlcMblc tall. B PHiil F. Wlls United fm* Science Writer NEW YORK, April 6. (UPI — Americans some day may be eating hiimbnrgers made from milk, > according to Dr. Harnctt Sure, pro! lessor of chemistry at Arkansas ' University. It can be done now, Dr. Sure discloses iu a report to -the ^American Chemical Society. These symnetic .-lamburecrs are made from a powder, composed almost entirely from solids, he snM. The powder Ls mixed wllh wnitraiiil cooked. The taste Is said to be the same as ground beef. Furtheimore, according to Dr. Sure, the powder can be used for meat loaf, meat balls, and mince meat. He reports also that the powder has more, protein than beef, and that It Ls rich in calcium. At & recent demonstration. Dr. Sure downed" a laboratory smock, mixed the powder into R batter, and M:en cooks prepared croquettes, meat balU, hamburgen arid mince m«it. Dr. Sure's "synthetic bccl" has been served to Little Rock, Ark., school officials, he reported, and now authorities of flint slate are considering; the passiblliiy of adding the prepared powder to school lunches. . He also said trial representatives of the Arkansas Research Foundation are trying to intcre.u the federal government, pointing out that i the powder might be used to relieve | tood shortages in Europe and othf-r i countries, ! Dr. Sure said thnt powder, vised as I a food, might well help the house- i wife meet her budget. It costs much ; lhan even the,.'cheap cuts of meal, he said. . As of now, he disclosed, no American concern if. mnklrig the new food, but that it Is being processed In Cti.mda. Dr. Sure. 57. was born In Lithuania. His family emigrated to j Soulh Africa when he was a boy, and some years later Ihey came lo I America. They Milled in Milwaukee, and Dr. Sure learned his chemistry at the University of Wisconsin. , .. and to hear FM of /fs Best, be sure to listen with a new RADIO-PHONOGRAPH with Genuine Armstrong FM On Both Bands Models from $79.95 to $430.000 charging that the United Slates was "preparing for a new world war." snld the manorlty's decision brought UN atomic negotiation* "to a dead end from which It Is impossible to nnd an exit." Further Discussion Needles* The commission's members, sitting as a working committfe-of-tlie- whote, decided by llielr vole that ui'lher discussion of the Soviet nto- mlc proposals would "serve no use- "u! purpose." While Ihe decision still had to bo ratified by .the UN Atomic Coin- i nlsslon Itself, the vote amounted / Indefinite nbnndonmenl of one of the UN's two most Important atomic negotiating committees. A majority of the second group, he Atoml9 Commission's Committee on Controls, already has decided to quit us « result of its East-West bickering over framework "or a world atomic nyency which would control ththo development of atomic energy and apply nil measures by atomic control. for the draft. "The situation today calls for selective service immediately" he s»ld. "There is no time to wait for universal training." Sen,- Chan Gurney, R., S. D., chairman of Ihe Aimed Services group, said It would begin drafting legislation in closed session tomorrow nnd Iry 10 have a bill ready for the senate by Friday. He declined to predict what It would recommend. Chairman Waller G. Andrew.;, S. j N. Y., of the House Committee is expected, lo introduce n military manpower bill later this wcrX.. Areiicis predicted UMT would not oe Included. He noted Ihut the committee okayed UMT last year but Ihui it has been resting since in a House Rules Committee pigeonhole. cotton under government price tup- port loans to pjy back tht loam. At present market prices, the department said, farmers should be sbl» to Mil most of the cotton at price* setting "substantial profits" above the loan rate, Officials warned that July 31 is the deadline for redeeming the loans. A total of 160,- 1S6 bales now Is lander governmenfc loan. Read Courier News,Want AcM. J-n Yellowstone Park, you'll see "Old Faithful" geyser spout once every hour, year by year. And in Yellowstone Whiskey, you'll find the same unmatched flavor and excellence, year in, year out. ,'? V >\\ v Read Courier Mew« Want Ada Farmers Urged To Redeem '47 Loans on Cotton WASHINGTON. April «. (UP)-, The Agriculture Department yesterday urged farmers who placed 19i7 Memorable — the hetirs YeHou'jtcme Pink ... {l ™" * t\ I'V p/Mf 1 > '., \ '.v wi'i/ji/,1 ,« ' '• A\l fil/i://-./ 7 '..,,'.!.?/,'?11 feW -/J' in Bond under U.S. Govt. supervision - Yellowstone, Inc., Louisville, Kentucky fc. **0lt SAH UQ« 00 DfAlfll WE SPECIALIEZ IN F-M Installation And Service AN IM-AM MDIO.rflOMOGIara IN A MASniPIECE Or CAIMll CMFTSMANSH» This cxnuisjle bowfronj cabinet houses fur outstanding Westinanoiue radio achievements [o bring you true-to-Tife reproduction of radio and records. Plcrtti- (Kmer proviccs (lie Tremendous undisioned power ouimit needed 10 reproduce the full range of symphony orchestra. Rainbow Tone FM fillrAS out viatic and sec noise and reproduce* all ihe rich life and color of your, program, as broadcast. The amazing Electronic pealher tone arm etiminatcs needle scratch and reproduces alt the full rich tones of Ihe record, exactly as recorded. The CTClinive ^utomix record chanpcr automatically, plays lu-inchind 12-inch recordl intermixed. .V f K Complete Radio Reception Plut Zenith's New Way io Play Records With The Cobra Tone Arm Here ie the perfect, complete musical instrument for jrrar Itoroe. IB uddition to 2-bnnd Armstrong FM and »Und»rd »nd short wave reception, it provides the perfeclfld record playing enjoymoni-- made possible by Zenith's Sensational Now \\X\te K»y Retord* with the Cob™ Tone Arm. Come in for a d*mooetr»tion . . . leam how much hotter reoorde Kwd pl»yed this new way ... thrill K. tV* «UUo-f««, tows-fidelity beovily of FM rorpption . . . Enjoy yow favorite programs r>n standard bro«dc»!*? at Ueir best. Hert if a eomplde miwicai fre neverheard' any thing like Westmyhouse Jtatnbowjo* IT'S SO REAL YOU THINK YOUR PROGRAM IS RIGHT IN THE ROOM. NO STATIC. ..NO FADING. ..NO INTERFERENCE! These matchless instruments seem lo bring the actual broadcast into your home, so realistically do they reproduce every colorful note of music and voice. Here is real concert-hall performance brought to you through Westinghousc Rainbow Tone FM. This is genuine FM that brings you all the original (ones and overtones that give music or voice glorious true-to- life realism, against a velvety background of silence. When you buy FM ... listen ... because all FM radios arc not alike. Wcstinghouse radio engineering and originality have pioneered an outstanding FM circuit that gives you the quietest and most sensitive FM reception ever developed for home use. You can hear the difference with Westinghouse Aainbow Tone FM . . . at your Westinghous* radio dealer's store. Stop in today and ask fori demonstration. ft FUTURt rACRIt FM-Aft RADtO-rHOKOCRAPII This sniart modern radio-phonograph provide* tonccrt-hail clarity and brilliance of rcprnduciipn. Has Rainbow Tone FM . - . Plcnii-powcr . . . the bcaniifiil, read-at-a-^Unce Rainbow Dial . . . ear-level speaker that sends its r[ch, lull hndicd. tones siraiphi and clear to your cat . . , FUI-I.-WIOTH record storage space that hold's 52 alhumi or 350 single records . . . and ihe fully automatic \Vcsiinxbouse Speed Record Chanpcr. The cabinet is availiblc in fine mahogany venccri or in prima vera or a^pcn venecri. Home Kadlo Division, Wfitinghous* f/ecfrk Corporation, Svnbury, Pa. CONGRATULATIONS fv*« M JW Malam* fv*ry vil prk#* $249.95 8 Tubes A COMPLETE SERVICE DEPARTMENT IN CONNECTION Adams Appliance Co. Wwt Main Str»«l J. W. ADAMS, M 9 r. Phone 2071 KLCN ON YOUR NEW F-M STATION 7W rmtST MMM TAILI mOOCL IVtM tlHLTI If you want the concert-hall performance of a console in a compact cAhle model, here it is. This graceful *et is strikingly designed in sweeping curves that flow into .^ironR modern corners. It.s hcauliful Rainhow Dial tells \ou *( » glance, which station 2nd which bant) yon arc tuned to. Shaped in the form of an arc, its softly lijthtcd iridescent spectrum of color* glows against the brilliant diamond u-eai-e f rillc cloth. Available in * rich mahogany nished cabinet with genuine mahojzany-top panel or honey-tone blond cabinet with primt Tcrt Hnuh, $99.95 nutt ii >i eitni Blytheville Sal Co. F«lix Carnty, 138 East Main Street Phone 3616

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