Neosho News from Neosho, Missouri on November 25, 1962 · Page 4
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Neosho News from Neosho, Missouri · Page 4

Neosho, Missouri
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 25, 1962
Page 4
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,-M .'.i i ' . - L . "•V - I-. -- iy, November 25,1962 Neosho Sunday News THE NEOSHO DAILY NEWS ,,.... ^ Published to ^ ^ »HB NBOSiiO PtlBUflHfNO COMPANY ol tHft NtMiio TIAM *nd U>« Ntosho Datiy Dtmoerat Howard U Bush, Publisher Cop* John r. Meyer! Manama UcUtor A Published eventnt*. Monday through Friday., and Sunday morning at 1001 WMt a>mon> Street Second Clasa Postaffe Paid At Neoeho, Mo. ftUBHCRIPTION RATES; By mall In Newton, McDonald and adjoin- tuft oountiw. |7 oer year In advance; eieewhere $10 per year; hy mall to members of the Armed service* outside Newton County $5 per year; Hy carHer to Pt Crowder or Neoftho pott office box, lOc pet wetk. Ann Landers Answers ... Long Absence Belies Father's Plea He's Lonesome For Children Dear Ann Landers: For 10] Spring. We want to give Christ- t Doctors Fail to Show Results » -4i n 1 ' - m •F Of $3 Million Spent On Campaigns By Jack AidertM Cepjrright, 19M. By The Sytdleaie) BeH THB T*HJTH "Rarely If he had helped, as secretary of health, education and welfare, to promote 'the President's health prbghfflsu ,} K, Of cour»t t the doctors contributed to «tveral other senate races on > Jocal^ level. Hiey donated heavily to Sec. Homer Capehart in Indiana; Wr buUfitie. in an un r I (EDITOR'S NOTE — Draw Pearwa's odium* today Is written by his associate Jack Anderaon.) WASHINGTON Bible to review drive staged by president-elect, "and i hi does, it is a pure source of coincidence. ' Hie truth is, however, that AMA not only directs AMPAC the doctors by to defeat congressmen voting for medicare. Although the nation's * '• T . ^^^ »»•»•»»» «• i • • v*^ ^-^ — -^^—^ m v i — w ^ •<•- y »• v ••"• -»»-^ tv * J^, Dwi f •uccessfttl *tort;to stop the Sen Birch Bayh, I the chief issue In hta In California, the state AMPAC committee, headed by Dr. Malcolm Todd of Long Beach, called upon . ul . 4U . A . 4 GOP Sen. Tom Kuchel to - ask It's now pos- from behind the scenes but that whether be would riodify his pro- the tremendous Dr. Annis himself helped screen medicare stand in return tor their support. Kuchel turned them down cold. They then got up a delegation emem \ Mr. Ten Years Ago November 25, 1952 and Mrs. Pearl Scranton, Mrs. E. A. Snead and Mr. and Mrs. Nell Tarrant and Mist Edith OUv«r. Mr*. Amy Dewicke 6f Linn, Mo. f arrived • few days ago for a visit with her daughter Miss Laura Zewicke who is Home Demonstra- Valley weeks Mil* is visiting spending relatives two'-J* and friends at McNntt. H. C. fialdry mitteeman from i executive conn* Niwton County left this morning for Joplin to at- tion Agent for Newton County, tond the Committee meeting this Thirty Years Ago November 25, 1932 Amelia May Brown of Newtonia fternoon and will stay over for the convention tomorrow. tob- the candidates AMPAC financed. The national officers of both AMA and AMPAC joined in ro- doctors viewing the records of congres- Democratic doctors to call up- spent an estimated $3,000,000, sional candidates in Chicago ear- O n Richard Richards, the Demo- Mrs. E. S. Jones all of Neosho 1S in Neosho for a visit with her visited friends in Springdale,' sister, Miss Sarah Anna Brown. Ark., over the weekend. j Mr. and Mrs Paul Matthews Mr. and "Mrs. Glenn D. Custer,|and son are spending the week- S. Riolev will return today end with friends in Springfield. S14 from a month's vacation in California and Wyoming. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Steward 604 Miss Bess Anderson spent Thanksgiving Day in Kansas City with her sister, Mrs. E. H. New- Oak Ridge Dr., have from a trip to Hot Springs, Ark., years I was married to a man who drank bourbon out of cough syrup bottles, lied a blue streak, and even took money out of my purse. I divorced him in 1958 when I discovered he was giving my clothes to his girl friend. Our children are now 9 and 7 years of age. He didn't support them when we were married and he doesn't send them anything now. Tm not complaining — justj relieved that I no longer have to support HIM. mas gifts io relatives and friends and sign the card jointly. Is this considered correct? Thank you in advance for your answer. - HIM AND HER Dear Him and Her: Sorry, it is not considered proper for engaged people to send a gift "joint* ly." He should send something on his own, and so should you. have picked UD enough votes in i the President's medicare program next year. A nose count of the new Senate shows 52 senators on record in favor of medicare, more than not AMPAC's national G under- Democratic leaders believe they ly in the campaign. It waa Dr.' cratic candidate. Todd put the proposition to him that Kuchel had turned down. But Rich-. _ , . , , wds, too, politely refused to com-! « eles ' They agreed to distribute most promise on health care, their money among the ways members who have enough to reverse the former line- hel P« d to bottle medicare meas- up against it. Twenty Years Ago November 25, 1942 returned comb and family. Mr. and Mrs. Brooks Hill and the latter's mother, Mrs. Ollie Lillard, were guests yesterday of relatives in Tulsa. Mrs. R. C. McEwen of Los An- L has returned to her My wonderful mother makes her home with us now and we've never been happier or more solvent. I had not heard one word from last lect) to say he's living in a rent- my former husband week. He telephoned until (col- ed room sick and broke. He asked me to bring the children to Dear Ann Landers: Our daughter has become obsessed with the idea of having her nose remodeled. She is 17. a fine student, and normally a sensible girl. Please believe me there is nothing wrong with Bessie s nose.i^ fche f • ^* — J&. ^ •* ^ ^^A ^M ^*A f f+ ^. ^ Y ' «* _ L^*^ ^^.^1 I * sure inside the committee. A majority can also be mus- Thcse are: Bruce Alger, Texas; tered on the House floor, the Howard Baker, Term.; Jackson leaders claim, if the House Ways Betts . OM°; Joh n Byrnes. Wis.; and Means Committee doesn't T °m Curtis, Mo.; Steven Deroun- pigeonhole the measure. Significantly, not a single cumbent congressman was defeat- ian. ed who made medicare a major plank in his campaign. Rep. Wai- It goes with to point out her face. I've tried to her that some of had but he definite him. My lawyer says he has no rights- whatever and to stay away from him. My mother says It is morally wrong to keep a man from seeing his children, regardless of how rotten he may have been. What do you say? FERN Dear Fern: If it took this guy four years to get lonesome for his children he must be a darb. Take the most famous and successful people in history have had prominent features. Their faces had character and impact. People re- m^mbered them. Four girls in Bessie's crowd have had their noses done. This is where she got the idea. All their n^ses look like they carne out of the same mold. I'm afraid lohbv avifc^/ y | not even taken a for medicare. doctors' heavy money. politics during the to pay New York; Gerald Knox, j n _ Mich.; Herman Schneebeli, Pa.; and James Utt, Calif., all Republicans; also Sid Herlong, Fla,; Wilbur Mills. Ark.; Clark Thompson, Texas, and John Watts, Democrats. So far as this column could learn, only Mills turned down the He had no one running OTHER DOCTORS' PETS In most cases, the doctors gave first priority to close races where their participation might make a difference. In San Francisco, for instance, they helped Congressman William Mailliard, the Republican incumbent, fight off Democrat John O'Connell. They also helped fellow doctors, such as Minnesota's congressman Walter Judd, who was defeated despite their support. They fought congressmen who stuck their necks out for medi- care, such as dapper Cecil King 1 borne after a visit with her mother, Mrs. W. M. Oliver and sisters, Forty Years Ago November 25. 1922 Fifty Years Ago November 25, 1912 Mesames W. C, Price, Mariar S, Bennett and W. B. Stark are spending the day in Joplin. Mrs. Ola Gilslrap of Joplin was in town a short time tbday. '•*• W. M. Oliver has installed in'his* meat market on Spring Street fine electric Hobart sausage and hamburger mill. Tom G. Rogers is perhaps the only member of the Ad Club wiho never has missed a meeting since the club was organized. North America is the original Mrs. J. W. Sutherland of the'home of the-turkey. WEST SIDE SQUARE NEOSHO, MO. GL 1.3231 FAMOUS FOR QUALITY AT THE RIGHT PRICE INTRODUCES THE except in isolated instances. This column has already exposed how the American Medical Association set up a political action committee to fight congressmen favoring medical bene- the aged. against him. Most of the others of California who sponsored the token opposition, hence measure m the House. But despite li --- t money, Theodore Bruins- had little need for the doctors' 11* ugh. It might be interesting to ma » Kin *' s Republican rival, did come . destroy her Under the law, the AMA eould individuality. What do you say?| not en in ^^ and 0. T. Dear Q. T.: It's not what I say. investigate what they did with it.; i REST OF THE j DOCTORS' DOUGH j In addition, the joint AMA- AMPAC screening board decided In Dr. Annis's home town, Mi-, ami. the doctors also failed to defeat ex-Sen. Claude .Pepper in 1 his bid for a political comeback! as Congressman. 1 The exact amount of money the 1 or what vou THINK that counts. to send funds from their national treasury to four senatorial candi- doctors kicked in to the political keep its tax-exempt status. So it dates and 80 congressional candi- kitty can only be estimated. Ala- dates. ^^ft»»• »*» ^ 11 • • ^*" • • • fc«^" » "^ •** «^ — — - - —- - — — - - — ^ ^^ 9 _ ^ A %_ £ A your lowyer's advice. You need, Its how Bessie feels that mat- this man back m your life like Mi- tens. ami needs another hurricane. * Dear Ann Landers: Ttoanks for your column. You have shown you can take constructive criticism, so here goes. Your reply to "Miffed," in my opinion was incorrect. You said it was "cheap" of the guest to send a bill to replace the hosiery torn by her pet cat. A person is legally liable for damage or injury inflicted by their pets, whether it is $2.00 or several thousand dollars. From the If she is wildly eager, give her your blessings. The new no*e mav make her look less individual, but it could do wonders for her morale. To learn how to keep your boy friend in line without'losing him. send for ANN LANDERS 1 booklet, "NecMne and Pettine — And How Far To Go," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and took pains to disguise its political arm as an independent body. This column revealed, however. that it was the AMA which had bama's 2,440 doctors, for instance, The four who received help for donated $33,000 to the national the were: Senate, Sen. all Republicans, Wallace Bennett, fund alone. Not a cent of this was spent in Alabama. How much selected the doctor-direcrors to Utah, who defeated Democrat Da- more they raised for their local run the new, supposedly indepen dent American Medical Political Action Committee, and that it had picked five directors, all Republicans. After this, the AMA hastily added five Conservative democrats to give it a proper bipartisan appearance. The medics were dismayed over seeing their secret political vid King; Sen. Joe Bottum, South Dakota, who was edged out by Democrat George McGovern; Peter Dominick, who unseated Democratic Sen. John Carroll in Colorado; and Horace Seely-Brown, who lost to Abe Ribicoff in Connecticut. The doctors didn't think they ^ campaigns isn't known, but they; voted almovt as a bloc against Sen. Lister Hill, even though he voted against medicare and has done more than any other senator U> build hospitals all over the USA. i In contrast to the estimated $3,000,000 spent by the doctors, the a long, self-addressed, envelope. Ann Landers will be stamped maneuvers print, glad to had a chance of beating Ribicoff national Council for Senior Citi records: Cat help you with your problems. takes Send them to her in care of this nap in rear seat of guest's car. Driver did not know cat was there. At a busy intersection cat jumps on back of driver. Result — serious collision. Owner of cat liable. Cat runs in path of elderly woman. causing her to fall. Result — broken hip. Owner of cat respon- sibll I know you strive to make your column accurate as well as entertaining, so please print this letter to set the record straight. — L. A. READER Dear Reader: Thank you for helping me keep the column "accurate as well as entertain- newspaoer enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. McDonald County Circuit Court exposed in public but poured money into Connect!- zens, which tried to raise money cut against him, anyway, because PINEVILLE (Special — Regu-! .. ,. ., . „ . lar Motion Day of the McDonald coronary (heart) attack. He is County Circuit Court was held Result Of Following Amateur Advice Can Be Dangerous By Jo«eph G. Metaer, M. D. , thoughtlessly. Dear Dr. Molner: My husband is recovering from a for mediicare-minded congressmen, spent only $80,000. But they aeem to have come out better. i The Romans Caledonia. called Scotland OVEM ELLF CARAV SLOOP AD old. The doctor massive 70 has or- Monday, Nov. 19, with Judge. Paul E. Carver presiding. The following cases were heard: Vicki Jo Folsom vs. Jerry L. Folsom, divorce. Trial by court, decree of divorce granted plaintiff, maiden name of Vicki Jo Rhine ordered restored. Drmna Sue Davison vs. Dear Ann Landers: My fiance Michael Howard Davison. divorce, and I were engaged in Septem- Evidence heard, cause taken un- ber. We plan to be married in the der advisement. DAILY dfered other things "no fried foods." Friends'say that in a few mouths he can eat anything he wants. — Mrs. P. N. Why do you question your doctor's instructions? Or I might Dear Dr. Molner: Can any precautions be taken to avoid diabetes when you know you are susceptible because of several cases in the family in the past? — E. L. G. Yes. Avoid overweight if you are now normal. If you are overweight, reduce. Get a reasonable better ask why do you pay any amount of exercise. Avoid sugar ing." I'm glad you wrote. attention to them? This is an old — friends who butt in with story in the commoner forms ay, frosted cakes and — can- cookies, 21 ACROSS 1. Elongated fish 8,-Strike 9. Cuckoos 10. Bull: Sp. 11. Seizes 12. Pitchers 14. Body of Kaffir warrior* 15. .TapaneM beer 16. Sailors' designs on'arms 20. Father; colloq. Exaggerated style outfit (2 wds.) 24. Oregon capital 27. Piccardy flowers 28. Hit (a ball) beyond the green (golf) SO. Exist 31. High wader 35. Concludes 38. River to North Sea 89. Free Delivery 41. Walked through water 42. Republic of Ireland 48. People 44. Young 1 oysUr 45. Anglo-Saxon domestic DOWN Former duchy of Italy 2. Inappropriate S. Meddling onlooker (cards) 4. Curve 5. Sainte: abbr. 6. Moos 7. Region 8. Rctind, flat- crowned 18. Hawaiian Krd 19. To fa.sten 22. Plant seeds yielding on 23. United States; abbr. 24. Serious I hat for men 25. Park 11. Hole in casting mold 13. Stadium accommodations 17. Energy: si. and Fifth in York 26. The: Fr. 29. Chinese measure Amw 32. Ancient: poet. Fat Man's nickname 36. Insipid person: al. 37. Girl's name 40. Permit 41. Affliction i 'heir notions when they know what they are talking about. It happens ail too frequently to the annoyance of the physician \vho doen't give his instructions just for fun. j Your doctor may want to reduce your husband's weight, or prevent it from increasing. Excess poundage is a strain on the heart, and after a coronary the wise patient, while he remains as active as conditions permit, does not need any needless burden on the organ. It ha* been damaged: it still ticks along loyally; but it shouldn't have pointless effort demanded of it. Your husband may also have a high cholesterol level. Avoiding fried foods for animal fats) may prevent further increases in cholesterol. It is altogether possible that your doctor has detected some indications of gall bladder trouble and is quietly ordering a diet that will avoid unnecessary com. plications from that source. These are reason* for such a diet that come to mind readily. don't sweetened drinks. A blood sugar should be taken once or twice a year. • i Have you 'honeymoon neu- Dear Dr. Molnei ever heard of ritis"? — D. D. It's a term somebody invented lor the bridegroom who goes to sleep with his beloved's head cradled on his arm and he can't move the arm when he wakes up. it's a matter of cutting oft circulation and prpssure on nerves. What are ulcers? How should I hey be treated? What can you do 10 help rid yourself of ulcers and stay rid of them? For answers, read Dr. Molncr's helpful booklet, HOW TO HEAL PEPTIC ULCERS AND KEEP THEM HEALED. For your copy write to Dr. Molner in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 26 cents in coin to cover cost of .printing and handling. Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received cm® BAN Verse For The Week Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity! —Psalm 123:1 Oysters He was a bold man that first ate an oyster. —Jonathan Sw'ffr (1667-1745) Art of Living It's not what you do with your million, If riches should e'er be your lot, But "'hat you are do ; ng "'ith (bo dollar and a quarter you've got. Old-Fashioned Girl The old-fashioned man of today is one tries to make one band last a lifetime. —Granite City (III) Press-Record Outside Help Exports are hired to plan our economy—and they expect us to practice it. —Kodiak (Alaska) Mirror wo- who hus- Long Memory The older a man gets, the further he had to walk to school as a boy. — Danville (Va.) Commercial Appeal Some special circumstances, un-« , ., . . ,. . known to me, may b« apparent daily ' he ls unabl€ to answer to your doctor. If I were you I would assume Voricfc dividual letters. Readers' questions am incorporated in his col- STOP FREEZINC brief celd ««•»• USE WRAP-ON Hare 9 * how to work its VAILS ORYPTOQUOTE AXYDLBAAXR hi LONGFELLOW On* letter *imply stands for another. In this sample A to uted for the three L'0, X for the two O's, etc. Single letter*, *pot- the knfth M4 formation of the words Me all hint*, day tha coda letter* are different. the dietary restrictions probably; u l mn .* heneve L P° ssible will be permanent. I most certainly would not disobey them on the basis of what "friends" say. If your doctor had intended that in a f ow months your husband could start eating everything, he doubtless would havt said so. If something is temporary, I want the patient to know it. It usually makes him happier about following instructions. If I intend that some treatment, diet 01* practice should be permanent, I often remember to tell myself privately that I hope, for the patient's sake, that h« doesn't fall for the gabble who countermand structions ritEMUSS •o "friends" medical in- casually — and 17+t SEE US TOW NEWTON COUNTY HOW, — Neosho, Mo. A Cryptogram Quotation TOVZ J Y B E B CXFTA NYCN JY BFVH dw**iot*< BBTTJm A WTTTY FOOL THAN FOQI-I3K WIA— SHAKESPEARE II* Xfef lafttaiw 0jr»*ittl* BIRGE BRIGGS OINIRAL INSUKANCI MO S WMd ~ OL 1-3MS JOHN A. 1*1001, AMI* •IROIIRIOOS Afent He lies buried in the corner of his churchyard, in the parish of—, under a plain marble slab, which his friend Eugenius, by leave of his executors, laid upon his grave, with no more than these three words of inscription, serving both for his epitaph and elegy, AIM, poor YORICKI Ten times a day has Yorick's ghost the consolation to hear his monumental inscription read over \yith such a variety of plaintive tones, as denote a general pity and esteem for him; — a footway crossing the churchyard close by the side of his grave, — not a passenger goes by without stopping to cast a look upon U,—and sighing as he walks on, Alas, poor VORICK! Lturenct Sterne, Tristram Shandy Lmco Getty A Limerck There was an Old Man of The Hasuc, Whose ideas were excessively vague; He built a balloon To examine the moon, That deluded Old Man of The Hague. —Edward Lear, Book of Nonsense (1846) For the man who wins is the man who works, Who neither labor nor trouble shirks", Who uses his hands, his head, his eyes— The man who wins is the man who tries, Unknown Open your 1963 Christmas Savings Club tomorrow ... 'You Are Always Welcome" MM O MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP.

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