The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1937 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1937
Page 3
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; MONDAY, MARCH 1.193? Nearly 400,000 Ballols Cast in Newspaper Straw Vote By WILLIS THORNTON KE\ Srtrtce Staff Correspondent Nearly 400,000 Americans have declared their attitude toward Die crucial question of Hie day thrgn-h the NEA Service-Courier News Supreme Court poll. Almost Ivto lo one. they declared T£^? u f of President RooMvcU for reorganizing the u s Supreme court. ° Voting- voluntarily througli 23] newspapers scattered thrmHi 47 f^SH 16 * m * de "P tlle broadesi unofficial expression of public onln- ,V» since before the 193C elections ion a question on which, there liar b ff n * lk{ canl>ot te M'fl official l It^M « x , prfssl0 " "fa forma' e at this - time. ' The final,tabulation showed- m,32» voted for (he proposer" '*<>'.. """^ ««rxanli.itioii. W5,L36 voted, against (he nroposed ' ««irt New Service Station Opens at State Line A iNHv -fireproof .tervlcs station Milch has just 'been completed by P. B, Joynor was formally opened for business at ihe Arkansas-Missouri stale line yesterday by -1/ef- lv" Alexander, who lias leased the building and ivlll operate the biul- ness. . The slntloii Is one of tlie mast modern In this section. It Is constructed of concrete, pnlntcd wlilta with an exterior Him of black B'a% Features of the station are Its imb- 'Ic shower hath with hot and cold water and Iwo sleepinit rooms ^nipped with, ten dormUnry type beds for the accommodutlon of any iio!cri.sls or truck drivers who care 'o rest there. . Elaborate lighting effects from more than 400 feet of neon tubing add to the attractiveness of the, nation at nigl'il. All equipment used in the station Is of tlie most moderu type, enab- 'Ing the station to offer a complete iervlcc. uoth shell and Texaco pro- uck will be handled at the sta- lon, which Is located on the Htgh- vay 01 curve only a few feet on e Arkansas side of the state line. SLYTTIEV1L,T,-R (ARK.)' CQUR1EK NEWS T — 7 '""s^niziiuon. ballots w cfc rectiveJ and Montana tabulat«!. cities took part directly, Nevada drawing ballots fromhun- New Jersey dreds of Bihall communi- New Mexico ties within the circulation arra at the i^ncrs conducl- . • -. >nf the poll. ''_ & £ta»ts took part, irinRme : .ballots from every state in the country excent six. - Nothing is claimed for this poll .except that'll was honestly conducted. It'presents lUelf f Or what it'Is, the voluntary expression of views by those people who signed and returned ballots. : The slBnlflearit thing'about it is ;tiifi-Banner In which the .earliest • established a relationship .' the '.'for" arid '"against" .. which never .changed by so 2 per cent throughout «ie; nine days' tabulations. • „' "•' i .Though individual • localities varied widely . in .their ; views, and .though ; on:one day or another, ni- nonal returns' varied''widely be- ;tween.trds group or cities orHhat :the national total started with a ;majortty of slightly better than two to one on lirst^ national returns • 4Feb;. .n) and stayed that way •rinding up only: slightly tea than .mro'.ta one. on the final count (Feb 2wJ, -. ' > '!-. '•'',•" ' The percentage.-of votes ^favorable ranged only*.- from 33 to S5/ pud 'those unfavorable';ranged be- twe*n-:.«5 and .67, 'with" thi : ' dally changes ^eUinbst undlsccrnable.- The final national percentage .was- For sot', quite 34&; 'against, just aboyii •' ..Majority ."For 1 ' in -14 . -:.Pnly ;i4 states, in the '.[..^ - L<luu - Jatlpn,; gave, a .majority, hi favor 'of the i.; court reorganization -..plan, leaving 28'. with majorities- against 8ie^p2ah.'.' : Triose'.-,i;avqrlKg. :wefe: CaUfonjla, .•.Connecticut,,' Idaho Missouri, .'Nevada,, N,orlh Carolina, Nfirtti Dakota',, Oklahoma, Oregori, .South .Carolina,' Terinesjscc: Texas, Virginia, •and-'yTflshlrig'tonrof 'theie' the: vote in Oklahoma arid Oregon ™-' .extremely- close.- - - ' • : ...J&fei- With;, a majority .against toe.-, plan r -where ,;.ihe -margin' was small were; Alabama, Georgia and 'Vf^ : :-.5y«h.a-a*1t<:hlng,pf:a bare inajorlty. .In all these - closely co'n- "••-1: states .w.ould. scarcely .have. •^ ••'iis general trend of -the ' . - . 1 Cif Uie 23i .cities .conducting polls 66 reported majorities 'In' favor of the plan, with 175 opposed /IOR VOTE BY STATES: ' ' Flor Against 2,493 2 6 73 U 4g 5905 53B "*ntucky ..,. talne "iryland fassachusetts llchlgan /finnesota Missouri Nebraska New York North Carolina .. North Dakota . Ohio ., Oklahoma 151 382 203 5,775 471 6,283 13.73Q 69 174 387 2,985 173 • 8.332 3,042 184 2,224 12,147 Oregon 1,979 Pennsylvania 4,230 South Carolina 4^215 South Dakota ..... 5C2 Tennessee 2,908 Texas :...'..-.. 7066 Utah 288 Virginia 1.679 Washington 5,515 West Virginia 1,953 Wisconsin 9,112 Wyoming 315 054 7,621 513 23,330 4.055 7,052 5.361 121 2.361 1G1 5,698 251 41,592 2,214 97 10,708 10,918 1,904 23,049 2,004 1,912 1.902 5,872 305 045 2,598 B.141 15,089 865 .Totals ... ....... .131,320 255,136 Slum Clearing To Be Pushed By .Honolulu HONOLULU (UP) —A plan to rebuild Honolulu's slum districts, Involving approximately $4,000,000 in government and private capital has own disclosed by Mayor Fred Wright. It is estimated the project, In- tedned to eliminate unsllghtly and unginitarj- .buildings, widen tho streits and generally Improve utilities In the district involved, will -necessltato expenditure of $1 000 000 in government funds and «'000,000 in private capital. •'. • •Objectives, will be accomplished through purchase of l r-way and i>ark l areas by. the ' city -and' county, revised building /laws, new streets and a. new system ofplay- grpunds.- - -. - ; •; Preiuninary' surveys Indicate -is 000 .persons. will be affected dlr'ect- ly.or.lndlrectUy by- the new program. ,-''*" - - - ,' r The Morning After-Taking _, , - 8,073 6.8S5 Carter^ Lift le Liver Pills Colorado . 636 •43 02 '|—_: — [CoanecUcut 4 ,09G ' ' ' "— • ' 6,938 . 6,136 • . 2,004 . 1,550 • ' 6,040,. 16,375 •1,880 .5,205 •'.'. "680 '3,663 .": 2.H7 ' 11,550 OPTOMETBISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE MAKE 'EM SEE" • phone 640 We wish to express our | appreciation to all those Who visited our new sfatibn over the week-end and- us a good send-off tj-ith their patronage. LEFTY'S SERVICE STATION On the Curve at the State line Farmers Unable lo Borrow Elsewhere May Apply at Court House Applications for enierueiicy crop nnd feed loans for 1937 are now hclng received at. the court house Kl Blythevllle by tiovee C, Driver, field supervisor of Hie Emergency Crop nncl Feed iioan Soctlon of the "arm Credit Administration, These loans will be'made only to formers who cannot obtain credit from any other source, as provided by regulations Issued by the governor of the Farm credit Administration. The money loaned will be limited to tha fanner's Immediate and actual cash needs for trowing Ills 1837 crops or for the purchase of feed or livestock and hi no Instance nray exceed $400. Farmers arc not- ellglbb for these loans If they can borrow from an Individual, production credit asx>- clatlon, bank, or other concern. Emergency crop and feed loans will not be made by the Farm Credit Administration to standard rehabilitation clients of the Resettlement Admlnistraion whose current needs are provided for by the R. A. As in the past, the security for these loans will consist of a flist Hen on the c-roy financed, if the loan is for tha production of crops, and If for the purchase of feed or livestock, then a first line on tlie livestock to be fed. • landlords or others haying an Interest In the crops or the livestock to be fed will be required to waive their claims In favor of tho lien to the governor of the Farm Credit Administration until the loan is repaid. Checks In payment c f the approved loans will be issued by the Regional Emergency Crop and Peed Loin Office at.Memphis. Death Report Ts Unfounded, Louisa 'Tells Reel-Cross LEPANTO, Ark.—i/j«isa unison presented herself tit the Hcd Cross ollk-e here upon her return from thrco rejtinee concentration camps, with the Idea at clarifying a situation. "1 jus' wanted you »11 lo know that I ain't drowned Ifko tlmt good fer isotmn' husband ol mino said 1 wns," said Loulsn. "He's the om> that gave Dial- piece lo the paper up In Uttle nock saying that ho cnme into Lep.imo fer help to get me and Stsve, my boy, o\it of the flooded section oil tire floodivny nnd tliat yau-uns here wouldn't help him nnd that we drowned, while he. wuz a-telhn 1 that me and my boy hud done bean in 0110 camp and wuz on our way to another one. We bsen to Holly Springs, Mt-is., Memphis, Tcnn., and liot Springs, Ark., nnd the folks wu'z good to tifi cveiywherc wo went. Tliat feodd fer noUiIn 1 husband'of rhino Jus' wanted to get rid of me, and that',"! tho best 'tiling 'he could ; think of. Tlie son-of-a-gun thought" inayb3 we would drown If he didn't take us out. Haw, I don't know where he fa and : ain't n-worryin' about it either." ' - ovlsa beamed her Uianks to Lo- panto, the Red Cross utid the Lord, and sst out onc^; more for her home on the noodway to start her one-horse crop once more. 'iomesi'ckness Fatal In Gold Rush Days SUNDANCE. Wyo. (UP)—"Homesickness" .Wiled . .many a miner around" this region -In the 1870s and 1880s,. a raemb* of :thc federal writers' project discovered, The disease which affected the miners of the gold rush days was diagnosed by some as "mountain lever" and as "homesickness" by others. Doctors said the disease wns-peculiar to the mining camps and • "many oj the most rugged passed over tho lu-t divide ic cording to the field writer. . After a few months tho disease- disappeared and never returned; Hornersville Man Dies at Poplar Bluff Hospital Lemnn. Smith,. 25, of Homers- file,. Mo., died tlds morning at Brandon hospital in Poplar Bluff. Death, resulted'from complications following an attack of acute appendicitis. Funeral services will be held at the home of Iris parents, Mr. and Mrs. \V. H. Smith, at Hornersyllje Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock. - . Mr. Smith is survived by his Darcnts'and five brothers and sisters. ' The Moss Funeral Service Is in charge of funeral arrangements. 1 Mrs. Jease Foster Dies Mrs.. Jaimle'Foster, 29, wife of JCF.EC Poster, died Saturdoy at the family-home, west-or'Blythe- vllle. Her death was attributed to complications resulting from childbirth. -' Funeral services were held yesterday at 3 o'clock'wlUi the.Rev. Mr. Siniileterry ; officiating. Interment was made at North Sawba •ieniEtery. Mrs. •'Poster is' survived .by her husband and nve children. TH> Moss Funeral Servfco WM hi charge of funeral arrangements Hayti Society — Personal .Mi's. Clmmp Qilllnits 'iu- 'f Uir Ann Oimnliijjliimi Sunday 'hool Oluss at her home Friday afternoon, Ni'w olflcois weio fteet- "d n* follows: Mrs. ciin'mp CiH- tlnKs, urt'sidMu; Mrs. Clinton \Vlu- rors. set-rotary nnil' IrcoMirw; niul Mrs. MlUxmn r-Yye. U'ftclier. I<ol- OWllllJ |l,e bllSllleiSi meeting the leisoH tot Hi/, wee* was i|| S q lLSSM , ty Mis. M. pvye. . * * € Mis o. Po|)ham gave a suipi-lso mwlliwootis shower for Mrs curl .Coppols, nee Miss MiiUo Pike, now :/. Canithcrsvillf, nl l,ei- home 1 Wednesday afternoon. Mrs Kop•Kis received many lovely ' Bills • • t .. Mr, and Mrs. Wolf khonrto e'uJ toia ne,t W |,li. „ rftrQwell lU|mw . •W their; home for . Mr. Khourie's iT-lii-lrw, Plillllj, Hainrn of Carutheiwillc, who left Thursday T'" ln K ( °r Nevv Yoik ' where he, •vlll board the Mo. Exochorda for v.lrio to Svrla. The out of town iieits Included riody Jabour or ?t. Louts; Mr. and Mrs. Wade Hnmra and daughter and Mr. and Mill.' B. H. itamm and children- all of Curutherevjlie. mid Mr mid Mrs. Jn>m Hmmn mm children of Onitlwcll. ir. of Cuno at- mrdciui. arrived Pi-ldny ( 0 r.pcnd the weekend with hLs father, 'n N. Brasher. H. J], SfnEterson returned Thuii-s- y from' New Orleans, La., wlicre fie •ottended tlic Natioiml Educa- ••lona! Association incetlng Mrs. Hu°.h Lewis and daughter Myrna, left Saturday tor Sprlna- fleld, III., where they will make .their home. Mr. Lewis has been employed by the railroad company there for several montlis. Mrs. Mndgo Johnson and son Kenneth, of chalice, were tho week end guests of the former's sister Mra. o. p. Wolls. ' • :"' s Emily smith of kcnnclt'and Sally ,ioe }!olmes of Holla Mo., were, here Prldav nftcrnoon vlEltlni; frhnds. Tlie ladles were en- roiitc to Kcnnetl from cape Ql- rardeou. where they ntten-Jcd Teachers' Cojlegc. , Prank Adams, who 'is condiietino a revival here at Hie Baptist church visited his mother n t ' Paragould Saturday. . i.Mrs. j. ,\r. Arso is tho guesl Hits ^•eck of Mrs. Ben Thomas of near Mounds, .Miis Adallnc stannil spent -the iveekciw here visiting her mother, Mrs. C. D. auinnll Miss Stanflli Is a student at tho Teachers' College 1 at Cape Oirardcau. Nicholas Tnttcrsnll ^-03 caplnln of the shlo In which chirles II eficapid to prance In 1650 Power Company Holds Sales Meeting Here District niiinniiciv} "nnd - reoreticntutlves of tlui Ark;..- Mteowl rower rojiipiii'iY attended n merchandise meeting here fiMunlnv afternoon, iiwi ul(jhl,- nl UK' llolc! Noule, The M present 'ic.wjUttl the BO (owns in which tills compuny opt'rfites. At die iifteriiooii session, lire. «Wccl over by ij, 8. llcnbli.'ncw •liiws iiiiuiiujt'i', llur now line- of I'lpeialois lo be Mild wna pre- K'ntcd nnd much disciisslun hud of the slogim for this yeiir, "Hcl- lef Sorvlcp (rt the Customer." The Iranhv recently received ,by this coiii])any for the Iwsl safety record lit the western Uurcuil was efcnted by 0. L). Pollock, chief iRhicer. " • A banquet wns srrved Ijc'lwrrn the two sc.vitons. Holf! Services af Hayti . P.M. Perkins HAYTI. Mo.-1'unernl service wcro liDifi for Mrs, Scvthn ,Mnc Perkins, wife of jmi» c p. M 1>nl .. kli«, nt the Ilnptlst church P'mdav nnoniooii by the Rev. William Huffman. Mrs.'I'crkti., died nt the fumilv residence Friday at UIR nge of 08 m,'," 1 , V, 0f s " m "='V "L she was lo Fmnk M . Pctkliw on March 7. 18D1. TO this union were -ii seven children.' four of whom now, living. Tlie'v are aile D j. of Hammond, 1ml., Mrs. Ethci Orm S h '; ts dtv n " <l Mw.'EisIa ° rrn ', !>l) 7 1flf 'ClmirM. she ii.niso irvivcd by five sraiulchlWiw. olio Humps on the bnck of a canH are masses of fat, ,,ot v,4 r?,"V- volrs. as is commonly believed. CARDUI In. this modern time Ecmcthlns K-cndcrmily worth while can be done for practically every woman who suffers from functional pains of menstruation. Certain cases can te relieved by taking Cardul. Others may need n physician's treatment. - Cardni lias two widely dc'mon- strated uses: (1) To ease the Immediate jmtn and ncrvoiisneii of the monthly period and (2) to old In btilichng up (>, e whQ i e system by helping women lo get more .strength : from tht'ir' fcbd. —Adv. 3C201 . PAGIC THREE Society — Personal W. M. s. (lives'TIM' The Wmnniui Mlssfonary Society of the Vlrsl najillsl rhiircli [-n- Iri'ttilncil tlu< ladles of tlic churcli Wednesday nrtrrnooii wllh n ten nt Ihe home of Mrs. W.-f,. Cait- tvell nu Coiloi) Avrtwe. llieco cr^ as (juosU 'Miv<, Qaife Knlitlitj urcKldciil, of trc koclely, made a short addrers of welpome. Afi-s. -Roseau M. 1'lerce who wns in chavRC of (ho Eocinl, |p ( | wwm! .aiiuisliiK anil In- nx seasoiml garnen. * * * ro Pisher drove to raro- - Ark., Wednesday fm- hts wife anil youiiK.Kon. llobert Ih-uee, who have .been vbtldiif; Mrs. Pish- ?r'« parrnti lor a few weeks. Mw. .i. n. orahain and dauuli- s. Mls'ts Bwui and Lucille, and Mrs. Victor McAllister, who, liavc nren livlny In (ho McCord houso v\ Ea«l, Seventh street, have nioy-' "il lo Hip ro.'ldciwa recently vacnt- "•d l>y Mr, nnd Mrs. N, W. Helm. Mr. and Mrs. H. Q, Thoiiuis vlio recently mirc'hased • the pro- fcrtv ownot bv MIN, Mvrtle Loii« in Wert. Klghth .Street, movwl h?rc THp«layi Mrs. Thoiiias' parents, Mr. :and Mm. Tal« Mcuuc, vho are mnlclnK their home here •«>. .will -live! wllli them. Mr, mirl Mil,. A.'I/. FieyUiR, ivlia iavc been living : in Uhn former of Mis. Myrtle Long on V/esf Eighth fiticst, will occupy of Mr. and Mia. J. D. Huffman, while Mr,' nnd Mrs, iiiiffmtin tire spcndlup tho next wo wontlis in Tamfia, ria. R«alty fr^fers r, Thoiiw Wcaight nnd wife to vValtei r and Edltn Greene, lot, 3, Mock. A, Richards addition lo^Blv. thuville. • " < ' SoidiwcSt Joint SUKk Mnd Bank 1 »f Mttlc Rock lo D n aamoi 1542 acres of lot 1 of norUi- Afst i|iiaitci 6f settton l, also' fr»e- Honnl northenst qiwrtei <1538« ncres) of section 1, all la; H noitli, uinsc n cast i ««£ YOU Weak and Sleepless? , , It* )MIS OJO 1 nil Wfalt in,! IQ ntnoui I le 10 jltfiJ Fv t ry noli. it from Now Open for Bunneu Our New Service Station 24 Hour Service Tires Repaired - • Gas Delivered Wrecker Service Tom Little Chevrolet Co Phon* Q33. WE SELL EDWARDS R.O.P. SIRED CHICKS CHICKS registered PURIHA-FED FLOCKS The NaUonaily Adverliicd Sea O( Quality BABY CHICKS We Imve made arrangements with THE EDWARDS HATCHER^ SPRINGFIELD, MO. to supply us with U. S. APPROVED- Pullorum Tested Chicks yhese chicks are produced under THE PURINA PLAN and carry their stamp of approval Place your order now to assure prompt delivery. Come in and See These Chicks in our Battery THE GOODWIN COMPANY 112 E. Main Phone • • .fiZt&tVtJ ... sun-cured in the tobacco fields of Turkey and Greece ... these are the spicy leaves tliat help make Chesterfields nu outstanding cigarette. It takes good things to nuke good things ... and there is no mislakmg the fine quality of these costly Turkish tobaccos in Chesterfield cigareltes. . . . FRAGRANCE . . . MILDNESS ... TASTE These are the good things you want in a cigarette . . . You find them

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