The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 6, 1948
Page 3
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TUESDAY, APRIL 6, 1948 Arab Blockade Broken by Jews Delivery of Food Endt Shortage as Fighting Continues JERUSALEM, April 6. tUp>_ Seventy Jewish food trucks brok- through the Arab blockade of Jerusa em today, selling otr wild col- !> " rt da " c Rioting in Alexandria Fatal for Four; 130 Hurt CAIRO. April 6. (UP)—Pom persons were reported killed and 130 wounded today when troops fired on crowds rioting at Alexandria for tlie second straight nay, Authorities reporled that nl least 32 nersdns were killed yesterday In Ihe ivave of violence touched off In Alexandria by a slrlkc by police for higher pay. Trouble broke out again today , in several parts of the clly. and thc j first aid society reported four cleat) anrt 130 wounded. j The police had gone back to work ! earlier *--*-•• '™ -•' •' JIYTIIKVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER N K \VS 111, Fireworks Seen Protest It Expected To Inter-American Defense Council Plan By K. M. Sh.ckford BOGOTA. Colombia. April , (Ul'i-Ai-getitliift was expected "••"•"" fireworks today from lei Avlv in "early three weeks eased a drastic lood shortage in' the Jewish community which earned the Jewish Agency to impose 2ood rationing two weeks ago. i-»T'!i C Arab blocl<:ldc reportedly WHS lifted by more than 5.000 Haganan troops who captured the Arab village of Kastel on the Tel Aviv highway and used it as a base to hctn drive Arab forces out of the Jurteai-. Hills overlooking (he highway However, powerful Arab forces of l.COO men each ivore reported massed around Kastol anil another village in North-Central Palcslhv learly to altack. .Jewish reinforcements were re, ported poL-rinjf into the area of • Mishmar Haemek.' 15 miles southeast of Haifa on the Jczreel Plai'i where two Arab attacks in the past two days been beaten back. These forces wore reported under thc command of Fawzi el Kawic- Ji. veteran or Ihe 1936-1939 Arab revolt, who trained his forces in Syri and Lebanon (or [lie holy war in Palestine. Another Arab force of 1,000 men was reported blasted with artillery lire against thc .Jewish-held village of Kastel. six miles vvevt of Jerusalem, in the prelude to an attack against 500 Jewish defenders. Arab military .sources said their troops were determined to "wipe out" the Jews at Kastel. Unofficial British sources said no effort would be made to rascue the Kastel Jews even if the situation became wors9. Jews Called Ungrateful These- sources said thc Kastel Jews, intent on reopening their supply line from Tel Aviv to Jerns- filcm, moved into the village of their own volition. The British also charged thc Jews with being "ungrateful" for UK rescue of noary 200 surrounded Haganah fighters in the Solomon'? Pool battle recently. 1 Jewish sources' claimed 17 Ararw were killed and H wounded in an Arab attack Saturday on Suba, a Jewish quarry near Knstcl. Reports from thc Jezreol Pjairi said the initial Arab assault against Mishmar Haemek Monday night •R'os followed yesterday morning by another two-hour attack. Thc Arabs*reportedly laid down an artillery barrage with guns that ranged up to 25 pounders. Stem gang forces last night moved Into the Arab village of Biradas, 15 miles northeast of Tel Aviv, and demolished 30 buildings in the town with high .je.xplpsiyes. The village was empty. The r Arabs had fled when the Jews approached. Birdadas was an Arab base for attacks on the Jewish colony at Magdicl last month, but that front .ysaevie rtl , turned as a patriotic d, ly to halt I c "e with a'l a'tuT'"" F°" fcl> the violence. '™ „, i 11 ll nttnclc °» Plans lo •wai Italians to Guard Against RedCoup Premier de Gasperi Calls Special Meeting Of Cabinet Members By J. Edward Murray United Vrc-ss Staff Correspondent I ROME. April 6. (UP)—Prenror jAlcide De Gasperi scheduled a sp<>- 'cial session of the Italian cabinet for tomorrow to approve security measures guarding against a possible Communist coup before foe a week from next eral elections Sunday. The meeting, the last cabinet sc.s- . r ion before the elections, gave add] ed importance lo a speech by in• tenor Minister Mario Scelba charging that Italian Communists were planning a Czech-style coup to seize control of the government. I Communists also scheduled a major policy meeting concurrently with that of the cabinet. Leftist labor leaders will meet to decide whether they should call a national strike, ostensibly in protest against thc murder of Communist union leaders in Sicily. Police Pur-eil Scelba. speaking before a mr^etin> of 2.500 In Milan, said he had'uurj- ed the police of Communists in preparation lor the election, "ousting from police ranks agents whose Job was to watch and rtenouiiL- Iheir officers." He said. Italian CommifhisU hal sold out to Russia and were planning in Italy "what their lellmv j Communists in Chechoslovakia already have accomplished." Defending Italian ties with th° United States, he said: "The Italian situation cannot be solved without aid from abroad. It is tr«t America has political aims in making sacrifices to help Europe. But these aims are to defend freedom and democracy." .. -— (lie proposed hemispheric defense council. 'Hie Argentine protest Is expected o come in a suucommlute meet- I»B when delegates consider the Pan-American Union plan lo create a subordinate Inter-Amci-lean defense council with powers to make recommendations under the Hlo defense treaty when It comes into effect. Argentina already has protested proposals to make the defense council subordinate to thc F'an American Union. Ai-Rcnltna wants the council to be entirely separate The Argentine position, expected to be expressed b v Delegate Pas- ciiRl r.nrosa, Is that n council subordinate to (ho, Pan-American Union \voujd be an attempt to marc the union a "super slate." It was on Ihls point of «••« VA office "We «re not planning lo close he Blythevllle Veterans Adminls- tratton office." Donald P.. Ownbey ofltcer In charge, said today, nflr-r i inquiries, apparently based on the fact. Hint olhcr offices In this vicinity had closed, were received Mr. Ownbcy pointed out lhat only four offices opeialJtig 0 «l of the Utlle nock regional headquarters hud oeeu closed. Camdon, Scarcy Menu and Hope closed Ihclr offices Mnrch 30, Offices recently closed imtiblv v "" .»(» ">«> Savings Firm's Directors Meet New Lending Agency Reports Loans in Excess of $200,000 A total of $-20U%..n has been Sfi!!^',?.. h r?.°"" e ™ l » 1 ">'«he- accounts 1ms Increased by I8V99J HIS All account.* me . ievn Pecleml arc Insured up | 0 $5,000 by tile Federal Saving* am t i /mn , u . sinance Corporation, mi Instrumentality of the U. S. Oovcinmenl, SavlDga «ccounl.i nrc Increasing rapidly in Ihe association, Mr. Pol- — . _^....j t .iu.ivii, i'ui;iuiv the Caruthersvllle office, operate out of the regional offlco hi St Umls, qnd this closing should huve no benrhig on offices In this area Mr. Ownbcy said. Mr. Ownbey. was transferred to Blythevllle from- F\>rt Smith a lew days ago. He has replaced Joe Davis as officer In charge ,i» the Dlythevillo office. NOTICE Notice Is hereby RfVcn that the undersigned will within the time fixed by law apply to th« Commissioner of Revenues of the Stale of S " ll " AssoHnlloil In /? r ..'!...! w "» U bc ?'' .™,,^ , vt ,, (iviinii, nj fl^ii OUUt at retail at Hhvay N O . 17, Etoivnh, Mississippi County. The nndersfgncfl states (hat he ... a cilb.en of Arkansas, of good moral character, lhat he has never been convicted of a felony or other dime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the - , ,,„... v „, n possible ll " rt(1| signed has been revoked wllh- super stale" that I.arosa electrified yours last past; mid that the conference yesterday with a-- ' " "ndcrslsned has never been angry rejection of all fcfi\H« *r „„! convict a- rejection of all kinds of col- lecllve action as heiti K th c forerunner of a "super stale." Most observers believed the ted of violating the, laws of tills state, or any other stale, relating to the sale of alcoholic liquors Subscribed -•" "v...i-11-u lllul LllC Argentine protests were designed to assume an e.vtrcjne rxwlllon from "••—•>-•-u™ im,i nwun; which to bargain for major con ' me ' thls 5 rilly ° r A l >ri| . cessions (o the Arkcndiie view. RUSH E: NASH sworn had been Quiet since i truce was reached March 18. Sternists , claimed, howevfr thut. some buildings in thc town still were fortified and constituted a threat to neighboring Jewish settlements. S.. Artcnlina Argentina already has shown its .-.and on the major Issues of this conference and In general the v are amiost the extreme opposite of thaw of the United States. These relative positions are: f Economics — Secretary of state I 'i George c. Marshall has'emphasized '' Ihe. Americas must help themplves and create an atmosphere which will attract private cnpltnl- Argentine Foreign Minister Juan A. I3raaiug- iia Insists (hat the more progressive nations must help backward ones Military—The U. S. favors a defense council under the F'anAmer- ican Union while Argentina would keep It separate. Diplomatic — Argentina hn, renounced collective action as suggestive of a "super state" while UIB United states, which dislikes super states as much as Argentina, Is willing to give thc PanAnierioan Union limited political powers K clcarh defined. Political—The U. S. wants a strong anti-Communist resolutloi adopted here while Argentina in sists thai the causes of Commun ism, rather than Communism • self, must be attacked. before Mrs. Mnrshall'mackard, 'SEAL) Notary Public. My Commission expires March 0 Read Courier news Want Ads Meetings Rainbow Girls wil meet tonight 7:30, in the Masonic Hall for Inltat Ion services. Read Courier News Want Ads Jrst nini- months of <i|ier«lfon, w 'j" lollard sccretiiiy, reported yesler- ln.v lit the quarterly meeting t ,r ,iic l»»fd of directors. Klehly-one nrsl tnorliiu K c loans lini-c been made since July i inj-j Hie daln the assoelntlnii liccn'n 11 orations. Theso loans arc niudc at six per cent Interest, and are re- imynble uti the monthly jmvmonl direct ri-ducllou Dliin. Tliere were 137 members of n,r nssoclBtloii as of Murdi 31. he snld Ihese members hnld Riivlnns nnd Investment share nccotints lii (|, c amount o f $20S.50U.8li. A dividend nl the i.ilc of 3 per cent per annum Is curreiuiy |wtli „„ t( _ . with <llvld,.i,« !s payable on Dec 31 and June 3I) (l( , Since Dec. 31 the amount of loans has increased by W.iae.W. and (he amount of investment and savings Political Announcements 'I'ho Courier Nrm has heVu n "' horl f ' , j°. ""Bounce the follow- IIIK camiidales, suljjcct (o Hie Bcnet-al city election, April « : a , ? . roit Ai.. (First Ward) Jesse M. \viilte Hurry Tiiylnr L. C. iBudi i>osc- y j r ISerund H'.inll J. I.. I.Iodlei Nahers I'X)It CITV CUiiiK I.nrry Knens W. I, mini Malln COUNTY TKI!A.S|;i!Kn l-'rnnk Whltwonh COUNTV COlJlir Cl.KKK Kllzabeth tilythe E. M. HOLT FOU COUNTY ASSKSSOR Herbert T. Shippeii STATK KKI'ltl'SKNTATlVK J-eslln N. "DHklc" Speck ' For Cniinty .liul Rr Hohind Oicen I'or Circuit Cnurl Clerk Hiuvey Atorrls snvlngj! accotints and receive lull diyldends on them from the flr.t c1«y of the monlh In which they we deposited. If dc|x,»lled before Ihe 10th day of each month. The office of the BKSocl'aUon Is lit Terry »nd R. c. Fwr dent*; »nd Dr. J. Horner •nd'A.'-R. rectors. WHO SAID INFLATION! HERE'S A COMPLETE PREMIER CLEANING SERVICE AT A LOWER PRICE THAN EVER 3 FOR ONE PRICE Pr«ml«r Floor Polith»t FlM Ih. AW.I 21. Now you con clean and pollih your bari floon nnd linotfum. Regular Price $7.50 Premier Alfach-A-TeoU For oil "obov»-lli«.floor" cl«an. Ing,. Drapti . , . lamp lhadcl . . . . upholilnr/ . . . .v.ryrWng you n«od lor •vtiythlnp, you clean. Formerly $17.SO ALL THREE ONLY THIS IS A LIMITED TIME OFFER Pfemler Mod.1 J| Wllh ill. .xcluily. DUO- MATIC NOZZtE 2-lpeid, boH. bearfng motors . , dovble* action motor-driven bm«h... inB Marchllght. Formerly $74.7S Adams Appliance Co. A Complete Service Deoartment in Cn nn ./-»i n « 2(><i-(W Main Department in Connection J. W. Adams, Mgr. . , 1'hone 2071 HABIT Becomes "Second Nature" IT work., both ways-for good or for bad. You can train your habits to work for you, or to work against you. Providing life insurance protection is a goo<J habit. It is easy to acquire. It becomes "^conJ nature." Payment of each premium is a satisfaction-contentment based on knowledge your loved ones are protected. 1* your life insurance program big enough for today's standard of Jiving? If not, don't put off doing something about it. Get the good habit of buying enough life inaur.nce-whether your needs be large or small. Let a friendly Lifeof Georgia agent help you get started. 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