The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on October 31, 1947 · 19
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 19

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, October 31, 1947
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MERCHANDISE 8. Miscellaneous VE BUY. ell. repair watches. Jee!ry. camera. Open to 8 p.m. TISCH. ' New St. Tel. 2-3600 GUNS My personal ruarante with very used pun. A few cholc ones left. Shell, hunting cloth-Ir.g ciajr targets. Open S A.M. to S P.M. Sunday. 9 to 12 noon. Herman Treptow. Miiitown. SWEET CIDER Patrick' Cider Mill. Patrick's O-iraer. Tel. Mill 8-0398-0257 ELECTRIC HEATERS. l.OfiO V.ATT. SC 98. REGULAR $10.49. MILLER'S. 124 ALBANY ST. PL Li, SET torm sash and creens. different sizes. For information call N.B. 2-56T.5. OAS STOVE AND FOLD INC 1ED. 1ST CODWIsE AVE., SECOND FLOOR. ' AUMI.VrM SHEETS 36x9fi .ICS 4 hard. Good for duct '''rJt.:gr.sejOranBe 4-7018. XELVINATOR rrrlKldalre. 5 u ft Excellent condition. 1-or.ard. 213 S. 4th Ave.. H. P. XR - -S"4-M. FARM freezers, ai! sizes on dis- 1- ay .! PASZAMANT & CO.. 275 v'-Mbrldge Ave., H. p. N.B. 2- -ARMY SURPLUS. 9 and 12 foot rack bodies with tarpaulin. 1 tor, trailer". SEYMORE AUTO PALES CO r.ou ?e 2H Metuche n C -213 1 ?EAV Qu.'nst hut. 14x30 ft. ICO. G.-od for root cellar or dtiiii'Frj :. er. TRADING POST I1GUTE 20 RORRINSVILLE Phor,eHighttown 1 1 1 2 ScTtCHEN .SINK, deluxe mt.TleT; metal cablnm 'Ike new. I'aeil r::y 3 months. $t0. Call Nli 2-4hl-3. MTE.iT iIOLETrGTneralETecI trsc e.f-cnarglng portable ra-;o L:ke new. Call charter 7-l'2 after 5 3't P.M S-Piece Parlor Suite , Tel. P.jund Brook 9-2j35-M f TOKER "iron-Fireman. aelN feeding, completely automatic. upply 4500 ft. of radiation. Practically new reasonable oiler accepted. Roselle' Dept. f.ore. 103 Church St, FILTERED sweet apple rider for sale In any quantity. Kot-ter Brothers. Cider Pres-, Kiva . v- . Brook view. Tel N.H. 1- E5I7-M-1. e ve n 1 n ki only. I BUY AND SELL used furniture at 133 Bemsen Ave. N U. 2- i;:i LUMBER JUST RECEIVED Carload of sheathing, 2x6. sash, novelty siding, bright, seasoned, cleaned, material from Army Carr.p. tx s 12 to 18' D4' Ccn-.e to Pennsylvania Railroad Freight Yard Stelton. N. J. Wednesday. Thursday. Friday. EDWARD J. ROSE WRECKING CONTRACTOR Sou-h Orange 2-S39 UPRIGHT PIANO Call N il. 2-H62S-J Fet of white ptarl drums for ale. excellent condition. Fully equipped with ll.digan symbols. 1 ." 5 guydam St. SEVERAL antique rujc of various sires. Telephone Plainfteid FURNACE, 2 gas water heat-ers. floor irep. drapes. Reasonable. Z2i North 4th Ave.. N.B. 2- 25g-J. BRAND NEW lf'47 de luxe Ben-cix, for unpaid balance Call --eu:t Manager, Westfield 2- I JUELE DECKER heds and rew rr.a:'.reies. $29 95. 7-piece b-"ifu". dinette, walnut fin-!cr. 175. 3-pieee maple bedroom. J7S.CH.I. Ar.des white coal and r:s. like new, lid top. Terms. Fuch's Furr.nure Co., 242 Nell-P'-r. S-PIECE mahogany dining room et fuii-sixe mahogany bed. n-.fta". bed ar.d spring. 310 So. '- ri Ave . H P upstairs . TRUNK AND VALINES. ALSO f'THER ARTICLE.-. 213 WAYNE e'T HT Y- YAHOP of fill !!rt. I m media : delivery m Highland Park. TNR. 2-M)3!-V. ilvI'EKX SINK and asio modern lr..!:a;td stove. Roth In good c-one.ricn 23 s. 4th Ave. Highland Park OIL" KITCHEN RANGE In A-l cc r.ditiun. Priced reasonably. X R. .-i-S4?-W. FILL DIRT AND TREATED TOP SOIL. ROSELLI. INC. SOUTH RIVE R C-:9T1. BLACK sealskin coat, size 40; ir.5 Hawaiian fruitar. $12, with :-d N R. 2-41 U. ilAPLE CLOP. ED CRIB. ALSO MATTilEis. $10. TEL. N.B. 2- c7;.-j COMPLETE livlr.if room furniture H-.;'.ywo .a t,ri i;xce!:ent condition. Ia w r. moxer chtst of drawers Mi. 2-04S-W-2. ONE 2u" b-.y's bicycle, very gr'jd ccnditfn. Ore 12" trlcvcle. like r.ew. Call before 3:30 p. it. L Brur:Fard. 5o 0::ver St. FOLDING haby coach and fold iz.g stroller. Good condition. 7. Si;.roR fc-07C0-R. ROTTE DM AN U R E AND TREATED TOP SOIL CORNELL DAIRY FARMS N.B 2-0SSS-J-2 JEAN FISCHER TOP -'IU ?and ;raveu CINDERS. ETC. M1LLTOWN -0i44-V-2 N B. 2-&C5-W. AFPLES ar.d sweet cider at Old Bi.cke.ew Farm. George's Rd.. !'. Gardens. Miiitown e-t !7 I DINING ROOM seta In good cone', -icr.. Als-l chtlw lounge. ecretary at.d vanity. Fisher. 232 ienner Street, Highland Park. 7.. X R ;-TIuT-W . LINOLEUM ARMSTRONG II a Also iinoieum rug, tn-ia:d Convenient terms. U!bb rrrhurt Co.. 2SI George St.. ROAD GRAVEL Fill Dirt, Top Soil Grailcg exeaUr,g. bulldoier or. c:.ars Aug. loam. and. gravel, etc. C. F. Branco. 7 Main g-.. Soa'.B R iver S R 6-1IM. F.OC'M coolers ix3-4 ton. Ira-ired:a.e delivery Also 3 and 6 ton tn stock. Bader's Sales & Service. 11 Hamilton St. LARGS rrahogary break front, list 06 Emerson combination Tf.r mahsesny ctbinet. V M 1171 f'O Filirg cabinet. 125 CO CP Chrome kitchen sets. 135 00 cp 2 copper hot water tanks. jl'.I k:r.d of furniture. WAVR1CA FURNITURE 120 Nelison St. ENAMELED bath tuba complete :th enrome fixtures. Prompt ce'.:eries N B. Stova Co., 10 Frercft gt PIANOS style, excellent tone iu: .;:y Ca,l So. River 6-1P51-J f:er i P.M CONGO WALL Ail Coinrs. lx feQ. Ft. K A r s: 1 (.1 ritEiNCHJs,.li.l-SCtl KiKKAKMi. ammunitlona and gv;r siipf.ies. Paul Skarttk. it I D 4 Church iat.e. N 11., off eii Oeor' Rd. oil HEATER, will heat 5 room. G;.jd condition. Kitchen tabi-r.eL, large walnut ch Iff robe. '..-: be -eeri atl18 New St. C9- iv!lipdJ10 Rul BIAS 'S wanted All types. Call r,tln lwls Piano Co Perth An toy 111 I. PIANOS WANTED" cu. perth am hot 4-1082 pIan5vvanted Frr.a'.l rrnJ, nudlo or spinet Tal. Bound Brook t-0484 PIANOS WANTED Email grand snd studio or p-&t. Js.Ii. 1-ZS78. MERCHANDISE 69. Wanted to Buy R E Kit I G K R A TO R S W A NT ED Any condition. Highest price paid. Metuchen 6-0H83-M. ; HIGHEST prices pald'for scrap", iron, mixej rat's, pnper K. C. Iron and Metal Co , Somerset & School Sti Tel. N.B 3-1485. FARMING 71. Ltvestoch for Sale 3 LARGE fat hum, 75 Muskovy ducks. J. H. Metzel, Franklin Park. X. J. GUERNSEY BULL 7 MONTHS OLD CA LL WOODBR I DG K 8-1377-J IS Poultry and Supplies 5 MONTHS, ready to lay, sex-llr.ked pullets. Also yearling lesrhorn chickens. J. Sepal, RPD 4, Davidson Mills, Rd. Miiitown 8-0107-W-l. PEDK3REED CHICKS SPRUCE POULTRY FA KM Bound Brook. B. B, 1-0938 PI'LTjETS and fryers for alTi Inquire Box 162, Grove Ave. Metuchen 6-1 636-J. ORDERS taken now for turkeys and capons for Thanksgiving. G. Sink e.Jlranbur y 675 -R -1 1 . TOP PRICES FOR POULTRY TODAY. SANDELLA. It REM-!E-N AVK RHONE g-6847. CASH paid for poultry. Rosenbergs Poultry Market. 45 French St. Phone N B. 2-39 13 LAYING MASH and N. J. SCRATCH. U F LAYING MASH at 15 28. high In Vitamins A and U and nutrient values; N. J COARSE SCRATCH at 15.19; plti your own good pullet, means hlgKer returns order your needs today from THE FARMERS COOP ERA-TIVB ASS N.. ft. D 4. corner of How Lane and Lincoln Hlgh- way. Phone NJ 2-2470. 500 LAYING chicken, white leghorns. One year old Selling due to Illness. N. B 2-0537-M bet ween 1 and 4 p. rn FRESH FEED LOW PRICES N FLOUR 219 BURNET ST.. N.B. 2-3185 BUYING chickens. Paying the oest prices. N.B. 10570. 117 rtar-l tan tve., H. P ll- Farm Machinery TRACTOR, Allla - Chalmers. W. C. on rubber with cultivators. Buchberi Farms. R K. D. 1 Box 115. X. B. South' River 6-0813; NEW equipment now In stock Includes Judson lima drills, dink fid spike harrows, pot hole diggers, power take-off sender. Planet Jr. and Rotollller garden tractors, power lawn mower, turkey wire, crosscut saws, shovels, forks, axes and wood splitting wedges. L. ADLER & SONS, INC. Route 25-130. Two miles south of Carter Products Clrcla ROOMS AND BOARD 82. Rooms Without Board NICE FURNISHED SLEEPING R'KiM. 370 DELAVAN STREET, CITY. LARGE attractive room with private bath; In residential area. C a 1 1 N.B. 2-0946. ROOM for Kentleman who does not drink alcohol. N.B. 2-0926-J 149 R e d m o n d S t . FURNISHED room for 2 peo-ple. 14 North Second Avenue, Highland Park. CONTINENTAL HOTEL By Day or Week. 13j French St. FURNISHED room for gentleman. A. Landau, 5 Thomas St., Situ t h River. COZY, single room" oil heat, no cooking. Iuly or girl preferred. Rarltan Ave..H.p. N.B. 2-5436R COMFORTABLE ROOM for business couple. Centrally located. Tel. N.B 2-2015-M. FURNISHED ROOM IN PRIVATE HOME N.B. 2-6695-M TWO double sleeping rooms. 820 Rarltan Ave., Highland Park. N B 2-3813. LINCOLN AVE. Desirable double runm, suitnble two Kent!emen.N.B. 2-1708-M. FURNISHED room'sultable for ten tie ma ii or working couple. Mrs. Vickie Boon. 24 N. 7th Ave., H!ghlandI,ark.N.B.2-28,,i4-R. liounf.E room for Couple" CENTRALLY LOCATE!). 33 REM SEN AVE. CONNECTING bedroom and sitting room. Private family, for refined business or professional ma n Tel. X B. 2-334 3-R . White Tourist Court Modern cabins and room, kitchenette. By week. Route 25, Piscataway. Call Charter 7-!S4. 8S Housekeeping Rooms FURNISHED rooms n'farm. U.e of kitchen. Bus passes door. Jr'!I!I1,, 'II J " 3: LARGE furnished room! Ga rage. Kitchen privileges. 4C0 Wi.liam St., New Market. Dun- eien 2-66S0-R. LARGE litfht housekeeping room with kitchen privileges. llietha nySj REAUIIFUL large room with kitchen prlvihgen for professional or business: couple. Rarltan Township near Fords. Tel. Jert h Am hoy 4-5920-R. LARGE. light housekeeping room. 4J0 Benner St. Tel. N.B. 2-14 72-R ROOM with kitchen privileges. Near bus. Sllverlake Ave., Pi-catawatown. Write M 108. Home News, 2 -ROOM apartment. 118 per week, m room apartment, 115 per week. 1 tingle room. 110 per week. Sunnyslde Inn on Rout 25. near old Post Road, Rarit.ln Township. ROOM wilh kitchen and dining room privileges. Near Ford plant. Route 5. Box 227. N. B. Large room FOR LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING 21 S NEILSON ST. 84. Board for Children HAPPY HOURS Day Nursery. Infanta to school age children. Clslr Oliver. N B I-6H37-M REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 9l! Apartments Furnished THREE - ROOM FURNISHED APARTMENT. KORSK, 82 NEILSON STREET. 2 -ROOM attic apartment In Rarltan Township. Adults only. Write 1-76, Home News. WILL SHARE apartment with 2 businens girls or couple. Tel. N.B 2-7324-R. THREE-ROOM furnished apartment with private bath. Centrally located. Write O 144, Hume News. 92. Unfurnished Apartments 5-ROOM unfurnished apartment with heat References. Business couple. Write O 147, Home News. 91. Houses for Rent FOR RENT In Rarltan Township; New R-room house tile hath, oil heat, attached Karaite. Near school and bus slop. Immediate occupancy $2S month. Write Y27, HomeNews. 95. Susiness Locations BUILD1NC5 for rent for'storage. 15 by 30 feet. Frieda Rosansky, Walnut St.. Spotswood. OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT 108 CHURCH ST. In modern building In business sectlori of New Brunswick, N.B. 2- 1 n 4 3 . or2-&!l44. 3- ROOM basement oTfice for rent for professional business or beauty parlor. 75 Livingston A ve. Tel. N . B. 2-1279 - J , PROFESSIONAL offices For rent; four rooms. Tel. H. B. 2-1761. THE REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 95. Business Locations DESK space, business section of New Brunswick. For C.P.A., Box 2D1-A, RED a. New Bruns- wlck. HOUSE with two stores and two apartments. One store and one apartment will be avail able. Write S-187, Home News. OFFICES RENT Singles and suites for professional and non-professional occupancy Several Excellent Locations MORTGAGE MANAGEMENT CORP. 108 Church St. N.B. 2-1843 97. Wanted to Rent COUPLE with 2 children want to rent inexpensive unfurnished house. JTct. Charter 7-141)0. PLEASE! Please! Please! 4 or 5 room apartment in X. B. or vicinity. 3 months rent in advance. Tel. N.B. 2-9838-R. REFINED widow with high whool daughter and son returning from service In a month, needs 4 or 5 room apartment or house, unfurnished. Write I 75, Home News. WANTED: 5 -room apartment. Family of 4, no small children. Excellent references. X.B. 2-37S3-W. WANTED 5 or 6 room house or apartment by expectant parents and 5 year old child. Call Mata- wa nl -1 9 89 W; WANTED: Furnished or unfurnished apartment or house. Permanently stationed medical officer. Two children and one dog. Call Lt. I!ry-on. Camp Kilmer. Extension 2126, REFINED young woman want 2 unfurnished rooms. All improvements. References. Tel. X.B. 2-9759-J. YOUNG couple desires 3 or 4 room unfurnished apartment. X.B. 2-0296. Rob e rt Scot t. WOMAN wants room with board or breakfast, In private family. Write O 149, Home News. FURNISHED quiet room near P. R. R. station. Write M 109, Home News. VETERAN student wants room near campus. Gene Zwlgard, 25 Burnett Terrace. Maplewood. .VJ. FURNISHED apartment wanted, 2. 3 or 4 rooms, local business couple, away week-ends: Permanent; In or near New Brunswick. Phone N.B. 2-4000. Extan-slon 31. 9 A.M. to 5 P.M. COUPLE want 2 or 3 room unfurnished apartment. X.B. 2-8295-W. BUSINESS couple desire 2 or S room apartment. Xo children. New Brunswick or vicinity. Tel. X. B. 2-621 1-M. VETERAN, "wife and child desperately need 3 or 4 rooms un- f u rnlshed. X.B. 2-7665 -W THREE or four room! f ur-niahed or unfurnished, desired by local business man and wife. Write A-82. Home New. ARMY officer (doctor), permanently stationed, needs furnished or unfurnished apartment or house. X. R. 2-8100. Ext. 2054, 8 to 5 p. m. WILL PAY 1100 for Information leading to rental of suitable 5 or 6 room unfurnished apartment In N. B. or H P. Write S 216. Home News. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 100. Realtor. BRUSKIN, Realtor IIP Church St; 2-0095 CHARLES S. BRUNO REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 67 Pater-on St Tel N B l-00 J. K. POWELL, Realtor 137 Church St N. B. 1-9678 JOHN t. CANZONIER 90 Bayard St N.B. 1-87111 ALBERT HANAUER 18 FRhlNCH STREET Onr P R . H Stall '- N B 1 0180 MOLLIE J. FISHER REALTOR ELM ROW TEL. t-0674 MORRIS BROS. 68 Paterson S. TeL 2-15t4 Mortgage Management Corporation 111 CHURCH 81 SB 1-1K48 JAS. A. O'CONNELL HEAL ESTATE 390 George St Te! N B. Z-0080 DI LEO, REALTOR N.B 2-2888 NICHOLAS FRIDAY 141 Church St. N B. 2-3203 J. JOSEPH CONNOR f Peterson st 1-41X0 IK 101. Brokers nReai Estate David B. Marshall, Ltd. 5 Elm Row Tel. N.B. 2-9467 PIERCE & DRAKETTnC 181 Geo riie 1st TeL 1-4300 C. W. KUIILTHAU JR. 51 Bayard St. N. B. 1-4 686 EDWIN J. SNEDIKEK N fc Z-8646 Herbert M. Tanzman 53 Pate rson St. Ch arter 7-1060 Orlowski & Kraemer 73 Throop Ave. N.B.- 2-9892 HARRY . BURGESON 46 Paterson St. N.B. 2-gQll H. CAMERON N B l-4"9:" or2-860 ARTHUR" F. MOTT 108 Church St. N.B 2-2540 MARION MUHS 115 Albany St. Charter 7-1160 J. HARAYDA 105 N. 10th Ave. H. P. 2-9666 103. Houses For Sale THIS IS IT IMMEDIATE POSSESSION Targe 4-room modern home In Metuchen. Storm windows, screens, refrigerator, stove. IS. 100. Buy li today. Terms ar- ra n ged. CONTINENTAL MORTGAGE CO C7 1 'ntetHon S t . N 2-:i-tui) CL1FFWOOD Lovely new home (1 year). Cape Cod, 4 rooms, bath, attic, oil Jieat, automatic hot water, storm windows and screens, new stove inlaid, shrubbery. IMMEDIATE r C C UPANCY 17.00(1 Will" X 131,lloiii,-Nws SMALL country pImch on Roi)t 17. 4 iiiI1m from Princeton. 'i acren, half timber. 6-room house, bath upstalra, lavatory down. OH Hteam heat, uuto-tnatlc hot water. Barn, corn crib, double garage, all newly painted. 2 large chicken coops, 4 brooder coops. Small orchard. 115.000. Call owner. Rahway 7-0256 or after 8 P.M Monmouth Junction 7-6385. DAILY HOME NEWS, BUSINESS DIRECTORY A GUIDE TO CENTRAL JERSEY'S BETTER TRADESMEN Alterations, Building ALL HOME REPAIRS XO MONEY DOWN Three to five years to pay. As low as 15 a month. Roofing, siding, gutters, leaders, carpentry, storm sash. Insulation, painting. Free estimates. VVork guaranteed. A. & G. Construction Co. N.B. 2-6611. Auctioneer R. G. COATS, 48 Paterson St.. N.B. 2-01.19 ''Any kind of auc- tion anywhere." PETER F. MAGIERA. Am now booking my fall and winter sales. 16 Wilson Ave.. South River. Tel. S. R. 6-0055. Auto Glass BARTS OLASS SHOP Glass Installed while you wait. Channels Installed. 17 Talmage Ave. Bound Brook 9-2492. Auto Painting SHELLING'S Auto Paint Shop 307 COLUMBIA ST., H. P. Builriizer Work HESS BROS. EXCAVATING CONTRACTORS, PA RLIN. SOUTH RIVER 6-2197 Collection Service ATLANTIC ADJUSTMENT BUREAU. 94 Bayard St. . New Brunswick. Charter 7-0011 or Round Brook 9-2446. Norwood F Be Id en. owner-manager. Cabinet Shops "THE CABINET SHOP" Kitchen cabinet made to order Wall and floor cabinets N.B 2-8314. 63 Schureman St. Carpenters CARPENTER Contractor. Al-teratlins. repairs, cabinet. Tel. South River 6-1126-R-l. CARPENTER CONTRACTOR. Alteration. t. Krarchlk. 165 Rutgers St. N.B. 2-1640-R. L. JENKINS CARPENTER -CONTRACTOR Call 2-2285-W s fter 6 P.M. Cesspools CE3SP6oj.S, eptlo tankt cleaned and Installed. Call Bound Brook 9-2486. or B B. 9-0808 ReasonaQle rates. Mr. Hobbs. CESSPOOLS, septic tanks cleaned. WIsniewaki Office South River 6-0671, Home, SR. 6-0867. CESSPOOLS. eptlo tanks cleaned. If In a hurry call John Holm & Son. Jamesburg 1-0047-M-2. CESSPOOLS, septic tanks, installed, repaired cleaned. R. Reid. Middlebush. East M 111-stone 8-1502-J-l or 8-1524-R-2. CESSPOOLS CLEANED DAVID SNOW 249 Commercial Ave. N.B. 2-3519 Chimney Cleaning CHIMNEYS cleaned, wells dug and cleaned. John Stieczyk, South River 6-0867. Concrete Work DURYEA CONSTRUCTION Sidewalks Driveways Curb-tng. N.B. 2-37S7 3042-W. Contractors BRICK MASON CONTRACTOR Chimneys built, cleaned, repalr-ed. Checch 1 a. Metuchen fl-121 1. Electrical Contractor METROPOLITAN ELECTRIC CO.. INC. TEL. N.B. 2-0476. P. A. 4-5896. Electrical Service S. & S. ELECTRIC SERVICE Insulations, alterations and repairs of wiring, motors and ap-pllances. N.B. 2-7721-W. Electric Welding SEIDLER Electric and Acetylene welding, radiator cleaning. 318 Townsend St. Phone 2-2980, Electrical Appliances Somerville Electrical Supply Co. Wholesale Distributor To verve the Contractor Dealer and Industrial Firm Lighting Fixtures Residential and Industrial 133 E. MAIN ST.. SOMERVILLE Somerville 8-0571 Floor .Sanders FLOOR sanding and wax polishing machines for rent. Al- ban yPa lnt. Tel. N.B. 2-398 9. FLOOR Surfacing and Reflnlsh-Ing Alfred C. Nicholson. 28C Redmond St. Call N.B. 2-5528. FLOOR SANDERS for rent. iC & K. Hardware, 241 Rarltan Ave.. H. P. N -B2 -2 441 . SCHEER & SHORT" N.B 1-1797 T. E. DESNOYERS FLOOR CONTRACTORS Laying - Sanding . Finishing Generated power used Prompt Service. Tel. N.B. 2-9606 FLOOR SANDERS FOR" RENT. Rich Hardware. 85 French St. Tel. N.B 2-2068. FRANK J. SISCO Floor Sanding and Finishing Tel. N.B. 2-3918. Prompt Servlee Furniture Repairs TOUCAN have your furniture repaired now Reasonable price. H. Adler. N.B. 2-4 6 05 FURNITURE rcfinlshed. Antiques restored. Call Martin Olicktnan. N.B. 2-7603. Juke Boxes NOW! JUKE BOX "SERVICE Rentals for Night Call South River 6-1230 REAL. ESTATE FOR SALE 103. Houses for Sale ON MT. HOREB ROAD War-rerlvllle, 12 minutes to Plain-field Station, (5) Room Cement Coated Bungalow, 12" block In cellar 8" above. Metal lath ceiling and walls throughout. Heatiiator fireplace. 15x22 Living Room. 16x12 12xl2Vs Bedrooms. Kitchen and Dinette. Tile Bathroom with Shower. Shower stall, toilet, washtubs in basement. Oil heat. Approximately 200x200. Taxes approximately (195.00). Completely decorated, Ready for occupation. 116,000.00. Fleischman Farm, R. F. D No 2, Plainfield, N. J. METUCHEN We have in course of construction, 20 more of the famous 20th Century Cape Cod Homes, located on Spear Street. Up to the minute in every detail. Would advise Inspecting other new homes, then look at the 20th Century Homes. Air conditioned. Oil fired. Fully Insulated. Weather stripped. Expansion attic for 2 more rooms'. Attached garage. Automatic; Kits water heater, Cabinet kitchen with Kiis range. Tile bath. Lathe and pater walls. Oak floors. Lawn seeded and shrubbed. Some with breezeway. All streets sewered, paved nnd curbed. Xo future assessments. To Inspect property drive out Woodhridge Ave. from Metuchen It. R. Station to Spear St. or Upland Ave. Turn left. Representative will ho ni property Sunday from 2 to 5 P.M., or call FRED W. RATES. Sole Agent 500 Middlesex Ave.. Metuchen Met.Ji-0275, 60795. (i-lLM! 6TH WARD! N. H.""2-famUy. 7 rooms. 4 rooms vacant Oil heat. Tel. N B. 2-1115-R between 5 and 10 P.M. 121 LOUIS ST. 13-room, 2-fam-lly house. All Improvements. 2-cur garage. $16,000. NEW BRUNSWICK. Garages GARAGES 10x20, 20x20, delivered and erected in one day. See models on highway. Route 25. between Plainfield and Woodbridge Aves.. Rarltan Township. Write Box 242, Nixon. Call X.B. 2- BETTER BUILDINGS CO.. I NC. Lawn Mowers LA WXM O W E Rs"s h a r p e n"edreT-imlred. Park Cvclc Shop. Masonic Bldg., H. P. N.B.2-!)27U. KISif BROS. Law n mowers sharpened, repaired. Saws re-toothed, machine filed 179 Woodhridge Ave. N.B. 2-9745. Landscaping A. AND J STELLATELLA. tree pruning and removing; and fireplace wood. Tel. N.B. 2-4 129-J. Mattresses MATTRESS and box springs remade. Feather beds made Into quilts. New Brunswick Mattress Co., 44 Albany St. Tel. 2-6312 Masonry NAG Y & TOTII Masonry and carpentry, nldc-vvalks. plastering, alterations, etc. N . B. 2-4I16U. Moving, Trucking, Storage LOCAL Long Distance moving John Pinter. 328 Suvdam St. N,BL2-K693-lLAfter 5:30. 7642-R M6VLU fk STORAGE LocaI Moving and Agents for Clipper Van Lines. Inc.. for long distance moving Fireproof Warehouse NEW BRUNSWICK STORAGE WAREHOUSE COMPANY 18 Drift St. Phone N B. 2-0981 Packing and Crating RATES QUOTED for storage of household effects In absolutely fireproof warehouse. Siser Bros Inc.. N. U., Plal n f 1 e Id. Somerville BRUNSWICK VANS INTERSTATE MOVERS Part or full loads to and from anywhere In U, S. LOCAL MOVERS No lob too amalt or too large. Free estimates LOWEST RATES ASSURED 165-167 Nelison St. N.B. 2-7366 LONG distance moving. Fireproof storage, packing, crating Agents United Van Lines. Slsser Bros., Inc.. N. B.. Plainfield Somerville. Nurseries CLOSING OUT SALE Evergreens, yews, shrubs. 7 days of big bargains. Barberry hedge, $4 per hundred; dogwood trees, 50c and up. Open all day Sunday. Plain ting on request. Welgelia Gardens, 3 miles south of Route 2S, South River-Crnnbury Road. Tel. Miiitown 80391-J.2. NORWAY MAPLE TREES. Dig them out yourself. $2.00 and up. Xext to Franklin Park Gulf Garage, Lincoln Hwy. J. Lorenz: Oil Burners Installed S ERVICE-for clean i ng k i tche n and furnace oil burners. Tel. N.B. 2-8225. TOWNSHIP HEATING CO. 279 WOO DB RIDGE AVE. Oil Burners Sale and Service Call N.B. 2-6790-R Overhead Garage Doors Crawford Overhead Doors Sold. Installed. Serviced J. HALP1N, Carteret 8-6558 OVERHEAD DOORS SOLD. INSTALLED SERVICED Rowe Mfg. Co. Tel. PUd. 6-S541 Painting and Paperhanging V. BIAXCHI, Pulntlng and paperhanging. Tel. Miiitown 8- 0494-M-l. NOW OPEN for Interior painting, decorating. Only best in paints and papers used. R I'M). 1, Cranbtiry 647-R-l. Fred 11. Dawson, J. WEISS PAINTER-DECORATOR NU3. 2-6494-J orNB.2-1893-R Quallly painting, paperhanging. Brunswick Wallpaper. 7 Church St. N.B. 2-1961-W. Lower costs. STAN JOHNSON Painting and decorating. Tel N.B, 2-3628. ALLIED PAINTING SERVICE, Inc. Painting, Decorating. Call N il. 2 -552 7-M -L PAINTING, paperhanging, reasonable. W. Salff, 305 Powers St. N.B. 2-6323 or 2-421 5-M. Taint Stores ALBANY PAINT & WALLPAPER CO. 60 Alban y S t. N. B. 2-3939 I'iano Repairing PIANO REPAIRING. TUNING A. M. FRIESZ 27 Langley Place. Tel. 2-1384-J PIANO REBUILDING Have your old piano rebuilt as spinet style. Tuning, repairing. Calt So. River 6-1951-J after 5 P.M. Radios Radio Service GUARANTEED manufacturer set rice on all makes radios. GAHOWITSS RADIO 204 Nelison N.B. 2-7846 FOR SERVICE ON ALL RADIOS N. Van Ueuvel 420 GEORGE ST. N.B. 2-8340 RADIO service and parts for all makes. Prompt. Reasonable. N.B. Stove Co., 10 French St. RADIO SERVICE TECHNICIAN 100 Louis St.. New Brunswick For service call S B. 2-0524 REAL. ESTATE FOR SALE 103. Houses for Sale HAVE YOTJ REAL ESTATE FOR SALE? The sates staff of this office sells more property than any other office In this area. NICHOLAS FRIDAY 141 Church St. Tel. N.B. 2-320.1 NEW HOMES $7,500 to is.ono Easy Term NICHOLAS FRIDAY 141 Church St. Tel. N.U2-3203 MILLTOWN Brand new brick four-bedroom cottage. 2 tiled baths, air conditioning unit, copper plumbing, fireplace. High terraced lot 150x 250 alongside Lawrence Brook. FOR PRICE AND APPOINTM ENT See R. SALKIN. REALTOR 6 French St. N.H. 2-154 WE Invite you to Inspect our model Cape Cud homes, 4 nnd 8 roohiM wltli bath. Available for immediate delivery. Phone or wrlio Hlghts 1'rol'n hrlun t d H o m e s. Inc.. I ' O. Box 181, Hlghtstown. Tel Hlghls !.(!. Located on Etra I'errlneville Rd. VETERANS- WHY PAY RENT? LUM EDI AT E POSSESSION $10 per month buys this 2-f a tn 1 1 y brick ami siucco modern home. 4 '.i rooms up nnd down. Tile bath and "hower. 2 separate furnaces. Visit these properties ut 512 .Main Street, South Round ilioolc. Dally from 1 to 7 P. M. o- call Market 3-41125 or Hound Brook 9-092S. NEWLY constructed home for sale, all Improvements, In desirable location. 6 rooms, tile bath, hardwood floors Landscaped. John H Promlnskt. Bloomfieid Terrace, near Old Bridge, across from Anheuser-Busch, inc. N. J. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 31, 1947. Refrigeration Service HA DER'S l"nmmpn'laln nH ln- dustrwl Refrigeration Sales & service. is. z-loau. PARK R E F H I G E R ATlON. sales-and service. For service Call N.B 2-33SI). Kelvinator, Crosley. Frigidalre Commercial and domestlo Also Other Makes NEIDERMAN'S N.B. 2-5060 Roofing RE-ROOFING, built-up roofing. A 11 work guaranteed. A. Manire. 29 Silverlake Ave., Piscataway Township. N.B. 2-79S9-J. LET SEARS Give you an Estimate on That ROOFING AND SIDING JOB SEARS ROEBUCK &CO. PARK ROOFING CO. All Kinds of Roofing, Sheet Metal All work guaranteed. N.B. 2-3476 All Kinds of ROO F NG s 1 1 k icTA l A. MELTZER & SONS 42 HIRAM ST Work guaranteed. N.B.2-3147 FREE estimates on your gutter and leader work. Don't delay. Call today. Tel. Charter 7-1274-R or N.B. J-141S-J. " ESTIM AT ES CH EERFUI .LY GIVEN New RooTs. Repairs. Sldlni? LONG LIFE ROOFING CO. 18 08 J VARGA SHEET METAL & ROOFING CO. 138 Pat er son St. N.B. 2 -7831 Rug CIeaninj RUGSCleaned and Repaired Lorraine Rug Cleaning Co., N.B. 2-78:18 RUGS Upholstery, leather, cleaned on your premises. Tel. N.B. 2-9000. Sewing Machines) ALL Sowing Machines Repaired Free Estimates In Your Home SINGER Still pay top prices for used Singer Sewing Machines SINGER SEW1NQ CENTER .112 George St. N..B 2-0291 SALES and REPAIRS All types of sewing machines BOUGHT. SOLD, REPAIRED ALL WORK GUARANTEED HOCKNE SEWING MAC1I. CO. 56 Church St. N.B. 2-3084 or N.B. 2-8576 Screen and Sash Shop SAVE 1-3 OF FUEL BILL Screens, storm sash and weath-erprooflng in one permanent unit. Rusco All Metal Window. Diamond. 365 New Brunswick Ave., Perth Amhoy 4-0448. Trailers for llire RENT-A-TRAILER You haul or move anything cheap 14 for 24 hrs. 110 Rari-tan Ave.. H. P. N.B 2-5098. Trucks foi IIir TOP SOIL, fill dirt, sand, stone, gravel. C. Thomas Trucking. Tel N.B. 2-6851-M. 7 River Rd.. Highland Park. Tvpe writers TYPEWRITERS, adding machines. New, rebuilt. Bought, sold, repaired. American Typewriter and Adding Machine Co., 55 Easton Ave. N.B. 2-2222. Vacuum Cleaners REPAIRS on all make vacuum cieaners. Albright's. 84 Albany St. Tel. N.H. 2-1444. Venetian Blinds TEL. N.B. 2-469G 21-HOUR SERVICE Venetian Blinds RUGS DONALD SHADE SHOP Established 25 Years 23 LIBERTY STREET CALL N.B. 2-6104 for IMMEDIATE DELIVERY OX Venetian Blinds Window Shades Table Pad3 THE SUMMIT CO. 76 Rarltan Ave.. Highland Park Between Cedar tie First Washing Machine Service WHY WAITI Repair your washer now TED'S APPLIANCE SERVICE .VB. 2-3473 N.B. 2-4914 MAYTAG AUTHORIZED DEALER W specialize In Maying's, hut our expert factory trained mechanics service all makes. Guaranteed Rebuilding Parts for Every Machine MAYTAG REDMOND Co II EASTON AVE NR. 2-7289 OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 9 P.M. AUTHORIZED "fhor factory service for Middlesex County. 290 State St.. Perth Amboy. P. A. 4-3280. Watch repairing QUALIFIED EXPERT on the premises. All repairing guaranteed. Reasonable rates. Bernard J e wele rs, 1 39 A 1 b a n yS t. Window Cleaning Equipped to handle any Job Also floor waxing nhd polishing. South River Window Cleaning Co.. S.R. 6-0700. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 103. Houses For Sale SOUTH RIVER PROPERTIES If you want to sell or buy residential or commercial real estate In or near South River, call William H. A 11-gcle." at S. R. 6-21159 or N.B. 11 -11 5 . 7) . SHULTISE AGENCY BRANCH OFFICE 5 Reid St.. South River, X. J. 7-ROOM house, college location, 5 garages. Immediate occupancy. $12,500. Write O 14S. Home News. OCEAN and River front properties. Herbert Hannah. 514 Ocean Ave. Sea Bright 2-0208. S.MALI, bungalow, fi rooms. All Improvement.- Garage. 4 lots. Fruit trees, Taxes $23. $6,000. Off EaMou Ave., 3 miles from N. It. N.l!.2-fi2(l BUILD. IUJY. REFINANCE lOo'l.G. I. LOANS !hl Civilian CONTINENTAL MORTGAGE CO 67 Paterson St. X. B. I M M EDI ATE POSS ESS ION C-Room house, price $'J,000. 3-Family house, 14 rooms, 3 baths. Louis SI. $1.1.0(1(1. 7 Room. 2 family h o 11 m c. oil heat. All improvements. Highland Park. PETER BIRO OS French St. N.B. 2-1 2m HIGHLAND PARK 8-rooin house with all improvements. 2-car garage. Lot (10x150. Early possession. J. HARAYDA X.B. 2-9056 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 103. Houses for Sale 7-ROOM house. 6 years old. All Improvements. 2-car garage, hi acre ground. Near school and highway. Tel. Metuchen 6-0894J even i ngs. IMMEDIATE possession. 10-room house, 2-car garage and 1-acre of land. Tel. N. B. 2- 017RL 7-ROOM house. 2 baths. 2-car garage. Lot 75x100. Hot water heat. Hardwood on first floor, pine on 2nd. Living room, kitchen, dining room, sun room and powder room on 1st floor. 3 sleeping rooms and bath on 2nd. 1 large room on 3rd. Can be seen by appointment only. See Jean. N.B. 2-2431. ENOUGH used lumber to build a 5 or 6-room bungalow. Reason-able. Woodhridge 8-1593. FARMS, homes, acreage, business properties. John R. Potts. Route 2S. North Branch. Tel. Somerville 8-255L DISTRIBUTORS of Ford Homes Mortgage Loans General Real Estate Rarltan Valley Mortgage Service, 59 Paterson St. N.B. 2-8383 A HOME which couid be used as a rooming house. Lower Cod-wise Ave.. $16,500. IIIGHLA"Nb PARK Two-family. Five rooms Steam oil heat. $10,500. Immediate possession. Now vacant. GEORGE W. MILLER I2 0 Church St . N. B. 2-04 2 0 WHY NOT BE HOME" FOR CHRISTMAS? In this beautiful Colonial dwelling in the nicest suburban development, five minute from N. B ? Ideal for the executive. Make an appointment to inspect. Price $28,000 CHARLES S. BRUNO 67 Paterson St. N.B. 2-0909 We Sell the Earth And Insure Everything on It J. LOfZ, JR., Realtor Real Estate of All Description 40 Mitchell Av e N . B. 2-2592 7- ROOMS and bath. Fireplace. 1- car garage. Lot 60x500. Excellent neighborhood. Price 19.500. We consider this a real bargain.. 1CETTERLY-HAELIO CO.. REALTORS. Phone Bound Brook !U009J 8- ROOM home, 1 mil from Main St. Miiitown on Rlva Av. Oil heat, floctrlo range, electrlo hot water heater, artesian well, garage, tool house. Plot 176x210 Many shade and fruit trees. Price $18,000. Tel. Miiitown 8-044H-R. TWO-FAMILY house on Livingston Ave. Tel. N.B. 2-8047-It or 2- 2014-W. RARITAN TOWNSHIP A home of six rooms. Immaculate condition. Ready to mov Into as soon as you are ready. Priced for quick sale. $10,500. GEORGE W. MILLER 120 Church St X.B. 1-0420 MOVE RIGHTLN Furnished Cape Cod. 1H story home. 5 years old. 4 rooms. All Improvements. Unfinished 2nd floor, with two dormers and 2 windows. 1 car garage. Lot 50x 200 Selling at loss. $8,600. 30 DAY POSSESSION Furnished 1-family house. 5 rooms. All improvements. Lot 25x100. $8,000. GOOD LOCATION 2-famlly house: 2 four-room apartments. All Improvement except heat. $3,800. MORRIS BROS. 53 Paterson St. N.B. 2-1594 5-RfOM bungalow with all modern Improvements such as nil iif and tllA hdth Also On acre land. Good location. Immediate possession. Walter Hutchinson. N K 2-3477. SEE JEAN. KB. 2-2431 6-romn house, Immediate possession 1-car garage. $10,500. Owner transferred. 30 Day Possession Reautlful home. 14 rooms, 2 baths. 2 lavatories. Large living room with fireplace. Library with fireplace. Large dining room and breakfast room. Glass enclosed solarium. Game room in basement with fireplace oil hot water heating unit. Beautifully landscaped. 2 car garage. Approximately 1 acre. Approximate reproduction cost $60,000. Reduced from $35,000 to $25,000 for quick sale. MORRIS BROS. 53 Taterson St. X.B. 2-1594 OPEN FOR INSPECTION SAT.. SUN. 2 to 5 P.M. NEW HOMES, ready to mov Into. Four rooms, tile bath, automatic heat, plaster walla, attached garage, ItrKt plot. About one mile from Dunellen R. R. Station on South Waah-ington Ave. (Dunell en-X w Brunswick Road). May be Inspected any time by appointment M. Lamey. broker. Tel. Dunellen 2:5732. XEW bungalow In good location Xorth Brunswick. All improvements, oil heat. $10,500. 2 -FAMILY house. 5-room apartments. On Comstock St., near Livingston Ave. $10,500. BEN SPRITZER 53 Paterson St. X.B. 2-B440. OX HAMILTON ST., near Louis Street. An 8-room house, lot 25x150. Steam, water and electric. Immediate possession. For more details see Nelson T. Oram or L. Katko. Phone N.B. 2- 4S00 or 2-5041. 5- ROOM bungalow for sale. 49 Fairfield Ave., Fords, X. J. Perth Amboy 4-2852-R. NEW HOME. 4 rooms and bath. Reasonable. Small down payment. Call South River 6- 2245-J-l. XEW four-room brick home for sale or rent. 8 Claremont Ave.; South River. WOODBRIDGE For sale. 6-room brick house with attached garage; all improvements; 152 Clinton Street; $12,500 Vacant. Terms. Open for inspection Saturday afternoon 2 to 5. A. Dlenst. Unlonvllle 2-4 2 3(1 or M a r ket 2-S 3 45. AVAILABLE immediately. Price reduced for quick sale. Corner property. 6 rooms, sewing room, bath. 160 Hillside Ave., South River. COUNTRY STORE, grocery and delicatessen business in 10-room house. 2 five-room apartments. All Improvements. 2-car garage. ISO ft. front. MICHAEL LANKEWICH 18 Easton Ave. j-ROOM brick shingle bungalow and bath. 8 years old. All Improvements. OH and hot water heating system. 1 acre land nicely landscaped. Joseph Schwartz, Brooksldo Ave. (near Lake Nelson Road). North Stel- tonN.B. 2-8304-W. i STORY bungalow. 4 large rooms and bath, located on 12 Leonard ine Ave., South River. Immediate occupancy. For information contact the E. W. Price Agency, 75 Main Street, South River. MONROE T( )V"NSIUP IMMEDIATE POSSESSION 3- ro.iin bungalow, improvements, on large lot. 13,200. JAMESBURG I M M EDI A T E 1 'OSS ESSION 6- rooni hoiue, Improvements, 2-car garage. Excellent condition. Desirable location. OLIVER L. E. SODEN Ra Uroad A v e . J amesb urg 1-00 0 1 ONE-FAMILY, 6-room house. 2 miles from center of N. B. All improvements. BRENNAN, REALTOR 3C3 Livingston X.B. 2-7116 REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 103. Houses for Sale Immediate Occupancy Brick. 6 room, bath, steam. One room third floor. Good location Price $15,500. Vacant Metuchen Good location. 7 rooms. Steam, oil fuel. Live In Metuchen away from smoke where the air is pure and health Invigorating. $9,500. Keyport Two-family house with view of Rarltan Bay and Yacht Club from yogr backyard. Swimming, fishing and boating. Live where you play. 116.000. FULLERTON, Realtor 507-A Middlesex Ave. Metuchen 6-0811. Open dally. Eves. Sun. Metuchen and Vicinity 6-Room house $5,000 6-Room house and store combination $7,000 6- Room house 18.500 4- Room bungalow $8,500 5- Room semi bungalow $9,500 7- Room house 110.000 6- Room house 110.000 6- Room semi-bungalow 110.500 7- Room house 110,500 7- Room bungalow $11,600 44-Room brick, expansion attic $12,500 10-Room. 2-famlly. $12,000 9-Room, 2-famlly $12,750 8- Room house $15,000 Duplex, 6 room each $18,900 BOIILEN-SYNDEN 474 Main St. Metuchen Met. 6-I82S or 1827 Open JSvenlng Sunday RUSINESS REQUIRES MOVE TO HOT SPRINGS. ARKANSAS. Will aell for Immediate occupancy a new home at 1161 Park Ave.. Plainfield. N. J. Built to last, of the beat of every kind of material. Must be een to be appreciated. By appointment only. Call Plalnfleld 4-9549. WEST DEY ST.. Engllshtown. S-room bungalow, shed attached. Electric. Sold very reasonable. Engllshtown 4911 or see Mrs. Florence Strong, Engllsh-town, N. J. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. 4. room bungalow. 1 acre. $4 500. Tel. NB. 2-1767-W after 5 P.M. 104. Fan.1 and Land HUNTINGTON COUXTY 64 acres, 6 rooms, bath, modern barn, milk house, chicken coops, capacity 2,600. Tractor nd machinery. 12 cows, 250 chickens. Woodland, brook. $16,000. 3 acres, 10-room house. 2 bathrooms, oil heating. 2-car garage. On bus line. Near Somerville. $12,800. SKILLMAN 68 acres, 9 rooms and bath, garage, barn, chicken coops, 600 chickens, 4 cows. 6 heifers. Glendale hay and grain. Truck, tractor, machinery. 2 acres of orchard. Woodland, running brook. $19 0(10. JOSEPH BIELANSKI 255 N. 1st. Ave. Manvllle Somerville 8-1995 BRUNSWICK, ten acres. 6 room house, barn, all $2,300. Free lists. Highway frontage. Easy terms. H. Walker, Monmouth Jet, CLASSIFIED DISPLAY ANNUAL FALL CLEARANCE SALE 1946 FORD SEDAN 1946 NASH SEDAN 1941 OLDSMOBILE SEDAN 1941 PACKARD SEDAN 1942 STUDEBAKER 1939 CHEVROLET COUPE 1938 CHEVROLET SEDAN 1947 MERCURY CLUB COUPE. RADIO AND HEATER COLLEGE MOTORS Sixth and Raritan Avenues HIGHLAND PARK DIRECTLY OPPOSITE READE THEATRE BONAFIDE REDUCTIONS "WANTED" The SURPRISE STORE is looking for one person who has seen their famous three-room outfit, and has not said: "ITS THE FINEST BUY I'VE EVER SEEN!!" and you will say the same LOW PROFIT and HIGH VOLUME allow u to bring to you 3 GOOD ROOMS OF BEAUTIFUL BRAND NEW FURNITURE For Only $265.00 Only $2.82 Weekly NO DOWN PAYMENT FOR VETS ROOMS SOLD SEPARATELY YOUR LIVING ROOM consisting of 3 Pc. Spring Constructed Living Room Suite; End Tables; Cocktail Table; Floor Lamps; Mirror; Pictures; Drapes; RADIO; VACUUM CLEANER, ETC. YOUR BEDROOM consisting of 3 Pc. Bedroom Suite; Pillows; Vanity Lamps; Nite Table; Drapes; Scatter Rugs, Etc. YOUR KITCHEN consisting of 5 Pc. Solid Oak Kitchen Set; 32 Pc. Set of Dishes; 26 Pc. Set of Silverware. Etc. BUY AND SAVE the "SURPRISE STORE WAY" No red tape. No fuss. Larger selection. Bigger values. SURPRISE STORE, 7-H Front Street, Keyport, N. J. Keyport 7-0442. Free storage. Free delivery. STORE HOURS: Monday through Thursday, 9 to 6. Friday and Saturday, 9 to 9. We are located on the HILL; OPP. THE POST OFFICE Help Wanted Male SKILLED MECHANICS 2 General Millwrights (Must Be First Class Mechanic) 1 Millwright (5 Years Experience on Paper Mill Equipment) Johns-Manville Corp, MANVILLE. N. J. Employment Office Open 8 A. M. to 4:30 P. IX, 19 REAL ESTATE TOR SALE 101. Farms and Land TO CLOSE ESTATE Will sell large plot, over an acre High, cleared land In section near N. R for only $',50 Terms. X.B. 2-22t. FARMS FARMS OF BETTER CLAS3 COUNTRY HOMES of distinction throughout Centra! and North Jersey Tel. N R. 2-721.1 FLOYD S. CLARK 701 Lee Ave.. Cor Hollywood Sr. 105. Lots and Plots BEAUTIFUL spot with distant view, fine clear ground. Pus and R li. transportation. On'.y $100. Slxe 100x250 Near New Brunswick X U. 2-969S-J. Writ V 30, Home Xews. F( R O Uii-KSAf .I3" lTiTSI " HIOHLAXD PARK. TEL. X.B. 2-8958-W. LOTS and acre plots for sale near New Brunswick. Fred L. Bascom, 5 Railroad Plaza. FRONTAGE on hlg"hway" 25.!S and 27. Reasonable Easy term. Fred C Ha ven. N B 2-0525. RUSINESS. Industrial and residential sites In Highland Prk Alfred Buschhorn. N B 2-SC9 TWO IjOTS 50x150 located on Hamilton Road. Tel. N.B. 2-SH78-J. Vltale. CHOICE residential lot In Highland Park' north ld. Tel N.H 1-3564-M. TWO CHOICE LOTS In South River. 40x100 each. Pae1 Straat. Inquire U Nlaonoff. (I Ferry St.. South River. TeL South River 6-1083 CORNER IXri " GOOD LOCATION N.B 2-7712-R WILL EXCHANGE lot 7SxlS3. at Colonial Gardens, for part payment on house, would al-low time to build. N R. 2-2404. 107 Real Estate Wanted ONE or TWO-FAMILT HOUSES la or around New Brunswick. PETER BIRO 98 French St. X.B. 1-1101 BUY or aell homaa. farms or business through MICHAEL LANKEWICH 18 Easton Ave. X.B. 1-4771 CASH BUYERS For 1 and 1 Family Houia T. II. & D. J. FLYNN N.B. 1-8784 or Metuchen 8-1101 For Quick Sale List Your Properties Wtth JOHN T. CANZONIER 90 Bayard St. N.B. 18721 50 PURCHASERS FOR HOMES UP TO $10,000 CALVIN R. KATZ 110 Albany St. N B. 2-6341 FARMS AND HOUSES THOMAS VARGA 121 FRENCH ST. N.B. 1-7311 FOR quick aal list with Kos Service Agency, 203 Somerset St. Charter 7-0220. ONE or TWO FAMILY HOCSEsC New Brunswick or Highland Pic. JOHN ROMAN 56 Easton Ave. Phone 2-0341 List Tour Property E. J. CAHILL. Realtor Phone 2-0232 Was $1795 11795 $15.50 $125 12S $S4$ S530 Now $1659 11695 $1293 IWJ $1195 1:35 92M

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