The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1932
Page 3
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NOVEMBER 6, 1932 Clown Stuff Features Pol- ilical Ballyhoo in Number o? Slates. By NKA Scr\'ice CHICAGO.—The writers of t'.'e ouis'.aiuling political satire of th: day, the musical show "Of Thco J Sing." tliought they were ridiculing palilical circus .stunts in one scene. IJelOH- the rostrum, 'white campaign speeches are going on. are seen two grunting wrestlers, heaving and flopping to keep the crowd amusei while "listening" to the political speeches. But they only thought they were tcing satirical. For the irutii is /.Hanger than fiction, and real politicians during this campaign have beaten thc playwrights. The outstanding circus performer is Dr. John R. ("Goat-Gland") Brinkley of Kansas. He has had n -.rjnsiithnnl career as n medico, in l.Vho course of which he bsram? 'wealthy by hundreds of operations for the transplanting of goat- Elands into human beings, and treated thousands of people for diseases by remote control diagnosis and prescription. Ballads for Ballots Into quiet Kansas villages these evenings rolls a strange motorcade "Ammunition Train No. 1." (There is only one.) "Doc" Brinkley "rides ahead of a huge truck in a big 16- cylinder car. Behind come other cars bearing other members of his troupe. The motorcade halls, the Eicies are let down, amplifiers appear, and the wail of plaintive- cowboy songs fills the aiv. Hundreds are drawn in the'' t ,° SC ,f° LA ' Ark " Nov ' 5 - Thc scene. A preacher takes the stand ? arwe11 B ' Y ' P ' °' ° r "« oilers prayer and a talk. More Office Seekers Entertain Electorate (ARK.) COU1HBR NEWS I % m CIRCUS STUFF-Eccllon time Is the fall circus season, so above you have lx>n Small's river'shew boat. Charles F. Lindig's one-cylinder votc-gctior (top right) and Dr. John n. Brinklcy's traveling political medicine show (right). They're using from to appeal to the voters of Illinois, Pennsylvania and Kansas respectively. B. Y. P. U. Banners Awarded ITarwell, Willielni Unions prayer and n songs. Then all lighis are extin- elished except one on the speakers' platform, and Dr. Brinkley takes the stand and has his s^-: His wife and son arc with him. Tnen Brinkley fades out, the en- Icfiiainers resume the stage! tiie motorcade folds up and is O n its' way. It is a 1932 political medicine show. Brinkley has a good chance to 'be the next governor of Kansas— thanks to showmanship. • Len Small, former govsrnor of Illinois, has joined forces with "Big Bill" Thompson in a campagin for j the governorship. Thompson's po- . litlral genius,' • which flowered in I his' bitter 'shadow-boxing with King A George for the control ol Chicago, has contrived the hiring of a river steamer which has been converted into a political show-boat, she cruises the inland waters of Illinois, bearing large Small banners. The steamer is Small's stage for political rallies. Henry Field of,' la. originator of the "chicken-stew" issue in Iowa politics, and victor over former Senator Smith W. 'Brcol- hart for the nomination, also hai gone in for theatrics in a big way At several rallies ho introduced a flag-pole sitter, disguised as Brookhart-,- stranded on top of a pole bearing this placard, "I have DM up here ID years— Got nowhere yet ' Field also hired a troop of men to impersonate the members of Brookhart's family who were on tha public payroll, each bearing a placard .stating -his -salary. Even the dullest onlooker got the paint. An Ufa in Onions The Rev. Robert pierce "B=b' Ehuler of California, riinmrr against w. O. McAdco and Talhuii Tuhbs for the Ssnate, went, out into the rural sections, and with great ianfare bought three sacks of cn- ions for 90 cents. Then t.e promised the farmers he would take them to Washington, eat them ev ery day, and blow his breath over the Senate until they pass laws permitting the growers to make mon- Charlcs P. Lindig, campaignin lor the stat« legislature in Lewis- u >•"£, Pa., drives about his .... f , siiluoiicy in a 32-ycar-oM one-cyl- JiHJer car. This is his plea, for a return to the lower tax levels of 32 5 ears ago. iimil '| hU SC(Xl can Jf thc Baptist church of Blythevillc won the !;,!.:iner for efHrienpy and the Wilhelm Union of the same church won the attendance banner at the monthly meeting of the Mississippi County Baptist Yoimt; People's Union, held in the First Baptist- church here last cveninj. The meeting was attended by representatives from thc unions at. Blytlioville, Osceola and Wilson and was presided over by Joke Counts of Wilson, newly elected president. A pageant. "Building n Church" was presented by members of (he Something to Think About Osceola union parts taken by I/y-niaji Sliedclnn, J. B. Bunn, Marian. Margaret Hheudes, Gladys Boucher, Joyce Tompkins, Mrs. John Lance, Martha Hay, Mrs Alex Smith, Vela May Murli and Mrs. Geo. Allensworth. The subject ol the program Xvas "Worship" devotional .service evening's and the ivns lead by cy. fun r. Ray- icnn as<* m- his He- nl dhn" tr ™Wic'anl4 st^b'i ' * ec P an stumbled and fell to iLs knc ,,T an(! lan n iie had not grabbed the dea"t'h '^ Rnd held «*"** Harvard's Own Word Accepted by Dictionary CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (UP)-Harvard University has a dictionary- Accepted word all Its own-the word Dictionary "Detur. 1 Th« New standard defines "Detur" as: A book, or set of books, given as a prize to each meritorious under- S'sdiiale student In Harvard University; from the Latin word 'De- tur' (Let it bo given) on the nre- jfntalion bookplate. Tot custom of rewarding distinguished undergraduates at Harvard with "Deturs" has been In tojue since 1712. Fifty-fly;. wcrc .warded this year. A copy of a map made by Co- Kmbus in 1498 has been found in Constantinople. Mrs. W. H. Bccbe. The next meeting will be h on the evening cf December at the First Baptist church Blytheville. 'My House of Dreams' Presented at Osceola OSCEOLA, Ark., Nov. 5.— "My House or Dreams," a three act play was presented in the high school auditorium here last night to nn appreciative audience. The pro ccrds went to ths civic dcpartivonc of the Progressive club for i;se in the upkeep of Violet cemetery. The play was directed by Miss Julia Lillanl Craig, cf Osceola, and danciug. which was both a pan of me play and iviiich with chcri-S's interspersed the acts, \ was Greeted She's not only a (hinfcer, as this Rodln-uquc pose proves, but she's also the most distinguished and prettiest co-ed ai the University of Illinois. Here name is Blanche \Vtiddell. her h:;ne Chicago. Tiic university publication gave lie:- lh,-: li'i-s. Picture Hints of New Rom ce • " i"-i«j. it ii -3 -jit tutt;ii by Miss Cara Mai Hiros of Luxora. Specialty numbers wrs nn- fcntert between act-, by Wililam Trotter and Miss Evalyn Harwell c f Blylhcville. A contest conducted Just pr:ccd- ing the play, in which children be tween 2 and 4 years old were -n- iertamed. resulted in awards to- Posey Driver, small dauehter of Mr. and .Mrs. James D. Driver who was chosen the prettiest girl' ond Jc-3 Wayne Sneccl, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Th?o Sliced who was decided the ben loakin? b— in the contest. ° 7 Toronto Co-eds Set Up ShopsJoJBeat Slump lessen thc strain of the fnmilv TOnONTO. Out. (UP)- co. CI is at the University of Toronto. «to have cbtaincd employment in order to pay their college fees -to budget, or to raise "pin-moneV for _ themselves, have formed a elub , Tree "anc-s'' 1 ^ thc " iscll ' cs tiiaiThey don't look particularly serious her:, yet Broadway has H all In ma "r is figured cut that Marilyn Miller, late of thc music shows and cf Ilolly- . iany 01 tne women's donni- I ,,-^A ,,m ^ ,«^ri^ ^fore Christmas to Don AH'ar.ido. ymnv; torles, •'Free "••L^., iL. U iiut. j i-niiitcs nax'i cot i tp vardrote shops and boautv'oir- Lntl "- Al!lrrica " aclor ' II WBS aV.ul (Ir.Q «H*I Tnnn.L II._l ... . ^ nHrt^Ufnfl »nl,t 1-1 Illo film l-.rtH IU A ^ I r- ,, an <i «I»rt that "business is JOOu, Other students have obtained employment as theater ushers, che~k- r<vmi ~l^-i,_ . _ ' ^'ittaft- clerks, stenographers nursemaids. anti foiir monll-.r, that Marilyn . ., admitted, 'out in thc film belt, that they were engaged. At any rate.; they've been dancing and playing together about the night spots and were snapped here at the opening of a new New York i;ts;hi club. Woman Says Female Hobos Are Common hobos h' wiu ie Johnson, 22, a veteran of he road with 13 years- experience ™ ; !**«! h«r ,.p In the » ^ town beca " se s'Wworc thcs, an avlator . s cap antt I've been doing this since I " nine." . - r«os of girls and women riding the «td. "Thorc ft re hun- blinds. I've been in Jungles ,vif.' Chicken's Stomach omen—anti \re! We nov- i I as many as ^j s\omvu—ttnu \vt! _.. f. liave our cwn camp;, tco. We nov-! Yields cr bother willi the men. I "Tho rcf.fou more of us aren't' EUREKA, Cnl. (UPl—When '.h: heard frcm is that most cf the girls - owner of that famous gco.^ tin: say they're over 21 and then ire laid the golden eggs killed tho police let them alone. This Is the i fowl, so the fable gees, lie was 1111- flrst lime I've ever besn arrested, rewnrc'cd for his folly. I usually flip off somewhere be- Not £0 , however -.3 the os; c! fore we pull into Ihc yards." w. j. Gray, who Is richer by a She and her older brother took ' considerable quantity of precious to the road when her father flied I yellow metal relieved frrm theil in California. Triey headed for • digestive organs of a chicken. Four i I the South Dakota wheat fl«i; s nuggets, worn smooth durln? their II Since then she has covered most sojourn in the chicken's digestive If PAGE THREK ^^^^^^•^•^^^^^•i on't Be Misled! Kill Amendment No. 19 Simnsm-s .if the sales tax umcndmvnt hiive M>,, K ht (r. lead the voters In Ijclicve thai this ..mondna-nl will re ,l,,c« laxcK-THIS IS NOT IXJRKKCT. Thc H.tles tav amendment only fakes off part «,f the Slate Property Tax; It doesn't rediu-c levee tuxes, <|raina«c taxes, road - inim-ovi-menl taxes.', school (axes, city or county fam . On the other han.l it JNCRRASES ' TAXKS. I , Taxes From Cradle to Grave! In relmn fo,- |«kln K ,,ff .r very .smHll part «f (he to(»l <I1X ' ,„«, (hc pc i,,i e ,,f Arkunsns wil , " , lie fore,,! to imy A SA1.KS TAX THAT WILL AMOUNT TO f WICK TIIK AMOUNT OF THE I'KOI'EKTY TAX KKDCJCTION, through the im^Illon of n snles tax on every snle and resale, for cash, or credit, or by trade on pmcticully every concclvnhle article ^ou K hl and «old in Ar- , kimsus FROM. THK |.'IRST DRINK OF WATKR ONK TAKKS ON COMING INTO THIS WOULD TO THK CASKET IN WHICH HE IS HURim) WHEN HK PASSES OUT. New Taxes On Everything! Sponsors of the proposed sales IHX make much «f tl.c fnct (hut it will spread the tax over a K reater number of people. In that contention they are correct. THK NEW I'UOI'OS- AL PLACES A TAX ON KVEKY 1'URCHAHK MADE IN ARKANSAS IN EXCESS OF rOUll CENTS. When the children buy an ice cream cone they pay u tux. When you go (o the picture show you pay a tax. When you buy a sack of flour, bucket of Inrd, pint of milk, loud of stove wood you pny the tax. When the water, light and tclophoiu bill come -. in you pay another tnx-und thut's in addition to (he present Federal tux. When vou. go to a drug store to buy a bottle of chill tonic there's a tux on that. The seed the farmer puts into the ground in the spring payg a lax. The cotton sacks he uses in the fall, "the bngsinK and ties used to wrap his cotton, and on and on ami on down through thc list, pays thc ti«. YES, THERE'S NO DOUBT THAT THE SALKS TAX SI-BEADS THE 1JUR»EN-AND PILES IT ON. ' YOU DON'T ESCAPE IT EVEN WHEN YOU DIE. , ^ .., ' Time-Worn Propaganda Misleading! The old lime worn.cry "It's for (he schools" won't hold water this time. Many additional taxes have been levied on thc strength of that plea and more schools are closed .in Ar- k.ins-iis (odiiy then ever before and reducing .the pro-perty tax at this time will only close more of them. That's just another vote catching phrase of the proponents of this sales tax amendment. '..-.. Sales Tax Bill! DON'T UK MISLED INTO VOTING FOH THE SALES TAX ON THE REf.IEF THAT IT' WHiL REDUCE YOUR TAXES. THE FACT OF TIIE MATTER IS THAI IT WILL INCREASE THE TAX HIM, IN MISSISSH'IM COUNTY AND ARKANSAS. Buyers Pay the Bills! DONT WE MISLED INTO IJBMKVLNG THAT TIIK MERCHANT WILL PAY THIS TAX. THE ACT CLEARLY SAYS "COLLECT I'ROM THE BUYER" AND IMPOSES A HEAVY • ' PENALTY FOll ANY ATTEMPT ON THE PART OF THE MERCHANT TO EVADE, AR- SORIi, FAIL OR REFUSE TO COLLECT THE TAX FROM THE IHIYER. YOU ARE THE BUYER AND WILL PAY. THE MERCHANT ONLY ACTS AS THE COLLECTOR FOR THE STATE. Save One Dollar and Pay Three! Is there any tax reduction in putting one dollar in the right hand pocket and taking threo out of thc left hand pocket? T what this sales tax amendment will do for vou. Vote Against Amendment 19 On November 8th And Protect Yourself Against More Taxes! apparatus, were found w< Read Coarfcr N-ews Want Adi. ! Grny prepared the fowl for Mrs.

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