The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 30, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, November 30, 1934
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- • • ' ti" Served by the United Press VOL. XXXI—NO. 219 THE DOMINANT N1WBPAPKR BlytterlUe Dmlly Nem Blythevttle Ocuifcr -E COURIER NEWS OP NORTHEAw AWUNBAB AND WD^W 1UB«OUW "^"^ ". k-J HOME EDITION >•• aifuienue i»uy Nem Blytaertlle Ocuiter „, —-- jf Mlalsalppt Valley Leader Blytbeytlle neiald Rl.YTHRVIU.R, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, NOVRMHER HO 198.1 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS North Little Rock Man New State B.Y.P.U. Head OF SLAIN 'BABES-IN- WOOD' LITTLE ROOK. Nov. 30 (UP) — Alton dc Black of North Little Rock will succeed; J. P. ' Friend.', Blytlievllle, ns president 'Jof , the j state Baptist Young Peoples Union. Miss Irene BnrJiwcU, Bawsviilc, will be Die 'new .secretary, and Keith Sherrnan, of Pine Bluff, wi~ IK the new treasurer. ' The officers, named by the nominating committee, wore to he voted on as a formality late today, Rev. Homer Williams, Lir.T,; Rock, said. Otlier Important business find addresses for the clos- fhe'TmpendliiB. f " E SMS| °" ° r "™ Uircc-.iny meet."If. wcrc scheduled for late.- this cucrn ° on - 1«LEJR1«5T Free Hand for Her Expansion Program in China Is Nippon's Goal BY KODNF.V BUTCHER WASHINGTON.-The impen.....,, naval race will cost the taxpayers so much money that they at least ought to know ivhd't' they're getting for it. •-.-..-. They won't find out In the official reports from Washington or the London preliminary .naval conference. But here's Hie situation: ' . Japan demands naval parity with the United States and Britain because she intends lo have a free hand. In Asia. She Is going to dominate China ami plans com- -mercial expansion over a wide sphere. . Although In case of war she Is in no danger of attack by an American "or British'-navy acting alone, she fears that the two English-speaking nations might some day merge or threaten to merge their fleets a^iinst her. Such a combination now would mean a 10-a ratio-Against Japan. Parity would mean only a 10-5 ratio and Japan, thanks to her geographical location, would feel fairly safe with that. So she plans to bust the 5-5-3 Washington treaty. ./ ' You can just forget the story that Japan's demands are inspired by national pride. Worried by British Move Our government is now making strenuous bids for a naval under• »slarjdlne with England. The the- ':ory "here; is that we must have r -€bat or-embark-on a^huge- naval ^buildingorogra'rn. < " > ••;>•'•— High officials in State and Navy departments were.'"'. jittery as • Britain -began makine vague--corn pro- .mlse ..offers to;'the Japanese at London:. and , are correspondingly elated now'that .Japan iW-turned thejn' down.' .- - V V . .Our "adfhlrtils can't understand why .the British, wjth a Far. Eastern commercial stake far larger than ours, aren't'anxious join . •hands with us In : a common'>policy! R, lt TT, 0 .,' - nnd a definite naval understand-1 lllcy re la'"' at la Japan. .,...._ But some of tlie very best Kuessers believe Britain won't play ball. In thR'first place, our negotiators couldn't promise that we would Join her In cose she were Tell 'Em Apart? Parents Can't GETS FiYtpi Local Man Sentenced (or Violation of Federal Narcotic Act Paul Elam of this city has been sentenced to five years in a federal prison for violation of the federal narcotic act by Judge Ma. r - tlneau In federal court at Jonesboro thl!) week. ' Elam also faces a narcotic act charge In Missouri federal court. Frank Courtney'; taken into custody by police here several months ago, entered a plea, of guilty to a charge of counterfeiting and was sentenced to four years ' Imprisonment. Courtney, an old offender, admitted he had bam making bogus dimes when forms were fount? .in his possession here. Jail officers at Jonesboro said they had discovered -that Courtney had been making counterfeit five cent pieces in the Jonesboro .iail. ,\ HI D. Mizzell, Blytheyille man arrested with Courtney, 1 whs found not (guilty of-being art -accomplice of Courtney's. fl?lil.ine Japan. as congress wouldn't stand for It. . .: . . ' • ' • * •- f.nnlnnil Plays Safe Tm in years. Eiiglnnd has been halnnning between France and Oermnnv. nnw fnvoring one and than the other. This attitude of Independence seems to be her favorite role. And it's ni least likely t.hil, srm win now let the navnl situation drift nlon«, being frlcnd- Jv to us' without antagonizing Janan. ^fow as lo am own position: Tli(> American navy can easily protect the coasts. Alaska, the Pnnnmn Cnnal. nnd Hawaii. In the event of war with Japan. But not our interest.* In the Philippines or the Far East. _f Payroll Until Congress Acts, Says Cummings WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 (UP) Attorney General Homer S. Cummines ruled today that 1,000 investigators of the Internal revenue bureau's alcohol tax : unit may rc- mnin on their jobs without pav if they wish to take a chance that congress later may reinstate them. Tire ruling was made by Cum- mJrigs nt the request of the treas- urv droartment, seeking to prevent : disruption of its liquor Jnw enforcement staff, facing n busy holiday season. • Under the ruling "the full staff of 1.400 Investigators will continue on duty without pay, it is believed. oner's Jury Investigated the dtnth of Nelson himself. The jury returned a verdict of justifiable homicide. ' , The. slain outlaw's 26-year-old sister, Mrs. Juliette . Fitzsimnipns, testified at the Inquest that more than six months ago both Nelson and hts wife had accepted the Idea that eventually he would die like Kvcn tlieir paronls can't |r>n •vliic-h i» Dorotliy niid wliicli is , F,lcannr. Tlirso. iwln diiuelitprs ol Mr. nnd Mrs. .1; (I. |.'air. banks, of Independence, Mo., nro Kiich noar-iipn'oet iloublrs that . (liey • allerualoil In tlm feiiuulnn load roln In n scbool pby nnd jio nno kji^iv nf tlie cbange. Tliat'» Dorothy at the IcK. Chancellor Gautnev Dis- noses of Loiig List "of Cases Here Twenty-five divorce, dr-creos were granted by Chancellor J. P. :Gaul- : ney at an adfourned dav of chancery court held here' Wednesday. Decrees wcrc granted In the following cases, with grounds llst- W. J. Overall vs. Ida J. Overall, indignities: Harriett M. Jolitf vs. Alva Jolllff. desertion; Joe D. Martin vs. Anna C. Martin, Indignities: .Mable DnPriest vs. A: n. DuPriest, desertion; Maigie Den- »ls, desertion: Myrtle Vernon vs. McKfnley Vernon. indifiniUcs; Mildred Pheglev vs. Tom Phegley. Indignities: Buelh Priiett vs. Raymond Pruelt; desertion. O. A. Lambert vs. Pear! Lambert, desertion: Katlirvn Wester- Held vs. Joe P. Westerficld, Indignities; Mlttlc Christopher vs. Slayer nf Sweetheart Refused New Trial WILOER-BARRE. Pa.. Mov. 30. (UPl—Rohert A. Edwnrds, cnnviet- of tn^ "American Tratrodv PT?I>H Door Kit; Issue pur navy is fnr from strone • ^ „. „.,.. ninuricin ira<rcqi'- snv- enoneh | 0 cross the Pacific and j ln« of Ms sweetheart. Freda'MC- "''" attack Jaoan and no Kpcbnie. was refused a new trial today. Tlie decision one hns vet nrnnosed nn expansion program which would give us thnt stren?lh. tWhether we would . n nnW three or flve times as sl.rntw as (he Jnoancsc to neht so fnr nwnv from home is a matter of nrenmenU n. parity for Japan wouldn't nllv change the situation. State D»nnrlmcnt folks prlvate- lv mm wilh this, except for the insistence that the 5-3 ratio acts ns a r-Tlaln ch""k on Jaoan In lior rnids on Clilna. (Nfavbe von hnrtn't noticed III) The Open Door policy, nnilonal nrestCe, nnd trade hundod do^Ti Jud?c w. A. Valentine, who s«n- tenccd Edwards to death. Two other indues who. with Valentinn. sit en bane, durintr the areiuiwnls fnr n new trial, concurred In the onln- in The three heH that the onnortunlties enter the scene at this point. jfliY, Sccrclnry Hull, ns a congress-!^""—of man, oprxwd the Washington Trent" in 1922 because it Rave up court did not err in ndmittin^ as ^videnrc love loiters exrlwn^-i t, v Edwards and Marsoret crain East Aurora. N. Y.. loqeher. with x.-h^m M wns enamored ni the time Miss McKorhnle, an expectant mother wos killed. our Far Eastern nnval bases. He !">'(. s"vine 'so publicly, but the Open Door is a sacred principle wl| h him nnd he seems lo feel lh at America's destiny lies In the J^r East, with Us hundreds of millions" of Chinese and other customers. es Soaring Roosevelt nlso believes sirnnn navv. so It's ..«.,. .-nj n, ^ [Kx^wiu w predict n dofinile American policy preservln? the present naral ratio. 1S2 millions this n.wM which 129, came from Federal Agents Want Full Vengeance fe.r Death of Three Officers ", • CHICAGO, Nov. 30. .(UP)—Federal Rgeii(.s, seeking to avengeUlie loss of three of their fellows killed by -George iliaby Face) Nelson, U, S. Asks fniunctioii Up- lioklmg Collective Bar- Three Killed as Typhoon Sweeps Philippines MANIl,A, : l>. 1., Nov.-'30. (Ui>)- Tnrfe duatlyij and huge property loss were reported today in a typhoon wtilclHrlppcd through a sec- lion of the 1'lilllpplnc 1 Islands. • , An estlnmlcd 10,000 liomts wh'e destroyed. WASHINGTON, Nov. 30 (UP) — The governmenl Instituted court proccedliigs todny In nn effort to bargaining representatives for nil ivorkers. The labor hoard ruling, combnl- tnri by numerous manufacturers, wius can-led to federal court by the justice department after several months of delay In an injunclloi suit agnlnst the Hondo Maniil turltig company. Buffalo, N. Y. ' Court of Appeals Rules "Lindbergh Law" Valid DENVER, Col., Nov, 30. IUP)_ ConsllluUonallly O f Hie so-called "Lindbergh law" against kidnaping WHS upheld by the United Stales circuit court of appeals In u decision handed doiv!i here todjiy. 'l lie court denied n new trial to Harvey J. ij-illcy, convicted -kld- now serving a life sentence. Declares Japan Seeks Further Naval Reduction ; • Alabama to Make Rose Bowl Trip PASADBNA, Oal., Nov. SO (Ul'J •fitantord inilverslly today mi- Uml the Unlvereity of Year's (Jay iuid, him accepted. AI before him. ° . •' ; "He knew It would come," 'exclaimed the young mother who-still thinks her brother was "clever and a good kid." - i 'Helen knew It too but she cjiose to go with him because that's whore she thought .she belonged." E IN DEB DfllE IT LIKELK Expect Barnes to Die December 15 Despite Fri;, day Execution \Custorn • Frank Barnes, competed of first degree murder In trie slaying ot C. A. Martin, youthful: Blytheville tax! dfiverftvill"die' In "trfcV'etMtric chair on Saturday, December 15 as .sentenced. unless some change in the date, not now anticipated, Warden s'.. d .Todhunter of the ale penitentiary has .written the circuit clerk's' office'Here inquirlnK L >h , n C 90 " I(1 not ' be ch °»^d so tlint -die execution •• would take Place on a.';-Friday instead of a" Saturday Warden .Todhunter ex- palned ihat it-was an old custom at the penitentiary for executions to be carried out on-Fridays but explained that the custom had been broken at various times and could be broken again. Unofficial opinion here was that the date of execution could not be changed now except -by action of Governor Futrell and since Warden Todhunter Indicated In Ills letter that, the custom could be varied it seemed~'hardly probable that lie would ask • the governor to change the date. .-The principal request "in Warden Todhunter's leltcr was lor a. change in HID committment of Barnes to show the date ot sentence, missing from the original commitment given the warden ns represented by 12 persons el- and that these poisons iKhall represent all the cmnloyes In bargaining on wages and. hours and that the company shall endeavor in good faith to make an agreement with the union whenever n demand Is made for collective bargaining. 2.—That the company shall not bargain with anyone, else. 3.—That the company shall not interfere with or attempt to coerce its employes In the conduct of 11 ic Lewis Christopher, annullment, de- when he came here lo accompany fendant having living wife: Bella Barnes to the death house '-at Conner vs. Virgil Conner, indigni- Tucker Prison farm. Barnes was ties: Ruth Truelove vs. Richard rentenced by-Judge G. E. Keck on Trill-love, desertion; Rosie McOlure November 0 after he had been vs. R. D. McOlure. indignities: Ed '°und guilty of first degree mur- Jnyton vs. Ethel Clayton, indiirnl- der and his punishment assessed lies: Odessie Johnson vs. Nelson at death by electrocution by a jury fohnson, desertion: Bobby Bell vs. on November 7. Huah Bell, desertion: Maxlne Stewart vs. Bill Stewart, desr-r- ion: E. H. Conner vs. Una P. 3onner: Indlenittes: Henry Jetton vs. Bessie Jetton, desertion. Ada Rider vs. Tine Rider, desertion: Minnie Bujcrskt vs. Bernard Bu.iorski, desertion; John H. 1 Williams vs. Sudie V. Williams. Indignities; Mar]brle E. Smltli vs. William E. Smith, desertion; ;Pearl Rlckman vs. John Rlckman, deser- lion. Temporary alimony of $10 monthly nendln? final decree was allowed Mrs. Gladys Hammock In her suit against George Hammock nnd temporary allmonr of $25 monthly was allowed Mrs. Lorene Lou? pending decree in her suit against Story Long. for Aged Wardell Man CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. —Funeral services we're held Tuesday from the Mission church here for G. D. Dcnton, .86, of Wardell. Mr. Denton was born May 25. 1848, near Nashville, Tcnn. He moved to PemLscot county about 30 years ago and lived in the Braggadocio community, where he wr.s engaged in farming. His Mfe died about 12 years ago, {•-••with filed In Buf- . the government asked the court, lo order: . , -—That the company must Two Additions Restore Staff to Size of r More Than a Year Ago : Tile Mississippi County .Health Unit now hns a complete p'srson- ncl for the first time since :March, 1933. The Unilcd States Public Health Service Is again extending IU nctli'lUfs in Arkansas and n number of health units In the stale are. having new member? added. Miss Mac Posler lls the nev, nurse-clerk and Ora Shonyo lias hecn reassigned lo the position ct Inr-peclnr which hod been vacant. : These supplement Dr. A. M Washburn, director since the unit was founded,. Miss Annabel Bryant, who has been here for some time, Miss Hilda Scott, of Little Rock, who Iras recently been assigned lo Mississippi county for the ERA program, and Earlna Brown, uho does similar work among the negroes. Miss ScoU and Eartna Brown work in cooperation with the unit althougl their positions are with the ERA Miss Foster had teen doing the ERA ivork until she received the appointment to regular unit activities and Miss Scott hns just arrived. ' With the force actively function Ing, Dr. Washburn is mapping put an extensive program for the winter months. Woodmen Will Initiate Class of 100 Tonight ° 0<1 Wo here tonight by Ash No. 154, Woodmen of ., . ••- and other camps of this section. . Farrar Newberry, slate manager *-" national watchman of the will be the guest of v , - •, and since he has been living F°°,"\ w [" "» the 8"<*t of h his children, spending much R°"? r , and the Principal speaker, of his lime in (his city with a 1 £*'"""" at 6:3 ° P- '"• the mem- daughter, Mrs. Lo| s Bn k er pers will enjoy a barbecue dinner treaty In order to ratio system and accomplish "further and drastic naval "n," Foreign Minister Kokl old the Japanese' parliament I's official report lo the leg- body left little doubt that tinesc nation Intends lo renounce Hie Washington limitation agreement. Says Germany Will Buy When U. S.jJuy S from Her MEMPHIS,-. Nov. 30. <UP)_Dr. Hans Luther. German ambassador o Die united States, declared here oday his country would-start buy- Ing- cotion from (he South again when America starts buying from Gcrmnny •The ambassador pausing here briefly en route to Washington irom thp Pijclfio coast, declaicd 'We cant buy from nations that lont.buj fiom us because no gold., * * " \ Liilhsr said Germain reduced lier impoits of American cotton be roro the cotton acreage reduction was stnrtrl m [he South "In fact" h« oxp'alned, our re uccd. Imports «as in part respom slblc for the acreage reduction Insanity Defense for Steinmetz Is Probable NEW YORK Nov 30 (UP) — Joseph Stclnmel?,. 22. former Los Angeles divinity student, pleaded not guilty today ..U) Indictments charging h[ m wl[ |, t nc nrst dc murder of his wife and a Roman Catholic priest. The plea followed a heated discussion between the judge ami Samuel Liebowltz, criminal Uor- ney, who appeared for the defense A hint that a temporary Insanity (Hcnse is In prospect came when General Sessions Judge Geo L. Domiellan said he had been In formed by Llcbowltz that Stelu met?, probably would retain alien Isls. The youth Is accused of stioot- Ing his 17-year-old wife, Ruth, and Ihe Hev. J. J. Leonard In a room at the K. of c. lioter-iarly this week Negro Dies of Wounds, Wife Admits Stabbing Lucy Davis, negress, self-admitted slayer of her husband, Fred Davis, and Fred Buchanan, idiom police believe may have b:cn an accomplice If not r, principal In the killing, have been lodged In jail here. Davis died Wednesday night within a short time after he was fatally stabbed. The woman admitted to officers that she knifed her husband during a dispulc while card game. She said he succeed cd In walking the remaining dte tance to the house and then toll ber he was dying and to get i doctor. He died before a physlciai could be summoned. Nevt year's appropriations will '"i twl.ween son nnd .?« million's i we'll be still within treaty limits. Most of our caoltal shins will ""«• rescind the "ace limit" by °.'s and thc.v cost nbout "" ofl P riie<x>. No one en Hrlivj mst of n naval riw. wli'l'i •>nt>n in whlr-h we would build l-"iil |.vo Kb IDS In her one. Tho hcst hone for the taxpayers »(w* to rest In the lingering siKnlcton here Hint, Japan mav "tier oil. he Muffin? nnd won't enter such a race. That suspicion —;-—•», ,ii vnt , nkTvai Isn t iinywhcrc ripnr w> stronE D*J millions In J934j and H waj| Sandy Ridije Infant Is Victim of Whooping Cough Lewis Gordon Hogan, 17-monlhs- old son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Hogan ot the Sandy Rldse community, died at the Blylhevllle hospital at 5:40 o'clock yesterday afternoon a few minutes after he had been admitted. The baby had teen sulTerlng tor some time from whooping cough nnd complications. Funeral senlcss were held tills afternoon at cobb chaw) with the R«v. Mr. Henfrp, pastor of the Second., Baptist church, officiating. Interment . was made nt sandy Ridge cemetery. He was a member of the Meltio- olst church, but when living In this city attended the Mission church. He Is survived by three sons. Dr. W. H. Dcnton of Wardell, Dr. L. D. Denton of Braggadocio and Fred Denlon of Lunsford, Ark., and two daughters, Mrs. Lois Baker of this city and Mrs. L. E. Blngenheimer of Braggadocio. /CRIP Would you give two make some deserving- man a job? BlythevlUe Relief Scrip Is making jobs for m.inv men. When jou fall to use Scrip or Relief Stamps you are probably Uldmf i a, Job from some fellowman; • 11 ---j-v » •*<»» ucv-ut; uuiiivr !",., lodge hall « a '.'" which the ll]lf.IOrnt*U ivnratnstM*! — .111 ».. t. .1 > will be held in charge of the officers and degree team of the local camp. The famous Arkansas second section will be exemplified following the initiatory degree. Captain J. B, OoodJi'ln and Major T. w. Newland, both of whom are head of Ihe Little Rock uniform rank team, will accompany Sovcrlgn Newberry here. These officials will be met by the Little Rock degree team In Jonesboro on Illo evening of December .1, when n class of 75 new members will be initiated there. in the nciil 01' Uosea rt iia- lbull unnui No.v The nn/iauiicRmi'iil. was niiule by I Muster.-, i>ra,liiiUo iiiiinaBIT of linifwd, iliraug>i ih,: Toiinmi"cm Kwcs IN SlfiT[BETTEB More Jobs, Higher Pay Than a Year Ago Says Commissioner McKinley 'LITTLE HOOK, Nov. 30 (UP) — More men arc employed nt higher wages in Arkansas ihnii n year ftgo,. Labor Commissioner Ed 1. McKlnlcy said today nftor .sludy- !i)(i reports from G9.1 representative . Industrial and hiercnntllc establishment;;. The unemployment Increase announced by William Green, president of the Arkansas Federation of Labor, has no traces In Arkansas records. Arkansas labor Is .III butler condition limn it has bcrh In recent years. While there 1- nu actual count of employes the monthly re)K>rls to the labor btiro-ui Miov, lieiKh ^neirlngly McKlnlev explained In percentages of inilntlon of ciniilojmeMt am payrolls.» Emoloyes «oi!(ing for tile 503 firm 1 ! i.p rtlni; as of Novembci 18 ucilipd «1D mqie per »cek C tn#i pay checks than for, the Same ,,.or!od Inst jenr^ ror-the pvt to/en or olijlit jears McKinley rnld time ins been a decline o; from t«o lo slv pei r»nt In employment and ruuolts dining Noiunbci as conipireil will October Fniploymenl decreased only 4 of one per'rent and piy roils only .1 of one per cent tbls SWrnru I ist Novembei em- llojment dropped J p-r cent and payrolls 2.1 per cent. , n, NOV 30 cu P)—Anthoilllcs today announced fiasKlvc Identlflcnllon of Elmo .1 Nonkes Rosevllle, Cal. who with u niece was found dead lit Dun- caiullle, Pa, shortly aftei the bod- .cs of his tlnee mmdered duuglu !en ncie dlicovcied near Carlisle. Identification was completed, officials said, by compailson of fingerprints taken when Noakcs was In the marine corps at Mare Island, Vallcjo, 'Cn\. Nccikcs, a widower, shot himself, lo dentil afta killing the niece', Whittled Pierce, 18, at, Duncan- vllle, 100 Dili's nest of wheie (he bodies of the thice little girls w<ic found ' "• Cnlliornla nuthoritles, in recon- i cling the crime, said Noakcs and Ml?s Pteicc, his lioiisckjepef, wcic In love ant! ned Rosevilie with the thiee elrls 10 tliey could many New York Cotton .NEW YORK. Nov. 30. (UP)- Colloji closed very, steady. open' high iow close . 1250., 1254 12-17 1251 . 1250 1257 1250 1258 1263 1264 1250 12Q2 Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. 1267 1260 1223 1268 1260 1230 1258 1251 1221 1263 1250 122G Spots closed quiet at 1280, off f New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Nov. 30 <0P)_ The cotton market was easier to day, mostly because of weak foreign markets and Secretary of Agriculture Wallace's announcement of the 1935 cotton acreage program. open high low close Dec 1250 1251 1248 1251 Jan 1253 1257 1153 '1255 Mar-, 1263 1265 1259 1262 May 1265 12G9 1202 1265 July 1262 12G2 I25C 1257 Oct 1232 1232 1225 1228 Year-Old 'Niece Ended in Death for Five Children Identified CARLISLE, Pa, NoV 30 tUPJ— Tlie three «lrls found murdered hcai here wire "suffocated by cx- IcfnM means," Cumberland Counjy Coronci EdAiird A Haegelc said" today. Pending arrival of California ret-' lime bodies of thp victims, Identified an Norma Noakes, 12, Devllla Noakes, 10, and Cordelia Noakes, B v ill be held at a local underline parlor, the coroner, said . The chlldien were found on"a mountain side near here, carefully tuckcri beneath_ blankets At first thelndeath was' not connected T»lfh tlu^ sulr4de*and minder at DuS- cniiville, 10U- miles away, hi «hirh """• '• and 9 young Persful May Be,Sent To Alcatraz Prison JONUSBORO, Atk-Rufe ful Arkansas bad man, expert marksman and slajcr, may be sent to Alcatruz Islam! prison, designated se\eral months ago as tlie prison for criminals considered of the worst type by federal authorities. Such prisoners ns Machine Gun Kelly, Al Capone and other famous bad men and gangsters are already Incarcerated there ~ J, Persful entered a plea of gully to violation of the federal Lindbergh kidnaping law and was sentenced lo 20 jears by Ju<Jge<4l«r. x tineiui \ ,ij Pcrsful has one of the, \torst records In Arkansas state courts "of killed several men Second Rental Payments- Reach Pemiscot Growers CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo-County Agent M D. Amburgey ,has begun the distribution of' 1932 checks to Pemiscot county farmers representing $14006055 m second payment of cotton acreage rentals. Information has been received by Amburgey that parity payments In the sum of $96,983.60 have been Dec May Corn open high low close 893-4 91 1-S 891-8 893-4 87 5-3 89 1-8 87 5-8 88 3-4 Plan Demonstration for Scottsboro Negroes NEW YORK, Nov. 30. (UP)—Tile National student League and the Student L-sgiie for Industrial Democracy today announced plans for a nation wide demonstration to demand the release of the Scottsboro boys and. Angelo Herndon during the week of December I to 7. Communications have been sent out to all schools and colleges (n which the two organisations are represented urging the dcmomtra- tlons and subsequent, campaigns to raise money for the prisoners' de- I tense, the announcement said. England's largest mountain Is Ben Nevis, 4408 feel; Everest, the highest mountain fh the world, Is nearly seven times that height. c?, , i , . . — ° ' illc &UIn oi 5yt)^o360- hn SpoLs closed steady at 128 1, off 10. approved at' Washington ; not _ known when these Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Nov. 30 (UP) — Steels, aviations, molors and tobaccos were strong on Ihe stock exchange today and the whole list displayed a firmer tone as the close approached. A. T. and T 107 7-8 Anaconda Copper 11 Bethlehem Steel 317-8 Chrysler 40 Cities Service l 5.3 Coca Cola 154 7-3 General American Tank 39 General Electric 20 3-4 General Motors 33 3-8 " 38 3-4 29 3-4 It' js _ lattet may be expected here With tlie receipt of this second payment, farmers of thU county «nve been paid $840.04736 In two years in compensation for theil- reductions in output This Includes $835,76561 paid on cotton plow-up and acreage reduction con- rack and $4,29175 on com and hogs The former amount Is the largest received by any county In Missouri International Harvester Montgomery Ward Xcw York central Packard Phillips Petroleum 4 1-8 15 1-2 Radio Corp 57. Simmons Beds ........ n St. Louis-San Francisco 1 3-8 Standard of N. J. 42 7.3 Tex&s Co ' 213-4 V. S. Steel 33 7.3 McKpsson-Robblns 'i 5-8 Konltc. ;, 4 U. S. Smelting -..'., 119 American Ship Officer Dies in Italian Hospital MESSINA, Sicily, Italy, Nov 30 (UP) — Frederick Roberts, 37, v "of Chicago, an officer aboard the American steamer Exchange, died in a hosbital at. Piemqnte today from bullet wounds received In fight abosrd the vessel. WEATHER Chicafio Wheat Arkansas—Fair,' colder, freezing M tonight. Saturday fair, somewhat I warmer. i Memphis and vicinity—Fair and (colder tonight, Saturday fair. The maximum temperature hire yesterday was' S\', minimum 39, cloudy, with A\ of'an Inch rain- open high low close ,, „. „ „.. UMl ltul Dec 98 3-4 99 3-8 98 98 1-2 fall, according to Samuel P. Nor May 98 3-4 99 1-4 "97,7-8 98 l-Ujrls, official rather obs«rv«r t v

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