The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1937 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1937
Page 2
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(Afrk.) COURIER \! Social Calendar •"TUESDAY'S EVENTS Mrs, , J. Kick , JJiomas bav ing Tuesday Bridge club. Chapter '"N" P. 'E. O. Sisterhood, " meeting" 'with Mrs H«rry Ktrby, V.St^P. M. Mis. Jesse Taylor having Young Matrons Bridge club. W M U, First Baptist church, having week of prayer meeting, 2 30'P. M. Sunbeams ' meeting First Bap list church, 3:30 P. M, j Junior G A meeting Mrst Baptist chuich, 4 P. M. Inlcrmeaiate G. A meeting Firs^tiB.aptlst church, 4 P. M. • V WEDNESDAY'S EVI.VI- ' Sudbury P. T. A. meeting, 3 P. M," at school, following executive board meeting, 2'30 P. M. Mrs. W,'*J. Wimderllch having Wednesday Bridge club. Church 'of Christ Bible study, meeting with Mrs O D Grimes, 2 30 pjfi. " Delphian Society metllng Hotel No>le, 9-30 am. „ THURBDAVS EVENTS Thursday ^Bridge club meeting with Mrs Hiram Wj'lle Mrs. Guthrie King having Town end «Cflimtry,,club.'' ' Mrs Byron • Morse hnving Thursday, Luncheon club Mrs. Harry \v. Ifaines IvaMng Mid-Week Budge club W M. U, First Baptist church, having ucek of prayer meeting, 2-30 P M Chaptei "N" P. E. O. ! Sisterhood having "bingo party nt Catholic hall, 7:30 P. M. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Democratic Women's club meeting at Hotel Noble', 9:30 urn Golden Rjde Sunday School class, First Christian church, having bingo parfy, 7'30 pm, nt home of Mr. and Mrs, W. H Stovall 'SATURDAY'S EVENTS ' Children^ of Confederacy having luncheon meeting; nt Jionie of Martha Ware Bobbins, of Sleele, 12,30 p.m; '» t •• Declines to Risk Contract By Trying for Extra Trick Mre. W. N. Williams .', Complimented at Parlies, t Mrs w N Williams,' who with Mr "\villlams nnd daughter, Jsan, is leaving 1 ' this afternoon for Jack-' ion, Miss , was-guest of honpr af fan afT"'r5 «fn r lue' the past several days The WllllamEBi_are lo reside at Jackson, vfier'e Mr jy/illlflinB has ace-pc.a a pasltlon'lw'ilri a" luinbe ( " company Tia has been mannager of UiQistorS at, Armorel lor the pis 12 ye_arsi_ ^_ , Mrs ,Charles"crlgge'r Jr, and Mrs* Eddie Regenold liad a bndge luncheon for Mrs. Williams Saturday at the Woman's club when 16 of tlu guest of honor's must intima friends were invited Jonquils wer* featured In the spring fio.ver' •which adorned the club and thl' motif was used m the place cards After lunch there were brldg games and a. handkerchief shone for Mrs Williams Miss Bob Williams, of L-uxora, won a luncheon set for high score, the cut pibe, a double deck of cards, went to Mis Earl Buckley, and Mrs William' was presented a summer purse Mrs Williams wns complimented with a luncheon Friday by the Armorel parent-Teacher Association which presented her n silver lr«y Mrs, WiUtams \\as one lime president of this group nnd Is non- treasurer * • T Has Rook Club. Mrs. c. E. Wilson entertained the Thursday Rook club when shf used bouquets of jonquils to decorate her living room After the rook games a dessert course was served lh« members and one guest, Mrs B. M. Matthews .*-..« - * Makes Excellent School Records. Miss Jane Branson, daughlei of Mr and. Mrs u. s. Branson, is excelling in scholastic activities at Brenau college, Gainesville, Ga just as she did when a student at the city high school, prior to her graduation last jear She mad« an average of 82« iu all of her studies for flic first" semester, thus being given a plac,. on the "Dean's List" which is lh» Highest scholastic honor awaredd in this school she also made the highest honors in her sorority for the semester, therebj winning the Delta Zeta scholastic pin awarded group SemCSt * r b> ' lhls nalbnal *-'. * * &on Born. Mr and Mrs-- Charles Boles an, notmcj tne birth of a son Friday The baby, who'weijrs nlns pounds has been named Walter Ronald ' *< * • Woman's Club Plans Activities fo'r'',Vc»r What -the Woman's club pjans ™ ,S°. l hls > car was tentatively decided by the exr-culive board in a luncheon meeting Friday at, the club house: It-was. decided to car^.^L^ 11 pr ? gram or th <= stale BY WSI. E. McKENNGY Secretary, American- Bridge It cannot be staled too often (htit playing for extra trlcks.ini rubber bridge is sheer folly, If the 1 contract In any way Is endangered i thereby. In duplicate there some- limes is justification for attempting to stretch the hand, but even there, the best players usually are content to be safe, rather then sorry. In today's hand, South could have six odd, the way the AAJG43 V A 2 > K 102 #85'4 A987 VKQ6 4Q97 ¥J10873 » A8G3 *A Rubbei—N &S vu 'South West North 1 V 1'nss I A 2 A Pass -I A Opening lend—* e. Tast suits broke around the fable, but If the'lienrls held by the defending players v,ere split otherwise -Imn three In each hand It would be quite easy to, get Into liouble. The piny foi the exlia trick would Jo to lake a chance and' ruff "n .lub In dummy. When Noith saw his dummy, he rather iseietted that he was not In .'six, as there was a chiinco to vak6 It It cverjthing woiked '. Today's Contract Problem South is playing the contrac! nl sci'on diamonds. East has overcalled at the range ot four. Should this bid Influence declarer in (lie play of the hand? /i 005 VQ10 4 AKQJ 1072 AA • • • ' (Blind) N V/ C S Dealer (Blind) A A K Q 2 V A 7 3 '. . * fl 8 0 5 * 9 8 N, & S. vul. Opener—4 4..j Solution in nexl issue. 1 I Tlio opening. lead of the six' of clubs w:i"s v,-oii wllh the nee. A. low heart was led and won with the nee.. A small heart was returned, yrfiloli put Easl In the lead. ( East knew that the: trumps were favorably divided and that hearts would set in another, round. The one chance he could sec was I: remove dummy's c'ntryj He led the seven o[ diamonds,'".rin'U .declarer won with the king. . ' A low trump was led to the king ahd (he hearts established In dummy, after riiHIng wit)! Hie pc'c oi spades. Two :'iiiore- rounds b( -".trump were won , in •dummy, clciii-lnjr the, trump s'iilt,'nnd on the two good hearts declarer dis- corded his losing, clubs. On Hie twelfth li'li'k,-a-dlnmoml was conceded lo East's atieen"and only five odd were made. Bits of News -1 Mostly Personal V.ic building find the departments * Well function within (ho club. •M,6. E F. Blomojcl, pieslderit, •r-jidctl In the business scsiion vlljch followed the lunclieoii. Jon- Mils and gcraniiuns "decorated the ^•xble ananged for the chicken aiichcon There wcie, 13 present. /The meeting wnj, followed by a etfciiig' of | thq -Literary depart- jalv Mri, v 'JanJi>Hill presented Irs Ira ,Grny ^ho told of the rtMt books In the^ Bljtheville ibinry, which of these aio most iCpliiar, and \\lvy ' Gone With Ihe /Ind' is being so widely read * * * Jiven Shower. • Miss Pauline Russell, who will ;ave within a, few days foi San >lceo, Cnlif, where Kit i, to be harried to Chester Slgglns, fomi- j of heici was guest of honor ,1 a showei parly given, ruday igh|. nt the home of Mr and Mrs, * E Fo<, 13CD W Ash St Miss .ussell has been employed in the ry cleaning department of the Jlythctllle Laundry for several ears and other employes of the ,*m tendered, her the party. > The 19 present presented her an rlcctrlc toaster. For refreshments nere was a large wedding cake, acomted with wedding bells, and cllow and orchid : nut' baskets .ade favors. Mrs Fox had assisted in ar- anglng the paity, without know- ig that, the other 'hostesses knew . was also her birthday nnd they •irprlsed her with an assortment f gifls along witVi a birthday ake. They mnde the nnnouiice- icnt by singing -"Happy Birth- ay." Mis. Lee Duncan, Mrs. j. M. Ilirrn and . Mrs. J. L. Ne«-som ,sie in charge of , the musical .lines played and other arrangements of the party. • • » jirl Scouts Meet Tlie Girl Scouts, in Mrs. Jess .lorner's troop met nt the First . J resbjterlan church Friday night md after a brief business session, ivcnt to tlic RUz theater. They •M- Pat OBricn in 'The Gieal P.'Malley.'' -There were • ten pres- ••nt * . • * Council to Meet Plans for 'the Study Course to :c conducted the week of March (-12 will-be completed at the ouncil of the Training Union', of no First Baptist Church this Acning at 7 00 o'clock at the hurch Fifteen posters announcing the chool «cic on displaj at the church J esterda> Training Union Olrectoi, Aliin Huffman Jr will -announce details for tiie enllst- Njqhf Coughs rub'an V \MpoRiTri , 550 ' «'t meetings to be planned bv we -department;;, Bn g regular meetings; of >the executive board « iras voted to purchase a used c«n<*rt grarid piano for $50 for the club house, Mrs James B Sf, V i as ' a Pi )oullc <l Amcncan Citizenship^ chairman to replace . Jir . H ?^ ald Proctor ' ^ ho lias »^i«° »"' 6 **?*• plans wcre attend an art exWblt in West Memphis sometime la the spring and to < cany out several other,activities during the spring T 11 ?" 11 "' ^' hlch wi" include tlio tip of the equipment or ' Announcing Dr. Chas. Scherer Chiropodist Will bo at the store Tuesday, Jlarcli 2nd Phone 139 For Appointment Floyd A. White Shoes & Hosiery KHz Theatre Bldj?. in:nl of prospects and members to ;nis special training. taster. Tnrly fcr Euzcltau class Alcmlicrc, The Euzeltan class of t'ne Plr«' Bnptist church had nn Easter par- ly at the home of Mrs. 1,. S. pen- ish last night. The Easter motii was carried but in the yellow Jonquils which : decora led the living and.-dining room. ; ' <!•-•/<.,.-• '••••'• t Gnmes were played, followed by an election of oillcsrs. Mrs. Wyse Perry was named president to suc- csed Mrs. Johnny Tyrone, who hns moved to Jonestoro. Mrs. cliaries Razor - was elected first vice-president, replacing Mrs. ^perry. In addition to the'members the following., visitors were present: Mrs. D. C. Spence, Mrs. Cltui-Jt Stewart, Mrs. c. B. Kcttingcr an. Mrs. Winifred King.' .'• ' Richardson-Perkins. Announcement has been made df the marriage of Miss Virgle Perkins of this city to Mr. Leslie Richardson of Torrancc, Calif. Tlu bride was attired in a blue crer; Srock with grey accessories, she was attended by .Miss Margaret Lon Mrs. Rlshardson Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. will Perkins ol this city. She Attended the loea high school •. and was later employe^, at Joe Isaacs' -store. Mr. Richardson has been employed in California for the past si months. .After a: brief honeymoon in Mexico and various iwints ir California they will make theii home In Tovran.ce. * • * Founder's Program. The Dell P.-T. A. observed Founder's Day last Tuesday. Miss Winnir V. Turner"stroke on "What a Birthday Means." Other features of the program- Included "Forty Years ol Service" by Mrs. Warren. "Philosophy «f the Parent and Teacher Movement," Mrs. Robert Neil anc Miss Mamie Magers, "Congress Objects" by. Airs: Harkin Gill. "What Do We Plant?" by Miss Waurecn Brpivnlce, song:, "Trees," by Mr. Noble Gill, and a tree ceremony by Mr. Mtiltins nnd Mr. Gill. IJ1H MftUn was called to Doni- phari, MO., to be with his mother', Mrs. T. R. Malln, who'was serl* ously Injured when a truck struck Ihe automobile in which she was 'riding Saturday night. 'A sister, Mrs, Mtlfie Eoyd, was le-ss seriously hurt. Mrs. Malln and; Mis'. Boyd lire sisters of Mrs. Joe Elklns. Mrs S S Sternbcrg nnd son Harol<l returned last night from d six .weeks sUly in points of Oklahoma, Mineral Wells- and oilier points of Texas, nnd 'Carlsbad. N, M v\here they visited the famous civcins Mr, and Mrs. H. O. Eose rc- lliincd yesterday lo Ihojr iiomc it Roseland after a visit In'Hot Spiinis Mr. .and Mrs. J. .Cecil Lowe and son, Jlimnlc, nnd Mrs. Lore's father M T Moon sp°nt vcst°r<lav in Joiiiei Hitlj the Rev nnd Mrs \VlI Ham r Cooley Mrs DUie Crawford nnd Mrs Ri ley u. Jones were in MempliU Sal- tirday. Mr ind Mis J Moms Moon spent the weekend In Memphis Mrs L E Hanley of Dycss i Is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. DKIo Craw foid and family for several days. Mrs M I Moon vfsitcd rela tivs m Jonenboro > "gterdaj Mr and ^tr•i Farmer En»lai i motore 1 to Arki lelnhla \vh->re tli«\ p°nt the weekend with Mrs Eng lands family Miss Cora L" n Col»min ind \!«rj' 'lay will return today from Litty Rock vUieie thej sp^it the we k •nrt as guests of Mrs Ho v-irt proa or ml fniiuh nlo formerly llve.1 h"re nntl where Miss Coleihan at 'iidej to business ' Among Iho c «ho vicnt lo Mem Ills Satuiday foi (he show Boy Meets Gnl were Mis Rodney L 3nnis(ci Mik Edgai Bouim MIK ") W MoCulchen Mis q G "••nitllll and Mis G G Liligslon Mis Limn Armstrong imj lauthtei Mrs O E Quellmijl? md Mrs E r Fiy weie in MerA phis Satuidnj Mi nnd Mi* Rotlnej L Ban (ster spent Sunchy in Kammt vith lelnlhes of Mr Bauislet MrJ, B 1} Lyilc,h nnd M|<<s Mi Mafc Gaiiington weie -in Memphis -atuulny foi show' Bov Meets Chi Misses Lena Mat Oluei md Mnrj Bain sjrent Saturdaj m Mcmphh having gone down for he show Bos Meets Gni MI'S JJernice B ibei of Mem >l»s nns the guest 01 her sisl-r Ji Ruth Bnrbcr Crawford yes er-inj "' Miss Hqeel Ring Msiled iriends i Steele iundiy [ M| nnd Mrs Jimmlc Smothqr •nan spent yesterday in Memphis uth Mrs i c Orlncr nnd bibj daughter «ho ire doing v^rj wel it the Methodist hospital Bernard Gooch spent ypst««lay in Town Curbs Jiomj ISiiiUing WWKTON. Mass. (UP)—To butln a house here, a person must own »t least an acre of land. Townsfolk adopted this regulation to prevent mushroom growth and cx- ira assessments for water. chair in our chop is. equipped with a sterilizer. All razors, etc., ore completely cleaned before being --used, insuring- perfect cleanliness for cadi patron. NO INCREASE 1,V I'KICES BARBER SHOP FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia Van Roy Shelby Dies I Ode Karncj of Senath, Mo,, and' '' ' L. U " .- q'n "i Mr5 ' A " cc Pu!ler - '"' ' •'•'-' at Home at Wamla Services . were conduced-in the! home; of • Mr.- and Mrs'.. Russell- MANILA, Ark.—Funeral ssrvices' slle % with Rev. J. M. Harrison ' were held Sunday for Van Roy P a stor' of the First ' Methodist • Shelby, 40, who died at his home here Friday following an Illness of 1 a year. Mr. Shelby came to this section In 1897 with his father'. Christopher Columbus Shelby. He was born in Kentucky in 1891 • He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Grace Shelby; tivo daughters, Mrs. Tom Nick Wright and Miss Helen Shelby; o!!e son, Paul, and one brother, Russell Shelby of Manila- a brother, Fate, in California; and four sisters, Mrs. Gerla Webb and Mrs,. Earl Harris of Memphis, Mrs. --• —- • •' * __ .. * A\v ("inns vvont >oudite him igam now he s ipolngized?" No ma ani J) a guv stands >ou up once hell lct>oudo\vn next. Memphis with Mrs. Gooch, who recently underwent an operation • at the Metrcdtst hospital she plans to return .home Wednesday. Mrs. T. G'; Seal has been ill with •Influenza since Friday.'Her daughter, Sophie, has also been sick, but Is now up. People who slutier oilcn usually ha\e a larger \o-abulary than choss without an impediment in speech. Don't Sleep Crowds Heart 6« PRESSUflE HAY MUSE DISCOMFORT. ; RIGHT SIDE BEST. .. •' you toss In bed and can't deep on T'Oht side, try Adlerika. Just ONE £S £ re ' leves ''omasli GAS pr on .,hearl so you sleep soundly. A y "ths and lieadil<!he o« . • reiS-f N f "' Adlorih a brought me ^nev^l.^f/,.!,^^. .|Ap fln. : :Kirby:,Bros. Drug , Co. . Robinson Drug Co. church, in charge. Vienna Schools Slump VIENNA (OP) Ohar ictenstic .of Vienna's rapidly sinking, birthrate is the fact that, - according to official statistics just' published, the number of pupiL in mumcipil primary schools decreased by 8,331 Ih 1937 tyiupared' to' 1936 It Is now m JB4 Private schools also honed a similar leduclion by 400 o 10313 Still Coughing? n *' how Jllan y mcdlclns or jour cough clie old or bronchial irritation you cir ! ' f n " Wlth - rrl™ -rcomusion erlou- trouble liuy he brewiuir i>nd ou cannot afford to {nfco'n imnct' in S'S l K ins Icss - thnn Creomul- f n,— ch g, oes r '8f' t to Hl ° w.1t f.'l'e trpubls to aid nature to oothe and heal the inflamed mem- TOcies as Uie rjcrm-laden phlegm » loosened and expelled , clll(!cs ltl vo e discouraged, your is authorized to ciwranW!. ,, 8 ' 011 ^nd to refund your If you aro not satisfied with osutls from the very flis bot i pt Crcomulslon right now. (Adv.) o; CALM THOSE NERVES, BE SWEET- SEREME.' BY USINc DOCTOR MILES' Can you afford to be NERVOUS? ' Perhaps yoil couM ndorj thoso altnclcs of Nerves if you were the only one nficc'tcrt. Tense nerves make,you a nui- smce to everyone With whom you come in contact. No on- likes you when you arc jumpy" irritable and nonlou? DR. JULES NERViNB has been.recognized as effective for more than Cp years by syff erers from Slecplcssntss. -Nervous Ic- rltatjlllly, Nervous Hcmlnclio Nervous Indljcitioii, Travel Sickness. \ - DH MILES NERVINE is now tha'inigmiil llouitl form and effcn-esccht (ablet form. You can get it at anv drua stove in 25 cent hnt! SI M packages. - • 50% of oil rooni renl for $350 or less, tlngltt Js-oo or Ceii, tfoyfala. 3 o r cbndi'jpncd rotauroft S»i»fco. lotoltj ce»Ic, icn diilrit SPRING'CLOTHES ARE ' MORE INTERESTING THAN EVER! '•'S'ee Tliem AT OUR SHOWING OF NEW ring Fashions P° rk >'-' b;lclc . flal0 &"'"ff « (lemtiie ish air. . . is what vout suit should boast to make it tfefiniteh Spimg, 1937 Poft diPss makei types flaunt peplunis, clashing- capo stilts fhre . . . and fitted long coat bints ha\e back interest too Na\v Beige, Black and Ue\ m fine woolens and twills foi Spnng All'.-tlie'Piefeiied Styles in SUITS AND $] 995 COATS J-^« U p u Cape Suits Peplum Types Soft Taillcur- 15oxy Jacket Suits Hals Cliaririinj? oiT-ihe-face anrt rolled brim spring hats, tncliittin^ the r.cpuhir Turban. Visor, Sailor, RubVn nnd Rembrandt Accessories for the New Costume U'c have a mcsf \ cotr.r.lcfe line of new mines, • {lovcs,> blouses, Houeis and clhcr accessories. lo adj to llic Louily and freshness «f your new- outfit. lltSltt-S Read Courier News Want 'Ads "BJiKNAT" KMTTfNG' VAKNS '>',•' , FREE INSTRUCTIONS' : . New spring and siunmer yariis •' '••• '• Latest Styles '..••.-. '• : Classes, Friday, 2:30 p M ' MRS. LEHUE HOOPER : 1103 Chlckasawba Phone .792 Everything For Tour Entertain--'.'!?- ment and Comfort Last Time Today Also Paramount Nens, HIusicil Short and Comedy t Snndav—All i)av—16 n 36c >'] Monday Matince^-10 &. 20c "' aionttaj Sight—16 i 3Ge ! -Continuous Showing Suhda)--' TUESDAY IS WARREN K*M« MOdllT i "W|S STONl Also Selected Sfioris —Admission— Blalmee—-10 & 26c dm—Always 10 A 2oc—Ic Tli, Show Lvcry r,, ? ht ' J '.Imccs rnrtdy, Saturday, Sunday"^! i-ldiy S. Sunday diatineck— I 15 v I aiardiy Blatmci. — Continuous J hnwnij; — 1 00 Til! 11 Oo p. 8J J ' Time Today Also Foi- Movietone , News g and Comedy .-Thur. PAL NIGHTS! i AdutU ArtmilUd for Friccyof 1 £ ^11 (juildrcn ifi" * — Also'. Selected Shorts

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