The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1934 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 28, 1934
Page 9
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EIGHT Steele-Cooter Society — Personal Mr. and Mi's. ll^ A. Spencc, of St&sle, mill Mrs. A. I). Rhodes nml 'sons, Billy nml Bobby, of Carutli- BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS cd nheii Ho ten from ft loaded erav- Mrs. Sims Mlchlc nnd Mrs. T. pi truck near j/nilsville, Ky., last o. nwsloy visited Mrs, Maude Al- week. He Is s\irvl\V[l by u wii .wrml clilKlren. . Attorney Hoy Ilnrper tiwl M615 I,. Kcllc'y 'Siwni Moiinny In f'ojjiur BlulT on business. Mrs, w. S. Ilnnley, of niytlipvllle. sjwnt Moiidny htre (is gitesL of Mrs. J. II. Workman nml oilier frloiiJs Mr. (mil Mrs. j. n. workman will o ersvllle, reUiniod Monday evening, S 1 >( ' ml l)l(! wi'rt: oml In I'oilw- from' Lawr'encfbnri;, Tonn,, where! vll »'. wliwc tlu-y will visit reliillves. tlwy \f«» (•.i«ecl B:\Uinlfty by lilt-' "• c - st( '<'! L ' «f- returned lioiiie death ol Mrs 11. •). C'.iitlnle, \vlioi s " n " n v "fler a week's ijiiKliiess lrl|) died Prldtty nlglu afler n lingering j ta Wurrcn, Ark., on business for the Illness, 'pimml services wore WW | E " s l Arkansas Liiinlicr company. nt HIP residence In La«wii«-mn«' Ml '- «"'' M'*. H«V BiifsliiRi-r inul Sunday sfteinooii, Mrs. Clnllirle. Ml 's. hurshifif-i's ijwnl-s, Mr. anil lias been n frf(|iioiit visitor liev* uml Ml ' s - AI Snoml, of SI, t/inls, spent liad n liost of friends. 'rursdiiy n^la hr-iv its fiiiesl.s or Mrs. Viola Miiif.bull. .Jiitlgc and Mr;:. ,1. w. llemlevMiit nntl chlldrm, o( iinyll, Kiieitl fiiin- <lay l\civ wild Mr. niu] Mrs. W. D. lIUrtBllis, Cbri.slli)n lam was f-lcctc<J (lie. mast hptiutlfui uirl mul l(al]i)i Hur- bei- the ijny '.n n Die t>ii)>]>pr llelil ut. Niiinber fi coniinilnlly Snl'- llrday nlgtit, Mts. T. K. OoojM-r is rniiniiPil In her lied willi inliuen/n, Mr. anil Mre. Trtyloj- [jnslilns nnd Mr. ami Mrs. Oscar Moore, of .Isieli- son, 'roin,, .spoil (v(V'k efid here \vltli Mr. Moore's sisters, Mrs, lj, li, Huslihig nntl Mrs, libinlv Diwiks. Mrs. Brtiiiks retiiMied wllli them ui sjifiwl u u'l'rrk In Jackson. Mrs. Q. Ci. llo\\cn o the Woman's Missionary Minely Monday afternoon. Mrs, Fioiveu wns suvprkeil wHh gifts pvo.^nled hiT in wpncssinii ol tiir-lr iriniiWilp. rt splendid program wns iiresenU-rt: N. Koury spent Suntlny 111 Ciir- bondalf, III., m, guest ol his slsli-r, f,frs. Simmons. IV n»s ncrompaii- !e<) home by Ills mcll'.i-i 1 , Mrs, K:i- Tffny Koury, v.'lia Jins ijf'oh n vir.l- Wr thrre fcr iht- past two wi'c-ka. Mtaes K))?.3lx'tli timt Mni'lft Al>- ralmm, of inytlievlllp, sjwnt Sunday here IK sums ol. Miss DuxoJ Dc- Bakcy. Mrs. Alma Grlssom hud elannli- le.r, Mnrtha Wilford, nnd Miss Maltie Sue Curlls were visitors In Dly- tlicvllle Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Rnlph Hutclilnsoii, Mrs. Alma Grlssam, ami daughter, Martlia Wilford, sp:nt Sauirduy in Mcin- plii'i. Mis. P. A. Wilson has rccclveil word thai her broUiur, John Thomas Hanlesly, is, was Instantly- klll- Ice nensley nt the niytlievllls hos iilln! Tttfsitay nioniliig. Miss lisas- Icy,Is better, E. w. McCaim'Dml Joli'i Tiickei' accompanied Jlin Tucker lo tlio Memjiiils McthoUtal hospital Mon- clny wliere he will receive trent- juent for his Iiffcctcd log, Mr. mul Mrs. GeorBe \V. Cook 4ml rlilldren left recently for a two mmttlis visit wltli iT'lative.i In Alabama. Mr. nml Mrs. I,. (;. Spencer ns their (j\:esis over jhe weekend Mr. (iiiil Ml-R. A. I,. McBrlcle ana sin, Moyd, ol Canilhersvillc. Mis.'; llnby Aslitey sjient InM, week ciiil nt Tyler as tpiesl o! THhs Ilnzol Mi'Adains. B.ii'1 lliidqins lins rel.nrned to Ills \\f>mt~ in l.oimtee, Ark., filler a weeks business vlsii here. Mr. find Mrs. it. Mlelite, nharles Mlclilc. nml Mrs. ,losa> nnrkelt sjx?m Prlrtiiy In Mertl|ililr.. Mrs. nnymnnd nrynni Is rcrov- erlnj; from an npiiemledniny per- formeil nt tlio Illyilit>vllli> hospllal. Nflss Iliucl MeAdaius will speiul 'nmhkS9,lvhif! In npxter as i;iicst of Mr. mul Mrs. cliarle.i McClonl Mr. mid MfB. Cletlniis ]|(iv. r ('ll tn- Ifilulncil dV /rlfiid.'i at n parly Snt- llt'ilily lllghl. Miss Mary lloldoiagc \a liern tills week cllreetbig the senior play til. HteeJt; hl^h si'jKK)!, Osceola Society — Personal Now J.opalr-i) ;it 10! Nurlli Secmitl ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON EIWAROS, Proprietor rnakr.snfroltulli'rypi-nrHers; tddlne Muthlnes and Calculator) ItepairlnB—PirUi—Bllibons ^il 1 , au*i Mrs. Snow Wilson nro leaving tar Uttle Rock tomoiiow lo spend the Thrinksglvlni! lioll- dnys will) Mr. Wilson's parents. Mm nliickwood returned loUuy lioui Uitlc Rock. : ; Mr. nnd Mrs. Wclby Young and t'nelr son, Andy, will cpend Thur:,- iloy and Krltlay in .lonesbovo with Mrs. Young's parents. Mrs. J. B, Mitchell ami Kon:i, John P.oyd and William Terry, will sppnil TlinnksglvinB witli Mr. and Mrs. Terry Mitchell nt. Jolni-r. Mr, and Mrs. Joe, Clny younr Jr., nf I,nkc Oily will Bp c . ]1( i 'l'liank££lvlng Day here wllh Mv. find Mrs. .Joe Clay Young sr. llnle .Jackson relumed yesiei- jdoy from Illt-mlnghnm, Aid, ' Mine.-.. S. I,. Olacllsh, A. 'w VOIIMB, John Edrliiiftoh, R. w \V. K. limit nml Opotw [rtbrcy aro going to Forresl city tomorrow tp attend ilio Presidents j Council meeting. i Mr. ami Mrs. C. n. Young are Upemlnji the Timnksglviiit' holl- i«lays in Tilythovllle with Mr. and [Mrs. 0. K. Slcveius and family. Cooler Sswing Center COOTER. Mo.— pjans are ijclnK completed for the pstalillshment, of i. roller sewing center lij (lie home la Mra, Bernie Nell here. Miss Madeline Don-Is of Camllimvllie Is the snjiervlsor. Women on jellcf rolls will meet Mondays W«liw.-dttjrs and I'Vidays to MW . ' l.ullieran CJaircli Plans Services bo a special service at the church, at which the pastor svll! speak on the Ilicme: "Give Us This Day Our Dally Bread." A special invitation goes out to the j»ople of the city to Join In these services. When n I.aitokhl marries In western Tibet, fits next, two yoimgev brothers become secondary Jms- bamis to his v.'lfe. ^WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28, 1934 The Pilgrim f.utlipran church will Have i'xa services tomorrow In oh- wrvlng Thanksgiving. At 3:30 p.m Hie cliildren of the school will iilns over IC1X2N and tile pastor will t]ic:ik on "Tim* ihankselvtiv Tlioiighls." At 7:30 |).m. Uit-re will i LAXATIVE ! WOMEN LIKE Easy On Delicate Organ* Worn in tecimr Tif organic conditions need Jjutw*t most frequently, arid miui avoid hitilij upifuing action anil ide if«?i tffcri ilhromrbit o) otdiniry lauiJves. Bfrausc you tl.*w dffioaLLi f"e*n-i-mmt, iFi* mint tfiewini /iiia-i. jmc |iV« your food, Ttitii jt goes* inio (tie jyiirm gridually. Tfi</# ii ho min cf Iixnivi- lo liii" your ifiiem tuddenly ar.d iipi«[ lit Jvltcarr balance. Tliis /rutfi IVen-j-fflint (JfilV gimlr for women, yir; cornpt fitly thorough, Dof tori prescribe the Imrive in niuvlubir forming F*fn a mini Jl ii fo/ fjl««r,t correaian without up«t 10 di*i 01 ajipcriii, D«f»y is dangerous To Jay, get hitV en «li»dnle ind (Uy rh*r?, DdirtoUi f**n-i-tnjjir, J>c jnJ 2>c Jf *JfU£gt;r», PershingY War Chauffeur Meets Nemesis Hunting MANSFIELD, O. (UP)— Hunting was Hie nemesis of Eugene B. Aungsl, who went through llic World War as a cliaiifTcin- for Gen. Joliu J. ivrslilng v;llh<nit' oi\co )>s- Ing u'ouiuleil. lint the ™<1 of Anngst's.i third linger on hte levt liwid was Mown on In 11 liunting mlsha]) hear.Ills horns at Bdlevlllo, south of SHENANDOAH, Pa ( rj p , Beavers are grateful f or , ' according to Jnck/Sluckcr or vllle, near here. Stucker .said «ti engthencd a beaver dam lifiit become 'weak, Severn! ( | a (Inter, the benvcre dragged enom (VKiod tjpslde tlu- itani to Jii 'Slucker nil winter. DA N C:E GOOD MUSK; Allspices National Guarrl Armory. - -Thursday NHu 9:30 Till ' •-• - V • . b . /HOP Expect great things] • • • A radical departure is coming} • • • Everyone will be talking about it! • • • Nothing finer of Us kind ' has ever been produced! • • • It's pre-eminent in quality . . outstanding in abilityl • • • A group of the world's greatest scientists hag perfected it! 10 DAY SALE STARTING FRIDAY Society Brand Suits An organization that leads the world in its field is its sponsor! It is intended to afford the utmost in luxury, comfort, dependability/ and peace-of-mindl It will be sold on a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE basis .. you alone to judge whether it is ALL that its makers represent it to bel Further details Friday! Watch for theml SALE a of ' $1.35 SHIRTS' 98c SOc'S While They 29c Pure Irish Uncii Handkercliiefs Values 19c k5HK oulllo .- ' §1.f)() Value §2 Value $39.50 Values We've cut Ihu price of these suils to the hone. Our loss is your gain. You'll probably wait a long time before you ' have an opportunity to buy suits of, Society Hnmd fliiiilitv at siich ;i price! • ," •: m ; --,-. •.••',Park Hill Yearcraft Henley SUITS SUITS SUITS $30 Values $25 Values $22.50 Value $7.50 CORDUROY C SUITS Friedman Shelby 18 Inch Tops Double Soles Red Gonsc 86 Hoots M Inch Tops . JACKETS EC8 ONLY ...... $235 Work Pants Half Price Bostonian Oxfords Regular $10 Values Regular •S8.50 Values KNOX HATS HATS KNOX HATS $2.50 HATS NOW $130 $1.95 HATS NOW $'1.00

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