The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 5, 1932 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 5, 1932
Page 2
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PAGE TWO £' BLYTHEVIHJ!. (ARK.? COVBIEB NEWS SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5, WEEKLY SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON Peace Ideal Still Unrealized , women's club meeting »t chib room 'of Gofl hotitf for busfarsi. qieetJcs, The, executive board oj tlie WP- map'» Auxiliary in the First Prcs- .byterian. church will meet at the chinch at 3:30 o'clock. ; All -day meeting at First Methodist church for Woman's Mis- tionaty Society, } Knitted! Ensembles Score High in Style m A W v ' M S. of First Methodist chuVfh meeting at'churcli at 2:30 P. 4J] Ntf. W, Leon Smith haying Tucs- tract chjb, ..... . high school p, -T.' A'. mejrtlh? at 3 P. M. . «j- M. S. of first Methodist chufth meeting at church (it 2:30 •' ' . Wek . , . . H.": A, 'Smith: hiving Mid- '' Series Of Dances. jjjfi group of 21 married couples lajft; uisht atten'ded tho first of a Spies of dances, to bj lield every other Friday night nt the Woof's club. • • J|iiidwiches and" coffee wor3 sejyed during intermission, , - ^pse who .attended wer.e: Mr. 84»fl Mrs. W, "j. Pollard, Mr,- and Hi;*. Furnsworth Black, Mr. and ftfct; W. J. Wundcrllch, Mr.' and Ml?. Rodney Banister, Mr. and Mrs. O .W. McCiUchen, Mr. purl MK. Harry W. Halnes, Mr. and Mjfc, Marcus Eyrard, Mr. and HJrs. rle Henderson,, Mr. opd ' Mrs. pjn. Whltner, Mr; a,nd Mrs. .1. Lenn, Mr. an,d Mrs. J. A.- erman.', : Mr. and' -Mrs.' Hunte'r s, Mr. ..and Mrs. W. Leon h, Mr. anfl Mrs. Bnkcr WU- sdiij,; Mr. and Mrs.' J. J. Daly, Mr. afiB r Mrs. Jred Sandefur, Mr. and Mris. Dixie Crawford, Mr. and Mrs, John W. Finle>vJr., Mr. and Mrs. F.^B. Joyner, Mr ."and Mrs. W. C. Htfcginson and Mr., and Mrs Francl£ Carpenter. ' ' Flfcipj Kn (ted ensembles are flooring nnd stumiins this winter, csncoially ,vl, C1 , they are mudc-to-order for their wearers and fit perfectly. The'fenr-piece. en.semble (l,ft figure) In rich Iuch 6 iu uncs-hu many oints of-interest. The alpaca knitted frock has full puffed 0 | COV e S cmbrolclored Jn" fforgpous colors in alpaca wool. There Is a little cape jacket nnd-a Jaunty little walking |W, with a bit of wool' trim Slenderizing ami swanky is tho' brown and bslgo olnacn «ool knitted outfit (right figure) the frccfc being made in a suspender style,'with a >arf mad, of , hB , llcckcd MaTe o[ tlK blol ,' e and jacket fashioned of (he mown ..y..the skirt. The mq is brown, with a touch. O f beige yarn for a band. Prayer Retreat ..'.<,> ..,.,.• >Tlie annual week of prayer for honie and foreign missions will 'be oBferved Monday, Tuesday and •Wednesday by 'the Woman's"' mis-' . Biojaary scciety of the First Meth- cdkt church. -. : ; 1 ->ill , -j.i • ; Jfliere is to ba an all .day' m:et- ijlB, Monday and afternoon' gather- inJB Tuesday and • Wednesday at • 2)30 o'clock. The Monday program »rtn ; begin a t 10:30 o'clock. £f>r the morning resslon Monday Mrs. E. D. Ferguson is to be leader., while .in the afternoon Mrs A C.-- Haley; will conduct the pro• gram. During the-noon h>i£',Svhen eich member will take fee-Munch the. monthly -business meeting ysill b.-'conducted with Mrs. J. E. Crltz president, in charge. Mrs. J. R. Sreadnian.Js leader forTuesday and Mrs. 0. W C-ch- r*a Wednesday. . •. . .The offerings will "t c 'given to two, causes, a part going to the n c - DopaJd home at Houna, La., 'and , the/remainder to tr.o fund for the erection of a building at Ewha college in Korea. This building is to . be;named for Miss Esther Case of ^atesville; Ark., missionary ' to Mfciico, who flied last spring. H«* "Prop In* banct. iMUs Betty Lee McCutchen liaa »n informui dancin? party last cve- nfag especially complimenting M[SS MBUie Jean Sscoy of Jonssbaro B ™"sogueEt, and MIM M y« s . of Walnut nidge, who guest of Miss McCulchcu and d Mrs. M. A . Isaaw _ were 50 guests. ! Mission Study. V:ill be a mission study at the First Baptist church. : „ day, Wednesday and Thursday erenings, 7:30 o'clock, when the pfi J. L. Newsom, pastor of th-> -ond church, will be In charge, -hurdles from Dell, Armorel Gpsnell, clear Lake and the two congregations here arc to ccnS rep- r&enlaiives. More than 50 arc expected to attend from the nearby, ."communities. • •• ^Lceking Forward to flic Every Member Canvass" Is the theme to -Be used in the classes.' This'drive m start November 27 nnd con- tiws until December 4. Kavc Dance. entertained .'" wijh". a • dancc""^! evening at the'-Hotel Noble when V'SUcsls -from Osccola,' Lirxoro - T """teo. Carulhersville and Blv- iio attended. * Cbss P»rty. Armstrong entertained * cu ot the :•*• *.!«;;) \ji me l-'irsi church with a party last - P: H - ""-uct^-l the deyotl u aal,and Mrs. Wyalt Honby IV* buslneis. F or-the social f.-cur Ramsoy Duncan and Mrs. T were in charge of two hostess, assisted by Mr; , sse ,~i ^ °, n ' v Bues '" scrve;J and hot chocolate. p. T. A New t cake The Pre-Schooi p T! A. n «t a ", _ c>m . = ,?' Mr3 -- Ohcsfcr Cald " aftemixin whori thi -Js by"Mis: ... Tii.-nsr, c'oiwty su '. CJse tpoks en "Hew to D«- Director Finds Happiness in Marriage to Chinese Girl BV DAN THOMAS NBA Service Writer : HOLLYWOOD.-Fivc years mar•led to a Chinese girl, Harry Lach- mnri, prominent motion, picture^ director, toduy is one of Hollywood's ha_ppicst"-husbands. '" •''• -'•';;• ~aclmia:i, barn In .La Salic, IJl., • spent .':i3iit of his'rbcenfyents n EUI-OIK, Creeling pictures both n France anC England. ! H-i nihr- ried the present Mr.5. Laclunan in bailee five years ngo after know- ng henonly a short time. Rex In- frainjifd, known her in this cuun- ry :s6int,' years before. Learning 1 hat she' was coming'lo Paris, he' cut L'achninn, who tlicu work-- ng for him, tl;ere to look niter her and sliow Iier nrouml. They were narrled a shart time Inter! "To me, the fact that my ivifu is ihinuse means not a Ihlng," Lsch- uan told me. "It 1ms been the pur- son, not the nationality, which ha.? ntercsted me Tight from tlie sltirt. We always have gotten along wonderfully together nnd I can't sec my reason for any change coming nUr our lives. "Mrs. Laclmiaii is a very tnlented reman, having a particularly flu; •oice. However, she refuse to ap- icnr before the public although she did sing in several concerts in London. I huve tried many times to Her to go in!o pictures jut she won't do it although she has lad innumerable offers, she won't even tc photographed. "However, I still have i-.opes of some day being ablo to persuade fier to do something before -ho cameras. I would love to havj hei work in one of my pictures." *fl ap orphan nt the age ot 10 Lachmon has.i:ad to make his ovn ray in flic world ever since. Aft-r leaving t!i c public schco'.s in La Sa'.lc. ,lic went to Chicago where lie worked his way through th? ciii- vilop Conversation In n Child" Mrs. W. L. Harner, l:,i:!cr f.-r this linrter, also .'.poke on the nr«- schcol work. " Two new members, Mrs. Fr.inV-- lin Worth and Mrs. Roy S. Cuman. were enrolled. It was decided to me?l tr= fourth Hurry La china n cago Art Institute. Tfcsn lie entered Miss Alnni Ellis, teaolier In the Juncstoio high school, Is spending Uio \veck-c-iid with her sister and Mr. and Mis. Oscar Alexander. Miss Patty Haynes, of Jones- bcro, is spending tho week-end isith Miss Jane McAdams. Mr. a nil Mrs. E, R. Mason anil tun, Cary Burton, will spend tomorrow in Memphis where they 111 consult a specialist for the Mr, and Mrs. Spurgcon Patterson were in Memphis yesterday. Tiic Rev. J. L. Newsom spent I'liuisday and Friday in Newton, 1*1111., visiting with relatives. Mrs. Cecil Shane and daughter Miss Patty, Mrs. It. L. Bradley and daughters Misses Beiilnh Ticllc md Burnclls are In Memphis tc;lay. Miss Leone Callicott has returned from Union City, Tenn., where ilic was called because of the crill- -al illness of an aunt who later riled at u hospital there. Misses Fiances Miller and Annie ire In 'Newbcrn, Tenn., for the weekend. Miss Mollio Jcau S:coy, formerly of here and now of Joncsboro, is tlie guest of Miss Bstty Lee Mc- "nlchcn this week-end. Mr. and jars'. M. A. Isaacs have as their guest for two days Miss Ruby Myers, of Walnut Ridge.' Miss Nancy Brandon of Jones- fcoro Is bisldng Miss Isabel Uran- ticm for the week-end. Maude McCorvcy are in Memphis today. Joa P. Pride Jr., who attends Arkansas A. and M., at Joncsboro, is nt home for tlie week-end. Miss Monta Hughes is , in Memphis for the week-end. Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Dlcus and daughter, Miss charlotte, and Miss Isabel Ballew of Jonesboro wero fere last night for the football KITCHEN By SISTER MARY • NBA Service IVrller It Is perfectly possible tn provMtf n cheap but adequate dbtary witli= .out sacrificing .tile essential food 'vilucs'Vr you study 'the proi>»rti;j of natural foodstuffs. JJonotany also can be avoided If you use yout Iintiglnotlon and creative ability ami develop the art of goad cooking. '; .Severn! . factors Influence the amount thc average family ordh narlly speuds''[or fcocl. Indivuiiiai Inslos, nutrition requircinon;.{ avoidnnce of wnsie nnd economir cnl-plniining control (lie toed bu;t- BCt as definitely as doss' the si?e of our pockrtbook. It frequently has been estimated that not more ttia'n one-fourth of the income should be allowc:! lor food. But when the income ta!H below what might be consiicr.'d even a moderate sum, t!:e nllo.v ; nnce for food may be above the sl- lc-lt?fl one-fourth, due to the fart — a u ..... xio.'iiiLi, Ai.^-i, jjy cmtroci j'uiivu uiit-iQurin, ((us to the fart the University of Michigan, ?nru-{lhat food is of first importance c'i ing his-way by waiting on table, 'i the list, of necessities. Lacliman's flair for art began to | When the World War enforced show, wlifio lie still was in gr^m-1 a combination of ccnnomv ,-iiul mar school. While there, lie won i'cod conservation, tho U. S.' Fowl I many prizes with his drawings. He I Admlnistrntlon advocaiort the clivi- 1 stuck to JiU art and nfter linish- *!on-of thc food allowance iulo _ schcol here went to Purls to sluny. ,-DurIng the 12 years he remained there his oil paintings brought." him considerable lams. Then he joined Rex Ingram ns a photographer and tot designer. ,\ short time laler Ingratn made him his manager. After ssrvlng in this position for three years he became a director, turning, out seme of In- uram's best Illnis ns well as some of the best pictures ever made in England. ' - • "I .still would like to do som- painting," Lachniiin declares. "U., t I'm afraid that's nil over. Dlroc;- mg takes tco much of my time" in i:-2 future my art work will u c con'""•' to sketching the S 3ts fir my nfl-lis. Miss Lucy Gillct of tlK ..,,, York Assoeifition for Improving the Condition of thc Poor gives i!i!s simple, workable basis for the food division: "One-fifth, move or loss, for vegetables nnd fruits. "One-fifth, or more, in:', nnd cheese. "One-fifth, or less, for meats fi= and eggs. • "One-fifth, or morr, f C: - broa and cereals. '"One-fifth, or less, for frit.- si gar and other groceries aivi frrd adjuncts." H yen try this arrnngemoir. ijr a week nr two you will fiiui'i'-it you arc serving well b.ilaii, d mciils which furnish protein, it 10 I want them. . I Always do that in ordc- ; cnrboliySralcs, mineral c- that they are exactly as ... ,, - Coine to cembcr-..when Mrs., P. ri Jc yn -r •vill ts hoslcss. Mrs. Caldwell served co3k!i-s .nvl -:c3 co.'.i in a brief ssrinl hour. 1.3'Jics Have a Supper, Rcok Game. Mrs. R. n. Nolen \ vss Ii 0i> t-<i to 1C ladies last evening for a buffet supper and reek game in an . ether,of. ttec iiartics which \r« Biqup call:d '(Take What You En Plub 1 ' lias-00011 haviutr. . '^Ljrac bouquets ordahlias and c..r.isanthemuiii3 decorated tr.c living dining rc6ms. Has Club Party. . Mi's Margaret Keck was host^; to the Thursday Night Bridge cfub and Mesdamss Bill palnn,' Hi-L"rl Crafton and Misses Tisha Sniif-^ and Mary Ellen Stevens this vvc^k Miss Virginia Terry won an cv>- mng bag for dub honors and "i handkerchief was given ^fr5 u-'- lan for guest honors. A 'fruit salad, sandwich-- V-d coflee was served the 16 tre^-it N)W .ORLEANS .(UP)-SlEns of me have reappeared about two Hacks here, ir.arkius i!ie appnMel. 01 Iho four-monlli season of win- ti'r racing "down the river." The season will 0 ]ien „.....„„, m Thanksgiving usy. Nov. 2-1 ;l ( Jefferson Park. The scene will f , cnls nl «' vitamins. . 'hilled to tho Fair Grounds track In your meal planning, overlook the cereals. The gcrr ,.. o! grains especially is cf srea 1 v • no and is classed with tt:c ••»•'->•" live fcods. 1 ' DricxI fruits and tlriee! v.-.- Wcs arc cheap sources of. r~ and niiucrnl Falls. The root vegetables nntl cab 1 ' | Imi-c. a long f cason mid nr- \ I mtxpnsivc. They .supply ninny • officially ^ '"'Ificnts for the mi,,, n Cheese should not be for-; -.rt late in January. Keen noinpoilllon lins sprung up! fur stable room, with applications from C. V. Whitney. William Zleg- .'or, Jr., Mose' Goidblatl, C. >H. Kncbclwamp, Clyde Phillips innilj , ' many other well-known turfmen. mc ' ;lls - , is a means toward rconuniy ,\7 cciUratcd food, it contains \ w \\ j and is rich in ciilo.-ics. It's cellcnt source ol vitamin ,\ "in ecod source of vitamin B. There nre many varieties or , that lend themselves to low-c ! -ii Hospital Notes ^dmillcd: Mrs. Occrgc ncndcr- :on, Dell. DisiniEsert: Miss Minnie Thcinpson,' city. 'Longer Kitkril on Ci ,; OMAK, Wach. • tUP) — Police -Chjei Jess Latihaw was nskcd by a tcbtlegge'r to stop the sib of moonshine bslow market prices. BREAKFAST: chilled to-i i : Juice, whole gullied cereal co;k •with dates, to;> milk ov cream c-i, milk, coffee. ' LUNCHEON: Potato and nw, foup. rhecsc fauclwiclies. kaked xiii tor |wars, ginger ccokirs M ttoi-, .sweet i»tatc->s bi'-H a "d EtuII-d. shredded cabbie- -"•d :er«n psppsr salad dried a--""-> vli milk, cofl:e. ' ' •*>"—.} Bits o Mostly Personal Texl: ps, 72;t)-16; Eph, 2:13-19 The International Uniterm Sunday Schocl Ltsswi for Nov. C. • • * iSy WM. E. GILROY, D. I). E4Uor of The CongregaltoruUst The cosilradt between tha glorious proclamation of thc vision and ideal of world jieace by tlie prophets of ancient Israel, and the vast sums which nations in this twentieth century are still paying for the maintenance of armies and navies, and for the most destructive engines of war ever known In all history, would seem to suggest that >rogress and the realization of the deal are very slew It would be a satisfaction if we could hoiw that ts sure progress Is very real after all. The problem of peace today is a world problem in a sonse in which it never .ups before. The whole world Is a vast nclghborho;d. where relatively small things may engender very serious family quarrels. The chances and opportunities for war are always 11 to 1 in com- >arlson with former periods of ti:e world's history, so that it may on :he whole be a great gain that 'heso chances do not all materialize, that the worll Is really making some ciTort to displace war- "ike counsels and attempted s;tlle- Misses Mary Emma mid LaVergiio Hood are in Memphis for trie day. Miss Dola Harwell has as her guests this weekend Misses Eiois? Hayes and Minnie Bertha Cobb of Jouesboro. Mrs. Minnie Thompson, who underwent nn operation two weeks ago tit the Blytheville hospital, was removed home yssterday. Her condition is very good. Mr. and Mis. W. L. Phillips Miss Marie, peon lias been sheeted as carnival queen to reign over the annual senior high school carnival to be held .December 3. Frank Huffman, under whose di- icction the event will be staeed, will be assisted by James Edwards as business manager. Proceeds from the attraction will be used toward buying equipment for thc high school stage, and liiis equipment will serve as the class memorial. The festival this year will be along diiferent iines than were followed iu the past. Instead of various side shows there will be one main show. Crowning or the 1932 iiueen" will feature the program, with television-radio entertainment, choruses, a vanities program and two one-act plays listed among the noveltjes to be presented. HES FIRST HAPTIST CHURCH IValnut and Eighth Slreels Alfred S Harwell, Pastor Pastor's subject at 11 a.m.: "Going a Little Farther." 7:30 p.m.: "A Direct Answer to the Vital Question of the Ages." Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Alvin ii'ollcy, superintendent. . B. Y. p. u. meets at 6:15 p.m. Miss Luna Williolm, director. Orchestra music from 7:15-7:30 preceding evening service. Representatives from the churches nt Dell, Armorel, Gosnell, Clear Lake, Second Baptist city, and First will study the Mission Manual Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday evenings at T.-.W. The W. M. S. meets at the church Monday, 2:33 p.m. for mission study, Mrs. W. M. Williams, leader. Sunday school officers and teachers meet Wednesday, 7 p.m. .Mid-week service Wednesday, 7:45 p.m. Choir rehearsal Wednesday, 8:30 p.m. Mrs. Paul Tiptou, leader. Mrs. Murray Sinnrt at the organ. We invite you to worship with us. CHRISTIAN' SCIENCE CHURCH "Adam and Fallen Man" is the subject ofihe lesson-Sermon to be read in the Christian Science ser- vico Sunday morning nt 11 o'clock The Golden Text is, That wtl:h is born of tlie'flesh !.s flesh; and (bat which is born of the Spirit i; Spirit." (Johm3:G>. Among the citations from the Bible is the following. "Wherefore h: Jaitli, Awake ihou that shepest and arise, from the dend, and Chris! shall give theo light." (Ephesiaiu 5:14). The Lesson-Sermon will also include passages from tho Christian Science textbook, "Science anri Health with Key to thc Scriptures.' by Mary Baker Eddy, one of which icarts, "Gcd never slumbers, anr His likeness never dreams. Mortal; arc thc Adam dreamers." (Page FIRST CHRISTIAN CIIVKCH t. K. tatlmcr, Minister Church school, 0:15 a.m. • Holy Communion and sermon. 11 a.m. \'esix?r services. G p.m. A cordial welcome always, CHURCH OF Tin; . Second ami Vi;ie R. S. Rushing, Pastor Sunday school, 0^3 a.m. Morning worship mid sermon, 11 o'clock. N. Y. P. S., 6:30 p.m. H.'cning evangelistic service, 7:30 p.m. Prayer meetings O .ich Wc-lne nay evening. 7:30 o'clock. The prayer mc!Mr. 2S e ac.'i ivjek- sre proving a blessing. Bmv ijaur bible .inrt take part in th> D 1 - menis of disputes in warlike ways by met'ppds of conference and peace. Fear still p!ays a large part, and prejudices die hard, but it may bo that all l!ia time we arc laying the groundwork of peaceful achi-jv-3- ments that will bear large fruit. It Is in IliU hope that we shpulrt .study such lessons as this, for it is In tlie Sunday schools and the day schools of Ihc land that thc great foundation work of peace must be done. If we can fill the minds of the coming generation with the thoughts of peace, and the eyes of the young with the visions of peace, rest assured that we shall see in days to come a crop of peaceful attitudes and actions. So It is that we should exploit the great peace visions of (he Bible—the glowing prophecies'of the Old Testament, the spirit ol Abraham In his attitude toward the quarrel between his herdsmen and those of his brother-in-law, Lot. But even more Important, that this prophetic vision is its fulfillment in the New Testament emphasis upon brotherly love as the only logical Iruil of Ged's fatherhood and his gracious altitude toward his children. The spirit of Christianity an<1 .„ spirit of war are Inevitably u, ™' flict. No matU-r how much (he use of violence may be Justified uoon some outward ground of n;T*;i tv or the impossibility of adoimne some ctjier effective method, Chris tianlty in all it.s ic!eal3:ancl' tc'ir-h" ings has in mind the aim ol . im ,I stitutinjf Jove an pjsce for Bar and conflict, cither between individuals or between nations. Our lesson emphasizes llio f ac i especially in Paul's teaching w thn Epheslans, that peaceful attltud^ in the world have their bglcal anil true foundation-in peace in the individual life. If men have not love In their hearts, how can they have love in their associations? If there be not peaceful pm-pos- es. -iKW can there be peaceful results? A world of peaceful men would scon be a world of peacefu! nations, in the great movement for peace none of us is left cut The individual Christian hag its r---- spcnsibility quite a s much as th-> great statesman. •... . • Politicians may make wars, but it is iwoplfs alone who cm create in the world a deep and i>»rnia,- ncnt peace. News of Blytheville Schools Miss Marie Deen Chosen Queen of Senior Carnival We readings. They are interesting, and inspirational. The pastor will preach at both services Sunday. Bring along thai neighbor and friend, and let us enjoy these hours of fellowship and worship together. A big welcome always awaits you at this church. Strangers in the city are especially invited. J. O. Hassan, who has been ill several days, is now able to be up. Ray Jackson of Cincinnati, O is here for a few days. Mr. and Mrs.. Clayton Barnett of Houston, Texas, will spaml Sun- cifiy night and Monday here. They are visiting in Memphis and will go to Canithersville tomorrow for a brief stay before coming here. Before .her marriage several years ago Mrs. Burnett was Miss Sue Sar- tnin of Blytheville. W. M. Scruggs will spend the week-end in Memphis. Safety Program A safely program was given by the B B-2 class yesterday with Roland Hunt, delivering the president's message. The following program Wiis carried out: "Accidents in October, 1 ' Uoyd Hogan; "Poster Projects," Maxino Brignam; "Safety First Among Animals," Glen Martin; "Awkward Alibis,".Morris Feinberg; slory, Nancy Kirshner; "Deafness and Accidents," Roberta Graham; poem, Marilyn Blackwell; "Don'U for Hunters," Robert Scott; "Eye Accidents in Children," Leroy Brown; and "Novembe/ Nonsense,". Charles Wood. Lights InstalM The installation of liss-ils in the Central school through the cooperation of the P. T. A. and the school bsard has been completed. The pupils are all eager for a rainy or dark day so they may try out the new illumination. : : Pipes Cause TrouWt Rustei out water pipes and' six-inch steam' pipe caused'a pop'; siderable repair job last week^'at the Central school grounds on Chiakasawba. It was necessary to open the 100 foot concrete conduit through which the stcanj lines from thc high sch'joi enter ' the junior _ hWi. school and Central grade j school. The return line was found I to be practically rusted !\wny wtiils a loak was found in the main steam n. Correction of this defect together with oilier repairs and addl- s to the heating system should enable theso schools to be better heated winter. As a matter of school .economy, ttwis Tipps and John Irby, janitors at the Chickasavba, street schools, are planning to eliminate the kindling bill for this winter. They have been saving waste Uim- ber and scrap wood ail during the PILGRIM LUTHERAN CHURCH If. J. Kleiiirtirnst, Pastor Sunday schooll, 9 a.m. Divine Worsl-.lp, 10 a.m. Theme: "Why Should We Allan- Nothing to Take from Us the Fnith that Jesus Is the Promised Christ." you are cordially invited to attend our services. "He that is of God hearelli Gad's words." (John 8:47). SECOND IIAPTIST CHURCH J. L. Ncwsom, jailor Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Sermcn 11 a.m. Subject. "MLs- slojis." B. Y. I>. u. 6:33 p.m. 1 Sermon. 7:30 p.m. Subject "Tl:c Christian's Tiace." W. M. 3. Monday, 2:30 inn. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. FIRST I'HKSRVTF.RIAN CHURCH Marsh .11. fallaway, ,Mincs(cr Sunday school. 9:45 A. M. Church, 11 A. M. Sermon by Dr. J. F. Laivson, synod evangelist. Christian Endeavor, G:30 I 1 . M. There will be no night service. Rend Courier News Want Ads. Bennett's Pasteurized Milk 10c Qt. Delivered Phone 74 Bulgarian Huttcrmilk 15c Qt. Go (o Church Sunday summer and have a sizeabl- collection which will give them "a big start, toward the reallzaticu of their effort. Colored Schools Open Tile Ulythcvilic Colored school? opened last week with an 'jnroll- incnt of 365 pupils. J. A. W. Shivers is principal with the following teachers: Bessie Partee, M. J. Shivers, Lucille Tillman, M^udc Tolliver and Opherita Dan!;>l3 Cat and Dog Shoot Man PORTLAND, Ore.' (UP)—Edward Love, 35, returned safe from a hunting trip only to be laid low by hts pet dog and cat. He leaned his loaded gun in a corner. The cat afid dog started to fight and knocked the gun down. It was discharged and a bullet hit Love in the right leg. The : Senate has set as u courL. of impeachment ten times since formation of the U. S. Constitution. : CARD OF THANKS, : Wc-are grateful to all• who..vj'cro • so kind to us in the illness aiv.l ', death of our mother, Mrs. Mary ' MoAlister,' and for the lovely flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Layson, Mr. and Mrs. Victor McAlister, Mi 1 , and Mrs. S. Moore. MATERNITY AND ADOPTIONS— Seclusion" for imforlunatj girls. Expense reduced by working. Address: Fairinount Hospital, 490Q East 27th., Kansas City, Missouri. The Popular New "Swirl" PERMANENT . Fully Guaranteed ' ELAINE BEAUTY SHOP Phone 43 Are Your Clothes Ready - - For the cold weather - Call 327 foi- a white truck to call,for your winter wardrobe - - Our master cleaners will do a thorough a n d painstaking, job. You Can't Equal Our Work So Phone 327 for a White Truck Men's Hats Reshaped and Cleaned BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY

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