The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 1, 1937 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 1, 1937
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VOL. XXXlJi— NO. 2.% BIJTHEVILLE COURIER NEW<* - "••: T " R DOhnNAMT NRWSPAPER OP VwiTHBASP ARKANSAS AND BOiimrAqr xn^ "^ --• : . . - - * JtiviwinoA*.) AJNIJ QiJU J MJ'»nST AI ISfiQTTTM THyMuivllle' Courier Jllyllicvlllo Dally News """" "—— ; ^ _"__ BlythevlllO llOrftlcl MiSMls^hinl VPitliAur An .i^.. m VIM IMI/II i T» , t*t» " J "— ------—.———_— ,.. ._ V>X?1 //Ad ./• i B, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MAUCIl' |, ioij SINGLE COP1RS PIVW CENTS ^^^ ^^^ ^^^'M^'-« ^^ ^^ ' ~ — 1 i'*vrj tiUNis RQBINSMSCORES iOES OF COURTPLAN Pastor Spurns Salary, Mow Thrives On Wages of Faith Q ' r n • i Kes. Moliies pastor, has : •Sponsors OI Rejected Jie never will return to Measure Imm'edia I c 1 y ' Offer Prohibition Bill • LITTLE ROCK, March 1. IUP> — The Smlth-Colemaii bill, providing for stale-owned wholesale liquor Mores,} mis defeated in the senate By Ni:\ Service DES MOINES, la.—After living on "faith wages" since November"' I9K, the Rev. Clifton E. Hash, Kes. Moliies pastor, has announced a salary - of existence. In Nwetulie'f the Rev. Mr. Rash, not rise hlS '"' evious congregation he no longer would accept his $275 a month salary "Instead." he told them, "r will accept only what pay members of L vote of lYlo M. ''.! C , ™!^ Et !"°" carc l ° l>'«ge Cojemin, sponsors, of lhc'"bm "lm" thnt^conirihntfnnf *!' Pl mediately introduced a bill for re- " »ve $4f a n ontl ! peal of the Thorn liquor law. Tiic ahrv hew bill is similar to the Vcscy J ,,^ measure In the house of represen-! Th ' p ^f, \,, i ; p tatlves...- !n • ' P ron °unccd It was sent to the senate -tern-'- • cx| * r ""*". t a decided success parance committee. Heated debate over the Smilh-Coleman bill was climaxed when Senator Smith charged-that liquor.dealers in Ihe stale-had spent $20,000 in attempting to defeat the measure. listed his Income for ...„ 'ire months - under the new finance plan: November ..'.... -.. .$22G December (Christmas mouth) $ ]87 "Mrs. Rash and I both feel that we have gained spiritual nourishment from the system," the pastor snlcl. "We feel that we can better serve the Lord by adoptin"' „. „, ^ ;, "'°"- h ' f ' om The Sermon on tor-H M Birney Tcvukini Lu '"' Mo " nl ' IherJ Wilkes neleni imtl KOJ MI '„ , ,V Ml n-lsil tllen <l"otei one of his tuldlng passages Mat Favored by Pension Bloc He said Gov. Carl E. Bailey had promised lo sign the bill. ."It ts not a question of the state entering', into business but one of,"'Smith declared. Cj)posltion V. is heiried bj Sena him Harrison Those favoring the measure were principally members of the old age lll'iislon. bloc, who had b3cn prom- .i«d adtlltionar revenues for social s°cirrity The reippoittonmenl bill which his been antlclpiled since the first of tlie session v as introduced b> Senator H A Norlhcult of Sa 1cm Jieiv. C.'33-34 But seek \a fust thi. king dom of God and all things shall be added unto you. Take therefore no thought for the 111011 OH foi the morrow .slnll take thought for the "things of itself Sufficient unto the .day is the evil thereof. Tlie pastor pointed out that he E. F. Fry Is Candidate to Succeed Williams • E. P, 1'Yy, well known Blylhe- Vllle business .man, loday author- wed life Courier News to make formal announcement of his candidacy for the office of aldcunan {jo ni| out (he,imc.M)lrcd term of [MaiIon'Williams, (hit ward alder!"*V" ri . ra '. > .' IM ' l(c «* mwi'/wlio »«;' Household;Goods ,a T * nuons of rcslgninif kven Window Frames I'",? 10 'f sl in " 1B nc! Removed ' ! ' h " s tae " " I "Home Sweet Home" Is n lovel', j refrain lo Ihe most of us bijt not to many of the 500 nodi I |rcfimces who have been returnefl jlo Blytheville after having beeA IIH Hay View camp, near BirL mingham, A la.;, since January 27 , Many of them have returned to .find their homes stripped of ail i the belongings they left when ncring from the high water. ' The wives and children sit' on the floor of -the .Armory, '.where j hey aro afealn quartered.•'anxiinis- MV'-f"valtln«. word from hearts-of families' who have gone out io sor- : what;.has. happened to their* hcmcs. .Ini nearly..every i lie rcuoit- upon their return lins teen "everything gone." icav future, a resident of »u»iMippi county ,for 22 venr<> |>nd Ulylhcvlllc for 20 yeare \ » c "as been in the coal business for a number of years and formcrlv K-ns a dealer h, veal c,stalc anil conducted a wood business , Mr. Fiy said he had iio promises-lo moke except that he would icm. '"= imiiur pomiea out that he A Jjlll limiting exp»nditurcs of' not '"''"eurate his faith sal •candidates during campaigns juid I lrj , "* slcm Because he is finan lifoviding for a strict accounttu« of I cnll> independent The church fH^hnr-fn nii.t .. ._ ,..T.._ , ~ . . I S mtf nnTv tmii-/\n «/ !«>_..._ . . aprlng.'i. B » auKi, accounjlng 01 j _was Introduced by ,, R Thompson FureU i of income he Adjourn for.Races The house voted to adjourn it noon a<; the senate did allo\un member? to attend the opening day of horse rwlng at Hot Springs During the morning hour Ihc house repealed Act 232 of Ihe 1031 le^L-Oaturc which granted a pen- 'ion gf $1^00 to chancery jud fc, who had serv^o; 20 jcars On tj)6 ihotioli of Rtp joe i tei, I/ma) e coufity tlie house voiea ffl (o ? to lower truck license feL- on jphic)es under a ton and -i half Tbster said the move <f,ts to fld ficmers.and, hqt commgrclal haul nt-L T*- » » ,, Mdhii Ma ass Meeting , >Wiil Nomiliate Ol/icers MANILA Art— A ma<is mcedilg will be held Tuesday March o, at 7 M p in to nominate cindidales Wyuajor city recorder, treisurer, and five - alclermen. The ': iiiMtliiV will be hbJd^at the ' city hlill and all electors; are urged to bejjreselit. K«ps Books Straight He feels tint the spultual effect of the pi m has been bcnc- nclil to Ihe congregation The °ioup includes some 1400 possible only 100 active members They appreciate the Iict tint - n ive c-in mp K the books clem it Clifton E. Easli 'This Is my authority," says Hif Re\ Chflon t Ha«h He jxnnls (o a scriptural passage, "Take no (houithl for the mor- the end of nery month with no postoi s salary deficit (he He% Mi, Rash slid I hive rcccned friendly let tei-s from many pirts of the conn try. One woman in Alabama wrote to' isk a,loin of'jsiwo with winch to .set her daughter up ln n r Krt eery business That surpiLefl me r' nther evpectcd someone lo offei . looters have stolen nil llidy '' • nn; Vill^cjis [)1 ||l<: wiml ' whcre he '<»« "vctl for many ''V'" 1 Hie city to the ' nbllity ' ^ could take. At many houses''-the men have found nothing but Ihi b-uc W a]| s nn( | roDf !at w j th even < ic window fiumcs ami doors pone Embroidery Is Stolen John J Tajloi who inert neai fr!^, ,,," me '" thls "'oinJns Tn " ",lnt hao been hh found nothing : lefl A man's mind. B never keener than when he comes home with a Ruuiy conscience and starts mait- 111 excuses to his wife. I don't tlilnk there's a case on record where a wife accused her husband of somethin' that hc t i idn . t have some kind of alibi for I remember my Uncle Slug •••" me -i always very neat In his but Aunt Berclc lell when he'd To one of Ihc youngest on (he federal, bench. -13 - year-old ,Ii:di;o .1. I .vies Glenn. ,nbove, a Democrat of Chester. S.'C., lins 'fn|lon Ihc Inl of deciding oil two important New Deal issues involving federal -financing, of povvcr cenlois which, il is alleged, .would compete with private- compnnics. The- ' cases are based on thf: S lO.noo.riob Buzzards Itoosl and Sanicc- Coopcr projects in South 'Caio- lin-i. The Buzzards fioor.t c.ise • Spol Average Is 13.24 The average p r i ce or 7 . 8 | nc]l | nlddlhiB cotton on the len desi»-I did '?£" ^" wrts i entertain, Bo^rSe' 0 . ll *. W""'" "Why, « had m,, slc , m , otir niea,s. A loud speaker called ur ' °" CC out, «mi<| liome with spou- on his clo'Sl He only had the one suit and fin-' uprctnc couvt, >cause of i'm- in lower courts.. up on him .so good—so she went to town and bought him i >ieiv blue serge'stilt. . Uncle Slus; was so proud of his Jitw suit that hc couldn't wait un- 111 Sunday to shbw It off, ,so he wore it (o ton-n on Saturday. As ' uck would-have, It. he: ran Into His old crowd and laic that afler- Qrleans Cotton NE\V ORLEANS, Mar. 1 (UP)_ The cotton market rose more thin a dollar a bale to new highs today on a wave of general buying. Larger withdrawals of loan cotton than had been expected, stronger foreign markets and local spec r, h - c * :as soln ' homc ^in, he slipped and' fell in a h» J?"* Ilc "^ when he got up MH^ , COV ««<1: with /mud from V**Y° tocl - M if n he'iralked • in M»r. the house. Aunt Sorde jest stared May ** ai ^~ W a ' word. I jU * Slue aid -"That's 'oct. with these-blue serge! rxo- y, show every Itttls spot." i Jan. spc- ulation combined with a New York ...... .. iit^ IOIJ slock exchange estimate of Increased production to push most months lo n?w highs for .the season.. oepn high Ion-, close 1235 .1310 1295 1310 1375 1237 1575 1285 1250 1263 J25& 1263 1199 1210 J:1J9 iya '•M2 1210 1'202 U10 '202 1210 1202 1310 Mrs. Roosevelt Will I. , T I lrame ItSie On 1 our' house from iisltin home. He but the frames of two "h?rl\ r tiunl which had been emptied incl tivo stoves Tlie\ took everythine even tr mj «ifes embroiderj which was so preltj She spent all her Wire lime maWn, nice Hung for the house and we lo-ked then nil up In the trunk and Ihej- Broke the lock and took them all he said ni hr hugged his »ifo gently as their, two children tried to comfort her. I WISIH a bit down heirtec Icciuse ms_ liustand tojd m» il wouldnl do no'eood to he hul this is more than I can beir said Mrs Taylor is she attempt «l to keep back the feais The loss of her handiwork seemed truest to her To\T 0 , r™'m "T ?' e wmd0tts ™^ their 1 frames I ad been 1 (UP>- WASHINGTON Mrs Franklin D Roosuelt will leave at midnight Tlmi=dav foi n lecture toui which will HJe hei to Louisnm TCMS OXhhomi Mississippi and Alabama: sht said wl ,, She will letuin ntrt Maich 20 New Yo) k Cotton »!?^2P5?^-1, <"p>-coi- ton closed very steady! oepn - high low close 1308 1324 1207 1224 1280 1290 1270 12SO- 1257- 1268 1257 I26S ' 1204 1217 1204 1212 1199 1205 1193 1205 1198 1205 1198 1203 the torn from the s(0 ves s ves weic rust> fiom the. nood wiler TO the} were left behind ,snt a nice homecomi in" foi mn" oi the hundreds «i,o left here not bir^ * hCr ° lhcy Vfn S 0 '"* but the most of them « cre optimistic, r or had not word -on- ground lint the Red Croi^l them 1 ? IJ * OUW Hke " rc or Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Jan. them? And take care of them thei hive iccoidlng to the reports if III who went lo Has View We had a swell lime and we say many, were quartered Will Outline Second New Deal in Radio Talks March 4 and 9 WASHINGTON, Mar 1 (UI>)_ I'wsldcHl Roosevelt will ' discuss the alms and purposes of his second New . Deal in broadcast speeches on March 4 and March J, the While ilousc revealed to- The addresses, it' „.<«'• SB |,|, w |ll constitute ,u "serial In two parts," is °"f c wlllcl1 '>•'.••'• Hooscvelt b jinc of the objectives which he "opes to accomplish" during his it'tond term In office. Revelation of the 'general , s ub- J>J ' matter of the • forthcoming »<ld.'e«es came after publication P! dispatches Indicating that Mr F?Ariem<iiH l.^n . . .. • . ' • Grandfather of Film Actor Dies at Age 82 HEATOICE, Neb., Mar, 1 (UP) —Jacob A. DI-UBH, 02, (jiandfalhc-i | of Hubert Taylor, motion plcturu I star, ilieei at Ihr liome of a son on ii futin ui'iir heie last night Taylor recently, came to Uiugir.s aid after he had been on relief. Umiili suffered an attack of In- mieimi a week ago but senility was believed -•-•-•for his denlh. believed chiefly' responsible His financial plight was flrbl called to the attention of tlie movie actor on February 3 A short time/later Hi ugh was removed from relief ioiLs :oi p , .--... ,.„ G , vmB ulc government bc"ect(yl to Resume Work K'' ° f 0 "'""'"">»' ™i>««i and ; .-' "v-iiiui, tvuih labor -to • cainnlv \>.n>, «.n_.,,... Strong Ncutiality Mcasuie Is Essential, Senal Piltman Declares . ; --—!-..n., ( v.i iciuicnuUK tllftt Mr Roosevelt liellcvcs tliere Is need WASi "NOTON, Mnr. I ( UP) _ foi- a law giving tim „„„„'..„„...,. T ' lc W 0''l<l Ls picnaiimr for „„B " >B " lc Government picpaiing for another: war .such «i the conflict of 191-1, Senator Key Pltlman (Dem ' f M ' .o ' ""^ ' to ' COi "l )1 V »•'«> conMtive '»», Senator Key Pltlman (Dem, 101 MlSSlSiinpi Coiinlvl J1 "' tn " 1 " 8 L01ltr n<:l5 ,^ cv) w««>ed today a^ he uigeil in -i To, H n, "'" 1)bicuss Cour ' Wan ' sc "" tc to l )Ilss strlcl »'«! l*r- 1" a lew Days T>e nret of M, Rooseiells nd " 1(l " ent '>eutinlll> legislation. uiCAics \\lll hi iinoi,1 ^.. >» Plcftdlhc ihn rim<y» nr M. >*.~*\. Paul E coolev former M.ssis- Ippi counu -iiuhtor who has been '"—" lately In Memphis ,,p onrcntlj (or ns Is to return hcie liils full time countj audi- 5"fls of Mr coolej said ,, lle c)l!llji on the-; "i b-en rellablj liiromictl , 9 (luri "B which r Cooley was to retuin "' "J 0 l>lei>1 "«" «IH old position in the nc\( Ulcl ^"cs 1 tc * T hr> i\TfJn\r.t i, < .1 Neither Mr Coolci nor Counts Jud«c S L Ghdish could br reachid fo. a statement todaj 'Jut friend- -' -- J they had 'hat n •o his 'ew days L „ , r Lcnt1 ' llen ii of J r oenti &. co public accountants 5 s ? '"'""I counts auditor bj Jud-e Ghdish tt hen he uauniet JfTlce Januars 1 succeeding Mr Cooley At the time Judge GlacI «i MK! the ofHce would be re- Juced to a pirt time position and it ins understood tint Mi Unit would accept Ihe position I'ot Intend to ghc up hi, n r i va ,'' husincw since then It DL hcaul on Mnrd, ^ nun annUcisnij of hlj, j n lion-as president. lie will the speech nl the Demo \fctou dlnnei here Hun ™i of sjmllar dinners will be U« In other cities Ji^.r 1 " 1 ?" l » e White House cute -Ji one of MI Rooseiclts ir, enc) '±,. 0 « '"=;'"'«ht cl o? Judjrc Glnrtlsh (,e rr-i o the conclusion that the dutle? of the position lequire ihp lime services of an auditor fudge Ghdish is said to hive , l0 . l l.. f ! le ! lti L.> est '^ ">U the restored to a osl'ion m o full time bisls and that Mr Coolcs lid areed t ' ;-., ., u,, m [.II. didn't want lo leave" At Bay View in ,: *- «».n, nutti w.1 c\i cottages which had from three I to five, rooms and each family •wns given a separate room where they slept on sack beds, filled f, , :—" *«s"j . 44.UJ Spots closed steady at 1350, up 1C. with stray. They were "three squares a day" served High Court Affirms Crossing Crash Verdict LITTLE ROCK, Mar. 1 (UP)_ nic state supreme court today a'f- • limed Judgments awarded by the Crawford county circuit .court igalnst the Missouri-Pacific rail- wad totaling $19,COO as a result 'f; n train-automobile crash The court awarded the estate of ' w "° was killed Sltsic Win, .Meals ^ And not only food and shcltei k<" all kinds of Hosing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Mar. 1. (UP)-Unil- ed States Steel spared more than four points lo a new six-year hi°h above 115 today to lead a general recovery after early irregularity on the stock martcet. Chicago Wheat open high low close May 131 7-8 133 1-4 131 7-8 132 3-4 "is automobile; Pete Shelby. 52.100 or personal Injuries; Virgil Red-lick, $2,000 for personal Injuries. The court maintained that Ihe engineer and fireman of the train :iid riot take proper precaution in L «M. t n ii. •Miproaching the crossing. to cat and played all time ive Judgment of $UOO, awarded C were standing there In line. They 1 A - Greenlce against the L G nan a. prencher come out to have B . U T Stores, inc., was affirmed church but they didn't make us Greenlce wns Injured when he go unless we wanted to, but most I Stumbled and fell to the floor in 01 us went. Then (hey let us i 3n « of the stores. have dances whcii ever we want- 1 - cd. They even had a school for Ihc kids with real, teachers from It in octet! hei!l° °"' C1 ^ ^" ltc """-^ «t""c ^S^"*™**^" 'ni -renchlng Judldnrj' re Ion Plan In both spceche Jio jUnich 0 talk '"' )mS ^.^ 1 p w r ^ss^rr <U P ,_ S B1 L.?«.'?««H -11 /end' mcswige to congr While House — t 0| ; ,- -- - funct National act Inihrtllla , ,m' S "r?. e A.'' »« «nph M i Md PlciMllnc (he cause, of his ''cash ami can) ncutinitty proposal Piltman chaiactcilzed it as tha ino-H effective method of keeping 'he United Slates out of aiiothei world war Such n nai mnj come again ' hc <ald in fact the wprlrt today Is piepniliijr foi such a war." littman!, bid would Impose vip- on any nnlJon nt »nr which de- shed to trndc with' this country the feipomlblllli J 0 , transporting the pin chased goods ftway'from Amciicnn shoKs andhhe" necessity if pnjliig foi' UVrow'i'fii c'fl* Tlie niiniilie'hffj^fltliGrcci strohu Mippoit despite Its SppSi'cht con- tllcl In fundamenlal iiollcy will the icclprocal tiadc program, e\'l'" 1 ^ Ja, concuss, tail week and now intnlllng- Presloeut Rooseielt's signature , Says Country Is Bein'g Flooded With Dishonest Piopaganda'' WASHINGTON, Mai. 1 (UP)- Majoilty Lcndci Josepii T. Robm- ion loda> denounced in Ihe bcnnlo what lie teimed n propng.iiKliit, dilic lo mislead Ihe nation In icjjaul to Picsldent Roosevelt's Judlcliny icoreanlzatlon program Robinson said he wanted to call attention to piopa B andls,ts who sought lo 'mkltifoim" the couil . . Irj on the couit leorganlzatloH ' A few dnjs ago when I nrst mentioned this," lie aiid, "(he c\Mencc was chciimstantlal intli- ei than definite. > 'One loulil lell then that theio «ai a conceited cffoil in icgnul not'dennue'. 1 fel ' C ™ ^ ™ , Abuse of Freedom "We have absolute freedom of speech and pi ess ami I tuisl lliat' will nlwajs continue In this conn- Hut those who avail themselves of this constitutional , light owe some duly lo the country. 'Now r call attention of the I senate lo what I consldci an un- , truthful unfah and deliberately dishonest effort lo Influence nub""_ opinion on this issue.* 'As nn illustration i of what Is '"E on I point lo a message I recelied today: and which probably has been, received by^eveiy member of congress. ' r . ' f WM\f "'I 4 " te ' titldre5 ?«<i t icom' r . Wichita, Kans. and saysV * "' ir-i«^,, jnll^.ii ii A r .! County Farm j^gent Is Huj-t Slightly Saturday ., D S Uinltrlp fi\rm ag'ent foi the ChlcfviHawta dlslilct of MIS- slwlppi coimlj i sustained mtnoi bl|iiws and Mi automobile was cQlisiilcrablj damaged in a high- will MI « « t-'inpnaslzcd iwiMiuauui} nnmageit In a hlgh- recinctn m . "."""'"'""""ons fo, 1^ ««ldent near Hnrrlson, Ark, "•uincimcnt of imnlmnn. ,. .„«. ISalmd-iv ' ' ' Of nnd maximum minimum wording > IUI I ' « nge Salind-iy houi ! Wr Lanlrlps automobile rolllrl- „,,,,,,-,;: ' "uiuing j,oui '«' uiiurnis automobile rolllrl NRA lnci »-porntcd Hi the oldi ed »«"> ""olhir cir dilvcn-by ai ''"" n i.i *_!-.,.j ru ^ , _ . J . OL Roosevelt Ins a different pro|wsc<l labor studying IcgbJition zr Another special coiiKicsslonnl '0-norrow's-TRAr^e-rt' (111 Iln nn f 1 1 n I i , • . .. " Ul " „ .. xlt ii^ii-uj jllL old friend rhe faun agent had drlicn from here to Hairlson 16 vhit with his family, his babj being' ill mid hud just stalled the 300 mile return journey when the accident occurred. He was af his office In the coiirt house here, today and cs- ...... -iiiu^mje wi\\ rje ^«f« nuviou ncfu , wxiay anti ex- rp,, n ,!" Pa r , tra " sml «'on" of Ihe I*-«cd hl ««elf as llllle the worse -i, r j ' he cc ""»'»ce which Physlenlly" for his accident studied operation of the old NKA! l ; [ — Monk Rutledge Fined Today on Two Counts ik Ruticdsc was fined charge of obscenity an charge of distur>""~ liy Municipal Jud Henderson this 'morning-. Change of Venue Taken in Cooler Assault Case STEELE, Mo.—Preliminary hearing for Richard Young, o. D. Bonds, Cliarlle George . Brnsher Birmingham. There were 3,280 o. us there and nobody wanted to leave except we were beginning to get worried about our stock and homes," Thus was the story (old. It! pose stems the --' ••• • Deputy Collector Here to Aid Income Taxpayers "' vicinity of a Railroad street" beer sardcn but in front of a buildup "eh, 8 used as a private residence A larger number of mihilc drunkenness cases than usua? „. n ° '""' 3p|)e!lre<l °» »>« the week-end" docket ' . The case, originally scheduled for hearing before Magistrate Mack Barker of Cooler, will come here on change of venue. Have bear 'refflifirg'^ an<>iti'" JCn * Rooseielt'.s shocking clpmnnd-Umt he be allowed to pack the jimremo • court with ladlcals. . . . This l s Ihc most ominous move townid dlctatoislilji n, Q W countiy's hls- WASIIINOTON, Mm 1 (TJB)- ,fnc supieme court, by failing to present opinions today in a series pf, contioverstal cases, piesen\ecl nn Indication, obscrvcre believed, hlit a nould dc'cllne to bo diawn liilo the .nation-wide conlioveusy cancel nim* Its futiue ' Despite the fact'thafethe court has pending befoic II half a do?cn much-disputed cases Ai j W l)nh arguments were complect! Isci'eial*' weeks ago the only major decision 1 "rciented today was one leaffhm- .~ In? the opinion of Januaiy, 1934'- Rhich upheld the New Deal's cm-"" 3'gency gold, legislation. &' At Ihc same time those wlrtjV ha\c watched the court closels- "" any clue to its reaclion tnc judlcfaii another controversy noted' .<l«nincnnt en- " FJood Control Survey On Rivers Is Ordered ,„<„„,, , — WASHINGTON. Mar. 1 (UP)— Crlbta sin r, flS , ( ,° 11 - 0ft ' S: J ' E - TllC llollsc W** l >aMC(1 ^ u ™»ion nL. "'. "" e: , ^ Valtcr Williams, Imous consent nine bills authorU- *it«y i^i f-« t»»j t-t iji Y.JJ J32 3-4iii,!, ,, -- o-— i.n.t.« ttcij-; '"g, * uivu- income tax reports for July 1,3 7-8 US' 113,^,^3-1 ^;± l ^, i(V ^ ««» to IM^-H, wll, be in thf county judges office at the court house all tills week, Cd tO Aid Income taxpayers .^lic drunkenness cases 'were WASHINGTON, Mar 1 (1 ""!•'_ i?Hh?f e<i *,^ f ras fol l° ft ' s : J. E. The house today'passed by u ur| E. Dalton. deputy federal Income ?, r ' b ~' $v ° r " le : Walter Williams t'nous consent nine bills anil tax collector. Is here for the pur-!*"! ™ c s «*P«ncied; Louis Adams'('"8 the war department to It I pose of aiding local residents In rd- *™ '™<>< Albert Pierce. $10 Hue; I Preliminary surveys of riveis V- I JDS' - their in(*rtntr* Inv r^rkftrfc fn>- "UH HCjimllfll frirfdi*- ^i^,,«n_ •) t'lou- tnn-*.*,* n,. i .__t j .,•«• u. A« ( f-^iv. wi nM.iiiig jut;ai rcaiufiiis 111 in- refugees liked every-) ing, their income tax reports for MflV VfnTif „...,., «™ I Irtie -wt . in . . ., May 107 1-8 103 1-4 107 I-S 107 3-4 July 10. 1-8 103 1-4 102 1-8 102 1-2 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, III,, .\ f<lr , (UP)—Hogs: receipts, losoo ' ' Top, 10.20. ' . 170-230 IDS., 10.00-10.15 Light weights, .6.75-9.50' Hulk sows, 9.35-0.60. Cattle: receljUs, 3,506 Steers, 6.00-12:25. Slaughler steers, 7.00-0.00. i, 6.50-! the ciimale, for "it was nice and warm and the peach blossoms vcrc blooming," The refugees who arrived overd - —-• ."inca o>er i urnl ,, g (0 ..Leachviiic and vicinity Chicago Corn open high i ow d Hhe week-end will bo"'rctumcd '«> (heir Homes.' where possible. and ;u:w, provi-lon Is to be made for those whose possessioivs have cumslaure Two jurists both eligible for re- » ;Iremer,t under the new volun-- tciy supreme couit retirement" uiasure, which awaits the presl-" dents signature, failed to read ^.Ry - opinions. , Extends Gold Ruling ' '' The gold decision was an ev- • tciiiion of the court's verdict ' landed down In January, 1034 ' whicn originally upheld the t4w' Deal's gold 'legislation: The outlawing of private con-, racls calling for gold payments was' upheld fay the court in the gold' decision of two jears ago The pres-~ ent case Imolved a $1509 rental contract between the Holjoke Wa- terponer Co, of Holyoke, MJ><is and the American Wrapping pa pe r , Tlie decision was regarded as sl-- nificant became of its possible ef^ feet on future control of the currency through legislation. a view toward flood control make with! .,„„•. ..„"•-• ~" v "•'"•<:'•. , ""V 5 ¥ tts included the Fo'jtrehe S10 rmn. 8 ,?, r lT : J ' T ' Toran * Ja ™ v ~ rtvcr in £ '"r>'. Ye" and i^hd,a«,^ te3t c F '° Wm ' clm H SC ° U co " nli "' * fto ""_ - -- - - .^ivt, ^iu iitiu; Hcmphlli. f or f e it. On . m ; Recce, $15 fine; Qucenlc Walker, beui last. been Only eight families lelDnea home today . a and hundreds more of the refugees nre cxpt'clcd to arrive daily from Memphis. Bay View and Corinth Miss., until all of the 1.400 sent away five -vveks ago, have been their hom'es In the Rocky neigh-, oorhood ^nd several trucks were I TALAVERA unloaded (at Leachviiic. I —Insurgent si returned hcis At the Armory, ihs refugees Slaughter heifers. 6.00-toso Beef cows, 4.55-5.76 ia and Ion- cutlers 3 2 1 ; 4 25 .are rtcc.vla? two . meals .1 day jauil are sleeping" on rhatlrtsses, janri bcrt.; of straw on the floor. Return lo dally. five truck load of rcfu- Leachville cti route to Royalist Losses Heavy j Gray el Surfacing of I Insurgent Forces Claim i Cut-o^^oad Resumed | MANILA, ArX\—Graveling of the cut-off road between Manila and ,nm (UP) \vM\il «v"-..-...v. , — Y'ouigtiu sources sad officially While (he refugees have noth-odny that "entire battalion., "f IS but nralsc • foy the treatment loyalist coal miners were wlncl Ing accorded 'them at the Walcott camp, nearly all of them express themselves, as happy to return to Ovlcdo. attacks on __Tho insurseiu commimlijiie said ih.i ,—!•— •— '•••' — •-" ' >•• '".inifii'iu conimun nil their homes and resume their Sunday attacks on Ovledo accustomec| way of life. Most of inmillc cnem ' them Ilvt" along Buffalo and causing a sin vit, in our s The communtq e ,r E d the s ago. With few ex- 1 loyalists : with dellberBtely bom- Enjoins Union Organizers From Picketing Factory WAUKEGAM, III.. Mar. 1 (UP) ^Circuit Judge Ralph Dady lo- day enjoined John L. Lewis' union' organizers from nnss pickelmj at the Fanstesl Metallurgical Cor- po,ralion and ihipaneled a grand Jury to consider' Indictment of eight union leaders! Monettc was resumed this morn- j ing. Seven car loads of gravel arrived last week and a crew of men began unloading it today. Graveling of this road "was begun some time ago but weather' WEATHER Arkansas,— Fair.: not so. cold 1 Frosi tonight. Tuesday fair, wnnrx- eiui c^iiie nine ago. but weather 1 *, L , ... conditions and hilh water lnWr-1 "'T 1 ^ a " d vicm ^-Fair add W M^SSX^?^^^^ be completed \cry soon Some kinds of bacterlt have &^^^^m&£\&&?&s& m™«mi% ' fix months and yet lived. fair wanner. ( , TJ16 nmimum iempernUire hci« SMterday ^as 37. minimum' J7, cl^utly, according to Samuel p. Horris, official weather observer, Lust night Ihe minimum temperature was 23 ' - ,

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