The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 16, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 16, 1952
Page 8
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?AGB EIGHT BtYTTTEVTT-LE (AT?K.) COURIER NEWS HWDAT, MAT !«, FARM NEWS AND REVIEW Gloria the Goose Lays anc/ Lays W/ii/e Her 'Pen Pals' 7us£ Sei Keith BUbrey and H. H, Car^r, Count.v Agents Gloria is B white Chinese goo?c owned by Mrs. J. A. Breysachcr of 527 North 10th in BlylluviUe. Her feminine habits may havr s^we significance for the many Nor 111 Mississippi County farmers u*1nt? gcr-se for grass control in rot (on, She Just lays anri lays while her TH-O female Toirtoufe companions M-i, Gloria will be onp yc-ir o!rt tills cominp June J. Sho laid her firsL egg Feb. 10. She has laid an rgg every other day since ihnl time ahd Is still laying at present. She !s due to lay today and If n\] ^OOR ss expected will have -lfl rpt«s (o her credit. However, Gloria is not the motherly type. Shr hasn't Indicated thft slightest, desire lo sot this Sprinp, Maybe she's just loo young. Gloria jusl isn't acting like her "country cousins" that \vc ktiw. (She is city brer! «nd reared. Too. her diet is a sumplou.s one—laying mash every day.) In a questfotmnire sludy on gee=e made by us this winter, the avcr^RO scnsmin! rug production per female ROOSET reported by 15 farmers was 11 C^RS. These country (rmates wanted to set after layinsr a clutch of pfips. Most, (lochs in the county hod stopped laying this year by the last veefc of April, We wore unable to secure eggs to reset our incubator at this time. White Cheese ore considered to be better layers than other breeds. Studies Indicate that goose ORRS can be successfully hatched in incubators. Tf Chinese prove to be FIR goort or belter "hoc hands" In cotton fields, their higher egg production On Missco Farms C*«nty Af*nt Keith J. The Bnlihlc Burst Farmers in J^orlh Mwwis-sippj County who tised sortiR of the pre- emergence chemicals [nr (?ra&s con- irol in cotton. tilKovercd Monday nnd Tuo.silfiy that, their cotton was injr "controlIre]" ton. In other worrts, i)ccrnj£R of .snrno peculia]- conditions, (he material backfired ;ill over the midsmnh Ju«l after a od rain and killed much of the r:oli.on that WEU? up when the rains came. Ninety per cent ol the cot- or any other stale, relative to the .sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to bp issued for operation ru-ginning on the 1st day of July, 1052, anri 10 expire on the 30 day of June. 1933. Mary Ccnn Fru'ler, Applicant Subscribed and s'.vorn to before me this 15 day of ."tiny. 19;>2. Oscar Alexander, Notary 1*111)110 My Comm Lssion expires: 9-12- ton that was so treated in North Mississippi County, anri was up before the rain, has been replanted. Fortunately, no more than a dozen farmers had uteri any nl the pre- emeriience chemicals in the conn* ly. I '.'.ill no',, and perhaps could not, explain v-hat happrnKj. The*e nia- tcriaU ha^J been tcMfrt and used by , experiment stations all over the ."oulh. as v.e!l a* by cerium select farmers, for four anri Jive years. The conclusion at the end of the 105! i^ea.son that the material u'.'is jH'H^tiral for fa cms, with certain [ireravitions, Much -More Serious ActuHLly. a pmtter question mark hanKs over the roiton acreage in thi.^ nrrn t/>dny. Oollon that u'.i. 1 * up before the rain U dying rather badly all ovrr tlie county and -stands on ]ate can we plant cotton?" Your judgment may be better than mine but I Lhlnk May 20 1-S a gocd time to slop on our heavier sails. May 2.5th on the lighter soiLs east of Big Lake, and June 1st on the sand j^>|[s of ihe Manila-L«achvttle arf?a. After these doles, I would rather plant soybeans or corn. Trarhlng by uemon.slratlon W, S. Watson must, be trying lo demonstrate the miponanre of insurance- First, his house burned up a low weeks ago, and yesterday he ran into the end of a four-row citl- tlvaior and tractor and that was on the highway; litnle damage to (he cultivator but considerable Then, Try This 1 have found out that one of the reasons you people wilt not control cutworms in your ^nrden is because you do not want to or do not know how to mix up a poison bait mixture. We have some toxa- phene dust here in the office that you can have for garden plots. It Klvrs overnight control of cutis anti is easy co apply. If ynii went to Memphis this week to purchase an irrigation system for his strawberries. JACK HALF, out at Ftftt Idfa* te cooperating with us by putting on an early fipray testing prcgram. It is an attempt to see if spraying at this time of the year with Toxa- phene will hasten the growth or maturity of cotton. Insect Control Help Judge Faber WhiteV and H. C. Knappenberger, president of MIs- st.'xuppi County Farm Bureau, have given the go ahead sign to hiring two young insect control men out of the College of Agriculture. They win be here soon after graduation and 7.-ill render valuable assistance in spoiling insect problems and training you in insect identification. Dr. Charles G. Luicolon. head of the Department of Entomology •* Fayettevllle, will b« In this count* tomorrow to see if w« h*v* mriy thrip problems to date and pouibly set up aom« etperienUl voatrol work. For Sale • Soybean • .Funk's Hybrid Corn • So.vb«an Inoeulafioa • Fertilizer Farmert Soybean Corp. No. Broadway, RlytheviDe Phone 8191 Jacer planter! c-rttlon ace not w.-int to %o to the trouble, came by through iis expected or hop- Also, the very ccld and fitronn of Saturday, Sunday and j worms. office and we will cive you a sample, enough for the garden cut- Nff-T-hanical diving rertnces the danger of fire from .sjxintaneoiis combustion in hav. ] Moiiflny n£j?hts cave the same rffcictl People to »!1 motion nnc! corn that was up S VJUOTI, AND IlKRSItKl. JO1IN- as a late froM. How serious this [SOX bought ah irrigation system will be remains to he seen. '--' -•- • • ; When to Stop The r)iii?.--tion now arises. "How last week and are using ii on their trawberries. ri.WOOI) SMII.KY of Leachvllle Planting Seed We have for sale a limited quantity of Northern Grown WABASH SOYBEANS. OGDEN SOYBEANS. COTTON SEED Henderson - Hoover Seed Co. Highway 61 South Phone 28<>0 GOOSK I.ATJOH--Gloria. Ilio ctilnpKe KWrtc of Mrs. .) A. nrrysclirr gives her version of the linrFe laneh to one of her • 1 t>on pals 1 ' (on the nesd. Glnrla, a high egg producer, lays while her Boose companions set. Gloria's egs production this spring—48 eggs. Statistirs say Hie average Ix 11. (Courier ,\'c«'s J'lrot") may mnkr (hem a desirable breed. imict: Dilly Driver. Half Moon: for rotten farmers. , Harry Mniitz. Number 9: H. n. Some North Mtsslpsippi County Knapperibereer. Greenbriar RJd^e- farmers who have While Chinese t Oeorijo Dlllahuniv, Yarbro: nnd D this year ore: Louis Freeman. Cnl- \ H. Abbott. Yarbro. Broiler Prices Are Target of Poultrymen FAYBTTEVItiLE — Plagued by lo* broiler prices in recent weeks. • erotip of northwest^Arkansas fee<i dealers and hatche.rymen have decided to do something about it, O. R. Hale, mnnacer of the -IX Feed Store here, snid that a group of M leading poultry »nd feed firms rn the area had endorsed a pro- .jram designed to curtail production and bolster broiler prices. The hatcheries which supply the baby chicks and the dealers who supply feed to producers will ask them In the future to house not more than one bird per souare fooi of floor .space. Hale said. Since the pre5ent practice ranges all the way from one-half to three-fourths square foot per hirri this would result in decreasing total production In tlie area by 25 to 30 per cent. In addition, poult-ry experts recommend the one-fool-per-bird housing as a means of Increnstne feet! efficiency anri producing better quality chickens, "Wn all recoRiii/e that the present crisis In the broiler Industry is Iho result of over-production." Hale declared. "Until such time as jwo- nle bes-ln to e»t more chicken, it is foolish for us t-o continue to produce broilers at a loss." "At present," he continued. "10(1 pounds of live chickens bring the producer only about JIB. If production were cut by one-fourth across the board. I believe the 75 pounds remaining would bring a greater return at lower cost. It's just the old story of supply and demand." ! Hnlc .served as chairman (it thr Broup which met here recently lo dlpcuss the problem of surplus pro- . ductlon and low prices. NOTICE ; Nctice Is hereby Eiven that the : undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the i State of Arkansas for permit to sell ! and beer at retail on the : premises riffcriljpri as Jll W. ASM. j nlylheviUe. Mississippi County. j The undersigned states that he Is : a citizen of Arkansas. o£ pood mnr- j nt character, that he has never been convicted of R felony or other crime) involving moral turpiti/de; that no license to BCll beer by the nnrier- jiignei) hns been revoked within five yoars last past; and thnt the un- | dcrsltmert has never been convicted j of vlolattntr the liui-s of flits sfa Unrimciy delays In the field can bt might)' irritating, but more 50, if parts arc unobtainable. risk needless crouhle' Give yoor John Deere Equipment l thorough going over If parts are needed, place your order with us now for genuine John Deere Parts. VT.e've stocked our bins completely aj possible, however, should we bt temporarilx in short .supply, an early order will assure your getting the needed pirts in ample time for the working season. Remember—replacing p.iris with only geattiue John Deere Parts pays in many »~ays; they're made right, h[ fight, and list longer. Sc« »s soon. OH1V CENUIKC «OHH OsfiE, PAttt- ny AHD WUB UKG TH8 onibiHftUi MISSCO Implement Co. So. Hiwoy 61 Blytheville Talked About Tractor In America! The tractor with MORE POWER, MORE SPEED, more matched implements to do more work than any other tractor built! You're Invited to See the New M'Cormick FARMALL Arrange Now to Try the New Farmall Super M on Your Own Farm! See for jroorse/f bow YOU cm do with * SUPER M Yoa can plow mp «• 30 it*** of tongh sod a day. Yo« can tand«n Aiik mf to 5O acres to a Atj. Yoa can coUirate «p to 6} acre* * da*. .*& — ..<_. DELTA IMPLEMENTS <tt^M« 6863 -- BLYTHEVILLE.ARK

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