The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, April 6, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER Blythevill» Courier Blytheville Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Herald DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF MORTHEAST AHKANSA* *.«> SOOTMUAST HWSOURI HhYTHKVll.LK, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, Al'Rll, 6, 1<U8 EIGHTEKN PAGES Attend Opening of New Bank in Manila Deposits First Day Near $400,000 Mark, Officials Disclose A total of §385,935.12 was put on deposit by the patrons of the newly organized; Merchants and Planters IBank at Manila, during its first day of business and official opening yesterday, according to Vice-President and Cashier Riley Jones. The bank was crowded with flowers from well-wishers, and visiting .jtoittaiies, Mr. Jones said. FTOtate Bank Commissioner T W LeBgett, Little Rock, and J. Vance Clayton, state treasurer, Tittle Bock, were among those at' v ig Those from Blytheville i , .Intended were: w. J. Palmer, i -ink WhitwortJi. L. G Nash B G. West Mi\ mUtK'K Lynch, R A. Porter p p. W*rnti and A B Reese. Also trhmrtfafc Dee Harry Crow, vice pimhtaiil of .w,-fl Worthen Company,., Ltttt* ^4iifc; » R B. Elwood latatenttnhkr it Worthens in UlU*,Ba44AMB Ifetcalf, vice- p-esldeut ft, f>e poBnercial National f BWk, Ottle Back Charles Oi th iriei pnttdeat Union National BankVUtU. Bock, Elbert Land, vice precldeBt,; union Planters National Bank. Mwnptato Joe Davis vice pntHtat,*Tft3tik National Bank, Memphla, C ,0 Carton assistant "' ' Ownmteioner, Little device president, -_ Tlrust Company Carrol} Burton, vice Rational Bank, St A , for the bank who is also , Riley Jones, -JE. C. Fleeman, Max Isaacs is PatfCommittee Members Meet State Bock; m Missurtpta St LouJi, piesidmt,, 1 Louis f Boatd ft are Fire Damages Two Buildings Out at Air Base The volunteer fire department organized at the all- base several weeks ago answered Its first call early this morning and was credited by Fire Chief Roy Head with "doing a good Job." Tw> barracks buildings were damaged when fire of an undetermined origin burned the end of one structure and a portion of another. Three rooms of one of the five- room barracks was heavily damaged and one room and a portion of another in the other building also Bs damaged. The buildings were not in us«. The blaze started in the more heavily damaged building. It broke out about 12:30 a.m. Lee Richardson, Jr., in In charge of the volunteer fire department at the air base. Members of the department are residents of the Veterans Housing Quarters, Blytheville firemen early last night answered » call lo the G. V. Daws residence at 914 Hearn when an oil water heater became overheated. No fire resulted. Grim Reminder of Tragedy in Home Near Dell SINGLE COPIES mm euro Russians Press Deal With Finns Helsinki Reports Soviets May Not Get Peacetime Bases By Matt I.unriqulsl United Press Stiff Correspondent HELSINKI, April B. IUP>— Finland has agreed with Russia on terms of a treaty of friendship and mutual assistance, the foreign of"ice announced today. A high politi- :al source said the pact does not -nclude permission for the Russians to establish peacetime bases in Fin land. The crucial point of negotiations was the Finnish claim l<j the right to decide when the pact should become effective, whether immedia**- iy or in case of war, this source said. He indicated Finland may have won this point. * Members of the Finnish delegation in Mtv&ow, in answer to telephone inquiries, said : the provisions of the pact were' agreed upon in principle during an hour-long meeting yesterday. The Finnish delegation was meet, detail, Tiie Mississippi county Democratic Central Committee met in the Court House here this morning, elected officers and fixed filing fees for candidates participating in the Summer primaries. Jesse Taylor, BlythevUle attorney, was re-elected chairman. Bruce Ivy, Osceola attorney, was named vice-chairman and J. B. Bunn of Osceoia, assistant attorney-general of Arkansas, was re-elected secretary; Mrs. John White of Blytheville was elected vice chairman for women. The following filing fees for candidates for county offices were set by the committee: Sheriff, »500; treasurer. »500; .county judge, $500; circuit, court clerk, $300; assessor, »300; county clerk, SMO; stale representatives, »50; constables, J20; coroner, $10; jjvurveyor. S10; and justices ot the , To Meet Again July 24 Mr."Taylor announced that the Central committee will meet again in the Circuit Courtroom in the Court House here at 10 a.m. July 20. one week before the preferential primary. At that time, he said, election judges and clerks will be named. The committee also filled committee vacancies in five townships. Committeemen named this morning to fill vacancies and the men they succeed follow. Neal Township—Norman Bailey for T. O. Wilkins, who died. Whitton Township—Roueit Jackson for O. A. Jackson, who has moved from the township. Half Moon Township—H. H. Story for R. L. Story, who also has moved. Chtckasawba Township — Arthur S. (Todd) Harrison for Mose Smith, who died. Three CotnmitlecTnen Added Little River Township — Bryan Herd. Iloss Smith and Clint Sharp. The three additional Little River conimiiteeiuen were named by a petition sinned by 57 qualified electors of that township and approved by the committee. The petition requested that because more votes were polled in that township than in any other in the county except Chickasawba Township, that five comniitteeinen be named from there instead of two. The other Little Riv- Wfr committcemen are Ed Brown and' "V. A. Matheny. -The appointments to fill vacancies are temporary and these com- mineemen will serve until the Juiv 27 primary, when new committeemen will be elected. Mr. Taylor advised prospective candidates for Central Committeemen to file, party loyalty pledges 90 days before the first primary and to sujmit petitions signed by lo electors in order to qualify as candidates. Army Displays Might TRIESTE, April 8. (UP)—American armed might rolled through Trlste today before an estimated 100,000 spectators In celebration of Avmy Day. Yugoslav military officials did no!, attend. V .*' Osceola Minister Heads Alliance Blytheville Group Plans New Clos$ in Church News Writing Members of the Mississippi County Ministerial Alliance met yesterday in Osceola and elected officers, and at a separate meeting later in the day members of the Blytheville Ministerial Alliance selected April 20 and 23 as dates /or a class in Writ- Ing Church News planned In cooperation with the Courier News. The Rev. L. T. Lawrence, pastor of the First Presbyterian church in Osceola, was elected president of the county alliance to succeed the Rev W. V. Womack, who has been trans- Juurier Newa !*iioto A dejected dog <exlrem« left) and a lone chicken (center) were th« only signs of life yesterday when two members of tiie Courier News slnfl insixjclcd the ruins of the D. C. Pnrten home, near Dell, whwc Mrs. |>«,il B. Parten, 17, « daughter-in-law, wns fatally Injured, and Mrs, D c Pnrlen and a second daughter-in-law, Mrs. Otis Parten 14 suffered severe burns. The family car/which was parked close lo the house burncn before It could be moved. +- -^™-a Hospital attendants this morning reported the condition of Mrs. D. c. Parten as "still critical" an-1 Dial of Mrs. Otis Pnrten c-liunged". Mrs. D. c. Pnrten was burned severely about the arms and from tomorrow The Finnish cabinet was summoned to Ihe- presidential palace this morning by President Juho K. PaasiKivi. The meeting was believed called for a last examination jf the treaty provisions and to decide upon commissioning Premier Mauno Pekkala, head of the delegation to Moscow, to sign the treaty, A foreign office spokesman said tiie treaty would not become effective until ratified 'by the Finnish parliament. He said parliament probably would be summoned to examine and ratify ihe treaty this weekend or tiie lirst of next week. Teachers Arrange County-wide Meet Here on Saturday Teachers from Mississippi County will meet at the Blytheville Higrt School. Saturday morning, for a regular teachers' meeting, John Mayes, county school supervisor, announced today. Registration will begin at 10:00 o'clock. The morning session will be spent in organization and discussing routine business, and sectional meetings for teachers who are concerned with the same classes or the same age groups will be conducted. Mississippi County music departments will be featured in the afternoon, and the Grider Grade School will present the program. During the afternoon session .Noble Gill,'of Dell, who suggested Hid "Learn 16 Live" Contest .which will offer a reward to the school and tiie teacher doing the best work in l^M-49, will explain his plan to the teachers. elected secretary and treasurer to succeed the Rev. Mr. Lewis. Personnel ot three committees was announced by the new president. The committee chairmen include: the Rev. E. C. Brown pastor of the First Bnptlst Church In Blytheville, Radio Committee; the Rev. Ray L. McLeslcr. pastor of the Ynr- bro and Promised Land Methodist Churches, Newspapers: and the Rev H J Ccrt^hman, pastor of the Osce* ola ' s \ I !s i Church. Visual Aid. LikichV. ^'served by th't/ women of the First Presbyterian Church in Osceola where the meeting was held ••- "->*-..- III^(.LIIIIJ wns neiQ following the luncheon the Blythe- plte ministers' held their April alliance meeting. The Rev. Allen D' Stewart, pastor of the First Methodist Church, is president. , Two Niirht Senlons Scheduled Tentative plans for the class in writing church news call for sessions to be held In the First Methodist Church at ,7:30 p.m. Tlie brief course which is to be offered was designed to increase interest in'news evenls within churches of nil denominations and make the Information available to the readers of newspapers. Tlie course was planned for the more active men nnd women In the churches of the city. Registrations for the class are being urged from officers and teachers In the Sunday Schools of the various churches class officers, leaders and officers on' the official boards and laymen's groups, lenders in the women's departments, and among the voune people. 6 A pamphlet puDilsned by the Courier News last Fall will be used as a basis for the course and the instructor will be James L, Vcr- hoeff, editor of the Courier News Idea Attracts Wide Attention Requests for copies of the pamphlet nnd information concerning ville, Vmve been received" from newspapers, church leaders nnd educators in 20 stales and from two provinces in Canada. Requests for copies of the pamphlet were received from eight colleges and uni- The pnrnphet was a result O f the first class to be conducted for writers of church news. The course this Spring will be open to leaders in civic orBaniwUions, women's clubs and youth groups as well as or- ganisations within the church H was announced. One Blytheville church last yea aH n-in,... *] n- . **'" ihe waist down and Mrs. Otis Pnr- len wns burned about tiie arms nnd body. Her condition is not considered criticnl. Fimcrnl services for Mrs. Dorothy Parten we.n conducted yesterday In Marked Tree. U.S. Preparation to PreventWar Is Urged in Army Day Addresses By William F. McMenamin United Press sj a f f Correspondent WASHINGTON, April «. (U.pj-AIr secretary W Stuart Symington ,-• •• •• -.- ».,^-ii L.«, 15 - "' Kcd ^y "»»t the U. S. as a war preventive gather lu, mimn,- i t, ^ crdB «^»f.ttie ^"nty ; Jhe R«. and "place it in plain view" of Russia J "'"""• besi defe[ise ^ ainst ^^ ^ ^ ^ , n * Anny 0^ at|t|rc8s ..-.. ,,.vo.^,,^ ™ au^eL-n me Kcv . * "e so well prepared as to convince a polcntisl agifrassor that hJ Mr. Lawrence, and the Rev. L. D. could not defeat us." «M«aoi urai n< Strubhar. pastor of the First Christian Church in Blytheville,, wns At Army Day exercises throughout the nation, military lenders emphasized the theme that '\ Strong America Is R Peaceful America. 11 Tlicy appealed, on this 31st anniversary of the nation's entry into World War I, for speedy enactment of a new draft la w and universal military training. ' Truman Reviews 1'arade U. &. occupation troops donne.i their smartest uniforms lo parade in Germany, japan and Korea In Washington, President';, man and members of his _ reviewed > parade of 1500*- gress received ihe cherished .•Liberation" which flew o,cr-..m. capitol when World War II was de- raised' in Berlin and and later w triumph over Rome, Tokyo. Symington, speaking at Rnlcign, N. C., accused Russia of ••seeking t& use t!it weapons ot want, lear, misery and discord to enslave millions Without mentioning the Soviet Union by name, Symington said: "Mi-n have ceased to wonder it I here are forces in the world today that «duld deliberately destroy individual and national freedom and liberty. The existence of" such a force is clear. Moreover. It is aggressively on the move. The- Hale lights ol freedom in large porUons of the world are flickering or going out, one by one. 11 Event* Move Siviflly "World events seem lo be moving suiltly," said Symington -and if we are to be a positive laclor m influencing decisions of primary interests to us we must gather our strength and place it in plain view of men who recognize and respect no oilier argument," At Providence, R. i., Lt. Gen. W. S. Paul, director of personnel nnd administration, army general staff, warned thai, push-button wars "arc fought only in the comic strips." Land armies are essential, he. sakl, dcspitt the atomic bomb, guided I missiles and other developments. ! Li. Gen. Henry S. Aurand, the j Ten Sentenced In Circuit Court Triol of Criminal Cases Ends; Jury Commissioners Named jln»l lorm of tiie Chlcka- Istriot of Mississippi Count Conrj WRS adjourned here ' afi^noon nfter 10 sen- •cre piunpmiced, seven were suspended and two were deferred One rase «•„., dismissed yesterday nnd B fine wns assesed In another One case wns which returned heard by a Jury verdict of guilty for Malcolm O'Bannon of Blythe- : vllle on R charge of petit Inrceny. p Bnmion was sentenced lo one yenr m Ihe county jail and assessed JIO Em-l j Pidds of Lenchvlllc. Loy H. Welch of Blytheville nnd R n Crawford Jr. of Dell were named Jury commissioners and returned to Ihe circuit court clerk a list of pros- Peclive jurors for the November The following penitentiary sentences were pronounced yesterday H. D. Bennett, of Clear Lnke chnrgcd with forgery nnd tittering two years; Alfred Thomas, burglary two years, Willie Jefferson, Blytheville Negro, two years; Leonard Morris of Dell, c.-mml nbusc five years; Kenneth Hnmplon of Leach- viHe grand larceny, 18 mouths Phillip Kimuro, Blytheville Negro biirftlary. seven years: L. C. and Wallace Carson. Blytheville Negroes assault to rob, three ycnrs cnfli'' James Wells, Blytheville Negro grand larceny, one year. Sentences Suspended Tlie following sentences were suspended : Jewell Dates and Jesse Flceman KLCN Operates FM Transmitter Blytheville Station One of First to Operate in Arkansas KLCN, known as Arknnsns' oldest bruiulciistliiK station located In Dlyllievllle, Is now operating Us new KM oullel, KLCN.FM, and Is one of the first stations In Arknnsiis lo open siich^in outlet nnd offer unlimited brondcnstlns hours. KLON- FM is now operating from 12:'JO noon until 10:00 p.m. Programs on lite nil- from KLON- PM utter 6:30 p.m. can be picked Up only with ati FM set, In explaining his new FM outlet, Harold L. Sudbury. owner nnd op- ernlor of KLCN, snld, "Instead of two stations Interfering with each other the FM set simply rejects' the wcnkei- of the two and receives the stronger." According to Mr. Sudbury Ihe FM offers unlimited tonal fidelity, and Is iiule lo reproduce sounds beyond Ihe rnnge of the hunmn ear. He went ot\ to point out Hint ninny of the sounds which were inaudible to listeners could be heard by a dog and michl cause peculiar renctloi) Ironi a dog l«-)ion he hears a FM broiulcnst. KLCN hjis Inslnllcd a modern, ultra lilRh Ircqucncy, hlRh power FM transmitter. This now equipment wns tested and adjusted one of the engineers of Major wntd AnnslronR. who Invented/ as well ns the supcr-hetrod\j|i' dlo. • • •• . ' SUff t« Enlaced j , Mr; Siulbury Is plnnnhiK lo f» cilltrttv) FM operntlons by enlnrgin^ his stuff, which now consists ol (in 1 advertising nmimger,. J. T. Sudbur.v; (.raffle malinger, Kyle Lumber!.; fo'lr announcers, Don Whitney, Bill Darrett, C. G. Redinnn, Jr., mid dor- don Sunders; studio and transmitter engineer. Hnrold Jones; chief transmitter engineer, Marion skinner, transmitter operator, Tiny Turner; and two receptionists. Rose Schetrompf anil Mary Kllclt. / Several new proyrnuis nre being planned, nmong which Is a piny by Special Municipal Issues Submitted To Voters in City " 'in«: .in (he mimid.wl elections !n Blytheville today WHS exceptionally light during the i find amwu'enU.v the parking meter, annexation and tftx iHKiien in Blytheville will not ' ' i oiTicinls nnlicipaled, 1 »— A lot»l of 3,000 ballots was printed for use in Blylhevlllc today but at noon only 2114 electors had cust Ihelr ballots. Cheater activity was expected during the Afternoon but the final vote probably will fall far .horl ot the number ol ballots imllable. ' The IVIln (,'lMe at g.-sg p.q^ The heaviest voting during the first hours of the election was In Ihe First Wurd mm records at the pulls'In City Hull showed that 129 voters hud ciisl their bullols there by noon, During Uic si\me period, 85 elcc- lors voted'nt Ihe Second Ward poll- hiK place In the Qoodycar Service Store, 41fl West Main. Vollng dur- "'" .morning was the lightest in Htc Third Ward with 50 votes cn|t by noon «t the iwlls In Fire station NO. a, I9«o West Main. Second nnd Third -Ward voters Inid only one coiitfisl to settle with Miclr ballots while (hose In the f' Wnrd Vmil two. Results of lo- dny's bnllolhig will show whether or Lurry Kncas lias ' ys be said lhat we have an army with a history—not just, the history ol an army." Capital City Workers Get Salary Increases LITTLE ROCK, April 6 <UP)_ The Little Rock cily Council approved SIS a month salary Increases lor all city employees last night. had more than 25 columns of news, - items on activities within the one Tot "' CMt of ttle move was csti- church and it was estimated that'" 1 ' 11 ™' "' * S8 .°00. another church had a record and measured. nau a record as ^-"j n>nc,innii uicw i^aimur cast he Items from one a " °Pl )asi "? vo 'e while warning that 't in a scranbook i <lle ni s» er P a y would bring a cur- I (Ailment of service In the city. Assistant Farm Agent Assigned To North Missco Eddie E. Chandler of Senath. Mo., Bookkeeper for City's Schools Wins Praise of State Auditors Panthers Elude Hunters In Area Around Burdette Search lor the two panthers reported seen in the vicinity of Burdette last week shifted to night operations thus week. Reports are still being received from persons claiming to have seen the large cats, and the farmers do not plan to abandon the search. A few still keep vigil at the bridge spanning the Sandy Ridge Ditch in hopes (hat the beasts will come within gun range. Several reports have been received from farmers and field hands who claim they saw the panthers near the ditch but no one has reported any signs of destruction which has been done by the cats. Retired Banker Dies MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 6. (UP> —John Charles Cullom, retired county agent for cape Girardeau i »ra»i «utm Division, which com- i,?~J P res 'dent and Wilson, Ark.. I County in Missouri and held a sim- mended records kept by Miss Marie lumberman ciled last night In his i Har position in Scott County Mis- ! Harnish, bookkeeper for the Bly- sourl. j thevillc district. He fs a graduate of the Untvcr-.! '" reference to the district's rec- sily of Missouri at Columbia, Mo., ords and the recapitulation made where he received g bachelor of '>y Miss Harnish. Mr. Thompson and W. i. Mnlln , been elected to the office of city clerk. Three-W».v' Kace In Flnt Ward Voting In IJie First Wnirt will decide a three-way race lor Alderman, Jesse White, Ihe incumbent, was opposed todny hy Harry Taylor and L. O. Posey Jr. Unopposed on the ballot were J. Ornrmm Sudbury lor municipal Jmlge, Percy A. Wrlglit for city «l- lorney, Jodie L. Nabers for Second Warri aWmimn mid Ruporl Craftou for Third Wnrd alderman. Election returns also will show Blytheville voters' reaction !<i The propose^.installation of parking m«- S** 1 «|»CT1ONS on !•«« 11 night /, jj , ,i,uinmu VHASIiy U, SCKO!nv*K \ 11 •'.'.? i """"""• apologized In person lust night" I " ' ' ±r Bmm Brlthh r.t. Gen, sir Brian Robert play broadcnst of day and puiie.s of Uic St. Louis nlic'ol fi'oin the lie-Id. Th... ,,., Is scheduled to IjeRln April 21). Mr. Sudhury, who worked with the founder of KLCN, the Intc C. L. Linlzcnich, during the early days of radiu. has been connected with radio since the crystal set days, as an amateur has talked with practically every foreign country, Mr. Sutlbnry says one of hi.s most interesting convcisntions wns with 'Admiral By'rd's expedition to Ihe Annrctic. •K.I.CN, now operating on 96.1 megacycles, channel 241 with un interim power of 6,000 wiitln, is the unoniclal holder of the world's long distance transmission record. In ins, 1 ) opcrnliilE with 1,5 watts the .siatinn wns heard in Canada, Mexico, and on both coasts. The station was founded In 1,122 by the late Mr. LlnlZFiilch, who Rnlncd his experience in rudlo during World Wnr I. Missco Farmers Plan Rally Here Meeting Arranged For Blythevltle; R. E. Short to Speak Plans for a cowity-wide' meeting < of the Mississippi County Wrm Bureau to be held In Blythevill« April 15, were dlscujned by Ihe Executive Board at the Rustic inn here last night. R. E. Short, president ot the Ar- kansaii Farm Bureau Federation and vice-president of the American I-ftim Bureau, will be Ihe speaker fit the meeting. It was announced Members of the Executive Board voted that the county-wide meeting be held In Blytheville Instead of Osceola. as originally planned, because ot Mr. Short's recent appear- ' once In OsceoU. The board voted that no other program be plummed for tJw meeting other than Mr. Short's addren and that the proposed barbecue not be held at this time. The date for the barbecue w«» tentatively Mt for mid-Summer. Leadera in the Farm Bur««u'» 1848 member»hlp drive nave report* at last night's meeting, llsllng a tolal of 3.03S memberships to dat« In the county. L. O. Nash of Bly- thevillt, president of the County Farm Bureau, who presided ov«r th« meeting, urged that,all membership* b« turned In so that th« drive may b* closed before th» meeting. Mississippi >ta fcr tht drive Is tMM. Redman of Blythevlllc, r'r n Eases Berlin III UUl III! 11 Q| '(••* '*»1> clinic to be held In the county ,• .• "•• •'•t* 'hi*'month ; '«ni» uked tor the Three Nation. Accept £» ^^fc^Sft Russian Apologies commute* to utbt in th* drive] For Air IrriAmmi- Member, ot th* bo»rd pre«ent »t l-or.AIr Accident , the, iucctli* ..Wided Chirlei ROM „„„..„ ., ••*'• "* ,Ro«l»nd, H. O," Krutpp«iber|er, nfifU.IN Ap. 1 8. (O.E.) -Field. Fred Fleemaii. »: O. Owens anri Mni.ihnl Viscount Montgomery, cast County Agent ,Keith BllbteV of In n» r«i. „, .-„ >. Blytheville; W. «. Ha K an of-Huffman; Harold Ohlendorf of Qrider; Chris TompVins of Burdette; R L. Houck of Luxora »nd Lloyd Godley, Comity Agent D. V. Maloch.and Assistant County Agent day Moors ot Oiceola. In the role of peacemaker, arrived In Berlin by air today for scheduled meetings with all four allied mlll- Monlgomery arrived nfter the Unltcjr- States, Britain and France hud accepted Russlnn explanations of the Qatow air crash and called off orders for flghler escorts to accompany! Berlin-bound nlrlmers. Marshal Vasslly D. Sokoiovslty LO -von for Uic H British nnri America)] deaths caused when a Russian yak tighter hirwerl and crashed Into a Urlllsh airliner. Sokolovsky expressed Ms profound regret over the dlsdslcr. Pilot reports today Indicated' the Russians may have abandoned nlr patrols over the International air corridor Inlo Berlin from the west. Montgomery, Inmling nt rain- swept Gnlow Airfield In mld-morn- Ing, arrived without fighter escort His pilot snld they tied sighted no aircraft of any description en route to Iierlln. _ The British, reassured by Sokolov- thnt the right of free passage through the rldor would International air cor- be respected by the Cage FMlherstone, Robert Sptghtl and Jesse Lee Bolden. Blytheville Negroes, burglary, five years each. Sentencing was deferred until the November term for Claude Smith- aick or Senath, Mo., who yesterday changed his plea to guilty of obtaining money under pretense, and Ray Scott of Osceola. who changed his pica to guilty of embezzlement. Alfred Pinlcy of Lcnchvllle changed his plea to guilty of a reduced charge ot petit Inrceny and wns .fined $75. A robbery charge against Buddy Davis and I was dismissed. Missco Schools' Best Speller to Be Named In Contest Here Friday The best jSpellcrs from practically every school in Mississippi County will he in Blylhcville Friday lo via lor the spelling championship of tins county, nnd the chnnce lo compete in the Spelling Bee sponsored In Memphis each year by the Prcss- Scimitnr, April 16. John Maycs, county school supervisor, announced that Friday's spcll- jv. <.«„.,,.,v ing nee for this com\ty would begin Mark Campbell | at lo a.m.. in the court room prob- I nbly -i-ould he. completed by noon. Friday's pJiminalioj) conlest will establish the county winner, as well rj the Mi.". County student whj will spell against contestants from oilier Mid-South arcns, in. Mem- plus. BlytVievitle School records and the bookkeeper who kept them for Spe- - - -.... .-. „„„„,,, Alo cml School District No. 5 were corn- arrived here today to assume his' mcn<ied SaU 'rday by the School new duties us assistant county aaent Aurt it Division of the State Cornb- f«, x.,,,..!, ,„—,„,.. _ * « e •• trailer.*; Office in Little Rock for North Mississippi County it KeHh'rBi'C.^ Cm " ly A " Bl Before coming to Mississippi the best of our knowledge, exact to Ihe penny." Mr. Nicholson . pointed out tha*. Ihe audit referred to as submitted the beard and the Department of . — ~~— ' Educalion was made by Miss Har- Superintendent of Schools W. B. i i,i s h. Nicholson todny made public » let- I it, wns examined by the stale a\i- ler rpcelved by him from R. L. dilors at his request, Mr. Nicholson CllCTJS- Of th<> I C-ilH In n.-*4n»- t-i ^V._>1. 11 i .. Pftuntv M v %, M|SS|SS 'PPI : . r V " ll; " ca ."V mm lr ° m "• L - dilors at his request, Mr. Ntcholso-. county, Mr. chandler was assistant! r >iompson and B. H. Sellers, of th« said, in order to check the boox- coiinty agent for cane Girardpau • School Audit Division, which com- itefntnir n\»thn*<c 1,^,,^ 83rd year. Cullom succumbed lo an Illness at a hospital here. He was associated with the late B. E. Lee Wilson In the lumber business. He was president of ihe Kansas Shoo* and Manufacturing Co.. nnd president of the Bank of Wilson before he retired 12 years ago. He owned and operated « n extensive cotton plantation nesr Wilson. arts and agriculture degrees. He Is « veteran of World War II having served eight months with the United States Army. Mr. and Mrs. Chandler ond their Mr. Sellers wrote: "In making this audit, we [ind , one of the most exact, most com| piete set of records we have lound --- —- «„<,...*.»;. nnu men | in n^aVing school audits. The rec- wl' 8 i' r- Qlentia L 0 "' »r« ruaktng • ord s-ibmltlcd lo your board and ll*lr home «t yarbro. . the Department of Education is, to . (UPJ e held Jus- Hearings Scheduled In Planter's Murder JONBSBORO, Ark.. April 6 — Preliminary hearing will b Wednesday at Bli\ck Oak b> .,...,- tice of the Peace A. S. Johnson lor Lnfon Atnsworth. conle."-<ed slayer of a 63-year-old Craighead Couiily planter. Tlie 21-year-old Lrachvlllc man was arrested near Maiden, Mo., nflcr KoMer was found, beaten xirl; , two round trips dnlly between Berlin nml Uiicckcberg in the British Zone, to hnndle priority passengers. Gen. Lucius D. Clay, the Amer- icnn commnnder, went to Lancaster House nt noon to confer with Montgomery. Clay and Prance's Gen. Pierre Koenig was scheduled to lunch with Robertson and Montgomery. Meanwhile, the bodies of the 14 Gnlow air crash victims were removed lo a British hospital during Hie pre-riawn hours. British and Russian members of an Investigation committee Inter began an ex- nmlniuhm of the two wrecked aircraft. 7/ir*e Top Republican Prtsidential Candidate* Face Test in Wisconsin MILWAUKEE, April «. <UP>— Three top Republicans collided to- dny In the Wisconsin presidential primary election, which can m&k« or break a candidate's political «m> bltlons. The Wisconsin balloting If th« llrst crucial test of the 1948 presidential campaigns for candidates Harold E. Stansen, Gen. Douglas Mat-Arthur, «nd Oov. Thomas K. Dcwey. As the polls opened. , MacArthur supporters were confident. Some ot Dcwey's backers were doubtful. Stassen predicted he would come out on top. The hot three-cornered race WM expected to bring out 700,000 vot- Russians, set up a shuttle service of er » " compared with the 5H.OOO who cast ballots in 1944. New York Elect* Delegate* ALBANY, N Y., April g. (UP)— New York's voters went to the polls today to elect uninstructed delegates to the Republican and Democratic national conventions. While the delegates are unpledg- ed, Gov. Thomas E. Dewey is certain of Ihe state's »7 GOP conventions vote. Weather Arkansas forecast: Partly cloudy tonight and Wednesday, riot quite so wnrm tonight and'in North portion today. Minimum this morning—60. Maximum yesterday—79. Sunset todny—6:25 Sunrise tomorrow—6:39. Precipitation, 24 hours to T a.m. today—none. Total since Jan. 1—18.25. Mean temperature i midway between high and low—69.5. Normal mean for April—81. Jaycees in Blytherille Aid Club in Leponto Representatives of the BIythevlll* Junior Chumber of Commerce will go to Leptmto Friday night when they will Install officers for « new Jaycee club they have helped organize there." Plans for the Installation wer« discussed last night at a meeting of the Jaycee Board of Directors in the organization's club rooms «t Fifth and Main. The Board »lso discussed plans for participation of tne Blytheville Jaycees In the Stale Junior Chamber convention »t Hot Springs May 7-9. keeping methods used. Mr Nicholson credited the school „,,,., I10;uu . r wns ,„„„„_ Dcalcn ^ board with instituting the present ,hot, on a rond near his Caraway' bookkeeping system several years! home last week. | Four oilier persons, accused u , m being accessories to the murder, will also face preliminary hearing. They are Floyd Blockcr. Basil Blcviiii, Harold George and Mrs. Elbertia Rice. If bound over by Justice Johnson. Soybeans ago. This favorable comment was sharp contiast to the findings of state auditors in some other school districts in the state. In many dis- Iricls the Aikansas Public Expenditure Council in Little Rock said j May f Jll| y last week, school audits disclosed . were expected <o be tried dur- .«.J4. n^-t^. .-n,((iyvt Auuj^4 «w^,(w^u vicy were expected to oc trie wasle, unfair distribution of funds,! Ing the Spring term of circuit law violations and misuse of funds. l»hlch begins April 26, (Prices f. o. open 371 363 b Chicago) high low 377 37) 36«b 363 New York Stocks May July Oct. Dec. Mar. t »"»• Stocks A nscoiida Copper Beth steel Chrysler Gen Electric Gen Motors ''30 Montgomery Ward , 3" N Y Central 366° Int. Harvester .;. ~ North Am Aviation York CottonjS 1 : 0 s !"'.:::::::r open high lov 1:JO Socony Vacuum , .. 360S 262S 3575 3519 Sludebaker .. S540 3555 3503 3508 Standard of N J .. 3231 3245 3203 3207 Texas Corp '..... . 3154 3167,3130 3135 Packard . .. 3134 3I4S 3105 3120 U S Steel , 36 1-S 343-4 60 3-g 37 1-4 '57 l-x S« 1-i 14 J-« »0 i-1 II 1-* X 1-1 9 7-i J7 1-4 U 7-8 TT-3-* *4 l^t : 4 l-'l 7* :.i.'-

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