The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 28, 1934
Page 7
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SIX Luuli, IDC, N,» Yof» ,-.,{, ft,ny Entered u second u'tss mhU« «l the po«t office at B)tneviH», Arkansas, under irl ol totwr », 181 1 ) Served ov rr* fJoir*a RAT«fl By carrier in tne sruy or pjftn/<TlQ» ; Ik p*i week br «w i*r year ID «a»anr» By mall within a rtdiui if w rout*, |t^u m fur, |1 SO icr tu mooiis, 84o for tl.rte watte! oy null Iti postal ione» two to alx, toclutlji. »660 pei ymr, In acnes wven inn eigtot, »)I»J* P« yetr, payibte In The Chamber of Commerce The Blylhevillc Cliambei of Oom- mei'ce launched ' its animal mcmh&i-- ship campaign yesteiduy. Wlnlp Ui& dijve is hv no means complete >c- sults of tho /ii-ht day's uoik indicate that the will have a uilj- sfanhal meiense in membership for ne\t ycai That means it will have .more money to carry on its work. In leeent years (he Chnmbei of Commerce has not been the effective instrument for community progress that it ought lo be The <ie»i essioti trimmed its income s,hni|)ly and \vorse th.Hi that it 'dampened the enthusiasm of the membership Maybe the slump \\as inevitable. .Men burdened with giave woine s of then own scarcely can he expected to IIP effective woikers- in community pn- lerpnsps Bui the iccoid is not n Wank At its wmst the Clmmher of Commeicp has always amply luslifiod the small investment it asks of each Blythpville business institution Those who have Riven it then time and effort as well as their money know that ,T But things arc looking ni> Thp .whole country is chmbinp 'out of thn (lolrrriims BMhevillp h'is natinal advantages sufficient to mstify for it ,a place near Urn head of the recovery procession WhetliPi m not we takp it is nrctty much up to us In any case thprp i* po excuse for failure to make tV>" oflfnt-f The Chamber, pf Compjficc is tfie , natural ortymi/atian l f nr ' the expression _ and pffectiyp co-ordination of the com- 1 munitv',s will to progress But j£ )S in npiDPtiiBl motion machine Tn miik-j 'f ro 1 ' rr, mak'n'it, rip'.thp "thin<rs voti men with n stake iir Blvtheville's fn- tmp 'want !t to do, yriu m,,,t K k in it with voni- monev. vmi? ideas far tl^ }>«>ip)if n.r *hp rnmrnimitv and your cfforf fo help nut thfem across Ihc ne\v officers nnd directdis who will be Plprted next month. And tiipn pot Jwhmrl them-and heln them! fo- do thin*, lW W i|| henefH W and all of Blvtheville The We believe we have made it leason- ablv clear that we do not approve of the Bankhead cotton control act We OUT OUR WAY l>clieve that it is wrong in method, un- fali- in application, and that by ilself— without 1 (he acreage rentals of Iho vn)- imtary'. reduction nrngram—it would fail to provide pffeclivo con(ro) of col- Ion production. At Die aa'nifi lime wo nre firmly cnn- vinced that if l| Jfi cnllnii imdurers of I his country arc lo receive nn.vlhin« ftnproximaling « fnir return upon Iheir Inbor and investment they must huvp the jiroteclion ol' some form of rom- piilwy pmiiiciioii lirnifation. For ]03ft the choice is lielwcen I IIP Bankhead law and lack of such limiln'- linn. If cot Inn growers, in (Jin np- tn-oneliinp referendum/him down Die B.inkhf>fl(| law, the result will be Ihnl.• not bound by• nerengn conlrnel.s with the government will, he free lo crow and mni-kel without penalty ns ijinel) colton as they can. They' will flo it as Die expense of growers cooperating in the- voluntary program. A new mid hotter system of control mnn supplant the Baiikhead law. Tint it is too late to draft and enact such legislation and SC L up the necessary machinery for its operation before planting time next year. Perhaps congress, will amend (he- nnnkheiul net to remedy .sonic of its worst features. No .doubt the experience of the past .year will result in improvement in -jt.s administration. But in any event cotton growers should stand together for- jt s continuance. With all its faults and injustices it is a sfifejfimrd against the return, of niinous prices that should be imiintiiin- cd until aoniclhing better can lie provided. ••. . . Nol the Run-Off But the Election Laws low pt („ rc()eal , loba.«rl.ln ' • l>ns In fact announced' llmt he will Introduce » WH for that Mn xwi when his nnmn is inched on (he first roll call. ' • There, are of course 'political forces opposed to Ihe ruu-oif primary. But the ,,cop!e of nmnstis are .surely not demanding the repeal . o a law that prevents our public 0 ,rL, Well and low, .from being rilled by minority candidates What the legislature should do is o | ve iff most earnest attention to measures o 8 top eMfcnrAuds and evil, which range J» t m ^ dln « or 1«dvln B ol voters and , ^, i"i)ins of »"er nunmta 0 ? 1 ** ' m|>rOU;l1 Bul *<= ; should ««h Half a dozen or a dwcn cwdldat^rurT- ""»? f«' tin highest office In the peoples gift « governor can be chosen not merelv b j -i mlnoritv but by , comparably small fraction of the votes Al ,ci that L, exactly what can hippin at any blenuin election without a rim off prhqarj to narrow the choice to the two leading ctndidates —Arkansas. Gazette. Ouaid ven, carefully the hraln of the Infant miring the ant 12 months of iU life -Di 1 Wlngate To<UI,.or Western Reserve University'. ...... * *' * . ' ' ' Only men ;of spirit, rind nic capacity: to do MWaln the pressure ,nf progress. -Merle Thorpe, business majl.ijlnp /'clttoi' '"' ''*.*» Kissing i., no .prime. If voluntary. _,Iudge Frank I,, Rjiey, O f Worcester. Mass. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28 SfDR GT.ANCES WELL, ILL HAV&TO •SETTING OUT TO THAT STACK OTF- "DISrlES.SO GOOD NIGHT/ HAVE A TURKEY THAT WILL STOP YOU OMTI-fONE- YARD TACKLE '^V™ TA ' B1 -' &/ WHEN V WENT TOR LA&T SAY -« WHY DON'T , , CHOP/ ' HOW Htr IHTERCP.P1ED YOU GOME TOMORROW, FOR 'DINNER 1 ? V. SWELL /^ ' f m^V, mm vmmmim '•• //.-*'/ /. v •;/ <^<!M »/ •. ••*'.-! :•! tit / m w A6AINST THE TURKEY Many Minerals Essential to Complete Piiysical [icaitli By Williams HEAVV, SO TMPUTtlN' SOME OF THESE f)R. MORKI.S MSHBE1N Kdltor, Journal or Hie American Medical Association, and of Hy- teia, the Ifcillh Magazine '/'he minerals you need most for your Health are calcium, phosphorus nnd Iron. However, there nre many others of considerable importance,' Including particularly iodine, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulpliur mid chlorine, nnd also, In very small amounts, copper, zinc, fluorine aluminum, manganese and 'silicon. The exact manner In which nil liese function in tlis linman body ias not been completely determined, but. It is known that they arc present and some of tn c i r purposes arc understood. • • ; Iodine has been studied particularly because of Its relationship o Ihe thyroid gland, it has been known since 1895 that iodine is a rather large constituent of this gland, hut II is only within recent yairs that Iti relationship to the gland hns been rieflmteK determined | J Actually the human body con tains 23-loOOths of a "ram of Iodine wnlch represents 4-100OOflths of the total weight of the body Of the lota] iodine In the body Uo-fifths is found in the thyroid gland The ictHltles of this s,lancl depend largely on the iodine that it con tains * 4 .•• tmli nl siipplj of Iodine j coming into ih c hodj depends on the carl of the counlry iri which we live The <irlnUn» water of various sections of ihc countrv vines in iodine- content Tor cvimplo thi> drliikinr vali>i "f Stanford CilU conl-uus 105 ^ as much iodine as tint, ol Nev, York and tic NCH York IIIR waler contains 100 tim°s as much Iodine as that of Duluth ami 50 times as mncli ns llmt of Indianapolis. The food available In various rarls of the countrv also differs i" Ihe amount of iodine a contains In tad. foods differ In Uiclr iodine content. Iodine Is Invariably in mil!, but varies from a trace in he sections of the country where 'He supply of water Is low to a area) deal i,, those sections ot the coim- £rv where It u high. ' Lobsters, clams and ovsl-rs con- la n more iodine than salmon h..r salmon contains more than a ' B oo-| many vegetables. . £f), m !. n K ^ c °"t<il'» niu-h iodine than ( | 0 snU wtlt ,, r fish *« in^iCi^r^ 0 " r>i Japan It Is used a great d»,i this reason salt' with iodine ac!cisr! is furnished lo those who desire it. Because the necessary iodine j s > cnslly available, ii nas not been | f suggested that foods !n general b» enriched in the content of io-IInc KecB , lots " f wiW tllrke >' ' ' " Ut ' been more lhan drunk," thus causing. that body to be known us " Earner said that, the members i shown thai «is had tlie iodine Ihe Riiliament whic ailnmirgh, Jan. I, ] 8SIi .-„„„ , the "Drunken Parliament. _ .TOXV MII-KI.K. „„,! |, „,, „„.,, .„ . , v ,,rri. lllj,. . Ilif .-l.lrr lil.rnrlt.n ncntf. Ann I ' Mfrlrk,,!,) PF.TCII KE.V)).U,I.. r 1 1 .rj ,,«.iii. r . I ..... M,, ..... rrml,- i .. tii i.iivn n lirn.ifh .Illirnrr In | m . 1(irr ,,i, rl , llrr ,,"""""'''*"""•' B> ''" r "l"K. i J.. .Ntvr .Irl.^n hy'n .^M.n " """'' *"»»« •"" A«W i:il <)\ WITH THE STOIIY CIIAl'TEFl VI, fpOM nnil ,\nn Ijecama-engaged Ihe following Kiilimlay. ,., IHR In the uaiul. bla blue eyes warmly approved Ann's 6rmly molded, liealthfiilly taimeci lindj tony siild, "It looks as Ilioiinh HIM contract Is a cinch. And n very goad tiling frr-us." Why?" 'l.ttlle nut," said Tony. "Pie-' tending not 10 understaud. You know we're getting married, don't you?" i. Ann turned and met bla challenging eyes. Her happy laiigb was smothered suddenly as Tony pulled her close In tils arnis, ktuserl her lips, eyes, hair and soft threat. Slie drew away, leaping to bcr : feet.'. "Tony, we're on tho buach!"' "I don't care," ho said. "lio- Bides we're engaged, aren't VeV "lines j-oii to tho point and de- Tony and / drawled. in moved rhylhmicails, easily "op the';crowded floor. cide on tho way," breathlessly. They reached the point. Ann said Ann . was more breathless, her heart pounding Joyously. Tony, not winded at all. gazed down at her eagerly, expectantly. "Is It 'yes'?" Then, without waiting for her anstver, lio crushed her to him again. "It's yes," Ann said simply. They sat down on the sand, her - ,-.-.o which conliln rr>l. alivply liltle iodine are white hr™H ond pranees, Amon» those which <-on ain considerable amount of iodine are oysters, sardines e4 spinach. ' " exact amounts of iodine f°r Ufe and health ar* 1 definitely; detcnnlned. hut' u wit. " ° f a Er " m ° f lotlinc cach Once noon 'a time the salt u, n ( " at^ contained lofiinc, but mod. in many Over _. Gels Man Life Term In f or the slavine Sep -'* mber - T1 « men Had over . ownerslili) of the Riutoiph * nss ? ab bed lo -.1^., a » % Mwnu \iu me saiiu, ncr | head against his sboiihler. She was a IfttlR sobered in spito ol tlie Joyous excitement. She tried to explain some ot this to him, but It was Impossible with his lips an ardent barrier against her words. Tony said frankly, , UBVer thought I was a marrying man Wllb so many marriages going on llio rocks It seemed a lot of trouble and wnsto of lime to tie yourself up with a wedding sod then go to the expenso and trouble ot having somebody cut ii for you. ANN didn't exactly see. Touy , didn't believe marriages could last. Perbapj not «ven thelrar Tbe thought -made her r, llule B | c k. Maybe ours will be dlfferem," Tony conceded as the silence Later eating dinner In th« pa- rlltod the Brsi |,iti a rift m her happiness came. Ann became conscious of ih« girl sealed at a ta- bis near by. When the ( i r i ,nrt her escon »ross to leire t[, e g ) r i ,topped hand "Hello," said Tony. He Introduced. Ann to the eh-1—Eileen Wallace—and her.'escorl. The nanie meant nothing to Ann. But she was amazed lo feel a little surge of anger when Toi>y' . reached up lo (aka die girl's band and continued to hold While Ann was talkitis; ( O tho girl's escort, she, beard Eileen Wallace say in a low voice, "Von promised to call. Von didn't " "Rosy'as tlie devil—all day" Tony answered. "Yes, I know." When they wero gollo Atm asked, ' Who la she, Tony?" "I tbouelit I introduced you. Eileen Wallace." Aon, nettled, said, "So you d d. But an introduclloii doesn't give ons ihe p| clllrc ,/"Oli, you want a character sketch," Tony said easily. "Well, tlien — 'glrl-about-lowu' cicely sums Jl up. Look here, Ann, you're not going jealous on me ira you? How I bale a jealous womau!" "No," said Ann. "I promise I wor.'t. That is, I won't show It "How SOU arah can keep up pace," Sarah grumbled sleepily, as Ann erairled Into bed, "I don't sec." - . "I won't inueh longer,'" Ann launched her bombshell, "I'm getting married." "Aim, you're not!" Sarah was wide awakd now. She reached for the bed lamp and flooded the room wilh a soft light. Ann's luminous eyes mot hers. "No need to ask who tlie lucky devil Is. Arc you sure? Tony's an awful risk." "Jle's going to settlo down Walt and see." "Oh, yeah; Well, when do I kiss the bridegroom?" "Soon," Ann said vaguely remembering Tony had said, hu'd explain- laler." : "You mean he isn't coming?" "Thai's what he said. ' "Piiiiny. b e didn't phone." "Cioodiiess, you don't expsct Tony lo he confenlional? Anyway, here's a break. Mac caliert Una afternoon and asked me to scare up a date for Dick Ilandall, a. cuslomer ot his. Dick blew la willi four tickets far Hehle WH- .-1 son am! asked Mac to get hint a i (late. I'vo been working my poor brain overtime. Is tiiere any good reason why you shouldn't bo Dick's date?" '"Tony wouldn't like It" "Tony!" "Well, I'll go," Ann said. She put on her uew sky-blue dress, powdered her lovely skin that was a pearl satin. BOW that It's showing it that Is so horrid. I'd never be a. shrew." * * » "TONY said, "You're a llttla philosopher, Ann." Ho readied over and caught her hand, grip. Pins It hard. "We may row like thn devil, but I'll always love you." "No," said Ann. "Rows are out " They finished the celebration hy dancing. What mailer 1C they were part ol ;i molley crowd? They wera alone, Tony and Ann, clinging closely lo each other' moving rhythmically, "easily on the crowded floor. 'Loving each other so, they couldn't over really row, Ann told herself. Things, people, couldn't matter — people nte Eileen with her predatory eyes. At 12 o'clock Ann kicked off her • • v gAHAII. not too optimistically, raited for signs of Tony's settling down." They were not forthcoming. Tony went WiJhely ai"I I gaily on his way. Ann explained loyally off, that Tony had lo bavo recreation He was working himself to deatb ove But September passed. October waned. November came and went ana It was December. Still Auo wora no ring. She told herself she must be sensible. Ho\v could tbo down payment ever i, e managed when Tony was so e.xiraragant about nowcrs, dinners, nnd dancing? I'onlshl, for Instance, they were Planning to dance at tbo Blue J"E. Henla Wllscm'a orchestra was Playing there nnd, no mailer how extravagant, Tony would not miss bis favorite. " 'Lo," Sarah said, coming in nd tossing lier hat aside "Well wasn't this a day! I don't know when I vo eeen such a mob want- Ing books. Oh, Ann, I have a message for you I i me t Tony and lie aoked me lo tell you sometnlng Important, had coma up and ne •"""•"•" —'•- .k^ju«a;..jiii4j , Ihe summer tan bad worn and went — cot too happily It was while Aon wa 3 dancing that she met the eyes ot Peter Kendall. He saw her and grinned, and Ann lifted, her hand In gay salute as she whirled past ' The girl in Peter's arms wa« dressed in white. Her eyes wera blue, and large. "Who else?" D| c k answered. "The Bennett girl must be leadtnj Kendall around with blinders on. She certainly has him fooled." . "Peler'g tha original one-woman man," Sarah explained. "Wlill* Valeria Bennett—" She stopped. • "Surely she should be satis/led with one ot tha great Kendalls," Ann's voice was puzzled. "Did you ever know a woman to be satisfied?" Mac asked. It was just as they were leaving tbat Ann heard Tony's laugbv Tony and hl» party were getting out of a car as Mao turned bli car from the curb. Ann had time to recognize tb» ?—°*?, h vl d '° f ; To ^'<'"*>•;

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