The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 27, 1937 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 27, 1937
Page 6
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Rpush st Pcisistcnl Holdout; Contracts Bind Athletes, Not Magnates nv 1 M \ Smici Suorls Writer There is much talk of holdouts and contracts 01 the sports (Iicsc ttijs 1 in one column Joe PJnhead who dcieiopcd a sturdy light arn 1 pltehlnx Inv tor a dollar n day gets fndtyntnl it a mlserlv Inl club ownei for oITernist him onh JIVi'Vl for th>o«lmr around cieiy fourth this simmer M rcver he-iid scch a t[>iH<5— $17,500 for mpi' says roc Win I'm \\qrth Uicc tint much You can tell the world Im i hold olil' -In inolher colunln Willie Whin laboriously scrawl's |ils mine acrots i piece of pinir and the happy o»ner aiuiounces that Wil llf has slencd to piny sccoiid base for (he I9.J7 season at a kalarv Mulch Is unannounced but which jou Know Is noinenhni larger thou a United States -en- alors ' ,MUc_l| ado Is made over these ne^s'ltems Wirn Joe Pinlieid roois dlsgiist m«l declares that hes through with baseball there is i great luirra-wurra amon^ the f&ns 'What'll the deir old Panthers do without PItchci 1'ln head? He reallj meins It Hits time Rcush last Re-il Ho'iloui ^ Ah no he doesn't Hue no fear Pinheadll be on hind W |icn Manila and Luxora Teams Meet In Tourney Finals The flmLs of the Mississippi, Manila's girls bounced Sliawiee namcnt at In their first lilt, U to 0, and JLYTHEVILLE. : (ARK,) .COURIER NEWS county biskctuall lourn.....„..„ « v Oceoli tonight will tie entirely a two-school affair with teams rep restntiriir Liixorn ,and meeting for the comitj , , breeml through Leachville, 30 to i, to' gain the finals, t.uxora's girts - , , . Manila j v.-bn a louiih first round game title in • from Kctsci, 29 to 20, and defcat- e • rom csci, o , an efca- ;ach division. The first K nmo wjll^cd Wilson In another hard battle Uit ,\(, 7 o'clock • ,35 to 33, -In the second round, last Manila's iwsltlon In the finals ! nlnht, |o gain the finals. m the bojs' division was notlilnK in names »>ls mornlnt' the Wll- nioie 01 less than jntglit hive | son boys eked oyt ft IS to 18 de- "cn evjiected In Uew of (he cislon over Kelser, whllo Kelsei rong pre-lourncy rceovd of ,lho.beal Dell, 24 to 1, und ahuwnei Ions. Dill MBiilht -was lumlly ex- (defeated Ix-aclivllle, 21 to 1C, li wctcd to fium-e strongly iii the|game.s hnvlim up title bearing. ilrJs' play. On • (ho 'othtr htimt | The most .unusual feature of the .uxora .was expected to be n . rcnl tournament so far vms the thut- 'ictii In Hie girls' ))lu> but )ind out ,«0!'«1 by Oecroln'x' quintet 'intdly been miked ->s n le-il ton- j over I.enchvlUe, 42 to 0, last night dcr for the boy.s- Utle. . based |U WBS the J'uvit tinio a team had - . •• ever failed to' score In n county ' n ore-tourney .play. lilylhevllle's Chlcko-saws. — _ _ among tournament and ' school officials hr pie lomncy favoiltcs we re'could not recall a similar Instance :llmlnated from title consldcra- '.lon Inst nli-lit when they drop[>cd > fast anil. hard fought uame to 'anlla. 24 to 21. O-sceoIa, also'n boy, finoilti. ind last yiii'h wln- iir MIIS ellminaled by (he toys' lark•'. horse,' Luxora, 2 to 29, In u UlythcvlllQ In any other tourney. Ue-siilts of games yesterday afternoon unit lust night 'not previously listed: , •'" Wilson )!i. IJcil ;o, Bids; Shawnee 30, Dell 7, boys; Utytfievllle 28, WILsoii 10, boys. | At Icnst i two games, the finals, ...... v ..^v.y, a , ,,n,, 1H i and possibly four Alines will lie • Shnwnet. jstlJl nave n cJintice pluyed 'at the OfXfola. school to- •cr second and third place (the 'night. The .extra games may be Osceola. list lluce teams cnn pnrllclivilc " . to decide second nnd .. .* v...^^ in.,,)-, tfjj, [jili iJirjjAiiu jiuLi-.vwiy 10 nt-Titiy .second and 'n the district tourney) but are t third . place winners In each ill- •»lt, nf Dili Hlln nl/>li,fni I ul.<«.,' . • i L :• , LH , •nit of the title picture: Sox, Ls one of the few ball ptoj- irs ever set a contract that bound the owiier as well as hlm- snf Joe ha.s a fivc-jenr contract it $30000 per >ear, and If lit were Irrd tomorrow he would full amoiuit thr ever been truly Roush Olarfc Clrltrith is i-ospoivsl- for this. Orltr knew that Bosi had ,' been a Kraveyard for ranagers and he Insisted on such V contract for his nt)>hew r ln-taw /-icforc selling him lo Tom YnwJtey. . - «... ,/.uj..-i-, IIILVI- Fvel so often r ome legal- licldoiif.s, reilly ailcl iil'iilwl ball pliijir, onsoino syrn- the season open.? Only a few ball players have , just about tlie last one The old Cincinnati and j't\- * nv; uiii v^ltLvllllalll 11UU vt^««.\..^i ui .viit; M*i.->A.-iJiiu UU11U ilUfc. Yoik Olant outnelilei dldi' I T1 ' £ y po"t anil shout that It "•- • - . . 's most imfairi and that it would not stand lip In court Its itrange that the fans Mho Ut worked up over this terrible tatc of atTalrs seem lo forget In heir hero woishilling that Uieli bosses aie liable to lay them off like the salary offered him one war •» lie jasl slijed on the farm '.There lia\e been onlj (hrcc or four others «Hh Mi Rouilis de termination: -. But the rest of the bovs theli *jut, m£ i>^\. 01 IJIQ uo\s tncii «'^IL^ mi- JUILMC iu lay inem on hands itching for the feel of n with—nol 10 days' notice—but none bat and glove and mones glic in bj the time the first pictures cune up from the sunny soutll land showlni; tcftmmatcs lolin^ Ing- on tlie lnzy porches of resort hotels. And as -tor the contra"!-—npil tlie) are hardlv more tlian mere scraps of papci A contract, as defined by Mr N Webster, Is an ajreeinent b* tv,cen t»o 01 more pei^sons t6 <]f or not to do somethtnir In tht' cas<j !l(e agreement Is to do some thlnf The ball plajer agrees (o p!fl£ on OIL onneis ttam and thf o»-nerAgrees to pay the plaser a certain sum Under the law. Loth iiitics'an iupposed to be bound by the terms of 'a contract But not so with n baseball contract wher Willie Whm signs to pla> second base for the Panthers for a sear that binds him all right 1ft cait ymy for any other l«tnn un HI he Is traded or sold 01 re leased ! v Save lour Srmpathj But on the other hand the club owner CRJI cull Mr, Wlllk Whiff Into the front ofllce nnj da> and Ere him Rlth 10 daji pay. Practically all of the basc- Untll flse years «tjo about all average Americans did with snow w«^ roll It up and thro^ ^lt at one an other ' » ( Sjio«' sporl-s were a privilege of the • leisured, those : who' had • the lime anil money to Uxk to distant uhlle-blanketetl sloiws , To ill others a pro'tracted nil 3f flakes out of the, cold v,Inter ball contracts luue clause tills JO-riaj Jo« Cronln third taseman (?) and managci of the Boston Red SETS CVGE MARK , - inthcllc fan, sets In a. l)iiff about 'Ills 10 daj clnuse, aii(l Die one • of the baseball contract. at nil. Which onh goes to shew thai sjmpithy, ilong with charily nnd 'he Tamils skeleton 'tept at home. should be By Harry Grayson little Usi than black lush In Celtics an'l a rrozcn bif rler to tfansixirlatlon" In ' the country lltit todr.y, -the- story. Islchangcd winter playground';, emergency re lief construction added 2400 more, n network of 1500 mllM of. ski tralk, a half down large ski-lumps, and !IOO rinks, the whole kept In L'rsstal pi-rfcctlon by 1100 WPA maintenance and recreation workers. No wonilcr that 100,000 ilclugc the'state's snow centers, mainly In Minneapolis and-st, Paul, where CCO ' hockey teams orgtmlred .UiU . "Even In state) of less .snowfall, such' asHOhio nnd West," Virginia. federal aid -has multiplied facilities nwnyfold. In Norlh nnj alo» ? lltf ' The feel of crisp crnckllnsj snq* l^ e -nd ice unierfool t, heady ctiltn- I """s profiles of Michigan's' - northern hills relief labor built sk! jump' and (ialls and chutes for tobog jans and sleds and con\crle<l jwrk ponds and lakes into rinks. In Chlcaso, JUsl as in New York. Philadelphia. Boston ,nnd of her large cities,' it iirraiio'nl to' have 'treets "ro|)cd " off . for- school chll- (ircn's -sledding. an<l lo guard its young charges from accl-Jent. ! Snon'hjlfs for Dune-Ixsnilf Trestles'were, erected to create artificial 'snowhills' in Indiana's dune land- and eight rinks constructed In a craft shop In this state,'*. WPA recreation hi- strudors teach students lm\\ to carve 1 skis-: aim bbb ; sleds. -In the Rockl.csr relief-labor built k! tmlU and jumjxs and sled chutes rh illlng the finest in Sv,IU erjalid and Scandtua\t» I ' A VXi tool .toboggan sltdc at Kail 'peu Motif f,lulces bre^tlitoklngly lo^h froiu a crag to a. park where WPA Workers fssjilijued juntps and tr-ill,s for skier- and a rink They designed a special spiny fretzc method and unique shades lo prt serve the smoothness of rinks nml prolong Hip outdoor skating >s In Montana where recently ».^ UnMicd 14 toboggan and ski slides Mill 13 rinks liie most spectacular facet, of rcjlcf labors widespread winter =00 ts construction In Utah is bright night ll»htlry Near like for THE FffiEMLL OK FLATBUSH - . Sy Krenz VAN LINGLE '__ .SATURDAY, FRRHUARY .;27,_ 1937 Harberl Heads Commit- lee; Entire Club To Select Rppreseiitativcs ; A committee, to conduct u membership drive was named by Prcsi., dent, Clarence II. Wilson of the' Chlcfen/w .Athletic club at: a ; mecling Friday night;- •••••,"( llui'li Hnrbert, vice president ' was named clmlrmnn or the coin-! "iHtee, iiml membership In the Hub, which has for its aim the promotion of aOilcllcs nt Hlytlie- >>11lc high school will lie based 01 > inliilmiini nnnunl fee of $12 < The club is concerned pilm'ar- ly with the maintenance of nly- 'lievllte high football teams In the •ame high rank.In the state tout '"is iron reached In the past hi-ee .years, the Chlckasawii bclnir :o-holdor,s with Pine nlurf or the tate tllle In 1935 und being prac- .icnlly . unanimously conceded the tote championship In 1936. V The committee will solicit ) ms i. ysx and professional men mcr- inonls nml Individual well wish H's or the Clilcknsaws foi- incni- ;er.ships. When (he drive has prq- *icsscd to the extent tlmt a sub- ilanllfll membership ha., been' se :ure<l the club will meet and 'seed, by majority vote, represcnta- .Ivcs who will meet with the school board and offer recom- '•ntndntlons of the Chlckasaw 1 on selection or a coaclj'to succeed Carney Lnslle, now at Vlr- .flnia Military institute, I.exlng- -on, for spring (raining and who Jecomcs a member of the VMI caching stuff soon. •'•..' Thirteen men were named' -ori •he membership committee In ad-' litlou to Harberl, nnd ; the' vice president v,as authorized to In ludi. as ninny additional members " lie deshcd Those named last •t fire Ji-cl Apfclebaum Rob- Qi mies Oscnr Ballej Hniiy W lalnes Mike Blmon, Bill Wun lullch Tom lleaton w L<, on Smith M™ LO,™ om cnnfke WENT To flt-L-TitEM, HIMSELF To LAND FOR roup. y/E-^s Sin TeRK/ IV-4S f>fSCPAf,ED TO OFPEK T,IE FMTBIJH wsre , AND SUCK O&rLEWM WJlCNAL LEA&VE Pf!ESID£HT WOULD 4PPROVE T7/E- P£AL FOL Til Soil-fil CAKO WALKOUT:. mnim- ME Cardiiial Scouts Am n [ames qcrrj Dr W M Oneni v< Kaydei Due to absence of one of the member? of the committee nnm-d V?'!". the . *° rkl »S outline or Trail Of "Peppy March'' •lulu BS.II .HI •» """"'« «i "iiircn suname lor pcrfonm ;?^ s "±^" ?^L b .. or . l !!« th f...^ln«, boys' band." of the St. Louis Cardinals"woiitJs fcmel.hlngr-new in inspiration fo: the' "BUS house gan;;." So there's a hunt on for a ''peppy, tuneful performance by -ommlti™.c BIUC u-- • — ...v »*;l' v '.l ncludlng recommendation 1>0t liratl ' Wlth tlle t "" 1 ° f ihc '" W to lhL t jeport briefly ' Dean Pepper . lhal .' Power of Dizzy Martin, FYankle , lsch ,Johnnv Mi/'e nnd others Caids ollice asked a slclnns to help country and ask (ions be submitted. lliat composi- The ide.vis-that the nurch couhl o: play«l st all Cardinal func- lions, includlnj ball names, where such swing music might keep the customers quiet until the game get under way. .The Cardinal blficinls say they; may add words later. Occupants of. .box seats at Spcrtsmans' Park. i would si and the trat of time. I !•. The front oftlce said: 'II is tlie'hope of tlic Cnrdinals lo obtain a composition which may ui Some wiv allect flic spirit: of the BHS house tans.' fi ;plcci! with J tf-Jt dell cf melody and a .Swinging; ' sllrrlujr rhythm." ,- however, - doubt (hut the lyrics w .°r. r . y | 'W n S ln-acllbn ; by I'rLsch, Dean, wlucli Afartln and,'others could be set Vhldied Buike and Bet lie lee Swap Clips, Mob ley Meets LeaviH women 3 J 1 FRSEND w&stlers Uo of the pnsne to 730000 p"ople Tlrsc are Ihe people who climb Into long n-oblen ski iufis, n -strange Jfparcl suddenly become so popu tlMl it ha,$ edged oiackinaas anil knickers to the back shelves of department stores Mlttened and | r ! ' llc «'s ac scarfed, the itldlcts rope onto their '" '" tclr sl *° automobile ronfs nri<! 'niniiina crafts croups ile IJie oenlng skj •r the "ski trails ind nign on Colorados inounUiInn ic lief labor ilearwl 'iftl irjlls ' jumps i-dward NoVa>, about to jump tenter Xor Olivet College, established \vhat is believed to be a automobile roofs arid ! running boards a canjo of skis nn3 skalas. toboggans and sleds, arid shove oft for (he nearest one of the numerous snow playgrounds now dolling 18 states. Or they crowd inlo morn- Ing snow trains, chattering of christlannas, the herring-bone, and Enow-plow, turns, and hills carrying such breathtaking appellations ILS Nose Dive and Thunderbolt The, Winter Olympics 'at. Lake Placid In 1932 gave .snow sporu the impetus, but It is relief labor thM has thrust winter recreation facilities ahead by many years Most of the new snow mcccas, particularly the more accessible and popular, arc the product of WPA and CCC and NYA boys, and are noa- supervised by WPA recreation experts who ar« titled "leaders r t * Rebuild Olympic Bobsled Hun Works Progress men Jaet .summer rebuilt the world-famed Mount Hovcnburg Olympic bobsled run at Lake Placid. All over New England, snow facllttlej sprouUd under ths aegis of the federal work rellel program. T\vo hundred new skat- Ing rinks were scntlered through Masjacliusetls. Ski-Jumps snd trails toboggan chutes and glltlcrlnj sl°d troughs also v,cre built The uske-off for the Gilford ski- Jump near Laeonia, N. H.. scene of Ihe eastern championships, tvb 28, nece.vsitated the removal of 2500 cubic yards of stubborn rock The toplands of New York and »M, nSS ] vanl1 wc « sprinkled «-ith white falling ribbons for veterans and converts of the Sport of Thrills ,*,J atg ' Ullca rmk I' «picblls noteworthy po r .|i, a m(xlel flood . ins and Icing process and a unique ., system were designed, less .than 167 snow play federil forest re-serves to function nlso as flre limeii In Wyoming » piraMel Increase In WPA snow fi- dlltle \v i s acconipanled by a spurt '~ler st so Keen that ohesennt groups under rtlkf instiuc tors, chose to:ca.fvc skis and'to- bo^nu.s tnst»ad of lur'ntt'uri:. : The pacific coast has its share of rare species will share the American Legion weekly grapplim program with the male pachy dMins Nfonday night it the Legion Hilt arem Mildred Buike 125 pounds ot England woman champion in this K eight class will meet Settle I,cc 1^9 pound lassie fiom the I one &tit«. In (he feature ntlrac Res \roblej blonde blizzard ri<jm Anmrlllo winnei bst v,eek via the foul route over (he cor- imh. NILss.. toiiBhle,. Charles Sink- cy, will face a Frencli- tlon WPA ski-trails, "toboggan chutes, ' ada --. . •• «-».»'m-v^iiiiut;mii Frcnchy Lravltt. Montreal, Can- to any music. Ickcs Chppses Indians' ; Mats in Competition , „, „ ... J . . W/1SIIWGTCN (Upl — Oslly- 11 Older bt Louis fans sniff at colore<i rubber 'mats designed - by the Idei of inmng. batting aver-1 Illctians ' aL 'Haskell Institute will ages and muled sevenths, but the, a<lc m tlie nine , entrances, to • the Cards are serious, aboiit their! ncw> In terioiv Department bulldlrie: ™""'' to tin. extent that they! .' rh(! <lcs 'S<« were clibseh'by '- m'uslt h I (.-(cording^ of a rubjL lu cut exieiu (hat theyj . VIL-.-,ISU:> .«crc en mve isked an eastern" publish- tclior Secretary :naro': i.iB'hciisc lo submit -'at- It.iSt,-Vac : frc . m .' "* submitted, by , propcscd . ninrciiv L. studenU: In ! .'Hie Cards didn't like the nrst one submitted md hinted that' jf they did not get what they: «ankcl llxy would go 'to'-tiia! « light If they adhere to the scl- entltlc. The reputation of Lc'avitt Indicates that he'wiil cause Mob- Icy no little trouble. He is tough ruj,s«l Hid u exlremely fast on Ills feet Ht weighs but 188 pounds, some sis or seven under AIoMey. . Action win t et under 'way! with WANTED Government Loan Cotton Phone HI : AI'i'LBBAUM BROS. COlTOrt CO. five schools of the.- education division of the Indian Service. By coincidence. Ickes' chose only designs of Haskell students, representing eight tribes—Sioux, Black- I'eet, Chtppewa. Seneca, Cheyenne, Kickapoo; Cherokee and Potawatomi. The mats will be typical 1 of the .decorative art of those tribes. ' Ick'es made the selections": from designs submitted iii a contest conducted by' the American Mat corporation, which award«l cash prlzfs to three, students jn each of .the schools/ ' Tliey •will- : be '-paid jl for each mat tearing - a winning;, design which is'sold. More than 700,000 bicycles were sold in the Unitsrt States' duriiv 1935, j ", . ' ' Defeat Canithersvillc, Copter By De c i.s i v o Margins at Holland ' HOLLAND, Pcb. 27 (Special tn Courier News) -^ Tne Steele B lrls and Ihe Deering boys won the championships of the Pemiscot comity basketball tournament here last night, Steele defeating Coot'er 27 to 14, mid Deering troimcin-j Carulhersville, 29 to 17. '* Each " of the winners had been established ns a. favorite before the finals '• The Steele girls took an ca fly lead over Cooler and never (-a Imqiiishecl It. Carman, star for ward. of. the. Steetc 'cagera, was fairly well guarded by Barnelt Cooler guard, but McDaii'lel came through with 17 points for'Steele to keep the game • safely in hn'hrt Jll the way. -• Dcerlng and Cflruthersvillc wcht imo the finals with undefeated records. The two teams clashed an the finals of the boys' division lust year and Deering woii- by pra'ctic- ntly-.the same margin on that occasion at Inst night. Caruthersvllle jumped oiit aheiel at the opening whistle but Deei- ing sharpshooters tjuickly struck their form and pushed ahead almost immediately, -leading at the etirt of the first .quarter, 12 to 'c They held command the rest of •he way, leading 18 to 11 at liic half and 22 to. 13 as the third quarter closed, Trophies were presented to tlie champions and second place winners in each division after HID last game hart been played. The new gymnasium here was packed during the finals ami many were unable to 'get inside the building lo witness the games. In the county basketball league race (separate from the countv tournament) league officials decided that trophies should be eivsii both Steele and Wardell in he girls' race, the teams -having' tied for first, place, and Car'uth- ersyillc and Deering In'die' boys' race .Trophies-were-not awarded m the league play last night as planned because of the necessity or obtaining two additional trophies becauss or the nii«pccte<l finish. -. The., force. ,of . gravity on 'tlic ' pmnct Jupiter is so 'great-that 'ii boy who weighed 100 .:.ponrids ' on the earth would weigh 265 pounds on Juniter' '' -. ..... b ^^ n.uivi . wilj , wiul f^i\ r r a rt\'^i r>f\ boxing amateurs doing their .stuff 1/UllOW.l,". in a pair ol bouts, the first nl 8. ^™* ° ld5 '' »«7»he»iue, ii rri . fc iiMiifiii i ' ina^» — i - - -- — - Art. few hours from lnj valleys to ice and deep sno» : while, a.iliou- rand miles to the 1 north, Hie'more ndept ski down the sides of Ml". Raluler. three 'governing. falls out of Misses Burke and Lee have been appearing In ,,mny of the larger cities over the United. Both exponents of the grounds were added to Wlseoasln'i one nicccssful ftee throw In two SK5H5SS.-Afft5ft2 ingly overnight. « dehw! with re- h ° ld - clcclslons ow ™ny male Ifef demand. keeping pace with the Town Buys Lifeboats As Flood Precaution _.,— ,,,^.,j inajt; wrestlers. .They were In Jouesboro recently. Thrown from the ring by sinkey last week. Moblcy came back to mis It wllh hLs fists In one of the most sensational matches ever staged here, strictly a wrestler of the.old school, Rex has been forced to come out of his shell aud fleet of Tour H-fcot Ettel ....^^ to be used by Fre,eport firemen In removing flood-stricken "families The boats are the latest type in life saving equipment, and can be easily handled by cither on- or two men. .frad Courier News Want Ads WRESTLING F,very Monday Night ,'; 8 P.M. ' MILDRED BURKB : /'vs. BETTIE LEE REX MOBLEY .' • ' •••:•". -^ . FRENCRY LEAVITT American Legion FOR SALE 01.73 acres, two houses, 50 acres in cultivation,! black sand loam soil, low 'taxes, can give possession a t once. Price $30.00 pbfclacve, SI ,250.00 cash, balaLce 1 to 5 years at 6 per \ccnt. In good coinnutnity. \ W. M. Burns, Agency Now I.oi-.itfil at 101 Nort^ Scconrf ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU OON FDWARUS, Fropnetoi ni»kra 31 nebnltl Typ^rlter,. Ad.jinj »Jachm« Catcululors—Rfpairtni— Paris—Bibbon, for the finest LAUNDRY SERVICE You've Ever Known \Vo wash your clothes in water with zero-hardness and soap so s<x\\.\c yon could bathe n baby'with it ... the ironinir i s so expertly done that your clothes are returned with the new, snowy-white appearance. PHONE 327, TOO, FOR THE FINEST CLEANING SKKVICK YOU'VE EVER KNOWN BLYTHEVILLE LAUNDRY mingof Lefty's Service Station ARKANSAS.MISSOUU] STATE LINK Friday, Saturday and Sunday • • February • 2(i, 27 anil 28 < The Roi)inson-Patrnan Hill prevents me from Riling awaj- ;Freo Gasoline'at my opening, as I'advertised, so instcail I will give away Absolutely FREE In Eight Cash Prizes $150 First Prize; 2 $25 Prizes; 5 $10 Prizes Al iMidnighl, Feb. 28 'You Need Not lie Present To Share in Prizes Visit one of the most modern Service Stations in (lie South. A courteous staff of adcnrlants at your service 2-1 hours a day LEFTY ALEXANDER, Prop. Stop at LEFTY'S

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