The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 3, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1931
Page 5
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FRIDAY, APRIL 3, 1931 (ARK.V COUR1KK NEWS Nautilus and Proposcc Route ^fM^'^i Smart Paris Styles Gown SianvQueen on U. S. Visit At Scene of Fatal Plane Orn •! i 1 (Ccniinued from Page U lion I believe this statement or estimate to be in error, and llut mine is more nearly in accordance with records of the Navy Department, and more nearly correct. Sliced Cut Down the Nautilus were to me the full i If my estimate is correct, and battery charge, with no reserve, it j would take 21 hours to make -12 miles. Then she would have lo come lo Ihe surface and spend eigW hours in recharging. The amount of fuel consumed in recharging is equivalent lo that eonsumed in 100 miles of surface cruising. Consideiing together the 21 hours of cruising mid U'.c eight hours o! recharging while stationary, the craft's average speed would be reduced to one and one-half knots at best to make 1500 miles suo- mergecl it would require 1000 horns, or about 42 days, provided thai her under-water cruising limits could be distributed so that at the end of each battery limit she couid come to the surface, recharge, and proceed Immediately. I believe, however, that such will be far from the actual case. Depth Is Limited It must be remembered that the divirg limit of the submarine about 200 feet.' At a materially greater depth the pressure would be beyond her designed resistance, and would cause disaster. Even under open water, to ma neuver safely in this depth zone requires the strictest care and attention if disaster is to he averted Emergencies frequently arise which necessilalc coming to the surface at once. In the conning tower, where the control li=3 are the various instru- Daring men. no doubt, but are r.-.c-y wjjc? Shown -.vilii their r;!;u::t ' irents a-id gauges The craft is arctic submarine Nautilus, :,rc I'.io able Commasiier D:,i:sn:r,v. ,5t'ee'-ed by a gyro compass, which 1 tOiavc. and Sir Hubert Wilkia;. : mall inset. The v.itt unexplored requires constant electric power to areas beneath which they hope to iravt! are well shown on t.h operate. The magnelic compass is not, only unreliable in those latitudes; U is virtually useless. In facl, il probably would be very misleading, and mighl poinl in just the opposite direction from the proper one. There would be no way of detecting sucil an error except by astronomical observations, which of course would be impossible when submerged. IF Coin pass Fails Furthermore, as Ihe pole is ap- pror.chcd, the gvro compass has less directive force. Should it fail to function from lack of po-.ver to chive it. or.from a mishap or brcak- •do.v:i, tlitte would be no v/a;' It-ft, of which I am aware, by which geographic location could even he approximated. The submarine then would be absolutely helpless. It she attempted 'to get fro-ii under the ice by the shortest route to open water she could noi direct her course, and would be hopelessly lost. From the ice barrier in Ihe vicinity of Spitsbergen to Ihe pole 13 about 540 miles. On the opposite, or Pacific side, toward Bering Strait, the shortest distance to cpea \ is about 950 miles. This total of 1500 miles appears lo be a minimum. ! Figuring no delays, no extra expenditure of fuel oil, and no loss frcm leakage or other accident, tiis Nautilus apparent'.)' has EiifficijnL oil to-accomplish her entire journey from Spitsbergen to Unalaska. But I do not believe for one moment thai any such theoretic ar.d ideal conditions will exist l!mt will enable her to accomplish her Journey and reach her destination before her oil supply shall have been exhausted. NEXT: In his nc\t article. Admiral Kodm.-m will describe many clllcr difficulties which \\i\\ con- i\ frunt Hie submarine cxp^tlilion. I liy M-MSnvIi-e ! JIANG!iO;;, £—ll.i::lb:l!D.liir. • Qi:ccn of fium, eu r,,'.ne wua KUv | l j iaj:nlhi:j:)k I'jr a world icnr vlu:-i. ! lakes Iliiiii lo til,; U::iiM buto.s i:: 'April, isii.'h; 1:1- .M:,( u Inu- ;/.•;;.! phrased the old;.-., • v:.: •:: ::: ' Koine do us '.:;•? Ui-mai'.s i;>,' u- ik' ililn-iinard dinliw an;l <*.th'.-;s (or Surmal si ilr K ¥ . :~lu cue tciiivi! |iiwn IMW orchid chiil'i.n l.;nu'. s,: !!iri>.Ldi s!:|ii)iiii! thin .-i 1 m.nivc liialiTiid to tiv- O:L uidcsrcm oicliiii iiiiln. i:> own <'Vr!i!iu; wv:'.p i'.i '.!; laiiU'. witii a .pic;it cape. d in ll:, 1 juV.^L :>il.:tie oi iinr; u- thi- (jM.'i: 1 . alM.jys d y;:'.:iLeyj L.uive C0 l naii\e u^tume \VSS evolved li'.'lll!.; ''•..i-i!' : .i,> oji?u- v\e: lied ' >r : ;i.i. :_-. Olhi'i 1 i;o»ns In a m til" p:inun:4. :i t c;i>.d of winch l:-is and is l':j;) • ;n tlio .1 i>:'. icr he: 1 tn Vc:'t>. in In sin iy :!i ri;-.Lij:;!f\. i-?'.w:iiir; l l aris mcci- -, e's i; a P!L'HP;;:H '..'.sk v. itli v:ii:i :i i Q.iten l!r..nfc i ii't?.vni •:; ihcrau;li!y j l:tn:!ii:ir, fur .-lie li'.u-j in Fran:; • iaur years brfovo her mnrrliuie. Itov.vver. i:r:'.'.-::ci o 1 ,' i;c:n:; '.-> I'.'.v•is to sliop, I'.'.ns in a U'.:i!uo:x c\nri> i Eo^;:oi: fo.' tliu Q'.;IMI of yi.inj. I Her Maie/.ty p-jrinitt-.,! Pen:-, tn (Ci-- jtatL' ti'.rr BfiuTii lines c! h?: 1 tr:.r!:. ar.d sDwns. but each. mori?l v..i- j f-^hioned ior iicr cxcluriiveiy a'.'.:i i CJiiiii r.ui bo ivi!rci'.;:SL".l. The mir- I den ol tir 1 -,'j-i iii'.pj-^siii'.i 1 iK- Inland I ell on ihe blv:v.U'i shunlric:.'. of u real I' inc.iis'.e U\'!n. ivi'.'e in yiam. ^:llt•. £.Voi:u ROSL':I- AHR1AI, VIEW SHOWS HOW AIR LINER. WA3 BMABHED TO BITS -(This WCtpttbBttly ^ cl^r! aurlal picture of Ihc wreckage of the air liner In which Knute Rockne and' seven'. 'Otters !'.W«f« ? hurled lo their deatlis describes more graphically than words the force of the expiq»16o and crash, nits of the plane were scattered over 100'yards-ami only the tall (In center ! . of •'•.plcturt)': Is sufficiently whole lo show wlmtUhe'-wreckage had once been, .-..' ••••. '. Ex-Kaiser's Son Struts Again Midway Notes to P.-.ri.;. j Such a d:i-ei'E? '.viirdreke a. tiv. •. I I:LI>J Queeu ne:d:-d! Leaving no.;- I jical I3p.n-.jkQ;:. tiu i,jy:-.l pL'.vty v.o.i: | !to SinyapQie, a'.niD.-t nl th:- !i;iiB- ! I tor, to Ho-ie Kc:i Shanghai, where k.:cv, ' ..r j ,. TT . iv.'culd cve:uke bu'.ur : Mr. find Mrs. /rank L.nd an-l lha , lc ,, ,„ Jvn .. ,-, , ;iii , ; , . na'j!K.j the birth of a sen on But-' X •' rffe^f-i^p • •Jt'i&tv?Q.i±£&j&-*± *? > ;'L .$$«$£> ?PW$* •'Ml- ,4& <&<>* ''' <&' ,r vk -W '-'f**- i\ * **** *" , '^ k £i u *ff Speror. jur.l a h;tb cc^ :-^ 'the cliuiy olc:-u:i:-:. ll-.t; trip OVL' : iic:n Japan to Van^juver caili- for v.-arm fur.-, r.i'.ci as dUi p[r,ns for ci-o:-s:[:;.; n-.dian no:ki;-s, bi: - , by i.'isy ie.\;h \VKi!ii;:.;ian to be- ?,t<.<-'.- cd by r'i\:;i;!ellt ilocver. rpriii^ \viii i:^ in the o.t" n:-,d iijhtv.'eij'iu c'.3t!ie.- in order. ; Suits '.he Q'.sten iin; in r.r.ini;:;', E. Jf. Hr.H and Miss Gra:: v;hitol°' :ins l!!? ""'•' i; - r ' c 'i'--''""-.. 'r•••-?- ol rollinwooci, Tenn.. \VD;--:: n:?i-!:rd ; ••'••'~ i i;; '0\vu arc po;mlr.;- accent* 1.1 at the ho::ie of Mr. and Mis. J. A. i iwr £-"-- fs . K'ovc.i, shoe.;, Jurs v\':;ile. Thursday. The Rev. A. .7.! ii'-oik-es. Slie has one oi ;:-c H.!! DorfonULd the cTcnmuy. Tm- : !::cdi.i'.:-l\- af:er tl-.e cevomony iiie, e:r.ip!c Irft for Co-lint-v.-cod v.'here- tivv v.-ji! irif.'xc tlieir fmtire home, i the Ti:c b-idc is the rvr-r-tl-dnug! Mr. and Mr.-. J. A. White. *"-ii J'e.iihftil to suit ;!:o . urd.iy March 23t!i. j ilesdamei J. C. Eaten. J. A. ^ Vviiite, Thnnis. O. ftandoip!!, A. J. ' Hill, Chester Wcoldridge. ami Miss . Dutch Hindolph, Mr. and Mrs. Ira nohaimin^, "!'.d Mr. ar.d Mr:. S. F. . Hcaik cf Blythcville were euesU cf ATr -and ?.1rs. Frank Lind r-.nd ' family, Sunday. i ?.Ir. and Mr?. Jao!: nil n:ul Ik"! C^inaday motcrod lo IMyth::--, iile, Mo n '''*<". Sk - c ; Q'jten ilanibaib?.rni,. . . her gowns ;. iiiluriirel licr. l Lone Oak Items 'Miss Marie Lancaster spent Tuciday night with Eunice Brooks. Among those who attended the dr.lire nt Ekrou Wednesday night wrre. Mr. nnd Mrs. Dltzel Toiiilln- F!-n. Havwl Walker and Joe nich- ariUon. Miss Mnrie Lancaster entertam- e:! a number of her friends with -.1 pnily Wednesday nlghl. Mr. and Mrs. C. II. Hartsfleld and , family of Kkr-on onri Mrs. Hen i llolln of Blylhc\lile were gueUs ol Mrs. Erby Jlodge, Wednesday. .Mrs. Loyce Tomllnson o! blythc- villc was the guest of Mrs. J. W Temliuson, Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Erby Hodge Epciv Friday at Pecan Grov.3 with Mr and Mrs- Lealon Hodge. Miss Hazel Walker spent Salur ciay night wilh Miss Alma Need ham. Lloyd Lowcry of Diiver Grov was the guest of Floyd Peoples, Saturday night. Mr. anil Mrs. Chas. Ncedham ;mpri3r.f.u. s.ilin and gec.'T^tte take li-.e nev; o;:alir.e tones so fia.tlei'- isig. Or.- oi her mcst Io:i;:nl gowns ilch^M-shdly and striking iine'ii Gosticll vlsted Mr. nml Mrs. J. i.v i:; e:ijc'.:ver.c.'i. Tils heavy snt- ! Hr-bertson. Sunday. in is I'.i.vVed !:i froi.L by ijcciets in ^o:rj;:..- ,'.ii-! tlio l;.-i:-k of t'r.3 boJ- :c-j :-, r::i-:nur.!rd only v/ith unique ;;!;u:l rilvcr Cox cc:!d . A!co p. Canadian r.'.:n '-e b?yond rie>c:i;>;:?:i. new type, ell ci-;- a:' felt, strav,. sic;;:r . *"-ii yc.iihful to suit Misses Mavorllnc Davis and Ed ie Williams were guests of Mr KcnnarO Walters. Sunday. Mr. E. D. Walker who is em ,oyed at the county: farm, spent ic week end with 'Ills'family here. Miss Alma Nccttham-spent Buii- ay night wltlrl^lss-Hater .Walker. ' * % -.-.-Sandy Ridge Mr. and Mrs. C)ny'.^liner..of Ken- iclt, Mo., spent •8unJlBy,.wUh Mrs .faille Shner. '.''-' '.. •''•".' Mr. nnil Mrs.' D.-' R: ''Conrad of CaruUimvUle, .Mo., were', guests, ot Mrs. M»tUe Slmer, .Sunday. '•'•; ;-,'_ Mrs. Maude Biuress «nil Mrs. Mnltle Slmer motored to •Memphis; j Thursday. ' ... - •''•'•;'" : ': ' Mr. John Slmer.'. U'lf»rt(i|g'}or Long Beach CilifornU,: Sunday-:to his daughter. ...•:.-..'.'.'•• ; Mr. Charlie .Barktr : attended-to business in BlytliYll!«,:rWdiy., • Mr., arid- lire.' ; Leslie. Be'vUl; .ol. Gosriel were munitV, Sunday^;.•','S S S gave me NEW STRENGTH —I NOW FEEL FINE ' i'-jii'lis Lottif l-Bell' PulUam 1 , Knbxville, Tenn., writest "My appetite -••wiii poor. 1 :)iadla9t weight _^-was. nervous . »tiii could not riqep well at night. In my rundown con- uition even my :taL I took uren Urf* •>» ottos: -it .jtrtiit^.'jfa-: proved riiy'cbndlUon. My.mmifit* i picked up. My weijhtii and I'noW'feel fin*—In . - , T — like ariEwpersoT!.' S.S.3:Ualji)en- did blood tonic *nd I recori^rad it to my friends.. My'. «4ptSer.:«l«ci. took S.S.S. »nd it' iiyartU j to taks'S.S.S. Stlect the : li^(«riiliii »a it-holds double thft'quintity.'ind i»TOij;o'»A9-co- Eve r y S p r;i n g t a'lce- iS. S/5. Tb'rtjle t L. I.T. McIXi'.ialU at ! onc'-?u to b'jiines- in lilyti'.eville. M^i.ciay. Mr. Pipkin, V/iliio Miller and fr^iik L:i:d. Jack Iiill, O. R:"Kl"ipil L. B. Cit:i:i.i'J.iy .inci son, Ike wers'.io visitor!, Saturday. J. C. Eaton v:3l\eil lAitlicr ?.is;s, HIV For afteinoon, 1:10 ti=-?.-, E r = i s e::r, r:uin, lace a::d lir.e impr::nco. n;:ci: is ir ar.d v.iih it she V.-C-M-.- =o c'c!^-;lr.ble bcii^e. flr.d o r .l~.'- Eilel Friedericli, above, second Eon of Ihe former German kaiser, has again appeared in Berlin, goose-stepping at the head of 5000 "Steel-Helmets," a war veterans' organization. He was wildly cheered by street crowds. Mr. i.. A. Mav-.vtll v.-as a visi'.or, Saturday. itself. E. M. .McDona!:! spent Tu.-iday ir. Luxora. Cc-JrU-r News War.; Ms Pay. v.inv of '.he l:;c>-. :iii":eri=i.:. fiiiiv f-' ii ijor.-ii s;e Iws Ii L-.-.-, . !i-;;~;y. ;;!ov:.- cv<n Ucyaily l-'oint of Sports :;:!*• BoiLi ;':.J Kir,-.; a:id thu Queen ::;.'. | phy ^a: 1 . and li!:c oti'.e- o-utJoor i-v-r i .pars, .-.-i Her Majesly hr.:; in;:iuil- = '..i--ed in t:.v cozens of trunks nnny .u-!si;or'.s f:oc'::s. Shaniung silks,' I'.u-;:.! printc-d c:i- : .e de clime, some ICashs -v-j '-. suits ::n-.l fcniD cottons and line: 1 . '0:1 c i nic<le::ii.-.tic piinls. Blues and grays ; aie hti' ijviM'ites for colors. ij..;,. | Mil-j. Hv^L-iibeiG, in ci:,ii'^e of HH" i.?-! Majc.-ty':, v.T.rciiobc, keenly opp:v- :: .,;•. i ciarive cf her great u>pjn.sibility. <-•-, ' FXpLiincdhcricascnfcr Hi'- Quern's .;, ,-=. UC.M-.S thij v/ay. Sh..' said: "Many ":•;;'; A:::Li:ci:;; will see the royal p.irty is •,-: " : ii rrr.-ifs Cu cr,r.ti:i::il ,n:d cun- l.\;:-it^-.'.'S t:-.e ftay in \ew Yorl;. tut il :, ii;i-.u:i i.; tile pnvileue o: but a few :..;"« i to kno-.v He.- and !5 ap- piuCLr-Ie tl;-- r::r.-^n:ii]ty «-i-.ij!i lias 1 Mjj:.-./: cndccr:d r.:r to R-.r.m. Therefore, | e o'-'-T-'for ti-.u mars'.-s her S-JVRZ must, to I the Q.:een."| "Strength and Ability- Pius ihe Willingness lo Malaria Is Fatal to Albert McCoy, Cavdwcli Lcrd Gives Trust Fund I ASTORIA, Oregon, (Up) —: Lord Waldorf Astor, of Englar.d.l will establish, a S5.000 educational : trust Iiiiid for Astoria schcD'i eliii-1 dren. Lord Waldcrf Aster K a descendant of John Jacob Astor, founder of Astoria. CAHDWELb, Mo.—Alber McCoy- died at his home here between one nnd two o'clock Monday afternoon of malaria toxin. He Bad been confined lo his bed only since Sunday morning, though he had not been! ' c "^j, feeling v.cll for several day^. j Mr. McCoy was well known in j Cardive'i! and had lived here for | several years. He was well liked by j all wiio knew him. He v.-as slig/.tiy! ever fifty-five years of age. lie is Mzrvivcd by hi.s- mother. Mis. Vln McCoy and a daughter. Inez. Fmicrol services were held at the i-.cme Wednesday afternoon, the Rev. Prince officiating. The Anllcchj (i'.i.inctte. compofcd of Carl North. | C. A. Summit. H. D. Meadows and j. H. B-.ircham sang special so:'.;s. Active pall-bcarcrs «erc the me:ii- bris of l?.e Cardwoll high schco'. tcnior class: Ogle Nartii. James I-"i:r!C!5'd, Willie WliHson. Warli;k Bramuiiu. James P. Anderson. Jn££ph Rutherford. Roy Lo.<ley. Cail Blr.keney. School was dismissed for l!-.c iimoral. Burial was in the Cardwell ccm- C'lcry. runei-al arrangements were In^c cf HcAvard-Ar.dcr.son. Jail Karber l'rcr,pers 'LOGAN. Ohio, tUPI — Kock- ing County's barber-prisoner fmcis it moie profitable to be :a jail ti]r,:i tree. He net only gets the jail pat- , rename, but he's living 0:1 the • lie SEE AND HEAR THE NEW arae n Town! li.VIlK IS AIK-M)X1»'.]) SliiAIFORU, Conn. (UPi-.Thcj baby drnpiW ct Ocrruii Melssncr.' l\ r ,t" pilot for Sikor.'ky Aviation Ccrporation, became nirmindod nt ! an early af. When thr child was expected. Xeissncr took his wife in an ampliibMn plane to a N:\v York hospital. Ten days allcr the child v.'ns bom. he brought them back to Stratford in the plane, the baby sleeping the entire way. and a Ceiualmu . :,•.:• =<« i , 7 TtJbes, Cci'cen Grid .•. Dynamic Spc;;t:er .'. Lighted Diar. .-. Extremely Selective Q & This Pliiico Can Be Bou.ciUt On rounded on Security Built by Service /(Ol Main Women Appreciate the Service of this Bank One of the outstanding features of. present day banking, as reflected-by banks such as this one, is the assistance we offer women who are intrusted with the -management of-, funds. To all'such, we extend the.coi'dial cooperation and experience of our Officers and Directors. THE FARMERS BANK & TRUST W. The Oldest Bank' in Blytheville Under State and Federal Supervision : ;'.

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