Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida on February 10, 1928 · 9
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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida · 9

St. Petersburg, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1928
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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1928. ST. PETERSBURG TIMES Section One Page Nine CONTRACTS FOR PAVINOGELAYED City Attorney Would Hold Up Contracts Until Title to ., Property Is Investigated Actual construction work on paving contracts amounting to $1,500,-000 authorized by the city commission at a special meeting Wednesday morning, will be held up until a full Investigation has been made by the city finance and public works department on mortgages and other liens against the property affected by the paving. This action was authorized Thursday by A. S. Bradley, city attorney due to the fact that since some of tlio contracts were awarded as far back us 1915 It was believed that the change In the titles to some of the property might affect the paving projects. The commission will decide Monday night on tho paving of First street north between Fifth and Ninth avenues and on Fourth avenue south between First and Ninth tt reels. It was indicated Thursday that property owners on Fourth menue jjoutb would agree to widening of the avenue to 30 feet, but would not agree to a 40-foot width based on prices prevailing in 1925. With a 30-foot width the tall palm trees lining the avenue would be saved and the width would be enough to accommodate tho automobile traffic. U is understood that the Georgia Engineering Co., contractors for the work will agree to the reduction. Property owners on Firrt street north are also seeking a reduction in the width as originally authorized by the commission. It was pointed out at the meeting Wednesday that the city would injure Its credit in the bond market by cancelling contracts lawfully entered into and should the city decide to cancel the contracts it would be liable for the damage to contractors. Property owners affected by the proposed paving contracts have recourse to injunction proceedings to halt any paving and leave it to the court to decide whether tho contractors can hold the property owners to prices prevaling in 192j. I ONDL'CT CATHOLIC MISSION The Vincent ian fathers, The Kev 'iillard and Flanigiin, arc conduct-in? a mission at the Catholic church The mission which opened last night will continue until Feb. 19. It Is to be a doctrinal expose of tho many truths of religion. r r" l" rrrt r-n F"i uvduibtSlJl it DOUBLE ACYIfIG - -! MAKES u'K?nWU ore RAuiun I N BAXINS EASIER L.'' $r I"" ,tui-"'u'!-v 1 Tr9'?TT.ri,C'rzs?7B9t3Cl txazzx : ! 7 W NOW k PLAYING B An A. D. mamma in a B. C. tOtPtl! ' I That's Iltlni of Troj. She innhcs llii age lunk lilp slow niotion! II j oh cjon't 'lelicxe it, MM "THE The seiiMttiorui lute affairi of the , moM dsngcrous hlortde In h'story ! are here revealed: Mail. he I Iord! snd how! Fm-i National Picture with j Lewis Stone, Maria Corda Ricardo Cortez j j-rsss- i'N" Tin; ST.r,i; VI I B I IV I B lV ' nn III 1 !i VlVl KfLlcliP V J I' H AN 1101MON ZZZzJJ?- "Ml. IIT THE nN(i" At the Theatres FLORIDA Maria Corda, Hungarian act res of both stnee and screen, makes her bow to the American public in one of the most striking roles in the history of pictures. The picture is First National's "The Private Life of Helen of Troy." the spectacular production which opened its engagement at the Florida theater yesterday. Miss Corda's performance as the most beautiful woman of literature and mythology is said to be an' outstanding example of screen acting. Possessed of striking beauty of classical type, Miss Corda is ideal as the immortal Helen, whose charm started the Trojan War and caused the downfall of that great nation of antiquity. Formerly a dancer as well as an actress on both stage and screen, Miss Corda is fitted for the role in every particular. PHEIt, "Silk Legs," a Fox Films production which is now at the Pheil theater. Is a whirlwind story of the perils nn unprotected girl might undergo if she tried to compete with seasoned veterans of J he road as a traveling saleswoman. Kuth is kept busy repulsing the objectionable advances of a number of beach mashers. One, more persistent than the rest, follows her to the hotel Amused by . his audacity, Ruth leads him a merry chase and is dumbfounded to discover that he is the salesman for a rival company who beat her to the biggebt deal of her career. lint H pretends that she is a little "Dumb Pom," and Phil, the. man, unwittingly lets out a few trade secrets that enable Ruth to gain the upper hand. ALCAZAIt "What Price Glory," the merry war film now at the Alcazar theater, is a screen play without a villain. Anotlur novel feature of it Is that you can use your owr. discretion in picking the hero. Nobody will dispute that the fiery Charmaine, played by Dolores Del Rio, is a more than adequate heroine, and that Privates Klper and Lipinsky supply nil the comedy necessary. But who's the hero? Ts it Captain Flagg, the hard-boiled Marine who uses profanity by preference, gets gloriously drunk at 15ar-le-Puc and leads his men into battle as light-heartedly as though he were going on a picnic? Or is it Sergeant Quirt, I Calumet must have real merit must be better than commonplace baking powder Jj or it couldn't be tnetavonteoimu? lions of the most particular cooks. LESS THAN jTj the favorite of miP I 1 i ill if if rWWfl lions of the most 1 8 I ""-W7 I ' Partia"ar cooks. I U Hil iesuhan I PRIVATE LIFE OF HI TODAY'S PROGRAMS FLORIDA 'The Private Life of Helen of Troy" with Maria Corda, Lewis ptone and Rlcardo Cortez. On the stage, Don Charao and his orchestra in "Meet the Gang." PLAZA Tp In Mabel's Room" presented by the Plaza Players. y PHEII Double feature program; "My Lady of Whims' with Clara Bow, and "Silk Legs" featuring Madge Bellamy. Vtta-phone acts: Cruse Brothers. June Purscll, H. and D. Downing, "The Lash." ALCAZAR "What Price Glory" with Dolores Del Rio. Victor McLaglen and Edmund Lowe. PATIO "The Silver Hero" with Bonaparte, "the wonder dog." Comedy, "Bigger and Better Blondes." Serial. "Melting Millions," chapter 4. Pntlie News. REX "Under the Flack Flag" with Jesse James Jr. Serial, "Blake of Scotland Yard" chapter 7. EUCLID "Heaven On Earth" with Conrad Nagel. the rough and blustering leatherneck, who knows all the card tricks in the deck, steals his superior officer's sweethearts when he gets a chance and takes his war as a matter of course? REX "Under the Black Flag," a photo-story of the life and exploits of America's noted bandit leader, Jesse LAD I ESI I i WHY MOT KILL TWO I' STOIlEi ' 1 r course you are pomg to visit WILLIAMS' ART STORE (next loor to us) during- their M sale of art cnods this week of bargains for BUT the GREATEST llARii.MXS vou ever saw in LADIES' FISE HOSE will bo on sale at our shop right next door! They are selling like WILDFIRE wc can hardly keep them in stock, so great is the demand and because iln ir worth Mas so quickly PROVEN ! NOW LISTEN they are ALL SILK and FULL FASHIONED throughout! And the only cheap thing about them is the price! You may have your choice of either a fine sheer CHIFFON or an excellent SERVICE WEIGHT for only $1.45 per pair, or a box of three pairs for only $4.00! Vou will find them BETTER than the usual $2.00 sellers and GUARANTEED FIRST QUALITY, loo! Just think of it! AND if you are interested in HATS or DRESnES you will find a good selection of exclusive midwinter numbers which we arc closiue out at HALF PRICE and LESS ! I lm i fc"'i im'i ii mm m m its m mw 234-236 FIRST AVENUE NORTH "The Shop of Sensible Prices' ywvjy'Tp HK.tiEST MIOt.KAM OF Presenlinc IRENE RICH IX "THE SILVER SLAVE" Synchronized With the Wonderful V1TAPIIONE MESH Added Feature Sammy Cohen And hi Ted McNamara Fmou ( omedi ins lAPliow MILLER & FARRELL ocH's Favorite Entertainers WEBER & FIELDS World Fiitnous Funntrrs In "Mike & Meyer" WELLMAN & RUSSELL The Kentueky Boys of 1n HENRY HALSTEAD ORCHESTRA "W'rMorn Hit" VITAPHONE IS THRILLING THE WORLD ADMISSION PRICES 25 & 50 CENTS j Jtrucs, opened a three-day run at ; the Rex Thursday. A situation unique tn motion picture annals !s evident in this picture, for Jesse James Jr.. son of the notorious outlaw, is cast in the robs of his father in "Under the Black Flag." This photoplay is said to be historically accurate, and the scenes shot on the actual grounds that Jesse James roamed when he was the most feared man in the west. 1 I (LID During the making of "Heaven on j Earth," the attraction at the Euclid ; theater, Gwen Lee, a member of its : oast, was placed under a contract by ; the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studios, j Mis Ix-e is considered one of the bi;cest "bets" among the younger players. She plays the part of Con-, r.id Nacel's fiancee In this picture which was directed by Phil Rosen. j PATIO In theatrical parlance a "Wow" is I a knockout a sensationa darb. I The justly celebrated Younger Gen-j elation contributes to the argot of I the present day the adjective "doggy" to denote anything particularly swagger, swanky, ritzy or what have you? Our caption, therefore, might have read: "A Dosgy Wow," which would have exactly defined "The Silent Hero." the new Rayart Picture to be shown at the Patio theater tonlcht. but it would have re- i quired too mueh explanation. Prom all reports "The Silent Hero'' is one of the greatest pictures of ifs kind ever created. j PLAZA I Everything would have been quite alright, because, us a matter of fact. we know it is just full p..,,.i.'nw.iiin ii.i;.in;jtijiiuj mi i m. PHEIL Commencing Saturday For Four Days COMI5INATIOV IN THE MATE Fl.OKIL) A "The Gay Retreat" of "What Trice Cflory" Presentation "THE MIRACLE OF THE A HE" r. it w.ia a perfectly harmless present G-irry ha j mad", if Mabel h.idn t ap-j peared at an inauspicious rnnnvnt. ! afer Garry' wedding, end rc fuf-ed to r turn his arift when h iisked fcr i it ; fearful of what might happen ! should his jealous better half learn the truth. This is the starting point of the great Wilson Collison-Pertram Har rison farce Comedy "Up in Mabel's ; j Room", originally presented by A. H. ! j W.iods una John Cumberland in the : ' role of Garry, which ts to bo the; special attraction at the theater all! next week. j j The frantic efforts of Garry to se- j : cure his gift to Mabel; the stub- j borp.ess of the young ladj in refusing j to oblige him: the stupidity of his; .associates in their mad effort to hs- ; h;m, ail tend to work to tho end j ; of limitless fun. ! j It has been many a theatrical j j moon since so funny a play as "Up i in Mabel's Room" has been secured ! for the local theater-going puWio and ; -Manager Jones Is to be compliment- ed on his achievement. THREE-ACT COMEDY ! IS ENJOYED BY MANY! i j "Aren't We All?," tho three act! j comedy, by Frederick Lonsdale, pre- j j sented last evening at the Elks club j 'as the annual drama program of j .the Woman's club came up to n I expectations and critics piest rit-iatree that Mis. Margaret Bcaslcy . who directed th play may add an- other name to her long list of stage successes. Much was expected of the nmnri- pals m the play, Alice Hare. Peter Stoner. Ruth Thane, Gertrude Nay and Charles TaJbot and those who were present realised that they pave llflllAV AM) SATLKDAY ONLY THIS COUPON AND 39c NOTICE TO AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTORS In accordance with our ,hm ment yoti ar authorized Io di I i" one box of i out KKt.n.vi: si.no sii; ox rurKXTTrox or this toe pox sk.mh xi 39 (kxts Present at Once, Heforo Supply J Cone, at Prather-Strickland Dnw Co. V.'? I (ill CKNTK j Y1;M ; sr. pirnusismti. h.a. fust onier Sign Here Address A ALCAZAR 914 Central Aenue TODAY EAST TIMES Featuring Dolores Del Rio Victor McLaglen And Edmund Lowe r, I'sEAE SHOUT M r..l .( is COMING SATURDAY ZANE GREY'S "Under 1 Hitorirnll,v Corrert REX 1 to 11 I'. TODAY AND SATURDAY JESSE JAMES, JR. In ;i True PortniJ.il of the Eiie of 1 1 in I .itlier "UNDER THE BLACK FLAG" Every St,.,,, Fiuictrd on the Exnet Spot Where it Origin. 1 13 v Occurred. AIIEI) I'EAKE OF s(OTEAM VAKlf ADMISSION HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Monday Evening, Prices: $2.50, $2.00, $1.50, $1.00 Now on Sale at Turner Music Co. Telephone and msiil resrv:iti.un held not later thin Feb. ! 16 Sixth Street North SOMETHING DIFFERENT TONIGHT AT HIE PALAIS ROYAL AUTOMOBILE BALL?? Mir A MASK OHM (OsTlME l!ll JEST A GOOD TIME TO BE III li Al l mueh. a'.' ting with Quite professional fmi -h. Alice H.irj si Margot, the wife w ho M.ijed in Egypt too kng fh.nved complete understanding of tho part and Peter Stoner who hadl the role of Willie, the surprised husband, interpreted the part in a manner to be expected of an older and mueh more experienced actor. Ruth Thane, as Lady Frmton, was Lady Frmton. which is the highest praise, and Gertrude Nay, who had the roie of tho charming actress Kitty Lake who was at the bottom of all their trouble, played in her usual finished form. Charles Talbot, rose to real character heights in his portrayal of Lord Grer.ham, the kindly, delightful and understanding old English gentleman. Mrs, Sidney Fortis tn her part as Angela, the aunt of Willie, was her usual delightful self, and Fdwin Wolf rath who acted as the vicar found himself exceedingly well cast. Rogers H.'i re was irreproachable as Morton, the butler: Frank Put-n mi was uood as Roberts; Sam Smith, quite excellent us John Wil-locks; and Herman Petersen and Ir. J. E. Walker entertaining guests ut the dance. M WERLY HAPPY, HAS NEW BABY BOY A I Werly jr., president of the Peoples' bank. ;s rejoicing in th.-j new 1 ray of suii'-hme that is his, a little ! son, bom in the Mound Park hospital. "His name is Albert Calvin ; Werly," announced the father Thurs-I day afternoon. "And so soon as he j begins to lisp I'm going to teach him ! the Why club creed." Austria has lifl.filis) unemployed. I'utitles 5 on to our tpgulur Si box of NAKflSSE FACE l'0M)IJ or PFJU'l'ME Coupon mWmanlp at onre anil is good until authorized (liMriiaition is txlimistcd. Orders ,V l-AIra The World Greatest Motion Picture Latest Novel The Tonto Rim" See Fife Mr? Wnt Figures in Idilij M. ( onlintious 15c and 35c Feb. 13lh, at 8:15 .-fjjf nr, ;.- - , v.', HELEN OF TROY IS GOOD; NOT ERSKINE'S JI you o to the Florida thlswk-en4 to sea John Ersklne's "Private Life of Helen of Troy" as ft photoplay, you will b disappointed, but If you po to tho theatre to se merely a travesty on a certain warm and interesting number of events takin? place at tha tim of the wtge of Troy by the Spartans, you vlll find an unusual picture. Thoso who have read the book will not like th cren play: those who have not will find it amusing. The photoplay is ft radical departure from the nceepted standards of the .screen and as such is entertaining. ; We can see the pomtibilities of bur-ljsques on many other historical lesr-enils and preihct that they will not be Ion? in earning. The siory as all know, concern? one of the most famous triangles of history, th;itt of Helen. Meneloas. her husband, and Parts, Prince of Troy. Irato husbands whoso wives have skipped off with other men, have done many things in revenge, but none ever narted Trojan wars or launched 1.0T0 ships to recover them. Maria Corda, European stage beauty, is starred as Helen; Lewis Stone is cast as King Meneloas arid Ricardo Cortea is the handsome Po-meo prince. Don ("harno introduces his talent ed musicians to tho theatre patrons this week in a novelty skit. Each artist is featured !n a solo and a very talented young dancer whose name is unknown to us, proved a delightful surprise. A comedy featuring the Collegians, a Pa the- News and an oreari solo complete the program. B. B. J. PHEIL TOIAY EAST TIMES Continuous 1 Till 11 P. M. Itiscest totnhination ProKrairv in the State of Florida IfftPBOB PKESlvNTATlONS THE LASH liamatic Sketch E CRUSE BROTHERS A Novelty Act JUNE PURSELL The Kadio Eirl ilAIY&DOWNING Impersonators See and Hear the World Fiuuous .stars from the .screen FEATl KE PICTl'KEH Madge Bellamy "SILK LEGS" CLARA BOW in "MY LADY OF WHIMS" Admission !5 St M (ni c t i i7gsati'KI uv Nee other ad today' paper PLAZA THEATER THIS WEEK Mers. Jonei & tlillniau Presents 'UP IN MABEL'S fl E cuius Hi 8 V. M F.eept Sunilny Matilieo Wednesday mid Saturday Admission ICveniiij; 'Vn; .Vie, h. ''' Maline 13e, !5v, 5H Next Week "The Tiser Rose" LADIES FREE ELKS AUDITORIUM TONIGHT Juberiutin Pl.iyeri Offer an ALL rUOKEsNlONL VAIDHV1LLE PKOCBAM lneludinc th Society Playlet TEA I OF. THREE" The frey Fun Getter "SHE TRIED TO SIZZLE i:tx FizzLiar unJ the I'rainatic Sketdi from the iday of nn: I'KicE she rir" One I. .ul) Free With Furh run hated Tleket Admission 50c CHAPLIN SETTLES TAX CASE WITH GOVERNMENT WASHINGTON. Feb. 9 (.!') Thn income tax dispute between Charles Chaplin and the Internal menu's bureau has been settled. While bureau officials declined t discuss tho caae, it was learned today that a compromise had been reached in the case in which tha government originally claimed upwards of a million dollars from tiw movie actor. The case has been handled by a collector of Internal revenue at Los Angeles. ADVERTISING COMMITTEE OF C. 0FC. TO MEET A meeting of the advertisln? committee of the Chamber of Commerce has been called at the Chamber 3:30 o'clock this afternoon by Chairman Walter P. Fuller at which tim the advertising program for th 19:?-23 season will be discussed. A unified program of events which will attract national interest will be discussed. uears throat The most obstinate cough will often begin to improve with the first dose of PERTUSSIN. It helps Nature to dear ths throat of the genn-ladea mucus and soothes the irritated tissues. PERTUSSIN may be takea f reel, as it contains nodopt anJ is absolutely harmless. Known to physicians for more than 20 years and soli by all druggists in large and small bottles. Ff-T rT?J ftvjfVTTSXMHufl '-4 Siiiftiiii t Hi f i I I ilititii EUCLID Mh and Farm Frirty and Saturday ilF-WEN ON EAJiTH" Itcnre ,cor (iinrail Nagto t omeily and Keel 2 Sbu'. -9 . m. 0l Mmlo AdminiiioQ. IDc tie SH(WS-m t-8 P. M. SAT. 1 TO 11 P. M. i ENTTtAL AT WTH T. f ilii H A FIRST klTN "PICTV BE TOUAV AND TOMORROW Moke tt Vonr lnljr !p Why f Tht. t'tfTrr ami rfunMteiin i wn-tne Knrawl the Honor lo he t'nllrd The "il.'n llrn lit TM Thnlhuir f anil Oripiiius Itnusa With Jin All f Slur t tit . ' A DUkE WORNE &i SPECIAL PRODUCTION- 9hf3SLENT HERO EDNA MURPHY JOSEPH GIRARD ERNEST UllUAQD WAaRY ALLEN and LbONAPAFXTE- EXTRA ADHKP rri PKM.KR and HEI Tt HI OMES 9 i an. I imnt PA THE tVS, Aba MKL1 1UM1LL10NS 12,",,,r J." rtrnl of rarklnf Spar Off The Slrrl 1 urtiUhi-d FrH to l'lriis SEN. OSLT. TI1IC t BVjil At. ITP The Best Spaghetti in the World is served at Eddie Meyers' "PLAY PLACE OF THE WEST COAST." If Tim itnn't like Siasliettt ou w'H tike -nr ihr tlwhes tv.I with llu- I'-t )lusio Hiel inurtuiuuuut The Whippet Club li indy Uoulevnrd nt Rio Vist This week No cover charge excepting Saturday. COLISEUM HEX McIKlXAEH SILVEU KINGS it FAKK I 'LAN 5c FREE AHMIssION Monday lnt Mht TiieilH Hnniri .Veht MelTilv T!Hirit iluh Sight Ihrwl-ik in(l.-B Sisht frt.tn Siuli Koturtlav enl ight J'mirtt iiin.in ImwUv, lbi;rilnT anil Waturilaf Aftrrnnrn PALAIS ROYAL Cnd Ave. and 2nd St. N. REX OIU1EUT and th j -MUSIC MASTEIUS- ; I T 1 KEE APMISSION VMM FL,N EVI KY Mt.lir Moiuiuy Favur Men Wediiendiiy Ftvori t.adifi Erlday AuUmirtbile IUII f??.' p ATlQ WW

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