The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1932 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1932
Page 6
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-"PACK SCf Chicks Meet Hurricane In Annual Classic TIPTiN SHIFTED T01LBIO B. H. S. LIE-HP Kramer Strives for More Power to Throw Against Favored Invaders., The annual classic of northeast Arkansas football, the mooting of the Blythcville Chickimvvs and tiie Golden -Hurricane of Jonesboro high, is scheduled tonight at 7:45 o'clock at Haley Field. •The game Is expected to attract, on:> of tiie largest crowds of the season. Though the Chicks Jinve suffered thres losse.5 and won only oiio game, they are traditional enemies of the Hurricane and mil put up a desperate fight against, the highly favored invaders tonight. .;Jonesfcoro's Hurricane, completely rejuvenated by its sterling performance against 1 Memphis Tccli last week, exp:cls to sweep the Chicks before Its whirlwind attack tpnight. Coach Webb Burke of the • Hurricane has announced t'rwt, h? will start Intact, the same line-up that played such a flue game against the Memphis aggregation • vrith the possible replacement of Aston at center by Tull. Should Aitpn start the Chicks svil) be outweighed. .Cpach^Chartey Kramer has shifted Jimmy Tip ton, captain and star center, to the fullback position In an effort to give the 1 Cliieks power and blocking. With Tommy Short, the triple threat ace of the rear works, nursing injuries on the sidelines, the Chicks will need all th= power they can muster and Tip- tpn will have plenty to do in the backneld. Fisher, fast reserve back, is also on the injured list. •The Chicks starting combination In the backfieli will probably consist of Tiplon at full, Beck and Travis Brooks at the halves nnd Mosley at- quarter. Holland, big redheaded guard, has been shifted over to Tipton's center post and Lindsey Trill" alternate with Banny FWidler at Holland's old position. Bill Merlwether of Paragould, well known official and former Hendrlx star, will be referee and Wid Matth• ews, popular Cnruthersville, Mo., official. Bill act as umpire. M. S. Burge of Armorel, formerly pi Jtinesborb A. & M., will be head- linesman." The probably' opening lineup Is as follows: B'vllle Wgl-.t. Pos. J'boro Wglvt. Purtle (2) 170 . B. Buttrey (64) 150 Left End Jaggers (12) 180 .. Dickens (63) 184 • • Left Tackle LUidsey (15) 160 .. Salmon (51) 154 Left Guard Holland (10) 188 ... Aston (52) 184 Center Fritzius (16) 155 .. staudt (G5) Iffl Right Guard Lunsford (13) 165 .. Keller (ffi) 166 J. Brooks (8) 168 T. Smith (50) 168 Right End Mosley (5) 135 .; H. Smith (60) 145 Quarter Back Beck (9) 165 .... Hearn (55) 168 Halfback T. Brooks (35) 149 -Stroud (50) 155 Halfback Tipton (7) 184 Yarbrough (57) 175 Fullback has some more ball carriers. But ilone like Mohler. The Southern California attack this yew has been essentially Hfoliler, plus the tremendous interference Jones sends ahead of (lie leather-lugger, That makes it look like Notre Dame. You Tag Me! News dispatches from Boston bring heartening news, indeed Jack Sliaihey says he Is going to make Max Schmellng wait tor two years for a crack at the alleged championship because "Sclimeling mode n\? wait when he VRS chani- i>ion." The lldlnns tlmt therp won't be another Rchinollng-Sharkc.v fight for at least two years comes Uk,- money from home. In days, of uncertainty, such as we have been toli' \ve liv<% jn now. Presumtnir dial Sharkey ,j s Rolnp^ to liffflt sowwboily next yenr—and he savs he'll flfthl only In Iloston—we are «oln( lo lake Direr euesvs at (he opponent he will pick. The first (tuess Is K. O. Chrlst- ner, the ancient Akron puddler. The second Is Jlmmv Maloney, also of Boston. The third *MSS is thai Brnnv Leonard will fatten up durinr the winter lo heavyweight irirth and be selected for the title shot. We thought of Jim Corbeft, but Jim has denied he U coming ba^k. But the whole thing reminds us of the name thai .kindergarten children sometimes play, to the words, "You ta? ma, nnd I'll tag you." By Way of Levity Speaking ns we were the other day, of how you never know how n fight Is going to be decided in the Garden, and how there Is pretty sure lo be illsscaslori among the referee nnd Judges, and how so manv of the decisions are the wroni? Interrupted with the crack: .."rights In the Garden are iusi like a football rame would be between Southern Methodist and (he Catholic University— with A! Smith as ln« referee." Tins to Wresllm Wrestling should not begin Until after the football season. The two activities conflict. When a fan can EO to a game and sec 22 men cuffing on e another around, why should he pay to see the same thins performed by only two. It's Just the difference between wholesale and retail, that's all—and jiist as President Hoover was' saying the other night, this is the time . . . etc. Another tl|> to the wrestlers Is: don't really wrestle. The worth ..of..this »dvke was tm- pfisubedI in ifew'York one nlnrht recently when the paying saps were Utatfd to (he first real wrestling natch that Has happened 1*4 years. It was a dismal flop, many customers walking out while Stranjler Lewis and Jack Sherry sprawled and grmntea upon the mat. Your modern pad picnic simply has to hnvc the old zip and zest. Airplane spins, flying tackles, swan dives, back body drops and left hooks may not be actual wrestling, but they are good clean fun. and that Is what the customers will pay to see. On The Outside - Looking In By "DUKE" The Week's 1'lrks Here's the way grid battles this week-end look (o (he writer: aw Villiam Brauchpr • Southern California's mighty football team, without Mohler will • lose a couple of games this season. The Jon.?s system centered around the little fellow. The Jones attack is built upon one nun, a ball carrier. .Mohler not. only was Ihe bill carrier bnt called the signals, aad the U. 5. C. sisnat caller nsaalh; h»s been a triple-threat mm. Mohler was one of the slip- 5* r '*»t ball carriers in Trojan history. His iiubilily to play b«a«se of spinal infants will be frit dccplf. Of COUTW, Southern California Some Kind of Record Otha Tiner, little Texas Christian quarterback, got inlo thn recent T. C. U.-Tcxas Aggies game for only three plays. On each piny h e made a score nnci yet didn't touch the ball with his hands. He kicked n field goal nnd two points after touchdown. Leads Harness Drivers Dr. H. M. Pnrshall of Urbana. 111., is the country's lending Ujhi- harness racing driver. He has lend the pack lor four years. Winner Joiiosboro Rice Birm.-Southern Brown Colgale Cornell Duke So. California Syracuse Columbia Alabama Georgia St. Mary's Texas Oklahoma Tiilahe Tennessee Stanford Michigan Northwestern K'otre Dame Army VmidcrblJl Minnesota Dartmouth Ixiscr BlythevJllo Arkaii-sas SainhTcstern Holy Cross Miss. College - Albright Kentucky California Oglechorpe Navy V. P. f. N. Y. U. Pordhani Baylor Mlssoin-l Georgia Tech Mi.'is. Aggies Wnshtugton ( Indiana Ohio State Kansas Harvard Maryland New nnuri OFTEN Tfl S1E Famed Coach Says Enthusiasm for Game Is Big Part of Success. I!V DR. J. K. "JOCK" Football Ccacii, University of Pitlsburyh Conyrlghl, 1932, MEA Service, Inc. I have been asked what Is the most important duly of a coach. The answer Is. it seems to me, (he conch's job Is nicking alert, intelligent- and ambition.? young men from among the football candidates, and placing them at the 10 Downing St., London, Ilio residence niMTtSIf MINIS- TKlt. Dice were ;is early an 2TSO li. C. Ovcut' -Wai! Chiim was I The of 20D B. 0. squaq two years, after his fresh-1 man days, and during that time' lie failed (line and again to fulfill the promise of his reputation Other;, who had started with liin. on inn freshman .squad, and who had previously had no benefit of font- ball experience, passed him in si<- cmplislunenls and development position!! best suited (o their ablll- voime ties. ' ' It was his seiHor dial, (he man suddenly regained John Caudill, Defending Champion, Meets C. L Lintzenich Sunday. \ With piny in the championship flight narrowed down to the quarter finals John Caudill. (Wending chamnion of the Blythcville country club golfers, is slnted to play C. I,. "Dutch" IJntzcnleh Sunday. Other quarter fliml matches bring together the following players: E. B. Gse vs. W. T. Barnatt, B. A: Lvncli vs. Bob Kirshner, nnd R. L. Bannister vs. Leo Lintzenich. ' Matches to be played Sunday or at least before the following Sunday In the second round play are: G. G. Caudill vs. Jeff Roland, O. M. Baxter vs. G. E. Keck. John Finley vs. Bill Affllck and TJ. S. Branson vs. George Hubbard, Third round matches on schedule are: Floyd Acton vs. Bob Barnes. C. S. Lemons vs. Frank V/hitworth, C. W. Affllck vs. C. A'. Cunningham and J. A. Leech vs. C. J. Little. There tm no set rules, and the coach finds out [he imnortant tliincs about n bov. not from n card-index of his achievements, etc. but by being s companion to him, as well as a coach. The boy who wants to play toot- ball Is the one who generally Is tile best "material." Uy that I u the young man who ronllv desires to excel has the first thing a football player needs. We have haa rrcxnnwn nt Pitt vlio knew nothing about football. All they had was Hie snark, (he wish to play and the will to win. That spark carried them to star- om. Such yount; men nrc easy to oach because they want to learn. Ir.d, Incidentally, most of them ave been good students, (he same utilities thnt won for thine on the ootball field carrying them tn Humph in the classroom. There Is another side to the Icture. That is the young man •ho is nn established star of some roportions before he reaches the nlversity. I can recall one play- r we had at Pitt. He had played football in gram- inr school. After .that he played our years in high school. Then R went to prep school where he was a star for two seasons. When c reached Pitt he was stale, over- ootballed. The game had lost for him its :ecn edge of romance. He had massed the peak of his football mbltion. • That young man- was on the Commissioner Announces New Wire CHICAGO. <UP)—As a result of a drive against defective wiring, »;hich has caused more than 100 fires In the past few> weeks in Chicago, W. A. Jackson, city commissioner of. gas nnd electrtcity, hns announced a new "bracelet wire" to replace defective and "bootleg" electric cords. The new wires have small bracelet-like safety trigs of four colors attached every five feet. A bright yellow tag- is for use on portable lamps, radio and similar iu tides. Blue labels nre for electric - toaters, percolators and Seating appliances where great flexibility is not needed. A red label indicates a heater cord for electric irons, the gold label being the same, but for the better grade, of long-life" electric irons. Brazil lends nil the nations in the number of holidays. It hns 84, and Uie United States,. with 54, is fccond. IT'S A RELIEF A man who Is wearing good clothes again, after •n unpleasant "flyer" In so-called "bargains," says: "It's a relief to me to h*n& up my coat and not worry about who sees the label." The Hart, flchaffner & Marx label In his clothes means W"*y—«nd guarantees it. New Mead Clothing Co. AMERICA HAS BEEN VOTING THIS TICKET FOR 50 YEARS This fall the Hart Schaffner & Marx Emblem wins by the greatest majority in history, because this year Hart Sclmffner & Marx give you 72 BENCH TAILORED FEATURES in suits at S24.50and$35 | NEW MEAD CLOTHING CO HOME THEATRE Friday and Saturday Adm.—Matinee and Night- 10 and 2Bc / * W d Liglitoinj «N v on the Drawl Sunday and Monday •\drti.—Matinee and Night- 10 nnd 25c When her cheating found her out...she sought to make marriage cover) her sins 1 Novelty and Comedy j some of that ambition that Imd' made him a great high school and '' lirep school player—but only after! he. had iinpr.«.<;ed with (lie fact 1 that IK; could not piny football l>v depending on fame alone. 0 • a Sometimes a player ha s a good year his first time out for the scjuad. Then, perhaps due to ove'r- confidence, he slumps in his second year nnd spends most of it on the bench. It frequently nappcns (hut suchij a fellow COIHPS back and .wins high hou;rs in his final year. The second year, spent on the bench watching his fellow players win or;] gel henLcu,' puts in n psychological lick that makes him waul to pet out there to play his best for the old squad. There have been several notable exp.'nplss of lhi s twist of huuran nature, but probably the most notable of recent years is that of Harry Newman, quarterback of Michigan. Hailed as a second Benny Friedman his first year in togs, ho saw little action last year. Bnt now T am «dvised that he is All-America caliber. Everything for Your Entertainment and Comfort RITZ THSA^R Last Time Today — "Tiger Shark" with Edward G. Rob-; insoii. • I Saturday Onlv Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 25e See '•• Toni Mix (And Tony) in 'Fourth Horseman' Serial and Cartoon. Sunday and Monrlav Adm.—Matinee and Night— 10 and 40c °l or ' mis romance that touch your heart! fREDPJC MARCH LESLIE HOWARD Paramount News and Comedy. SATURDAY AND MONDAY Good HercEiandise Reasonably Priced !>ink ami 151.R., 27 inches wide Yard s Ravon Sox, Mens Wide Belts Pair 5c >^———^ 25c and 49c Liiilics I'olu or Fur Trimmert Coats. Hi/f= 1-1 to 50 $4.95 Ladies' Knit Dresses 98c I tfinip DrAQQoc ivint H ° use procks - ^K ^^-^, LGUfiU \*\ COO CO BuarantMd fust colors Ladies' Hats a^^^KHansBHHom Slips, Bloomers Ail new styles, mostly with Veils JJnicnsiiits Bias cut Slips, Rayon Bloomers and Undies Ladies fu!) fashioned, pure thread silk hose, Chiffon or Sen-ice Weight, first quality. Pair Children's button waist Unionsuits 98c 25c 49c 39c Unionsuits For r,utlies, heavy quality. Each For Men, heavy ribbed quality 69c .'Tenderness nnd tears in Norms Shearer's romnn- triumph! shirts, Shorts For Men and Young Men. Each Double Ringer Covert Cloth 1 fclf* Work Pants Men's quaiity Work Pants, several patterns 98c Drgsj^Pants Suits "-• 22 inch $1.95 And Overcoats for Men and Young Men Top value at S22.50. Now Sweaters Fur Men and lloys, large assortment Priced up from Riding Breeches For Men, Whipcord $1.45 Leather Boots For Men, guaranteed $3.95 Boys' Boots Leather, same as mcns $2.95 CRAND PHONE 220

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