The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey on August 29, 1935 · 13
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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey · 13

New Brunswick, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 29, 1935
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r THE DAILY HOME NEWS, NEW BRUNSWICK, N. J., THURSDAY, AUGUST 29, 1935. PAGE THIRTEEN ANNUAL PLAYGROUND FIELD DAY ATTRACTS 2,100 CITY CHILDREN Continued from Page One MARCHING TO AN INEVITABLE CONFLICT? tainment wa furnished by the children under the supervision of their Instructors. "Cinderella" Presented A play, "Cinderella," was given by the children of the Buccleuch Park playground under Miss Helen Kelly. The role of Cinderella was portrayed by Dorothy Williams. Other characters were the Prince, Peggy Slnnolt; stepmother, Marcy McKeon; step-sisters, Mary Hussey and Catherine Meyers; Courtier, Robert McKeon; coachman, Robert McManus; flower girl. Jean Kane; bridesmaids, Elsie Magyar and Ruth McNally; minister, Jane Cahill, and the little girl, Claire McManus. A song and dance act, "Little Dutch Mill," was presented by four children of the Throop avenue playground under the direction of Miss Stella Thompson. Those taking part were Josephine Gravlno. Lois Croken, Evelyn Laurie and Lillian Arcadia. Another act was also given by Joseph Gra-vino and Evelyn Laurie of the eame park, and an acrobatic dance, which received much applause, was presented by Lois Croken. A group from the Codwlse avenue Park presented "The Sleeping Beauty." The cast of characters in the performance Included the following: The king, Margaret Clark; queen, Catherine Formlck; prince, Angelina Cal-apa; princess, Irene George; court attendants. Theresa Van Liew, Roselyn Calapa and Josephine Francis; wicked fairy, Goldie George; good fairy, Betty McCaf-fery; fairies, Claire McClosky, Margaret Forte and Helen Mo-Caffery; the Duke of Burgundy, Elaine Ridgway, and the page, Dorothy McCaffery. A team composed of the 16-year-old champion players from the Throop avenue playground emerged victorious from a Softball game with an all-star team from other parks by a score of 11 to 4. Boys' Band Plays The St. Mary's Boys' Band, composed of 70 young musicians, under the direction of Manlo Pa- lombl, presented a concert of marches and classical numbers The next number on the program, the athletic events, drew hundreds of entrants all eager to win prizes, In the boys' and girls' sections the youngsters were divided into three classes. The winners in the girls' events were: Midgets, peanut scramble, Grace Previte, Throop avenue; four-legged race, Helen Cathcart, Buccleuch Park, and 25-yard dash, Catherine Harrison, Bur net street. Mary Hill of Buccleuch Park took both the peanut scramble and the hopping race In the inter mediate class. In the senior class, Theresa Rey nolds won the peanut scramble; Helen Vlachos the 60-yard dash. Both girls were from the Throop avenue park. Winners in the boys' events were as follows: Midgets Peanut scramble, Santo Marino, BuCcleuch Park; four legged race, John East, Throop avenue, and 30-yard dash, John East, Throop avenue. Intermediates Peanut scramble, John Grosso, Throop avenue; hopping race, Anthony Damocl, Buccleuch, and 50-yard dash, Peter Kavelina, Throop avenue. Senior Peanut scramble, Harry East, Throop avenue, and goal shooting contest, Richard Kelly, Buccleuch Park. Hoffman Gives Awards In presenting the awards for the athletic contests, Commissioner Samuel D. Hoffman, under whose direction the field day was organized, expressed the hope that everyone was having a pleasant time and said "The playgrounds of this city belong to the boys and girls. They should use them to benefit themselves physically and mentally." Commissioner Hoffman expressed the hope that next year a larger and better program might be arranged and more instructors enlisted. He also called upon the children to applaud the efforts of William Beck, supervisor of playgrounds, Arthur Lynch, director of recrea tion activities In this city and Highland Park, and the St Mary's Boys' Band, through whose efforts the day proved a success. The children then were given Ice cream supplied by the city. Art Work Exhibited During the afternoon the art work made by the children of the Burnet street, Throop avenue, Cod wlse avenue, Buccleuch Park and Jersey avenue playgrounds was exhibited in the rooms of the Buccleuch Mansion. The exhibit in cluded basketwork, bureau scarfs, centerpieces, doilies, napkins, baby's bibs, handkerchief sets, pillows, aprons, tea sets, caned stools and flower stands. Following the finals of the Com' mlssloner Hoffman softball tourna ment, won by the Cardinals, troph ies were presented to the victorious team and the runners-up by Com missioner Hoffman. He eongratu lated all teams on the fine spirit and comradeship exhibited through- out the entire tournament, saying that such was true American citi zenshlp. The commissioner also lauded James Neilson, who was present, for giving much of his time in the In terest of the people of this city and . lor donating funds for various worthy causes. The activities of the day closed with a concert by the Middlesex County Recreation Concert Band, The meeting of the "Playground Founders" scheduled to take place last night was postponed until after Labor Day. 4 r fir. V 17 ".lT"-'i $ X lie . k. -I 1 V fCw,,y.l- S(" v Ij'-N If?' X'"'' - Italian and Ethiopian soldiers are being concentrated by the hundreds of thousands for what seems an Inevitable war. Here are typical detachments of fighters, Italians (above) and Ethiopians (bejow). The Italian men were photographed as they marched aboard transports at Naples, part of an outfit of 2,000 that sailed together. The Ethiopians are part of forces raised by General Mikael as they marched Into Addle Ababa to offer their aid to Emperor Halle Selassie. (Associated Press Photos) PLANS U.S. APPEAL FOR HAUPTMANN fisher to Carry Case to Federal Court if State Appeal Is Denied HOLLYWOOD. Calif, Aug. 29. W) C. Lloyd Fisher, attorney for Bruno Richard Hauptmann, may go into Federal Court in New Jersey in an effort to save the alleged Lind bergh baby kidnaper from execution. Fisher, here in connection with the case, said he will carry Haupt- mann's legal fight into the Federal Court if an appeal now before the state courts in New Jersey is denied. The pending appeal is based on assignments of error in the conduct of the carpenter's trial last year. Plans for the new appeal are based on purported new evidence Fisher claims to have unearthed since he took charge of Haupt-mann's defense, replacing the trial attorney, Edward J. Rellly. Fisher would not disclose the na ture of the "new evidence," but in dicated it would include a contention that the body of the baby found near the Lindbergh estate near Hopewell was not that of the flier's child. Fisher has been conferring here with Mrs. Emma Gloeckner, sister of Hauptmann, and her attorney, Vincent Marco. SMALL SISTERS ADMIT KIDNAPING TALE HOAX LOUISVILLE, Ky, Aug. 29. OP) Under police questioning, Catherine North, 13, and her sister. Mildred, 10, admitted early today that their story of having been kidnaped by-three Negroes was untrue. Their sister, Adeline, 8. started a widespread police hunt last night when she tearfully reported to her mother that the two girls had been seized and carried away by Negroes in an automobile. The three sisters had been given a dollar and sent to a grocery to buy a broom. Mildred and Catherine, after an hour and a half of coaxing by county patrolmen, said they had spent the money and gone to a park to spend the night They came home when it got cold. No Cooking! OVEN-CRISP. Ready to wire. LV Iicious any time of day. Save time, work and money with the world's most popular ready-to-eat cereal. Quality guaranteed. Kl!&y$f FOR COMFORT CORN FLAKES Z is CAROLE LIKES SAPPHIRES HOLLYWOOD OP) Carole Lombard's passion is star sapphires. In addition to the huge one she wears on her middle finger, she has innumerable pins, clips and other jewelry set with the same stone. PARK GIRL WILL MAKE AIR DEBUT SATURDAY Edythe Wright of Cedar avenue, Highland Park, who was recently chosen from 500 girls as vocalist for Frank Dailey's Orchestra, will make her network debut over the Columbia Broadcasting System Saturday afternoon at 5:15 o'clock. The 19-year-old singer, whose rise to prominence as a vocalist with well-known orchestras has been rapid, will be featured each day with Dailey's orchestra at the Meadow-brook in Cedar Grove starting Saturday. The Daily unit completed a successful two-week stay at the As-bury Park Casino this week. Programs from the Meadowbrook will be broadcast regularly during the week over WABC-CBS. LET KIDNEYS FLUSH OUT 3 LBS. A DAY Clean Out IS Mile of Kidney Tubes Nature put over 15 miles of tiny tubes and filters in your kidneys to strain the waste matter out of the blood. Kidneys should pass 3 pints a day and so get rid of more than 3 pounds of waste matter. When the passing of water Is scanty, with smarting and burning, the 15 miles of kidney tubes may need flushing out. This danger signal may be the beginning of nagging backache, leg pains, loss of pep and energy, getting up nights, swelling, puffiness under the eyes and dizziness. If kidneys don't empty 3 pints a day and so get rid of more than 3 pounds of waste matter, your body may take up some of these poisons causing serious trouble. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Doan's Pills, which have been used successfully by millions of people for over 40 years. They grive happy relief and help the kidneys to flush out 3 pounds a day. Insist on Doan's Pills. t , L. M. RATLIFF OPTOMETRIST "' Eyes Examined Glasses Fitted 336 George St. Phone 1391 fiaWfiS GROCERIES-Tel. N. B. 979 FREE DELIVERY MEATS-Telephone N. B. 5346 yEGETABLES-Telephone N. B. 5621 FREE DELIVERY M 3 1 Meat, Fruit, Vegetable, Grocery, Dairy & Provision Market fOMF visit tte drawinS for tIie firsl Ton f Coal or the first 100 Gallons of Fuel Oil to be given away by the Van Dyk Market on Tuesday afternoon, September 3, 3 P. M. The winning number will be published in next week's ad and elsewhere in The Daily Home News. Dairy and Grocery CREAMED COTTAGE CHEESE 2 lbs- 17c Beady to Serve BORDEN'S CHATTEAU CHEESE jg-pkgs. lb. Fkg. It Spreads or Slices LOOSE PEANUT BUTTER Ground Fresh Daily El VAN DYK'S JAY VAN COFFEE 17c lb- 8 lbs. 33c Ground Fresh Made by the Makers of Crisco PRIMEX 2 lbs 33c For Frying and Shortening TENDER LEAF TEA O. Pekoe, 7 oz 29c O. Pekoe, 3V2 oz 15c 20 Tea Balls, 13-5 oz. 21c MICKEY MOUSE SPOON FREE 2 Post Toasties 18c 1 Silverplate Spoon 35c Total Value 53c All for 17c Labor Day Week-end Specials FANCY LONG ISLAND FRESH KILLED lb. U. S. CHOICE GRADED CHUCK ROAST . . . . ROLLED FORELEG ib. GENUINE SPRING VAN DYK FAMOUS HAMBURGER 15c, 2 Is. Fruit and Vegetable NEW POTATOES 23c 25 lb. Basket No. 1 Best Grade LIMA BEANS 4lbs'2Sc SWIFT'S BEST SUGAR CURED SMOKED CALI HAMS lb. FRESH KILLED JERSEY IT 1 J Loins Fork ft. Full Pods Jersey CANTALOUPES 6for2Sc Large Size BANANAS 1C doz- Special Frankfurters 22c lb. Bologna 12c V2 lb. Liverwurst 14c V2 lb-Tongue Loaf . . . 15c lb. Rib Lamb Chops . . . 22c lb. Sirloin Steak 25c lb. Porterhouse Steak .35c lb. Spiced Ham .... 15c 4 H SUNKIST ORANGES 16 f01 25c Thin Skin, Full of Juice Jersey Jersey BEETS CARROTS 4 Bunches 4 Bunches for 10c for 10c Jersey SWEET POTATOES Special With the hundreds of used cars being traded in on new models, with Labor Day just ahead, with thousands of miles of new paved roads to Nature's beauty and historic spots, why sit at home or w hy drive a car that is uncertain? Remember, these "trade ins" are rebuilt and you can "trade in" as a down payment against one. Why spend more fixing up an old car? Consult the Used Car Ads on the Classified Page and Buy Yourself a New Used Car at This City-Wide LABOR DAY USED CAR SALE The Following Dealers Ads Will Be Found on the Classified Page J. ARTHUR APPLEGATE, 316 Burnet Street. I BRUNO'S GARAGE, 222 Sand- ford Street ARMSTRONG SALES CO., 54 Main Street, South River. GARRETSON COMPANY, 300 Raritan Avenue. DE ANGELIS BROS., Between 4th and Sth and Raritan Ave. ELLIS AUTO CO., Inc., 6th and Raritan Avenue. D0RSEY MOTORS, Inc., 270-290 New Brunswick Avenue, Perth Amboy. W. E. MOUNT & SONS, Inc., 99 Albany Street QUALITY MOTOR SALES, 57 Albany Street RUTGERS CHEVROLET, 5th and Raritan Avenues. FRANK VAN SYCKLE, 438 Raritan Avenue. G. H. GILBERT, 127 Raritan Avenue. PRICE BROS., Corner Broad and Kinney, Newark. C. W. THOMAS, 228 W. Union Avenue, Bound Brook. SOMERSET BU1CK CO., Union Avenue and Highland Place, Bound Brook. TH0MAS0N MOTORS, 400 Main Street, Metuchen. VAN LIEW MOTOR SALES, Inc. Jamesburg, N. J. W. F. HUNN, South River and Spotswood. The Automobile Dealers listed above are Ad vertising Labor Day Specials in the Classified Used Car Columns of todays Daily Home JSeivs. Turn there NOW. Jersey STRINGLESS BEANS 2 Ibs 15c Young and Tender Rolled Rib Roast (boneless) . 29c lb. i Wew Brunswick. New fcrsej '-J r- r-i r- rJ rJ rJ rJ rJ rJ rJ rJ nJ rJ rJ nJ rJ nJ r-i rJ rJ rJ rJ r-i rJ rJ rJ rJ r ' r-i rJ rJ rJ rJ rJ rJ rJ r r-

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