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The Central New Jersey Home News from New Brunswick, New Jersey • Page 1

New Brunswick, New Jersey
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Daily The Weather Tartly cloudy, not cold, followed by rain or mow. TEMPERATL'RE: I 8 I fl I0 11 I 12 I 1 2 IB I 16 I 22 I 26 1 .10 ,12 I 82 I 32 I 32 Yesterday: Max. 38, Mln. 20 ome Late City Edition I. i For a Q'rcaiar flew MrunswicA Founded in 1878.

NEW BRUNSWICK, N. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, FEBRUARY 16, 1938. 16 Pages Three Cent nn Sews Face Life Imprisonment Life Terms Given Girls N.J. C. Girls Oppose Boycott Of Japanese Goods, 63 to 50 Rutgers and J.

C. Professors Debate Wisdom of Move; Proponents Claim Shift to Lisle Would Mean More Jobs; Others Say Boycott Ineffective 2,000 Nazis Freed As Austria Yields To Hitler Control 1938 PARK BUDGET, WITH 20-POINT TAX INCREASE, ADOPTED No Opposition to Budget Setting 5.25 Rate; School Costs Up Sharply PAVING OF STREETS In Slaying Boycott or Japanese goods was Jury's First Degree Murder opposed last nisht at a meeting at New Jersey College for Women by a vote of 63 to 50. The vote whs taken at a program presented by Verdict Is Tempered by converted advantageously to production of rayon and lisle products. "An extension of an Idea we practice every way in buying" was how Dr. Sundcrson referred to the boycott, adding that it was not The boycott, as he conceived it.

was a voluntary one of consum AGAIN CONSIDERED Mercy Recommendation iVeic Circuit Jiulgc For County Bench PANEL DELIBERATED ers, not coerced by the government or organizations. Ho considered the As was expected, the Highland Park 1938 budget showing an increase of 20 points over last year's was passed on final reading and public hearing with no opposition device a symbol about which to rally public opinion against mili 3 HOURS 44 MINUTES Counsel for Mrs. Ethel Sohl tary governments like Japan. New Nazi-dominated Cabinet Berlin's Price for Vienna Independence MONARCHISTS' HOPES OF RESTORATION DIE New Political Freedom for Nazis; Catholics and Jews Apprehensive Speaking of striking a violent last night. blow at the power of purchasing And Genevieve Owens Hie public's acceptance of the In war materials.

Dr. Sunderson said "I don't know of any single com Will Not Appeal creased figure was forecast in school election when no di.ssenti.i.j votes were cast against the in modity that wo could dispense with the American Student Union and the League of Women Voters on campus. Six students cast their vote as "undecided." Voting came after four professors of social sciences at Rutgers University and N. J. C.

had spoken pro and eon on the subject of the boycott. Those who spoke in favor of the boycott were Dr. Wllner Sundcrson. professor of public finance at Rutgers, and Dr. Francis W.

Hopkins, assistant professor of economics at N. J. C. Opposing them in the informal discussion were Dr. J.

B. Hutching, professor of economics in the field of international trade at Rutgers, and Dr. George P. Schmidt, associate professor of history at N. J.

C. Speakers in behalf of the boycott agreed that this measure would constitute an effective hindrance to Japan by limiting purchasing power of armaments and that many silk manufacturing machines could, with some effort, be as easily as silk, bcvcnty-llvc per 'V I i cent of the silk imported fion NEWARK, Feb. 16 (VP) Two young women convicted of slaying Japan is used for stockings." (Most of the N. J. C.

girls attending wore a. us driver in a $2.10 holdup were cntunced today to spend the rest silk stockings). Would Help Labor creased school budget. At lajt night's public hearing not even visitor appeared. Residents' siicnt approval of tin budget was based upon borough council's ability" to the cost of borough government expenses and thereby pare an almost certain rise of 30 points in'thc tax rate to an increase of only 20 points.

The tax rate for this year ef their lives in prison. Dr. Sunderson predicted a period Onlv a formality inasmuch as a of transition to liHc and artificial silk with no hardship, because of jury of 12 married men last night returned 4 verdict of first degree the addpd lahor needed to produce murder with a recommendation for lii-le. especially net lisle. mercy making life imprisonmsnt Supporting the previous speaker's mandatory the sentencing tooi is 5.25 as compared to 5.05 for last Genevieve Owens, 18, (In front) and Mrs.

Ethel 'Bunny Sohl, 20, (rear), who were comlcted of first degree murder in the fatal shooting of a bus driver during a hold-up. They face life imprisonment on the jury's recommendation of mercy. less than 10 minutes. Continued on Page Six year. The greater increase was antici As Mis.

Ethel "Bunny" Sohl, 20- year-old policeman's daughter, and Ueievieve Owens. 18. stood wi'h p'ated because borough school costs went up 20 points with restoration bowed heads, Judge Daniel J. of teachers' pay cuts and a predict nan repeated the jury's verdict i. WALLACE LEY DEN Pollution, Utility Tax ed rise of 10 points in the coui.ty VIENNA, Feb.

18 W-More than 2.000 amnestied Nazi convicts began leaving Austrian prisons and centration camps today as a reorganized cabinet with Nazi influence in a powerful role assumed contiol of tho republic's destinies Their release was one of the first results of the sweeping governmental changes wrought by Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg at the behest of the leaders of Austria's powerful northern and southern neighbors, Reichsfuehrer Hitler and Premier Mussolini. Some circles spoke of Austria as the puppet of the two totalitarian leaders as the new cabinet, containing a close friend of Hitler, two men avowedly friendly to Nazi Germany and two nationalists, came into power. The changes resulted from Saturday's Berchtesgaden meeting of tho German and Austrian chancellors Then he added: budget. "Therefore the sentence of the Claims Municipal Heads 'Crawling' on Tax Rate The total amount to be raised by court is that you be sentenced l.i LEYDEN TO TAKE hard labor in prison for your nat taxation is J198.707.88 as compared to $483,324.54 for last year and $516,348.76 in 1936, when the tax ural lives." Problems for Mayors i Eoth girls were pale and nervouj. BARBOUR'S PLACE rate was 5.72.

The mannish "Bunny soboel ine jJ8 total is made ur as "Jenny" kept licking her lips. Both follows (all figures arc estimates Daly Urges Freeholders to Return Hospitalization Costs held handkerchiefs to their faces, followed byl1936 actual amounts in Watson Warns Industrial Municipal Heads Ask Moore Genevieve held Ethel's arm, New Circuit Court Judge parenthesis): state school tax Patrolman and Mrs. Frank To Veto Franchise Dis To Municipalities to End Complaints About County Rate Being Responsible (or High Local Taxes $27,123.50 state t-oldiers Strouse, parents of Mrs. Sohl, wet Waste in Raritan Must Be Controlled bonus tax $1,876.50 Will Be Sworn by Bodine Tomorrow tribution Bills county tax $101,650 ($92,314.08) district school ($196, in the courtroom, their eyes ltd from weeping. A nurse accompanied Mrs.

Sttouse, who was unable to lie present for the final day of trial e-Uerday. Mrs. Marie Rammcia, and the advice of the Italian prem municipal officials arc 878.84); local purpose tax ier. By these changes Austria was rep SAYS CORRECTION 187.75 Judge J. Wallace Lcyden of ance of Judge Lyon that he would cooperate wholeheartedly with the board," said Kalteissen.

He said the judge had advised him that the Declaring attempting charge the with being OPPOSE INCREASE IN RELIEF LOADS At the short session presided over to "crawl out" and Board of Freeholders responsible for their E'hel's grandmother, also was pres resented as having bought "internal Bergen County, who will replait? WILL BE DIFFICULT by Mayor Russell B. Howell a prop ent today peace and amity abroad the ai- As sooit as the sentence was proval and support of two powerful neighbors and promises of now posed, I he girls were led quickly osition made by the Board of Free holders to assume the major burden of paving Harrison and Cleve Unless the industrial pollution guarantees of her independence. Xro.n the courtroom. They will Circuit Court Judge John C. Barbour of Passaic County as presiding Circuit Court judge in Middlesex County, will be administered the oath of office tomorrow morning by Supreme Justico Jo high tax rates, Anthony F.

Daly of 171 Ward street urged the freeholders yesterday to "put the blame where it belongs" by cutting out the appropriation of $120,000 for The five years of strife, trerorisni, confined here for 48 hours, then will be taken first to Trenton land avenues was once again considered. It appeared the council is of the Haritan River Is reasonably controlled, these monies which municipalities have spent and will The Mayors' Association voted last night to urge Governor A. Harry Moore to veto the gross receipts and franchise bills which passed the Legislature Monday night, opposed increased cost of re propaganda and sabotage for which the amnestied Nazis had been sen Prison and later will be transferred seph L. Bodine at Haekensack. fenced were considered at an end, cotjnty hospitalization.

to the women's prison at Clinton. with their offenses excused over The Board of Freeholders is tak It was learned today that follow spend will be largely wasted," Russell E. Watson, assistant attorney Both girls wept as the foreman, Zoltan Zilahy, 28, of Nutley, an ing the elevation of Lcyden to the lief to municipalities and author night and new peace between Austrian factions in prospect, board should consider his order on salary increases of probation officers rescinded. The freeholders announced the passage of several resolutions at a special meeting called Monday at the suggestion of State Auditor Walter R. Darby, providing for the financing of penalties on unpaid state in the amount of The freeholders will ask Darby for permission to set up an appropriation In the budget for this amount and to offset it as an anticipated revenue.

The freeholders al will ask permission to set up $35,797.01 as a non-eash surplus, representitg county deposits in closed banks. Circuit Coftrt bench announcement nounced the conviction and the general assigned to the State De ing over too many functions that belong to the municipalities and it has resulted In sending Up the county tax rate," said Daly. "There is no recommendation for mercy, calling ized local studies of Works Progress Administration activities. The mayors were shocked when partment of Health, told members will be made of his assignment to Middlesex. Judge Barbour will Monarchists' Hopes Dashed The change also was considered for life imprisonment at hard labor.

ready to go along with the county body in the project, although fUitil ratification has not yet been given. May Repave Streets The Board of Freeholders would contribute $8,500 toward the repaying of each of the streets if the Park governing body will supply the remainder or $1,200 each for the two avenues. The work would be done as a WPA project and money for the undertaking could be appropriated from an allocation set aside in the Without the, recommendation, the to have dashed hopes of tho mon of the Mayor's Association of Middlesex County last night at tH3 Packer House in Perth Amboy. law which requires the Board of Freeholders to support the hospitals they were advised by Mayor Edward J. Patten of Perth Amboy, assigned to the Bergen circuit, over which Judge Edwin C.

Caffrcy has presided for nine years. death penalty would have been archists for a restoration of the mandatory. house of Hapsburg to the Austrian Watson informed members of tlio of the county and I would suggest that you cut the appropriations of host of the mayors at the Packer House, that orders had been issued Judge Caffrcy will take over tne A juror said that during their throne. association that correction of industrial pollution will be difficult Essex circuit vacated by the eleva Some sources set as high as 3.000 at Washington for the dropping of each of the local hospitals to $5,000, Perth Amboy to $8,000 and South deliberation of three hours and 44 minutes two polls previous to the unanimous one were: six for the the number affected by the amnesty. all persons from the WPA rolls cauce of the scientific and legal tion of Judge Newton H.

Porter to the Supreme Court. Justice Porter has been assigned to the first dis Amboy to $5,000." proolems it presents. who cannot pass an examination for private employment. "You will then have $100,000 left including those convicted or facing sentences for illegal activity as members of the Nazi party. death penalty, six for life imprison.

Duaget to cover tne Park spon The association passed a resolu trict, comprising Atlantic, Cape and you can apply this to reduce 'In other words," said Patten, ment: two for death and 10 for sor share in any such enterprise. tion at the conclusion of Watson a May, Cumberland and Salem. It Some of those amnestied were in life. If the proposition is accepted by cnarks commending the State De "they are going to drop the but they haven't told us what was recently vacatea ny Justice The court, bound by law to carry volved in the Socialist uprising of February, 1934, and the subsequent partment of Health "for its effons to enforce the law respecting the the borough the two streets will be paved with macadam from River road to Second avenue and from out the jury verdict in imposing Another item requested to be set up as a non-cash surplus is to cover items of vocational schools and industrial commission. Kalteissen explained the freeholders conferred with Darby in regard to the items and suggested that resolutions be passed requesting permission for the inclusion in the current budget.

The adoption of the budget, it was explained by Kalteissen. will be I Ralph Donges. who succeeded Justice Frank Lloyd in the second, composed of Camden and Gloucester Counties. sentence, thanked the 12 men for a "Must decision on the facts of the we are to do with tnem. rncy say in Washington that it's a social problem that must be solved by the municipalities." Madison avenue to Mill Brook, pollution of the Raritan River and is urged to complete its program for the purification thereof by the con the county tax rate.

The municipalities will not then have any complaint about the county tax rate being responsible for their high local rates. "Here in a chance to put the blame where it belongs. The municipalities would then have to support the hospitals. The hospitals could then bill the municipalities case." Kay Wilson, Dorough engineer, Patten declared it was the aim Judge Leyden has been invited by trol of industrial pollution as soon as possible." reported on the freeholders' oiler in the light of his investigations of Tall, broad-shouldered Patrolman Frank Strouse, who had taken the of the Federal administration to Judge Barbour to accompany him cut the WPA rolls 25 per cent A committee consisting of rep witness stand to bolster the de to this city Friday, when motions will be heard in Circuit Court mat the advantages which would accrue to the Park and suggested the ven through reduction to employables resentatives of each municipality bordering on the Raritan River was held in abeyance until approval is ture would be a worthwhile one, fense of his daughter, Ethel, that she was "insane" from smoking the narcotic marihuana, wept at the ters. It is expected that he will be introduced to members of the Mid for their free-patient days and the municipalities in turn could apply received from Darby and the reac Acceptance of this course will end tion of the county employes to the to the state for inclusion of the named lo wait upon the State Department of Health at its next meeting on March 8.

to express the views verdict. dlesex Qounty Bar at the close of the court session. requested waivers is obtained. items their relief costs, lust as what has been a sore spot among residents of the involved area for many months. They have com abortive Nazi putsch in hich Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss was murdered.

Throughout the current crisis Austrian organs of information have stressed ironically, in the light of events that today's government changes would not deviate from the revered and often mentioned "Dollfus way." Most striking development was the admission into the cabinet of Hitler's personal friend, Arthur Seysz-Inquart, pro-Nazi Nationalist, as minister of Interior with jurisdiction over police. This was the price for preservation of Austrian independence. One result was announcement that membership in the Fatherland Front Austria's only legal political party closed November 1, 1937, would temporarily bt re- Mrs. Diane Koval, sister of Gene of the association on the subject oi industrial pollution of the river. rhe resolution also extended to plained to the council on numerous occasions about the condition of the streets, but the governing body has been unable to act because of who are temporarily out of steady private employment.

"I don't know what wc are going to do with the poor fellows in Perth Amboy who are to be dropped," said Patten. "We have any number of one-armed men, one-legged men. fellows with bum hearts and others working on WPA jobs as watchmen and similar positions. They are to be dropped and employables are to be given their jobs." Patten further pointed out that no new assignments are to be made by the WPA. He asked what the the State Department of Health its vieve and ber only relative in the court room when the jury returned at 7:10 p.

screamed wildly and was escorted outside. Blamed 'Reefer Cigarettes During the eight-day trial Mrs. support and cooperation in its ef forts to control industrial pollu the attendant expenditure. Rest tion. dents were told the streets could Mayor Edward J.

Patten, who YOUNG PLANS BILL TO GET POLL BOOKS Drafts Legislation Giving State Police Power of Forceful Entry Sohl admitted stealing an automo- be paved only by individual assess bile and staging three stickups, but presided at the meeting, in intrc- ment. Since one or two residents ducing Watson, spoke of the re rontended "reefer" cigarettes ren own long stretches along the thor markable improvement since tiie they are doing in Jersey City, Newark and other large municipalities." Would Use Gas Tax Daly said it wouldn't be a bad idea to take some of the gasoline tax and apply it to the care of hospital patients. "Motorists are to blame," he said, "for many free-patient days in the hospitals because of their reckless driving and I don't see why some of the gasoline tax shouldn't be allocated to supporting the hospitals in caring for accident victims, "You can hear in your travels about the county of municipal officials bragging about the high county taxes as the cause of high local taxes. I want to say now that the county is not responsible for many high local taxes. The municipal offi oughfares it seemed hardly likely such an alternative would ever WINTER SALE DAYS WILL BEGIN FRIDAY Merchants Expect Crowds Of Shoppers at Raritan Valley Event The two biggest sale days of tl winter season Raritan Valley Days which will be by merchants throughout the city Friday and Saturday, are also expected to be the two biggest business days experienced by the city's business Continued on Page Six' Continued on Page Six Continued on Page Six tiered her unable to tell right from wrong.

In the final holdup, on December 21, she confessed stopping a bus in suburban Belleville, killing the driver, William Barhorst, 34, with a sawed-off .22 caliber rifle, and flee The next meeting of the council will be held next Monday evening, NEWARK. Feb. 16 (IP) The News Items in Brief Young investigating committee an ing with the $2.10 in his change What Is Your News I. nounced today it would seek pass carrier. Be a Detective William Sohl.

23. an inmate of Rahwav reformatory who testified he introduced marihuana to his boy. age of two legislative measures to enable it to obtain Hudson election records one designed to swing into action, "using force If necessary," the state constabulary whose aid was refused a second time yester ish and athletic wife, was not in cials are responsible and they shouldn't attempt to pass the blame court when the jury returned. to the county." men since the beginning of 193S. Daly declared the freeholders Bad Weather Halts Rescue of Scientists MOSCOW, Feb.

16 IIP) Bad weather in the neighborhood of the drifting ice floe camp of four stranded Russian scientists today delayed attempts of airplanes to fly to the floe from nearby rescue ships. Thick ice kept the ships the icebreaker Murman 12 miles away and the icebreaker Taimyr, about the Senate Refuses to Limit Anti-Lynching Debate WASHINGTON, Feb. 16.M The Senate rejected today a motion for limiting debate on the anti-lynch-ing bill. The vote was 46 against to 42 for the debate limitation, which under Senate rules required a two-third favorable vote. Defeat of the motion left unchanged the status of the filibuster against the measure, now entering its 28th day.

Black-haired Genevieve admitted accompanying Ethel on the three holdups. She declared, however, that she did not get out of their car. The law held her equally re must obtain their tax levy on real estate and today 75 per cent is col Duke Atwood, the Ridge City Panthers' star right-hander, shut out the visiting Mill Center Beavers on June 2, 1934, and then had an argument with his wife over her friendliness for Stephen Dawes, a member of their bridge club. A month later Duke won the fourth game of the series for the lected in that manner. The freeholders can't pass ordin sponsible as an "aider and abetter.

Counsel for both defendants asked si 1 ryrrj towwm Til ances to collect revenues other than on real estate," he added. "The freeholders "cannot collect license same distance from reaching the for acquittal. Prosecutor William A. Wachen-fcld, prematurely gray and a vet Panthers in the Beavers' park, floe. fees from saloons.

They must depend solely on real estate." eran of many murder trials, asked the jury for a "verdict on the law Daly's remarks were made at a On Aug. 2 Duke was sold to the Larks and the week following a line drive broke his pitching hand and he was retired for the rest of the season. meeting of the freeholders called for the sole purpose of passing on in accordance with the dictates of your conscience." On the opening Social SccuriW Paid To 76,775 Since Start WASHINGTON, Feb. 16 (IV) The day. The chairman of the Republican-controlled committee, Henry Young Jr.

of Essex, said he was convinced the basis of the attorney general's advice to State Police Superintendent Mark O. Kimberling was that the police lacked power to use force in entering a public place. The committee first "requested," then "ordered" Kimberling to assist it in getting records from a sealed and locked vault where Hudson County police stood guard. Young said the bill would en-largo powers of the state police, specifically authorizing use of force at direction of a legislative committee. Another bill, he said, would give any person having knowledge of how to obtain public records the power to produce them on an order from an investigating committee.

Such a measure would permit day of trial he demanded that both the county budget but RCtion as deferred to permit further study. Each question counts 20; each part of a two-part question, 10. A score of 60 is fair; 80 zood. gil ls be put to death Social Security Board reported today that $2,023,207 had been certi Director Klemmer Kalteissen After two and one-half hours of deliberation the jurors returned to fied for payment to 76,775 claimants Herbert Fixler, chairman of the Raritan Valley Days committee of the retail division of the Chamber of Commerce, declared this morning that the merchants are looking forward to huge crowds and are making ample preparations to meet their demands, Raritan Valley Days have two specific purposes, the chairman said. The first Is to offer enticing bargains so that shoppers from all sections of Middlesex and Somerset counties will visit New Brunswick to do their buying.

Secondly, through the creation of a large turnover, the merchants can clear their shelves of winter goods and prepare for the sprin season, soon to begin. The sale days are expected to end the usual mid-winted business recession, and start the wheels moving for a greater spring buying season. Businessmen arc now engaged in preparing their stocks for the sale, marking down prices and paving the way for big stock clearances. Tomorrow's tesue of The Daily Home News will carry advertisements of the values to be offered the shopping public. Bandits Get $10,000 At rhilmont, N.

V. Bank r-HILMONT, N. Feb. 16. OP) Two robbers held up four employes of the Philmont National Bank in this Columbia County village today, locked them in the vault and escaped with cash estimated by bank officials at $10,000.

Charles Tracy, 79, cashier of the bank, said he and three other employes, including a woman, released themselves about ten minutes after the holdup. since the government's old age In ask the court if four marihuana cigarettes exhibited by Mrs. Sohl's pointed out he had referred in one of his annual messages to the mounting costs of certain functions of government which rightly belong to the municipalities. Muni attorney were made evidence. Brcn nan told them they were not cvi dence because they were "improp cipalities, he continued, cannot ex surance program became effective in January, 1937.

In January this year the board certified $745,691 for payment to 23.538 claimants workers who reached the age of 65 or the estates of persons who died. This was an average of 942 for each working day of the month. The following spring he won only two games for the Larks in the first two months of the season and was released. He dropped out of baseball in 1936, but staged a comeback the next spring. He signed with the Eagles and won his first seven starts for them.

Then he was sold to the Bisons early in June. On his way to join his new club, Duke, stopped off in Chicago and watched the Cubs play. That night he was injured fatally in a taxicab crash. The widow produced a will dated at Ridge City, July 2, 1934. The document had been witnessed by Dawc3 and bequeathed Duke's estate t6 his widow.

But the probate court discovered It was a forgery. How did the court know the will was not genuine? Solution on Page Two Alice Seglie, aide of the Hudson commissioner of permanent registration, to open the vault. Answers on page 2. 1. This picture was snapped at one of the most tumultuous conferences Washington has seen.

What was the conference? Did it oppose a number of New Deal activities? 2. Although accidental deaths as a whole decreased last year, said the National Safety Council, total traffic deaths increased. True or false? 3. What new title has Gen-cialissimo Franco, Spanish insurgent's leader, assumed? 4. Is Countess Geraldine Ap-ponyi, whose mother was an American, to be queen of (a) Bulgaria, (b) Albania, or (c) Turkestan? Who is the 5.

What section cf the fourteenth amendment did Justice Black say should apply only to persons, not corporations? Seek Explanation of Pennsylvania L'nable To Enforce Labor Law iIARRISBl'RG. Pa, Feb. 16 (IV An injunction restraining the sUlo of Pennsylvania from enforcing Its new 44-hour work week law was granted today by Dauphin County Oklahon.Vs Pensions. pect the county to take over some of their burdens and at the same time keep down the tax rate. Freeholder Henry C.

Berg, chairman of the finance and administration committee, announced the freeholders were working on a statement which will soon be published showing what the county is paying for municipal functions. "I can assure you that it will contain revelations." he added. Kalteissen said the heads of the county departments were being contacted in regard to the proposed salary increases and expressed confidence that the cooperation of every employe would be obtained in waiving the scheduled" adjustments. WASHINGTON, Feb. 16 (IV) The er." Widow Not Present Earhorst's widow, Theresa, who became hysterical several times during the trial, did not wait for the verdict.

She had wept as Wacti-rnfeld said her husband was killed "in cold blood and left a wife and two' kids without a breadwinner." The prosecutor asked the jury to ''keep New Jersey justice unsullied" by disallowing the "fantastic defense of marihuana." He denied Mrs. Sohl ever smoked "rccfar" rigarettcs. and charged no one but her attorney "would say she was Insane." The lawyer, Gerald McLaughlin, had challenged the prosecutor's office "to do something about mari- Court. CHIMNEY FIRE A chimney fire at the home of Ernest Csobar of 255 Baldwin street called Engine Company No. 1 at 7:05 a.

m. today. There was no damage. Social Security Board wants Oklahoma to explain why so many of its aged residents arc drawing Federal-state pensions. The law.

enacted by the 1937 Legislature, was effective as of last December 1. Enforcement was oo- NO ONE Hl'RT IN CRASH No one was injured yesterday when automobiles operated by Woodrow Clark of Main street, Ppotswood. and Jerome Fcrreri of Unless the state gives a satisfac tory explanation at a hearing here next week, officials said today, the board is prepared to cut off its U09 Livingston avenue, were in collision at New street and Livingston layed until January 1 to permit industries to arrange to conform. Then more than 600 firms bcai legal fights against the law. They have been exempted from compliance.

IM MIAMI vou can get The Dally Home News anil tiunday Times at Hippodrome Cigar Store opposite Olynipla Theatre. N. E. Second Ave. and Earl Flaster Su dl4-tf mrskrv school ami 'anieron School.

Colonial Hardens nursery Kilvol isroup and Moderate ratr-s. for details telerhone Milltown 62. n5-tf Ion Rescinds Order avenue. No complaint as tnauc to share of the million dollars a month which Oklahoma is passing out in pensions. "We have been given the assur-j police headquarters.

Continued on rage Six.

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