Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 7, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 7, 1895
Page 5
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Holiday Novelties! Neckwear! Handkerchiefs! Gloves! - - Suspenders! Night Robes! Elegant Goods! Great Variety! DEWENTER, THE HATTEH. I f\M GOING ft Wf\Y. Said one of our Cus'-omers, but I want you to save my measure. When I get a GOOD TAILOR I stick to him. You Suit me to a T. E, PLURIBUS UNUM! TUCKER & YOUNG, TMB FEflRL STRBET TfllLORS. DAILY JOURNAL JIM ROBBERS CAPTURED. THURSDAY MORNING. H"EH. 7. FOlt TWENTY-FDDK HOOKS. Mr Erwin positively identified the three men captured as ibe ones who culled upon him Tuesday eight to pass over bis money, and the pocket Cook, which was thrown awav b.i one of the men. as tbb article tbat hud lift his cash drawer ID their possession. NOTES Considerable credit Is due the police of the city for their promptness and energy In the search lor the three hlghwajmeo Wh-re tbe three captured men spent the iiUhi. of. Tuesday i= not known. [i seems very unlikely that the tlnje was pimi-ed any where bu'uuderehelltr as ibe vloltnce of the ttoria wad euub «B to render such a course almost uui of the question A boquet should De laid at the feel of Azent Sehuyler E-ty. Wra. Bowdle. Ruben fiennett and many other cUl- zene of Camden who assisted In tbe taking of the criminal:* They w( 'n- cei'l.uin'y aware of tbe depurate char. Huter of tbe men they were after, ana their bravery In making the aitompt WHS ceriaioly unusual. They are 10 b« commeudc-d. When tho ma^kea trio enlered P. B Tims' sa oon Tuesday night the.v utootl a moment with their backs to the siove, warming tbemaelvei*. T' e abort, heavily built man turned to one of his companions, and said, • Sty have ye got any mono) ?'' Tt o b'g one aimply answered laconical-v. "Naw." The first speaker''hen stepped 10 the bar and addresstd Cdas Berry, the drink mlxor, eayicg, ' Hey you, are voa a dummy, we wants tone beers, and wants Vm quick " Toe bar tender wan notio the least fright, ened He laid a cheese Knife about two feet long on the bar and oare^ed the sharp blade of -the Instrument lovingly as he answered ihit he wa- ooi a "dummy " Ho finally treated the three sirant.ere to beer, and they Itfc. GUARDIANS OF THE TOWN THE LOGANSPORT LEGISLATURE CONVENES AND TRANSACTS BUSINEia. A Short B*»»ln Wh'rh a H ell - I Dui'r— B,>u«J» of S«-w Officer* Pr. Mt-nirii— Th«i «;liy li» IJH I'r.H' c a y.,.111 I..fri«K mrm suitM— liui- M 8 e=> Ri--i eu a • mi- iliin f..r Hit) Jtemuv..! -f \.-V~rj '« Uuui»u?d 8'ieet Car i'ruclt On TUeir Tu or until 1'u re. The Indications Are That Walker & Rauch have the kind ot Rubbers and Overshoes you wanL Try it on. WfVLKER 5c RfUJGtt. 420 Broadway, There wac a full attendance of rs at the aH-<;iu>g of tlics common cuufl-il InSt riiyt i. CLAIMS ALLUWEU. Stre-t ilcpt. payr li S "'\YiT"'.'.'.Z'.!"""."!"" J. Vm. bu-Kliklii ,.i'u.- IIT strrfi».. ....... J T. MiiMiry slfct-t u d allt'J ci'u.s>!n^s. J. T Sli:Viry .... . iiarf hnQt-r. w *li n . tii<* <iri)l ................ -< Pl 27 -IsrJ Mi 171 as A" er. -1-i-KiuI i-i'o .-uii'lotl'-i- Uc|)t... 1 N Cnixiuni MIII- stlr« ufii 1 . ................. Wilson. llumirlirejMt Co. UituiliT.. ....... • f^ . Ol'iiwlon], .11, u.t crinr-tt-l) ilrpi ...... llelnotiHE. rbee ».-s> Miijiiinr .............. i«> rcuulrli'i; oitv> fllcf furul- !)LJ 28 :«! !R> Ill i'J U'J U7. li < ............................... JoLn Hiikfi-, 1 e rt.r cll> iSUl ................. 33 6(J J. N. Cni^ford SHIMS lureieurlc ll^Ht d-j.t ....... ................ ........................ 1 10 l j au Belting Co. 1) irlnj; eotilc l^bt •lept ........ .„.., ................................... 33010 Ueir»,'iillt»ti E.vutrc Cn. Builds o <-cirie . u E eetfic L'o. i 3 elrcti'lc LECf'SLATiVE NOTES. Standard Oil 1:0. o i n.re Cniiirn U.ectrlc Co sund.i e.ecirlc light Porker A Johnson lumber elcuirlc llgut Mim.oc Biillev, woli: on eieclilc iclic imlidli K ASII& HiMlej ile.sk ror'luceriu lluhtilfyt E K. Mclntjm ivuik ou electrie liguc .. !. L Cu ter.-iiiidseli-ctrlcliKlitilcpt ........ S, w . Ullery A riun sunos u eclnc light de, t, ............................................... H-rninii Bunker liuulint; cuiil eleolrlc HKD> ilepc ..... ............................... ulias Puti-rbuuijli hauling cuiil electric ' . .......................... .7. E Ooylo.work eleciriu I «l)t bu ldl-«.., John K Uiuli'S *»jud for eifi-i Icllgnt .. .. M Thompi-cn sui.il> eletlrl: • Dt. LOLMIIS. ort « itiT ivorlt~ t lc i Tlie Jury I) -IllinrnC' d-M*<!ii'"il llio lief I'lliiiii'H V -r«Ui!<— ' lie liuw- rflnttn Loop Onmn^C Hulr, Thp jury in the nvilpmoiloe eutt of Edwnrd Lawrence sg.linst Dr Z. U Loopdld not return a vurdict unl.il yesterday morning, when they brought In tbe spnolal verdict prooarfd by the defendant. Snould tho j'lfige find the law to bo with thoplixInMlT Lawrence, his dimigos are fixed at $2 000 j The defendant's attorneys look on i tbo verdict as a victory for their client, and cuuni on. a judgment in favor ol Dr. Loop. RECOHN'Z«:D AT CAMDEN BY OPtrUIOK RAY. AND CAP- TUREDBr CITIZENS. Tin- Three I><-»PGMI<IOI>H .Ire Jinw Carefully «-ii!ii-<lu<l in iii« Cam enmity .lull—K-Vf Tin-lr Xauio, J it tin i Hill- mm:!*, Ii'iimim ]>i>l N : JUi-liit<rl LII- IIKHII, riiixbur^; Ed Wil«»u, Culm. 1-1—l*..pi -I thu Ci>.huua the Wiitcii Kccuvert (I. IVIiut the - Coiiait II «. t<> 8 y Ab»nt Snpe^lu en- Mlas Margaret Guoizo, iho popular slngor of Chicago, will fill an engagement at Cincinnati tho ItirJl of Ibid week nrid will mop off hero on her return to Chlcngo ntM will give tho Song recital fur tho Hume for tho Friendless Tuesday evening next at tbe Brtm<1wiiy Presbyterian church. Tho three men who robbed a de- foui'ttluss drutrgist on the West Sida Tuesday night, using the stylo of procedure tbtt is out of date oven on tho far frontier where ihe metropolitan police syat m is unkttoxva, and a telegraph wire i-i u. curiosity, nre now In a position to eat, at Cass county's ex. penee Thoy were brought to Lo- I gi'-nnport ut S'A5 last night from Ctimden. Tnoy g-ivo their Ea;o68 aj John Cummlng-i, Indianapolis; R Chard L'imiint, Pit sburg, Pa,, and El I Wilson, Cairo, 111 j Tho men ars c-jrta'nly "tough" in of their roako-upj Tnay She will have her o.vn accompanist ! Btur)born |, re . u . ld to t:Vl£ Qa any sub- Incllananolls. Feb. 0. Tha Soaatocommltieo on b -nevuieut institutions returned Tuesday ul^ht from Riohmnnd wboro It inspected the E iS'ern Id'ispltal for tho Insane. Sen.iinr Gollett was iDtervlow(-d by a News reporter and said: "We fyunrt evurytbli K there lo good order. The grenies', obj-ction [ cave Is that tbe hospital is a Oi-muuratic Insiltulion. A R-rioublictin has no place theie. I rion't kno* how they manngt to htive all the officials and employes from tbu Doroocratic party, but ihey do. We expect to buvo a livel; time nt iho Eiir S i-nii i livery 10- eKxli-lc 1 1 ii.ll.ee .............................. Thris ,1 lies wi.rK ni a ma i-ilai rlc , I'Bhi fi-pt T ..... iijson Lumber Co Inline for Keu E. . anielt rre'Kht cl ...... fe-il lire rti aiior ;i d niu- trie liKlic 'iept and will be n.-sts'.ocl by Prof. B<irr of Ahls city, with two organ SQIuCi.ions. M'ickuis will bo 35 cents and tho receipts will go to the Honio for tho Friend ess. I'bc boti-o will certainly bo crowded to hear this grand singer. Tickets at Giffn's boos store. The Modern Inrnllil Has tastts n>t oiciimiiy, in keeping! with other luxuries. A remedy must ' be pleasantly acceptable In form, purely wViolei-on o In composition, truly buoetiuial in effect and entirely free from every ohjeoifonnble quality. If really III bo consults a physician; If constipated be uses the gentle family laxative Syrup of Figs. A FlenMinc Uniertalnnieu*. The en'ertalnmeoi g-iven at vho G. A. R- hall last evening by the ladiea <-f that or£ttniz!illon was a m.iat ' ple»blip ODD. A larpo audience was in (kitendance despite the Inclemency j-cc. Wnen they were brought in by officers Smith find Lun-ford nod druggist E>-.vln, a l.irgd crowd of people anxious to sue & roil ll/e highwayman, giuberod at th > Vandiila stuiioa. Afterwards at tho j-ill the crowd that gathered WHS so large that tte corridor was- iuo small to accommo dme tbe people. The men ware placed In sepnraie cells. HOW THEY WERE CAUGHT, The S'Ory uf the Capture of tho three suspects at Camden, a small town in Carroll couQty.'oc the Vdcda- lla, is almost worthy of a. place in a tlvo cent novel, allhnusb no blood was spilled. Tne whole roboery was on the sensational order, and the hpolls seem hardly to repay the risks assumed by tho wicked three. The early tnorulng south bound Vanc'alla train was tbe one taken by the fugitives, and when they stepped off at Camden. the station agent, Sobuyler Riy. who had a Awarded tflfbest Honors—World's Fair. DR; of ihe weather *nd the work of those ' resoripilon of the thieves from the on tbo program was worthy of praise. Logansp^rt police, at once rec, on n i zed the men, and closely waicded them as they partook of a lunch; when iDey entered a store and purchased th>es blue caps; and when they entered a saloon. With a t-m-Jl army of citizens at his back Agent R*y entered the liquor store to in»ke the arrest. One of ihe robbers escaped In the melee, but was captured after a chase of about two miles into tho country. Oaa of the three minagad to dispose of a pocket book in a water closet. Jn tbo cash taken from Druggist Erwln ware $.2 in peonies; $5 ia, nickel;-; and almost all the remainder was in b-ins notes of cifTor.; ent denominations. When the three prisoners were searched $31 25 v»ero found, over $2 of the amount MOST PERFECT MADE. ' "Have any charges been preferred against the institution?' 1 • None as yet. We were told we would get son e Information when we ranched there.' 1 "iVlrs Orr of the School for Feeble Minded Touth, denies tnat shs charged Superintendent Jonnsou with cQaliiog bb fist in her fuco and swearln-j at har." "There is no use for Mrs Orr to deny It, for «he said it to S-nsior White and myself. Sne a'so said tbiu. J tin- son had [jurcnased wormy food and told other things ih»t eho will tertify to under oath whou tbo investigation is held." "Whit, do you know of the report tbat she was discharged because of her statemt ou?' ••I know nothing of her being discharged, but I got word from Fort Wayue that Pdxton. the book keeper, was forced to resign because of bis statements he made to the committee When all' tbe<e people are put under oath, they will tell some strange stories. We shall take caro ol all the empoiyes who tell us the truth." "As to the poiltli'-al complexion of the SULOOI for Fteble Minded, the poll shows tA-enty nine Democrats and eignt Republicans." Toe CouimUteo will do nothing until it returns from Evansvlllo. * * The judiciary committee reported favorably on the blil malting it unlawful to discharge employes DcCnu-e t&ey do not belong to UDO.- orgaoiz utons. Tne Dill proposes to amend IQe act of two yeir' a^o, which makes it unlaw. ful 10 discharge men because of ihcir conntoiions wiih some labor Organl- liiion. " " " in fire-t em o (ln',», .......... " " •' u;iy iiO'ittitai iliirdet'Ctrlc Oi .................. .. .............................. Ge i. W. Snil li. wiiti:iilii;:it l-'invsi, Mil!-.. 1/ii-K elUtCu iiilnus snuliiiii'iy ............ ].o^;tns|i rt ij'is ai'd Co'' t > Co. u;^ lor .):iu Oi'n li. 13,in eu co;il for el culo liH^ti dp|it ..... . ...... ....................... Ti os JHIHW coal for w-iririliis; eleci.rlo •17 17 •IS 7o •(1 S'J 2SO 5') S -i5 4 'jii •20 (W 14 1C 1! CO 31 50 41 70 o L j 20 00 21 O.i 63.13!) 500 0 UO 15S oo 2 "(I lla 3:) .S 30 5 IHJ <U On 2,'fti 00 3J 70 l-';5 l"w 63 40 00 For Fine Printing. * • You wi!l find the Journal Jobs Rooms unsurpassed. LETTER HB^DS INVITATIONS DTEttEflDS, ' PROGRAMS, STATEMENTS, GftRDS,- ENVELOPES f\ SPECIALTY. You get our figures and we'll do* the work. Do not fail to call ont, the JOURNAL for Job Printing. See The Specialists For Clironic and Private Diseases and Au O'UinHDoe ibal D^d Dt-en ted 10 itie manusror of tbe VVesitun Union t«lt)t!rnpb company, was returned to the council with a rccj'iesr, that somy Slight cUant-H'S bo mtide. Toe mtiiter was it-fi-rred to tde ordluHcCi; commlitao and iba city at lO'noy. Tho ordinance ™ns the one allowing tlio Western Union company to P!HCW jjoles and wires on thu s;rci!ts and alleys of ihe city TneC'erk was instructed to notify the V.iucaliu. railway company t.j pl.'ice a ri-guinr watch man at the Nunh S:xtu ^^reet c.-o^slr g of that rond. The reports ot tea dre captains were placed on fl o. Tho (.ffer of S M Clusson to insure in iho Flrif.iif & C«-uK.!i,y Co , of Ui-w York for ^2 600 ihe fine noilera of the city's el> O'i'ic iljlht plnnt, fur a premium of $250 payable in three annual Deformities. new electrical method that haa- Lun» Diseases of Women treated by the (;ive:i wonderful resnlt.n. D .u'c for^e Unit r.hc'ir vapor trpntment for all Chronic Trou^'es LIT.S th" rHun-di"S to 'he di>enHeil spots and cures everything nisi' fails. Cu.ll urd iuvestinuto auyway. It 8O£t8 yot nothiQ4 for coimiltutiou. , Drs. Chrlstopler & Longenecker, At i lie Medical and SiroicalSlnstimte. 417 Markets', - - Logansport. Inct- Jobn E & Sun. the cor.lr.-.c tor on the o'ectric li^bt, plnnt, wore to to remove or recous'.ruct the of tbe track that is torn up so as interfere with travel on the street. Tbe street committee was instructed to call on tbe countv conDmtirSiODers ; _ i tu K-4UMO "uu ULUUUUI u . f [) r t conference as to tbe bust tnoibod I of clearing' the ice gorge from Ee' river above the Third ttreet and Market street bricgns. Tho county is more cirectly interested in saving tbe brldtfts tban is ihe city. Tne street committee a-ked for more lime In which LO Invedti^ata the condition of tbe Market street bridge. The oouncll adj 'uroed. Senator Lejden offered a petition for an appropiation to trees muuuenents in tha Northern ctmctery at Ne* Albany in memory of A. P. Wnl»rd, a former Governor; Al. C. Kcrr. a former Speaker uf t&t Hou?e, and Goorts V. Huuk v a lormer Juoge of the Supreme Court, Senator Collett l,,irnduced a bill to amend the laws providing for volunia- Zon-Pliori—ff ••••'< Pi lend— a'lowfcd $6S7 90 on their contract. This payment practically set'len up the city's accoutt with Juha E. B.-iroes & Son. Tne electric light committee w;. nutborlzeiJ E ectric comrwnj r.o g've a b:md in the sum of $10.000 tbat the city be held burmle:>s from possible i"H:ge ment suiis. and lhat the plant fill all thi" rpqulrwments of ibe cootract. Tbe eluctric light commi'tee was instructef to. put in a ttiepbone at tbe city's llgbl plnnt, and to inrulMe properly all tbe (rXposed steam pipes about the electric light building. Tbe monthly reports of tbe oily clerk, treasurer, hod tbe water works clerk's sta'em-nts for December and January were referred to ihe finance co n mi i tee. The bonds of C C. Gutter, assistant e'ec'riclao, and Fr»okiiQ P Rugers. clerk of tbe electric light department, were referred to tbe finance commit tee. Deeds were Ipfued to Jobn Lux, M J. Graves and Mr. Gangioff for lots in Mi Hopct cemetery. Tbe report of the street commis- eioctr was ordered placed on record. Tbe ceme'ery commiitee was in structed to iDve^iijruie and report pluus f or and tb& prob^ble cost of a rtcelvirg v»uk »'* Mt. Hope cemetery. Prrmi-Sioa wa? granted for tbe trrt^fcr from John It R-iy to Wace Busb.ofa pool table :tcen:e which does DOC ruo out until June Mr. H«.ich reao a peiition si^ced by six y or more citizens, in wblch the lion failed, within a speciSsd time, to connect tho B itt-s >-irt'et branch with tho other llco and brgin the operntlnn of that section of track, which has never known iho bum of a live uolley wheai. It was repren i-CDt-ed lhat t.h(3 track H partly torn up und ihat iha street idle a condition ibas th-c-ntens to caute irjury 10 eorao one at any tima. 'Ihe patillon wiiri n-fsried to tbe street Ciimmiitee and ll)w cii.y attorney, with authority, if tbey 2nd ihij city i-< sustained iy the ordinance and Ibe eoa- dltlons of tbo franchise, to in- t-truct tbo city clerk to give notice to 'ha L''£insport street rail . way company to operate the Bites street lind, nr In a specified time to remove its p-Operty from Ihe street and place it in a. oroper fctate 0' repair. The company will u.t once be'required THREW A BEER KEG. ti-onsh a Mulooo AV/ndoTV- Till! U null or un Argument Over UH Teslerdiiy evening about 6 oV'oct Martin Hu>;bca walked out. of JalO- Sebaslian'e saloon aod doll berm elf- threw a beer kejf ibroncb tho larjf** plate frlass window. Tho bar tcoder- rushird outjtnd held the man uni.it- Ditcctivo M'.ir?ao carao a'iOQ2 an< phiccti Ho^hcs uadei 1 arrest. A di»-- pu'.K over the settlement ol an >iccou-afe is tulc! to have caused Hmrbes i»' throw '.he kejr. The window wnd lo.<— eu red. List of transfers of real entitUi In &tss i ri-pnrted or Frank H. Wlpperman, gflKtr««t>tr <*- and loan a^eot. UUos to real 'estate otinilaeit and d»f(«iivo tltlt',s [iorf«ct*J. Moni>r t« Kmn A. 1 lowest rates. OITlCe 2>5 Fourlh »lre«l diiectk? Has a grai.d 'record bo a remedy for ! council was to order the Lo- being in pennies »nd almost $5 in fife I ail diseases peculiar 10 women. A?>k ! gansuort street, railway cumpacy to cent pieces Mr. Erwln'* watch was I jour druggist for. one of the Z >a- i remove its property frnoa Bites street. •viyotheraduitennt j *' 8 ° recovered but only -one revolver i Pttora Medical Books for women. S»ld i and restore that thoroughfare to li» 40 YEARS THE STANDARD., wwdlteo»ed. •. •' - •••'..'..• •/•;:kv-'-^...-:'' ; - :; :' ,.-..< ''.,*.", s, LOfclASSPORT ATHLETIC CLDB. OrK"nlze4 by Prominent f vf iheC'ity In tu«- In ore«i« of A<hflrtlv« A number of young osen of tbe city organized an athletic duo this week wnicb. will be ltno-»a as the L >(fnnnpori A'-bletic Club. I; Is the outkrro*tQ ht the L A C. footnall team Toe rooms formerly oc-upled*y Krut-cb A Lny- cucic, in the State N"aiiunnl Bank building, have been rented. Tee officers areas follows: President — \V C Dean- Vice Preeldent — Will Cohee. Trtitrurer — Hdrrv Unl. S«creiary — J.«0o R^uoh D;rectort— Will B-utigtOBan, John McCaffrey and Jobn Knuure. I f^ : \. F. Keeltiog and Coullon 4 Co. i former ooodiiion, in, cau the Corpora, Cant'tUeu Is greitly cnou^cco o> b fine set of teeth. Oo tbe ocner baad. nothicg to dfclracto from ihe tff^Ci of plea-inn eat .ires. Coe ev>s and a grac-ful i^ure, as >eilnw teeth Tnai popular loiiei arttc.e SOZODOS T checks tbeir decay, and render* idem as ff&ile M •ao*. , H.inn.-1'i Vernnn to Geo R. Eunkle sw i,j Keu 3J Bo<Hi»* t[>..... S inns T, W.IIIITS to A'lcs I), (jllpln lit t vgjiw l/i :^ ii Boo c tp Hen.y McMuilen to Chos. V. M':Uu]len Ti-fr— Cf He l 'Ovcnrt»Xi'rlinand Uaugli e<Sfta 110 I'll i Aipd r-nu'-add Del. "ik;Jt bkirijwCoW J LDk) DeUilg i«t 9 u«a" TnomaJ «dd_ Arlln £ Harried to Win. Beni7« Mine 14'•CC Si (K)«t Ct 'P «_ «......». ... Idrew r-iLlllpnard fltti to Auna SirMQ K t^ne 14 gi-c 13 Clinton ID tnnx titrain 'o HHen M. Phillips «^ n« l4»-cl3';n-t.-n tp W. L. Kail; to John U Lax lot 9) to <2 ' xiakirK _. __ „ Jo> * .Ion t ui r. M. Medrew and wile lot 153 *««ten i a<l<l „. Cn*> .tt. Hanna to wm. nl t«Jn,)TI[) •»,', SdiuiU... we tvgtUlig • — 100 W- 200 01 i ». IK) 91 •' S7UO O< 3UO dp> 300 <•> zoo !*• 3W The MitSeo Pr>or and Cloe&on ant George RM» uf ibis city will Prof. Jubo Miller, of P<jru, tt a lio rec'.t&lto be giTen by_that musician at tbe Pre-byiertan church, at C'tbruary 20;b. At 4 OT ceot , 5 per cent., 6 per oenfc. and 8 per cent,, long or short Consuls J. T. Cr,CK»CRJC. Room 3, Spry B In yesterday'^ Jaurcal it was that Wm. Hwkell had died at Uiow mood. Toe item thoald have rea£ James Haesett. the was eocirelr cut off fro*. blessing of nuluril gas Tae woaderfut Edison klcetoscop^ bu been iakon 10 Pem for

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