Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 27, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1896
Page 3
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and a house. hours make one day You can't make'any mo- out of them—by the clock But 1 wise women, pro gressive women, can mak< each day worth twice as much to them. Just b) using Pearline. It isn' on wash-day only tha Pearline ( nou ^ ap ) save; your time, and shortens anc lightens your labor, and lets you cio other and better things It's every day, and in all the scrub scouring and cleaning that makes hard work abou Pearline is woman's labor-saver. It takes awav that ruinous, tedious, tiresome rubbing. SUCH Mince Meat. m PiidJtnjr, Mince Pie THE Munspn Typewriter Is a Good Machine. A blgti standard o! excellence. Man> 'isera o[ the "Munson" consider It THE .BEST. You will Hnd It a valuable assistant in lour ot- !lce. Address for partlsnlars THE MUNSON TYPEWRITER CO MAIfVFACTUBEBS. 240-2 14 Went Idike St., ChlcuRo, I"' L. G. PATTERSON Has opened a Fire and Accident Insurance ofllcc at 410 Broadway, up Blairs, and •ollclts a share of the public patronage. None but First Clas» Companies Represented. Imitation hurts the original —at first—but after that—it's all right. The survival of the fittest decides the question. HIRES Rootbeer stands in the face of all imitations way beyond all of its competitors. M«il« onlt by TheCk«r!ei K. Hirr« Co., Phlllulclthla. .A. 35c. package mUM 5 gmlloui. Sold wfjwacrv, "DAirVjOURNAL SATUKDAY. UNE 27, 18%. Two wheela, clioap.—717 North street. Subscribe for the Journal, 40 cent* per tuonth. Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison's. T Geo. Harrison has the finest Hne of hammocks In the city. A >"o. 1 Sterling- bicycle for sale or trade. Call at Parker's grocery, corner Twelfth and Spear streets. Grand closing out sale of mlllliicry, trimmed.luits aud bonnets, very cbcnp for cash.—SPIT'S'' Broadway & Pearl st. Round trip rate to St. Joseph, ?2: to Lake Maxiakuckee, $1.. Trnin. leaves Vandal.ia 'station every Sunday at 7 a. in. You need Hood's; SarsaparlUa :o enrich and purify your blood, create au appetite nnd give sweet, refreshing sleep. I can be found on and after today my .new horse shoeing shop on Third street, formerly occupied by James H. Carney, between Market 'nnd Broadway.—J. M. Elliott. THE MODERN BEAUTY. Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise In the open air Her form glows with health and her face blooms with Its beauty. If her system needs the cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses the gsnile and pleasant Syrnp of Flffs. Made by the California F 1 ' ~yrup Company. Persons who have a coughing spell every nlglit, on account of a tickling sensation In the throat, may overcome It at once by a dose of One Minute Cough Cure.—Jno. M. Johnston. WHAT YOUR TRUNKS MAY BRING rornonul KITt-cU Th-.it May IJo Imported Free of Duly. It would be. difficult (o make out. n list of goods that can b* brought in from ICuropt- free of duty. H niny suffice to obsevve that persona! ctfectsnjnl house- liold -roods actually in use of thy passenger ac-eot'diup- to liis means and situation in life nnd for the purposes of his journey can be entered free of duty; provided they accompany the owners, or tlie owners thereof can ma-lie oath that they have arrived in the United Status within one year prior to date o 1 . arrival of the goods, specifying-.steam and date upon which they arrived. J[ the owners have not arrived within the rear duty must be paid upon appraisement. Household effects, books, and libraries, if used abroad not less than one year nnd not intended for nnj other person, not for sa.le, nre en tit-led to free entry, even if the owners have resided more than On« year in the United States. Old Clothing and household effects sent as presents are dutiable. Paintings nnd statuary nnd or.hfr works nre embraced in the term "household effects.' Cameras for private use and photo- I graphs token as mementos, and not for i sale, are free. Each passenger arriving| is entitled to bring; with him 50 cigar | Inheritances, presents from abroad, even if old, and properly household effects, must pay duty. Shotguns and bicycles are covered by the term "personal effects." Tools of trade, instruments, professional books, theatrical wardrobes, are free only when accompanying the owner. Every person coming from abroad is entitled to enter one watch of foreign manufacture free. Paintings, statuary, etc., arc free, if household effects. The effects of an American citizen who died abroad can be returned free, if accompanied by a consular ce.rtifica.te. Gloves, beyond what are in currcntuse, ribbons, laces, etc., made up, are dutiable,—Chicago Tribune.! MEN'S HANDS. Children Cry for 'tcher' •he/ Are Awkward Appcnd»B<Ji In Society— the Von- Bon Box. It is sometimes interesting to observe the awkward use men maJ;e. of their hands at formal indoor assemblages of the two sexes, says the New York Sun. To the larger numb«r these members are a positive ineumbraucc, and every devieo is resorted to tofindcmployment lor them. Even in the older social centers of Europe a graceful nnd,eaay disposal of the hands, by men, ia recognized as exceptional. During- the reign of Louis XIV., XV. smd XVI., when the elegancies of high life were studied in the minutest datnil, the superfluity of the ha.nds was a matter ol grave concern. .Relief was found, however, in the pommel of the sword, the bonbon or the snwfE box. These proved havens of refuge, and manual awkwardness was saved from shipwreck. The snuff box ezdured until the early years pi the present centurj"; butsmce-ithas passed away the society man is left to such devices for the use of his hands os ingenuity cn.n sug-gcst. The beacon ol salvation is at last in sight through the vogue, now in progress of growth in Paris, for the use of bonBon boxes by men. These receptacles are coming into common use, and many are of great cost nnd beauty of workmanship. Ttiey a.re iniule in chased gold and silver, or enameled, a.ud set with, precious stones. Not only do they contribute a decof-u- tive note to .social functions, but they offer grateful relief to those men whose hands nre apparently superfluous on such occasions. Without 'doubt this new fashion will find f avor with iis, and within a brief period thousands of these Bonbon boxes will be made in Newark and exhibited in Chicago society as ancestral heirlooms ol the time of Louis XIV. . In the Tolled btatoi. This country has 3,000,000 miles of telegraph wires— <?nouph to reach 40 times around the plobe. If It required an annual outlay of ?100,000 to Insure a family against any serious consequences from an attack of bowel complaint during the year there nre many who would feel it their duty to pay it; that they could not afford to risk their Hveg, and those of their family for such an a-inount. Any one can got this Insurance for 25 cents, that be- Ins the price of a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy. In almost. every neighborhood some one has died from an attack .o-f bowel complaint before medicine could be procured or a physician summoned. One or two doses of this remedy will cure any ordinary case. It never falls. Can you afford to take the risk for so small an amount? For sale by B. F. Keesllnff, 'druggist. THE RAILROADS A Sensational Story of a Line From Sea to Sea. WABASH CAN SPEED General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. Tin; Chicago Evening rosl has n sensational piece of railway new*. U is to the effect tlmt Henry VJUiard, backed by a laivre inunbei- of European a.nd AniM'teaii c-vpitalists, has about completed a d«il'which will tfivc them a tlwint^h line 1'rom the Atl-a.ufic to the I'adiic seaboai'd. The tntiMition of tht 1 \'iHia.rd syndicate i.s to buy lli.^ Northern Pacllic road and then the Baltimore & Ohio, which i.s to be sold at a recciv- crVi sale. It In also .s;i.id Mie apparent auta^oiiisin between the Adams ivor- ^iui7.ait:;ou coininiteee of the Xortheru I'aeit'K,- and Milliard was only assumed, and I'lia.t now, when, the Seln-ine lias been aboui accoJiipllsheil. a rceoncilla- tion \'n* takon place. A New York bunker, proin'Miont'ly iili-i^tiiit'd with laixe Iviin'opeau iu-torests ia American railnnul #ecurjt.ies and a.<- S'M-iated wiil'li tin' 'n:o:'^iiii;i/.ai,i'o.n ol" Vim NuiMlKTii 1'acilic railmad, says, in wla-. lion HI i.hc nlinve report: -'.I'lie story Is i'ly wLlluiinr fainidsilion in fact, As ihe NorMiwn Padlic reorKaii'l/.ation (•ij.iiiiii.iii.teo has ob!::i.iined iliti di-'poslt ol! rly ;i,ll uf the eoinptuiy's bonds, it. 1 !i.ad not Mr. V ill lard, will: with these bonds, buy the road-at Uie ffirlhcomin:; ;;i:le. Jtr. \"iiliard'S Ixnuls have been cpi-sLied wi,;,li the committee, bii-t there is ur.henvise no cotmertiou between Wi.e iirflieTiivore. voMiiipr ti'tu<lees have been appointed to control ihe properly for live reaIN and have elected a president of the new company. In co-miix.-ti'Oii wilili 'the appuintinenl: of .Mr. Edwin W. ^'iuiter, i-imiors are hi'.i.npr pew'isteiiWy ci.rcnla.ted of a Vati- di.-i-Wli: eontirol of tJie Xorthorn Pacific :md of the C!ii«i-K0 i& Xortheru Pacllic In \\-lniich event, lit' Mr. VUllard and al- ussociaii'iis did secure control of t.h'u BaJ.i:iinoi-o & O.'h>'m, they would not have the «mn«.'tlon with rhe first mun- tloned i)i-opeitk>s siifiBCstctl in tin; Clil- Cfl>ro report. CAN MAKE TIME. That the Wabash. has tlie enii'ip'inent to inakt: nbont as fast time as a-ny road in live cMintry .was demonstrated by run made hist niipht. The Panhandle train wJiisch dfilivws a sleeper to the Wabash at Ixipansport, en route to Do- trolit from Ixmlsviille. was over an hour late and hence Uie sleeper- hnd to be taken to Detroiit by siiecinl -train, as •rain No. 2 could 'not be held for it Conductor John Cwrran was assitrued the spocitil :iud with ei>ffiaieer Howard and. Fare-mmi Brown, on taifrine 20, «iuiD. t» Lopanriport to get Che sleeper, eaviiuK this ci.ry at, 4 o'clock, sharp, the rain made the distance to Montipelier •ia Peru.llD niUes.i-ni Shours and9 min- ubes, arrlvins • at MaiitpeHer at 0:09. •''our stops wore made by which. 12 minutes were lost Subroetin-g 1 the lo,9li : made 115.miles In 117 minutes.; Engine 20 which made this record Is icrt a large locomotive and is used in ;lie passenger sevvte. WAR ON DEBS'S ORGANIZATION. Tlie -niaaigemontjfof the' Plant sys- em luis opened a fight 1 on the Ameri- Railway Union and has notified its that no one will be permitted o rem-alw in t!:o employ of tluit'com-. ciuy wlw Js a tuauiber of tlie Railway nton. A. E, Haines, who was presi- lenit of a local union, and Fi-ank Bar- >e.r, secre.ta.ry, wore dismissed on Tues- lay, aiul many oithera alonfT;- ; th.e system re ont of employmattt. It is stotod lu his couueftton that staiHar action is l>e taken by ui.-uiy.oC.Wic leading oads of r.lie Paine's Celtry Compound The Best Remedy in the World- It Makes People Well. There i-s one wne specific .for iliseiisi-.-s :iHsiil-£ from iimpuro blood ;vnd :i debili- t;vt<'d -nervous system, nnd that is celery (.-oinpuniml. so generally by piliysk-imi*. It is P™h- ably tlHMiiosr ivnnirkn.lile remedy Hint flic $ci(»M;t:ilic nvc/rn.-li of -this cuuniiry has proiliiK-etl. 1'rof. Hdwnrd E. I'lii'lps D.. T.L. D., o,l' Darl-Jiujuth oilh'P 1 . first prescrlbi.Ml wluit i* now known Ihe world over :is I'Mino's (tlcvy f-on:]i'Hind. :i poxitive euro for dysjii'iisi:!, liilious- ness, ll-vor winikkiin:. nenrnl^iii. rheu- im. nil nervous tfeenses :md kill- iu»y mmliliw. J-'or the hitter I/nine's wli'ry (-omtMJlni.il luu< siicceedi'd n*i.in mill ;i^ r nlu where everything else lin.-- I'll Hod. RAILROAD NOTES. Tlic Pennsylvania Company Js'sur- ii-lstxl over Uic' increase tn libs- business ;t Toledo since coiiiiiug iuto full cou- rol of that terminal. Last month an veragc of ninety carloads per day o£ lerehandilse were handled by the I'euu- ydva-uia at that point. 'nhe Pennsylvania 'passenger depart- lent Js quite liberal tlnls.yenr In oiak- hollOay rates. Tickets between all >oints at''one 'fare will bo sold .at ono- n\y rates on. July 3 and 4, good to rc- u rn on the nth and Cth, HOW'S THIS! We offer One Hundred Dollars Re-' •fird for any case of Catarrh that can ot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Care! . . ,T. Cheney & Co:, Props,, Toledo, O. . We, the undersigned, have known F. . Cheney, for .the last 15 years, and be- eve him perfectly honorable In all bus- ness' transactions and financially able o carry out any obligation made by the rni. "' ' .' WEST &TRUAX, Wholesale^ Druggists, Toledo,.-0. ,--.•••• '•:••• '. BALDING, .KINNAN 1 & AIAKVIN,. Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. ' Hall's .Catarrh Cure Is taken Internal:' f, acting: directly upon the blood/and lucous surfaces-o£ -the system. Price Sc.per bottle. • .;8old by alT druggists est' 1 "-'Tiliils free: f ,. ... :: ':'•'>'•'•'•• ; , A SPLENDID CAVALCADE, Tlie streets of our oily will be I'liliv- iMiod today at 10 o'clock a. in. by "»'' of Ilie most novel sifflits ilia* lias ever been wi-tine&sed. It cam tru-th-fully lu> sa.Ul tlia.f. never before lias a cavalcade embraced delwates .from so many dif- fei-ent races, peoples, a.ml nations. Often we have been visited by a very v:iri:ojrated assemblage of such in t!ie ordinary traveling ex-hi-biricn.?, b"i. <»' no occasion IKIS there bei-n rtio rhonnwh attesting o-f the ^euiiihieness of tlie char- acte.r* as are now vowlved for by Col. Cody. Mr. Nate SaJsbnry, of flu 1 .' Knfl'a- lo. Bill's WilM West, indorsed by Mr. .Tames A. BaAley hiiiisuM'. Unlil-ke the perBiuuaJ shows visirina us, t'Ms street exlubilHon will wonsist of only dehu.'hnieraivi from each division of pyoples. unembellMSlM.'d with prUclin? or tin'sol, and in lijiht marching order. The herds of \viW buffalo, the wild Iwekliiff horses :UM] siivnge steers must be cartsfnlly corallod and pruan.led in camp.'"Yet the seutlmwit adincliecl to this, flhe first,-mare 1 .! through our strecis of jsuch widely different peoples and •.military of various t-ou-ntrios. is ono .tluit marks tlie progress of man's brotherhood, imd is the first exemplification that in time, knowledge, and aco«aiat- auce will dispel racial prejudices and national hatred, afld emphasize the fact o£ all muiuldwl's kiiuli-edshii). The red royalty thai roved the continent when Columbus landed will'rcp- respiif'tlie rast.ULsappwiring race—"tin; Jast of'tlio'.'MO'liiCflns"—• mnrcnLuff by tht side 6C his erstwhille foe. now friend, ilhe "sco.nit and fix>ntitrnKi.n. United States cavalry' will carry "OM Glory," the sta.r-ispa,iigled banner, alongside the nffUsh-Irisfli Roya.! Lancers and the Cross of' St. Goorgc. The French Chasseur will be in amity with the Gcrouin Cuirassier, \vJil.h the -iri-colored drapeaju of "La Belle France" waring to hnrmony \vltli the black cnfrfe of Germany, while the noted Cowboy Band will add paitiilot'ic ImpuJse to each wit!) the strains of "Wacht am Rhino" "Mar- selllalse," "God Save the Queen," "St. Patrick's Day" 'and "Yankee Doodle." As tliUs .asscmWngc of sons of .lighting forefathers'--marehes to Hie spirit of peace, the • Russia n Cossack from tire Caucasus. tJie- ' Gauclio of "South A.mcfiCii, the Mexican Rm-alle, the Texas Ranger, the Asiatic Tartar, Spanfeji Vaiiuoro, the Bedouin Arab ami.that 1 latest addi- tlwi to bisteic horsean'on, the Ameri- .caii Cow-boj-, will form a collection— and .ill on horsebjick—'that presages the dawn of universal friendsliip— Hie mil- 1 en uiuju. HAVE YOU RHEUMATISM? Kalamazoo, Midi., May 5,-'90. I suffered greatly ivirb rhenmatism for montlis. -I tried numerous reme- v. dies, with no beneflt. A friend who had been helped by Dr. .Tebb's Rheumatl- cure persuaded me to try that. I obtained two bottles. The effect .surprised me. The first bottle nearly cured me; and by the time I had.used the second I was completely cured. ••' I am careful as to what I endorse, but I most unqualifiedly recommend that remedy. On my evidence'several severe cases have 'tried'it, und in every instance, so far; as I know^ it has, produced a perfect .'cure.,'.,,. ' •••.•- . '. W. F.'-PARSONS, President 'Parsons' Business College and : Shorthand Institute.., ."•'•;• ' Sold on a positive guarantee by B. F. • Keesllng hud-Ben Fisher. Clearance Sale of Ties. Commencing WEDNESDAY, .Tune 24t(j. a»d couflaufng for 10 days, or until closed out, we will sell for CASH, choice of any tie in house, consisting of TECKS, CLUB HOUSE, FOUR IX HAND, DEJOINVILLE, BOWS, etc., for 38 CENTS Cheaper lines of TECKS, FOUR IN HANDS, BOWS, etc., win be sold as low as 19 CENTS In.order to close out. Call early and take advantage of this great TIE.SALE wlille the opportunity is presented, as you are sure of getting a BIG BARGAIN, u'o matter what you buy. STRAW HATS Commencing on same date, \ve will sol! any straw ha: in stock at cost to close them ouf. Hero is your chance ro set s^od values for little money. . •• • SPECIAL KNEE PANTS SALE Do not forjret tbe line of knee pants that we arf> closing out for from 9c to lOc per pair. Some excellent things to be had for Vi» price. All Goods Chargedjflust be at Regular Prices. JOHN D. FERGU50N & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. J. I>; FEKGUSOX. A. P JESK8 Inventors and Business Men. Designs for latter heads, bill heads prepared for" business purpoam Drawings o£ all kinds prepared for newspapers, etc. Claims for letters tf patent prosecuted. BYRONjB. GORDON. Draughtsman &*Patent Attorney. Spry Block. Logansport. ;Subscribe for'the- Journal."' Logansport Nitunl and Artificial G5.s Bills dua the Fir» of each month, ten day's^grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Paarl Street. .Special—Low rates on heaters during th« months of May, June, July, August and September. .'..,- When a Visitor Happens In the housewife can always offer a delicious luncheon if she has Van Camp's Pork and Beans in the house. Always ready to serve aud always palatable. At all Grocers, xoc, Z.5C and aoc. Send 60 in stomps tor a sutnplo can. VAN CAMP PACKING CO.. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. VAN CAMP'S BOSTON FARMERS DON'T UKE IT. A weLl-knwvu farmer *akl yesterday that lie inuid several of his neighbors did not Wkc fo IM.VO tlio ci-t.v folk's ?o nnnt- i-ii^' on their farms,, especially o-n Smid:iy. He said that they worcpetHugtired of -inmtei-s coin Ins out iu the country kiillin-- oft nil 'the .squirrels. The farmers work- h:inl when it Is not too wet to farm, amd w.hon they cannot farm they would like 'to .so limiting themselves j .•Hid kf'll a moss of s<jnrm>Js. Some of tbe hunters ?o out in .the 'country, es- pcc.Eii.lly on Sundays, but if ttc fawner.* would come to town and would violate the laws of the city they would be sum- mnrllv arrested. SUFFERERS WITH RHEUMATISM: We have obtained the. agency for » remedy for rheumatism which' has had remarkable success. SoW on positive guarantee. You run no risk of losing your money.. We invite you to call at our store and let us tell you about it. B. F. KEESLING, Druggist To loan, a few thousand dollars, lul. funds, private money, on good Individuals or mortgage-security. Will buy good notes.—George B. Fqi-gy. .,,.., Pitcher's Castori*> Children Ciy for

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