The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 28, 1934
Page 6
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Chickasaws Close Grid Season Against Meeeick High of Memphis By J. p. FBJKND Finis wJl! be written ncross t)ic 1834 tootbaU SfBSon Qf the Blj'tht- ville high Kiwi chtclcasav.-s lol loping ir«ir game tomorrow wiU the Mcsstck Panthers"of Memphis, The o;x-iil!Je: yc-iofr 'Is scheduled for 2 pm a' Haley Field. . The chlcte liavo played nine games during the campaign, emerging, victors In all, against, Osceola, EarJc, Forrest-' city, Shawnec (Jotii- er), Pifgotl, Jonesboro, Wilson, Piirofiould, atid Walnut Ridge. They have scored 285 points to their opponents' W. Only Forrest City, Mg- gotl, Shawtiee, Jonesbbro nml Wilson \\orc able to register a tally. John Wesley Purtle, brilliant center, rated one of the outstanding Ilncsinen in the state, and Mui• ray "vicious" Harris, alternate tackle, will bo playing tlielr last game under the Maroon and White colois. Both will have completed their four years of varsity comiie- IHlon. AS a final tribute they will net as co-ca|>talns. Led by their brilliant captain'and quarterback, Myron price, the pnn- Uicis are expected to provide quite a severe test for the Chicks In their Unal effort for an undefeated and untied season. Ably assisting him «s a scoring Dirfqi is Jimmy aran- tham, tall halfback. These two have ' gone places" \vitli live oval for the Panthers. Klrksey, fullback, is the driving type. He smacks ine line with much guslo and does a neat Job on jhp detent* In the role or "UK baclcer. Comparative scores Indicate but little difference between the two. In the first part of the season Hie Panthers batltca tlio Memphis Tech Yctiawjuckcts to a fi-8 tic. Tccb had an easy lime with the Para- Bould Bulldogs, winning 25-7, 'Hie tribe turned the same offensive score ajainsl Jack Dale's crew but Allowed »o score, central, Memphis prep champions, defeated Tech ID-o. Messick showed imjcli more power against the champs but less defense, losing 3«-i2. • As a Bcnerai rule the Memphis tennis have been plenty tough (or Hie Joeaj teams to handle Kspc- cially has-that been true of Memphis Tech. Lnst year Cojwli Jnmle- spn s crew humbled ihc Maroon ntid White by a top-heavy score. Tills year the Panthers hope to keep up tbe good work and snap the winning streak of. the Clilekasaws a.s The probable Blurting Blythevillc liliickwcll .. Lunstord Purtle .. Hnrrbi or Walker .. Tijitoii ... Mosley ... Craig .... Locke .. Saliba .... Pew. LE t/r Ui . c RG LH RIJ Mcsslck .. Maynrd .... Miller Coke Whltuwdi Fells . . . Mcnuc ... Russell Price (c) Parker Kirksuy Season Tickets Good For Thanksgiving Game Season tkkeli ulll be goud for the Thankcglvlng Day football came, It ivus stated Iw'lay. Some doubt Is said lohuvi'ox r isled among jimchiiicr.s of «;«con tickets us to whether tholr ilucats entitled them to admittance to (omonovv'i classic, since 1119 Tin key Day opimnenU of tlio Chicks weie Mil to be nanicci when the tickets wcie sold •« 'By aiTY Grayson OSCEOLfl PLflfS [LEVEL The 982 Wrong Club » • * , * * ':' ' : ' , •' t/ '- , ' ' Get iulo the Gridiron Game of,Guessing' $iimw : s •• Mississipi olakc At .NEW YORK, Nov. 20. — BlISC- Irall's funniest act—Allrock niul Schacht—dclhiitcly Is biokcn up, , with Schacht folJoning Joe Croiilii , lorn Washington , to Boston. ••;•'•: Nick Allrock and Al Scluichl went, on entertaining American League ciovfds' for several years niter they had discontinued siwak- Jae. Intimates could not reconcile Uiem, • and they flnnlly quit working toeqether. ••Many reasons .were advanced for the break between the grizzled left-hand pitching hero of Chicago's Hitless Wonders of 190B mid his younger and creative partner. It generally was ascribed to one ol them punching too hard in portraying their , version of the tils- lorle long count given Gene Tuii- r.ey in Chicago, but Schachl, now explains that it It was due to a property, man's, mistake. Duo, la the slipup Schacht tlncw '.'anil banged Altrock on the chin with a real ball instead of a trick one. Apologies offered by Schacht were brushed aside, and the tcud was born. Subtle in Baseball, Too Schachl is immediately pleased *itl) the switch to the Red Sox, if for no other reason than lie preferred to remain with Croiiin. Schacht is vastly more • titan ft clown in a baseball uniform, although he continually pulled antics during his pitching days. His favorite story is his ringing n ten- cent bounding rocket inlo a game i.e was pitching for Reading r.gainsl Baltimore in 1022 and retiring the side. Schacht is blessed with the frculty of being able to impart his pitching knowledge lo youngsters. His judgment,, in Iho third base coach's box is rnrc. When Cronin was InnipaclUitcd last fall, ho and Clark Crirrillt showed what they thought of Gchachl by placing him-in charue of the Senators at the start of lliclr last western trip. Schacht, who has a"n answer lor everything, explains (his-by sny - ing that the club was so riddled by injuries that only a clown could have laughed ft off. Warner's Newts I "Greatest" Pop .Warner, wlio tutored both repeatedly has Kiicl that Ernie Nevcrs was superior to Jim 'J horpc. Now the \clcran asserts that Dale SmucUer, 218-pound sopho- moie of his undefeated Temple Otus is a better fullback than Nevcrs In SmucKlcr'.s cane, Warner Is ceconded bj Hairy Stuhldrehcr, cue of Ihe Immortal Pour Horsemen of Nolle Dame and Villanova strategist, who calls, the Philadelphia team's chief rcoriug flueat he nnest. line crasher he's seen In his coaching career * • • -. • Yale's amazing \iclory over Princeton nas recened with , UO re. lejoicing llian any other record-[ td In years.- , «;••••' And there was talk o[ 'llie'Tiger having outgrown Ihs Big Three, j As one icnouned coach renla'rk- ( ed, "I got a bigger kick out of il 1 than If i had played myself." , < Fiiiz Crisler's schedule didn't s even meet with the approval or Princeton undergraduates. ' I-iUXOBA. Ark. — u-icrola iitnl Luxorii clash In Una,- triulll.lomU Tn«"Kst'lvliiB Day football battle here tomorrow uHernoon, cUulliu: at 2:30 o'clock. The championship «r south MlE sisslppl county will |, c at. Miike. Hie Luxpni Cioldcn Panthers liave won (i tiimra and lost 2 while Hie Seiiilnolrs Imvc «- OJ1 4 ^nd l«it 4. Willie tho Luxorii Icain on its record rales H S thf favoring the stroiiu Shavvncc eleven miikcs the (jiimc here appear a loss-tin. Ltu-orn 1ms won the past two years. Tliu Luxora football (juceii will be crowned In an impressive cer- be performed just be- GAMK Aliibiima- VaiideiMIl Colgate- Duke N. Carolina Stulc Fordham Neiv York U. G. Washington- Oklahoma Nebraska- Kansas Slate Pennsylvania- Cornell PllUtburijh- C«rnej;lc 'J'ecli Siilnt Mnry'ii- Orogon Teniplc- Iluckncll Tcniie.'j.scc- Kcntucky Tcxas- TCXIIS A. & M. U. c. L. A. fxiyolu Hxis rtngclc.s) amh- Ulnh Stulc Wnsh, & Jeircrson West Virginia Army- Navy llaylor- HK'C i!o:jlon College- Holy Cross IJe|.rolt- Wash. Btiile licuetshi- Cii'orgla Tecli Ocorectown- Wudtern Maryland Utuisliniu 6LuU'.- '1'ulanc fa'i>. C'alirornla- Wajshlneton &>. Mclhodlsl- '1'exiis Christian HARRY GKAYiJQN TICKS 'JOCK AlJ'lHtKI.AM) I'lCKS THUHSDAY, NOV. 2!) (T Alabaiiia 21-7 Coliiafj 21-7 1. Car. State 14.7 I'ordhani 13-0 Oklahoma 7-0 Ncbraskn J3-7 Cornell 13-10 1'itt.sburyh 21-0 14-1 Col Rate . 21-7 Duke 21-0 Fordham 13-0 . Washington 7-0 Nebraska 13-7' 10-7 lluckneil 13-7 Tennessee 21-7 Toxus ai-o Arkansas H-7 U. C. L. A. H-7 Utah Slate H-7 Wash. & Jelf. 7-0 10-3 Pittsburgh 14-0 Saint Mary's 7-0 Temple .. i ,. 20-0 Tennessee 21-7 Texiis ' 21-0 Arkansas ll-l 0, L. 14-7 Utah H-7 West Virginia ' 7-0 U A, t'OUKIKK S'KWti RTS KDI PICKS VINC' DAY) /Alabama 21-0 Colgate 21-0 .Bukc •H-0 FoiTllinin If-C G. Wtfltineton 7-0 Nebraska 13-0 I'cjiiisylvanla H-7 Pittsburgh 18-0 Sulnt Mary'a 10-0 ' Temple '.' 18-0 Tunnesscu Texas 13-0 Arkansas U. O, L. A. H- (I Utah W. Virginia fi-0 VOU PICK SATURDAY, 1)U<;. \ ; Ilice 30-0 Jloly C'i'uss 1Q-0 \Viish. Stale 20-7 W. Maryland 20-7 Louisiana tiUilc H-7 Washington H-7 So. Wclhodlsl 2t-0 "Navy 10-7 nice, 30-0 ' Holy Cross 10-(l Wash, Btuto 20-7 Georgia M-U \V. Maryland 20-7 Tnliinii 14-li Wushiiiutcn 7-0 So. Methodist 21-0 / Navy 1-0 liice ia-u Holy Cross Wnsli. Sliitc ' '18-0 tieoiBia H-0 W. Maryland . 13-11 Louisiana BluLs; 14-6 bo Cihfoinli I 1-0 So. MethuiiisL 18-0 fore the eumc- o|>ens. Conch Herbert Bchwarlz or the 1'nnlhcrs and Coach Jim Pickrwi of the Seminolcs are .caoli anxious lor their teams lo close the WJItlci Voims! H8 LT HO Wrighl 150 RE IV Seagrnvcii 135 Qli H7 Oldlinm [30 Lll 1C1 S(.oU Chlsenhall 145RH13S McCluialilui Taylor 158 PB la? PeiiiioiKe Officials: Murray (Hcndm), ret ercu; Sanderson (Arkansas State , umpire; Smead (Vandci- Wlt) head linesman; Urayhlcf (U T. Doctors) tleld judge. tolfeis Thaiik-stiMii Ayrci idrlnglpn Henson 'ollard B. Ayres .uto with plijeis lo select Ihci bctueen 75 incl 85 strokes The event will be in chaige of 147 -HO HB FoisylilC Read Courier News Want Ms. Country Club Golfers In Blind Bogey Event A blind bogey event mil In. lielt for Blyihevitte Through the Courtesy of FLY FOR 5c! THANKSGIVING DAY THIS TRI.MOTOR FORD AIRLINER QUICK LAMPS New type floor , and Table Lamps Choice 9 PIECE SOLID OAK PINING SUITE Other Table Lamps up to 4.95 Bridge and Junior Lamps $4.95 - $6.90 - $9.75 MATTRESSES 55 Pound Itel Valuu $795 r»0 Pound, All Culloji Jlaltross . 95 Inner -Sjiriiiif fllal- LrcsH, Ui'intblu, • .'Guiiraniccd Soaly Innei' Spring Msiltl'L'SSCS, • ?3i).50 To $1075 $ 13 95 $19 BED SPRINGS 9D coil, ^double deck, ,r<ai Kuimt Kaii^o, ]|c,l^^ usl nun (hioul No. 7 C.isl linn Couk lixda Sputuil at 0 value at Special Coil Spring Best Wire Coils Iluavy Coil -Sprin Sturdy Frame 2 i95 $C75 S E<|iupped Wit Attiactive i $2.95 ti Metal Stands^ Assorted Coif A New WOOL RUGS Beautiful New Designs PRICES 9 A,M, .|o 9:15 A.M.-.. 5c 9:15 to 9:30 A.M, 25c &:30 to 11 A.M, 50c 11 A,M, to 3 P.M. ...75c 3 P.M. lo Midnighl..$1.00 COMU EARLY rl Repair Svruicv for All-Makes of Cars~H< Wc Us Prepare Your Car for Winter Driving PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. ' "Watch Hie Fords Go liy" $47.50 Value , Mohawk Rugs'**? Full a. x 12 jizc, Mohav.-l: AxniinlEtcr. Only a special purchase could mate pDi- fiblc this cutstiintlinj vain.'. 9 x 12 Seamiest Axminster .9x12 Blffelow-Sanford Exlm Quality $2750 $0050 liwiirliful Chenillu GES [lain exterior, a burners, sn- I' baking oven, |'EC range that | satisfy y o il r baking need. 50 16 ATLANTlHWGES 18 inch oven, i large fire box j with cxlra heavy ! duplex unites, i cast iron through! out; best buker, . A Fine Value At 29 75 1126.50 1.95 SMOkE fllNDS I'ays lf.50 $1.25 : • ;. _ • J ,.'.•' -i ••;,.-. You have made these prices possible because of 'the unusual volume of; business during September and October. During those months we actually handled and sold 5 Car'Loads of furniture-and during November and December we will have received and sold an additional 5 car loads. The Reason— •'> • ; • ' . ' Good Furniture Moderately Priced We are, therefore, grateful to all who made this possible, and these Specials wili enable you to use your CASH and secure the greatest values possible in your household supplies. A visit to our store rooms'.will convince you of the unusual advantages in buying during the next'three'weeks. LIVING ROOM Only 75 ROCKERS EXTRA SPECIAL d In Tuix'.slij and Vi'lonr. c .springs supporting icat, bought siKclally for you. A bountiful, InrBc, massive solid oak Olnliij; 'Suite : with.. Reflector Top Table, Huiret. CJifnii cabinet and aix Clinlis, Will last a lifetime. I> I'lm' Illnni'Uc Sulks, ultrui'tlvu X I'lrir VViilnul l-'lnhh »I n I n B Suites, ;>s low us $109 !) Picte Walnut Vcuecr Suile«, beautiful styles. 50 High Hack Rocker CAR A Deautlful Tapestry, well constrnclcd, vU«IU u spcclnl puitlmse lets yon li.uc u regulnr $12 value lor Q 46 50 47 50 79 DUNCAN FIFE SUITE 129 n Piece Wiilnul Vehccr Dmtciin Fife 'fable, six chairs, millet and China Cabinet to nmlcli. 50 Oilier Keaulifitl Rockers $6.90 $7.90 $8.90 Maple Rockers $1.75 BREAKFAST ROOM SUITES liXTUA SPHClAb—5 I'lctc, CJrulnwl Ouk Drop. Lent Table and :12 piccu set of Ch1niiwnrt> or 'J(i pieces kntvcJ', lorks • niul SIIOOILS lor ."only Occasional Chairs $4.95 up l''or liciiiiliful 2- Piece AIJ- Ovtr, Mohair M'iccc Kiiile, Tapestry i Upholstering •iii Hio|i Lent Tublc with foui 1 .chulrs lo millcU "( isralacd oiik only 85c KITCHEN CABINETS FELT BASE RUGS A special purchase-of urcun inid Ivoiy Kitchen C.ibincts 'Ihcy \vill . sell In a regular way at' $20.60. !»\ 12, Value 195 2-l'kct, All Mohair 3-|»lKCK LLOYD Ikst Grade and Value FIBRE SUITE 29 75 74 50 33 MIRRORS CEDAR $1 O.t h c r urctii )nd ivory'Diil)- )ncls priced up fionv While- and green Metal Utility 'Cabin- els, JO 90 to Good- quality Po'icelalu Top Tables for only - $095 $0 OCCASIONAL TABLES Many n e \v types shown in tliu mobt pupulai stylus. (i«l(l Still II \ 12 rcll li.iht Kuj; $795 14 *j * I rt 6f Arm'sfronj/ Slnnduitl 11-,'U 15, Social 90 Atmsliung (Jn.ikor ',) x 12 $J95 Ainihlrtmp; Standard !l-;i\12, Special $075 U 1 Armstrong Quaker' Jl-;J\12, Special 175 Burnished and Mottled Frames Plate Glass Mirrors Fancy Cat Mirrors I 25 3 75 BEDS Heavily. 'made with 2 Inch Iron 1'osls. All Colors All Walnut Veneer Models Beautiful Designs INCH , 5 , N(H 14 25 CROSLE Y •RADIOS Standard JJnMtlwiBt, Diuil Range, ,md Icr.v Models oSfr tht world's greatest values beginning wiih (he Xlrosley Fiver at 19" •Amiruan I oreitfn ;md All Wa\c Models at Lowest J'ncci, in History, beginning nith Crosley Sixly-One AF'ai » 5 Armstrong Quaker 11-3x15 - $13.25 BEDROOM 3-Piece Walnut Veneer Suite r liD.iutliui :i iilcfc w.'ilniil Vr.nccr Sullr, l;nuj)il csjicflally fur this event. iSs limp us Ihcy Usl, only S/IT75 45 Every Day A Sales Dag CHAS. S. LEM Good furniture Moderately Priced BLYTHEVILLE, : ARKANSAS New 3-Piece SUITES Our Leader 3-l'ir.CB AVAl.NUT VKNKIJH StllTK A Inrgc,-massive and nmst ntti-aclivc 3 piece Suite </ Walniil Vencei-. Woul<| bs n bargain nt a J20 lilsjlicr liricc. 49 75 MODEHN1SIIC 4-P1ECE SUITE 1 piece Moilcinlsllc . Sull^ walnut, vcnccr. Selling now at the price of a'Gum Buite. 1'rlced'low-at

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