Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida on December 12, 1944 · 10
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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida · 10

St. Petersburg, Florida
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 12, 1944
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31 hs U f C"? 2W 10 THE ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1M4 ET"3 j" 4 IV n n The 1945 Green Devil basketball team, a question mark even to Coach Fred Geneva, will make an early bow tonight, tackling Florida Military Academy's Cadets at 8 p.m. on the high school court. Tonight's game is the first of two pre-holiday tilts which should give Geneva a chance to size up his inexperienced squad prior to meeting Big Ten foes early in January. Missins from last year's team, which advanced as far as the second round of the state tournament, are John Giese Ralph DeMoney, Buster Horton, Gene Gatewood, IW1KC JCucUT tiviuiiiy xvciiiicu SERVICE, TT 1 f ALL-AM ERIGATBx C --,v rVY OTTO GRAHAM A .let I A, K i-: J.; 1 . .A xA -y " - ' - BILl DUDLEY X r""uV f K , , Randolph field , "V V I ' ) r. - jt lw.-J , . NvW JOHN WOUDENBERG ' i f ' ? V,' 3 " Sf. Mcry's Pr.-f.ghi "f , t S J " V " - - V I t -' C, A j - - - c.of j ,j;Ud W , . v f I k"" ' JACK RUSSELL-1 5 V i " ! if I Randolph Field . . & " 1 - iirvnmi- ffir tfiiiffivri ,&t f X 4 -3 3 NICK SUSOEFF S . ' V . V CHARLEY TRIPPI Second A.r fort. 1 I : ''S Third Air force t GARRARD RAMSEY Batnbridgt RUSSELL LETLOW Camp Peary GEORGE STROHMEYER LEN ESHMONT if .J I o. ri:k ki tun JOE STYDAHAR feef Cify NTS Ncivy Pieces IFour o AP Service All -America; Trippi Dim Llcicl ctoe Id By ORLO ROBERTSON', Associated Press Sports Editor NEW YORK. Gridiron stars who earned their marks on professional and college football fields make up the As- 1944 AP Service All-America Position IMayer and Team IU. Wt. College x-E Sgt. Jack Russell, Randolph Field 6-1 215 Baylor T Lt. (jg) Joseph Stydahar. Fleet City NTS 6-4 260 West Va. x-G Garrard Ramsev, Sp(A)lc, Bainbridge 6-1 195 Wm. & M. C Cadet George Strohmeyer, la. Pre-Flight 5-9 205 Tex. A, M. G Russell Letiow, CSP, Camp Pearv 6-2 230 San Fran. T Ens. John Woudenberg, St. Marys Pre-Flt. 6-3 220 Colo. Col. E 2nd Lt. Nick Susoeff, Second Air Force 6-1 210 Wash. Sta. xx-B Cadet Otto Graham, N. C. Pre-Flight 6-0 190 N'thw'st'n B Sgt. Charles Trippi, Third Air Force 5-11 185 Georgia B Lt. William Dudley, Randolph Field 6-0 185 Virginia x-B Lt. Leonard Eshmont, Norman NAB 5-11 180 Fordham x-Selected on 1943 All-Service Team. xx-Selected on 1943 All-College Team. Second Team ENDS Lt. Charles Perdue. St. Marys Pre-Flight (Duke) and Pvt. Kenneth Whitney, Ft. Warren (Xavier of New Orleans). TACKLES Vic Schleich Sp2c, Iowa Pre-Flight (Nebraska) and Donald Cohenour, BMlc, Ft. Pierce Naval Base (Texas). GUARDS Harold Jungmichael, CSP, San Diego Naval Training Center (Texas) and Morris Klein, AS, Great Lakes (Miami). CENTER Pvt. Thomas Robertson, Randolph Field. BACKS 2nd Lt. Jack Jacobs, Fourth Air Force (Oklahoma); Charles Justice. SP(A)2c. Bainbridge; Lt. Glenn Dobbs, Second Air Force (Tulsa); and Ens. William Daley, Ft. Pierce (Minnesota and Michigan). Sixth Bond Drive Reaches $81,275 at Shuffle Club By MAE BARBER Mirror Lake Shuffleboard club's Sixth War Loan committee has worked hard and sales to date amount to $81,275. Will members kindly purchase their bonds at the club. There is a table in the lounge where a member will help fill out your application. BUY BONDS, BROTHER. I Club championship tournament is drawing to a close. Carl Spill- sociated Press Service All-America for 1944 a team that includes seven men' who wear the insignia of Uncle Sam's Navy and four from the Army Air Force. MAJORS TO BE RULED TEMPORARILY BY HARRIDGE, O'CONNOR AND FRICK NEW YORK JP) Major league baseball will be temporarily ruled by a three-man committee composed of President Ford Frick of the National league, President Will Harridge of the American league and Leslie M. O'Connor, secretary to the late K. M. Landis. That was decided at a joint meeting of the steering committees of the two majors who also announced immediate termination of the major league agreement which set up the office of commissioner and provided for a two-league committee to draw up a new agreement on which at least a preliminary report must be ready for review at the February meetings, probably the first Tuesday in the month. In any event a new commissioner eventually will be named. Coast Guard Wins Second In Cage Loop Coast Guard collected its second win in as many starts last night when they defeated Maritime Station, 40-26, in an Inter-Service league basketball game at the YMCA. In the other half of the double bill, Army Transport rolled over 4501st Pinellas, 51-31. Stevens nabbed 15 points to lead the Guardsmen while Rene Vallaincourt's 12 were high for the Mariners. High point honors for the evening went to Wray of Army Transport who hit the hoop for 20. Thursday's double-header pits the Pinellas Warhawlcs against Don Ce-Sar at 7 p.m. and the All-Stars against the Liberators at 8 p.m. Box scores: COAST GUARD MARITIME Aihfelt.f 3 1 1 1 PUyer f. f. tp. l'liyet ft. t. tp. UUy.l 3 1 7 Steiftis.f & S 15Va!llnrourt,f f 0 1! Reckrrf 1 0 i.Mrlnnli.c 1 1 5 Znllari.o 2 0 4 Hirtlrr,! 0 0 0 Meyer. c 0 0 0 1 Helrhtrl.p 0 0 0 BiiM.I 3 0 6 ;Hrlmrkr,( 1 0 2 Wilson, f 0 0 0 Van Knile 0 0 0 Bemquial.t .1:1 41 Long.g 0 0 01 Trillin lit 8 401 T.mll 12 .1 26 ARMY TRANSPORT 450 1ST PINELLAS 1-Uyfr fg. t. IP. I PUyer Ig. f. tp. Rucinrr.f 1 0 iiDillt.f 4 1 i CiM-y.f 4 0 Slkrs.f 0 0 0 Miurrt f i 0 4 Arnold.f 14 1 Wrty.f 1U 0 20ll,ej)pto.f 0 0 0 llarry.c 4 0 8 Wll.on.c 4 0 8 Itaynnm.e 0 0 0;Kakln.t 0 0 0 Mi'lllrli.g 1 1 SIAUbot.l lit Knlrwethrr.g t 0 4 1 Kmlmin I 1 0 2 1 1 Tola)! !J 1 ill Total! 13 5 31 man, aeiending champ who is undefeated, will play Bess Geist this afternoon and his final game tomorrow will be against Olive ' McArthur. Lou Michener and Olive McArthur are the runners-up with seven wins and two losses while Mary Reams and Catherine Babcock trail with six and three. Today's line-up: Carl vs. Bess; Jim Rice vs. Jim Gal lery; Mrs. H. C. Harlan vs. Babcock; Ollie vs. Reams; Michener vs. C. E. Taylor and Pearl Elliott vs. R. E. Benner. Entries for the husband and wife tournament which will get under way in a few days include Mr. and Mrs. John Gibbons, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Mapes, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Harlan, Mr. and Mrs, A. Krausman, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hirst, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Martin, Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Zickgraf, Mr, and Mrs. William Shultz. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sherman. Mr. and Mrs. G. Dahlstrom, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Spillman, Mr. and Mrs, Harry S. Fagan, Mr. and Mrs. Chisrles H. Michael, Dr. and Mrs. C. F. Shumate, Mr. and Mrs. A, Welcome and Dr, and Mrs. W. C. Marsh. AROUND THE GROUNDS: A lead of 2,690 points was scored by Messrs. Haynes, Hewitt, Trotter and Wright, as Blacks, in the stag team-of-four duplicate contract oontest Saturday . . . Mrs. B. M. Maxwell had the high score of 3,940 in last Saturday night's four table progressive contract game Yesterday 81 Red Cross workers folded 2.200 surgical dressings ai the club. Hich scorers in the Mondav duplicate Game: Mrs Gross and Charles Semisch, 6fi7 Mrs. A. S. Wills and Ernest Wil will give a concert. Arthur Richards will be the vocal soloist and Dr. Bradford will play his mas ical saw , . . One of the best things that ever happened at Mirror Lake was when Robbins made a long table and painted three checker boards on it. There are more kibitzers than players around it. P. T. Applegate, an old member, is an expert. He plays checkers every day and advises his opponent what he plans to do yet he always brings home the bacon. GULFPORT CLUB now has 85 members. A round robin' singles tournament will start this afternoon at 2.30 o'clock, Contestants; J. E. Storms, F, M. Berge. E. I. Swan, T. C. Gleaton. Joe Wilber. H. E. Stomm, J. A. Lulkenhaus, H. C. Gore, G. W. Cole, O. Mathews. Albert Allen. G. S. McAfee. J. Edmonds. Frank Zollner. G. Thurwachter, Mrs. J. E. Storms. Mrs. F. M. Berge. Mrs. W. E. Hern, Mrs. G. W. Cole, Mrs. Maude Marsh and Mrs. Albert Allen. Ruark Killed ATHENS, Ga.W') Staff Sgt. Walter Ruark, former all-south eastern football star at the Uni versity of Georgia, has been killed in action in Germany, the war department informed his wife. Ruark was alternate captain of the 1942 Georgia team and played on me varsity tor three years. Picked from some of the strongest teams assembled in recent years after a nation-wide survey of expert opinion, the lineup gives a coach everything he would desire deadly blocking and tackling in a line averaging 219 pounds, and speed, drive and accurate passing in a ba. kfield that tips the scales at an average of 185. This array of players hails from 10 teams with two of the spots going to Randolph Field's undefeated outfit. From the professional ranks come such established stars as Lt. (jg) Joe Stydahar of the Fleet City, Cal., Bluejackets; Russell Letiow, chief specialist from Camp Peary, Va.; Lt. Bill Dudley of Randolph Field, and Lt. Leonard Eshmont of the Norman, Okla., naval air base. Dudley also earned college All-America spurs at the University of Virginia before graduating to the pro ranks in Pittsburgh. The other former college All-Americas are North-western's Otto Graham, triple threat star of North Carolina Pre-Flight, and Garrard Ramsey, a tower of strength in the Bainbridge Naval Base line after leaving William and Mary. Eshmont, who played at Ford- ham and later with the New York Giants, also made the 1943 All- Service team along with Sgt. Jack Russell, Randolph Field's great end. A year ago, however. Esh mont was with Del Monte Pre-Flight and Russell was stationed at Blackland air field in Texas The backfiold lines up with Graham, Dudlev, Eshmont and Sgt. Charles Trippi of the Third Air Force, who was headed for great things at Georgia before donning khaki. Graham, at 190 pounds, is the heaviest of the quartet and Eshmont the lightest at 180. Teaming with Russell at the ends is second Lt. Nick Susoeff. who played four years at Washington State before joining the Second Air Force. The tackles are 32 -year -old Stydohar, a 260-pounder who played with the Chicago Bears, and Ens. John Woudenberg, who at 220 pounds has been a mainstay in the St. Mary's Pre-Flight line. He received his training at Colorado College. Ramsey is the lightest man on the line at 195 pounds but opponents say they seldom dared to gain through his guard position. And the same goes for Russ Letiow, who, although 30 years of age. made his 230 pounds felt In the eause of Camp Peary. He played for Green Bay as a pro. George Strohmeyer. the All Service center, has the unique dis tinction of playing with two teams but it was at Iowa Pre-Flight that he earned his reputation as the greatest service center in the country. Early in November he was transferred to Norman, Okla.. where he played equally as well for the Zoomers. The combination of Graham. Dudley, Trippj and Eshmbnt is one in which each man can do everything on a football field. . GREYHOUND RESULTS MOMIAV SKiHT, DKC. U Krr No. 241 tnlurity 47 Oil Str, Fin. 1 1-2 1-4 2 2-4- 6-6-3- 2- 1 3- 1 J 4- i 1:1 7-li 7- 8- Boyle's red-fawn Silver Zephyr-Bei- Ind. Don. Wt. UUl Silver Kitty, Ml Koxy H. DM I'll) Rjinan. 57 s-'03 Jack Lintly, 66 :..'( I l arMair a, ai ISO Hilly, 61 821)0 Normality. 44 1B4 Dusty Tate, B41 Time. 30 2-5. Winner : James E, b., May 24, 1813; daunt. Win Place Show Silver Kitty $10.80 S 4.60 $3.60 Roxy II 11.40 6,60 Roman 3.40 Qulniela (2-7) paid $119.80. Kace No. 242 Futurity (First Halt ot Daily Double) Ind. Dc(f. Wt. P. Oft Str. Fin. 213 Pr'ceac O Rouke, 56 5 3 1-li 1-3 S..HI miss L,eta. i2t 224 Gallant Heart, 64 213 Cadet Roll. 65 222 Smoky Dude, 59 s204 Pokalon. 73 212 All Question. 58 212 C iol Smoke, 60 Time. 30. Winner: Jeannette C. ht indie-white b., April 7 down, Imp.-Sand Baby. Win Place Show Primes O' Rouke .. $9.20 $4.20 $3.40 Miss Leta 4.80 3.40 Gallant Heart Rare No, 24.1 .1-16 Mile (I. a it Halt ot Dally Double) 1-5 4- 2-5-3-6-7- Hui No. 246 Futurity Ind. Dok. Wt. P. Oft Str. Fin 227 Laddie's Friend, 66 i 5 173 uurksier. bat 4 229 Jeannie Bee, 51 4 182 Haunting- Melody 531 2 312 Just A Rose. 63 8 216 Boston Darling. 51 6 225 Mischief Roll, 681 7 223 Gay Andy, 60 1 Time. 2 4-s. Winner: James E. Boyle's brindle doa;. Anril 2. 1941: My Laddie-Beldaunt. win nace onow Laddie's Friend .... $9.20 $3.80 $3.20 Buckster 8.00 2.80 Jeannie Bee 7.00 Quiniela (3-5) paid $10.80. ace jo. m a-1 roue 2-1 n 5- 2 6- 1 7- 1 8- Kauan's blue 1941; t'pside- 6.40 3- 1-3 5- 4- 7- 6- 8- Ind, JDim, Wt. P. Off Str, 24 Kural Twinkle. 46i 2 12- 224 Skinny Easy, 51 8 213 Just Cricket, 57 7 212 Lady Patch. 52 J 6 222 Wayne Lee. 60 1 212 First Request. 584 4 212 Dutch Trent, 61 3 220 Multfie Andrew. 47 5 Time, 33 2-5. Winner: W. R .Tanuith's brindle b.. May 12, 1941; Rural Rube-Twinkle Glee. Win Place Show Rural Twinkle $17.20 $7,110 $4.4(1 Skinny r.asv ,. 6.40 Just Cricket Daily double (5-2) paid $58.40. Uuiniela (2-8) paid $(0,40. Kace No. 214 .VI 8 Mile Ind Dor. Wt. P. Off Str. 217 Mack Mcintosh, 62 3 2 1-4 217 Larene. 53 4 6 3- 221 Nottingham. 54 1 3 2- 23 Illustrious J m. 62 ft 5 4- 214 Social Life 50 3 4 6- :m Vera Mcintosh. 52 7 1 5- 201 Rapier. 56 8 7 7- Time. 33 1-5. Winner: H. H. Chamberlln's white brindle dog. Julv 28. 1943; Upside dawn. Imp. -Just Vera. Win Place Show Mack Mcintosh $.'..S0 $120 $2.20 Larene 4 60 Nottingham (Juimeia (2 4) paid 112.40. Rare No. S4.V-ft-IS Mile STRIKE CLOSES SCHOOLS GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. 1 rour city schools were closed Veslerriav hv n uallrnut rt main. Linden ;tenance employes and a union spokesman predicted the entire school system will be closed hv Fin. 1- l 2- 3- 1 4- 2 5- i 6- 1 7- 2 8- 4.60 7.40 Fin 1-1 2-1 3-n 4- 6 5- 1 6- 1 7- .40 2.20 1-4 2- 1 3- 4- r 5- 1 B-l 7-3 8- Ind. Dog. Wt. 219 Ticker, 56 215 Reclaimer, 66 209 War Revenue, 69 216 War X, 58 219 Smoky Ben, 65 226 Claque, 55 219 Count Jimmy In, 54 236 Fawn Side. 58i Time, 33. Winner: Mrs. Iva don. Oct. P. Off Str. Fin. 7 1 1-3 1-1 2 2-1 : 5-11 8-1 - 7-1 8- Pollock's fawn 14. 1939: Tempest-Semlnude. Win Place Show Ticker $10.40 $ 6.20 $ S.40 Reclaimer 30.00 14.UO War Revenue 4.00 Qulniela (3-7) paid $14.40. Hare No. 248 5-1 Mile Ind. Do. Wt. P. Off Str, Fin. ')')7 Warr'a K Slirht S3 2 2 2- 1-2 228 Sammie Nancy. oOi 5 1 1-1 2-" 228 Caciaue. 54t 4 6 4- S-M 218 Perry. 734 1 3 3- 4-1 239 Jolly Lassie, 51 6 5 5- 6 JIM Nediana 52 7 4 7-6 218 Queen T, 52 3 8 6- -l 219 All Over 11, 65 8 7 8- 8- Winner: Bl'arkwell Kennels' lieht fawn don. Feb. 8 1942; Fawn Warrior- Mniintnin Mist Win Place Show Warrior's B. Sight.. $7.00 $ 5.60 $1.80 Sammie Nancy .... 17.40 . Caciaue 8.00 Quiniela (2-5) paid 7.so. Rare No. r ntiinty i In an official release from both circuits, Frick read the following resolution: Whereas, the major league agreement of Jan. 12, 1921, under which the office of commissioner of baseball was created and has functioned expires by its terms on January 12, 1945, and whereas the office of commissioner has become vacant due to the death of Kenesaw M. Landis, therefore be it resolved: 1. That all the powers and duties of the commissioner and the advisory as provided in the major league agreement of Jan. 12, 1921, are hereby conferred and henceforth shall be exercised by a major league advisory council to consist of the president of the National league, the president of the American league and Leslie M. O'Connor. In case of a division of opinion within the council a decision of the majority shall be controlling, except that in any case involving a player claim against the club or league, the two league presidents shall have no vote but such case shall be decided by the third member of the council. 2. In case Leslie M O'Connor shall at any time be unable or unwilling to serve as the third member of the council the selection of his successor shall be made by the two league presidents. 3. Such major league advisory council shall continue to exercise the powers and duties of the office of commissioner until a new major league agreement shall be entered into between each of the major leagues and each constituent club of each major league, which agreement shall provide for a commissioner of baseball. 4. The major league agreement of Jan. 1, 1921, is hereby terminated. The two major leagues also took joint action to establish what will be known as the Landis memorial awards. They will go to the most valuable player selections in the two leagues, made by the committee of the Baseball Writers' Association of America. The writers will be asked to name a committee to select a suitable and proper award for each league the award to be standard from year to year. Pinellas Cagers To Meet Gators GAINESVILLE OP) The Florida Gators, re-entering col legiate basketball following a years absence, play their first game of a tentative 20-game schedule tomorrow night with a squadron quintet from the Cedar Keys air-sea rescue base, director of athletics Percy Beard said yes terday. Florida s second game will be played here Friday night with the Gator five meeting a highly touted Pinellas Mustang team from the Pinellas army air field at St. Petersburg. Conference games have been tentatively scheduled with Auburn and the University of Geor gia, Beard disclosed but said exact dates have not yet been worked out. The squad will round out the major portion of its schedule with service teams in eluding a two-game exchange with the Jacksonville naval air station Jan. 27 and Feb. 10. Ind. Doe. Wt. 214 Larry Pal. 58 217 Short Charlie. 59 225 Look Rieht. 63 217 Maxine M'Intosh. 56 217 Shawn Michael, bS 214 Aussie Sneoial, 54 174 Able Pall. 72 214 Fine Life. 54 P. Off Str. Fin. 1 1 1-1 !- 8-4- 5-2-7-6-8- 2-1 3-' 4.04 5-2 6-1) 7-1 8- Tlm 50 Winner: Mrs. Elena A. Royle's liKht brindle doe. May 18. 1943; Larry lA.r.) TOnlliro.Ualen Cutlet Win Place Show Larry Pal $10.80 $5.20 $5.40 Short Charlie .... 5.20 5.80 Look Rieht 8.00 Quinie'a (1-7) paid 25 60 Rare No. i' o-i Mile Ind Tos Wt "19 Re,( WhtJ! S5 15 Red AI. 61 215 Jovial Jack. 60 '15 Crafty Clerk, 72 1S4 Tate. 62 "01 Mischief. 53 "19 .lobniiv Rush 65 21 r Com. fin Time. 32 4-5. Winner- D. CaHaehan's red h,, July 10. 10'9: Red Whisk-'iss Flack Win Place Show r?c,l Whii $10.00 S7fii $5.60 Red 41 7 60 3 40 Jovial Jack . , Quiniela (5-S) paid $1 P. Off Str 5 2 1-2 3 1 4 5 9 7 6 2- 3-4-5-S-7-6- (0. Fin 1- 2 2- i 3- 4- 1 5- 1 fi-1 7-1 8- 7.00 P. Off Str. Fin 2 8 2- l-l 3- 1-1 4- fi- 7- 5- 8- 2-1 3- 1 4- 5- 1 fi- 7-2 8- Ind. Dog. Wt. 211 Lucky Tin, 61 "Oi v ctorv Shot, S3 "20 Queen's Qualitv, 47 "31 Rremla Lu. 47 11 Southern Mist M ""O Plork Poster, 61 "20 Zuma. 53 "11 Kinir's Rnture, 59 1 HUT", U . . - Winner: Mrs, Fna A. Royle red brindle do. Msv is. 1913: Larry (A. P. Helen Cutlet. Win Place Show T uckv Tin $7.80 $3 40 $" m vu(n, cw 2 60 ?."0 Gue!is Quality 2 60 Quiniela ("-51 paid 1 0 Air Forces' Post-Season Games "Out I ' WASHINGTON (JP) Increased demands for war production yesterday flattened any possibility of army air forces football teams playing post-season games. Answering month-old requests for such games, the war department announced that "circumstances will prevent extension of the air forces football season beyond their championship game in New York, Dec. 16." "This game, played under-auspices of the Sixth War Loan with all proceeds turned over to army charity, will decide the army service championship," the statement said. A war department source later said that the game, which will match the Randolph Field (Texas) Ramblers and the Second Air Force Superbombers (Colorado) is "not a special, added or post-season game." "The thing that really put the quietus on this bowl business," a spokesman said, "is that the war department does not want to be placed in the position of doing anything that might be interpreted as encouraging absentee ism when production demands are at a peak." The war departments an nouncement definitely cancels participation by army teams in projected Oil and Sun Bowl games in Houston and El Paso, Texas. Houston, counting on Randolph Field as one-half of its January 1 attraction, had launched a bond-selling campaign in connection, while El Paso had announced that the Second Air Force eleven would play in its New Year's day game. Forming the nucleus of the 1945 team will be W. D. Revels, Cameron Dowling, Sid Vaughn, Walt Jerkins, Bill Clayton and Jimmy wastry, all of whom saw limited action last season as reserves. Bob Kabeary, a newcomer from Devils Lake, N. D., Bob Hill and Al Rossiter appear certain of varsity berths with three or four posts open on the "A" squad. Dowling and Mastry, who hasn't reported to early practice sessions due to a painful blood clot in his foot, should be the team's hot-shots. Dowling saw little action last year but has shown marked ability to hit the basket and will probably open at one of the forwards. Kabeary has been working as first-string center with Vaughn at the other forward post. Jerkins and Revels have the inside track in the race for the guard slots. With this material. Geneva must tackle an 18-game schedule, the Big Ten, West Coast and possibly the state tournament. Lack of experience is the big bugaboo but most of the Devils' opponents are faced with the same situation. Hillsborough's Terriers seem the strongest of the locals regular-season foes, with lettermen Rene Alvarez, Angus Williams, Joe Eckart, Doug Wingate and Al Casey back in the fold. The Devils will be definite favorites tonight, however, as Cadet mentor J. M. Bragan has only two leftovers from last year's team, Juan Vinnamil and Dixon Rogers. A preliminary game between the reserve squads of the two schools will open tonight's festivities at 7 p.m. Saturday the Devils meet St. Leo's on the local court. Christiansen Wins MIAMI (JP) Earl Christiansen of Miami won the low amateur award in the 18-hole playoff of the Miami Open golf tournament when he carded a 75 against an 81 posted by Morgan Bright. Atlanta hotel owner. Christiansen and Bright were tied at 293 each at the end of 72 holes of play and the playoff was ordered to determine the winner. ENTRIES SLAYER CONVICTED DETROIT. (JP) A circuit court jury tonight convicted Robert William Turner, 19, of first degree murder in connec tion with the knife-slaying March 27 of 14-year-old Joyce Raulston. SELECTIONS By Frank Kinselia TODAY'S TIDES Hiih Low St. Petersburg 2 lip t:I :21p Pass-a-Grille 13:llp 5:2Sa 4 21P (ttilfport and Corey Causewav 12 lflp 5:36a 4 29p Sarasota ll:5Ka S:13 4:OHp Rradenton l:2tip :43a 5:3tip Johns pass 12:2tip 5:43a 4:3tip Yankees Get Wade NEW YORK (JP) In a trade of southpaw pitchers, the New York Yankees gave up Johnny Johnson to the Chicago White Sox for Jake Wade. Johnson lost two games without victory while Wade won two compared to four defeats. Browns Sign Gray NEW YORK (INS) Pete Gray, one - armed outfielder of the Memphis club, came to terms with President Donald Barnes for a place with the St. Louis Browns next season. Barnes announced here at the major league meetings. y 2542 Centrol Avt. Phone 6382 Open from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. We Are Featuring Hamburger, Cheeseburger and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Beer and Wines Private Clubroom for Parties $5.00 per Night DANCING NIGHTLY GEORGE JACOBS, Prop. TtKSDAY NIOHT. DEC. 1J 1 1 niit News. Culver Kid. Hertor. 2 Hunter Brawn, Pleasant Rue, Kepaid. S Little Aussie. Hot Kist, Little I.dv. 4 Dan Hall. Shining Sara, Mias Puddln'. 5 Rural Harmony, Jabbering Jett, (iraee, fi Kawnrsa, Daniel, Golden Girl. 7 lrinh Tune. L I t t I Frinreai. Myrt's Pride. S Miney Me, Seventy Six, To Tone. 9 .lolly Bee, Company Commander, Stav Sweet. 10 Srottie'a l.idv. Twinkle Out. Don Robe. BEST BET lrlnh Tone, neventh rare. DAII V D4II BI.K (1-1 Batter Brnwn-t.lHle Auie. TUESDAY NIGHT. DEC. 11 first Race Futurity 220 Culver Kid 191 Will Storm 211 Hector 211 Ha'eye Pr'cesa 221 Last News 181 Show 231 Mav Breeze s209 He's Trouble Second Rare Futurity (First Half of Daily Double) 222 Buster Brown 205 Sangardoe 231 Gay Bubble 230 King'a Girl 231 Scottie Wayne 174 Win 223 Pleasant Rue 231 Kepaia Third Kace futurity (Last Half of Daily Double) s205 Little Aussie 222 Jump High . 222 Hot Kiss 232 Smilin' Thr gtl s206 Catch Caress s205 Little Lady 220 Mister Ques n 8205 JuieDJa Fourth Race Futurity 223 Shining Sara 223 Black Widow 206 Miss Puddin' 223 Silver Treasure 216 Patrol Siren 1S2 Luckv Bump 223 Mutton Doll 1S2 Dan Hall Fifth Race 5-18 Mile 213 Rural Har'ony 233 Breezins Clear 232 Jabherinc Jess 233 Top All 224 Colonel Rex 203 Grace 233 Burnins Dpck 213 Now Me Sixth Race Kuturity 240 Ida Rogers 240 Golden Girl !16 Daniel 134 Rawness 240 Live Am'nitlon 144 Socialite 183 Temnest Sand 213 .lufta Komber Seventh Race Futurity 23 Pin'y's Smoke 216 Little Pr'cess 239 Irian Tune 21S Grey Dan s204 Roval Sne 237 Mvrt's Pride 237 Fair Future 235 H'dv Mr. L'ky Eighth Race A-tR Mile 237 Tu Tone 237 What To Do 237 Sweet Lucy 517 Miney Me 227 Jump The Job 237 Redder 239 Roll On Blue 239 Seventy Six Ninth Race !M Mile !3S .Tollv Bee 237 Locust Boy 216 Coni'v Comdr. 235 Wild Basin 235 Martin's Ace 224 Stav Sweet 218 Miss Buna 227 Judd Tenth Race Futnrlty 221 Scottie's Lady 2nl Gwill 221 Silver Woods 221 Twinkle Out 231PennaKid 211 Don Rube 231 H'eve Ranker s210 Sandv Flash $! ADMIRES MY HAIR SINCE I STARTED USING SUR-LAY DOES 5 THINGS 9 Holds Hair in Place O Helps Keep Hair i Keeps Hair Well-Groomed 0 Routs Loose Dandruff CI Not Sticky Not Gummy hijKti for Sole At All Drumjiifi lu in. I- ym...... I ... Play Golf Dine and Dance CLARK'S SUNSET GOLF COUNTRY CLUB Snell Isle Dinner-Dance Wednesday & Saturday MERRY MAKERS ORCHESTRA Dinner 5 to 9 Greens Fee $2 Street Car and Bus Transportation Special Sunday Dinners Open to Public Phone 94-314 For Reservations SIP f DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY 10 Thrilling Races Old Favorites New Outstanding Stars - NIGHTLY POST TIME FIRST RACE 7:45 P. jl!L Popular Matinees WED.-SAT. Post Time First Race 1:45 P. M. DAILY DOUBLE 2nd and 3rd Races Daily Double Windows Close 8 P.M.; 2 P.M. niJINIFl AS BUS SCHEDULE Busses Leave Southern Tour Bus Station 635 First Ave. No. 4:45. 5:30. 6:15. 1M 12 Noon for Matinees The State law end Rtilat at the Florida State Racinf Cent-nniion Prohibit Miner from Atttndino th Raca Track. I liams, 6U3 , Tonight from 6:15' thin afternoon.

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