The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 4, 1932 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1932
Page 3
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-I, 1932 HLYTI1IOVILLE, (ARK.) COUUIER NEWS PAGE THRER STI1T[ [LECTION 1ERES1 HELD the penalties for its violation. FOR INITIATED ACT No. 1 AGAINST INITIATES ACT No, I Democratic Nominees foi Al] Offices Sure of Victory in Arkansas.. With Democralic candidates for national, slate and county offices faced with only nominal opposi- tlcn. or with none at all, the interest of Arkansas voters in next Tuesday's general election \vll he centered upon five proposed amendments to the state • constitution and three initiated acts, submitted to the people for approval or rejection, Candidates ot five political parties for presidential electors appear on. the Arkansas ballot. The Democrats, Republicans, Liberty parly, and Communists have full elates of nine candidates for elector,' and the Socialist, party has a lone candidate. Further than that there are no contests except r the offices of United States nator, governor and secretary of ctate. There is a Republican on the ballot for each of thess offices, and the Liberty, Socaillst and Communist parties have candidates for governor. Democratic nominees for Mississippi county offices are all unopposed, and the same Is true of township offices *'ith a few exceptions where independent candidates have qualified. The three initiated acts and five constitutional amendments, a? they will appear on the' offtcia ballot, follow: INITIATED ACT No. 1 An Act sitting out the method and limiting the cost of collecting the Sales Tax and setting forth INITIATED ACT No. 2 An Act to simplify elections in the State of Arkansas, and. to provide for tlie selection of a Slate Board of Election Commissioners, and for the creation of County Boards of Election Commissioners and (he appointment of Election Judges and Clerks, and for other purpos2.s. FOR INITIATED ACT No. Z AGAINST INITIATED ACT No. 2 Bonds except by n two-thirds (2-3) vote of the qualified Electors voting on the question, except (or tlxo purpose of assuming or refunding outstanding bridge, Slnlc road, or road Improvement DEstrldt bonded Indebtedness, or for cusumitia or refunding bonds of any road or city street, improvement disu-icl receiving, or entitled to reccivo State Aid nl the. time this Ameiul- c'lmil is adopted and excr-pl for UK? purpose of matching Federal Aid. FOR PROPOSED AMENDMENT No. 20 INITIATED ACT No. 3 An Act to make certain changes | In Ihe Stale government of Aik-1 aiisas, to provide n more econ-1 omlcal and more efficient conduct | tb:r:of, and for oilier purposes. I TOR INITIATED ACT No. 3 ,| AGAINST INITIATED ACT No. 3 AGAINST PROPOSED MENT No. 20 AMEND- Constitutional menl No. 13 An Amendment to reduce (lie Slate Property Tax io >.'? mill, en- \ act a l<.;. General Sales Tax, inak; distribution of the Receipts (here from and define the mothocl collecting poll tax. FOR PROPOSED AMENDMENT No. 19 AGAINST PROPOSED AMENDMENT No. 19 Proposed t'onslUulional, Amendment No. 21 A Constitutional amendment, amending Article XIV by declaring faction 1 thereof to be mandatory and requiring the General Assembly to make available annually in the Common School Fund not less than six (S6.00) dollars per person of school age, and ft make available a Supplementary School Fund; prohibiting the diversion of school funds; and re- ]>eah'ng all provisions in conflict therewith. FOR AMENDMENT No. 21 AGAINST AMENDMENT No. 21 1'roposfil Constitutional .Vmoml- mrtit No. 'it An Amc-iKlment lo Wcvein the taxpayer? of homesteads for nny purpose wlmtsoevcr. FOR AMENDMENT No. K AinenO- i AGAINST AMENDMENT No. 11 Service Problems Will Be Principal Topic of Discussion at Cily Hall. Leachville Statutory Case Set for Trial Monday Tilnl of E. L, King, l.enchvillc vcliThiiivliiii, 1ms been tviUntlvu- ly m for Monday, smlliig Iho secoiul wei'k of circuit crlmiiml cou:t [lore. The 60-year-old mini is luvii'H'il of u Mnliitury crlini' Trapesed Amcnd- rotislilutioml mcnl No. 23 I An Amendment to provide for n | c l i bipartite or "Split" session ol the : me O t | Legislature; to provide a lour-ycav ; mo Proposed World war vclrmris of Mississippi county will meet nl the. Hlylh3- vilte city hull Sunday (or n discussion of mnllers iill'ccllng Ihe wel- lare of dlsnbU'd vc'.enins and »t former service men In general. I The conferente. In which slate • leRlon aiul vcli'vaiis Iwreiui ortlcei"! : will pariicliiate, \\\\\ List from 10 ; 13 4 p.m., with n If-'- Inn:"' ; 91 noon to be s?rvr::l by the local '. post ot the American Lesion and j Its auxiliary unit. Norris Webb of Monctle, dlr.trlcl ccmmamler. will dUaiss American Legion p'.'0tl:ms with oltitrrs and members of tlie local post nl the oining sp.ssion. In Hip iiftcrnoan levin of office for executive Sliue . Clnuclo A. liroivn. dlirrior of Hie offlcors; to proliiuil the creation j Arkansas service bureau, will con- of new offtees. boards or enmmis- { duct a service school. He will sions; to provide for 111? payment, assisted by Merlin Fis!:cr, nssLslnnl of all Stnlc funds into tlic btnle director of (be bureau, L. L,. Thorn- Treasury, and lo vcgulnlc (he np- hill, contact representative, and propriatlon of moneys. J. H. Graves, department com FOH AMENDMENT No. 2:i I mander of tin- legion, James A. AGAINST AMENDMENT No. 23 Winn. regional turningcr toy Itv vetetans administration, ttn:l L>r S. G. llnyc». Arkansas nicintsr of i the national relmbllllallon corn- Made to Five States ! mlltce. Hie American Legion, wl! make the principal address. Dr. A. M. Washburn, commantl- er ol Duel Cnson post, will opL'n l.-e conference nt 10 a.m. Mayor Neil Reed will deliver an aclc'rc-s of welcome. l)r. BDVCC'S tnlk, schertulet for 10:30, wll! be fol!owc<l by a general discussion ot hgion and vet erans aflnirs in Mississippi ccuntj Th? afternoon session, starlln<; a 1 p.m.. will be opened with Inlk by Commander Graves nud Mr Wlnn, after which various top'.c.i relating to the handling of veterans claims will be discussed. R. F. C. Relief Loans WASHINGTON, Nov. 4 iUP> — The Reconstruction. Finance Corporation today authorized relief loans aggrcgaling SC,55'f,108 to llio slales of Pennsylvania, Virginia, Indiana, Washington and New Hampshire. Indiana was granted $250.000 to provide for relic? work In Indianapolis from October 10 lo November 30. Pennsylvania was given $5,462,255, Virginia $72,423, Wasli- Cpnstitutional Amendment No. 20 An Amendment to prevent the further issuance of State High- i ington $105,000, rmd New Hamp- way, Bridge and-or State Road shire $607,420. Ills slcp-iiiiiijilitei-, penally for which up:rii Icnlh. J. H. Hlchfiidsoii and Vcrnon Genii. nlleBed hold up men, ure Iso sl.Mnl (o Blund (rial on robbery charges Mondny. They hnve indicted for robbery 'of llio i Maikel hem anil robbery of Ch:ii!ry lliiri'h. Nil M'.sii'ion will be held here lo- nonnsv. covirl lUlJOMVulnft over this itnlll ^^omlay. Norman Thomat Speaki to Big New York Crowd NEW YORK, NOV. 4 (UP) - Nmniin Thoums, who toured the co'.inliy In u 1'iilhnnn iipjjcr berth knowing he hud no ehiincc "ol clfctlon ns a Socialist, brought his campaign to u cllrnnx lust night with the appeal, "vote your hopos, iwt yo:ir fears". The tall, whHe-hiilri'd lender of American Soelullsm voiced his nji- ]x»iil lust nlijht ill n rally nl Mnd- Ifiin S<|iiBiv Onnlen intended by 21,000 cheerlns!, enlliiislnstlt 1 . jiarty incinbi'is including n llbernl Bprlnk- —Scnalor Hiiey Long last night replied to Pro.ilftm Hoover's reference to him in his Mniilson Sfiiiaro Onrdcn sjKecli by saying ho "IB- norcd" parly lies In "being cm- cernect wllh Hie comfort on:l wel- ftne of 120,000,000 In the SUlcs." Hciul Courier News Want Ads,, Signs" but you can rely on ]liv( of three students from the iinlversltk>:i. clty'r, AT THE FIRST SNEEZE USE ; i!-c in Hull Pile at Cotton Gin Extinguished jtluey Long Continues His Attack on Hoover NEW OHI.KANS, Nov. 4. (UP) Essence of MLrtol , ON VOUR HANOKEMCHIEF AND PILLOW »T'» HEW Dr.PaulF.McCutchen Dentist STKEIE, MO. Phone 85 Cltv liremen wi-re culled to the Ixvo-Cqiiu'dije Bin iilwui 2:iri o'clock .Ills alUTiiorn when a fire broke out lu a hull pi)" CL'.I u! the Rln proper. Tl:i- lire was fcon bioutjht under conticl but firemen kept, u sieiidy slri'iiin of water pliiying on I lie null pile fcr tome lime utter (he blaze was exIlnBUlslicd. They wcrci fcnrful that a smouldering lire nl!;ht break out In Hie pile again. WLris ross J5lenalnq : You're when you on Silvertowns it t/us way. "Let's say yon'rc painting clouds. You've got your primary colors here on the palette. But you haven't the clouds until you blend certain colors into the special tone you want. "This i§ very much what happens in making a good cigarcllc. And I gather that >hat Chesterfield means by Cross-Blending is wlial an artist does with colors. Their Domestic and Turkish tobaccos — many varieties of each—are the primary colors. They blend and crofs-blcnti thrse tobaccos until they get the special lone they want—in other words, the. Chesterfield flavor. "And just as each color you use acts on the others to change nn«l enrich them, so each Chesterfield tobacco partakes of the fine qualities of every other. "You Veld' different kinds lo get a better kind. That's Cross-Blending!" Chesterfield FREE DELIVERY PHONE 603 McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY SPECIALS for SATURDAY and MONDAY Coffee A Goml Penlierry Po»m<i 21-2 Arjjo Per Can Crackers 2-Pound Box Krispy's 22c Milk I'liKc or Swiss Tiill Can Tie Snuill Can No. 2 Can ' Yacht Club, the Jtest Grown Per Can SOAP Cumav \ Itirs OKESSINfl Dainty TC Maid. Quart SAFES? TIRE MACARONI Or POTATOES "ur SORGHUM Tennessee ' CflC Gallon UU Nobility. Assorted. All KnKlish Style. Ll». Fto MEAL Sack 25c Pride of Arkansas Pound Pure for 4.40-4.50/21 4.75-19 5.00-19 l'OTillacl?W-3l "Illjs-Knlihl I9JS.3I 5-25-18 HulckM. [921 N ««, -BJV - Cherrolcl 19.U 10o3Q Oldimolille 192S-JI 5.5O-19 SL.ilchakcr l-)Vt- Oakland I")JS-W ,_ _ 1Z«OO 0193J, liccrrr* Mnti To««cro Co. (^rossJflendeJ—tliats wku -f/ieurc MILDER that's iv/vy t/tey TASTE BETTER Less Allowance for Old Tires IHL1, WUNDERLICH'S MAIN SERVICE STATION Phone- 711 Goodrich Silvertown lard jbjc Sausage Pure I'ork Ib. lOc fgf&fBU BACON Hams Hcil's—Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Itofundcd 10 to M Pound Average Center Cut, Sliced, Mi. 21c Flail or Whole Cheese Wisconsin Full Cre;»m Pound 14fc Hamburger ..... MACKEREL E:ich PIG BRAINS OYSTERS N. J. SELECTS FOR l''RYIN(i BEEFROAST B S c , ko ,Vlfl' ; FRANKS Lb. ir STEAK Beef ENS AND FRYERS SOAP P & G13 9z. Bar 6 For 25c Cherries ^:121c Peaches -- lie

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