The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 28, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 28, 1934
Page 4
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""BIATIIEVILLE (AUK.) %'QURIEJTNEWS "~ — • - • , tbfakscivbx 'dance ; cjuh; «'P. ic. , -' FRIDAY'S EVENTS , Wcwan'c club meeting 2 M P. K/cbb bouse - Call meeting ol th« Botrd of , Trustees and members of the Wo- jntns Club at hooje of Mrs B. S ( l»*mb«rg, 7.30 p. m Ann*UK«a ------ ,- f _. *~uu U*tUI^M JIIUI Sunday evening. Tjie program was opened by singing lend by Miss Ome Burns.. An Interesting program was presented by Virgil Hopkins' group, with Mrs. Rosalie Ciiminlngs, Mrs ,.,., lf(l Loo ">'' Holland Akin, Mrs. Willie Mae Akin, and MIS. Cleo Rhodes taking part. The group discussed the pro- tcr. W. A. Ifoltlmjswlh, w. U. Moore, J. n. Lambert, Aitulc Wheeler, o. J. Wulkcr, Ethel Wheeler, Efe a Wheeler, Grov-r Sutherland,* Nlla Duncli, Kate Blind). S. D. Tnto, Beatrice Maxwell, and William Buniham. rcm Ijijiirles received vvlion struck by an automobile, is now able to . I'. W. Club ilaa Social.- Mnrjarcl Merritt iind rr iin _ country club, which last i««tk begin a series'of pre-holi- ' <l»y» affairs, will celebrate Thanks- .Jiving »Ith »'dance tomorrow eve,. Ulnj, from I .'until l o'clock Hax.. oW Sudbtiry and his orcheslrt will pity Pit sandwiches and drinks Bums. » • * l-'elloiiihlp Ni,ht at M. E. Church Tonight Members nnrt friends of „„ irst, Methodist Church nrc iiivll- d to the Fellowship supper imrl *~~* * •• H-»«*"p«*«'i° -iiu *iu*.u> mi wiiu cume are invited to n Will be serwd at 11.30 In the ball a dish as Inch contribution to . - - h ,.e *„ .„„„.. ,.„,. » roota recently been Dteaer wiA «l»d t be served by . wiU alto be dances on Has Club 1 Thureday, Deoember I and the tea dance 13, j._ mi*'evening At that time dauc- l lni-3rtll befin at 5 o'clock and w- I -' IrtriunenU wiU be served »U the supper hour. Dtncuig »IH con- tlrrae "until midnight. Tht'holMay afftlrs will be tli- mtui«d with a "Dance Night In Bittern* 1 on New Years Eve £~ ttine gfftltt will supplement "••"' '"- Sund»y night supper , Users in the contest held by the Finf Christian church for the meeting entertained the winners »lth a banquet last _ evtnlnf at the social hall The "AT" s$e lost so lt^ mem- besfwrved^.three course mciiii «t aflible approprftWy Decora ted fof tt^e THankaglving 1 season Baskets, made from pumpkins, held \cgeta- w«s and fruits for centerpieces vT^AaN" side »-as second in ithe congest 50 Its members pro- v|d«d the entertainment In the form of mi Impromijtu progiam with J Cecil Lo»e as master of ceremonies The men sang a "pmlles" chorus, there was a debate by Mrs John o McHanev and Mrs Lowe, s %; -])l$h school (students pte*«it sang-.'a ''Rooster 1 chorus, and Mrs A - G Hall gave a mock tap dance ' " ;The "OZ" side »on i - ' - ' * * ' Snood W, 1 *. S. . /Berylte" program, H«ncis With our Southern ' Nelghboni" «as H sed at the weeling -]of the,,Wooian'e'Mtsslon- . »ry nocl^y of M-^ecood Baptist chyreh Monday7»lt«rnooA at the home ot Mrs J.'o. Harnlih <Mrs T Ji l Benfro, leader, read Jrom the l(fc psalm Jor the devotional and Mrs .\v. M. McParlanc and Mrs Leslie Moore took part on the program ' Mrs. Moore, nho Is teaching the study book, presented the third dapter. "His Light Displaces Their Images" Mrs Rcnfro, Mrs McFar land, Mrs Moore led in prayers. » * * Den Swket 7 M«U. "The Womans Missionary society <« the Dell Methodist church me Monday afternoon at the home ol Mrs Karl Magers with seven mem ijers and\t»o visitors present Mrs Woodard and Mrs Noble Gil •* gave a program and In the soila meeting plant were made for the turkey dinner to be given Thanksgiving day at the Methodist church for Uw benefit of the church The price will be 35 cents The next meeting »m be at the WWW! of Mrs E M. Woodard * ^* • Beraaa Claw Metis. ,*Ths Berean fcible class of th Kret Presbyterian church had lU. r«gular monthly meeting at ol Mrs Alice Womack Won th o«y e\eninj. ucrc eleven . «e»bers and ojie visitor, j Nick Jbomas, present Conundrums and Thanksgiving contests enWrtatued the guestc rogram tonight at 6:30 o'clock, .11 who come are Invited to bring t|ion8 . C(1 ( he young people will be given iil- «r tiic supper. Mrs Chcstei rt finbcuck ci\tbr- alncd the Tuc«jjiy y Bridge club his eek for luncheon nnct n brlduo ' - * _ 'lhe pilae, a iriirrorcd vent to Mrs M A, plaque • . . -It* Has Guest •••••-••• • Mrs Walter O Curd, of Wilson, was guest ol hei riaughtei', .Mrs; Hiley B Jones, yesterday af(cr- loon when s,ho liacl lhe Young Matrons Bridge club. Mrs Uojd Stlckmon vvon the mze, a lace chair set. A molded salad was served with :°ffce and sandwiches. • * » Given Shower. Mrs b T Buihluim. \vho was >efoi(. her recent marr!a S o Miss Vlcbrla Thompson, vvns gitost of lonoi at a shower parly |j| VC n, by members of the Varbro Woman'H Mlsslonaiy boelety Ttiwdiiy alter- noon at tho home of Mrs. Zoa molllcr . bride. . -, ..,^. v/i .n IB U1IUL. Chicken lalad sandwiches. fruK. C»KC, pickles and cake vvcic acrv- crt after tho Intereslliig i, MO rl- ment of gift* had been displayed Those present were: Miss Mildred Tate, Mmes .Thomas Jackson, Jamts Bourn r, Pnitl Khn- brough, Maigarct Coallcr, A M L"Feme>, Eurllno Conllcr, El' M Joonce, L M Coaltor, C. C. Carl O B Johnson, Myrtle Byriim Sin Caldvvell, Vii-gle Kru(z, Dash" Mick, o. L. 'Freeman.- B. p. rbl- i tr.e msmbDrs of lhe Uuslness vvoi; en's club and two guests Misses Margaret Williams and Irene Crovv- dev Monday night at Miss Matthews' homes Tango was played by lhe four lables, wllh pites awarded to •'»- WrTghl 00 ™ tiCC " aldrlcl K e ""'I Era The rooms thrown open lo the lie out. Tom Mahan, who attends • the Jnlvcrslly of TCJUICKSCC School ol vlcdlclns at McmphLs, will spend Hie holidays at home. Mrs. Marvin Robinson and Mrs W. H. Mlnyard spent yesterday In Memphis, Mr. and Mrs, Arthur Rushing vvll Hive as Ihclr guests tomorrow Mr and Mrs. W. N. Jones ol Uttlc nock o e cJghleen guests were decorated In the Thanksgiving mcllf, with refreshments meat pies , O f Individual m | llcc topped wllh 'whipped pe cream, coffee, and candles ill.™ «ir.- rlcd out lhe motif. Has I'lrsl illrihilay 1'nrly. Mrs. Sam Lloyd entertained nine young Mends of her .son, Merrel Yatcs Lloyd, and their parciils, at Her home oil (lie sandy Ridge road Sunday ntUrnoon, in honor of M cr - rcl's first blrllidny. The children present were Alice Mary Harden Joyce Burns, Junior Kntaiifot J n' Estes Jr., K] i mt>( , itl tMlw J-, , j Whcclcr . Lloyd, liuuy Mnv Aycock Iinogcno Aycock, ami ijeva Dell h!° )1(I : v 'V 10 artlllls present were M/s. W. H. Lloyd, Mrs. M. C . Burns, Mrs. J. H. Estcs, Mrs , C i ny(on K|| . tanfcs, ftfi-s. Boyd Harden ntirt Mrs Clnirlcs LuUjs, The iiosloss served angel food Wku and Ice cream. Bits oj News Mostly Persona! , . . nn<l Mrs, Lena Winters of Augusta Ark. Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Winters are ulsters of Mrs. Rushing. Miss Marguerite Pride and ollvei W. Copiiedgc will spend .Thanks: giving at Horseshoe Lake whcri they wll) be guests at a dance to: morrow evening. . Mr, and Mrs. nlley D. Jones vyil Bo to Wilson tomorrow, accompany Ing Mrs, Walter o, card, mothe of Mrs. Jones, who has Ijccn hen Ince Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Perry wil spend tomorrow in Memphis. Mr. nnd Mrs. Whit Goodman am laughter. Lee, will go to Memphis tomorrow for a visit with Mr. Gootl- ii)iu\'s mother. Mr. mid Mrs. Doyle Hcn<ferson nnd family will spend Hie holidays at Belts nnd other points of Tennessee. , Mmcs, C. H. Hall, James Hlil'-Jr O. O. ciuiillll untl James B. Clark spent yesterday in Memphis, Mrs Hall and Mrs'. Clarli visited the crippled children's and adults hospitals and made iirriingcmbiits > for two more Blythevlllo children to be (ilaccd In the hospital. .=• Dr. A. M. Wnshburn, director of Die Mlsslsslmil county health unit:, - j Mrs Allen, and Mrs Hetlic Mcadc, wrved refreshments of Ice cream caie aud not- lea * > * . «Mrs William ONcal has an. iwunced the marriage O f her daugh- «4*? ;,, to Mr A H Bln 8ham, of Kythevllle and Onxjnylllc, Miss TOe marriage took place here Sun<^»y with the Rev. Stuart H sal- awp, pastor of th<; First Pccsby- _*nlan churcli, performing the ceremony rThe brideAare a frock of Roosc- «lt blue with matching accesso- rfes ^ (.Accompanying the couple v^re M»s» Janet Lo\ett, of Cleveland ,,Mgs, Mr._ar)d Mrs Cecil Wright and Clarence Shearln • - - * • • ' Meet jSne Christ Arnbassadore of tho , ^^i^*"?"'?**"^**' fc'. , ,Y|«M quicker <o , double «cfion of vtsas * t -' . «•••» * v« > m t > < tmt :ii>-, «**.••*. .r ,* •-> ••' J^jr^^iMk.-Ml 5- W^0.\- -JUrtt ff^cbr Serrke ti Mrs. Atticrt Uil'arloUo "aiul duiujlitcr, La ocsla Louise, Of Mii- iilJn, • were guests of Mrs. Vadcr Morris, of OSccola. Mrs. Morris 1(0- comiMhicd Mrs.--LnRu-!fltle home (o spend .several-weeks. Mr.'and Mrs. Sara Liuigdoii of Pcorla, in., win nrr [ vo today-to be gnes s of their (laughter, Mrs. A. M. Wnshburn, and . family, until Saturday. : C. J. Evrnrd, who has been con- nncci to his bed for several days Beaittyrest The Mattress You've Ahvaus Wanted Sleep On Yours Tonight It's easy to own a Beautyrcst now. Come In" tomorrow morning, test It for yourself, i and turn or row night you' will sleep like a child. How you sleep loniglu w |[[ determine how you look and feel tomorrow. Broken sleep on a poorly made matiress leaves you lirecl and irritable. Deep, sound sleep on a Bcantyrest built to I^K, yottr body PERI^CT RELAXA- 110N will leave you feeling alive, radiant and with sparkling eyes. Many deliffhlful'pastel shades to choose from, in the HUBBARD FURNITURE CO. In Uttli Rock f or 1 '! tj f ldlrect ' rs In ..slijiiv* program. O. ehonyo xmniy Sanitary Inspector, who iai bffiu.. attending. to bua/KH there . % several days, "arid J>. wish burn will return hcm e tonight Mr. and Mrs. P, B. Jpynlr an chlMreu left this afternoon f Houlka, MISS,, f Qf t wo asys ' Miss Dorothea 'Rogers will arrlvo ! {wight to 5 p«d the holidays \vlth Ji« mother, .Mrs: Emma Lou Koz- \ _i Uert Lyncli jr., who ' attends ' Washington University at St. Louis • JIBS arrived home for the holidays' > ; MUs Martha Ann Lynch aha Miss Alia Mae Garllngton Jmve gone to Senvcy, Ark., to spend 'the holidays with relatives. • • Max Usrcy Jr., a student at Tu- aiic university, New Orleans Is -it home for Thanksgiving. i Miss Mildred D. Cooke, of Mem- lilits spent tlio first of llic week here as guest of Mr. and Mrs W Oicen Blue, enrbiilc to Newport for the Thanksgiving holidays. Dr. \V. S. Easlbunt, Miss Bess Godwin nnil Miss Myrtle • Barnes spoil Hie ttay. In St. Louis ycs- Icrduy ut the Missouri Chiropractor pilule where Miss Barnes underwent examination. i Mrs. Put O'Bryant, is going to .Memphis tomorrow night ' lo attend the concert, by Grace Moore at the Auditorium. The Itcv. and Mrs. V. E. Bullcr- worth and two soils, David and Ralph. IcU Wednesday morning for Southwest city, Mo., to spend the the holidays with Mr. BuUcnvorth's brother and family. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wright, or Memphis, were In (he city yestcr- clay. i - , ___ * ^ - .- .. _ -___„. . » ( . , v -, *^»'»jtvi^n £Di ' jytf'i NOTICE We wish lo thank our many ;(i'lciuls for their kindness slioivn ;durlnc lhe sickness and dcatli of our husband and lather, J. 13 Fields Mrs. J. B. Fields Mr. and Mrs. J. w. Fields Mr. and Mrs. Dick Fields. M, Stalions Hi!lh *° "« tif .V their cus- (hey will dose tit 10 A.'M., Thursday so their TW£ iT' S rY obaervc lhe '^anksglvlritf holiday. The • Hn L ! C 4 80n ., 8lation wi " '^'MaWe to close until 1^ o clock, hut will not remain open after that tinie. MAGNOLIA SEUVICE STATION 3.15 B. Main' St. . ,; : ; GULF SERVICE STATION Corner Main & Division 777 SERVICE STATION ''Corner Fifth-& Walnut '. . . MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION Corner Chickiisawba & Highway (ii : MAIN SERVICE STATION Corner Main & Fifth , PHILLIPS "66" SERVICE STATION' Corner Main & Division , TOM W. JACKSON SERVICE STATION Corner Ash & 2nd Sts. to use says young Mrs. GarsoriJ "Because it is so light and digestible" Mrs. Walter 1. Carson hadn'l cooked with Crisco until sha tans a' ''- she had rendered herself. didn't fee a chance to Inow'ahmd .Cristo," 'she says '' II Mas after I was married, three years ago, that I read about Cnsco ii digcsttbihli/:] I'd never been able to diijesi greasy food* so mrvlhing I read aboid Crisco appealed to. me- especially that it 'was a pnre digestible fat, I and liked it a, lot. I noticed thai foods made with Crisco tasted belter. : Eeon'uilten my baby was coming I ale Crisco pastry, became it didn't give me indigestion:' My doctor said it ms okay as long as I Jell all right. So I know Crisco is digestible. And that's why I got mother to use Crisco-she likes it ' now as much as I do." •'•' ... rfliv CARSON'S OWN STORY IN PICTURES MRS. CARSON READS CRISCO STORY! rhB!« CRISCO recipoi sound to good. And I'm going lo try CRISCO, sine* it's to MRS. CARSON'TELLS MOTHEK Mother, why don*f you chang* lo CRISCOI II it a fluff/, shorlentng. Porhops I ought to try CRISCO— 1'vo heard it Is pvrt and WHT MRS. CARSON CHANGED TO CRISCO Yay know I don't Usually cat German- Wed potatoes, mother. But Iheie fook 10 good— p"~ nol greasy! 'm glorf W\ h«or you JOJF to, because doing my 'ryltig now Flh'CRJSCO. , ANGEL FRITTERS n rfninliy, il,gnI,Ue ilcsmljnai , ? in diqc-sliWe Crisco yj, t lal>l«p«m= C ri™ > A\nayn-. t \l ", t™f Hour Icuotjo.lmgnatci- 1 ^ I teaspoon powdered sugar 3 egg-. Yl teaspoon vanilla '• Crisco-for Jeep fr.ving''!. I'utCrisOT (Ihcswcel, !|uick.[|igeslingfat) a ,i,] water .'• m n saucepan; bring to lioiling point. Sift in flour lo/' n-hidi salUnU sugar liavoljecn added and heat vignrvC pusly. \\hcn hiiiluroforms rt ballftnddocs not stick'-i' lo tlicsnlc of tfic pan (about tivo minutes) turn into''•' a howl. Ixl cool tivo of tlircc minutes; beat in vvliplo : ' C8J.S, one ,-iln lime, (iralingtlioroiiglily; adj vanilla.' '•! Urop by (Icswrt siTOohfiils into Crisco (lh c truly rft-'•'•. S«Mfc fal) licnlc,! ID 305° ¥. A piece of brraJ Kill':. brown in CO seconds jit this temperature. 1*1 them'. ' slay in lhe hot Crisco turning occasionally until they ; -' Pirn up nnd are liglilly browned. IX) nol try to cook more Ilian four ur five of Iho fritters at the same; lime. Scrt-e nilli (din lioncy. Or split anil fill Nilh sn'celrned w!iip|x:<l cream combinwl with chopped- fruitor lierric-i.Strain Cri.sco and useforfryiogattain and again. Crisco keeps d i 'gatiMe, ' , digests quickly COOK BOOK/«r 0 »/y M Icliisn equipmenl. Each chapter gives Ictc you don't need another cook book rHOCTER & GAMBLE, Dcpt. A 1'. O. Bot W, Cincinnati, Ohio. I endow 25 cents and the eulstd* wiipp. rri-rnx Send "The Art o/ Cookjog aai t€i EpliQt, to I Name...,..,. „ : S/rcc! Addrtss '. ; City. WHOLE-WHEAT'DOUGHNUTS'--,; to get the good 0'it of M«r, fry fii Cn'jto,' Ihc dijaliUt jail ._• Y\ cup ' iy 2 cups'wbite flour Y\ cup Crisco i teaspoonsbiking *<'FgS • -•'••:• 'powijcr lit mps milV • 1 IcsspfKJH salt • ZJs cum whole ti'hwt \( Icaspboil cinnanioa : flour . . . ^ tcaipoon nutmsjg Cream Crisro «ilh liaK'ttio siigar''Dial eggs «illi oilier Imlf. Combine the two miilures. Silt Hit Iwk- 1115 pcmvjer.'sailand s|nLt3-*H!i tli6Vmtc flour and -. mis with the whole wLcal-BouV. allcrnilcty' with tlie milk. If iwt>tirl enough >ild more while flour, noil out a port ion a I« HJMV ofl a titll. 9oured lioarj, sha|ic r,illi » itoughuul cutter. Fill an ordi- • acubcotbreiJiri'GOsccbnJs. Drain on paper. Sugar when cool. KoticetliatCrUwj-fricildougUnuls aren't greasy aiid iniliifcstiblc, Slrain Crisco auj put »»-»y lor olicr frj-iap. H keeps d i'jwtiW«. ' '"^ , i' : >\ n t\ ^-^ *.. *' i *

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