The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 5, 1948
Page 9
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MONDAY, , 1UI New Withholding Tax Forms Being Rushed to Employers By U.S. Treasury Department . WASHINGTON, April s. (U.P.)-If you are one of Ihe 50,000,000 taxpayer, under the ,-ilhholding system, the new tax reducUon law will .Urt »*"lng you off May i. • I It will•?««! like « wtgt nlu. Your take-home pay will be lar»er»be- «UK jour to. will ,Urt withholding ttn monej . f^ Jlour „ the tax collector. ^ Einstein Has New Theory on Gravitation Suppose you're one of the 5.000,000 who pay your Income taxes in quarterly payments? The benefit to you starts June 15. That's the day the next, quarterly payment Is due. Your quarterly payments will be smaller from then on, provided you flle an amended estimate. But don't look in your mail box right »way for tax refunds on the excess withholding taxes you have paid during the first'four months 01 this year. It is possible—but not necessarily so for everybody-that you'll have a refund coming. But you'll get it next year, riot in 1948. The tax cut was hack-dated to Jan. 1, 1948. so for about four T,l ,!i V £!' ybody has been P»y"<l? at (he old higher rates, and has paid ' too much. I But, should your Income Jump I sharply during the year, this overpayment might be absorbed by a Jlteher tax liability. Thus, no re-i •TW That's-J«st one. reason why I the treasury can't start mailing out I refunds now. What do you do about getting what you have coming? ig? Most people on withholding hare nothing to do until they make'their final return between Jan i and March )5, 1949. The exceptions are persons over 65 and the blind. The new law gives (hem an additional s«00 personal exemption A man who is over 65 or who is blind But for the others subject to withholding, a;iy refund due will be Paid sometime after March 15 1949 The refund would be the difference between what was withheld and the actual tax due. If you don't get everything .you mate, you can claim your refund when you make your final 1948 turn next year. As for employers, the Internal Revenue Bureau soon will have the new schedule of withholding rates '^ the mails. w All told, some 55,000,000 taxpayers will have about $4,800.000 000 more in their pockets than they -1 By Paul r. T.lUt United Pr':» gclence Writer NEW YORK, April S. (UP) - Albert Einstein today offered "a new presentation of the generalized theory of gravitation," another milestone In his quest lo determine re- gravitation. * His new presentation was pi;b- lationship between electricity and lished In the review of Modern Physics, and Wi.i written In mathematical language so lough that perhaps no more .than nnc person in n million could understand it One expert in physics, when asked to comment on Dr. Einstein's new paper, frankly said: "Dr. Einstein has gone off into > mathematical world of his own," The new Einstein report is entitled "A Generalized Theory of Gravitation." II runs about 000 words, including numerous mathematical quotations, incomprehensible to the untrained brain. One associate of Dr. Rinstein said that the presentation marks "another milestone" In'his attempt t<. find basic laws for electricity and gravitation. "It is our aim lo achieve * theory of the total field by a generaliza- tion," Dr. Einstein said. From there on, the article Is in (he Inngung.j that few mental glanls can understand. One Physicist said that "There just are not words to express it in laymen's language." The new paper recalled Einstein's first [heory of relativity, which scientists themselves recognized as important, but had difficulty in understanding at first. It was years before the educated layman could comprehend it. The theory—and Ihe fact that It was correct—made possible the atom bomb. It also unlocked many mysteries of nature. Facing Trouble Again (AiK.y oov*n» ,™_v-, .., , , ^usa .-..»JUmU*g.**!BnrOBCSMB['aME,~a Because of his failure to answer a stibpena, ordering him to «p- PMC before the President's coal dispute fact-finding panel, John L. Lewis left himself open to a possible fine and jail sentence. Mhis unusual camera study was made after Lewis was Informed of the 'possibility. Automotive Hint When a car is driven nl a high rate of speed, oil consumption increases rapidly and. for this reason. the oil supply .should be checked frequently on a long motor trip. would have had without the new tax law. Here are some of the reasoris: ;,:,,.;: J Tax rates have been "cut from five to 12.6 per cent. Personal exemptions have been raised from S500 to S600. The "standard" deduction ceiling has been vipped from $500 to $1,000. If you don't want to itemize your charitable local tax, medical and other allowable deductions, you can tell the tax collector they took 10 per cent of . your Income—up to $1,000. The top used to be $500 if you didn't itemize such deductions. You don't have to, but you can. for tax purposes, split your income] with your wife. This gives all mar-1 ried taxpayers the same break's en- I joyed by those in the 12 community property states. Income splitting, however, is of most benefit to families with incomes of mors than 55,000. A married man who has already filed a joint declaration can amend it to fit into the new split system. A married man who filed a scpa'- rate declaration can amend it and switch to a joint. The split income provision does not affect the withholding system. A married man under withholding who wants to lake advantage of it would have to wait until he files his final return. School Children Repay Cop Who Looks After Them BOSTON, April 5. (UP)—For almost a decade-Policeman John F. Barrett, 39, hns watched over (he youngsters at Bullfinch School—so Saturday they were taking care of him. A cop with a voice thnt cou'.d freeze a pint-sized Jaywalker two blocks away, Barrett knew most of the children by name. They said he coutd spot a potential hookey player by the look in his eye. There never was an accident involving a school child during Ba/- jetfs service at the school. In fact, ihe first accident was when Barrett got hit by a trolly car himself while directing traffic. When the children heard he had been hospitalized they held a mee'.- ing. They handed over precious pennies nnd bought flowers and fruit for Barrett, Barrett looked tnem over carefully. He told one youngster to coma his hair. While eating a gift apple he explained what he would do t.o any .small iry guilty of jay walking in his absence. Before they lefl, two of the children patted hts big, red fist and then they trooped out under the big cop's glowering scrutiny. When the door closed Barrel broke into « grin winked nt nurse Kaleryn Alekel and boomed: "Great kids, huh?" D*v/c» f« Ditcovtr Disease Being Perfected NEW ORLEANS, April ». (Uj»)_ Dr. R, c. Williams, •.•wlstara »ur- t»on general tor th« U. a. EMblle He.lth Service, Washington, uld her* Saturday that a m«h,nlc.l <i«vlce to discover heirt dlwuw on H m * M b " 1 * "* "«"•«•'»* Pfrfec- lion. ' "Soon.- h. aid, "wen b» >bl« to check people for heart. ctj M a.u M quickly M we can examine l!,,m lor lubemilo«l» by th, micro-film " tu*d M promt t* firK h»»rt ailment*. Final deUlU >r« being worked out, r>r. Willl.rrm aald by Dr. ». J. »oon«, a U 8 F X H «l*n- tjit, at Tempi* Unlv«r»lty, «illad*l- phla. '.'Tra n«<£.d«vlct wlll.ahow ehaB- tn In th« h*«H and heart, muaela" Dr. William*- laid. ';W« >,„„, ^ hav. unlU ^*,, u p fot trial In «||. nlca quit* »oon.-, A/Ur th» Wnk» ir» worked out, well k» aW« to rim p««pl« throuth aa f M t M health department* eut i-riv chejt* fcr micro-film," V 1 "* The device, he said, ' I, more jlm- electro-ortltom-nph R«*<l Want I sit '...^ Joe Marifc Ar« Yo*i "Hobby r«iitr tfcliir Wh»« M Carey „ _ modfl «f Ik, "Hyinr Cloud,- i< WM .k.riif • •ml?' I* rt*< Vi. rv,« f r(H , r»mll««. * Some wives mijjrht h«v« re«ti>le<l • hu.b.txi luadenly iliuUinc Kim- self i» Uw attic every night. But not Ed'i Prudenc*. When aht found him working l«t«, she brought him up nomt b»r «nd rmckeri... showed a real inlerwl in h>« hebHy ... until finally Ed had h«r he with tk« riffing. WM.I JM. M*. MM, .», ' W From wh»re 1 ait, • ... hobby c»n often bt « wi<V« . 1 1" fact, I'v« got th« mi»M» ented In tying Iriwl DIM • long with tH»t nwllow il b*«r, II make* the *v«iiii(< > well. i r (» r . Need Oyen Spacen Mature, dense stands of virgin forest, contary tq popular opinion, are almost devoid ot wildlife, t Only where the forest are broken by open spaces is enough food pro- I duced to support animal life in abundance. FOUNDATION _MACO »OTO. tTATt MWaO* . . . 401 FVtaMID MDO., Umi »OCK, MK, — ^^"^^•^••^^^^^^•H fteo/ Estott, Business, Form and Auto LOAN S fir huylnj. renn.nrlnr. ,. rem.dellnt ' - -• "•. wimin Kt rrmnn«lln, F.rm Una, .nd A«U UMni.'Quitk Service. INSURANCE AGENCY ' S. lii-lnjr.m BWt.-Gruund A. F. '•[)«•• Dietrich, Mana(i "Comtilele Innurance Service rh«n< III We Still Have • Some DEKALB HYBRID SEED CORN HIGH GERMINATING WELL GRADED • —SEE US TODAY— Caudill & Faulkner -liUigan Ridge Cooperative R.F.I). Route 2 Manila, Ark. CLOSE PLAY BUT HE'S* "SAFE"! .. . and you'll he safe too, with (he split second timing we give your car! Our check for spring goes into evei'y vital mechanical movement "to assure unexcelled performance. 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