Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida on September 17, 1944 · 30
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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida · 30

St. Petersburg, Florida
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Sunday, September 17, 1944
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30 THE ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER IT, 1944 WTSP WDAE WFLA WSUN to ule WTSP will inaugurate a new format in its Sunday schedules beginning today, it was announced last night by Lex Herron, general manager. Church programs, which in the past have been spread over the morning, afternoon and night, will be concentrated into the morning period, Herron said. Throughout the afternoon and night, the announcement said, a new motif in entertainment is being presented by the Mutual Broadcasting System, the Times-Building studios in St. Petersburg and the Tampa studios of the station. New network shows include "The Mysterious Traveler." 8:30; "True Detective Mysteries"' at 5:30. "What's The Name WTSP Fred Waring's Orchestra Brings Various Reactions To Local Folks . . Here's Why The name of Fred Waring has been a familiar significance to those interested in music and radio in St. Petersburg. To Norman Brown, station manager of WSUN, it recalls to mind the Waring orchestra broadcasts over his station every Thursday night at 7 p.m. To the average music fan it recalls the time that Fred operated a music store in this city. To Lynn Gearhart, veteran announcer of WSUN, it means a chance of hearing his son and daughter-in-law, the piano team of Gearhart and Morley, internationally known for their unique keyboard stylings of classical and modern music. "Dad" Gearhart. has been an announcer for 20 years, getting his start with WGR in Buffalo, N. Y. Well known in the Tampa bay area, Gearhart has been at various times associated with WTSP, WDAE, WFLA, when that station was located in Clearwater and WSUN. He has been associated with the city owned station for the past six months and writes and produces three daily shows of his own. Apple of "Dad's" eye are his son and daughter-in-law, who are featured on Waring's pro gram. The two-piano team of Livingston Gearhart and Virginia Morely began its career in Eur ope, where the two were further ing their musical studies. The duo played seven recit- tals in Lyons, Zurich, Berne, Fontainbleau and Brussels. The outbreak of war forced them to cancel a long European tour, which Included appearances with many of the greatest orchestras on the continent. They made their first American appearances in San Francisco, Seattle and other western cities. A subsequent New York debut was during the winter of 1940. A subsequent New York appearance was for the New York Philharmonic-Symphony league. Virginia Morely is a native of California and Gearhart of Buffalo, N. Y. They were married during their student days in Paris. They have been associated with Fred Waring for the past two years. Roosevelt To Give Initial Campaign Talk Saturday President Roosevelt will be heand over a coast-to-coast hookup Saturday in his first campaign address since he accepted renomi-nation. Speaking from the Statler hotel in Washington, D. C, the president will be aired at 9:30 p. m. It is believed that Roosevelt will devote the talk to labor issues of the campaign inasmuch as he will be speaking before members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, an affiliate of the American Federation of Labor. The Democratic National committee, sponsors of the broadcast, has announced another campaign address to be heard Election eve, Monday, Nov. 6. Speakers for this program will be announced later. The Republican National committee has also announced the airing of five more broadcasts, all of which will be delivered by their standard-bearer, Gov. Thomas E. Dewey. The first of these broadcasts Will be heard oven WDAE at 10:30 p. m. Monday with WFLA airing the following Republican speeches on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. It was not announced whether other local stations Would carry the programs. Governor Dewey speaks Tuesday at 10:30 p. m on Friday at 11 a. m. On Thursday, Governor Dewey will speak from the Seals Baseball park, San Francisco. He will be introduced by Gov. Earl Warren of California. 'The following night, the Re publican presidential nominee will speak from the Los Angeles Coliseum, Los Angeles, Governor Warren again introducing him. On the following Monday, Governor Dewey will broadcast from Municipal auditorium, Oklahoma City. Guests on the University, of Chicago Round Table today will discuss "How Necessary Is Diplomatic Secrecy?" The program will be aired over WFLA at 12:30 p.m. The effect of censorship and secrecy on the attitude of the inaugurate Kiev With - Today's Programs of That Song" at 4:30; "Quick As a Flash" at 6:00 p.m. Virtually all of the present popular programs are to be continued, although a few time changes have been made. Cedric Foster's news commentary has been moved to 9:30 p.m.; Anthony's "Goodwill Hour" goes to the ten p.m. period. Billie Roger's all girl orchestra will be heard at 4:15 this afternoon. The morning schedule has been entirely changed, Herron said. It now includes 7:30 a.m. opening with news of the world and music, with Reading the Funnies at 7:45 a.m. At 8 a.m. comes Mutual's first contribution of the day, "Young People's Church of the Air" with Rev. Percy Crawford. The Church of God, Tampa pro VIRGINIA MORLEY AND A LYNN GEARHART public will form a major portion of the discussion. The exclusion of the press from the Brentwood and Dumbarton Oaks conferences will be Included as examples of diplomatic secrecy and censorship now in effect. Names of the speakers were not announced. "What Should Be Done With Germany," a question under discussion at the Quebec War Conference as well as among all the peoples of Allied nations, will be analyzed by four political experts on "American Forum of the Air," Tuesday at 9:30 p.m., over WTSP. Invited by moderator Theodore Granik to participate in the dis cussion are Signd Schultz. author of "Germany Will Try It Again" ana lormer Berlin correspondent of the Mutual Network and Chicago Tribune: Dr. Paul Haeen. member of the Council for a democratic Germany and author of "Germany After Hitler"; Dr. L. M. Birkhead, National Director of the Friends of Democracy, Inc., and J. King Gordon, Managing Editor of "The Nation." The program will originate in Washington's Hotel Shoreham. An address by Secretary of the Navy James Forrestal to the American Legion convention in Chicago will be broadcast by vitstjin weanesaay at 1:30 p.m. The highly provocative question, "Is the Political Action Com mittee an Asset or a Liability to Demrocracy?" will be discussed by guests on "America's Town Meeting of the Air" program Thursday at 8:30 p.m. over WSUN. Speakers scheduled to support the affirmative are Max Lerner, author and chief editorial writer of the New York newspaper, "PM," and J. Raymond Walsh, research director, CIO Political Action committee. One of the speakers to oppose the proposition will be Walter W. Cener-azzo, national president of the American Watch Makers' union, an independent union. The other negative speaker will be announced shortly. ' 'I ;. i - , N. : ' I 1 "PVp " i ' I y - "r i y Hilw - -n-rrr--i-i it" n , rrrl ( ; gram, on which Rev. Kidder has succeeded Rev. Hodges, is aired at 8:30. At 8:45 a.m. the Church of Christ, Tampa, occupies its regular time. At 9 a.m. the Calvary Baptist Church and at 9:30, Mutual's "Voice of Prophecy." The Radio Bible Class, an old Mutual feature, occupies Its regular time at 10 a.m. Tampa's "Bible Prophecy" is scheduled for 11 a.m. followed by a 15-minute newcast. The First Avenue Methodist Church, St. Petersburg, will occupy a half hour, 11:30 to 12 noon. This is followed by Mu tual's "Pilgrim Hour," 12 to 12:30 p.m. and the Lutheran Hour,' another long running program, 12:30 to 1 p.m. LIVINGSTON GEARHART Radio Highlights For This Week SUNDAY Ralph A. Bard, undersecretary of the navy, will be principal speaker at the launching of the new destroyer "The Frank Knox," built in honor of the late secretary of the navy at 2:30 over WTSf. Frank Black conducts an all-Dvorak program of the NBC symphony orchestra at 5 p.m. over WFLA. The concert con sists of the composer's "Symphony No. 5 in E Minor" and his "Carneval Overture." Kate Smith returns to the air with a new show featuring bandleader Woody Herman, Comedian Harry Savoy, actress-author Cor nelia Otis Skinner, and starlet Diana Lvnn, who will give their version of "Our Hearts Are Young and Gay." Time is 7 p.m. Station is WDAE. A sympathetic and understand ing lady with everlasting youth in her heart and the American feeling for life in her soul. That's Ethel Barrymore as "Aunt Hat- tie," new WSUN show to be heard at 3:30 p.m. MONDAY Three lovely Powers models, Danna McRae, Beverly Norman and Shirley O'Connell, are date bait for six competing service men on "Blind Date" over WSUN at 8:30 p.m. Edward Arnold and the "Screen Guild Players" offer a radio adaptation of "The Oxbow Inci dent," a grim story of lynching at 10 p.m. over WDAE. TUESDAY George Gershwin's " P o r g y and Bess." featuring music by members of the original all-negro cast, is heard over "This Is My Best" program at 9:30 p.m. over WDAE. Clarinetist Ralph McClean is soloist with the "Sinfonietta" concert orchestra which will offer Alexander Kraien's well known "Suite for Clarinet and Strings" over WTSP at 11:30 p.m. Alfred Wallenstein will conduct. WEDNESDAY Barbara Luddy portrays four different women in True Board-man's drama "World Without End" on the "First Niehter" show at 9:30 p.m. over WTSP. "The Electric Hour" with Nel son Eddy as star receives its radio baptism at 10:30 p.m. over WDAE Radio's "Who is the girr" Gloria Scott will begin her radio career as feminine star of the show. THURSDAY Donna Dae- sings with the background provided by the chorus when Fred Waring entertains listeners with "the shortest 30 minutes on radio" at 7 p.m over WSUN. RADIO REPAIRS ALL MAKES Old Established Firm ANDERSON'S 4 7th It. $. Phon. -10-11 RCA-VICTOR CROSLEY Sunday Studio productions in St. Petersburg- include Marshall Stone with Monday's Headlines at 1:30 p.m.; Williams FuneraJ Home on its old time, 5:00; "Radio's Roving Reporter," with an interview on Braden-ton, 6:45 p.m.; and a new news feature at 10:45 p.m. by Stan Witwer, City Editor of The Times, and Ross Hancock, of WTSPs staff, nightly except Friday, when a prize fight takes this period, and Sunday when Marshall Stone appears under the sponsor of the Harrison Hardware Co. The Cuban club, Danceland and Watt Sander's "Blue Room" originating in Tampa, will retain their present time schedules respectively at 9:45, 11:15 and 11:45 in charge of Jack Faulkner. Hot Jazz Music Of Past Is Now Being Recorded Taking heed of the "skyrocket ing" demand for the old, hot jazz classics and the "inflationary" prices that are being bid for them, is the startling announcement from the Columbia Recording cor poration, Bridgeport, that they have scheduled for production this month, ALL of their hot jazr, boogie woogie and "swing" albums call them what you will to be made available to record collectors throughout the country! Columbia's decision to re-press all the famous albums in huge quantity was based upon an avalanche of requests from hot jazz publications, reviewers, critics of le jazz hot, record fans and deal ers. For some time now, Colum- Dia nas been carrying in their popular catalogue, albums made by almost every famous jazz artist, including Eddie South, Louis Armstrong, Earl Hines, Duke Ellington, Frank Teschemacher, Bix Beiderbecke, Fletcher Henderson, the Dorsey Brothers, Teddy Wilson, Billie Holiday and many others all of which have been unavailable for the past several years due to manpower shortage and limited production. With the exception of the new releases, both Popular, OKeh and Masterworks, the Columbia army of pressmen will be doing nothing else during September and part of October, but pressing hot jazz records and albums. Since the last hot jazz albums were released a few years ago by Columbia (Count Basie's "Blues by Basie" was recently released two months ago), these items became "gold" in their owners' hands and attracted bids running as high as $10 to $25 for the single records alone. Spectacular bidding naturally followed and an inflation of price for the hot jazz records was the result. Where a hot jazz album such as the Bix Beiderbecke album might have brought in an approximate $au, tne soon-to-be-pressed Columbia album will sell for the regular OPA price for the four records and the album! Likes Mean Roles 111 MARIE DE WOLFE Marie de Wolfe, glamorous young actress of radio, who invariably plays the part of a cruel woman, declares that in spite of sour audience reaction you generally receive for doing a "meanie." it's nearly always an easy role to portray. Marie claims that she would be happy if her future acting career never included a "nice" role. Playing nicanies has had one drawback, she recalls. Recently at a service men's canteen a soldier she was dancing with asked what parts she played on the radio. When she mentioned one of her parts on a prominent afternoon "soap opera," he grew indignant, gave her pretty black hair a strong pull and stalked off. "That's for being so mean," he remarked. S'l iccisT BARGAIN WW IN AMIRICA 'f !' rtumln.Tnnmph.l r(W If ml t ntiAtt lulin Bull. Iir m,vston, astortinfnt of IN AMIRICA f'vn no nvNrt . Aftnrtt nW - p f ,A (Jt.AVFR. Bu'Ht rrh m m Hum for rail plant. MICHIGAN BULS CO., De.t. D ill 141 M Agree A, a. N.W, Creedi lesidt I, Mkbigwlt ' 4 WTTITT3 GlVniV tVPT 19 A.M. 1 :0O WSL'N Ave Maria ; 80 WTSP N'"w & Music Sunday wsl.N Morning Melodiei IS WSUN Bell New WTSP P.eading the Funnies 8 :00 WTSP WFLA WSUN WDAE :05 WSUN :30 WSUN WDAE WTSP : 45 WDAE WTSP Rev. Percy Crawford News News Summary News The Woodshedderi Coffee Concerts The Jubilaires Church of God Patty Clayton, Jesters Church of Christ 9:00 WTSP News, Sun. Serenade WFLA News Roundup WSUN Dr. Mel Morris WDAE News of World WDAE Renfro Valley Folks ;30 WSUN Coast to Coast Bus WTSP Voice of Prophecy WFLA StrinB Quartet 10 00 WTSP WSUN WFLA WDAE : 30 WTSP WSUN WDAE WFLA Bible Class Messaee of Israel Bible Highlights Church of the Air Music for Sunday Southemaires Wings Over Jordan Words and Music II : 00 WSUN AAF Sy'ph'nic Flight WFLA Pursuit of Learning WDAE Warren Sweeney WTSP Bihle Prophecy :15 WTSP News : 30 WFLA" News WTSP First Avenue Church WSUN Hour of Faith 45 WFLA Carolyn Oilhert BRASS AND REEDS Music Therapy, Nov on Scientific Basis, Is Proving Helpful in Healing Disabled While music theranv is as old as the Bible, its use generally has been confined to civilians. Dur ing World War I it was employed sparingly on veterans, as musicians trained for the healing medium were few and far between. The medical world was still experimenting with it when peace came. However, the present war has found music therapy achieving definite recogntion as beneficial. Its results have verged on the miraculous. Hundreds of men and women have turned to this new field and it is freely and safely predicted that their work will reduce the number of invalided veterans by the thousands. Like every other innovation, this therapeutic method grew to perfection by trial and error. Different types of cases require different types of music. Some patients required soothing, comforting music; others need uplifting, stimulating music to restore morale, self-confidence. One thing was required above all else of musicians entering the field of music therapy inner serenity. Their music had to convey their own calmness. Under the direction of Mrs. Harriet Ayer Seymour more than 500 musicians have been trained at the National Foundation for Musical Therapy. Because of the organization's scientific and thorough study of all types of cases it is now possible, for example, to play the exact music for paralysis and joint diseases, tuberculosis, heart disease, insomnia and physical pain. Even correct music for mental or nervous disorders is known. The foundation has ascertained the three kinds of music to be played in veterans' hospitals. The soothing music for nervous cases is taken from well-known classics, such as "Ave Maria" or "On Wings of Song." If patients require stimulating, familiar folk-music, swing is the tonic. When patients demand modern but soothing music, such pieces as "Stardust" and "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" are played. Around Town Lt. Buddy Clarke, who leads the orchestra of the local U. S. Maritime Service training station, leaves the service this week to go back to New York. Buddy hopes to get his own band again. Clarke came here two years ago with his full band. Since that time most of his men have either resigned from the service or have entered branches of the armed forces. The "live" talent policy of RADIO'S SWEATER GIRLS . -fif V ' ' v A i wnml-fflnmin " rr r n wnrnn i I r It MARTHA STEWART Sweater girls of radio, Martha Stewart, formerly a vocalist with the Claude Thornhill orchestra and other "names" of the music world, and "Margo." brilliant young actress of the Mutual network, appear destined to win fame during the fall radio season. Both hold network contracts for numerous air wave performances during coming months, Martha with NBC and "Margo" with the Mutual. . a it mm S SSI Today 3:30 Station WSUM MM: ,1100 ... ,.,.,M..,,.M.u....nt.,.n P.M. Music America Loves WSUN World ot Sons O :00-WSUN Weekly Wsr Journal I WTSP The Pilgrim Hour R :00 WSUN Mary Small Revue WDAE Blue JackeU Choir WFLA NBC Symphony :2S-WDAE News WDAE The Family Hour :30 WSUN Unity Viewpoint , WTSP Williams Home fld Fash. Revival :25-WTSP Sport News WTSP Lutheran Hour -io-wqt-m v r- MS-WSUN Josephme Houston 'wTSP TruV&fec Mysteries I :00-WTSP G. E. Hall, Com tor US WDAB William U Shirer i WSUN John a Kennedy :15-WTSP USS Dearborn L'ch'g 6 !wTf PM WSUN George Hicks M SfPf SMLc0liH?ur :30-WFLA Chicago Round Table - wdif WDAE Romance Rendezvous WDAE Silver Theatre WTSP Marshall Stone. Newi :30 WDAE Baby Snooks WSUN S. Kaye Serenade WFLA Great Gildersleeve ;45 WDAE Edward R. Murrow WTSP Upton Close. News sSISS Musie for Half Hour :45-WTSP Roving Reporter :55 WSUN Leland Stowe ... ,n """"T 7 : 00 WTSP Tony Pastor's Orch. :0aSfi?f Faith of Our Fathers f WFLA All-Time Hit Parade W,LA RoshHashana WSUN Drew Pearson WTSP Sky Riders WDAE Kate Smith Show .,nwSr TenT :15-WTSP Constitution Day Talk :30iXI7?A, i0? Charles Thomas WSUN Monday Headlines WSUN National Vespers :30-WSUN Quiz Kids WTSP USS Knox Launching WFLA Bandwagon :55 WDAE Songs of America WTSP Denny Becker's Orch. 3:00 WFLA World News Parade O :00 WSUN Greenfield Village Ch. WTSP Roostv of the AAF w WFLA Charlie McCarthy WDAE N. Y. Philharmonic WDAE Blondie WSUN Listen, the Women . WTSP Mediation Board :30-WFLA The Army Hour ifcwIiriS wtS.rtJlTn.i WTSP Mysterious Traveler '3 wrV? n ?S?.dn-?Ven-de . WSUN MlssHattie j gAme'Doctr"5' " M5-WT6P Gabriel Heatter : 00 WSUN Darts for Dough :55 WDAE Bob Trout. News WTSP Jewish New Year ! :1.-WTSP Billy Rogers' Orch. Q :00 WTSP Masterworks of Music :30 WDAE Pause Thai Refreshes 9 WDAE Radio Readers' Dig. WTSP Name of That gong? WFLA Manhattan M'-Go-R. By Al Lino the Chatterbox, which, started last week, seems to be payg dividends, according to our observations. The band is better than might be expected, considering that much of St. Petersburg's talent is off to the wars. Credit to Roving Reporter Jack Faulkner of WTSP whose tran scribed interviews with local per sonalities hits a new high in local radio shows. Favorite joke of Don Berger, Florida theatre and WTSP organist: "Germany won't need any officials at the coming peace conference. Who ever heard of a corpse signing a death warrant?" Still at the "Trade Winds" is Chick "Abba Dabba" Stephens, whose piano stylings are almost unbeatable. . Manager Bob Fur-vis couldn't do better. Notes to Music Artie Shaw, who was the first ork leader to use a" number of strings in his outfit and whose first records with strings were called "corn" by Martin Block, the famous New York platter-spinner, has got himself a band again. But now that strings are popular, Artie says "taboo" and contents himself with a 17-piece brass outfit. Gene Krupa and divorced wife Ethel are set to tie the knot again. The event will take place sometime in November when Krupa returns to Los Angeles to make a film for MGM. Incidentally, Harry James, Tommy Dorsey and Xavler Cugat are in Hollywood making pictures. Glenn Miller, who is overseas with an AAF outfit, was recently promoted to major. Glenn and his swingsters are making music at American Army camps in England. Martha Stewart, whose picture appears on this page today, has just been signed to a contract for New York's famous Copacabana nitery. We predict a great future for this young star. "Raymond" Quips "Raymond," your host on the "Inner Sanctum" radio thriller, offers you the following health hints: "If you ever see a transparent green little man with bloodshot purple eyes, blue and yellow lips, teeth like an alligator's and orange hair, who's following you around and trying to kill you, here's a bit of advice from Raymond, your host: Go to the nearest baker and tell him to put you in a fruit cake because you're nuts!" "MARGO" RADIO REPAIR SERVICE One to Thret Doyt Home Radio-Auto Radio ADAMS RADIO SERVICE ALL MAKES KS 4th St. No. fh. 60-072 To "If your blood turns to ice when you listen to an Inner Sanctum mystery, you can always cut off a finger and sell it as a Good Humor delicacy to a vampire." "When you step into the Inner Sanctum of ghosts and ghouls, be sure to seat yourself in the reserved section the section reserved for those who are still alive. And don't worry about the three corpses sitting opposite you they have nothing to do with the story; they're just leftovers from last week. If any of them get up to talk to you, there's only one thing to do. Scream for help." "If you think some of the Inner Sanctum stories have hit a high in horror up to now. you don't know what you're in for. But don't worry. You'll live. It's the characters that won't " "Never murder your wife. Raymond, your host, has a friend who murdered his wife when he found her cutting a rug . . . and he had to swing for it." Radio Reporter Willard Waterman, who is heard as Dr. Wilton in "Woman in WhiW Dr. Frasier in "Road of Life" and John Murrary in "Today's Children," has added extra chores to his already heavy list by taking on night shift work in a war plant. Ever since Edgar Bergen appeared on Rudy Vallee's show, Rudy has been interested in ventriloquism. Bergen taught him some of his tricks, and Vallee, through Dersistent practice, has perfected his technique. He has three dummies in nis iamny Sally Ann, a girl talking doll; Linoleum, a negro character, and Ezra Snerd, Mortimer's brother. Garry Moore, Jimmy Durante's laugh partner, is being considered for some of Harold Lloyd's greatest film comedies, soon to be re-adapted for filming. Did you know that Phil Baker plays the only left-handed accordion in the world? It had to be specially made and cost d,uuu. Bamntnn. dramatic so prano, found herself locked in a prop closet during the performance of an opera but continued singing her aria until the leading man forced the door open. That's A1I-I-NQ. WAYNE IN QUARTER-FINALS Torrv Wavne. who does his crooning these Fridays at 7 p.m. on the new Ed Wynn program .i Una rooprlfln over tne uiue cnum, n "-"-'.r the quarter-final round oi u.e invitation tournament at the Jackson Heights Tennis club in New York. Jerry usea to ue intercollegiate tennis champion, and also won the tennis title in his home town of Buffalo several years ago. FLANNERY WINS CONTRACT Harry W. Flannery, news analyst, has contracted for a new series of shortwave oroaacasts for the OWL Titled "Pacific Roundup," the resumes of de velopments in the Pacific theatre will be beamed to 1-urope trom New York once a week. Flannery is currently doing a weekly series on the general war pic ture which is shortwaved from San Francisco to Ausstralia. Now loose FALSE siay pun Gotydby m dbtconiforf New Dmtu-Grip holds 40 MORE FIRMLY than the average of other holding powders tested 1 Ispleasanter to use, too ... refreshingly flavored with peppermint. Try it on your plate or bridge! 254 at drugstores. Money backifnotdelighted. Walter Wincbell Basin Street Fun Familiar Musio Star Theater Cedric Foster Jimmy Fidler Cuban Club Orch. 10 :00 WTSP Goodwill Hour WDAE Take It or Leave It WSUN The Life of Riley WFLA Hour of Charm :30 WDAE We. the People WSUN Keep Ud With World WFLA Tremayne. J. Gleason :45 WTSP Monday's Headlines II :00 WTSP WDAE WFLA WSUN :1-WFLA WSUN WTSP WDAE :30-WTSP WFLA WDAE WSUN :45 WTSP : 55 WSUN California Melodies News of the World News Emil Vanda's Orch. Cesar Searchinger Vera Massey Danceland Maria Kurenko Abe Lyman's Orch. Pacific Story Jack Pepper Show G. Paxton's Orch. Blue Room War News I 9 :00-WTSP I WFLA WDAE WSUN :05 WFLA : 30 WSUN : 55 WSUN Sign Off News Sign Off Les Brown's Orch. Sign Off Freddy Martin's Or. News :00 WSUN Say It With Music 2:00-e :00 WSUN Music and U News Popular Pair Two localites who have made good in show business are Joseph DeMarco and Mage Campbell, now Miami bound for a stint at the Olympia theatre, following a successful week at Webb's patio. A music and comedy team, DeMarco plays the guitar for Miss Campbell's vocals. The former has been touring the country with vaudeville acts for more than 40 years and is the originator of the famous "Laugh Clown, Laugh" act. Miss Campbell has been associated with DeMarco for the past eight years. Weekend Highlights FRIDAY In the most important boxing bout thus far this season, battling Tami Mauriello tries for a come- wv- rw m 111a 16-iuuitu criliuuuici with ,Joe Baksi at Madison Square Garden at 10 p.m. over WTSP. Baksi, No. 1 heavyweight contender, recently won a split decision over Mauriello. SATURDAY "Navy Bulletin Board" show moves to the 1 o'clock spot and "Requestfully Yours" to the 11:30 a.m. spot over WTSP. Request numbers from the na tion's prominent people are fea tured on "Musical Autographs' at 10 p.m. over WSUN. Guy Lombardo and his orchestra offer the musical signatures. DON'T LET YOUR RADIO DIE! Don't Mm The Latest War Nwi. Wt have the neceitary tube! and parti to repoir moir all radioi. 48-hour scrvict by an old atrab-lithed firm.' Gulf Radio Sales, Inc. Ph. 1616 329 Fourth St. No. RADIO REPAIRS Auto Radio Home Radio Complete Radio Service CARL FRITZ Ph. 7178 415 9th St. N. RADIO SERVICE ALL MAKES JOHN DANISON 125 3rd St. So. Phone 5904 , RENTALS RECONDITIONED RADIOS PHILCO For Your Listening Pleasure! WTSP Presents: mn p aa The Skv Riders 4:15 P.M. Billie Rogers' Orch. 4:30 P.M. ' What's the Name of That Song? 6:00 P.M. Quick as a Flash! 6:45 P.M. Roving Reporter in Bradenton 7:15 P.M. Constitution Day Address 8:00 P.M. A. L Alexander's Mediation Board 8:45 P.M. Gabriel Heatter, News 9:00 P.M. Masterworks of Music 9:30 P.M. Cedric Foster, News , j 10:00 P.M. 1 . i . i. "H 1 1 i Anthony s uooowm nour 10:45 P.M. Monday's Headlines 1380 ON YOUR DIAL WSUN :1S WSUN :30 WFLA WDAE WTSP M5 WSUN WTSP - A -i f4 " V ililllllltl!

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