Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida on August 3, 1946 · 13
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Tampa Bay Times from St. Petersburg, Florida · 13

St. Petersburg, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 3, 1946
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WALTER WINCIIELL IS ON VACATION Broadway and Elsewhere By jack Lait August Observations- oiivia de Kavilland may change her faith to wed Purple Heart Maj. Joe McKeon. She is taking Instruction now Elaine Vito, charming blond harpist with Lloyd Shaffer's orchestra, secretly married t o George Rice!. NBC studio or-chestra cellist , . , Pat Miles says she doesn't even know Don De Leo. She has definite in-terests elsewhere. And he I find, is warm on Mindy Carson, Harry Cool's hot canary. Louis Siler in a tempest over win-t ox's (Jerri Gale. . .Allister Macintosh, equerry to Eddie Windsor when he was prince, likes Eileen Herrick (the Juliet who was vved to Romeo George Lowther). . . Fletcher Godfrey and Paulette Bragg, both so-o-o so-o-cial, both together. . .Louis Calhern and Natalie Schaefer, though their divorce is final, are laugmng at the judge. Don Tallinl's summation after dinner at the Stork Club: "Into the Valley of Debt rode the '400Y' Arrogant German scientists, brought over here, to carry on with their work, interrupted by certain events over which they had no control, shrug their shoulders, make with their hands, say ach, their calculations are on such a high scale that the- backward American colleagues c a n't understand them. . . The heinie test-Dilot! Imported to try out the jet-propelled ME-262 says the Fatherland's aircraft were far superior to the crude American planes. , . Who won the war? Bob Ifannetran wants Donald Nelson as the replacement for Gen. Gregory to boss the War Assets Adm. .'.A Canadian legislator told friends here that his country can now construct and use atom bombs without techni cal aid from below. . .Commer-. cial airlines, employing 85,000 now, are still understaffed. . . . Rep. John Sparkman favored to succeed the late Sen. John Bank-head In Ala. . .John L. Lewis will barge back into the Democratic party, now that his pal John Steelman is reconversion head and Sidney Hillman is gone . . . .Vet. Adm. will consolidate and economize. Move No. 1 will be to cut its press staff in half. ..."Thieves in the Night," by Arthur Koestler, will accuse the British labor government fostering the Arab League. has to do that as a divinity, the embodiment of gracefulness. . . . Her ex is walking out under clouds instead of them. "Around the World" folds deep in the red. Well, isn't that his pet color? Walter Wlnchell can't stay out of type got a whole column reproduced In the Congressional Record (not on motion of any gentleman from Miss.). ,.Th way Columbia is plugging "The Jolson Story" indicates a Music Hall bid. . .Seth Babbits lyrics are tops on Noro Morales' "Louis Sobol's Bolero" . , .Earl Browder's series, "Report o n Russia," is not an offering for the cause. Oh, no. He gets $18 for each!. . .Robert Van Gelder has resigned as book editor, to write a book; John K. Hutchens succeeds. . . Short snorter bills showing up in the hockshops. Those who tut-tut with nostalgic regret over the "pass ing" of ' the passenger ship should talk with some of the travel agents. . . They have been flooded with inquiries about resumption of sailings across, and cruises along the shores. . . No swift luxury plane will ever give what the sleek vessels did leisure, relaxation, that complete realization of remoteness from cares and responsibilities. . . . Nowhere else can strangers so quickly become friends, or better. . . Inhibitions are left at the dock. . . Music sounds so much more melodious on a ship; wine tastes so much more heady. . . There is no sense of haste. . . There is sense of repose and tranquillity. . . No, the era of ships has not passed. Leo Atkerman and Peter Pal-ladino, a couple of ex-GIs, have an idea. Whether it's good or not, it's new, They've opened an all-male model agency in the Belasco Theatre Bldg. . . .Most of the talent is young, but there are no age brackets . . . Models, yet no cheese-cake, no pin-ups, no cover-cuties. Imagine? Reported Romancing Venita Vardon, ex-Mrs. Jack Oakie, and the French architect, Joseph Varenne, cabling constantly. . .Kitty Kallen, soprano, and Frank Parker, tenor, in the key of G-whizz. . .Doris Sands of the Carnival chorus, and Joe Erens. . , .Sally Rawlinson, daughter of of, of the silent star, Herbert R., and Alvin White, artist, will wed Aug. 11. . . .Moune, the Parisian chanteuse brought here by Bar Dottle Lam our and her hus band, William Ross Howard, 3rd',ney Joscphson, married to Ellis were in these Darts ostensibly I Larkins. the pianist, in Balti- on a pleasure trip. Pleasure is right. He took home a $3,500,- 000 contract from Argentine aviation groups for conversion of surplus transports by the corp. of which he's executive v. p. . . . Rita Hayworth, in "Down t o Earth," plays Terpsichore. The goddess of the dance has to tread on clouds. To achieve that, a cloud effect is spread, 14 inches high and Rita has to wear translucent plastic wedgies 14 inches thick for the illusion. It's gentle murder when she more. . .Art ora ana me row-ers poser, Taffy Brown. . .Joan Crawford seen again with Greg Bautzer but who ever knows what's 'going on in her nimble brain? They describe Eivind Anderson, the Tacoma contractoras having a Scandinavian dialect. . . . Well, so has Rep. John M. Coffee. . .1 understand that, in the dark, long corridor, Coffee said to Anderson: "Sanka very much. Yuban so good to me! Good Listening Sports 3:00 p. m. WTSP Horse race Musfc 2:00 p. m. WSUN Jazz pianist Teddy Wilson joins Piano Playhouse crew; music will include Ravel's "Jcux d'Eau, "Tea for Two," "Anything Goes" and ."Chopsticks" 4:00 p. m. WDAE Glen Gray band featured on "Matinee at Meadowbrook" 4:15 p. m. WSUN Program of works by members of the Arrangers Society of America highlights "Saturday Concert" 6:30 p. m. WDAE Tony Martin and Georgia Gibbs offer popular favorites i 8:30 p. m. WSUN-Dr. Serge Koussevitzky conducts a 1 1 Brahms program at Berkshire Music festival. Carol Brice, contralto soloist, will be heard with a male chorus and the orchestra in Brahms' "Rhap sody, Op. 53." Concluding number will be the familiar Symphony No. 2 8:45 p. m. WDAE-"Saturday Night Serenade" features "I Don't Know Why," "Yester days," "To Each His Own" 9:00 p. m. WTSP Lida Da Valle, Carol Smith, Angelo Raffaelli, Bruce Foote highlight "Chica go Theatre" with performance of the Quartet I rom "Rigolet-to." Miss De Valle and Miss Smith also sing the Flower Duet from "Madame Butter fly" 10:30 p. m. WDAE Rudolph Ringwall conducts the Cleveland Summer orchestra in a program of light symphonic music Drama-Mysteries 4:00 p. m. WFLA "No Happy Ending" dramatizes story of a traffic accident caused by blinding headlights 5:15 p. m. WDAE "Richard Henry Dana is today s "American Portrait" 7:00 p. m. WDAE Joan Caul- field, Robert Young co-star in "The Major and the Minor" 8:00 p. m. WSUN "Gangbust- ers" dramatize case of a bank bandit 9:00 p. m. WFLA "Hindu Revenge" on "Lights Out" ST. PETERSBURG TIMES, SATURDAY, AUGUST 3. 1946 TODAY'S RADIO PROGRAMS Saturday, Aufual 3, l4 WTSP 1380 AM. MUTUAL g l till t R. 7: Nmrl a Inn Dial M Nawt an lu Dial ;W Ni ! Sua Dial AI Nawt an Sua Dili 0 40 Ni and Sun Oral J Nmm ana un Dial :30 Sun Dial :45 Rhythm anal Raaten 9 Waihiniloa Nawi Chriatlaa tltnea 30 ftainbaar Hauaa 45 Rainbow Mama 1AM Nawt Roundui A V :ll A B r and A Girl 13Q Vacatlan tyaiahanlta :4S Vatatlta SmalMalaa HM Fun A Nulla :IS Fun 4 Mualt M Lunarian With Laa . :4J Lunthaaa Wlta Lata! WSUN 620 A.M. AMERICAN ' Ntva ana) Muala :03 Paroalator Patrol .30 Paieolatur Patral r4S Bell Ntwi Of Tha Oar 8:00 Waka La And Inula M Waka Ui Ana! Italia SO Waka Up And tall Ah Waka Ua And Smila Gan OS Happy Mapp Gana M Jvalar Junction Ai Junior JuiHtian 9 1 n .-00 f trlnt Entamkla A U :IS Naar Churck tUrvlta 30 Johnny Thompian :45 Notoa Fran Diary 11 M Pan.Aaarlcana MS Bill Dunaaa 30 Aaerlron Faraor HI Aaarlaaa Faraor P. M. O :00 Chatkarboard Jaabaroa 1 U ill PatMlndar Nam M Cbatkarkaard Jaabaraa Ai Chackarboard Jaabaraa M Johnny Plnaapplo't Onh ilS Johnny FlMaaala'l Oreb :M palmar Houh Orch. :41 Palmar Houia Orth. 2.-00 Gonrao 8tarntt Orth ill Goarpa Starnay'i Ortb :30 Soar io Barry' l Orth Ai Gaaraja Barry a Orth 3J00 Rata af tha Waak .-IS H orb la Flald'a Orth 30 Horbio Flald'a Orch Ai Opportunity USA 4M tparta Parada :I5 Sparta Parada 30 Gaaria Tawna'i Ortb Ai Goaria Tavna't Orth 5:00 Paul Schubert, Nawt :IS r.hurah Olratury 30 Bobby Maohar'i Orth Ai Bobby Mookar'a Orth 0 Hawaii Calla I .-IS Hawaii Callt Ml Sport SpntHafit Ai I Waa Comltt M. O:00 Ta Llva la Ponaa A a .1 S Ta Uva In Peaea 30 John Olaa Rumpua Rata Ai John Olaan Rumpua Raoa 1:00 Chltapa Serenade :IS Chitaia Serenade 30 11 race Madrlan Fruit &i Meladloa Ta Reaemaer 2:00 Plana Playhauoa :I1 Plana Plavhauoa 30 Roundupj Tlaa :4J Roundup Tlaa 3:00 Eattvlaar Hartaraaa :IJ Meadawbraak Club 30 Meadawbraeh Club Ai Maadawbraak Club 4.-00 Local Newt ;IJ Saturday Canoort 30 Saturday Ceaeart AI Saturday Concert 50 .'IS 0 Newa Jimmy Blair 30 Harry Ai Labor. Wltmtr USA 6:00 It'o Your Butlneia MS Malar Roblntaa :30 Donaldean Awardo Ai Deanldaea Awardo 70 Twenty Queatlaaa :H Twenty Quortlani 30 Juvenila Jury :45 Juvenila Jury 8 IT. M Leave It Ta Tha Girla Leave It Ta Tha Glrli 30 Jenathaa Triable, Et Ai Jenothaa Triable, Eif. 9 $9 Chi'to Tiiaafra l tha Atr MS Chl'w Theatre at tha Air 30 Chi'ta Theatra af tha Air :4S Chi'aa Theatra af tha Air Children's Fore 1:45 p. m. WFLA-"Nature Sketches": Raymond Gregg and his students travel to Trail Ridee to observe plant and animal life 7:30 p. m. WTSP Vouthful par ty problem among questions posed to "Juvenile Jury" Variety 7:00 p. m. WTSP Mary Small tries her luck at "20 Ques tions" 8:00 p. m. WTSP College Pro fessor Dr. Clifford Adams braves withering wit of feminine panel on "Leave It to the Girls'-' 7M Bataball MS Contrait In Rhvtha 30 Faaaua jury Triola MS Famoua Jury Trialo 85, :00 Ganibuitera Oonobiretera 30 Berkthlra Fettlval Contort :45Berkihlre Fattlval Contort M0 Berkahlra Festival Concert MS Berktiilra Fattlval Ctliert 30 Meet I or Hop Xi Meetlor Has A :00 Bud'a Buckaraea 1 n M Newa Of Tomorrow X U :I5 Btid'a Biwkarnna i U MS ntirlle Vat) Want 30 Karn't Krackla' :'0 Blue Barren Orth :S5 Newa -At Blue Barren Orch n:00 Ted Straeter'a Ortk 1 1 :M Beiebell Scaraa-Nawi MS Italian Club 1 1 , Cay Clarldaa Ortk 30 Sherman May at Ortk 30 Teamy Tucker AS Howe -M Howe 12 SIGN OFF 12 SIGN OFF WDAE 1250 WFLA 970 A.M. COLUMBIA A.M. NATIONAL PAi 4Ai O Doe Hepklna Boyo WFLA Farm Haur Q Preea Newa n7iiZi.ZuiZTk " ' O as Th. Gardon Gat. 8 Jl- .... a'w, . 30 Carolina Callinf U '!! J"" "J ' cf""" c 9:00 Give and Taka r: MS Give and Take Q 0 Star, Tiaa 30 Mary Lea Taylor :l1 nturei la Raiaarch :45 Mery Lea Taylor 30 Arekia Andrawt ' " :4S Arrhia Andrawt , 1 l 00 Warren Sweeney . , 1 U ill Left Pretend If) Tm"-t," CM Ai Blllle Burka Shew 1 U :IS Twa-Tlaera Cluh 30 Blllle Burka Show 30 Homo. What Von Make It S Hama-What Vou Make It 4 4 MS Arattrant a Thaatra I , , 30 Start Over Hollywood LT!".""!. 4,.r. Over Hallvwaod g-gJt CHru. P M- P. M. I??, C'T 10:MN.t. Fvm.Hoa. Hour ?;"t,Cr. r " 14:11 Fara-Hem. Hour i?r'oH?r.ir 30 V.leran't Haur i County Fair T(ur iMtH J M I tank's R.rd Real M Your Ho.t I. Battel. " 4 MS a4v.nfuraa I" S ante) I w ,. , . , 30 Of M d Beoke 1 :' " Bl",,, Ai Adventura. In Sclera s N.'tuf.' 8k?t.hM 0:00 Aal.nment Hem. o Saturday Sho.taae !,"!"," . tT. MS Saturday Showc... :M Sperlal I Veto Talk 30 Lauah-Get Ae.u.inted :4S Voulh tar Chrltt Pom. MS lauib-Get Atauainted 1 flh "'" . , ijl "endlt.p : I-,. '"' :,i " o 4S laulh Fllrld. R.orh Bove Tl" "'""I' "'" Bnnek ejaw M Um o itH 6tlt Ttur, 40 Matlnaa nt Mendowbreek a M Na tIS Met m. at M..d.krMk 4 . N, H t- 30 Mathwa at M..d.brak .J( Uwvt T.mlie. :4J Matlnaa at Meadewbraak Harry Herllek C Waahinitan - M Arlington Futurity , ;;j iz:;: " c:!i".r"N.r..,ur"y V'w fi TinrllWM 6 Attoeiated Pratt Newa X-:w1tttbM WaalhtTrlT Ml Thrlllt far tha SpoHtman M Jv-) tTl 3J Tnay Martin Shew :3e tnrybuty Sinn Tany Martin Shew . :4J ((rybdy gB, 70 Hllv.Md Star Tim. ' - M WaU CaTnTi ""a m. iT . ' 22? . :S Hnnnymee. ai Ned Calmer ,4J York Honeymoon 8 1,ar HJ " o :00 National Barn Dance 1.1 u a '"'a ' - O ' "'" Barn Bant. 171 " oTr.'';.. a SO Caa V.u To. Thli At Saturday Nile S'narla ;s Can Vow To. Thlt 9H Saturday Nile K'nada n M LitllU 0ut MS Oklehemn Reundu. . t,lM, , a. "l,"du, 30 Grand Ola O.ry M Tl" :45 Grand Ola Opry :00 Newa 4 Newa Analytla ft :W) Call.nt All Servicemen ' 1 M -n Oirke Flllnaten J . H, Hm, 30 Cleveland Summer flreh :M p.H.adea Park Onh :4S Cleveland Summer Ortk ' -Ai Pahiad.l Park Ortk . 11 0 Newa 0 Attoeiated Prett Newt 1 MO Fillet Lawrence Ortk 1 1 MS Vlrejnla Beech Ortk 30 Renfra Valley Rarn Dance 3g Three Sunt Trie :4S Renfra Valley Barn Donee 5 Lea Simt 1 o -M 10 laNEWS IC SISN OFF SYLVIA SIDNEY'S next film will co-star her with George Raft in "Mr. Ace." The picture tells the story of PAGE THIRTEEN a lady member of congress who decided she wanted tu become governor of her horn.? stale and just how she achieved the change. IteMktn .ctmww'e. HOLLYWOOD ROUNDUP 1 . . Hit- . ii , V DOORS OPE5N PROMPTLY IZ'MS "V rjf v t?if,-.ri.t r ( m i nun COOPtH DIM SIOCKWta tnaS HAW1 j a rrt s itMe IT WONDERFUL 1K 1 1 'i ' 1 ' 4JOM0RR0W f SUN. MOM. TUBS. f !'l I. JLJIUBWIB I torn iir-iiif! I fill ) "JrA tuck 4 Lana Turner To Play Lead In "Green Dolphin Street1 RADIOS -RECORD PLAYERS-APPLIANCES . AUTTiOiIZD scrvice PHILC0-RCA-ZENITH-SC0TT WESTINGH0USE- MOTOROLA TltvfE PAYMENTS D,AL 50"172 . 834 CENTRAL - ! 4:" - ' . " ' kaWninri. aea nil liUNEST TUBB WHAT'S DOING ENTEBTAlNMKJiT tody) Open Air Forum, 3 p. m., Wllllama pnrk. . Saturday Night club, Unifprl Spanih War Wterans, g p. m., VSWV home. Lip Reading club, 4 p. m., pier. ENTERTAINMENT (Sunday) Chapel Exprcisee, 2:30 p. m Pinellas County homp. Chapel Exercises, 3 p. m., Masonic home. ORGANIZATIONS (Monday) Merchant Marine Veterans, S p. m.. DAV home. St. Petersbure Minister asfoclation, 10 30 a. m.. YMCA. St. Petersburg Board of Realtors, 12:30 p. m., Detroit hotel. Post No. 14, American Legion, 8 p. m.. Legion home. Patriot Militant No. 9, IOOF, 7:30 p. m., Oiid Fellows hall. Alcoholics Anonymous, 8 p. m., yilCA. Pinellas lodge No. 1S!V Knights of Pythian, 8 p. m., JOUAM hall. Sunshine city cnapter. AiA. s:au p. m.. 1039 Arlington avenue. 15-20 club, 8 p. m., Defense building. St. Petersburg society for Hard of Hearing. Chapter 133. recreation, 7:30 p. m.. 18 Alhambra arcade. American Relief for France, 10 a. m. to 1 p. m.. room 18. Defense building. American Relief for Holland. 10 s. m. to 1 p. m., room 15, Defense building, RED CROSS (Monday) Knitting room, 9 a m. to 1 p.n., De-fene building. Production room. Sewing. 9 a. m. to 1 p. m.. Defense building. Motor Corps meeting, 7:30 p. m.. ARC cottage. ENTERTAINM ENT (Monday Open Air Forum, 3 p. m Williams park. By DOROTHY MANNERS .honor has to have permission HOLLYWOOD (INS) Our from the Screen Directors guild. i He gets it. President George Stevens, himself, will make the BERMUDA OKEIIS AUTOS HAMILTON. Bermuda VP) The legislative council adopted the motor car act yesterday, authorizing the general use of automobiles on this Island for the first time in 38 years. i THE LOW DOWN -Tj ON A HOE DOWN! RADIO REPAIRS Auto Radio Homo Radio Complett Radio Sarvice CARL FRITZ Ph. 7178 415 9th St. N. Hcrt'i a solid. hour of the best in Hillbilly and Western Music featuring Ernest Tubb and many other stars. Every Saturday on coast-to-coast Mutual. TUNE IN 1380 FOR "Checkerboard Jamboree -a 12:00 to 1:00 P.M. WTS P PHILCO RCA CROSLUY Authorized Sales & Servico Repair to ell mokct. Old established firm. ANDERSON RADIO CO. 44 7th St. So. Ph. 6761 tip a few days ago about Lana Turner darkening her platinum blond hair, Isn't just a whim on her part. Lana goes into M-G-M's $100,000 prize winning novel, "Green Dolphin Street" as Mary Ann, previously assigned to Katharine Hepburn. A switch in casting puts Miss Hep into "Song of Love," for Clarence Brown, and Lana into her role. Carey Wilson, who produces "Green Dolphin Street" made a big pitch for Turner. He thought she gave her best dramatic performance in his "Post man Always Rings Twice" and sold the bosses on the idea that she was right for the seafaring costume opus. Victor Saville di rects Elizabeth Gouge's story A r t u r o De Cordova Just thought he was through with Hollywood when he left here last year to return to Mexico to make pictures with Dolores Del Rio. Yesterday the Mexican actor flew back to town with a sur prise contract He goes immediately into "New Orleans" for Jules Levey, courtesy o f Brynie Foy who has Arturo signed for three Eagle-Lion movies. But the eagle isn't ready to soar yet so De Cordova gets time out to make this picture for Levey dealing with the birth of the blues in the little town Arthur Lubin directs. Gambling equipment is mov' ing into Hollywood like mad- but not because of the sensational gin rummy expose of last week. Twenty-four professional gambling house dealers, croupiers, and three truck loads of game tables whipped in from Las Vegas and Mexico to the Columbia studios yesterday for the casino scenes In Dick Powell's "Johnny O'clock," but before Dick, Evelyn Keyes and the rest of the cast starts work, the "pros" will be coached for a full day by Director Robert Rosen on camera technique. In other words, the real gamblers are going to have to learn to look like the movie variety. Mayor William O'Dwyer, of New York, directs the first scene of "Carnegie Hall" when the picture starts shooting under that famed musical roof in August. And the topper is that for performing this" chore, his DANCE 8:30 TONIGHT . MUSIC BY SUNSHINE RAMBLERS LEALMAN HALL Sponsored by Jr. O.U.A.M. RADIO SERVICE ALL MAKES DANISON RADIO CO. 1Z5 3rd. St. So. Phone 5904 Authorized PHILCO De.iler Bud's Budtardos AT THE Gulfport Casino ROUND & SQUARE DANCING ALSO Radio Show 10-10:30 WTSP 1380 ON YOUR DIAL 1 EVERYONE WELCOME ! r"TT'Vvir'y' v official presentation making Mayor O'Dwyer an honorary member of Hollywood's directors guild. Dona Drake finished her final scene in "Dangerous Millions" for Sol Wurtzel and collapsed on the set. At first it was thought it was Just fatigue, but after she was rushed to the Cedars of Lebanon hospital, the trouble was diagnosed as a severe attack of yellow jaundice, settled in her stomach. Dona is fed intravenously and unless she shows marked improvement within the next week she may have to bow out of her next movie job, "Flame of Tripoli" at Universal. THEATRE TIME CLOCK Saturday, Auirtiat S FLORIDA "The Green Years" 1:25. 4:10. 6:50, 9:35. PHEIL "Heartbeat" 1:00. 3:13, 5:26. 7:39, 9:12. PLAYHOUSE "Jani Oflts Married" 1:36, 3.41. 5:46. 7:51. 9.56. LA PLAZA "The Postman Always Rinm Twice"-1:00. 3:05. 5:20. 7:35. 9:55. ROXY "Ud Gops MafRle" 1:53. 4:38. 7:23, 10:08: "Gunning lor Vengeance" 1:00. 8:45, 6:30. 9:15. CAMKO "Dakota" 1:00. 4:04 . 7:09. 9:45: 'Son of Lassie" 2:22, 6.26. 8.30. DRIVE IN "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" 8:10, 10:10. PARK "Lone Texas Ranger" 7:00, 10:03: "The Corn is Green" 8:05. Lunch or Dine OPEN V5im-m'm& HURRY ST0JiZ4j TOM O RROW-3THR,LUlNG DAVS TVEamnwrn jessie jambs ' tn Cool, Luxurious AIR ' CONDITIONED Comfort at 0111 it i:sta I lt..T TVOFIIlSTKTIlKKrOI Til Kanntll CoMan. JrOwner-Mafr. Drive cut4Street North to 7266 J2B BRMth FAMILY CHARGE- for CHILDREN IT'S a REAL Tl 72 OO 4ST. NORTH 70NlCHTad SUADAY MONTY OICK JUNtv WOOLLY HAYM&S HAV6R. ' TBCHNICOL.OR MUSICAL.' , iVIIJIIWU Mi " ' 11 rnnrn 'J and ' MAT. TODAY OPEN 12:45 MAT. 40c EVE. 44c INC. TAX Sis' 'W iff mm i . & a V tl f'l 'N W ffA V X m mm v if. w i m m Cli MiylJ fji hit ESVilS ARNOLD -UK!, MrOING -item wx-hri Mnrn w STcrk CAR F I E-LD I sun - mo n . git, POSTMAN tckJUsu p ifU!aJJJj owns TWICE- 1 o"HOT CARGO'' GnSuxCi Wa- ij'u I r ti-lJ . . a. A " a . o "VSouiherr, nurpny Va . a- n A aft A 4 " hits vroriHits fttCHAS.5TARRETTH CHAPTIZ frinujCji lWttl "AtA3 s t i ! ! i i tyr l t4Bl llinlr o xirh I a i , i t i ' i r a Jf A4VA MR) in A PtTtR LAfQRO 1M. yhocai c? r t hcpic. Palais Royal Tonitc For Information, Dial 7390 S27 4tk AWMO.-Pot INFORMATION. 7313 9features JSTEH show vTlui 25c TODAY! BETTE DAVIS SHOWS 7-11 P.M. Rn EKS' f 'hri kino A GREAT PLAY! TODAY! ions TEiin: ft'fj "a , iW5L0B.LCiK5TT -2RED RYDER 4W 03 DANCE SATURDAY & SUNDAY NIGHTS AT THE GANDY BLVD. NITE CLUB "The Largest Dance Floor Out Of Town" CALL 64-6033 FOR RESERVATIONS lacftcmn(; Pluf Cartoon Nft JOt

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