The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1948 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 5, 1948
Page 8
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PAGK BIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Boston Red Sox To Assist Barons Birmingham Team ; Expecting a Lift m Southern Competition By Rolind Oopwn (Uniftd Press SporU Writer) BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 5.— (UP) — The Birmingham Baroiu Kave only about one-halt of tlielr positions filled now, but many a loyal ttn will bet his income tax eut the club will finish high In Hie first division. Those fans—and there are plenty of them—believe In the Barons' sugar daddy, Joe Cronln and his Boston Red Sox. They also swear by the Barons' new manager, Prod Walters They know he Is a favorite son In the Red Sox chain and that papa just won't let him tryxn. The Red Sox, one of the best heeled talent clubs in the majors, buoyed the New Orleans PoScans into second place Insl year And Walters managed, those Pelicans, too. At that (line, Birmingham was plugging along, praying Jor help from the Philadelphia Athletics. But the season ended—with the Barons In sixth place nnd the A's receiving more help from Birmingham than vice versa. However, General Manager Eddie Glcnnon. a red-fnccii Irishman, sparked this sixth . place team to a record attendance of .368,000, including the ladies. Glcnnon is back and has his eyes fixed on 500,000 this year. , Manager Walters will look iifs pitchers over from behind the plate. Walters, at 35, is still considered about the best catcher In the Southern Association. He batted .344 for ^ New Orleans last year and caught 98 games. Fred, down to his best playing weight in years at 210, hopes to catch more than 100 this year. The Boston Red has promised a relief for him. And No Time-<md-a-Half Stanlee Paired WiiHKeen on Program Paul-SUnlee, the Chicago wrestler. Who once h«ld the title ol "Mi Amertc*'.'.; and Charlie Keene, will unili with Kali Pasha, the Arabl- »n nwariif and Billy Brooks In the ta«;match feature of the American Legion's -weekly wrestling program at the Legion Arena tonight, . StarJet, » six-foot plus muscular giant who developed his near-perfect physique while a physical culture Instructor, will be making Ills second appearance here. His partner, Keene, is an old-timer, .haying appeared here on numerous occasions. His cat-lilce agility has made him • favorite of lo- cirfaru. Both, Brooks and Pasha are re- turnets from the past two weeks' progrinis. Last week they lost the featured' bout after coming out on the short end of the State Athletic Association Inspector's ruling which reversed the referee's decision at the'end of the bout, disqualifying the. two' meantes. In .the two one-fall preliminary bouts Stanlee will tangle with Pasha and Keene will meet Brooks. These V's Are Anti-Communist Conch Benny Oosterbaan makes sure .versatile Dominic Tomasi hasn't his signals crossed as Michigan's second baseman and football captain reports (or grid drills directly alter, baseball practice* ,Graziono Meets ,Horne Toighr In Charity Tussle WASHINGTON, April 5. (UP) — Middleweight Champion Rocky Sox ! Graztano—with little lo gain and Caruthersville Tiger* Play Alumni Tomorrow OARUTHKRSyiilJS,' Mo?, 'April S.-fTha ,.li)4«'edition of the cani- thersTJlle :HIfrh School ,TJg*r« foot- bill Uani.TiiiU get th«r;firit teat ''under^flre'l-here'tomorrow •afternoon; at 'two o'clock, ••. when;., the much to lose-meets George (Sonny I » *ei tege fielder, kins, only 22. batted .292 tor a i pile a Class B team last year. Free Week-Ends Urged At Health Measure CHICAGO (UP)—A professor of medicine says the average person of middle age or beyond needs recreation more than exercise. Dr. Wlngate, M. Johnson. Win- ston-8al«m, N. C., professor of clinical medicine at Wake Forest College, contends that even more Important than the annual vacation of two veeics or more are frequent week-end vacations. "Everyone heeds a free afternoon i week, in addition to Sunday," he said in a talk here. "The observance of the Sabbath Is based ;vs much upon hygienic principles is upon moral tenets." MONDAY, APRIL 5, 1948 Blood-Curdling Comics Deplored by PTA CHICAGO (Ur 1 )—Chicago parent-teacher groups believe that fewer "blood and thunder" comic books and more parks are vital in com- batting Juvenile delinquency. First returns from questionnaires sent to PTA groups by the Juvenile Protection Association indicate that "cleaning up" comic books should be' high on the list of corrective measures. Parents and teachers agreed that (he need for playgrounds is the most Important step, however. tip-top share ties- layoff of almost 10 month's. Second will receive one dollar for tonight's base Is wide open. Here, I bout, the remainder of hts purs* •gain, the Red Sox has guaranteed being donated to charity. The champion took a 10-round-decision the Barons a man. Mickey Rutner, an all-star selec- from Home at Madison Square tl0n 1 .1?i t a year ' "* returnmg to take i Garden In 1946. but the stbcky^on- oyer third base. He was sold con- | ny had the satisfaction of check ditionally to Connie Mack of the A's ing Grnzlano's knockout streak after he batted .345 here in 1947. • • Dick Adams developed into about the best shortstop in the league six bouts. at If Hornc should beat Grazlario, he would rank high up among con, .. . • - , ™ "t "wum inlin l|j£ll ll^j HmulIK COli- •when the leaves started falling last tenders for the middleweight crown September.^ He 1 5 back and hopes | and undoubtedly be able to force , to better hts .287 batting average, a return title match. Mel Hoderlein, a promising second year man and a switch hitter, will be the utility Infielder. Pennsylvania Five Wins Legion Coge Title JEFFERSONVIULE,. Ind., April 5. (UP).—The National American Legion basketball title went East today In the hands of a bull-hawking Quintet.from Beaver Falls, Pa. "Beaver Falls defeated Moorliead, Byron Nelson Ranked Favorite in Masters AUGUSTA, Ga., April 5. (UP) — It took only one round of golf to establish Lord Byron. Nelson as arm Co«ches Enill high school Boepple kiid liiirr, are holding "open house 1 ;/ tor. tBerpubllc,! to wt r ness;the fteAfree of f.chirg*'; -'•.'*':. •. Trj« game; will ., tie four eight- minute quarters, "witb,.arnpU 'timeouts, and;- rests -for &>«, ''old" >-•••• Deer Comes to Dinner And Decides to Stay ^RODHEAD. Wis. (UP)—An nl- blrtp. deer appeared at the Orvillc Miller farm last November and decided to stay. The deer, named Bucko by Mrs. A Home passer-by looks at a row of vari-colored "V's" plastered over Communist election posters. The Communist posters feature a iJorlrail of Garibaldi on a red star. Although the "V's" were obviouslv poslofl by onti-Coinmunists, the Heds have attempted to lake credit for them. (Plioto by NEA-Acme stofl correspondent Albert Blasetti.i Cigarette Tax Head Gets Burned Up LINCOLN, Neb. (UP)— Rufus M Howard, director of the state agriculture department which administers Nebraska's cigarette tax, was annoyed. Howard felt that a Colorado mail BLVTHEVILLE'S ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE Show Starts Weekdays 6:45 p.m. Saturday 1:00 p.m.; Sunday 2 p.m Tonight A W«im • of Kamonce. in On. Night ol LOV E order firm added insult to injury when It solicited him to order tax- 'ree cigarettes for himself. He said the firm's advertising campaign Is reducing the amount of funds available for the old people and needy children on th« state's assistance rolls. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark: Monday & Tuesday Warner News and Short wamdise HOiCt MtlHi llfOV! ««<•! i • •»»ww tfvirmm' vi *v»yuv .>.-*tniH»yil, . — ' left-; tackle/;.. John_ Orleprj,' 'left' in<:hes across — and the ends are guard; jae'Neely. ceriteif Bob Wit- fattened like t moose's, kiris; right tuard; . Pile .Parkinson, " 1 ' m K° in g to tr y to gel some reg- flght ;Ut)kle; 'Bill-Simmons,', right }>}." dfler to kee P nlm company," end;/ Wilfred Crawford,^'.quarterback; Wendell Crow or trell.. left tiUti -Wide .Southerlarid or :ste Waldrt... . "Old*"—Patterson, .lejf end; 'Bill Acui'f,. left tickle;Hbgeft nj - -'' - _J_,''. . ^1 '••_.^., '-'L Miller said. . . Modjanek Horror Camp :Steye . Hamlett rtjht half; . Don i LA / . . AA r aldron,, fullback. i; ';' r ..:,/. ', Mad* into Museum masters which retired to his Texas ranch a year ago, Nelson came from out ol the Past, to compete in this'battle-of end annual tournament. In the afternoon they had come Good Citizen Frank Harrison, H, of Valdosta. Ga., 15 (he (vinncr of the Boys' Clubs' 1948 Junior Citizenship award. Prank won a free trip to New Yoik for his record in community service, loyalty and service lo his Boys' Club, and his athletic ability. fired a 89 practice round yesterday, the second best of the day. That immediately set up the gangling golfing great as a top- money choice In the 72-hole go- rmmd. The pros them.wlves put their money on him. claiming that the long layoff [roni tournament piny has not hnriticd the umbrella man In the least. Although semi-retired last year, he H-ILS a strong contender for the masters. WARSAW (UP)— Madjanek prison camp, where millions of Poles and Polish Jews were burned and Hedge, or Gerald CropieivrtghViac- 'gassed by the Nfiis during the war. kle; Jim Taylpr 'or, J K(nrie'th Hart, ' has been turned into a permanent right end; Roger VinAUidill, quar- I museum, terback; >Blackle T«pley,.ile,ftihali'; I The. electrically-charged barbed , Bob - Allen,. right half •' j«!Uy .Morgan, fullback. ' ' '' Putting on Auto Chains Can Prove Difficult BOSTON (OP)—During one of the season's worst snow-storms, two Boston policemen received an emergency call. A man was seen pinned under an automobile stalled on a street corner. At the scene they saw the lower half of a man's body wriggling beneath the car. The icgs flexed and strove. The feet waggled. Muffled groans resounded. The two patrolmen hurriedly began to jack up the car. From underneath a hollow voice spoke: "Will you fellows help me out after I get these chains on?" wire fences have been repaired and a building containing 5,000 documents, including lists of murdered internees, has been restored. One building has been set aside for the showing of the film, Mad- janek." Last year. 27.600 persons visited t!ie camp, including 3,100 from abroad. Arkansas Man Elected Head of Ducks San Francisco Club 'Lead* Women's Swimming Meet DAYTONA BEACH, sht.', April 5. (UP)—^»n priinclsco'j' Crystal j Plunge' swimming 'Club, built jround I shapely Ann Curtis, ranked • u' the counlrir-'i • outstanding .female con- i tlngent today iftier wmiilng:' top honors In the National-AAU's wt-! menVswlrjimlng meet-" " • ' Miss 'Ciif{t» p»fed the. Crj-stal Plunge Clufc :to '1U winning total of 32 : polr4s;by iuccessfully" d«rtnd- tle In WASHINGTON, April 5. (UP)— Associate Justice E. L. McHaneyof the Arkansas Supreme Court Saturday elected president of ducks unlimited. 11-year-old sports organization devoted to conserving American waterfowl. He succeeds Morton W. Smith of Minneapolis. Smith was named chairman of (he board of trustees scceetiinp Will J. R«id ol Lono Beach. Cfil. . " Other new officers: George W Mason Detroit, treasurer; Hcrrtck Low and C. E. Slouch, both of New York, assistant treasurers, and Robert Winthrop, New York. from behind in the final minutes for a 33-31 semi-Iinal victory over Midland, Mich., the defending champions. 3 Purpose Machine for Dirt Moving, LAND LEVELING ... and Seed Bed Preparation The Los 'Angeles Athletic" club and -the Mcjntnomih team from Portland, Ore., were deadlocked for I second; place .yith, 27 potntj each, while the Women's Swimming As- socjatforTof .?teir York was' third with' 13 points. .The Athens Athletic Club'was fourth with' 11-points. National Amatear 'Boxing Bouts Begin Today BOSTON. April 5. (LIP)—The National Amateur Boxing championships get underway today, but for most of the record- 171 entrlesUhe three-day tourney will be merely a punch-for-lunch affair. '•..-.. , Only eight "slmbn pure'^-sockera 1 from all the teams reprrsentihg 25 AAU aisociatlonA will wtndiip Wednesday night with a Uurel wreath on their Jumps. ' •. - -, ' The : June M-3B these can return here and -brawl with' a - rirjod of sectional winner* for ,' a •.coveted berth on the United StatM; Olympic boxing team that lights In England this Summer.. HERE'S A LABOR-SAVING, •MONEY-MAKING MACHINE. Wilt, ,„ Ey c ,,mj n ,«« B« land in llbl« top condition quickly and e«»lr. Eyrrun^n-lcvrled ficldi ir- tit«l« ihjnmtlvt,. You »»v« tim,, Ub*r, water, grow better cropi — mechanised equipment worki faster^ more efficiently. The F.verimm lev. «U land AUTOMATICALLY — wVen wheeli j-o t,n hijn place blade l«w«n to take a cut, »hen wKeili (• «t« . low pUce blade raiie! to raUiw.airt — break, clod., Srm. M< p«cki the lurface, formin; > *mlr pulverized teed bed >. the M*Cnin« mov«f Along- S»me machine U fallen dirt mover on tne market today for „,,».„ tequired F.xellent f or r.bu.ld.n, fold,. After di,t i, moved ,, can b, graded down and AUTOMATICALLY LEVELED with ,he ,, m , i,.. Here', a 1-wa, marine »,.d for J,,, mov ; ns , leveling, fo, m , in . taming conlourt, xjil coniervaiion work and preparing ,,,d b,J, >r *ft«r year. EVERYMAN AUTDW ATII IflNO IEVEIER •.•LltJITmi^ and DIRT Mnuro and DIRT MOVER 912 SOUTH 2»* ST. $Ute Road to Pleasure Seagram's «w<& Sure SEAGRAM'S 7CROWN. BUNDED WHISKEY.S6.8 '.oof. 65« Grain Neutral Spiiits: Seignm-DistillersCorporalion.Chrysler Building, NewVork Few Theatre Manila's Finest Shows KVKRY NIGHT Bo* Opens Week Days 1:00 p.m Atatinee Saturday * Sunday Sat.-Sun. 1 p.m. Cont- Showing Tonight Warner Bros. Hit Picture! 'Treasure of Sierra Mad re' with Humphrey Bogart News and Short Tuesday 'Ghost Goes West' with A Star Cast Also Shorts Tuesday and Wednesday J^forEWE BARBARA- STANWYCK Also Short Dial 4261 Opens at 6:30 p.m.; Start! 1:00 p.m. TONIGHT "THE OUTLAW" with ! Jane Russell, Jack Bucfei, and Thomas Mitchell Also Shorts Admission Adults only 3(k Children only 15fi Tuesday "BANJO" with Sharyn. Moffett, Jacqueline While and the doir. "Banjo" Serial I.asl chapt. "Brick Bradford" Also Shorts WRESTLING! Tag Match - April 5th Kala Pasha and Billy Brooks .,. .. . Paul Stanlee and Charlie Keene Also 2 1-Fail 30-Minut* Matches Paul StanlM Billy Brookt Charli* Keene Admission Price Anywhere A«Uit«45e '» CKiWren 15c Box Seats lajC'Kxt'm Tux Included - : R«MrT* SwU MI Safe From (ft. P. M. Every Monday At l*t*>* Arena PAD I, STANLKE "Mr. Amrrlo" You never ?::? such good service! NOTHING is too good (or your Plymouth when you bring it here ior a check-up. Our skilled mechanics are really thorough. They work to factory-approved standards. They use factory-engineered parts. The men •who know Plymouth best are the men who can service it best, So bring your Plymouth in now ... you'll drive away with renewed confidence and pleasure. GOOD SERVICE KEEPS THEM GREAT! Blytheville Motor Company DODGE — PLYMOUTH — DODGE "JOB-RATED" TRUCKS 217 South Second Street Phone 4422

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